Will Michigan’s new medical records access laws lead to more cases like Justina Pelletier?

If you are a regular listener, you are very familiar with the plight of the Pelletier family as they have spent over a year trying to regain custody of their 16-year-old daughter Justina. The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families took custody of Justina in February 2013 after her parents disputed the diagnosis doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital’s handed down. Boston Children’s Hospital said the then 15-year-old had a psychiatric disorder – not mitochondrial disease, which her parents had been treating her for at the direction of another doctor.

Glenn has warned that whether it be through Common Core or medical laws, progressives are looking to take parents out of the equation whenever and wherever possible. A new report out of Michigan seems to corroborate fears that states are taking steps to alienate parents from their children’s medical care.

On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to a fiery blog posted by Michigan mother Christy Duffy, who recently took her 17-year-old daughter to a local hospital only to see a notice posted alerting parents that a nurse will need to “have a short 5 minute private conversation” with children ages 12 to 17.

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Duffy recounted her experience in a post on her blog on Monday:

I was there last week for an appointment for Amy. She hurt her foot, which makes dancing difficult, so we had to get that checked out. Amy is 17; I asked if this policy was in effect and if so, how could I opt out. The receptionist told me it’s a new law and there is no opting out. Working to keep my cool, I said, “I’m sure there is.” She said, “No, there isn’t.” At which point I asked if I needed to leave and go to the urgent care center because I was not submitting my daughter to such a conversation.

That did not go over well

The receptionist closed the window. Almost immediately, the office manager turned the corner and said, “Mrs. Duffy, may I speak with you?”

She said there was a new policy that would allow a child to access his/her medical records online and the child would be allowed to block a parent from viewing the website. The nurse would also inform my children that the doctor’s office is a safe place for them to receive information about STDs, HIV and birth control. That is what the nurse would be chatting about with my children without any pesky parental oversight.

Read the full blog post HERE.

Below is a photo of the sign Duffy was greeted with that has since been taken down:

sparrow-465x620Photo Credit: Christy Duffy

As TheBlaze reported, in a follow-up blog posted on Tuesday, Duffy explained that a woman in the hospital’s “privacy department” contacted her. The woman apparently informed Duffy that Michigan law requires a minor be given the ability to deny his or her parents access to the online portion of his or her medical records.

The representative did say, however, that the hospital “jumped the gun” in posting the sign because it’s not clear how the policy will be implemented yet. Furthermore, the private conversation between a minor and a nurse is apparently not required by law.

Duffy, however, was not satisfied with that explanation.

“They will attempt to separate a child from her parent at an appointment. They just don’t know when,” she wrote. “I have nothing to hide. I do not abuse my children. But that’s not the point. The point is that parents’ rights are eroding right in front of our eyes.”

As Glenn concluded, the only way to stop this violation of parental rights is to take a stand as this mother has.

“We will not conform,” Glenn concluded. “This is Justina Pelletier now going all across the country.”

  • Wulf

    My mom would have gone ballistic if something like this happened when I was a kid. I’m almost 40 years old, but I can still picture what the look on her face would be.

    This is beyond creepy….

  • not a liberal

    People better get their heads out of their butts. The idea that they need ALONE TIME with your child reeks NO FRIGGIN WAY!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    My 16 yr old daughter’s last MD appt was getting creepy. The staff didn’t try to separate us, but kept asking for her cell ph# and email address, as well as asking nosy questions that had nothing to do with the reason for our visit. We did not comply.
    It sure sounds suspicious and pervy to want to see a teen patient alone w/o the parent. Why should I trust anyone alone with my daughter? Especially when she is only wearing one of those hospital gowns.

    • agadofive.leti

      Yes, and if they tried to get me out, I would threaten a lawsuit.

      • go holler

        Because what healthcare needs is more lawsuits… Wait, why are medical costs so high? Oh, right to pay for malpractice insurance to cover the 1 in 25 patients who sue

        • agadofive.leti

          Heck yeah. If they TRY to take away my rights, I WILL FIGHT for them.

    • George Waring

      Hmmm, thanks for the image.

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Drop dead pervert.

  • Anonymous

    I would have just told them that if they would like for me to pay for the visit or to file for payment with MY insurance carrier, then I would need to be present. Otherwise, they could try to collect payment from my teen……and good luck with that.

    • Debby Gollobit

      Wouldn’t that be nice? lol One would also like to think that if these children are old enough to have access on a personal level, and are under the age of 18, then they are responsible enough to pay for things when they get in trouble. Not have the parents be responsible. This honestly brings a whole nother level of when is a kid still a kid, and what rights do us parents have when it comes to defending our rights as parents, and how much are we really accountable for?

    • Sara Beth Mattis

      My thoughts exactly!

    • http://kohlrak.sytes.net Shane Tyler Yorks

      Don’t forget the obamacare BS.

    • spunkysmum

      Excellent point.

    • Anonymous

      Great response .

  • Sonya Callan

    If you legally become their medical power of attorney with documentation, will that bypass their law?

    • Don AKA Big Papa

      Well here in the good ole US of A under 18 the parents have that automatically, no need for power of attorney unless 18 or above.

      • Dennis Welch

        well this is happening in the good ole us of a and i think Sonya know that and as to why asked if it would bypass the law

      • William Pike

        you are exactly Don AKA Big Papa,,,, under 18 can not legally enter into a contract (power of attorney) to begin with,,, the parent or legal guardian has the legal obligation of making such decisions for their minor children

    • CathMama8

      You already ARE! You are their parent!!! No one else can be unless they go to an attorney! This is SO STUPID!!!

      • CathMama8

        Not you….lol! The law! Sorry!

      • fmcconnel

        Really? tell that to Justine P. family in ct with Mass. Children services
        Please think things through for the safety of your own family if you have one

        • CathMama8

          Her question was whether or not you could bypass this law by becoming the medical power of attorney….Trust me, I KNOW that “they” can do anything “they” want….as in Justine’s case….the point I’m making is that as parents WE ALREADY ARE THE POWER OF ATTORNEY!!!! Until they are 18 we have to sign a medical release to have anything done to them or for them medically….by virtue of being their parents! That little tidbit of truth is being IGNORED. Our rights as parents are being stripped away and the family is being torn apart. We have got to fight and make the “they” know that we wont let them get away with it.

    • Mary Jean Tudi

      as a parent you are their legal guardians!!!!!we must refuse and go to a med first if thats what it takes!!

  • Anonymous

    Very similar happens in Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Mark Wilder

    I know there are some smart kids out there. It is time they record the indoctrination techniques that these hospitals are trying to put forth!

  • Guest

    Cases like Justina’s have been going on for a very long time as a result of child protection policies and mandated reporters. This is an extension of the mindset that all parents are potentially dangerous to their children and they got it from the psych industry which has infiltrated every facet of our communities nationwide. The psych industry is the new religion. They believe that we are all in need of mental health treatment and only they can save us.

