Will this man unseat House Majority Leader Eric Cantor?

UPDATE: David Brat has defeated Eric Cantor. Full story via TheBlaze.

Primary season continues on Tuesday with voters in Virginia heading to the polls. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), who represents Virginia’s 7th Congressional District, faces a formidable challenger in economics professor Dave Brat. While Brat has appeared on Pat & Stu and The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson, this morning marked his first appearance on The Glenn Beck Radio Program. Glenn spoke to Brat about his conservative beliefs and why he offers an important alternative to Cantor.

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Glenn explained that he has been largely disappointed with the results of many primary races this election cycle. While Brat did not need to convince him that Cantor has over-sold and under delivered, Brad did need to convince Glenn that he is the candidate that deserves his support.

“You don’t have to convince me that Eric Cantor is a guy who has sold us a load of goods,” Glenn said. “What you have to do is convince me why should I reach into my pocket and give you money today or do any work because a lot of people are listening to us going, ‘I don’t believe in any of this stuff anymore.’ I mean I’m waiting for the hand of God. Why should I do that?”

“I’m on what I call the Plato plan. Plato said wait until you are 50, and you’re done with wine, women, and song. Eric Cantor has been a lifetime professional politician. I went to seminary. I have a PhD in economics,” Brat explained. “I am running on term lists for myself and everybody else. That is a huge differentiator. I’m running with a pledge to meet… people in every county once a month. I have nine counties in the city. That is a huge commitment to actually meet and represent the people. That’s the job description: To be the representative of the people. It is that a clear. It’s that decisive.”

“He’s backing big business 100%. He’s throwing the people in the district under the bus with low wages, losses in jobs due to amnesty, Obamacare, regulations… and he’s doing nothing on entitlements,” he continued. “It’s why our country is in the ditch… We need free market principles, freedom loving conservative to get in office. I will do my best to tell the truth and make it happen.”

Cantor has been open about his support of immigration reform, and Stu asked Brat if he believes Republicans will have a tough time winning national elections in the future if immigration reform is not passed.

“We are told that they are never going to vote you. If the percentages continue to go in the way that they are going now, you are never going to win another national election,” Stu said. “So how do you do nothing here? What do you do to make people come along to your side of the argument, without breaking your principles?”

“It’s easy. The Hispanic community has one awesome thing in common with us that, of course, our Republicans are too wimpy to point out: The Judeo-Christian tradition… They are great family people. They believe in the rule of law… We are making the assumption that they are in favor of some sort of illegal act. That’s absolutely false. If we go down that road, it would be the worst thing we did,” Brat explained. “So we need a compassionate society, but it has to be built on the rule of law… We need to go to all people and sell the Republican principles. There’s one reason all the people are coming here. We are the richest nation on earth. China is feeding 1.2 billion people. How did that happen? Because they are finally going free market.”

While Brat trails Cantor in the polls, he has cut Cantor’s lead to just 13 points. The GOP establishment is squarely in Cantor’s corner, outspending the Brat campaign 25 to 1, and Glenn encouraged his listeners to consider supporting Brat in anyway they can.

“Dave, the best of luck to you tomorrow. We need people like you to be able to get in and hold some of these guys’ feet to the fire,” Glenn concluded. “The Republicans are doing everything they can to destroy the idea of small government… For it to be this close says an awful lot.”

Learn more about Brat’s campaign HERE.

  • Douglas Williford

    If only Republicans would fight against the Democrats the way they do against these challengers, then they wouldn’t face so many primary challengers.
    I have lost all respect for Cantor. He can’t even confront this opponent- setting up misleading associations, and campaigning on them. If no one knew better, you’d guess he’s currently running against Tim Kaine.

    • John Scott

      I’ve lost respect for all of them. Ideology trumps common sense and the greater good for all America.

      • John Hunt

        Hi John Scott… Who defines “Greater Good”? The answer is: the politicians you have rightfully lost all respect for. The “greater good” is an incredibly dangerous collectivist concept.. Please beware of it and don’t preach for its until you thoroughly know what doing so will do to all of us… Ideology SHOULD be consistent with common sense, not trump it. If it is not consistent with common sense, then it is probably a lousy ideology. But I think you might have been suggesting that ideology should not take primacy over getting what’s necessary done. If that is what you meant, then consider please that again it is those same horrific politicians that determine “what is necessary” and the only way to control them is by having a firm, rational, and GOOD ideology, consistent with common sense and therefore consisting of the RULE OF LAW, which means the rule of NATURAL LAW–Scientific Law, as opposed the civil (Roman style) law of political powermongers.

