South Carolina and Oklahoma both opt out of Common Core

Common Core has officially been repealed in both South Carolina and Oklahoma after governors Nikki Haley (R-SC) and Mary Fallin (R-OK) signed bills into law.

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“Well, let’s start some really good news. South Carolina and Oklahoma both opted out of Common Core yesterday. The Common Core standards and curriculum are really a bad idea. Aside from the confusing math problems, the skewed history, and massive data collection, it also seeks to impose federally promoted one size fits all set of nationalized standards… We have to thank Nikki Haley and Mary Fallin for signing those bills.”

On May 30, Haley – a longtime opponent of Common Core – signed a bill that replaces the standards for the 2015-2016 school year. In Oklahoma, Fallin signed HB 3399 on Thursday, which required the state board of education to develop “new, more rigorous standards” by 2016. Interestingly, Fallin, who is chair of the National Governors Association, initially supported Common Core.

“[Common Core] was intended to develop a set of high standards in classrooms across the nation that would ensure children graduated from high school prepared for college and a career in an increasingly competitive workforce. It was originally designed as a state-lead – not federal – initiative that each state could choose to voluntarily adopt,” Fallin said in a press release. “Unfortunately, federal overreach has tainted Common Core.”

Glenn praised Fallin for ultimately choosing to the desires of the people of her state above politics.

“She put the people first. She’s being a representative of the people,” Glenn said. “The people went and said, ‘We don’t want it,’ so she decides to overturn.”

As U.S. News and World Report reported, South Carolina and Oklahoma join Indiana, which voted to repeal the Common Core in March, as the first three states to officially un-adopt the standards.

“Congratulations to Mary Fallin and to Nikki Haley. Thank you,” Glenn concluded. “And to the statehouses – both the House and the Senate and the states did the same thing in South Carolina and Oklahoma.”

  • Anonymous

    Proud to be a South Carolinian! Common Core is about control and the “dumbing down” of the masses. It has little to do with education.

    • Sarrissa

      Congratulations on getting rid of that program!

    • BlueMN

      Congrats! S. Carolina has one of the worst high school graduation rates in the country. (Don’t worry Oklahoma ranked even worse overall.)

      • Will

        Public schools are and have been a sham dept. selling wrong for right and producing continually lower level graduates for at least 4 decades. The lower a state’s rating by the DoE, the less bs has been driven into the DoE’s victims.

  • TatjanaN

    But what about the curriculum? Everywhere I look the curriculum is being marketed as “being aligned with Common Core Standards”. Just take a look at all the summer workbooks for kids not to mention the math programs these kids are doing in school. It doesn’t make sense. Is it really an opt out or do we think it is?

    • Daniel A Roberts

      Oklahoma will continue using the PASS system for the next two years while our concerned and hard working educators… the real educators in the class room who care about quality of the education as defined by actual history, actual science and real math where 45 divided by 9 equals 5 and it won’t be marked wrong like it is in Common Core Math, will be developing something much better, that will ensure a quality education for our students.

  • dnav

    How many states have now repealed it or do not follow its standards? There are quite a few if I remember correctly.

    • Daniel A Roberts

      10 States didn’t sign up for it in the beginning. Two states repealed it as of right now. South Carolina and Oklahoma. As I’m in Oklahoma and worked my butt off to get it repealed, I’m feeling pretty proud right now. ROPE, which stands for Restore Oklahoma Public Education is an organization that is driving for a better education in Oklahoma, and one we won’t fail to deliver.

      • dnav


        • Eric

          According to Brad McQueens book ‘The Cult of Common Core’ only 4 states initially refused to adopt common core. Texas, Alaska, Nebraska & Virginia. Very informative book by he way. Fast read. <100 pages. Get it on Amazon & pass it on!

          • dnav

            Thanks. Hopefully, more and more states will reject Communist Core.

  • ScaryLogic

    Glad Oklahoma opted out. Their public school systems are bad enough.

