Common Core has officially been repealed in both South Carolina and Oklahoma after governors Nikki Haley (R-SC) and Mary Fallin (R-OK) signed bills into law.

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“Well, let’s start some really good news. South Carolina and Oklahoma both opted out of Common Core yesterday. The Common Core standards and curriculum are really a bad idea. Aside from the confusing math problems, the skewed history, and massive data collection, it also seeks to impose federally promoted one size fits all set of nationalized standards… We have to thank Nikki Haley and Mary Fallin for signing those bills.”

On May 30, Haley – a longtime opponent of Common Core – signed a bill that replaces the standards for the 2015-2016 school year. In Oklahoma, Fallin signed HB 3399 on Thursday, which required the state board of education to develop “new, more rigorous standards” by 2016. Interestingly, Fallin, who is chair of the National Governors Association, initially supported Common Core.

“[Common Core] was intended to develop a set of high standards in classrooms across the nation that would ensure children graduated from high school prepared for college and a career in an increasingly competitive workforce. It was originally designed as a state-lead – not federal – initiative that each state could choose to voluntarily adopt,” Fallin said in a press release. “Unfortunately, federal overreach has tainted Common Core.”

Glenn praised Fallin for ultimately choosing to the desires of the people of her state above politics.

“She put the people first. She’s being a representative of the people,” Glenn said. “The people went and said, ‘We don’t want it,’ so she decides to overturn.”

As U.S. News and World Report reported, South Carolina and Oklahoma join Indiana, which voted to repeal the Common Core in March, as the first three states to officially un-adopt the standards.

“Congratulations to Mary Fallin and to Nikki Haley. Thank you,” Glenn concluded. “And to the statehouses – both the House and the Senate and the states did the same thing in South Carolina and Oklahoma.”