State Department admits: 5 Gitmo prisoners probably would have been released with or without Bergdahl

While it is rare for NBC News to publish a hard-hitting piece of journalism criticizing the Obama Administration, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd has an explosive report that seemingly confirms the United States government fully intended to release the five high-level terrorists from Guantanamo Bay even without the Taliban agreeing to release Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

In an article published on entitled “What the Bergdahl Story is Really About: Gitmo,” Todd and fellow reporters Mark Murray and Carrie Dann tackle a question “more important” than ‘did the Obama Administration break the law’ or ‘was it worth it’: “What does this all mean for the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba?”

The article states:

To us, that’s the big story that many are missing here. Yesterday in her press briefing, State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf suggested something ON THE RECORD that had been hinted at OFF THE RECORD or ON BACKGROUND for days: that the five Taliban prisoners who were released in exchange for Bergdahl were probably going to be released anyway, because they weren’t among those who were slated for prosecution. “There are three buckets of people in Guantanamo that remain,” Harf said. “There are those who are approved for transfer. That’s 78. There are about 30 who have been referred for prosecution in some way. These five are in that middle bucket and were unlikely — might have been, but unlikely — to be added to the group that was going to be referred for prosecution. So it is quite likely that eventually, in line with our commitment to close Guantanamo Bay, they would be transferred.” Harf said later, “We should get something for them.”

So there you go… The Obama administration’s rationale for all of this may have simply been about starting the process of emptying Gitmo. And it certainly now appears that among the reasons the White House decided to set up a Rose Garden announcement last weekend was about trying to deflect the start of the Gitmo debate — by focusing attention on Bergdahl. Of course, the focus on Bergdahl become the story.

Yes, this is actually a report from NBC News.

On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the blockbuster report and explained why he actually believes President Obama would have been better off being open about his real motivations from the beginning.

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“Well, if the president would have come out and said that in the first place, for me, I would have had a possible – not probable, but possible – better reaction to it,” Glenn said candidly. “I would have disagreed with it. But at least I would have had a better reaction to it because the trade doesn’t make any sense at all. So they have lied to you now. What they did was not a trade.”

Instead, what narrative did the Administration choose to spout for five days? The phony notion that – five years later – we suddenly had a “sacred” responsibility to bring Bergdahl home regardless of the cost.

“The United States has always had a pretty sacred rule, and that is, we don’t leave our men or women in uniform behind,” President Obama said at a press conference in Poland earlier this week.

“We didn’t have a sacred responsibility. That’s not what we were doing. That’s not what we were doing,” Glenn said disgusted. “We were releasing the Taliban guys and went, ‘You know what? We might as well get something for it. So let’s get that guy, too.’”

Read the NBC News report in its entirety HERE.

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • justleighanna

    They’re liars who are trying to back peddle on the trade.

  • Dirk Voorhees

    Washington is so corrupt it’s almost impossible to discern the truth. Politicians lie, news media lies, military lies, CIA, IRS, the list goes on and on. The president is one of the biggest liars. The American public is abused, they burden us with endless laws and squander our taxes. About 1/2 the public realizes what’s happening, the other 1/2 too dumb or looking for a hand out.

    • jonsen

      it’s why we always try to keep govt as small and as local as possible, and inversely why leftists try to centralize power every chance they get.

    • don ellsworth

      dirk got it–eeeehaaaaa

    • Manbehindthecurtain

      Know half of the public doesn’t realize it yet. That is truly the sad part about this. It breaks my heart to know the following generations are frittering away their freedoms and rights for a misperceived idea of security. Growth comes from levels of discomfort, that create a desire for more. Removing that discomfort cause stagnation and then death.

  • Audrey Blankenship Gill

    He is now trying to cover his ass, look how many died capturing those 5, and the 6 who died looking for the traitor. TIME TO IMPEACH !!! CONGRESS GROW A PAIR, IF YOU DONT, YOU WONT GET RE-ELECTED!!!

  • Connor Kenway

    So now we shake hands with terrorist the ones that flew planes into the Twin Towers because liberals hate the idea of defending ourselves. So what is next fund them oh wait they already did that.

    • Gen

      You are right. We not only funded them Reagan gave them massive amounts of weapons!

  • Anonymous

    When Meeks was in-charge of the St. Dept under R. Reagan a real POTUS, he used to ask them each morning, “What country do you works for?”, there is good reason behind this because the USSD thinks it works for the UN……

  • Anonymous

    Come ON IMPEACH HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE TAKE! IMPEACH this TAQIKKA spouting muslim. This is it….even the stupefied liberals have to see this.

