Our children are in danger: Mother leaves high school assembly featuring profanities and sex toys ‘shocked’ and ‘in tears’

If Glenn had opened this morning’s radio program with the following ‘joke,’ would there have been serious repercussions?

A teacher, a lawyer, and a priest get on a plane. The plane is going down and the teacher says, ‘We have to save the children.’ The attorney says, ‘F*** the children. And the priest says, “Oh, do we have time for that?’

Without a shadow of a doubt, that ‘joke’ would have – rightfully so – been deemed inappropriate. Well, that joke was one of several profanity-laced, offensive jokes uttered during a recent high school awards ceremony in Washington that caused one concerned mother to leave in tears.

TheBlaze reports:

A Washington state parent is speaking out after she was left stunned by a school awards ceremony that she said featured profanity, inappropriate jokes and a box of sex toys.

The parent, who sent an email to KOMO-TV, but wished to remain anonymous, said she was left in tears by what she witnessed when she accompanied her 17-year-old daughter to the event put on by Bellingham High School drama teacher Teri Grimes.

“I sat there with my mouth open in shock and the final straw was when a joke was told on stage about a teacher, a lawyer and a priest on a plane,” the unidentified parent wrote to KOMO. “The plane was going down and the teacher says we have to save the children. The attorney says ‘F*** the children!’ and the priest says ‘OOOOH..Do we have time for that???’”

That’s when the parent says she left.

On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the bizarre assembly and questioned what we are allowing to happen in our schools. As Glenn explained, our children “are in danger.”

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In the email to KOMO, the unidentified parent explained the program included several instances of vulgar language. Furthermore, the high school students were given awards like “the horniest stud,” which featured a box of sex toys as the prize.

What is going on in our schools,” Glenn asked exasperatedly. “You don’t have to be conservative to think that this is inappropriate in school.”

On Tuesday, Grimes, the veteran drama club teacher who oversaw the event, issued an apology that the concerned parent has apparently accepted.

“I deeply apologize for some very inappropriate comments and actions made during our drama students’ end-of-the-year awards ceremony,” she wrote. “This is not representative of our students who take such great pride in their school and respect one another.”

“Much of the evening was a great celebration of their work,” she continued. “However, as a teacher and the club’s leader, I take full responsibility and am extremely sorry.”

In the past, as Glenn explained, he would cover stories like this and throw out the idea of homeschooling as an alternative. Needless to say, homeschooling requires a huge commitment, and while it might not be for everyone, Glenn believes it is time to start figuring out a way to make it available to as many children as possible.

“Whenever stuff like this used to come up, ‘homeschooling’ came out of my mouth. And homeschooling isn’t for everybody,” Glenn said. “Except, at this point, when this is happening widespread all across the country in towns like Bellingham, Washington… with everything that’s happening with Common Core and everything else, let me tell you something: It is time that homeschooling is for everybody. Some variation is for everyone. Our kids are in danger.”

Below is the KOMO report:

Here’s more on this story from Thursday’s Daily Briefing:

  • Anonymous

    Wow, how sad is it that this teacher didn’t show more respect for her students than that? How can students be expected to aim high in life when they have such a low example?

    • Anonymous

      Exactly right. – Duh.

  • Anonymous

    One of Saul Alinsky’s point on how to create a socialist state was to take control of the children in the schools. Just think, as tax payers, we pay for this type of garbage.

    • ScaryLogic

      It’s not like this is widespread. By and large public schools are not THIS bad

      • Anonymous

        Really that is your response. Have another drink of the cool aid and keep saying it’s not that bad. That is terrible and beyond inappropriate and it is happen with great frequency around the nation. It is that bad!

        • ScaryLogic

          I didn’t say it was “not that bad” I said public schools as a whole are not that bad.

          perhaps re-read what I said.

          • Anonymous

            Perhaps you need to rethink what you think is that bad.

          • ScaryLogic

            Besides this new common core thing, I don’t see any examples of anything this extreme in any other public schools.

            I’d like specific examples if you KNOW otherwise.

          • Anonymous

            Ok look at your kids history books, ask one to reason out a simple problem. It is not hard to see if you actually look. The language was a joke the kids get worse than that everyday. Was it right no but in 5 minutes the kids had forgotten all about it. But the revision of history and the failure to teach problem solving skills is repulsive beyond compare. Then there is what they are doing to our culture. Do you realize that global warming or man made climate change is being thought to all students as though it is absolute and definitive. You may well believe it is true. Yet that is not the real agenda behind it. Take a guess who is getting the blame for this. Need a hint, it is not them. Yep it is mom and dad. They are the whole problem. It is being thought that if your parents have any degree of success they are killing the planet and we only have this one, so either get them to change or… But that is the thing they leave the final acting open to a group that they have intentionally not thought to reason anything out. Nothing like planting the seeds of distrust and letting them grow. Where do you think the occupy groups came from? That is a generation of kids raised in this system. What will their kids buy into? Can you ever think that far off from where you are? That is not an insult it is an actual question. I am not sure how far they will go astray there is a chance they will swing back towards the new middle but the middle has moved so far to the left that it won’t be to where we are now. So to answer your question yes there are examples. But they are crafted to be benign. You have to take a second and often a third look to see the problems. Boil the frog slowly and he won’t jump out.

