Let the excuses begin: Bob Schieffer wonders if President Obama was ‘properly briefed’ on Berdahl release

While many in the media have been refreshingly critical of the Obama Administration in the aftermath of the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in exchange for five Guantanamo Bay prisoners, it was only a matter of time before they figured out a way to defend the mess. During a recent radio interview, CBS News’ Bob Schieffer attempted to shield President Obama from any blame by questioning whether he was “fully and properly briefed on this.”

“I got up this morning and really thought: Are we going to hear a press conference where [the President] says, ‘I just found out about this in the news. I did not know all of that, but I’m going to get to the bottom of it. I’m just as outraged as everyone else is,’” Glenn said on radio this morning.

“I heard Bob Schieffer on radio this morning,” Stu added. “They said, ‘This has been a big controversy. What’s the deal?’ And Bob Schieffer said, ‘It’s just hard to believe. I think what we have to look at here was the President properly briefed on this matter.’”

Below is the audio of Schieffer’s comments:

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SCHIEFFER: This whole question, this whole situation, I mean, the more you get into it, the more you just have to wonder: Was the President fully and properly briefed on this?

“Let’s just say that’s true: The President wasn’t properly briefed. How many times does he do things where he hasn’t been properly briefed before you start to say, ‘There’s a real issue with this President,’” Glenn asked. “You can’t go through six years and always say, ‘The president didn’t know’… before you start to say, ‘Why doesn’t the president know?’ That’s just as bad, Bob, as ‘the president didn’t know.’”

“Might even be worse,” Pat added.

SCHIEFFER: …For me to believe they would have gone about this in the way they did, had they known all of the facts about what was happening, you know —

“Can you even get your head around the madness here that we all know the facts around it, but the president doesn’t know the facts,” Pat asked. “He said he finds about all these things on the news, just like we do. Well, we found out about it on the news. Weren’t you watching that specific night? Or the night after?”

“Or the Rolling Stone article from 2012 that explained all of this,” Stu added.

SCHIEFFER: It’s not as if it was something that was unknown. There has been stories written about this situation. It seemed to be well-known among a lot of people. And then, you know, when the national security advisor comes out on national television and says [Bergdahl] served honorably and all that, you just wonder: Did they have all the facts when they decided to do this?

“Oh, my God,” Glenn said exasperatedly.

“He’s broadcasted for 173 years… yet he still cuts [President Obama] the benefit of the doubt the whole time,” Pat concluded. “He buys into the fact he didn’t know, after he tells us how stupid it is to believe he didn’t know.”

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  • John Wesley

    If the president has to be properly briefed for something that HE initiated, then he should be seeing a shrink and resign, as he clearly can’t do his Job and has mental issues. Bob Scheiffer should visit the same shrink!! Quit your lying, we’re no longer buying it!!

    • Jayne Nielsen

      My thoughts exactly, John. Nice try, Bob, but your feeble attempts to try to excuse away Obama’s treacherous decision just doesn’t fly. He even admitted that “he isn’t going to apologize for HIS decision” so obviously dude had enough information or evidence to make that feckless decision. But coming from a “feckless idiot” we wouldn’t expect anything less (from him)!

      • shashiznick

        Elect me as president and I will have the five assassinated Bergdahl will be shot for high treason and Obama will be jailed for his many crimes against America.

        • Paul Allen

          I vote for you!

        • SRM29

          Shashiznick for President 2016!

        • Diane

          President Shashiznick would be hard to say! Just sayin’. 😉

  • Et Th
  • Et Th

    watch the truth below

  • Anonymous

    Properly briefed my foot. The smart money says he ordered it.

    • Anonymous

      Just like he “ordered” the killing of OBL, who, by the way, was already gone many years before.

  • Mike Spanjer

    unknown my ass the army knew about it sense bergdahl deserted his fellow soldiers were forced to sign a non declosure so come on give us a break this admin is the most corrupt bunch of idiots that I’ve ever even heard of

  • Et Th
  • Et Th

    Obamas ring .No god but alla,watch below

  • Anonymous

    Bob Scheiffer has lost all credibility.

    • Anonymous

      What I just can’t grasp is the fact that these so called reporters say these idiotic words with straight faces and people believe them! In a discussion this weekend with friends, I presented to them some of these types of statements coming from the MSM. I asked them if they all believe it all and the response was that yes, it does sound like LIES!
      The government is making outright lies and misleading noises an every day issue and people are waking up. But the true diehard libturds will keep voting for their favorite libturd candidates.