  • MyersTA

    I had an instance of this happen to me in Indiana recently. My 17 year old son was being checked into a hospital that had a sign similar to this one. When I asked about it the Social worker informed me that if my son decided anytime during his stay that he didn’t want to give me access to his medical information, and if I called to check on him, they could neither confirm, nor deny if he was indeed a patient there. This is ludicrous. The parental responsibilities are remaining the same, but our rights are being stripped away. The current Presidential administration is eroding our country away! I’m sure this was tucked away neatly somewhere in the (too many pages for Congress to actually read what they were passing) pages of the A.C.A. aka Obamacare!

    • Anonymous

      Government= do what we want, when we want, teach kids what we want when we want=only if the parents are flipping the bill.

    • knjul

      So in other words if your son decided not to give you access, he could die and they would not be able to confirm or deny that either! These lawmakers need to think this through a bit more! I bet they wouldn’t like it if this was there kids being treated and “they” didn’t have access to their own child.

  • Dena Kelley

    A parent should not be excluded from the medical care for their minor child. That’s insane.

  • Wendy

    Hospitals have been doing this for a long time. 26 years ago I was in the ER for a severe urinary tract infection and they asked my mother to leave the room. When she left they asked me if I was sexually active and could I be pregnant?
    Personally they should have another nurse come in the room for this. OB/GYN’s don’t see patients with out a nurse in the room.

    • agadofive.leti

      I agree, the parent should be in the room. When I was in my 20’s, I had a nurse at UCSD tell me she liked doing pap smears and why (sexual gratification). I told myself, “She better not get anywhere near me, or else.” My friend told me, when she was in her teens, a doctor made her undress and put on a gown in front of him. She was inexperienced and thought that’s what she was supposed to do.

      • Anonymous

        Trying to imagine a situation in which this nurse would admit this awful thing to you! Was she drunk?!?
        When I was in college I once went to the college health clinic for something. The doctor’s way of examining me was to tell me to “drop trou” and turn around. He proceeded to stare at my a** in silence. How that told him anything medical, I don’t know. Then I was told to pull my pants up and he talked to me. That was NOT the worst thing a doctor has done to me though, by far. Another time, when I was in my twenties, a doctor told me to change into a gown and left. He started coming into the room again before I even had time to put the gown on. I was standing there naked, so I put my foot against the door to keep him out. I said through the door, “I’m undressed and I don’t have my gown on yet.” To which he replied, “That’s OK” (!?!) I replied, “No, it’s not!” That wasn’t the worst thing either. The worst thing a doc did to me (when I was 19) is something I would not be comfortable saying online.

        • agadofive.leti

          Nope. She was not drunk. I like people, so I tend to build rapports with people pretty easily, which opens me up to hear some strange stuff. I was in shock, plus I was fighting for my unborn son’s life, so was kind of vulnerable and didn’t want to cause waves by reporting it. (He had Fifth’s Disease and I had to have an in-utero blood transfusion while I was 5 months pregnant and was being seen to find out if my son was going to need another transfusion). He’s now 14 year old, athletic, popular, smart, and will be earning his Eagle Scout at the end of the year.

          • K.G. Smith

            If the perv. nurse (probably a ultra-liberal lesbian) thought you were pro-life and were “fighting for your unborn child’s life”~that might explain her attempts to torment/horrify you. It’s time to tell the med schools that we need real diversity in admissions and the number of conservative pro-life med students should reflect the proportion of conservative pro-life patients.

  • Chris

    The only positive to this is that teens tend to open up to doctors without their parents around so if the teen has a serious issue like an STD that needs to be checked they would be much more likely to talk to the doctor without parents standing right there Ultimately, the health and well being of the child is what matters in such a time sensitive situation. The doctor should obviously talk to the parents before any treatment is decided but the initial consultation is much easier to have in private.

    • David Wilson

      Screw you dumbass

      • Brent543

        Theres a lot of dumb people posting on here about doctors being “pervy”. For the most part I think they are out of touch. Most likely it is about if they have gotten a physical and if not then they tell them signs of things that are bad to look out for. But back to what I was originally saying david you’re a dumb ass. If you have to go as low as to just insult someone rather then saying any form of reason then you’re just acting like a Liberal who doesn’t know what else to say in an arguement.

        • Michael Rice

          I think is point and argument is pretty clear.

        • agadofive.leti

          How about you? Name calling because people are telling their experiences with pervy doctors….. just because you don’t like that.

    • fdugas39

      Medical tests will reveal if such a condition exists. No health professional needs to speak to my child without my presence… PERIOD.

      • Brent543

        And if said child does have an STD or has had sex without you knowing . And if they did I doubt they are just going to randomly ask if they can get tested for any STD’s. At least if they are talking to a doctor they are more open and care more for there well being. What the hell ever happened to when doctors were trusting and responsible people that you would want you kid to grow up and be like?

        • Anonymous

          Kids should learn that they have a responsibility to be open and honest with their parents. For the government to allow this tells the child that it’s ok to keep things from your parents, that it’s ok to hide the consequences of a secret indulgent lifestyle.

          • Brent543

            Well kids are going to do it anyways. And most parents if they knew they would flip out and probably ground the kid forever. Do you think most of them told there parents when they were going out for a night of fun? Some things are better kept
            secret. Edit: Also it doesn’t tell the kids anything. Most kids have been keeping secrets since they were very little, even if its something as simple as stealing a cookie from the cookie jar. They know how to keep a secret.

          • Anonymous

            No, not all kids are going to do it anyways, that in no way is accurate. Kids don’t have to tell their parents everything, but if what they’re doing is getting them knocked up or having to take Herpes meds for the rest of their lives, they should face the consequences instead of hiding it. Not all kids go out drinking or having sex before turning 18. I don’t know what town you live in, but I’d keep my kids far away from it.

          • Brent543

            If you asked your kids I am sure they know a lot of people at there school who have. And you can’t always shelter your kids. Rather then shielding them from real life you should teach them how to practice it responsibly and safely. Most kids now days lose there virginity between freshmen and sophomore year. Now saying all but thats when it starts.

          • Michael Rice

            But you keep wanting to put the same standards on all of them. If YOu watn YOUR kids to talk to a Doctor in private, have at. No one should be forced to. You are simply justifying and enabling the overreach by the government.

          • Mike H

            Maybe YOUR kids. Screw you- you liberals will NOT get between kids and parents. Period.

          • Anonymous

            If they are only sharing this information with the doctor because I’ve been forced to leave the room, how am I supposed to teach them to practice responsibility and safety?

          • Jimmy Hicks

            So, when you were asking every girl when they lost their virginity during the time they were “totally honest” like guys are when they get asked about their “first time,” did you have time to sleep?