          • Anonymous

            You are 100% correct. The leftists spent two generations taking over the American Federation of Teachers the predominant force in public schools. Once that was accomplished, it has taken only one generation to effect a coup on the minds of American teens. Worse, much of that propaganda is not only reinforced, but INCREASED during college. It matters not how incomprehensible and factless the lies and drivel being taught, it is the repetition and the absolute suppression of opposing ideas, to the point of viciously attacking anyone who dares question anything that is taught.
            Keep up the good fight. Your reasoning is sound and your heart’s in the right place.

          • ah

            Maybe not as open a an awards ceremony, and not coming from the teachers, but I think you wold be shocked to know what goes on in schools, and I’m specifically speaking of high school. My husband was a high school teacher for 6 years in 3 different schools. He changed careers because of the vulgar atmosphere he encountered on a daily basis. Become a teacher and it won’t take long for you to get your own examples of how “bad” it can be.

          • ScaryLogic

            Well, I went through public schools and while it had plenty of messed up things going on, there was plenty of good as well. Homeschooling your kids only postpones the inevitable.

            You have to learn to deal with the world.

          • Tammy ‘Jackson’ Norwood
      • http://www.rosabrand.net Rosa Brand

        For now. But Happygranny is right. What this does is set a precedent where this type of immorality will become the norm. The only reason why there is something being done is because one brave parent stood up for principle.

        My family immigrated from Cuba when Castro took over. His people did what is being down now in our school-infiltrated education in order to brainwash the kids. My mother told me stories of what teachers and administrator taught and it would raise the hair on anyone’s neck to hear it. Things like, “If your parents speak out, be sure to tell your teacher,” and “Be a patriot; report what you see!” They were turning children against their parents. And many people they knew disappeared, never to be heard of again. I’m not suggesting that is happening here, but all the warning signs are there.

        • Anonymous

          I will say it then. Remember the administrations obamacare tactic, you need to tell your parents how great this will be. You can not in this country just go straight to communist rule. You have to get there a little at a time. You boil the frog slowly remember. That way it does not jump out. You think the students that actually went home and discussed the health care with their parents and found out different information did not return to tell their friends about it? You think teachers did not hear this new information and make a note of the students that challenged the progressive view point? This is how it starts, first you find the problems, then you either work to marginalize them or when we get further along you eliminate the problem all together. I bet if you ask you mother and she thinks about it there was a time where nothing was done about different opinions. It would only been a few weeks there but it was when they figured out who everyone was. Can we say meta data? Yes it will take longer but if we sit back and just watch it will happen hear too.

          • Bryant Hill

            “We cannot expect Americans to jump from capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving Americans small doses of socialism until they suddenly awake to find they have Communism.”

            -Soviet Leader Nikita Khrushchev, 1959

        • John Alan Karczynski


      • Anonymous

        Wake up! Yes it is this widespread. They are using different tactics but it is everywhere. From revising history to outright elimination of problem solving skills. Think I am kidding, ask a teenager a multiple step problem. Then sit back and watch the dumbfounded look on their faces. If it is not handed to them they have no clue what to do about it. Make them dumb and change their history so they can not resist. It is the progressive tactic and it is working in spades.

        • ScaryLogic

          Well, it wasn’t like that while I was in school. I’m glad the Illuminati and Hitler and satan waited until I graduated to start this.

        • TXAli225

          Okay. Here’s the deal. I have raised my children, now 19, 16, and 13, to know God’s Word. Their faith is their own, not because “Mom says so.” They stand firm in their faith and know what the Bible says is true. Guess what else they do. They WITNESS to the other students at their schools. If ALL the Christians pull their kids out of public schools, who will be the light of Christ there? I’m not ready to sacrifice the kids who don’t know Jesus, just because other people tell me that I’m putting my own in “danger.” Sorry, I don’t believe I am. Not to mention that once the kids are out in the real world, they will hear bad jokes and be exposed to things that are against what they believe. MY kids will be prepared to stand in their faith, no matter the circumstance. I’m SO sick and tired of people who homeschool acting as if they’re superior parents because of it. Homeschooling is YOUR choice and it’s NOT right for everyone. Again, Jesus calls us to GO OUT into the world, to be in it but not of it. My kids are IN it and they’re reaching teenagers for Christ. They love school and there’s no way I would remove the light they bring. Also, my husband and I are very involved in their schools and actually volunteer for everything we can. We know what’s going on there and there are several teachers and administrators who are Christians. The light of Christ MUST remain in public schools!!! Get off your high horses!