  • Jay McMichael

    North Carolina is on its way to do the same….and it can’t come too soon!

    • Larry E. Newsome

      It came today also…Nawth Carolina officially lining up with Conservative states of a like mind.

  • Hard Truth

    Collective and rigid solutions like that put forth by Common Core are more harmful than not since they tend to force conformity and narrow solutions, which can only further propagate the stagnation of an education system that our country has continued to suffer from. One size fits all strategies just don’t work since such methods further remove teachers and parents from being involved in their child’s education and hurt those students who don’t “fit in” with the accepted curriculum, and limit the possibilities by which they can be exposed to through their education. What should be encouraged are comprehensivity, openness, and innovation, which are positives toward having a more vibrant education system. The government should be protecting our borders and interests, balancing our budget, and respecting our rights and privileges. It should mind it’s own business when it comes to being the judge of how education takes place. Glad to see that some states are starting to wise up.

    • Will

      To put it bluntly, common core is indoctrination. Similar to ‘No child left behind’. If I had school age children and I were unable to home school them, I would make a run for a state that tossed common core.

    • Anonymous

      Have you read the Common Core Standards?

      Take a look:

      By the way, these standards are optional really. And have nothing to do with the Federal Government.

      • Hard Truth

        All well and good, but it isn’t the words on a piece of paper. Heck, anyone could do that, it’s window dressing. The problem is implementation and expectation, which has left much to be desired on some of those points and left many across the country questioning it.

        Also, rigid guidelines are exactly what should not be encouraged. Students across the spectrum indeed should learn important concepts, but should also be allowed to grow and mature into themselves at the same time. Remember, these are children…not robots. In any case, the point still stands: government shouldn’t be in the business of getting involved where teachers and parents should be more at the forefront of their child’s education. Period.

  • Shawn Henderson

    before 2012 gop was for it. what happened

    • mikepc

      They read it?

    • Will

      Lot’s of pressure from tea/libertarian’s to get the neo con rino’s backed off from the same direction as neo com dems. If we don’t continually pound away at the establishment neo cons, they fall into line with the elites plan to destroy the nation.

    • Guest

      Obama commented at some function that he liked the Common Core. So now all the dumba$$ Tea Partiers and Republicans are calling them Obama’s Common Core and are shouting for their state to leave Common Core. Nevermind that this is what education really needs.

  • SC

    That would be my governor. It’s a great day to be in South Carolina! Hopefully, someone gets it right and gets back to the basics of reading, writing and math as well as teaching kids to think and not spit out test answers!

    • Anonymous

      Why is it always the states with lowest academic standings in the US are always the first to support continued poor performance? Mississippi, ranks 50th in education ratings. The standards seem to make sense to me. Our students rank down around 19th for development nations in the world. Shameful to see such resistance to change. We’re dumb and proud of it you all seem to be saying.

      • Vonnie Wilford

        Common Core is nothing but indoctrination of our children.

  • Andy Henderson

    Come on Alabama and do the right thing. Get rid of Common Core.

  • mommapuddin .

    So, states that had poor education systems are opting out of a rigorous set of standards (because they cant meet them with their poor educational system), that other states, who have highly ranked educational systems, are choosing to keep. I wouldn’t rejoice. Perhaps this is a reflection of the poor education your politicians have received. just a thought….

    • Equis

      I’m glad it’s just a thought because that’s a ruse…

    • Will

      They were opting out of indoctrination. Opting for local control of their children’s education. A good idea. Common core has no hope of educating, it is about confusing the process to make right into wrong and wrong into might be right. Ridiculous on the face of it. Please find out for yourself, and don’t rely on government workers to tell you. It is a bad plan.

  • Susan M. VerHalen

    Too bad our over-liberal CA will not follow suit.

  • Vicky Nagle Harriman

    I am the grandmother of a soon to be 5th grader. She was given a book her last day of school to take homefor the summer. It was a common core reading manual. So it’s still in effect in South Carolina. Seems the schools chose to ignore the law our Nikki Haley signed.