    • GRarchitect

      But the liberals will never admit they have been wrong, therefore, impeachment would go nowhere, even though his crimes against our country and its citizens are a very long list!

    • don ellsworth

      i would guess its going to take a lot more—WE are not too swift on anything

    • Anonymous

      What does it take for the Senate to ignore Harry Reid?

  • Pissed off Veteran

    I say we release the rest of the trash left in Gitmo. but first saturate the grounds in pigs blood so they have to walk through it. Take them to an air strip, tie a rope around their necks and attach the other end to back of an F4 taking off with after burners engaged.

    • don ellsworth

      sounds right to me

    • Wigglypoff

      Mix some gasoline and matches with that saturation and I’m with you.

  • Anonymous

    Releasing enemy combatants back to their fighting army before the war is over requires a long lockup in a mental institution.

    • ken.

      no! locked up in prison while waiting for execution for treason.

    • Anonymous

      This exchange is incomprehensible. Remember all the personnel / people who were killed in pursuit capturing these terrorists.

  • Pat

    Obama must be impeached. The impeachment process will expose his lawlessness to a much wider spetrum of the (mostly ignorant) population.

  • Joe Lineman

    Sacred, sacred, sacred, the right thing to do, the right thing to do, the right thing to do I’m so sick of their weekly talking points my heads about to explode. Oh don’t forget it’s for the children. BARF

    • jonsen

      notice he threw in a “Period” as well. since the healthcare scam it’s further proof he’s lying.

  • Anonymous

    The administration also most recently released over 30,000 illegal violent offenders from prison and turned them out into our midst. Now we have known terrorists released? When is enough going to be enough people????

  • landofaahs

    We gave them of the meanest most dangerous generals and they gave us a supposed traitor/deserter. Boy that’s the deal of the century. But maybe Obama just wants to empty Gitmo.

    • Anonymous

      Remember Obama recently fired (retired) many of our generals.

      • landofaahs

        Yes and don’t forget the supposed accidental outing of a high level CIA agent in Afghanistan a few weeks ago. The fish rots from the head down.

  • George M. Fewell

    I think Obama got caught in a lie, so they made up the story that they were thinking about releasing them anyhow. I do not think they were considering releasing those 5 people, but the different spin misdirects everyone to look at this in a different way. They win again!

  • Joseph

    Don’t we hang or shoot DESERTERS? Or used to when our country was great and not being jerked around by the incompetent megalomaniac currently at our helm.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s the real problem. It doesn’t matter why the president did what he did. It was wrong and it was illegal. Period. Yet, once again, he lies and lies and lies, saying that he had no choice and that we would never have gotten a man who could be a traitor back without it. Now we know that the Haqqani terrorists didn’t ask for these prisoners, they did what they always do…demand money.

    The president not only paid the money, he gave them five of their own back who are determined to continue to carry the fight to the US, its allies and Shiites the world over. Worse, once again, he sent Susan Rice onto the Sunday talk shows to portray Bergdahl as a hero. He released a classified file to congress that was missing any information about Bergdahl’s activities just prior to his walking away from his post. He then claimed that he HAD complied with the law and notified congress that he was going to make the trade.

    What is abundantly clear is that this president is the worst calamity ever to strike the American people. Since his reelection, he has done exactly what he promised Yevgeny Medvedev when he thought his microphone turned off. He promised to be more flexible in the world after the election. His idea of flexibility is unilateral surrender to the forces of evil in the world, weakening the United States position and endangering Americans in his never ending quest to aggrandize himself and bring the nation to its collective knees.

    Those who voted for Obama should feel exactly what they are-hopelessly, abysmally, abjectly stupid. They deserve everything they get and more. Unfortunately for those of us with the ability to actually think, we do NOT.

    • Anonymous

      It has knocked the VA scandal off the headlines.

      • Anonymous

        I guess, in a way, it has, but with the ridiculous attacks by his administration on the soldiers from Bergdahl’s platoon, and the continuing military mistreatment and contempt that those comments show, I’d say that they’re wishing they had never made this the public spectacle they did. I keep hearing the word, “contempt” being used in relation to the president and his administration in reference to both the VA scandal and this. I heard at least four instances of this on the news today, so if that was their plan, it backfired.