          • Renee Kirby Rogers

            My pastor says this about sending our children into the public schools….
            The only thing God requires of children in the Bible, is to honor and obey their parents in the Lord. They are not called to be witnesses …not until they become adults. We parents have a responsibility to raise, teach and protect our own children, not send our children out into the world to be little missionaries out on their own against the world. Leave that to the grown adults.

          • D. Drury

            There is NO example of anywhere in Scriptures where children played “little missionary” to others. Even the Lord was under the authority of the temple when he spoke. Exposing our children to sin because they are witnessing can often have the opposite effect and it puts a lot of responsibility on a child. If you believe the schools are in need of witnesses why not go there yourself instead of sending an innocent child? It says do not be deceived “bad company destroys good character”. It did not say maybe it would, but that it does.

          • Jessica Provencher

            you are responsible to the Lord for YOUR children ….the lights will shine whee the Lord directs them…trust HIM and watch your own kids….

      • oldschool

        It’s started, but it’s been very gradual. Once a moral “line” has been moved, it’s next to impossible to move it back. The “line” keeps going deeper.

      • Shawn Bowles

        Sorry to say. I have to disagree. Public schools are this bad. I graduated in 2007, and Unless things have changed… Doesn’t look like they have by this. I would say my children are definitely going to be homeschooling

        • ScaryLogic

          They gave out dildos at your school?

      • Anonymous

        There’s a glaring qualifier in your statement.

        • ScaryLogic


    • BlueMN

      Saul D. Alinsky never said that nor anything like that. Just think, if you didn’t believe every right-wing tinfoil hat theory that came along. http://www.snopes.com/politics/quotes/alinsky.asp

    • Anonymous

      Common core teaches homosexuality beginning in Kindergarten. Look it up! And wise up.

  • Anonymous

    The joke wasn’t just offensive, it was bigoted.

    • Jeff Lambeau

      Oh please, South Park has made much worse jokes than this. There was one episode about KFC where Cartmann made about 12 really disturbing jokes about Catholic Priests. Needless to say, the episode was incredible.

      • Anonymous

        You are pointing to SOUTH PARK as an example of what our teachers should be doing in our schools? Are you kidding? Or are you really that far gone that you do not recognize the difference between a teacher in a classroom full of students and a television program that doesn’t need to be turned on in the home!

      • Ann Oyed

        Haha, South Park is rated TV-MA, not suitable for educational use. YOU are a product of South Park if you think this is acceptable.

      • Beth Mast

        this is at a school, in a public place with students. not in the privacy of your home

  • Dawn Schafer Castro

    But did the teacher even get in trouble for what was said? I would be at the front office yelling at the principle and than going to the school districts main office and telling them that I wanted that teacher fired. I would have said something at the awards. This was uncalled for!

    • Guest

      So tell me, do you agree with the firing of Donald Sterling? The backlash towards Clive Bundy? Keep in mind you can’t have it both ways lest you want to sound hypocritical (which is something right-wingers specialize in).

      • Anonymous

        Donald Sterling and Clive Bundy are grown adults who were not speaking to a group of children they had responsibility to TEACH. What they said was wrong, but not even close to the crap this teacher pulled. And if this teacher was willing to go this far in front of these parents, what is going on in the privacy of the classroom in this school. You argument is ridiculous.

        • Jeff Lambeau

          I wasn’t arguing that. I was just pointing out how many people will get worked up over this, but yet think that Sterling and Bundy deserve a free pass. I say both this teacher and those two deserve the equal backlash treatment from society for their stupid comments.

          • russellmuscle1

            Don Sterling and Clive Bundy aren’t teachers. Did you consider Jeff that maybe the people getting all fired up have children in the public school system and might have every right to be concerned? Who thinks Don Sterling deserves a free pass?

          • melfarmer

            Ummm..Did I miss something in the story? I don’t recall this article saying anything about race…I think it was talking about FU the children and a priest saying. ..oh, we already did that….pretty sure Sterling and Bundy never made comments about f’ing children…somebody may need to go back and read the article and come up with a different argument! Jeez, you people who like to spin an argument another way, at least make your argument match the story! Common Core taught?

          • Anonymous

            Hey Jeff, last time I looked, we still have free speech. Don Sterling wasn’t in a classroom. Adults ought to be able to put what he said in perspective.

            He didn’t want his girlfriend showing up to his place of business with a black guy on her arm, because he was being sexual with her. Do you have an adult understanding of that kind of comment?