        • John Scott

          When you see such pathetic approval ratings from Americans about Congress in general. Then Congress as a whole is not servicing the general public as elected servants. Ideology on both sides is certainly not satisfying a majority. Tea Party is far from attracting a majority, and the far left is only attracting minorities who feel ignored by the right. We obviously have a President who has a ideology that trumps what many Americans want. He has not changed, but many more have now begun to see his true vision for American. Until we see more politicians no matter Democrat or Republican who will represent the majority we will continue to see ideologies clash over trying to steer America in a direction most of us don’t want.

          • Anonymous

            When you have so many different philosophies and “ideologies” in America, largely due to the takeover of the public indoctrination system, failure of parents and grandparents to pass on values to the next generation and progressive takeover of churches the only thing to do is go back to the founding documents and re-establish sustainable, limited government. Reducing the influx of immigrants would also help stabilize the country.

          • John Scott

            Trial and error seems to work. We see the influence of things like gay marriage, legalized Pot and a disconnect with religion. But as we see, the tide is turning because many don’t like what they see. Maybe they were in denial, or simply oblivious to what is happening. But many see the negatives first hand and realize they must reverse the over powering, unsustainable government before all of us fall into its black hole of unlimited debt. I have no issue with immigrants, but for the most part most enter the US legally and we only have one boarder with people who seem unwilling to accept our laws even though they want to be here. I am not sure, why this is so hard for them to do?

  • Anonymous

    Cantor is a liar and turncoat. He has nothing to do with his constituents and plays hobknob with big business to continue his career in politics. VA and America do not need Cantors , we need Brats!!!!

    • Anonymous

      He stands shoulder to shoulder with Boehner, that’s all we need to know.

      Cantor needs to be sent home, if they want him.

  • Boo2

    Just as long as he doesn’t get sucked into the political agenda that seems to permeate that circus in DC!

  • jimjenky

    Cantor is basically the stereotypical lying politician. He has been telling people of his district that he is not for amnesty, yet walks the halls of Congress looking to cut an amnesty deal with Democrats and fellow RINOs. It is more than past time for conservatives to vote out the RINO elites in Congress who are really nothing more than Democrat Lites and part of the problems that face the nation.

  • Lancey

    Lets make sure if he doesn’t win then we make sure the GOP closes ranks and votes for the winner. The last time this happened was when Cuccinelli ran for governor and a supposed libertarian candidate ran between the Democrat and Republican candidates and the Democrat won because the libertarian got enough votes to swing the election! This candidate ,(libertarian) by the way was found to be financed by a Democrat financier for Obama!

  • Crassus

    Once again a candidate wastes time flapping his jaw on talk radio when he should be out on the campaign trail. Dave Brat should be walking the backroads of the 7th District trying to get votes. You don’t get them flapping your jaw on talk radio. Ask Matt Bevin and Greg Brannon.

    • Ron Benghazi Hedlund

      Actually, he is walking neighborhoods and making phone calls and traveling to the far reaches of the district. He is working harder in his district in 6 months than Eric Cantor in 6 years.

    • not a liberal

      Crassus, you are the smartest person you know, aren’t ya?

    • Anonymous

      Sorry Buck—Brat WON!!! He did go out and talk to the people and he WON!
      All RINOs need to go and the Tea Party is the answer!! ANYONE who promotes AMNESTY–OF ANY KIND” IS A GONER!!!

    • Anonymous

      Obviously you were wrong and this interview helped him immensely.

  • Anonymous

    Brannon sounded fake. Brat is genuine

    • not a liberal

      Brannon did not sound fake – the man was a blessing,along with quite a few others that were not able to turn the ignorant voter around. Also, the fact that Americans don’t take their voting rights seriously. You have a district that may have a million registered voters and 200,000 are choosing our leaders. We are a disgrace, however, after we have a few decades or more of tyranny wherein we will soon be under a dictator, then may be then people will want their rights back. IT MAY BE TOO LATE.

  • Anonymous

    Dave Brat seems the candidate we need in DC.
    Eric Cantor is a terrible deceiver.
    A fake Republican he agrees more with ultra Leftist Democrats, the progressives big brother overruling and regulating to make more difficult our life, than with us.

    Cantor must go with abusers of his own kind.
    He’s trying to add more weight, to what has became a heavier charge on our system.
    Obamba share that same kind of selfishness, letting the cost over others shoulders. And this traitor of Cantor choose the same socialist idiocy who had failed always all over the world.

    We need a man who knows how precious is our freedom … and take care to keep it for us and for our children.

    May Dave Brat be that man; to help us respect our values and qualities in success.

  • John Scott

    I hear this a lot from new candidates. I can do better and will do better. I’ll bet Cantor said something similar when he first ran. Just more promises of doing something. People (voters) need to think bigger then just one race, one candidate one promise.
    The numbing effects of Congress is immense. Even the very good intentioned find out how Congress can zap your efforts. This is a governmental body that has become too dysfunctional to fix.