    • queenslaby

      the only positive outcome of this is, if the 5 are going to plan another attack on America again, I only pray that it is directed to Obama’s wife or girls, because unless and until this man gets a “reality” check, he will understand the situation he has just created. His arrogance will catch up to him

  • Meredith Washburn

    Compulsive liars do not and can not tell the truth they do not have the mental compacity to even know the truth hence mental illness status.

  • Anonymous

    Sure they were going to be released. I would buy that…. except I bought that bridge in Brooklyn first. Nice try at another cover up!

    • Anonymous

      BO has said he wants to close GITMO permanently. It was always his plan to release as many of them as possible, keeping a few for “prosecution”.

      • Anonymous

        His plan — without consulting with Congress. Just his decision alone and by his dictate.

  • Anonymous

    With this act, BHO has opened the door to “real terrorism” on American soil. Indeed, he has turned the clock back to the days of 9 September 2001. This is “true and present danger” and I believe that it is only a matter of time before things may possibly worsen in our beloved land of the free. May our Heavenly Father, the Almighty GOD, protect us all from these perilous times.

  • Anonymous

    If Obama closes Guantonimo prison, WHERE will future terrorists
    be housed? In our local jails and prisons. This is NOT what Americans want!
    BHO keeps going against what the people want.

  • suz


    he works primarily for the other side — for the bad people. HE IS TO BE IMPEACHED, not because he went to war w/lackluster/lying evidence or holds the hand of a saudi king, but because he is directly in the employ of the muslim brotherhood. when this president considers his options he will always do what is right for radical islam and himself (there is a plethora of evidence). no where in that mindset are americans, EXCEPT TO THEIR DEMISE.

    SO, when any person says he’s a ‘nice guy’ (luttrell) that sticks in my gut and hurts and keeps hurting. I KNOW A LOT OF GOOD PEOPLE. i’m sick of hearing it. IN FACT, you really don’t know him, so how the hell can you make that claim? everybody puts on their nice when you meet them, ESPECIALLY A PRESIDENT WHO IS IN THE BUSINESS OF GETTING YOU TO LIKE HIM.

    this government is not going to do what’s necessary. nobody is talking about doing what is necessary.

  • Scott Hamilton

    Why on earth would they release them ?????!!!!!!

  • dennis reilly

    emanuel and jarrett tell their puppet to never let a crisis go to waste

    • Anonymous

      Most recent crisis dujour — the VA scandal.

  • Anonymous

    The GITMO five should have been shot

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Obama has a memo saying “Have you committed your impeachable offense today?” taped to his shaving mirror.

  • bill

    So now he sets the stage to release each and every Terrorist at the of this Global War on Terror. Even though these Terrorist were never declared as a combatants and never put a uniform on and never fought like men. Just cowards that hid behind women and children. Refused to take our men and women AS POWs but were more than willing to cut their heads off and drag them down the street, and hug our young men and women over the Euphrates River. Thanks to our “LEADERSHIP” This Once Great Nation looks like a bunch of BUFFOONS.

    • Anonymous

      “Sets the stage ….” Will the stage be another flouting of the Constitution and a might sweep of O’s pen ???

  • Reliquary

    So let me get the facts straight here…. He didn’t give congress 30 days notice on the release of these GITMO prisoners because the American prisoner’s health was so bad and he had to move fast. And now we learn that the Prisoner release from GITMO had nothing to do with Bergdahl’s release at all…HE broke the law and tried to cover it up again…. Why is he not being IMPEACHED Why? And no Glen, this is in no way more acceptable or palatable…It is the exact opposite. Obama has flaunted the law repeatedly and needs to be held accountable. Obama needs to be impeached and thrown into jail..PERIOD!

  • Susan Goodnow

    Get something for them? How about a world wide public auction!

  • Dan Condon

    How long before Owebozo claims he learned about the trade only after watching the news on tv?

  • Elena

    A couple of them were indicted by the UN for war crimes. Why did we not transfer custody to the UN rather than letting these bad guys go to Qatar?

  • Pearls to Swine

    It seems to me that Obama released these 5 terrorists so that they could reenter the ring. He’s clearly on their side. You see it with the way he is negotiating with Iran. You see it in the choice Kerry and Hegal, two people who, just like Bergdahl became disenchanted with the United States while they were in the military. They all identify with this bunch, and they see it as their “sacred duty” to release Islamic terrorists back into the fight. This seems very very clear , to me at least.

  • Benjamin Dover

    Within a vast impersonal civilization, competition is superior to cooperation because competition is a process of adaptation and discovery.

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