        • Anonymous

          Sorry what Bundy said was absolute correct. You just are not used to hearing it so directly. Actually listen to what he said and not what you think he said and you see he was right. The black community should rephrase it to a more palatable language and be preaching it every Sunday until they get the understanding that they are begin used and abused.

        • Anonymous

          Hey you guys, do we still have “freedom of speech” in this Country or not? What Donald Sterling sIds was in the privacy of his own home! He has every right to say it.

          It was not in keeping with “good manners” that he said what he did. But we still have freedom of speech at least for now.

          since when can a man’s business be taken away from him because some people didn’t like what he said? That sure isn’t the American way. At least not the America my Dad fought and died for.

          Only in Communist Russia or China did those things happen.

          So please tell me why you would go along against this man. He was uncouth, but he is still an American with the right of free speech – or don’t you like free speech when it offends you?

      • Sassy2016

        Typcial Liberal. Create a Strawman arguemnt then proceed to knock it down. RME

      • http://www.thereisagod.webs.com/ Derek Lockhart

        You’re comparing apples and oranges and then saying if we don’t hold both the apple and the orange at fault, we’re hypocrites. Then you claim that conservatives are more hypocritical than others. I don’t think you really want an answer, you just want to get under peoples’ skins with comments like those that show a lack of intelligence behind your mask of ‘guest’ you choose to hind behind.

        But there is a dramatic (no pun intended) difference between this situation and both Clive Bundy and Donald Sterling. This was a group of minors. In a school setting. As a public school, that’s government funding being used to spout junk like this. Explain to me, if you will, when it would be permissible to make inappropriate sexual jokes in front of teenagers in high school, or when it’s okay to hand out a box of sex toys to one of them. This is not just ‘expressing an opinion’ which is protected by the First Amendment. This is degradation in the school system, reducing an awards ceremony to an opportunity to spout sexual filth in front of – and perhaps even in some cases by – individuals who are not considered adults under United States law. If you cannot see the difference in that, then I’m sorry, but you’re beyond our help here.

      • Anonymous

        No I think both were very wrong. Bundy was a government out of control and Sterling was an example of a privet conversation being exploited. Would you want every conversation you had in privet exposed to the world? Of course you would not. We all vent, name me one person that has never had a thought or comment that was off-color and I will show you that person never deals with a different race. It is not a white or black thing. It is not just an American thing. It is a human thing and to pretend it is not is why there is an issue to began with. I have heard disparaging things about different races of people in every country I have ever been in and quite often it was against Americans as well. We have to get rid of the political correctness in this country before it does us all in.

    • Michael Brennan

      The principal is your pal jackass.

  • Eric Mickelson

    What is going on in our schools,” Glenn asked exasperatedly. “You don’t have to be conservative to think that this is inappropriate in school.” Yes Glenn, you don’t have to be conservative to think this is inappropriate. Even the low life Lib’s think teachers should be good examples.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Why do you liberals keep supporting the Unions that protect this type of bull. A few months ago the unions were protecting a child molester and denying the victim’s mother health care for her cancer because he son went to the police. I am sorry but when I have children they are never going to public school and I do not care what it cost me. I want my future children to still have their souls intact.

  • ken.

    in the 1970’s we had a child molester 6th grade science teacher, every kid in the large school knew as did all the teachers and staff. the principal got arrested on cocaine charges. in high school we had a teacher who had sex with students for free grades in his class and also traded sex for copies of tests and other assignments for all the other teachers classes also. he had also been transferred to our school because he had married a 15 year old student from his other school, she divorced him a few years later because she kept catching him cheating with other students. he was even having sex with his own kids teenage friends. this is not new it has been going on for decades. we hear about it more nowadays because there is less social stigmatism associated with it and more kids are coming out. teachers have been using a term called ” pass the trash ” for the widespread practice of schools trading perverts who are found out and are then traded for other perverts from other schools. the schools are good at convincing parents to let them handle it so the kid won’t have to suffer a trial and the social stigmatism of everyone else finding out about it. the schools promise them the perverts will never work again, a lie! look up ” pass the trash laws ” and you will find a few of the cases.

    • Sassy2016

      There will ALWAYS be a Stigma attached to these PERVERTS! Pedophiles are criminals and they should all be in jail! It’s one thing to say that no one reported him because they were too scared BUT to say it was somehow acceptable shows how morally bankrupted you are! YOU SICK PIG!

      • ken.

        you really need to slow down when reading so you can comprehend what is being said!!! i said that the schools convince the parents that the kids would suffer the social stigma not the perverts and that kids feel less social stigma about being victims so they are reporting the crimes more often. i wrote it simply enough for a child to comprehend why you couldn’t i don’t know but you need help.

  • chaly

    Could it be that most of Washington state is on pot now! See what you get.