          • Sandy Pfaff

            So this secret business is about making it safer for our under age kids to have sex then huh???? GREAT!!!!!!

          • firefiterp

            So your saying it’s ok for a kid to lie to their parents because, their going to do it anyway. I hope you never reproduce. I am legally responsible for my children until they turn 18, if they do anything wrong, I am held accountable. ANY law that takes away my right to know what is going on in my child’s life so that I can help guide them is WRONG period.

          • RP

            Hmm…it’s definitely a difficult choice….being grounded or being infected with an STD? I think you’re right being grounded is soooo much worse than having AIDS! Parents are so cruel!

          • Anonymous

            Or being pregnant. Of course, leave the news for later, much later, when the parent can handle it.

          • Jimmy Hicks

            Once again, someone who don’t know how to raise kids. thats one hell of a cop-out saying “kids will just do it anyways” I think you spend too much time trying to be their buddy and not be their parent.

          • fmcconnel

            Really you condemn everyone by your actions to your parents?
            I have raised 5 children who are married and on their own and still talk to me about their life. You on the other hand seem to be a deceitful liar to your parents. HOW’S THAT FOR JUDGMENT? HOW DOES THAT MAKE YOU FEEL????

        • Sandy Pfaff

          That was BO before OBama…the Liar in Chief!!!!! and if they are old enough to have sex they better be bold enough to tell Mommy!

          • go holler

            Mommy should be bold enough to give them all the gruesome facts, then they can make an informed choice (or be so repulsed by the possible consequences). Too many “kids” are facing consequences they didn’t even know we’re possibilities. Unfair to these kids due to parental ignorance. You can’t shelter them from the world. You can only control you, not what anyone else does or says, so your kids will be exposed to all sorts of things without your knowledge. Better to prepare them than to tuck your head in the sand!

        • Mike H

          Irrelevant. Only a fascist, nazi-esque police state strips parents rights away like this. A TWELVE year old has NO BUSINESS being alone in a doc’s office. You blooming liberal idiot.

        • Jimmy Hicks

          The trust in doctors ended when government decided they were better at raising children than parents were. Also, what doctor cares more for the child than their parent? You also don’t say if the doctor will try to stop the “underage” child from having dangerous sex. You seen to have a lot of assumptions in that statement about how other people care more than parents in general buddy: sounds like someone didn’t get enough love growing up.

        • det0918

          A lot of assumptions going on here.

        • fmcconnel

          Did the doctor give birth to the child. NO???
          then I am first in her life as her mother.

      • Cher

        Medical tests for STDs are not done if the patient does not confide to the provider that they are sexually active. That isn’t likely to happen with mom/dad standing over them. You remember being a teen. Would you tell your parents what you did last night if they were likely to look down upon you for it, even if you made a mistake?

        • Michael Rice

          If I was afraid I had an STD I would.

          Again, if YOU are okay with it, let YOUr child do it and stop forcing mine…

          • Mike H

            But that’s not the Liberal way! Remember, do as I SAY, not as I DO. The ultimate hypocrisy. You think Kim Kardashian would allow this crap? Nope. But she sure votes for it!!!!! Liberals- the death of America.

        • Anonymous

          Or if a baby is in the future. Who has the right to know then?

        • Jimmy Hicks

          I’m a guy, I would have sung it to the tune of “God Bless America”

      • go holler

        How can you prove YOU are the parent? Trust goes both ways. If a health care professional is trusting that you are caring for your child in the manner you should, then you should trust that they have your child’s best interest at heart. If you are lucky, YOUR child doesn’t need that, but what about another child who’s life might be saved by those questions. Have you talked to your child about teen suicide? Have you instilled your beliefs about sex and the consequences of unprotected sex? If you haven’t told them explicitly about everything, they will get info from friends or other sources. Good for you if you have, but think of those who aren’t so lucky to have great parents like you.

        • Anonymous

          I’m recalling a local doctor who was arrested for having molested a number of his pediatric patients.

          • go holler

            It shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. If you have an open relationship with your child, then they should know it is OK to leave the room if they don’t feel safe. Again, what about the kids who are being molested by a parent?

          • Anonymous

            Right…the same child that is supposed to be too scared to admit to Mom and Dad that he/she is sexually active is going to be brave enough to “leave the room if they don’t fee safe”?! They are going to have the courage to step out of the room and yell, “Hey! This creepy doctor is touching me inappropriately!” What planet are you living on? The medical community has a long-standing tradition of intimidation and a god-like mentality. Many adults go home from an appointment not having really asked questions they wanted to.
            Parents should have ultimate say in who spends time with their kids. I would NEVER leave my child alone in a doctor’ office. Many people posting comments are missing the point. We do not need a Nanny State in order to rear our children. Government was never intended to do and be everything for us. Government has certain, enumerated powers and holding private meetings with our children against our wills is NOT one of those enumerated powers.
            Until more citizens start holding our government accountable to the law of the land (the Constitution for those of you who don’t even know), we will continue you to have persecution and usurpation of power from them.
            I suspect that some of you commenting just want the government to relieve you of your responsibility to have the tough conversations with your kids. Just because you are a lazy or incompetent parent does not mean all of us wish to lose our RIGHTS to oversee and protect our children from an over-reaching, tyrannical government.

          • Randy Hawk

            I’ve read enough. go holler I really don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You are for LEGISLATING the required SEPARATION of a minor from their parent with ZERO probable cause? You are suggesting that it is OK to REQUIRE BY LAW that a doctor discuss topics like sex, abortion and birth control WITHOUT their parent?!? My views (and yours) on all these matters are irrelevant…Freedom of speech and Freedom of Religion are absolutely BLOWN out of the water if you are suggesting that a doctor by law can be regulated “private time” with my kids to offer THEIR VIEW. It is a parents job to raise their children and provide their views and beliefs until the child is 18 and can begin to make their own choices. You are now suggesting we rewrite the guide to being a parent?” If I believe you should not have pre marital sex then NO ONE should be allowed to talk to my kid about how to have safe sex…PERIOD. I personally don’t believe that…but I respect those that don’t enough to not try to convince their KIDS what my point of view is. My guess is you would be for BIG GOVT regulating when you can have sex and CREATE KIDS too right? I mean we should all be required to apply for a reproductive license. That way we can just make sure from the beginning that only people with the same beliefs are actually creating offspring.

          • Chikagunya

            GH: Baloney!! There are ample opportunities for these kids at their schools to “confide” — my kids did it all the time when they were upset at me because I didn’t allow them to do anything and everything they wanted (“My mom is SOOOOO mean to me”). My kids TOLD me they used the school counselors as “sounding boards” — didn’t bother me a bit, and that was 15 years ago.

            HOWEVER, you present your young daughter (12 or 13) and say “Go with this man…he just wants to talk to you” and the doctor ends up being a pervert who got your child accustomed to “him” taking the lead? HELL, NO!!