    • Equis

      Maybe someone could be notified…

    • Anonymous

      Not in effect until 2015/2016.

      • SCHS

        Correct – not in effect until 2015/2016 school year to give time to develop new standards that pass the smell test.

  • Equis

    Awesome, good riddance :))

  • Roger Monk

    Common Core based textbooks and teachers will remain and the ‘progressive Marxist’ left will try to find a way to retake the politicians seat to re-instate it at a future date. Granted it is a small victory for those against CC but the battle is far from over, even in those states. Eventually CC will resurface with a new cute name and dress. Morphing deception is a specialty of communist core type of people.

  • Anonymous

    Intelligent decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anne rhodes

    Do any of you even know what the Common Core is about? This curriculum is designed to help students think critically, apply reason to problems and be able to cite evidence for their answers. No wonder none of you want this for our future.

    • Will

      It makes wrong into maybe right. There is no reason to confuse students. We have enough concrete knowledge and historical perspective to teach a very busy curriculum without the semantics. Save that garbage for post doctoral students who are studying quantum mathematics. Teach basic thru trig, and spend the time with them to teach the difference between there, their and they’re, and that’s about all you have time for in twelve years. Kid’s IQ’s have dropped so badly anymore (25 to 50 vaccinations with mercury to enter public school) it’s all they are going to be able to handle.

      • Guest

        The common core problems that parents can’t seem to figure out are problems like 3+ ___ =10. Or they can’t seem to count the 6 dots in the box. Maybe it’s the parents who can’t figure out math problems like this that need to go to school. No wonder Americans can’t compete with Europe anymore. We’ve dummied down the school standards and expectations so much that now that there are kids graduating from high school who can barely read and can’t do math to save their lives. We are trying to educate the youth so that when they graduate they don’t end up on Medicaid and food stamps. Teens nowadays can’t hold down a job because they can barely fill out a simple job application. But that’s OK …. let’s continue to let people who have never taught in a classroom and who don’t have the first clue as to what is happening in these classrooms decide what’s best. After all, the general public and the lawmakers know more about what education needs rather than the teachers who are actually on “the front lines”.

        • Vonnie Wilford

          Again: Indoctrination!

    • Vonnie Wilford

      No, it is designed to rewrite history and indoctrinate our children. It’s designed to leave parents out of the loop in education. NO THANKS!

  • anne rhodes

    Why are people against students learning to think critically and understand a variety of resources? Why would someone not want their children to be able to write a well researched and documented paper? The Common Core ideals are the best thing to happen to education in years.

    • Will

      It’s indoctrination. It’s confusing to children who Can think. It takes local control away from local school boards and parents. Common core is as bad as or worse than ‘no child left behind’. Critical thinking makes wrong into maybe right. It produces young people that are not sure that there even is right and wrong. It isn’t about being able to do research. It teaches flat out historical lies for truth. It is garbage, not good enough to spend public tax money on.

      • Guest

        So basically you want future generations to just give out answers and not be able to prove/defend why their answer is right. Awesome. So much for finding a cure for cancer…..

        • Reliquary

          Ummm Cancer research, and many other major improvements in the human condition are occurring NOW without common core indoctrination , faulty history, propaganda, and one process math being shoved down the throats of our young..What are you talking about???

          • Denise Painter

            Yes. By people in other countries. Research in the US has stagnated due to government restrictions and the brain drain that is occurring in our country. People with post-bachelor degrees are leaving this country in droves for high-paying jobs around the world where their work is appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    Need Sheri Few to be elected as Superintendent of Schools, she will appoint boards to create new standards. Other candidates are not trustworthy.

  • Jennifer Hartley

    Thank you to these Governors for having a back bone.May others follow there example.

  • Real Flavors

    All the arguments for decisively defeating your liberal teachers and professors:

  • rhonda

    Congratulations on your achievement. Pray for Nevada’s children. As long as there’s Harry Reid, our kids don’t stand a chance of breaking free of common core.

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