  • Anonymous

    What is astounding is that parents continue to keep their kids in public schools. Here is some help for parents who would like to home school but need more info.
    This is from Charlotte Iserbyt a senior policy adviser in the DOE during the Reagan admin. She warns against using computers to teach; use them only for research purposes:

    Here is her list:.
    Samuel Blumenfeld “Alpha Phonics)
    Matt James “Home School Odyssey
    Robinson’s Curriculum
    Strayer-Upton Arithmetics 1930s – Still available at Amazon (fantastic)
    Quest of a Hemisphere (apolitical American History)
    Warriner’s Grammar (fantastic)

    Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
    Former Senior Policy Advisor
    U.S. Department of Education


  • Wulf

    Sometimes I feel like I’m in a Bizarro land nightmare when I hear the crazy stuff Glenn digs up.

    I never thought I’d hear a high school awards ceremony having a Ho***est Stud award..

  • Anonymous

    These so-called “teachers” should be arrested for corrupting the morals of a minor and for public indecency. They have no business being anywhere near children. They should also have to register as sex offenders. People need to remove their children from the public schools in droves and either home school, private school or some other way to educate their children rather than this kind of absolutely morally bankrupt crap.

    • Anonymous

      Dear poundsand,

      You said it well. However most parents are too busy, or don’t really give a darn.

  • Jeff Lambeau

    Gotta say, I chuckled at the joke.

  • Anonymous

    This teacher should be fired. How could this even be a question? The lack of respect, maturity and good judgment manifest in such a display is beyond shocking. To even allow a box of sex toys to be awarded to a teenage boy as if the girls (or boys…who knows these days) that were his prey were nothing more than objects to be used and thrown away at his leisure and with the school’s pat on the back.

    The mother may have accepted this teacher’s apology, but the community should not. Where was the school administration during this event? Would shutting it down have been so deleterious to the students that it was more appropriate to allow it to go on?

    The actions of this teacher, the administration and the students who very gleefully participated are not only shameful, they are a direct attack on the rights of their fellow students and their parents. Worse, using tax dollars to fund the event makes it even more despicable.

  • Anonymous

    a few questions – were any school employee’s and or officials present??? who said what (profanity and jokes)??? how long and often were things said??? i would expect, if student or employee said any of these, that they would’ve been told something immediately after the first incident!!! and if this were true, wouldn’t we be hearing something from administration by now??? i’d like to know the full story!!!

    • Anonymous

      Some answers can be found in the second video, the “KOMO Report”

      • Anonymous

        thank you!!!

  • Geoff Sandt

    live in St. Charles Missouri in the Francis Howell School District. My wife and I recently attended a school board meeting with many other concerned parents regarding a book titled “Perfectly Normal.” It is part of the common core program for sex education. The book has almost 60 cartoon pictures of what looks like kids having sex. It has descriptions of every type of sex you could imagine. It is also very hard to tell the gender of the drawings. The book mentions a pill that can be taken in an emergency to halt a pregnancy but doesn’t mention the option of adoption. The fact they call it an “emergency” is bad enough. It might influence the CHILD to take the pill and not tell an adult if they have been assaulted. A St. Charles County Sheriff was there and said that if I showed this book to a child I would be arrested for child pornography! This book is available for kids as young as ten years old with no parental permission. You better believe it we home school our kids. Why did I go to the meeting? If the leftist agenda has their way they will take away my right to raise my kids my way.

  • Charles Harris

    Just keep everything in right prospective. Just imagine the real danger our children would be in if we allowed prayer in school, or bible clubs, or praying in Jesus name at a graduation comencement. Why wide spred respect, concideration, and beliving that God does exist and really loves us could break out everywhere. Can you even begin to comprehend the terror of our country becoming godly and His blessings covering us from sea to shing sea.

  • Andrea Loggins

    Throw a plate on the floor and then it breaks, then say sorry does the plate automaticly go back to geather, no the damage has been done. I have been hearing “sorry” too much after the damage has been done. I feel this is done deliberatly. They can say sorry but the dammage has been done and cannot be repaired.

  • Anonymous

    If a teacher can do this can you imagine the kind of administration that is running that pathetic school? That oh so liberal state has ignored what is happening statewide so what else do parents expect. (Declarative not questioning!)

  • ScaryLogic


    I’ve never heard of anything like this… I want to laugh… but it’s so disturbing this actually happened.

  • Marty Torrez

    The teacher apologized and the parent accepted. Now school is talking about future shows etiquette!

