Central American news agencies reportedly telling people it is easy to cross the U.S. border

Glenn has spoken about the spike of unaccompanied immigrant children caught crossing the southern border. The Obama Administration claims some 60,000 children will attempt to cross the border this year alone, and last month the federal government set up emergency temporary housing for these children at Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio.

As Fox News reported, earlier this week President Obama called the surge of children an “urgent humanitarian situation.” On Monday, the White House asked Congress for an extra $1.4 billion in federal money to help cope with this problem. President Obama said the U.S. would continue to house the children at two military bases.

On radio this morning, Glenn refused to believe this “urgent” situation is purely coincidental.

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“I think another prediction came true this week. Earlier this week, I said, ‘Who is sending a message to the Mexican population?’ We have to find out who is sending a message to the Mexican population,” Glenn said. “I don’t believe it is just, ‘Hey, we’re going to pass comprehensive immigration reform.’ I think that it is a coordinated message… So I said, ‘You watch. We’re going to find out, somebody is ginning up the machine.’”

As it turns out, it is believed most of these children crossing the border are coming from Central American, and a new report from KRGV-TV sheds a new light as to why this influx is occurring.

KRGV reports:

Central Americans say news reports in their countries are encouraging them to make the journey north to the United States.

A mother and child told CHANNEL 5 NEWS that the message being disseminated in their country is, “go to America with your child, you won’t be turned away.”

The woman, Nora Griselda Bercian Diaz, from Guatemala, said she endured threats from the Zetas and extortion from corrupt Mexican police. She eventually crossed the Rio Grande with her 6-year-old Delmi Griselda Paul Bercian by her side.

The woman said she wants a U.S. education for her daughter.

“The news reports in Guatemala, and I assume other countries, are telling their citizens that America will welcome you and your children with open arms,” Pat said exasperatedly. “And we’ll give you a bus ticket to get there.”

Given the rhetoric of the Obama Administration up until this point, Glenn really isn’t surprised this is occurring.

“Have we heard the Administration not sending that message,” Glenn asked. “I will guarantee you – if there were any enterprising, real journalist… this Administration or a friend of this Administration has quietly spread that word through all of Mexico and South America: Come to America… I know it to be true… They’re all in on it.”

See the complete KRGV report HERE.

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Bonnie Somer


    • Anonymous

      Those entering illegally not not being tested for diseases.

      • Bonnie Somer

        no shock there

        this admin creates crisis after crisis and then expects we the people to feel sorry for those illegals i do not

        this is real saul alinsky

  • Wulf

    They come to America to get “free stuff” and earn tax-free wages to send back to their country. Some folks think closing the border or having more border security is the answer, but I disagree. If America eliminated the minimum wage and the income tax, these people would not flood into the America. Obviously the welfare system would need to be reformed as well.

    If there was no minimum wage or income tax, employers could hire the best people for the job, who are willing to do the job. Then they wouldn’t have to worry about the ridiculous Govt and IRS regulations.

    I realize none of this will happen, and it will probably get worse… but I can dream : )

    • Jeff Lambeau

      “employers could hire the best people for the job”

      Haha, you really do have an unrealistic idealistic vision don’t you? Employers, especially small business who rely on manual labor (lawn cutting, lanscaping, construction, carpentry), just want the CHEAPEST labor. These illegals will work for $5.00/hour and be happy. I don’t know a single American who’d work in the heat and sweat for that little pay, especially since the value of the dollar has been decreasing literally every year.

      • Wulf

        Jeff – Maybe you did not fully understand my comment. If minimum wage and income tax were eliminated, Americans would do these jobs. Small businesses would much rather higher english speaking Americans to do the jobs, but hiring illegals saves them money AND lots of red tape.

        As I also mentioned, the welfare system needs a major reform to give it any chance of success.

    • Anonymous

      E-VERIFY, while not a panacea, is a good start – along with strict enforcement of illegal hiring laws.

  • Crassus

    Rumor has it that John McCain is at the border right now handing out welcome baskets to the new “arrivals.”

  • Anonymous

    Make sure you get across in time to vote!