            You don’t let your kids go to the bathroom alone in public places for the same damn reason.

          • Anonymous

            Just because some parents are bad or evil, that doesn’t make it correct to erode parental rights.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t know if I’m thinking of the same guy, but I went to one only once who made me uneasy and I found out years later he was accused by multiple young girls of sexual abuse.

    • Cher

      In many states, the doctor would not need to get any permission from a parent to treat an STD. This is often referred to as ‘reproductive rights’. I speak from experience.

    • Dave C.

      Balderdash. The parent should be present. Period.

    • A Mom

      Agreed…It’s the same here. The doctor will ask the child if he/she would like the parent to leave…

    • Sandy Pfaff

      There is NOTHING good about this dont fool yourself!!!!

    • Anonymous

      So you are ok with being blocked from access to your child’s records? Is the goal here to help hide from the parent what they need to know to best help their children? I am not my child’s bank account. I am a PARENT.

    • fmcconnel

      You have passed your commie 101 course.

  • Nicole

    I think they have a right not have the parent there. It’s only 5 minutes. It’s not a big deal

    • David Wilson

      I think some doctor had 5 minutes alone with you ….you are mental.

      • Brent543

        Again David you’re just being a troll now. Going on posts and insulting people without logic. What could a doctor do in 5 minutes. The parents aren’t far away. The nurses are not far away. And surely if they got caught (patient says something) then they would get there license taken away and never be able to practice medicine again.

        • Sandy Pfaff

          Its not about a doctor being perverted it’s about stripping the parent of their relevance in front of their children…parents are supposed to be in charge so the child feels secure and now when they are most vulnerable…in a hospital the doctors say…you have to leave now….are you kidding me?

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, it seems like they are teaching the kids that it is ok to hide important things from your parents and to stall the consequences. Parents are not expected to make choices of healthcare but only pay the bill.

          • Anonymous

            Same with college. I footed the bill (thousands and thousands) for my son’s collge career but wasn’t allowed to learn his grades or anything else unless he told me.

        • motherof3

          Who is paying for that five minutes? If my teen is paying for it fine. If im footing the bill forget it!

    • Jasmine Blue

      Seriously???? You must not be a mother.

    • Anonymous

      If the minor has that right, I guess they have a right to pay for the Dr. visit as well. What do you think Nicole?

    • Anonymous

      As another poster said, this teaches children that they may do things that their parent does not approve of (sexual activity, drinking, smoking, etc.) and the doctor will help them keep that secret from their parents. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  • Brian Adair

    The police cannot question a minor without a parent present, doctors canot perform surgies except for abortions without parents consent. Don’t like it maybe parents should tell their child to not say a word, or even psy attention, after all they are children.

  • Angela


  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    let them have that ‘5-minute’ private discussion AND SECRETLY RECORD IT!

  • Lynette

    This is just another freedom that is being taken away. Everyone needs to wake up and see that we are being stripped of our rights. We need to stand up to them.
    No friggin way will they see my child alone!

  • Cyndy Plasman

    Wow, I won’t be going to Michigan. That sign is ridiculous!! What right does a stranger have to talk with another person’s child? Unless there is probable cause (signs of abuse), these people should not be able to do this. This new policy is seriously wrong.

  • Dawn Wentz

    This is so insane. The ability for a child under 18 to go to their medical provider with questions or for advice/ treatment for sexually related issues has been in place for many years. They do not need parental permission to treat and cannot refuse treatment if a parent isn’t informed. Therefore this new law has no reason to be implemented unless there is in fact an underlying motive. That said even under the old law your teen cannot get their ears pierced without your permission but can obtain birth control and even an abortion without you being aware.Lets assume she obtains one of these services and someone botches the procedure, you could literally be sitting in the hospital with your daughter bleeding to death no one will tell you why. When it comes to admitting her though who do you think is on the hook for the medical bills? When are people going to think less about their access to programs and more about the unveiled attempt to undermine the American family when they go to the polls?

  • Marcus Leonard

    Posting comments is fine it helps us voice our frustration but if anything is going to change people in the affected states need to publicly voice their opinions in letters to the editor, public meetings and write your representives. Don’t be closet complainers.

    • Roxanne

      Thank you.

    • janine

      Support the Parental Rights Amendment. I currently sits in our reps office while they take years to “consider” it. That’s code for they think no one cares because no one calls!

  • Branden McCusker

    “the doctor’s office is a safe place for them to receive information about STDs, HIV and birth control.” More like a place for them to receive the actual disease!

    • Patriotbabe

      And how do we, as parents, know that our children aren’t being directed to an abortion doctor or clinic??? We won’t know, and that’s a huge problem!

      • Certified Hamster Midwife

        So you’re saying that doctors and nurses are raping and impregnating teenagers and then directing them to abortion clinics. I just want to be clear that’s what you’re saying here.

  • S Goldsberry

    I went with my 18 year old son to his appointment and he was told that he could decide if he wanted me on his HIPA, I told him he did have that I also had the choice NOT to have him on my insurance. If I’m not on his HIPA, he’s not on my insurance until he’s 26.

    • Patriotbabe

      What a great point! I will surely bring this up if there is ever an issue!

    • Anonymous

      Well that’s nice, what a great parent you must be.

  • Anonymous

    This goes against everything we as parents are entrusted with…we are here to protect our children, not to dump them off at gov’t reeducation centers disguised as Dr’s offices. We need to put an end to crap like this Immediately.

    • Patriotbabe

      I totally agree with you! Protest loudly in the doctor’s office, and make sure other parents in the waiting room hear you. This is a sure way to unravel any beginnings of Gestapo healthcare!

  • Rachael Trussell

    are there any references to this article besides one person’s blog? is that what’s passing for journalism right now because an initial google search shows no evidence that this law exists anywhere in michigan. does anybody have a link to text of the law?

  • Kimberly Lane

    My daughter…age 15…had a series of tests several months ago in the attempts to diagnose a recurrent medical problem that our doctor was very concerned about. I was told by the office that I could come in the following week and review the tests with the physician (who also happens to be my and my husband’s family physician). This was confirmed the following week and I was told that I really needed to come in. The appointment was during the time she was at school, so I left work early but opted to not take her out of school. When I got to the office they put me in a waiting room and told me they could not discuss my daughter’s medical condition without her present. I explained that the office had not said anything about having to bring my daughter with me, and that whatever needed to be discussed, I would discuss later with my daughter. They refused to have the doctor speak with me. Long story short, I literally lost it! I have never done that before, but here was a nurse telling me she would not speak with me without my daughter present because she has a right to privacy. Tried to tell me about HIPPA and I interrupted her, loudly, and told her not to tell me about HIPPA, that I have worked in a hospital in direct patient care for 30 years and I know good and well what HIPPA is and my daughter is 15! A minor! I was thinking that something was seriously wrong and no one was going to tell me, and I sure didn’t want my daughter to hear about it at the same time I did! Long story short, I got so mad that I’m sure they could hear me in the waiting room and then started to cry because I was so frustrated. Long story short, my doctor ended up coming in and discussing her test results with me…and it ended up being something I really would have not wanted her to hear at the same time I was hearing it. Do NOT attempt to keep me “out of the loop” when it comes to my daughter’s health. When she turns 18 that will be another story…although I plan to still be very much involved, and she feels the same way…but the girl was 15. Slippery slope here!