  • Dan Heizinger

    Why didn’t Adam Lanza go into this school

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    My brother and sister-in-law were recently at a high school prom. My brother is an entertainer and my sis-in-law retired from Denver Public Schools last year. She has worked with kids for around 30 years. My brother was booked for the event to dress as Elvis, and sing Elvis songs, and then to announce the king and queen. Before he took the stage, a very different type of music was playing. My sis-in-law told me that the kids had formed two circles on the dance floor, concealing from the chaperons what was going on in the middle. I’ve bee to dances, or weddings, where this is done for individuals to get in the middle and show off their dance moves. This was different. These kids were “twerking”, as told me by my sis. Two guys and one girl entered the center and the guys proceeded to bump and grind on the girl. I do not how long this went on or how many did it, but not one chaperon took the initiative to explore what was happening at all. My sis says that there was a visible expression of relief on the faces of the girls as my brother took the stage and the “twerking” ended.
    I bring this up because I have a friend whose daughter has, not once, but twice, been lured to a car by a guy, after such an event, under the guise of getting his forgotten coat or something, only to force her into the back seat and rape her, all the while the girl not being able to find her voice, being intimidated, and the guy claiming consent. He could definitely not escape being aroused in such a dance, right? Of course right. I am so beside myself. Even the “dirty dancing” of my grown 30 something children’s day was not this bad. God help us.

  • harry

    she oversaw, what dose that mean? did she write everything, did she set up all props, did she manage the stage? or did the kids learn to do those things? was she at the side managing the show, or watching from the front row?

    • Anonymous

      It doesn’t matter. The second that this began to spiral out of control it should have been stopped. By the teacher AND the administrators present. There will always be moronic kids who can’t think their way out of a paper bag, but standing there laughing right along with the teens was a completely unacceptable approach to the problem. Whether it was planned or not is irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

    This why liberals are not fit to teach, these liberals are sick

  • scott

    what in the hell is going on.why wasn’t this idiot escorted out and the school administration terminated?

  • Jim

    After all the stories we’ve heard about public schools…after common core and kids being interrogated by police for pointing fingers and biting poptarts…why do you still have your kids in these schools? Why aren’t the halls empty?

    Ok. You don’t know how to home school. “I’m just an auto mechanic. I’m not a teacher.” Are you kidding? You’re an expert in a field…even if you’re just a beginner yourself! Teach your kid your trade! Teach them how to trouble-shoot a problem and research the fix! You will be surprise how much you learn while you teach! So you don’t have a full curriculum on the 1st day. If you love your kids, you will find one! How hard is it to give them a book and tell them to read it? That’s a start. Find what they love to do and guide them through the process of becoming an expert in that field. Convince me they are better off in the indoctrination centers!

    • Anonymous

      Please read the book yourself first before you just trust the title

      • Jim

        I have not read it yet, but it is on my list. I don’t need to read a book to know that public education has systemic problems. If there is something you think I need to know, please enlighten me!

      • Jim

        Rude comment. Deleted. My apologies.

      • Jim

        Rude comment. Deleted. My apologies.

  • Bryan

    I am probably going to hell because all I could do during this article was laugh at the joke that was told

  • Obie Wan

    I posted on the Blaze and I’ll post it here,you want a change…….school vouchers. Anybody who thinks teachers weren’t involved in this is an idiot. And why were these darling teachers willing to go this far,because the unions will protect their worthless backsides that’s why. Break the power of the public schools by breaking the teachers unions,and you do that with private sector competition !!!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, because privatisation is always the answer. Talk about utopian thinking–please…

      • Obie Wan

        I don’t know if it’s utopian thinking,but it may be an answer to this garbage. By the way I believe it’s spelled “privatization”, but then again I was educated in a parochial school,not public !!!

  • Jennay Wantuchowicz

    I don’t know. If this is the graduating class, they’re all 17-18 years old. The 18 group obviously being legal adults. When you’re 17 and 18, you’ve never heard some profanities or seen a vibrator before? Come on. I’d be outraged if it was younger teens. But 18 year olds? Big deal.

    • Anonymous

      Wake up. This is completely inappropriate for any publicly funded school. It is also illegal for a 17-yr-old to purchase and own these items. The point is not that they haven’t been exposed to such things (although there ARE some that have not), it’s that this is a venue where this kind of behavior is abjectly unacceptable. Or is it your opinion that ANY place is appropriate for this kind of presentation? By your reasoning, we should just be teaching little boys to look at women as nothing more than sexual objects to be used at their pleasure. After all, this is what they’re going to be exposed to someday anyway, right? Or are you hoping to be drugged and raped by a misogynistic male who looks at you as valuable for nothing more than what exists between your legs?
      Hey, it’s great to see you’re so “hip” that you’re all for handing out an award to the 17-yr-old who scored the most with underage girls all through high school. Isn’t that something to be admired? I’d venture to say that you believe that such an individual is capable of believing that he should treat all women with respect. No dichotomy in thought there, huh?
      And here’s the other point. This venue was open to FAMILIES. It was NOT advertised as Mature Audiences only or NC-17. If that were to happen, it probably would have ended before it began. The fact of the matter is that there would have been young children there to see their older siblings receive awards. But hey, according to you, they’ll all see it someday so we might as well start them off early so the girls are properly conditioned to feel value only as sexual “things” and the boys will be properly indoctrinated to see them as nothing different than a rubber vagina. That’s very 2014 of you. Congratulations.

