As if things could not get any worse for the Obama Administration, the Taliban went ahead and released a video Wednesday morning that purportedly shows the moment in which Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is handed over to the United States military. The video will obviously be used for propaganda purposes, and because the U.S. has released very few details about the mission, the Taliban is in the unique position of controlling the narrative.

Watch the video below:

As TheBlaze reported, you will notice the military helicopter lands in a valley, as apparent members of the Taliban stand perched on surrounding hills with weapons. Non-uniformed individuals, presumably Americans, then walk over and shake hands with Bergdahl’s captors, who are holding a white flag. A shaky Bergdahl, seen holding a bag that he ultimately leaves behind, is then escorted to the chopper where he is patted down.

Based on that description, does anything about this situation seem odd to you?

On radio this morning, Glenn shared the conversation he had with a Special Forces friend of his about the video. (HINT: It’s not good for the U.S.)

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As noted, this video was obviously filmed and released for propaganda purposes. Remarkably, however, it seems to serve as the only documentation of the release the public currently has. Meanwhile, as Bergdahl remains sequestered in a German military hospital, the U.S. government has largely refused to share any details.

“The Taliban is the source of information on this one – by the way,” Glenn said. “They’re the ones showing us everything. Okay. So we have the video, and nothing from the United States government.”

When Glenn spoke to his friend this morning, he pointed out several troubling aspects of the video that seem to show the U.S. on the defensive the entire time.

“You’re over in a war zone, and you’re an American helicopter. You see a guy down on the ground with a rocket launcher – look at the video. What do you assume is coming your way,” Glenn asked. “Probably some sort of rocket. So then it is an immediate shoot to kill order, if you’re in a helicopter and you see somebody standing there taking a videotape of your helicopter. It’s shoot to kill because it is a safe bet that they’re probably going to use this as propaganda video. And they’re going to blow up the helicopter. So there’s problem number one.”

Another concern is where the helicopter lands.

“Problem number two… Do you see the mountainsides around,” Glenn asked. “We’re landing our helicopter in a in the low point, so they have all of the high points… Look at the guys in the video. You can see the guys in the video. They all have their weapons at the ready.”

Furthermore, after Bergdahl is handed over, he is brought to the idling chopper and frisked. Had he been outfitted with some sort of suicide vest, the entire helicopter would have blown up.

“Look, you got guys sitting inside. You have guys just sitting inside the helicopter,” Glenn said. “They bring him up to the helicopter, and that’s when our guys frisk him. Well, I don’t know. If you’re starting to frisk him…”

While Glenn is certainly not a military expert by any means, his sources have made it clear that this was a very sloppily executed exchange.

“The guys I talked to – and I don’t know this kind of stuff – but the guys I talked to said, ‘This is so sloppy on our part… It’s not standard operating procedure. It’s not the way we do it,’” Glenn concluded. “This is an embarrassment… Every soldier I talked to is embarrassed by this… Absolutely unbelievable.”