‘They’re not expecting us to talk to each other': Glenn talks about his lunch with Mark Cuban

On Friday, Glenn welcomed Dallas Mavericks owner and businessman Mark Cuban to Mercury Studios for lunch. In the past, Cuban has described himself as an “independent leaning to libertarian,” and while he and Glenn did not see eye-to-eye on everything, they found common ground. On radio this morning, Glenn shared details of his conversation with Cuban and explained why the best thing we can do is simply talk to one another.

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One of things Glenn was most surprised to learn about Cuban was his stance on healthcare. While Cuban has spoken openly about his desire to see less government – not more – he is an advocate for a single payer system.

“I had lunch with Mark Cuban on Friday. Spent two hours with him. One of the first things he said to me was, ‘You and I disagree on an awful lot, especially where the President is concerned.’ And I said, ‘Oh, I thought you were a libertarian.’ He said, ‘I am,’” Glenn explained. “And then he talked to me about how he’s for universal health care, and he’s been to the White House several times and talked to the President… He’s very well thought out on these things. [But] I disagree with almost everything that he said.”

When it comes to the NSA and government surveillance, however, Cuban seemed to have a much more libertarian view.

“It was such a bizarre meeting because I really was thrown. I really had heard that he was much more of a small government guy. He’s not,” Glenn said. “But when it comes to the NSA, I said, ‘So you’re for the NSA spying, then.’ He says, ‘Oh, my gosh. Absolutely not.’ This must be where he deems himself libertarian… He is a guy you could stand with on surveillance… He’s also very strong on business.”

Cuban agreed to spend an hour with Glenn on air sometime in the near future, which promises to be a very interesting conversation. In addition to his support of universal healthcare, Cuban also told Glenn he favors the $15 an hour minimum wage recently passed in Seattle.

As Glenn explained, there are a lot of things he and Cuban disagree on, but dismissing someone because opposing viewpoints is playing right into the progressives’ hand. They are banking on the fact that people will never actually take the time to have a conversation with one another and realize the common ground they share.

“Now, this is really radical thinking. But it is the thinking that they’re not expecting. It is the thinking that that they haven’t prepared for,” Glenn said. “Look at Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck. We all know the players that try to keep us apart… What did they assume we would never do? They assumed that we would be so arrogant that we would never talk to one another, find out the truth, and compare notes.”

The same can be said of all Americans.

“They’re not expecting Americans to start reaching out and talking to one another. They’re expecting Americans to grab their guns and become violent that… That will not work,” Glenn concluded. “So the point is… we could just be against Mark Cuban… or I could say, ‘Mark Cuban is a friend with the NSA’… Let’s start making friends. Let’s start looking for strange bedfellows that we can unite with. We’ve got to stop the division.”

  • Me Wise Magic

    Below is one of the finest and first documentaries made about the NSA. It was the final project the late Grant Jeffrey gave us before his mysterious death just over two years ago. He predicted accurately all of the IRS targeting, Snowden, spying before anyone was even concerned about the matter. This documentary follows a Conservative family from the time they wake up all throughout the day and they show each and every place the NSA gathers data on them. Then, in one of the most prophetic scenes in documentary history, it shows an IRS/Gov Agent interrogating a 912 Project & Pro-Life citizen which is so eerie knowing what we know now (that scene is a approximately the 63 minute 40 second mark)

    Shadow Government (One of Grant Jeffrey’s final warnings for Americans before dying)

    Note: Something else they uncovered in the documentary was in regards to the 2010 census and is a scandal that nobody even knows about still to this day. Why was the 2010 census DOUBLE the cost of the 2000 census? Because Obama ordered all houses/residents visited TWICE. Wait until you hear why they were visited the second time. If a news organization like The Blaze looks into this it will be another huge scandal that will be all over television for weeks.

  • Anonymous

    Remember the story of the founding father’s first prayer at the Congress in Philadelphia? How they couldn’t even agree on who should pray? It was Sam Adams who reached across the isle to somebody entirely opposite to him in religion, Rev. Duché, and asked that he make the prayer since Adams had heard he was a man of ”gentleman of Piety and virtue who was at the same time a friend to his Country”. That sort of spirit is what brought us together in the first place, and that sort of spirit will bring us back together now.

    Thanks Glenn!

  • AlexisJaime

    A libertarian wanting government controlled healthcare is an oxymoron. It is impossible to truly support individual liberty while advocating for government control and mandatory actions.