    • Nick

      Doesn’t make this appropriate for a school event. I wonder how fast I’d lose my job of I gave a coworker the “horniest stud” award and a box of sex toys?

  • jalina susan stutte

    This teacher and school is disgusting! This teacher needs to be fired at once and also the principal for condoning this in that school.

  • Jenn

    this teacher is only sorry she got called out on what she did…she is not sorry for anything…what a jerk…

  • SMC

    Glenn Beck,

    I know for a fact that Bellingham high school is a wonderful school. And let’s be honest, drama kids tend to goof off and do things that most would see as bizarre or even unacceptable. Who the hell leaves crying over a dirty joke? This woman needs a reality check. And I HIGHLY doubt that it happened the way you have described it. More than likely, the teacher had nothing to do with the assembly, and it was the kids who collaborated and put this on. You’re a conservative talk show host discussing a public school in a VERY liberal city. Actually, you graduated high school in Bellingham, so you should know better. But in my personal opinion, I can’t take anyone seriously who was worked for FOX news. Especially someone who is advocating that kids should be home schooled. Besides, are you advocating that we start censoring each and every thing kids will be exposed to? These were high schoolers, and I can guarantee that majority of them have done a lot worse than say a dirty joke. Have some common sense.
    To everyone who reads this article: I think it would help if you did some reading up on what kind of a person Glenn Beck is and was (for instance, he claims he used to imagine killing himself to Nirvana, having to attend AA meetings for alcohol and drug abuse, and describes himself as a “borderline schizophrenic”……hmmm).

    • Nick

      Yet despite all this that you hold up as evidence to try and dehumanize him Glenn is still a better human being than your average “liberal”. A decent human being wouldn’t condemn a man in recovery by the way. Just saying.

      Not that it really matters but I’m sure if someone brought up the presidents shady history with drugs amd alcohol it would be dismissed immediately and the person who brought it up accused of all sorts of hateful things. Yet as a “liberal” you see it as okay to do this to Glenn? You are a clear example of what is wrong with our nation to everyone on here who isn’t a bat guano crazy liberal. Glenn has been in recovery for his addictions just like millions of Americans who in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s where told drugs and booze are cool by the liberal establishment. I was raised a “liberal” in a “liberal” home and that skewed viewpoint and cultish lifestyle thats intertwined in sin and debauchery nearly crushed my soul. You would do well to find the exit from that cult before it consumes you.

    • Scott Farmer

      And I don’t listen to anyone that hides behind an avatars and three initials. By your logic, we should allow ANYTHING in school, so ,maybe next time, they can hire some strippers for lap dances. Your argument makes no sense. Does your child go to this school? What or whom Glenn Beck is is irrelevant. The fact that a mother felt the material was inappropriate for her child is the issue. But, then again, people like you only believe everyone should be able to do and say whatever they want, as long as it’s what you want them to do and say. A public school assembly is no place to joke about children being sexually assaulted by priests, or to award the “hottest” guy at school with a box of cities. And yet, you and others like continue to push your “war on women” agenda. Boy, there’s no way anyone would consider this misogyny, right? Your rights stop where mine and that parents start, so, maybe next time I’ll make sure they do a skit about Moses and the ten commandments, a jihadist beheading a 12 year old girl for being raped and Kim Kong Il hanging government protesters.

    • Anonymous

      SMC, you are an evil troll.

  • http://www.onceuponhertime.com/ jeannette

    We need people in place who are willing to teach these children who cannot be homeschooled. When I began to see Common Core explode onto the scene, the Lord laid on my heart to go back to school. God willing, our doors will be open to children by fall 2015. Please pray. It will be a school that teaches “through” the arts- and I am hoping not to charge children to be educated. People need to step up and realize our children are being desensitized to all things bad- and numbed and dumbed to all things good.

    • Anonymous

      Jeanette, be careful of what YOU are taught!

      • http://www.onceuponhertime.com/ jeannette

        I am being very careful what I am taught. And praying through my education instead of just taking education at “book” value. Thank you, whoever you are (and I cannot even answer you on the post), for your concern.

  • Anonymous

    Left in tears? Really?!! I would not waste my time over someone who says they left in tears over inappropriate behavior, but won’t tell you her name.

    • Ray Gilbride

      Yep ad if it was so bad why did she not take her child with he.

