Glenn has been talking about the vital importance of conservative voices infiltrating the liberal-dominated cultural landscape for quite some time. On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn spoke to one man who has taken that message to heart – Los Angeles-based artist SABO. SABO has been creating conservative art for more than a decade now, but it was in the last few years that SABO began plastering his controversial posters all around LA. Because his work is illegal, SABO’s face was not shown during the interview and his real name was not used.

To begin, Glenn asked SABO to run through some of his most iconic works. From a poster of a tattooed, smoking Ted Cruz to the ‘Abortion Barbie’ poster featuring Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis.

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“Ted Cruz, you know, that was a fluke,” SABO said. “He was coming into town, and what I knew about Ted Cruz visually was a little boring, but the way he acts is kind of bold. And I’d seen a poster of Marilyn Monroe with tattoos all over, and I said you know what, I’m going to try to do that. I did that for him.”

1798578_746439865375711_110060791_nPhoto Credit: Unsavoryagents

While SABO said the Cruz poster received a “lukewarm response,” the Senator has been photographed autographing the image. He did point out, however, the one glaring problem with the poster – the cigarette in his mouth. Cruz is not a smoker.

SABO and Glenn moved the interview to Glenn’s office where the artist opened up about his frustrations with the current culture.

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“It’s like, the Republicans, you dare not say anything without fear of getting hit over the head,” he said. “I live in Los Angeles, and I know my share of Republican…They have their Ferraris, their Aston Martins, their Bentleys. They bitch, moan, and complain about the state of politics. And my thought is man, if I only had one night of the money that you spend on hookers and booze, I could change the narrative at least a little bit. And it’s like, and they never do. You know, they’ll never donate.”

Glenn asked SABO, a former Marine, if he is concerned about being arrested. While he has no desire to be arrested, he understands what he does is illegal.

“What I do is illegal,” he said. “But at 46 years old, I have a little bit of bark on me.”

Ultimately, Glenn asked SABO what advice he has for young people looking for a creative outlet.

“When you’re young, and you decide you want to be a creative, you’re almost indoctrinated into the belief that you have to be a liberal or a progressive… They own the narrative. They own Hollywood. They own the education system,” SABO concluded. “Anything that reaches your eyes, ears, or heart is coming from the left. That’s why the Republicans have no creative people to push their message. And the thing is we have a great message, we just don’t have anyone to tell it because they’ve all been indoctrinated to the left.”

You can learn more about SABO’s work HERE.