What historical artifact bothers Glenn so much he doesn’t like to be around it?

On Friday, Glenn and Mercury One announced they had acquired an American D-Day 48 Ensign flag that flew from the USS LST-493 landing ship throughout Normandy Invasion and saw Americans into battle on the beaches of Gold, Juno, Utah and Omaha. In addition to the newly obtained flag, Glenn explained the history of some other World War II-era artifacts in his collection on radio this morning.

Glenn first told the story of how he came to learn the D-Day flag was coming up for auction and why he felt compelled to bid for it.

AP766887047115-640x543Photo Credit: AP Photo/Bonhams

“About a week ago, the guy who curates my library came to me and said, ‘Glenn, there is a flag coming up for auction. It is the D-Day flag.’ I have never seen a flag like this before in my life. To me, it is the 20th century’s Star Spangled Banner. It is a flag that is so frayed… the only thing really left from it is the star field. Most of everything else is just frayed and gone. It landed on every beach on D-Day 70 years ago,” Glenn explained. “I saw that and it was estimated to go for a relatively low price. And I thought, ‘There’s no way that that flag is going to go for that.’ I hoped and I prayed, but that didn’t work. But I didn’t want that flag to sit someplace and not be seen.”

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Glenn then showed the uniform worn by a prison guard during the Nuremberg Trial and the chairs that were used to seat ‘people of interest.’

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.51.16 AM

“This is the uniform of a man who guarded the prisoners at the Nuremberg Trial,” Glenn said. “This was his uniform.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 10.51.36 AM

“In front of me is a chair. The chair is for ‘people of interest.’ It comes from Germany. It’s a wooden chair with a larger seat on it than usual. It looks like a simple old wooden chair except it has leather straps on each arm,” Glenn continued. “Now, I don’t know why you have to strap down people – they’re just people of interest… I’ve looked at this chair a few times. I hesitate to even be around it, it bothers me so much, because all I can think of is who was strapped in that chair – the fear that they had just being strapped in that chair.”

There is a German inscription on the bottom of the chair that Glenn took particular interest in.

“But what’s really critical is… what’s on the bottom… It is branded with a German logo,” Glenn said. “And it says – in very rough translation – we would translate it somewhat into what we would call it the Department of Homeland Security. It is German state security… How many times have you heard, ‘Well, they’re just a person of interest?’ That is what it turns into.”

Later in the radio program, a listener – Stan from Memphis – called in and said the transcription on the bottom of the chair is “Geheime Staatspolizei,” which translates to “Secret State Police.”

Glenn encouraged his listeners to take re-visit Friedrich A. Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom – specifically the illustrated version from The Ludwig von Mises Institute – to better understand what is going on in the world today.

“It will show you… history always repeats itself. The reason to have history is to be able to say, ‘This is where you came from. This is what it cost. This is what happened to us. This is what we fought against. This is what we did when we won. This is who we are,’” Glenn concluded. “But it also has one other aspect to it… You’ve got to see history as this sweeping story, this epic. It’s more than the memorization of the names and the places and the dates… It is about the story of the individuals and what those individuals did in the grand scheme of things.”

  • Anonymous

    Just a note, American forces did not land on Gold and Juno.

    • Dúnadan

      Yes, if someone could correct that, it would save this site a lot of embarrassment.

    • Eric

      The LST-493 landed on Gold and Juno with American crewman even though British troops were the only ones to get off there. So technically this flag did fly above Americans at those beaches.

      • Michael MacAoidh

        Canadians landed on Juno. British on Gold and Sword.

        • Eric

          The British also landed in Juno along with the Canadians.

      • Mike Nelson

        I’m having trouble finding a corroborating link (that works) for this claim; could you help me out? The first page or so that came up in a search of “LST-493″ were not the answer I seek, although http://www.wilmon.com/wilmil.html does list 493 as bringing troops to Gold, with no other details provided.

        I knew Americans helped from the logistical perspective in landings at beaches not assigned to American troops, but I hadn’t known any LSTs were so assigned until today, and that piques my interest in other aspects I may be unaware of.