  • Ray Gilbride

    I think it’s sad when someone’s two minutes of glory hunting
    can spin out of control so bad. I agree this joke was not good in any setting,
    let alone at a private awards party for the actors at a High School. The part
    that I find sad is Bellingham High has the smallest drop out problem of the
    public schools in town, it has the smallest drug problem of all the public
    schools in town, and it has the strongest drama program of any school in the
    area. Yes, I agree this was a bad joke told by a student, and I agree it was in
    bad taste, I just feel that if this parent wanted to help she would have gone
    to the school and the teacher, rather than having her son sneak back in and try
    to get something on tape, and then go to the large press, knowing she would
    make the news….that, I personally find selfish and self serving at best. And if
    it was so bad and so offensive why on earth did this protective mom leave
    without taking her daughter with her?

    It’s sad; I don’t agree with the joke or the setting it was
    told in. The part that has me crazy angry is the High School three miles away
    didn’t get this much attention three months ago when the Varsity wrestling coach
    was caught seducing and sleeping with a child on his team, and then tried to
    cover it up. Where this protective, outraged Mom then?

    Do we have problems? Heck yes, we do and as a proud
    Bellingham High School Parent I am mad as well, but at the poor way this was
    handled will cause more damage than the horrible joke that was told. Do we need
    work? Heck yes, lets clean things up, but if you are going to go after a closed
    drama party then I think we should look at the closed locker rooms where the
    teams go in much greater detail than a bad joke. Let’s be honest, this was blown out of proportion;
    it was wrong but still way out of proportion.

    It’s not correct in any way for the young man to have told
    this joke, I agree, but trying to destroy an institution’s reputation like
    Bellingham High School that does so much good for so many students, is not the
    way to do it. If this parent wanted to help, I think she would have gone to the
    school or even a local news person, no she went big with no thought of how it
    would affect not only a good program in but the good name of Bellingham High, and the students that are working diligently to be good actors and doctors, and
    everything else they work hard to become. All this from the foundation of
    Bellingham High School. I think it was just cheap glory hunting. But hey, her kids are gone now; she doesn’t
    have to be there and deal with any of the negative problems her tantrum caused.

    Again, I do not agree with the joke or anything
    inappropriate. I as well do not agree with handling things as poorly as this
    concerned parent did.

  • Lilly

    FIRE this betch …she even looks psychotic …disgusting and yes this is ok and Pray in school is NOT ? And they wonder what is wrong with kids and shooting up the school and classmates ?? Bunch of idiots running things ..This is the kind of teachers we have NOW ??!!!! Sickos

  • Sarrissa

    We are in dire need of a major house cleaning regarding education in America, K through College. That cleaning should begin with ridding ourselves of the Federal Department of Education. State departments of education should be reviewed regarding spending policies, unnecessary personnel, and any and all policies which do not reflect the purpose of our Republic. Teacher education programs should also be redesigned, with highly competitive entrance requirements, and course work which should prepare teachers to operate as knowledgeable professionals. That’s just a beginning.

  • Anonymous

    They are getting ready for college.

  • Team Teri

    THERE WAS NO BOX OF SEX TOYS! One student gave one box of condoms to another student. Brought by a student. Paid for by a student. Without the Teachers knowledge or prior permission. The joke was made by a student. Off script. Again without the Teachers permission or prior knowledge. STOP TALKING ABOUT A BOX OF SEX TOYS. It is a lie. Glenn Beck, you keep talking about how “irresponsible” this was, but your misinformation in your reporting is irresponsible. “All the parents” were not there. It’s an event for the students. Put on by the students. It got out of control, but it certainly was not the teacher’s fault. So let’s stop putting this all on the teacher and doing terrible things like comparing her to Hitler.

    • Anonymous

      And, BHO isn’t responsible for anything either. You are rationalizing that just because you claim it was student oriented, the teacher is still the responsible adult in the room, so, like a typical liberal, you try to deflect from the occurrences.

      • Team Teri

        I fully recognize that she was the responsible adult in the room. I even admitted it got out of control. And I’m not deflecting anything. Merely pointing out that using the term “box of sex toys” or box of dildos is completely incorrect. All I want to do is clear up details about what happened. I understand it was inappropriate for a high school event, but there’s no need for anyone to lie about the night’s events. And that doesn’t have a single thing to do with how I vote and what party I align myself with. I was just raised knowing that the truth is always better than lying. Have you revisited the ten commandments lately?

  • Paula Pow

    This is SICK and DISGUSTING!!!!!

  • DJBryanW

    I’m a liberal and it’s inappropriate.

  • Anonymous

    “People make mistakes… and in my opinion, I think it doesn’t need to go further”.
    Really? A mistake is I picked up 2% milk when I meant to pick up 1%. This thing was planned, rehearsed, rehearsed some more and executed.
    Get that woman the h3ll away from your kids, Bellingham High parents.

  • Henry Ko

    Due to the limits of human reason and our own individual ignorance, the liberty school recognizes that centralized power should be limited.

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