  • Anonymous

    If government officials believe Mexico, Central and South America are so wonderful, why not renounce U.S. Citizenship (like Obama did applying for foreign student aid) and move there? Loyal Americans everywhere will help them pack. Count me in!

  • Anonymous

    There are many young people who will work for minimum wage to get work experience to add to their resume. The landscape company that takes care of the landscaping on my condo property are majority hispanic, and there are two white people. There are a few hispanics that yell and harass the white people working at the company. That was my experience in manufacturing with hispanics and green card people, hispanics would yell at me but wold be really nice to their own race. I reported them and the manager put an end to that. The hispanic people who harassed the white people with the landscaping company, harassed me one day while I was sweeping off my balcony. I reported them to the manager and told the manager to tell them I pay their salaries and I could vote the company out and ask for a different company.
    People who have come here illegally or on green cards, they want a better life, but their definition of a better life means, to be better than Americans, and that’s the attitude they have, they are rude and condemning to Americans.
    As for people who scream racism, you never explain why you see the person as a racist, because you can’t a lot of the times, what the person has said doesn’t match or identify with the definition or racism. Therefore, you are liars, lairs make false accusations because they just want someone to look bad because they don’t like what they are saying, You’re liars and probably cheat to get through life.

    • motherof3

      Americans are so spoiled why dont you go mow your own grass? You want to know why you have mexican landscapers because white people won’t do it. Mexicans who have sweat and bled to get do anything to make a buck and are grateful for it. They aren’t working for themselves like the selfish unemployed here they are working carp jobs today so tomorrow their children will have better.

      • Craig Vecellio

        Landscaping is more than mowing grass. And yes, white people will do it. The ‘white people don’t want those jobs’ is one of the biggest myths used to justify illegal aliens. Not illegal immigrants. They aren’t immigrants. Immigrants become citizens. They are working the crap jobs today so they can take the money back to Mexico where the cost of living is almost nothing, and that’s why they aren’t seeking citizenship.

      • Herbert Shallcross

        Running a lawn care service used to be a great side business, but the outfits who hire illegals have taken all that over. You can’t compete any more.

      • horsesRLuv

        This is OUR country!!! If we want to be spoiled that is OUR right!!!

  • chetnapier

    Yes send your kids we will find some nice gay couples to adopt them

    • Anonymous

      I wonder if it’s as easy to get OUT of the USA as it is to get in ? We are fast losing our language, culture and American way of life to massive illegal colonization. Since BOTH political parties want them here, I see no big change in concerning the enforcement of our immigration laws.

  • Jenn

    of course its easy to cross the border..that idiot in the white house will do anything for votes even if it hurts the American worker…

  • Anonymous

    The woman said she wants a U.S. education for her daughter.
    Go ahead and get an education, get ready to join the unemployment lines. lol

  • Lancey

    We now have to have a comprehensive plan to help South and Central America where we.help them build up their infrastructure so this crisis is averted. Otherwise this crisis will go from a trickle to a torrent and then it will become a free for all. Otherwise marshal law will have to be implemented because this crisis will get out of control.

  • Mary Brown Vaughan

    So that woman wants a U.S. education for her daughter? What has she or will she put into our system to PAY for it? We are sick and tired of paying for the food, housing, education, healthcare of individuals who do not PAY into the system that provides these things. My job is to take care of myself and my children and family that requires it. When I can, I will help other individuals monetarily and with volunteer work. But we are not being asked, we are being MADE to take care of these people through our tax dollars and now via this insane Obamacare. We have these liberals talking about over-population, how we should encourage abortions and how we are in economic peril with a $17 trillion deficit, yet they are opening the U.S. doors even wider and ENCOURAGING for illegals to come to this country and it’s not just Mexico, there are loads of Somalians and other Muslims they are bringing here as well. And they are over-taxing many of the Southern states welfare systems. THIS needs to STOP. SHUT the doors, NO more special programs, STOP Obamacare, and get the narcissistic sociopath out of the White House, along with his cronies and his big mouth wife.

