11-year-old facing devastating diagnosis does something incredibly selfless

What would you do if you found out you were going blind? Lilly Diuble, an 11 year old from Manchester, Michigan, has known since she was a little kid that she could one day lose her eyesight. It’s a terrifying possibility for anyone to have to face, especially at such a young age. But rather than wallow in self-pity and fear, Lilly has courageously dedicated herself to helping others.

Over the past five years, Lilly has raised close to $100,000 for the Foundation Fighting Blindness (FFB), an organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of retinal degenerative diseases.

“I started volunteering because I have a genetic disorder that leads me to go blind and deaf,” Lilly said.

Every year, the FFB organizes a VisionWalk, where participants organize teams for a 5k walk in order to raise money for research. Lilly rallied members of her community together and wound up raising over $16,000 for the organization in her first year. Inspired by bringing the community together around the cause, Lilly and her family decided to keep up the effort.

Screenshot: http://www.ntpapull.com/
Screenshot: http://www.ntpapull.com/

Over five years, Lilly and has raised close to $100,000 in donations with the help of her family and the local community. Lilly has also served as the youth chairperson for the local VisionWalk for the past three years, and makes speeches to raise awareness for the diseases and the foundation.

Lilly’s efforts have earned her recognition at both a local and national level. In 2014, she was an honoree at the Prudential Spirit of the Community awards, selected from a field of over 30,000 youths.

“I am not a doctor or a scientist, so I can’t personally cure people,” Lilly said. “But I can help by spreading the word and raising money for the cause.”

(H/T MLive)

  • Fred Speckmann

    This young girl deserves an “Atta Girl” from all of us. To be that selfless at such a young age is a wonderful thing to observe. we need more youngsters like her.

    Fred Speckmann

  • ksrgl444

    Such bravery.

  • Anonymous

    congrats young lady

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    what a trooper!!!!!!!!! Obama never would attempt such a selfless act

  • Rustys call

    Lilly is an amazing young lady, her acts of kindness will one day result in a cure from the disease that she has. I pray it will be very soon.

  • Tracy Kopp

    What an amazing and precious little girl. God is surely smiling down at this little angel.

  • Gabriel M. Smithson

    What an amazing young lady!

  • Timothy O’Neal

    May the Lord our God speed the discovery to us of a way for you to recover, young lady.

  • Matt Bryan

    Breaks my heart to see children enduring these awful afflictions. What breaks my heart even more is that America crumbles under corrupt politics, a failing economy, and continue to give billions to foreign interests while we raise the cost a healthcare at home. We limit research and deny intelligent people the opportunity to cure disease and affliction. We limit freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Where has this country gone?

  • Hitched

    While the lamps of liberty offer a set of beacons to guide us toward what the law should be, democratic methods provide a mechanism to determine what the law will be.

  • Sandra Manzi

    What a great kid she is… God Bless her… says a lot about the parents also…

  • Jean Martin

    I have the pleasure to know her personally – truly an amazing young lady. Congrats to Lilly on all of her accomplishments! And yes, her family is pretty awesome as well

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