TheBlaze Best Moments: “It was in this moment I felt that all of my prayers had been heard”

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“This is my son, Jase, only a few short days after a complicated open heart procedure performed shortly after his birth. From the moment he arrived he was suffering and tense, this was the first moment that he truly relaxed having no more hoses or wires or tubes. It was in this moment I felt that all of my prayers had been heard. I have many more pictures from before the surgery and since, but none had the power of this one.”


  • GiantsPrincess

    I see bliss.

  • TheAnthillGoddess

    That is beautiful and i totally understand the joy this photo conveys. I have one similar of my son after all of his tubes and monitors had been removed! God bless!

  • Amber

    Praying for your family and son! I hope you continue to have such happy moments!

  • Kristin Pilkington

    i too know how you feel.. our daughter had open heart surgery at 3 months.. the look of peace on her face after the tubes and lines were out was a beautiful smile and has been a very catchy smile ever since

  • Kay Lloyd

    Congrats and God bless you all.

  • mamastitch

    God Bless you Jase!

  • Anonymous

    Hope this is the first happy moment of many. God bless you all.

  • Kathy Pace

    I also know of this joy, as my son Benjamin now 21 years old, is the oldest living of the “then at that time” new procedure for transposition of the grand arteries. He is considered healthy and normal, though his heart is shaped like a boot.. Ben also ran cross country in High School. I consider it a great blessing to haven been introduced to “Protandim” which eliminates scare tissue. As one of the major concerns of heart surgery is that scar tissue will interfere with the growth of the heart. Please study for yourself at search Protandim and heart. If you order Protandim please use my ID # 240079 Best Wishes, And Rejoice in the miracles!

  • laurawilson211

    my husband had in done when he was a baby too and now he a great husband and father to my kids and we thank God everyday because what he has done for him and us too

  • Adele Weiser Klitzner

    May he be blessed always.

  • MikeinMI2

    Thanks for sharing your joy, Jase. He is beautiful.

  • RedMeatState

    May he take all our excuses and self pity away!! The Warrior Hero Infant. May he be greatly Blessed!!

  • Marianne Hudson

    Sheer bliss. :)

  • Stephanie Soucek

    I love babies–so sweet.

  • Anonymous

    what an adorable pic…looks like he’s lying on a beach in Acapulco working on his tan!

  • Gaby Berrios

    God and God alone. He is still on his throne and still in the miracle business :)

  • Sandra McAnally Leak

    Oh my..Such precious moments…I pray angels all around you, God will go before you and straighten out the crooked places & God will go behind you so that you will not be afraid.

  • Patrick Johnson

    My daughter Courtney had open heart surgery when she was an infant to repair a complete A/V canal. This month we celebrated her 29th birthday and 3rd wedding anniversary! God is good!

  • Anonymous

    Our daughter has had three open heart surgeries for what everyone called a very common VSD. Leave it to our kid to not be “common”. The surgery was a success or rather the VSD was corrected. Her connectivity didn’t reconnect and we spent the next 14 days agonizing over putting in a pacemaker. She had a pace maker placed in her abdomen two weeks later at 4 months old by a great Cardiac Surgeon in Dallas. She is 100% dependent on it. I can honestly say I understand some of the feelings you may have went thru. It’s gut wrenching, anxiety riddled and many many other feelings. She will have to have more surgeries, but I know I cannot worry about those things. It’s out of my hands. I honestly never had any anger towards my heavenly Father. It’s as if I knew she was going to touch other lives by what she was having to go thru. This picture just brings back so many memories. I can’t bear to look at Sophie’s photos. I did once and lost it. You never know how strong you can be until you’ve been put in a difficult situation. God Bless you and Your Child!! God Is So Good. We just have no idea.

  • Jeremy Speece

    tough little guy thank god i was 8 when they did my sugary but this little guy is only a baby I sure hope god blesses him to be able to grow up and enjoy life to the fullest.

  • Jon McCasper

    If liberty’s greatest dangers lurk in its encroachment by well-meaning, yet ignorant, men of zeal, then today’s major domestic threats to liberty lie in the centralized powers of “expert” administrators.

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