    • Anonymous

      Why wouldn’t you take your daughter to speak with the doctor? It’s her medical condition – not yours! Unless you’re her doctor you’re not qualified to explain her test results to her.

      • Elena

        The mom wanted to hear it first so she could be more supportive for the daughter. It does no good when both parties are freaking out over a horrible diagnosis.

      • Anonymous

        The woman worked in the medial field, she is more qualified than her daughter to assimilate the information.

      • janine

        She is amply qualified to have the discussion with her daughter. Perhaps you feel you would not be qualified to explain things to your children, but DO NOT advocate stripping her rights simply because you do not value yours.

      • det0918

        Seriously?? YOU think doctors are God? Many know less than I do – they don’t even study the endocrine system for gods sake (unless they are an endocrinologist) – which is how your entire body works – THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW – an MD is a legal drug pusher!! – I teach it – those teaching doctors are not necessarily an MD – doctors are always surprised how much I know and have complimented me on it as they don’t have to explain it to me – get a clue –

      • fmcconnel

        WHAT is your IQ 4 or maybe that is your age. Or maybe your just plain dumb

  • Sheena

    Shouldn’t it be against the law to interrogate a minor without a parent present? I would not allow it.

    • Anonymous

      The police do it all the time. Those two 12 year old girls in Wisconsin were interrogated without parents present and waived into adult court. So apparently 12 year olds are now adults.

      • Anonymous

        Sounds like a bad precedent…wouldn’t the perverts just love it if kids were considered adults at 12, so they could be able to consent?

  • Jennifer

    My children are minors not adults. How can they consent to anything (i.e. me not seeing medical records, keeping me out of the loop etc.) if they are minors. It’s illegal. Minors can’t sign contracts, consent to sex, vote, etc… nor do they have the right to consent to keep me out of their medical “business”. I would tell them “no” and let them know I would be contacting my attorney and see how far that flies. Not far. Add it to the other illegal things the healthcare and Obama Administration is doing lately.

    • agadofive.leti


  • jenFLUSA

    I am in the Medical field – Nursing. I will never leave my child alone.

  • Bobby

    This has liberal logic (stupidity) written all over it. You see, you’ve got to teach kids when they are young that good citizens are too dumb to run their own lives and raise their own kids and they need the government to wipe their tushies for them. Now bend over (…mom and dad aren’t in the room, it’s our little secret)

  • Michael Rice

    Did you notice the attitude from the staff when she said no? That is the bigger issue here. They are not about just giving kids the option to talk to them. They are about blocking info and circumventing parental authority. This is the same principle that Planned Parenthood used to not notify the police about rapes.

    A few years ago my wife worked at an elementary school. The school psychologist, yes a psychologist for k-5, wanted to set up a program where each student would leave instructional and come down twice per year and talk to her for 20-25 minutes.

    Apparently, being able to come in any time was not good enough.

    She wanted to talk to them about any home problems, abuse, etc.

    When my wife told her to her face our kids would be opting out she said it made us look like we here hiding something.

    My wife replied that she looked like she was digging for something that was not there.

    Than ended the conversation.

    • Elena

      Yes, they are trying to justify their own jobs. If they don’t find something, anything, they won’t have a cushy school job next year. That is not to say there are no kids out there whose families abuse them. It’s to say that the classroom teacher is likely better able to ID those kids first.

  • Jaime Renee

    HELL NO!

  • Shannon

    This has been happening across the country as part of the new Obamacare implementation and because of the electronic medical records. Electronic records were declared to be something that 13yos could have without parental access by Federal law so therefore, the crossing of the medical records with electronic access means that at 13, all “minors” become in control of their email accounts and other accounts. I was notified of this last year when Obamacare was implemented via my health insurance and when my children and therefore, their email accounts reached 13years of age. I’m not allowed to look at any of their online records of what is spent, what is charged, what is listed as treatment, etc. even via MY OWN HEALTHCARE AND INSURANCE PLANS.

  • Hjc Customs

    It’s great that Glenn and others bring stuff like this to light, but just like the cake maker forced to serve gays, most people will willingly and blindly accept this tyrrany, and no talking head will do anything more than broadcast it for whatever ratings they can get and it will fade away just like every other right the Liberals are taking away. Society is a bunch of jello spined cowards.

  • janine

    Time to support the Parental Rights amendment to the constitution. Don’t just complain, call your representatives!! Get involved!


    Being a medical student and having been working in the hospital and healthcare related fields now for a couple years, I disagree with how the hospital conducted themselves, but I completely agree that at checkups it is important to ask the teenager (male or female) if they would like their parents in the room because around that age teens engage in risky behaviors that sometimes no matter how close and trusting the relationship is between child and parent they will not reveal to the physician in front of their parents. If the child is ok with them being in the room so are we. I’ve seen cases where the child and parents have had a fantastic relationship characterized by having “no secrets” and have talked about condoms for sex and the parent and patient said they used them ALL the time, but from just the teenagers body language we asked if the parent minded sitting outside just for 5 minutes so we could talk to the child. The parent was ok with it because she trusted her daughter and the physician. When we started asking more about risky behaviors she revealed she had not used condoms several times now and was worried about having an STD but she was too embarrassed to mention anything in front of her mom because she would have disappointed her. Test results showed she did and she was treated appropriately and with parental consent and a discussion per the childs decision. If we had not done this and not treated the girl she would have been at risk for developing PID and also would have had a risk of becoming infertile later in life, not to mention it helped further her trust in her physician to know that if she could not ask her mother about something she could call her doctor. Would you rather have a child who calls her doctor who she and most times you may trust when they feel embarrassed or ashamed and don’t want to tell you? Also, as our children grow up as parents we can not be with them all the time and I think it is important to know that besides family being there when times are tough that if they don’t know who to turn to they can also talk to their doctor because they know they will be nonjudgmental and will help them as best hey can and i feel like this will help them grow as individuals and help them become responsible adults. I think somewhere in the rhetoric of American traditional medicine we have forgotten and some physicians have not strove to uphold the honor and nobility of the profession that at its core is designed to be there for people in need and in great suffering; that is why I think this is becoming such a heated argument because somewhere along the line whether due to the bad apples in our profession or by other means the public does not see the nobility in our profession anymore. That being said I think it is very important durimg a doctors visit to mention to parents that sometimes we may ask them to step outside because the data shows that children are more forthcoming with information about risky medical behavior when parents are not in the room. Although the hospital conducted themselves very poorly and did not have a real conversation with the mother first, this is more about doing what is right for our patients medically and not about taking away parents rights at all! Just from the eyes and small experience of a future physician.