    • Elena

      LOL — I taught one year at a local school. Every day, the Mexican kids will be dropped off by mom to get a free b’fast and lunch. Sometimes, they bothered to get an education. I had one US national who spoke maybe 500 words of English. Her goal was to get married and have kids. Her goal was not to be self-supporting or instill the American spirit into her children.

      Another school district actually has a school bus stop at the port of entry at Los Ebanos when the ferry runs. Those kids get b’fast, lunch, and education on my tax bill. The Supreme Court said a long time ago that we cannot check papers to see who lives in the district. TEA (professional educators) rake in the dollars for heads in the room. Nobody but the tax payers seems to care abt educating only the kids who actually belong here.

  • bucketnutz

    We are under attack and this government Is counting votes instead of protecting our border

  • Anonymous

    In short: USA has been declared the Welfare State for all of Mexico and Central America. Go figure how we can support and pay for this in monetary and social disruption costs??? Ans: we cannot and should not!

  • vamoose

    1. Turn in any illegal immigrants immediately.
    2. Declare war on Mexico.
    3. Send every major Mexican news reporting agency non-stop complaints.
    4. Invoice Mexico for every red cent we waste on their citizens.

    • Elena

      Invoice — yes. War – no.

      Texas ran an op not so long ago. We KNOW how much it costs, what it takes to seal the border. There are plenty of ports of entry for legitimate commercial interests. Seal the border now.

  • Costa Rica

    I am from Costa Rica and you all should know that a lot of your “enlightened” and “superior” countrymen come here to my country and basically drag it down, with drugs, crime and thinking they can do anything. So please look at yourselves first before smashing centralamericans

    • Sharon Burke

      Did 300,000 of them show up illegally at your border? Did your country transport them wherever they wanted to go in your country free of charge? Did they bring disease, lice, scabies, etc. with them? Are they given free food, clothing, shelter, education, and medical care? Did they steal your jobs? Gee what a mean, crappy country you have!!!

  • Herbert Shallcross

    “Humanitarian crisis”. Sounds familiar. Didn’t the administration try to use the “humanitarian crisis” caused by the revolution in Syria as a pretext to send U.S. fighter bombers in support of the “Free Syrian Army”, and when that didn’t work, reports of chemical weapons attacks suddenly surfaced?

  • Elena

    I live on the RGV border less than a mile fm the river.

    It’s all true. When I find tourists fm Central American and Mexico who made a wrong turn, I give my local PD a call. Pity those tourists — they will end up in the sex trade or enslaved plucking chickens, building projects w/o safety gear, or working in farms picking your fruits and veggies for next to nothing.

  • Jenn

    the doors are wide open for illegals…especially if you just “LOVE” the idiot in the white house…

  • IT 2 IT

    POST America takedown SABOTAGE —–pumping!

  • Zork

    Even if we may feel stressed by new competitors in the free market, we should realize that better ways of doing things are usually positive.

  • http://daveposh.org/ Dave Posh

    “I think another prediction came true this week. Earlier this week, I
    said, ‘Who is sending a message to the Mexican population?’ We have to
    find out who is sending a message to the Mexican population,” Glenn
    said. “I don’t believe it is just, ‘Hey, we’re going to pass
    comprehensive immigration reform.’ I think that it is a coordinated
    message… So I said, ‘You watch. We’re going to find out, somebody is
    ginning up the machine.’”

    It is now Tuesday, this article was posted last Friday. Have they found out who is “ginning up the machine”?

  • Sharon Burke

    Who paid for all these peoples’ passage? It’s very unlikely that their governments paid for them, or that would be a true invasion ~ reason for war. These are poor people. They couldn’t come up with all the money for the different stages of the long journey including coyote to get near and cross the Rio Grande. It’s VERY unlikely that ALL these people just happened to come up with lots of extra money at the VERY SAME TIME. This was masterfully planned and orchestrated without much effort to hide what they have done. They aren’t admitting it, but how else did it happen? Some ultra rich benefactor like Soros? Does it matter anymore???

  • Rocky McDonald

    who’s putting the money up for the kids to get to our borders? I thought there families were broke

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