    • John Scott

      Yes, I thought that was something not Libertarian for sure. How can you want a single pay government program and then say you want less government? In fact health care entitlement would trump Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid combined. Mark Cuban really is does not have much to offer besides another opinion. Obama care (ACA) would have done better if it had focused on the uninsured. Instead it affected too many who had no issues with health coverage. I think government as a whole needs to shrink except for a strong military, paid in entitlement for citizens and maintain our infrastructure and national security. Look at the VA a agency for vets who basically allow vets to die. Is this a government we want handling health care?

      • AlexisJaime

        I agree but I want to be sure I understand one point you made. Do you mean Social Security benefits by “paid in entitlement”?

        If that’s what you mean, I partially agree. I think forced participation in the SOC program is anti-liberty and should be done away with. That being said, my solution would be to continue to payout SOC benefits to those currently receiving them and allow people currently paying in to later receive SOC benefits or opt out of the program, but eliminate the program for those who have yet paid in.

        • John Scott

          Yes, I meant those who paid into SS as a paid entitlement. Right now a significant percentage of SS recipient’s never paid into the program. They get it through hard ship means, or are disabled.
          Besides the increase demand in SS from baby boomers retiring. In a private retirement savings plan, you certainly could not expect full benefits from not participating. This is the problem with government entitlements. The effort to help turns into a hand out to everyone. Leaving nobody benefiting. The Affordable care act will end up like SS has. Too many freeloaders and not enough people paying into it. Of course people that don’t pay or pay very little like that. Its just not feasible to administer that without going broke.

          • AlexisJaime

            I agree… but who has ever said government was logical?

          • Anonymous

            Government anywhere is not logical. It is there to control people. Show me ONE business that runs like any government and is successful. The citizens are the ones who allowed the government at any level to become bureaucracies. As long as people keep re-electing the HUGE machine in Washington, nothing will get better. Show me ANY long-term bureacrat who does good for the citizens.

          • AlexisJaime

            Okay, but why are you asking me to show you that stuff? I never claimed government was logical.

          • Anonymous

            SSDI (disability) is a paid in program
            If you have never worked, you cannot claim Social Security disability insurance (SSDI). SSDI eligibility criteria require that you have worked long enough and recently enough to be insured for Social Security disability. Insured status for Social Security disability is based upon the wages that are reported by the IRS to an individual’s earnings record each year. An individual can earn up to four quarters of coverage per year, and if they have enough quarters of coverage (usually 20) and enough of those quarters occurred in the past ten years, they should be insured for Social Security disability insurance. Individuals on disability whom have not paid in receive Medicare only.

          • John Scott

            Disability claim have almost doubled in just the last 10 years (44 %). In the last 5 young people have filed disability 29% more and as you say have paid in but very little. These are statistics from government figures not some fantasy. Social Security once was able to sustain the balance of workers paying in to support beneficiaries. That is getting deeper in jeopardy as the work force shrinks, more people receive benefits and many at a earlier age. This is why many in government don’t want to offer a optional plan for young people replacing SS. They need that young person to pay into a already broken system in order to continue the Ponzi scheme. Even though they may never benefit themselves.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, you can have a single pay system AND reduce the government. There are so many gov’t arms that are useless and detrimental to US citizens altogether. Can you imagine how many people are employed in the NSA arm alone? The ACA IS focusing on the uninsured. How do you think Medicare and Medicade are being paid for? Obamacare was designed to be covered and paid for by most of the healthy Americans who work and pay taxes. It is nothing more than a redistribution of the wealthy to cover the poor. The problem is that those poor people who can’t afford to pay are outnumbering the better-off ones by the day.

  • Moozmom

    Glenn is absolutely right on this point – talk to each other. Live like Washington doesn’t exist. Build your life and businesses as much outside government’s touch as possible.

  • Anonymous

    Continuation of the “odd bedfellow” theme. The old Glenn brand image would have called Cuban a progressive.

  • Jeff Lambeau

    Mark Cuban is a brilliant mind. There’s reasons why guys like him, Larry Ellison, and Bill Gates are widely successful. They understand the economy, they understand how to grow a business, and they understand American customers. Case in point.

  • The Blue Tail Gadfly

    Here is what Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck are told to say, err I mean compare notes on and call the truth:

    1. 0bama is a natural born Citizen


    2. An Article V Convention aka Constitutional Convention is our only chance to save the republic.


    Don’t expect the truth from the talking head shills, be they on the left or the right. They are the modern day pied pipers. Please take the time to read the links and learn what you are not being told by the media, our constitutional republic is at stake!

    • Guest

      Please provide the source of your claims.

      • The Blue Tail Gadfly

        I confess! My sources are the mysterious players that Beck claims are trying to keep them apart. lol

        Instead of the gristle, lets focus on the meat and see where that leads us.

        Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Rush Limbaugh believe Obama is a natural born Citizen when clearly he is not. A simple internet search will confirm they do.

        Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Rush Limbaugh believe our Constitution is broken, with the only viable solution being an Article V Convention, aka Constitutional Convention, Convention of the States etc etc etc… Which btw is a false dilemma. Again, a simple internet search confirms this.

        Prof. Rob Natelson, who Mark Levin cites in his book ‘Liberty
        Amendments’, wrote the ‘Article V Handbook’ for the American Legislation Exchange Council, aka ALEC who obviously supports this endeavor, as does George Soros. As one can expect by now, a simple internet search will confirm this.

        In my links from my original comment, Publius Huldah has shown that Mark Levin’s arguments from his book advocating for such are fallacious and inaccurate. Only a madman would pursue such a course guided by such faulty reasoning as given by Mark Levin (which was adopted and parroted by nearly all the “conservatives” in the media.)

        “Why” they are doing this is not whats important at the moment, it’s the fact that they are. It makes no difference whether their actions are being done in ignorance or by design, the results are the same regardless. An interesting thing to consider is, when an honest man is shown to be wrong, he will correct himself…

        Thank you for giving me the opportunity to expand on my initial post.

        God bless,


        • Guest

          And here I thought you would simply provide actual references (links) rather than pontificate. LOL

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            I guess it just happened to be your lucky night. Instead of links, you received a rhetorical masterpiece.

            Since I already provided one link that shows the meaning of natural born Citizen at the time the Constitution was ratified, along with the second link showing Mark Levin’s arguments in favor of an Article V Convention to be erroneous; it isn’t necessary for me to provide anymore links to make my case that their is something very wrong in “conservative” media land.

            BUT! since I am a compassionate man, I will give you some more links if it will make you feel better. Here is one I read today with some things that even I, the great know-it-all wasn’t aware of:


            The following links are concerning the Article V Convention:



            And here is a bonus just for you:


            There, that should keep you busy for awhile.

            Happy reading!


          • Guest

            Rhetorical, but certainly no masterpiece. What a sense of humor you have! LMAO!

            But this? …. Yawn… not interested in reading other peoples opinions that you favor, nor am I interested in the last link about homosexuals that you seem to be interested in and consider something special.

          • The Blue Tail Gadfly

            “If you are not interested in reading other peoples’ opinions that I favor, then why did you ask me for links in the first place?”, The Blue Tail Gadfly asked while chuckling. He then proceeded to inquire, “Was it merely so you could say you are not interested, thinking that will win you the argument?”

            It’s very revealing of your own character when you ask for links to sources then deny them without any reason, logic, or history to substantiate your own opinions that you obviously feel are more valid than others. Being that this isn’t our first tango together, it wasn’t unexpected. My purpose is to educate others in discernment, otherwise I would have simply answered your first question with the same response Jesus Christ gave to His inquisitors, “If I tell you, you will not believe; and if I ask a question, you will not answer.”

            Seeing that you are tired and there is nothing further to be gained here in this thread, I will end it here.

            God bless,


            Romans 12:2

            2 And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may discern what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

          • Guest

            Why did I ask? I didn’t ask directly. I was toying with you – giving you some busy work.

            For a moment, I almost thought you might provide something more than pontification and opinions, but true to form, you didn’t.

            It gave me a chuckle anyway.

  • Anonymous

    And now you all know where the phrase “don’t talk politics with friends” originated.

    Because if we actually did, the politicians would all be running for the hills…

  • Rob Wolgemuth

    “Let’s make friends” they say after three minutes of laughter at Mark Cuban’s position. It’s not even that hard to be libertarian and government-friendly. Just like the democrats pursue new liberalism, and like the conservatives pursue conservatism, libertarians pursue liberty. The idea that liberty can only come from the absence of government is a rather crude reduction of a very transcendent concept. Of course you need liberties from some government coercion, but you also need freedom from the coercion of others (particularly the strong). Freedom from discrimination or persecution. Moreover, freedom is not just the right to do as you wish, but it is also the ability to do so. Government is a vital asset at empowering individuals to maximize the fruits of their liberties through the promotion of wealth, education and good health.

    • Anonymous

      Just like Obama’s agenda? Promotion of wealth within the government, especially Washington. Education through common core and good health through Obamacare.

    • Patriot

      Government is not the solution, Government is the problem, they do not belong in my healthcare or in my business, I pay my fair share of taxes, and government should protect me from enemies foreign and domestic, end of story. This over-reaching government get out of my personal life.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Hard to do so when they put their fingers in the ears and scream racist.

  • Jaclyn Baggesen


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