    • agadofive.leti

      If the child is a minor, parents have a right to know about whether or not their minor is having sex.

    • Anonymous

      If my teenager does not want me in the room during a physical exam (which would be even more probable with my teen son) I would not go in. My problem is not with my child not wanting me in the room. It’s with a law telling me I CAN’T be in the room, if only for a few minutes. After all, you’re making the point about the child being comfortable. What if they aren’t comfortable without their parent in the room, yet the parent is forced to leave because of this law?

  • JJ

    Just took my 16 yo to md today (in utah, university of utah healthcare) & let him sign up for his own online medical record. Because after age 12 a parent needs the child’s permission to access record, and even with their permission this would only include their immunization record & my ability to send electronic message to doctor. Nothing else. My teen will give me his username & password & that is easier for both of us than dealing with complying with these rules. The funny thing is that I also am a nurse & we can’t have anyone under 18 sign legal documents (ie: consent to treat). The government is just insane.

  • go holler

    As an ER nurse, speaking with a teen has less to do with sex-related questions as it does with safety questions. Here in the good ol’ US of A there is an epidemic growing regarding human trafficking. This is a time for teenagers to be told that they are in a safe place, and they can report any feelings of not being safe to hospital staff. This is also a time for us to ask if they have any thoughts of hurting themselves. I have been asking that question for 22 years. I am thankful for the14 people who have said yes. And those are the ones I would have never guessed were having those thoughts by looking at them. (I am not counting the people who come for treatment of psych problems) What would those parents have thought of me if I asked that question in front of them and the kid said No because they didn’t want their parent to know? What a great fantasy world you live in to think that every kid has an open relationship with a parent. If your world is perfect- Yay for you. The world doesn’t revolve around you. I for one will continue to ask teens questions without parents present… Everyone has to go to the bathroom at some time. Too many teens feel hopeless or have questions they are too afraid to ask a parent. I will continue to be there for them. I will forever be looking out for their health and safety, regardless of age, regardless of who brings them in. (I have taken care of 3 teens THAT I KNOW OF who weren’t brought in by a real parent. They were only able to tell me that after the person stepped out. How can you PROVE that you are the parent? Think about that.

    • Anonymous

      That’s one thing (children brought in by non-parents), but the family doctor you’ve been seeing for years doesn’t have that as an excuse. Nor does the hospital or clinic which requires your medical insurance card and your driver’s license.

  • agadofive.leti

    I viewed the video for the “Family Life” for my fifth grader. It appeared harmless, but there was an under current of things I did not approve. The video started with a group of boys whistling and cat calling a young 6th grader, and she looked like she felt uncomfortable with that. That is harassment, and the producers seemed okay with it. Also, when the little girl started her period, an older person walked in on her when she was looking at her pads. The little girl said, “Don’t tell mom.” That is teaching kids not to confide in their parents. Most of the video was about the changes in the girls’ bodies, but there was that under current that I did not like. Anyway, I had already taught my daughter the medical stuff. I recommend the book by American Girls called, “The Proper Care and Keeping of You” instead. You can glue the pages where it teaches the girls to put on a tampon, which is what I did, until the girls are ready to learn that. Who’s producing these Family Life videos anyway? They seem harmless, but pay attention. They slip inappropriate stuff in. Needless to say I “opted her out.” I’m going to write letters at the beginning of the school year, and opt my children out, so I don’t have to worry, in May, whether or not I’m going to get a permission form.

  • Carolyn

    I too wrote about this when it happened for the first time to my son 5 years ago, when he was 15 (in MN). SO many places where this can go HORRIBLY wrong. What Not to Know.

  • Anonymous

    Since the government wants to parent children I guess all their medical care, food, lodging will be provided by the government. Don’t forget their cell phones, lap tops, game systems et al. Won’t that be fun. Millions of hormone fueled, drama queens of both sexes driving Social workers and Doctors insane. i shouldn’t laugh but seriously these people are morons.

  • Mourning America

    I read that one of the questions they are supposed to be asking our children is whether or not there are any guns in the household where they live. This is just another form of gun registration. Another assault on the 2nd amendment.

    • Anonymous

      That is true. It was asked by our doctor, and the children gave him a rundown of all the super soakers, water pistols and nerf guns they own.

  • idiots

    You guys are idiots… Most teenagers don’t want their parents around.. Especially if they are sexually active

    • agadofive.leti

      All the more reason for parents to be involved. I want to know if MY child is doing something he/she is not supposed to be doing.

  • Chloe Rowles

    Not good!!!! Police can’t even question a minor without a parent present. There is a reason for parents being responsible for their kids; kids are too immature and inexperienced to handle their own affaires, and could be unduly influenced by ‘other’ adults. Parents are present to protect their kids rights.

  • juji_jujubean

    I think in some cases if the child was older (15+) then the child could make the decision and more then half the time the child wants their parent in their appointment with them, but there is other times when a child may want to ask things when a parent is not around so that they do not feel that they are being judged by said parent. I know that there was times I wished that I didn’t have my parent in the appointment, but then there was also times when I didn’t care. I say that if the child is old enough that they should be given the choice to decide rather then being told that they have to do something even if they are not comfortable with it.

    • TJB

      Maybe a good idea if it’s NOT STATE REQUIRED.

  • Qtpi86

    As a radiology student I have encountered the issue of if I am taking an Xray of a 15 year old girl that could potentially be pregnant I need to know. They may not want to discuss that they are sexually active and have this possibility in the room with a parent. It is my job to not be Radiating fetuses that can potentially die or have serious effects from this. I think every teenager should have the right to have a moment alone with their medical professional. If you think they are inappropriate in anyway I suggest you not be treated by them and go to someone you can trust. You can always request that more than one professional be present in the room for comfort but there are somethings that a teen should be able to discuss In private. Usually the ones that question this few mins are the ones that have something they want to hide.

    • Anonymous

      “Usually the ones that question this few mins are the ones that have something they want to hide.” A ridiculous blanket statement there.

      While I have indeed often let my daughter speak with physicians alone, yeah, I guess you’re right that if and when I might have concerns about others speaking with my daughter alone about birth control, sex, pregnancies, availability of abortions, drugs, alcohol, psychological issues, etc. etc., I must be abusing her.

