Is there a happy ending to her story?

Over the last several weeks, TheBlaze’s Will Cain has released his four-part docuseries “Alise vs. the Mayor” chronicling the journey of 10-year-old New York City student Alise Alexander and her mother.

In February, progressive New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio brought down the gauntlet on three charter schools operated by Eva Moskowitz, leaving hundreds of kids without classrooms to return to this fall. Will’s kindergarten-aged son attends one of those three schools, and his four-part digital documentary series looks at the issue of charter schools in New York City through the eyes of a student of Harlem Success Academy and her mother.

On Thursday, the final installment of the riveting series was released. Is there a happy ending for Alise and her classmates?

Watch Alise vs. the Mayor: Episode 4: Mate below:

Miss episodes one, two, and three? Catch up below:

Alise vs. the Mayor: Episode 1: Pawn

Alise vs. the Mayor: Episode 2: King’s Gambit

Alise vs. the Mayor: Episode 3: Check

  • JulieAnn Holmes

    I am soooo glad this worked out! Great Job Will Cain! The whole country needs to understand this issue. Our kids are our future!!

  • Anonymous

    i want to see Alise Alexander make her dream come true! She is truly
    way beyond her youth! God bless this child and her mother. i do hope
    Mom understands that to vote liberal, is a vote to keep oneself on the
    plantation. Break free of the chains and let’s see this child fly with
    the eagles!!!

  • jalina susan stutte

    I wonder if the mother would vote for Bill de Blasio again? Didn’t she know he is a proud Marxist? This is what Marxist do, dumb down the children so they will become sheep! I’m glad that things worked out but I don’t think Cuomo would have done it if he didn’t have his eye on the presidency. Because he is very liberal also.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Will Cain for doing this piece. I pray this little lady’s dream is fulfilled and that she will become a neurosurgeon, a female Ben Carson!!!!

  • Cool Ranch, Texas

    Liberals are children.

  • Anonymous

    Good job on this production!! Am so glad things worked out for Alise and her school mates.

  • Al Bumen

    Although elected by a majority, this does not imply that the citizens’ agents are entitled to do what they like in the majority’s name.

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