        • Eric

          That’s seems to be a very informative page you found. There was a link towards the bottom with all of the landings for LST 493 along with who got off and with what equipment.

          • Mike Nelson

            Ah, I had missed that link by searching only for beach names… and then not reading the context; see how technology made my life easier (to the point of lazy neglect)? 😮

  • Anonymous

    Everytime I post on one of these stories it seems that I keep thanking Glenn & his staff for what they do and who they represent. I feel like The Blaze and its employees represent “me”…..If it were not for this group and its efforts I fear I would lose all hope. So once again, I say Thank you Glenn, Thank you for doing what you do and for hiring good people who seem to care as much as you do. I care too, yes I am scared and fear for my children’s future, but I still have hope. Many Many Blessings.

  • Kelly Daugherty

    Does anybody ever stop to think what our world would be today if Germany had been victorious? If Russia had been reduced, if Europe had been overrun? Jews would be a memory… America would certainly be marginalized, if not overtaken. Japan would be the size of the Midwest and whatever president we had might be encouraging US from a bunker… think of this since so many of you cannot sacrifice, what would be forcibly ripped from you!

    • Robert Harris

      Actually the new Wolfenstein video game asks just that question. It is set in the 1960’s after Germany won the war due to a very crucial mission failures my Americans. It is actually quite a spooky telling of what might have been if the Allies had not been so staunch in their resistance and unwilling to surrender to a madman.

      • ScaryLogic

        However, it is anchored is science fiction weaponry being the tipping point.

  • Wende

    Sadly that flag from D-Day reminds me of the state of America right now!!! Tattered and war torn! The war is from within and sadly perpetrated by the very ones who swore to uphold the values, constitution, religious freedom and goodness that came from our ancestors! I believe we can turn it around with those very values, if we all pray, and fight for what is right!!!

  • Ed Benton

    I did a quick search of the records of the LST that flag was on it landed either troops or Supplies on all the D Day Beaches that day. It also helped transport Wounded to the Battleships offshore to get treatment needed.

  • John Samuel Wilson

    The Geheime Staatspolitzi (aka the Gestapo) were well known for taking “persons of interest” into what they called “protective custody.”

    • Crassus

      Interestingly enough, the fate of Heinrich Muller, head of the Gestapo, remains unknown. We don’t know whether he successfully escaped from Germany and lived out the rest of his life in exile or whether he perished in the final days of the war.

  • Sarrissa

    Our flag may be tattered and our Republic may be torn, But the blood of those first Patriots runs through our veins and we shall endure. We are more than a place. We are a concept which was stated in our Declaration and established by our Constitution and signed in our blood.

    • Kyle Grodkowski

      yeah yeah yeah.

      • Sarrissa

        I lived through WW2 as a young person, and I lost family members. Other family members served in that war, and in previous wars, and in the wars that followed. Some of them were never the same when they came back, but they endured. I strongly believe in all those who fought and all of those who are presently fighting. Therefore,I strongly affirm the ideals which I expressed and in doing so, I affirm all of those who fought and some died for our Republic and that affirmation extends to those who are yet to come. To me, this is more than “yeah. yeah yeah.” It is more like Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for serving.

  • Captain

    Very interesting historic prospective, Makes you consider your own life and history and how things do seem to repeat. http://www.jeffersonenforcement.com

  • Jaclyn Baggesen


  • Martah

    Well if history repeats itself America should be watching for a take over~the Native Americans were here before Columbus (didn’t) discovered America and was removed from their homes and robbed of their land~America!!!!

  • Matt Bryan

    Glenn, my Grandfather was a guard at the Nuremburg trials and I have an actual original copy of the layout of the event, to include who is seated where and a brief bio on each man on trial.

  • Full Metal Bitch

    Despite claims by those opposing liberty, our morals and customs were not “designed”, but discovered through many years of effort and study.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    The Star Spangled Banner of the 20th Century flew over the USS Liberty.

    It stood in defiant testimony to the crew who fought to save their ship and the lives of their fellow sailors against an attack by our “Ally” Israel and the complicity of a corrupt government who never stood by them.

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