  • Anonymous

    It seems the point of this is to protect kids who may come from abusive households or who may be having sex and may not know about birth control and diseases, etc. The sad part, reading most of these comments and understanding the conservative view of things, is that the very ones who are against this are probably the parents who have kids that are too afraid to talk to their parents about issues like these. Not everything is some diabolical liberal plan to rape your children or poison you. Geesh, no wonder we need things like this. Imagine a young teen girl trying to talk to her uptight conservative, ultra-religious, whacky parents about something like sex or birth control.

    • agadofive.leti

      My daughter has told me about some of her classmates having sex, while parents are working. The child gets off school at 2:15pm. Parents don’t get home until 5pm. I think parents have a right to know if the child is active. I don’t think medical people have more rights than the parent. I’ve heard horror stories where these medical professional have taken liberties with minors.

    • Anonymous

      “uptight conservative, ultra-religious, whacky parents” — yep, you show your stripes right there.

  • Sean

    Parents have the absolute right to know exactly what is going on. Private conversations with NURSES?.I see the beginning of a new INQUISITION, designed to flex our inhibitions. THE SITUATUION SEEMS TO BE A DUBIOUS ONE, reflecting a clear divide between black and white ethics displaying a large gray shadow. Its very easy to take a five minute conversation and where “clinical interpretations ” are confused, then before you know it fiction becomes fact followed by a burning at the stake of the parents rights. UNTIL DCF BECOMES OUR ONLY viable PARENT.

  • Anonymous

    My children’s pediatrician started asking the children if parents could stay in the room when they were in their early teens.

    • Sean

      We need nurses doing more blood pressure and pulses. that’s patient/Dr. Territory. Nurses shouldn’t have to do that.

  • esther sue

    When I was 7 (am 42 now) I was in the hospital w/ severe asthma. A psychiatrist was sent into me w/o my parents permission. My dad found out and went ballistic. I can’t imagine my mom or dad not knowing what was going on w/ me. I have struggled w/ asthma all my life. Been to many drs/hospitals. I also have 4 siblings. There were many times my mom &/ or dad called to see how I was doing. I just can’t imagine what would have happened if they were told they weren’t allowed to know!

  • Justin Darby

    This is all agenda driven. They’re trying to basically tell kids they don’t belong to their parents but rather the state….giving them leverage over their parents…man we are so screwed

  • Stacy Decossas

    our pediatrician’s office has index cards with questions on them like “is someone hurting you and you can’t discuss it now?”, “are you taking anything that your parents don’t know about?” or “are you sexually active?” they hold them up to the teen or pre teen in no particular order and where the parent cannot see the questions. The patient is asked to give only a yes or no answer. If further action is needed the doctors will proceed from there. i like this system.

  • Anonymous

    This is furthering the agenda to alienate children from their parents and make the children look to the “state” for guidance. This has been done in other communist countries where the children belong to the state and not the parents. Fight it tooth and nail and just say NO! Enough of this BS already.

  • Misty Mitchell Justis

    This policy is going to lead to more kids not getting any kind of medical care. At least here at my 13 year old last appointent they asked her if she wanted me in the room or not. She did.

  • Anonymous

    Another side effect of obamacare! They are stealing freedom!

  • Lelia Pray Newlan Carlson

    Sooooo the medical profession is wanting to take over the parental rights? Not in a million years would I allow this! And if they still insist, I would give them an invoice for all the expenses I’ve paid to raise my child. After all, if they want to override the parents, they should be prepared to take the whole ball of wax. Whoever sanctioned such a law? Do we not still live in the United States? Kids get sex education in schools and unfortunately on the streets. Okay with schools, but not okay for them to inundated with this everywhere they turn. Medical profession – BACK OFF. Do the job that you were hired to do only. Parents don’t walk into your office & demand to teach manners to every child who happens to be there. Again, BACK OFF.

  • Anonymous

    I also think it is wrong for minors to be able to obtain an abortion without the parents’ consent. What if there is a complication, and no one in the household is looking for it or has any idea something might be wrong?

    • Anonymous

      Not to mention parents should know if they’ve just gone through this emotionally traumatic thing.

  • Casey

    I can see where they’re coming from, though. If I had to find out through a medical examination that MY 12-year-old daugher was sexually active, I don’t think I’d handle it very well. This just provides the child with a way to give the medical staff an accurate background of their conditions, without them having to worry about their parents reaching over and choking them out.
    Not everything has to point to rape, guys.

  • Jenn

    hey…only in America… :(

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t some conspiracy to steal your kids. Over 50% of parents of sexually active teens are certain in their belief that their child is a virgin. This child will never divulge sexual activity in front of a parent. The moment alone allows the health care provider to assess the patient’s need for teaching about risks and ways to protect themselves during behaviors they are already engaging in. But your way may work, Teen Mom is casting.

  • Jyl Lytle

    My kid doesn’t want me in the room anyway. We’ve already had the sex and birth control talk. She tells me more than I want to know. If she wants some privacy, i’d be glad to give it to her. However, the MAKING me give her privacy pisses me off.

  • Maura Whysall-Winters

    Why is the government trying to undermine a parental duty of being responsible for their child and promote secrecy in CHILDREN? They need to be encouraging kids and parents to have open dialogue about sensitive and embarrassing topics. Bad idea, Michigan. Very. Bad. Idea.

    • Lore Earll

      That doesn’t fit the fascist agenda that Hitler pursued successfully. There’s a reason that we don’t teach our kids HOW Hitler came to power; because our gov’t is constantly trying to recreate his “Success.”

  • Chris Masek

    Making birth control and information about sex readily available to young people. You keep going Michigan!

    • DetroitDom

      Sure Chris . . . . this way, your daughter can be the next star on “16 and Pregnant”.

      Then, when she can’t support the brat, she can ask the Michigan Taxpayers to support her and her spawn via the welfare system for the next 20 years!!

      Hopefully, she will be able to find a minimum wage job b/c she won’t be able to go to college with a kid to raise. But of course, this forces her to leave the brat with a babysitter and we both know that they would never sexual abuse a child, right?? WRONG!!

  • Gunny2862

    Any person whom I pay the bill for Wife, Child, etc. I have the right to know what they are being medically treated for.
    If my wonderful 19 year old Son wants his medical privacy it’s simple, get insurance and pay the bills.
    If my Wife has something she needs to medically hide from me, it’s simple, either pay the bill so I don’t see it, or go get a Divorce, go get Insurance and pay the bills.

    As far as this and a Minor child – you have got to be (insert your choice of string of expletives) crazy.
    They want to liberate these minor children from their parents at the same time they want to fine the parents($200-500 per incident, per child) if the children are out past curfews in some cities now.
    You cannot have it both ways. We’re either responsible for them, or, we aren’t.

    • DetroitDom

      Thank You Gunny for offering a sobering answer to the liberal dolts posting on this site!!!

      I agree with everything you posted 100%.

