Since January, students and faculty at Boyle County High School in Danville, Kentucky have been wondering who is behind an anonymous Twitter account that has been spreading joy and positivity around the school. The Twitter account known as @BCHSAnonymous has been on a mission to “spread positivity around Boyle County High School,” and on Sunday, the anonymous tweeter finally revealed her identity during the school’s graduation ceremony.

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According to the Desert News, BCHSAnonymous had made a major impact at the school in a short period of time. The account complimented various students and faculty at the high school in addition to offering general words of encouragement.

Below are a few tweets from the account:

As WELX-TV reported, it was revealed that Boyle County High School senior Taylor Stewart was the student behind the kindhearted account.

“I just thought there was so much negativity,” Stewart said. “And I just wanted to do something that would help people see the positive side of life and hopefully make someone smile.”

On radio this morning, Glenn wondered how much of an impact each and every one of us could make on a daily basis if we just stopped for a moment to compliment someone around us.

“Look at what this one did. She didn’t expect this to go beyond her high school. But because it made an impact, people would read it,” Glenn said. “If people would do what she was doing… something that is actually pointing something out and noticing, imagine how culture would change.

She said the Twitter account has been passed on to another anonymous student for the upcoming school year.