    • Crassus

      He never had any with me to begin with. You can’t trust any of these egg suckers in the MSM. Hell, I barely trust anyone on talk radio.

  • landofaahs

    No Bob he was not. Yet Sham wow boy probably wasn’t around to be briefed because he was either golfing or on a campaign fundraiser.

  • Anonymous

    So Bush lied because he went on the information given to him but Obama was misled. Keep going w those double standards.

    • Idlan

      That is the best reply to the comments that “He wasn’t properly briefed”.

    • overdrive

      thats it!!!! it has to be Bush’s fault! Him and those nasty old wepublicans :-)

  • Sarrissa

    The lies which are presented to us are enough to embarrass Lucifer. Someone once said, and I am paraphrasing, If you tell a big lie and keep repeating it, the people will eventually believe that lie. Fortunately, there many people who are not fooled by liars, regardless of the lie and how often it is repeated.

    • Anonymous

      You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time – Abraham Lincoln.
      But then obammy wasn’t properly briefed on what Lincoln said, was he??

      • Sarrissa

        As you know, he and his handlers know what they are doing and the quote which you share, says it all. Thank you! Sarrissa

    • Mike Barnes

      Not enough. Lucifer is the Father of Lies and Obama, Holder, Ried, Pelosi and all the others are his disciples. And the MSM is all too happy to back him up.

      • Sarrissa

        At the beginnings of our country, those who challenged the dishonesty of those who ruled them were outnumbered but they prevailed.

    • Idlan

      This is a statement that tells exactly that they are lying.

      “That tip does not comport with what we refer to as the facts.”
      Not with the facts but what we refer to as the facts…..

  • Anonymous

    I’m just surprised that the press secretary didn’t claim that obamamama only found out about the swap when he saw himself on the evening news at the podium in the Rose Garden with the soldier’s parents at his side!!!

  • Rae McCarthy

    These reporters are so delusional it is a bit scary.

  • Scott Higgins

    The problem isn’t regarding Obama having the facts! This issue has to do with Obama’s supporters believing the lies and therefore not having the facts! They just love the tune the piped piper is playing so they follow blindly! Evidence shows where Obama’s loyalties are and they are not with the Americans that he is leading astray! Wait until the blind are dragged into a hole and all of us with them! Determine Obama’s loyalties and all the puzzle pieces fit! He hasn’t made any mistakes when you know the truth!

  • Daniel Hoffman

    Our president should be held 100% responsible for every life that these five monsters take from this day forward..

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    way to goooooooo Bob you are so knowledgeable

  • Michael Linkenbach

    When has he ever been properly briefed?

    • zemla

      When he got dressed 😉

  • Michael Linkenbach

    To be properly briefed you have to be there and not on a golf course or in China or attending a fundraiser.

  • Anonymous

    Americans can be confident Schliefer, Obama and Broadcasters everywhere regularly debrief each other in some of America’s finest Turkish bath-houses.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody better be dusting off their resume. The blame is coming at you full speed.

  • TJB

    The media’s irrational attachment to Obama makes them irrelevant to the rest of us. We know what happened; six loyal soldiers told us. Give it up Bob … we know.

  • Jay Rettaliata

    Schieffer himself should get “briefed” on some issues. He’s been in the tank for the Obama Administration for more than 5 years. All through the lies and distortions of Obamacare, Behngazi, Fast and Furious, IRS corruption, et. al. and Bob Schieffer has never really challenged this administration seriously. Too little, too late, Mr. Schieffer.

  • Paul J. Turner

    PROPERLY BRIEFED?? The President has access to any and all information he requests! Should he claim “he saw it on the news report, just like every other American” it is his choice to claim this. How do the people of the “VIEWS MEDIA” claim to report the news and the truth? Professional Liars, and nothing less!

    • zemla

      I disagree with that second sentence

  • Anonymous

    To quote a well respected Democrat; “The buck stops here!” Harry S Truman. With obama it is ALWAYS someone else’s fault. Schieffer is showing signs of dementia.

  • Anonymous

    Cannot believe Scheiffer’s made this lame spin with a straight face,
    If the pres. relies on briefing decisions for his actions, and follows advice without reflection — whose influence is really running the executive branch.