  • Mel

    Well, maybe If they want kids to make their own desicions about their medical record, then they should start by not making parents responsible for covering medical expenses for kids 12 to 17

    • Lore Earll

      Oops. You meant 26, right? Because that is the age at which parents are now allowed to call their “kids” adults according to ObamaCare.

  • Cathy Roxbury

    Um… this is not all that different from federal laws already in place, stating that Dr’s do not have to disclose information to parents of children age 14 or older about pregnancy and stds. It is actually in place to keep your children from not seeking treatment for something because they are afraid of disappointing and/or being disciplined by their parents

    • DetroitDom

      Heaven forbid a kid gets disciplined by his parents for having SEX at age 14.

      Wow! Any parent who would be disappointed and discipline their kid for something so minor as having sex must be terrible!! Tongue planted FIRMLY in cheek.

  • r.hails

    I just turned 18 and I still bring my mom along with me to appointments. I value her support and knowledge (she is a nurse), so I know that if someone told her this a couple years ago she wouldn’t be pleased and neither would I.

  • Tell_it_like_I_See_It

    And you can bet they will 100% be asking about guns in the house. So the storm troopers can know where to hit when the time comes. Or the way it is playing out, if the kid says there are guns in the house troopers show up and conficate them for the safety of the child. Thanks to the jackass Obozo.

  • Anonymous

    Have been following this discussion and am strongly reminded about the writings of a famed Christian theologian. His writing was titled “The Screwtape Letters.”
    The conversation was between the Devil and his trainee assistant on how to convince and manipulate humans to the Devil’s suggestions .

  • Ken

    Should this deter me from having a child in the future?

  • Anonymous

    HIPAA of 1996 and updated fed HIPAA laws from 2002 allow a minor not yet 18 to not allow parents’ access to child’s medical records under certain circumstances. States have been updating their privacy laws to reflect this.

  • B Van Sant

    When they can prove they gave BIRTH to my child, they can make those decisions. Otherwise, that is MY CHILD and I MAKE THE RULES.

  • Sally T.

    Well. I’m a conservative – so’s my husband – we live in a very conservative state. He works in a children’s hospital. He’s asked parents to leave the room before. As far as I know, parents are still informed about treatments and problems with their children, but he has had several children open up (note, multiple adults in the room, all medical personnel) and admit to things they have done that they are scared to tell their parents or scared to tell about what their parents are doing to them.

    I agree that it’s scary a law can be made and passed that gives a parent no say in the matter.

    • DetroitDom

      I understand that kids can get abused and need to talk to someone. If the Doctors need to speak wit the kids alone, it should be:
      – two or more medical staff in the room with kid
      – doctor asks ONE question “Is there anything bothering you that you need to discuss with us that you can’t talk with your parents about?”

      If the answer is “No.” the session is over and the parent can re-enter.

  • Boomhauser

    If you voted democratic, you are the reason.

  • Anonymous

    The laws enacted to protect children are sometimes used to override
    parental rights, which is an egregious misuse of our legal system. But
    they are nonetheless there to protect children, and I would encourage
    you to look at another side to this story. I work for an agency that
    assists abused children, and their stories are horrendous. While I am
    the same type of protective parent as Christy Duffy, there are far too
    many parents that are not deserving of the children they are blessed
    with. And the parents who may be hiding things are likely to be as
    vocally against the private conversation as Duffy is. If we are to err,
    let it be on the side of the child and offer some help. Adults have
    many options, children often have none. Read some of the anonymous
    postings on the following link, and you may see that there are some who
    need the assistance that a private conversation might provide.

    • DetroitDom

      I understand the abuse angle. However, kids are in contact with MANY others throughout their day, especially kids between the ages of 12 – 17. They could easily approach a teacher, principal, a coach, or some other adult to seek help.

      Removing Parents’ Rights in a medical setting is WRONG!

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, things must have changed. The last time I recall having a parent in an examination room was when I was getting my face sewn up after a bicycle accident at age 8. After that, it was pretty private. So far as I can remember, my parents were aware of what prescriptions I was taking, such as if I had an eye infection or something. But aside from that they just weren’t involved or interested, and that was considered normal. If a parent wanted to supervise something like a tooth cleaning at the dentist, or an X-ray to check for a broken ankle, that would have been pretty weird. What’s getting into parents these days?

  • Chuck Binkerd

    Parents need to have access to their children’s records. They are responsible for the health and care of their children. If the law allows a child to prevent viewing of medical records, how are the parents suppose to make a decision on proper medical treatment for the child. What happens if the child has a substance abuse problem or STD. Are they not allowed to be proactive in their child’s care? If parents are not allow to view records, then is the state responsible for the medical bills not the parents? This law is plain stupid and violates the family structure that has been established for generations.

  • Abby Gould

    you are all talking about your rights as parents, but what about your adolescent child’s rights? Do they not have a right to privacy if they feel more comfortable discussing some issues with the dr instead of you? Not all teens are comfortable talking to their parents. I’ve been able to go to my dr for birth control on my own since the age of 12, its called informed consent. i believe the purpose is that if the individual comprehends the information being given to them by the dr, they have a right to consent. i’m happy i was able to talk to my dr on my own because i sure couldn’t talk to my mother. And really, you could have the best relationship in the world with your child but sometimes kids get embarrassed and can’t tell mom or dad.
    That being said, I think the situation was badly explained and badly handled.

    • Anonymous

      If my child wanted birth control at the age of 12, you can bet I’d want to know with whom she was having a sexual relationship. No 12 year old should be doing that, and a mother who allows it or a doctor who prescribes birth control for it is just plain wrong.

    • DetroitDom

      Frankly, I don’t give a damn if my kid is more/ less comfortable talking to the doctor or me. NO DOCTOR or NURSE should have the right to prescribe my kid, under the age of 18, a drug of ANY KIND without my consent. PERIOD!!! If my kid doesn’t want to talk to me directly, he can speak with a counselor, a teacher, an aunt or uncle, a pastor, and then, that person can discuss the issue with me.

      If kids are wanting some form of birth control at age 12, maybe the issue is the posters the PUBLIC school system is hanging in middle schools where they describe IN GREAT DETAIL various sexual acts and how to arouse your partner – INCLUDING HOMOSEXUAL ACTS!!!

      But the liberals would rather make the responsible parents the bad guys – it helps them to achieve their goal of Parent/ Child Alienation!

  • Ada Hardwick

    I’m very glad my children are eighteen or older because if I was raising them now I’d be in jail. I asked my children (especially my son) if he wanted mama to leave so he wouldn’t feel awkward as a teen boy but if I had been told to get out..the police would have been called on me. Our government is evil.

  • Terry Miller

    I hope everyone remembers this and all the other BS going on when election time rolls around! This is what happens when you keep putting the same people in office every election!

  • K.G. Smith

    Find Christian & pro-life teens to do “sting” operations on these “private” conversations & record them — that’s the only way to expose these people.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what the law is? MCL?????

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