Looking for a feel good story? This random act of kindness at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru had an amazing ripple effect

A Florida woman’s random act of kindness at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru last month had a heartwarming ripple effect. On May 19, Cherie Miller went to her local Chick-fil-A in Temple Terrace, Florida. Rather than simply paying for her own meal and moving on, Miller, whose church was benefitting from the restaurant’s sales that day, decided to pay for the car behind her as well. As it turns out, the kindness didn’t stop there.

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“Let me give you a little piece of sunshine out of Florida,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Cherie Miller set off a chain reaction of good deeds.”

While Miller told WTVT-TV her good deed was a way to “pass on the love of God, and to give someone a surprise,” she had no idea she would inspire so many others to do the same.

“She asked to pay it forward and we’ve had that happen before, but never have we had it go that far,” Carmen Fisher, the local Chick-fil-A marketing director, told ABC news. “It was incredible that people just kept going. And some people were paying for meals more than their meals cost.”

The 18 cars that passed through the drive-thru after Miller continued the tradition of paying for the person behind them. At that point, Miller, who had forgotten to order chicken nuggets for her son, returned to the drive-thru and learned of the impact her good deed had. She then once again paid for the person behind her.

Another 20 (!) cars proceeded to follow Miller’s lead – for a grand total of 38.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” Pat said.

“That’s great,” Stu concluded.

  • Art Nerheim Jr.


  • Anonymous

    Great feel good story.
    Too bad the boobs in the White House will get wind of this and spin their out of control spending as doing it for the future

    • http://www.netranger.org/ NetRanger

      The White House will probably use it as an excuse to raise taxes. After all, if these Christian nut cases can pay for other peoples’ meals, why are they trying to dodge Obamacare/Democratcare?

      • CandyGram

        Because charity should be volunteered and not forced as it is thru the government. No one should be FORCED to purchase something for someone else.

    • Christine Dodd

      Wow, you sure like to bring in the damn politics into this don’t ya. You are such an ignorant moron. Keep the politics out of this jerk.

  • Keith Brockmiller

    Obviously they need to pay more taxes if they can afford that.

  • g55rumpy

    praise God for the love these people showed

  • hohum

    This happens all the time at the Dunkin’ Donut in Germantown, TN.

  • Anonymous

    What a great story!

    • bumpkin

      How fun!

  • Boo2

    So happy that this woman heeded God’s nudging!
    And too bad there are some people who will, it seems, never know what that “nudging” is. Such a shame they’ll never heed His call.

  • landofaahs

    It must be the quality of the company and it’s customers.

  • Patriot 10

    Chick-fil-A is owned and managed by a Christian family, and they abide by Christian principles. It is no wonder that the people trading there would be more likely to do these kinds of deeds. Obama would frown on this because government would not be involved.

    • Shawn Cameron

      Or he would just claim they couldn’t have been there without the government building the roads and bridges, after all Chick Fil A didn’t “build that”.

    • http://daniel-a-roberts.com/ Daniel A Roberts

      Chances are high that Obama would send in the IRS and make sure every customer who participated gets hit with a 40% gift tax.

      • Lori in Lakewood

        Daniel, don’t give them any ideas !

  • Patriot 10

    If the government did not take so much of our earned income, more people would willingly help their neighbors. The American people are very generous people, but when government steps in, it takes the joy of voluntarily doing this away. It is wrong to make people take care of someone else who will not take care of themselves.

    • Diane

      I absolutely agree. Completely.

  • Marianne

    I had this happen in a Starbucks drivethru in Tallahassee, Florida. The person in front of me paid for my coffee, so I in turn paid for the person behind me. I hope it kept going, because it made my day!

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    But they are evil because they believe in something other than liberalism.

  • Anonymous

    You see, THIS is the difference between the Apostles choosing to sell their belongings and give to the widows & orphans and government forcing you to do it. What these people demonstrated is the kind of thing that glorifies God. Truly good news.

  • Bob Smith

    This actually happened to me here in Newport News Va. The guy in front of me paid for my meal, I in turn paid for the person behind me. The girl at the pickup window said that it had been going on for about a half hour and that it actually happens a few times a month at that location. ( hindenwood) very awesome!

    • Glennfriend67

      Rock on, Newport News! I’m from Oceana. It’s that good ol’ Southern hospitality, I think. We just thumb our nose at the Feds and do what’s basic to our nature.

  • RGB

    Way cool…only the first person pays for two meals…so why not!

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    I’ve never heard of the great Obama doing that

    • Anonymous

      don’t forget, he has us, pay for them!!!

  • Anonymous

    there is hope, after all!!!

  • http://nebraskattitude.blogspot.com/ shellymic


    I’ll follow this lead. Not every time in a drive thru (because sometimes I can barely afford my own…I usually get one cheeseburger at McDonald’s)…but, there are times when I could buy food for the person behind me. 😉

    Life gets so crappy sometimes that THIS would be an EASY way to make it better.

  • Emily Shore

    I love Chick fil A and the people that go there. First time I’d ever had anybody pay for my meal who was in the drive through in front of me. A week later I came back and paid it forward. And another time I was there, I realized I had the wrong card (it was denied), I apologized and said I’d have to forego the meal, but the manager came out and gave me the meal ON THE HOUSE! I was so grateful since I was going to a church meeting and had my 6 month old girl in the car with me! Chick Fil A is amazing!

  • edsurly

    Jack in the Box opened a location in my town last summer. I drove through to pick up some of their taco’s (just like they made in a burger joint in my home town growing up…I love those things!) Anyway, I pull up to pay and the guy at the drive through tells me the car in front already paid. It took me a little bit to understand, I asked his what the deal was and he said that other people were paying for others food for the past 3 hours. 3 hours! Have no idea how many cars that was but its sure a heck of a lot more than was in this story. Of course part of that would be the fact that they were slammed with customers because it was new, so there wasn’t any chance to “break the chain”.

  • Hopeful_still

    I’ve had this happen at a drive thru before. And yep, as far as I could tell it was kept alive for a little while. America is good… when the press lets us believe it!

  • TTAS

    Whenever I’m at the Airport or in a restaurant I pay for the meals of any military personnel there and my parents do the same. It’s a family tradition now.

    We were at a truckstop one day and someone ( a truck driver?) saw what we did and payed for our meals.

    Pay your kindness forward.

  • Marcusq

    And the 39th car had an Obama bumper sticker.

  • Anonymous

    You know it didn’t happen on Sunday, because Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday.

  • Lawrence C Spies

    I do this all the time when I am in a drive through! I am not sure it caused any chain reactions of giving or not, but It sure feels good to know that you helped put a smile on someones face or brighten their day! God Bless.

  • marymuffet

    Exactly right. We know that the Liberal’s TALK ABOUT GIVING TO THE POOR AND IN EQUALITY of certain ethnic groups.

    • Anonymous

      I hate to make generalizations, I leave that to all the tolerant liberals, but I’ve found in my many years of experience that we mean and uncaring conservatives are much more likely to minister to folks on an individual basis. I could mention many examples, I’ll just give one. I was leaving a golf course a little ahead of one of the most left wing of my friends. There was a black youth walking with a heavy bag. I stopped and asked if I could drop him somewhere. He politely declined, with some surprise on his face.

      When I later talked to my buddy, I asked if he had done the same: his answer “are you crazy?” Yet he’ll vote for every Dem offering every handout to everyone.

  • Emmanuel Ezekiel

    Those who oppose liberty tend to insist that civilization was somehow magically designed and that our knowledge depends upon intellect that exists apart from experience.

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