  • Anonymous

    If he had any common sense and experience, he would at least have some clue that the “improper brief” didn’t stand up to the common sense and experience test that we all start to develop at about age 1……….or not. He is not a potted plant……..or……well never mind.

    • SickOf BeingCoddled

      you a re missing the point here. HE-MR. O doesn’t want the US to be strong and FREE, he wants to be a dictator and us to be his slaves. therefore everything he does makes perfect sense for achieving HIS goal. he in his heart BELIEVES that the main reason the rest of the world is so poor is because we are wealthy. He was trained up in a system that believes the only way to be fair is to take from the haves and give to the have nots. HE HAS NO CONCEPT THAT MOST OF THE haves , EARNED WHAT THEY HAVE AND MOST OF THE HAVE NOTS DID NOT EARN . The haves don’t mind sharing with the ones who were unable to earn, but those who could but just didn’t need to get their own by getting to work

  • Lorraine

    The Army set him up…..plain as day. Now why would the Army do that? Hm-m-m.

    • SickOf BeingCoddled

      What??? HOW??? WHO????

      • Lorraine

        I’m trying to think outside the box here. Is it unheard of to think that sometimes officers in the military withhold reports to be used at a later date to take someone down? I’m not saying this is an excuse — everything that crosses the pres’s desk should have been vetted. No love lost between the military and the pres. Not a good situation.

  • ken.

    of course obama knew, he always protects anti-americans and attacks american patriots.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Obama is doing what he wants, no one is stopping him

  • Anonymous

    I’m beginning to think this president watches far tooooo much T.V. instead of working at his job.

  • Fred Ford

    Why are you continually surprised what comes out of the mouth of liberals like Schieffer and his ilk? Just par for the course.

  • Philip Meadows


  • Anonymous

    Bob Schieffer equals TOTAL SYCOPHANT!! Pathetic to even refer to him as a reporter/journalist blah blah blah just another obamediaite

  • duqjag

    I like Bob Schieffer and respect him. However, it is likely that O was not properly briefed. But you know what? The buck stops with the President. I doubt that Schieffer absolved Bush on WMDs by saying that Bush was not properly briefed.

  • Anonymous

    dumbasses are multipling…it’s an epidemic…

  • http://www.fayenicolehines.com/ Faye

    It’s almost as if, after six years, Bob and so many other liberals are just now waking up to the realization the president lacks wisdom and professional guidance.

  • Esther Piry

    as for President..before releasing the terrorist, he has to ask first n get the briefing and know everything.. the truth about it. It is so ignorant just saying ‘no apology for his action’ – ” A man who refuses to admit mistakes can never be successful, but if he confesses and forsaken them he gets another chance” (Proverbs 38:13)

  • john in pa

    He found out about it when he read it in the paper!! Isn’t that the boilerplate excuse for his ignorance of just about EVERYTHING?

  • Anonymous

    To attempt to give Obama a pass on this is despicable and wrong. There is simply no way that he did not know the details about Bergdahl. The military has stated repeatedly that they not only informed him, but BEGGED him not to go through with the exchange.

    Obama’s objective on this was to try and pull his backside out of the fire on the VA scandal. Of course, he only heard about that from the news. I could go through the entire process Obama and his lackeys use for handling each of these crises, but it always begins with that claim. In this case, he is not only lying to the American people, but the members of congress, including those closest to him in his own party.

    The Bergdahl exchange was also an attempt to close out Guantanamo Bay. How easy will it be now for him to get rid of low level terrorists when he’s released those responsible for the torture and deaths of thousands?

    Those who assume that Obama is well meaning, but misguided are fools. He is brilliant and committed to damaging the US as much as possible in the time he has left. Note that on the very day that he was handed his FOURTH supreme court defeat in one week, he announced that he was going to use yet another executive action to legislate from the oval office and bypass congress by enacting immigration reform on his own. His justification for not learning his lesson? Because congress isn’t adopting his agenda.

    Hmmmm….isn’t that what EVERY president complains about? Yet, he states that the entire supreme court got all those decisions wrong. After all, he was a “constitutional lawyer” so he ought to know WAY more about it than they do. At least enough to completely ignore them and do whatever he wants to. The fact that he is trying to not only establish two bodies of existing law with his trumping the properly legislated law doesn’t matter. Just that he is so intelligent and so important that he gets to be, not president, but king of the world.

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