    • Anonymous

      GOTTA TRY!! BTW—BRAT **WON**!!

      • John Scott

        Yes, I think even Brat was surprised. But people are wanting action not lip service. The people have spoken, maybe the Democrat’s are not the only party in for a shake up? With Congress approval lower then the President. I really am not surprised Cantor lost. But Brat probably has a limited time frame to put up or shut up. Make waves, or drown in the muck. Good luck to him.

  • Anonymous

    This basically fine article misquotes Mr. Brat, he said “term limits,” not “term lists.”

  • Klasko

    The problem is that Virginia has open primaries. I expect that the Progressive Democrats will come out to vote for Cantor.

    • Humorless

      Yes, when Cantor SWAMPS Brat….you blame it all on “sneaky Progressive Democrats” voting for Cantor….

      when actually Democrats should vote for the Tea Party rookie who wouldn’t be supported by the Donors and would say something goofy and see the VA 7th actually flip to Democrats….like what happened in Indiana and Missouri in 2012.

    • TxBiker

      No, they won’t.

  • Humorless

    Short answer to the question? “No, he won’t. Cantor will win…easily”

    And immediately after Cantor wins….Glenn Beck will not say another critical word about Eric Cantor until after Election Day in November.

    • Anonymous


  • TxBiker

    “Cut his lead to just 13 points”? In other words, he’s going to get his az kicked. Just another teatard loser backed by an increasingly irrelevant Glenn Beck.

    • Anonymous

      Your post is SOOOO not so!

  • Anonymous

    Democrats have always had the power to stop Obama but chose to put party loyalty over the future of the country and the American people by willingly supporting Obama’s destructive policies thus Democrats are equally culpable for the damage Obama has done to the country if not more so.

    Their first question and that of the Republicans with regard to policies and laws should be;

    “How does this benefit the country and the American people?”

    With the exception of Tea Party members like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Jeff Sessions, et al, I have yet to hear those words from the right or the left. Their primary concern is how can I increase my constituency with somebody else’s money, namely the taxpayers.

  • Larry Rappaport

    Cantor’s gone, the dam has broken. I’m gob smacked. Ryan’s next….

    • Anonymous

      Boehner before Ryan.

  • Anonymous

    TEA PARTY—YEA!! THAT’S ONE!! Several more to go but Canter’s loss was a start!
    Lindsay Graham and Mitch Mc Connell HAD SO MUCH MONEY that it is unlikely that anyone could have beaten them–but–against Graham–why 6 TP challengers against Graham–they should have picked one THEN gone after Graham!
    Just like the GOP should have gotten together and picked one BEFORE they debated and slammed each other to the point of defeat! But when we get elected in ’16 Graham and Mc Connell can get defeated then so we won’t have to argue with the RINOs anymore!

  • infadelicious

    YES, VIRGINIA, There is a Santa Claus and he just handed Cantor his azzzzz. I hope that Pat Gray will sing a version of Happy days are here again with those words traded for these ER-IC CAN-TOR LOST HIS AZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ… Even better than the version about Alan Grayson… Good times!

  • Harry McMerkin

    It figures the Post would run a photo of Dave Brat with crazy hair. If they would take a deep breath and listen to him, they would find that his positions make a lot of sense– not extreme at all. He ran on the Republican Creed that states:

    We Believe:

    That the free enterprise system is the most productive supplier of human needs and economic justice,

    That all individuals are entitled to equal rights, justice, and opportunities and should assume their responsibilities as citizens in a free society,

    That fiscal responsibility and budgetary restraints must be exercised at all levels of government,

    That the Federal Government must preserve individual liberty by observing Constitutional limitations,

    That peace is best preserved through a strong national defense,

    That faith in God, as recognized by our Founding Fathers is essential to the
    moral fiber of the Nation.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Too late for the Republic. America is the Roman Empire now. Back then you had Cato The Younger and he was hounded out. Expect the same.

  • http://www.ChadGrills.com Chad Grills

    As an MD resident who is thinking about moving to VA, this made me so excited… This is a small step that’s part of a much bigger. Liberty lovers rejoice!

  • The Beech Bums

    Centralized bureaucratic socialism began to grow more prevalent in the United States after Stuart Chase laid out the eighteen collectivist tendencies of Germany and Italy on pages 95 and 96 of his 1942 book The Road We Are Traveling.

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to Congressman elect David Brat! And thanks to Glenn for the interview which I am sure helped him. I hope and pray Mr Brat will allow God to lead him and retain the principles he has espoused here that many in the G.O.P. have seemed to abandon.

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