“I am so sick of the lack of accountability”: Glenn exposes huge issues with education system in wake of “horrific” sex ed photos

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The media suddenly wants to know did a California middle school take it too far with their sex education class? Honest-to-goodness, that’s what I heard, did they take it too far? Did they cross the line? I know, it’s a super-tough question. The school used a series of posters on the myths of contraception. I can’t even show it.

Supposedly it’s an attempt at humor in the classroom, but it is so vile and so disgusting, especially the other one. This one is so, I mean, porn stars would be repulsed. Jeffy would be repulsed. I’m not even going to try to explain at what this is. It is that offensive, and this was seen by middle schoolers. And it is, it’s beyond reprehensible. And if you really want to know, these are up on TheBlaze.com, but I want to warn you that you’ll never unsee these pictures, definitely never unsee them. But the answer is once you see them, oh yeah, absolutely, uh huh, yeah over the line, so far over the line it’s like I can’t even see…there was a line here someday?

We are so messed up right now, up is down, and down is up. Right is wrong, and wrong is right. If you just turn around right now, the entire country, our society, is going this direction. If you just turned around and went 180 degrees in the opposite direction, you would have a very good shot of being exactly right. The school can’t even decide this themselves. They want parents to know they’re going to review those materials. They’re going to get to the bottom of it. Let me translate, because I’m a recovering alcoholic, so I spoke bull crap for a long time. Let me translate bull crap to English for you. They don’t care. They’re hoping that everybody will lose interest, and they can stop pretending to care.

If I showed you the graphic sexual content, and I went into a middle school, I will tell you that I would most likely be charged with a crime. People would want my mug shot put up on a website warning everybody child abuser, dirt bag lives right here, warning, dirt bag, don’t let this guy in. But teachers, teachers, good teachers, people that we know, are remaining silent because the school board says it’s okay, and they’re using it for educational purposes. Right, it makes total sense, doesn’t it?

I am so sick of the account of – did you see the Diane Sawyer interview with Hillary Clinton last night where they’re like, you know, so you had some responsibility? Hillary Clinton says no, not me. No, I had no responsibility on Benghazi. I’m so sick of the accountability, the lack of accountability from people who are taking our tax dollars to keep us safe or to educate our children, and now they’re well, we’re looking into it. No, they’re not. No, they’re not. They’re not. You know it, and I know it, they’re not. They’re just wearing you down and trying to get you to shhh, quiet. Don’t.

If the government didn’t have a monopoly on education, if parents weren’t trapped and essentially forced to send their kids to public schools, maybe, just maybe, the school would have something to worry about, but they don’t. They don’t. Maybe they’d wake up one day, and they’d go where is everybody? Oh yeah, we meant to tell you, all the parents took their kids to the school down the street because they’re not trying to teach propaganda or show, you know, sick pictures to the children, you know, to turn all the children into sexual deviants or whatever.

Maybe we should stop the sex talk and stop the liberal indoctrination. What do you think? A little competition would be nice, a little choice, and that is exactly why the Republicans and the Democrats are against it. Conform, conform, conform, conform – don’t. We have a system now because of the lack of choice, it breeds incredible arrogance. In the face of the obvious wrong, they’ll say we’re going to look into it. What is there to review? What is there?

It’s child abuse. Fire somebody. I want the names of the people who looked at that and went yeah, that’s pretty good. It was approved by the school board, and then it was taught by the teachers. Are the teachers so worn down now that whatever’s handed to them they just go yeah, and then we’re going to round up all the Jewish kids? I mean, are they that worn down? No teacher said, “Hey, you know, this is really sick”?

I will tell you something, that picture that we didn’t show here, that picture, I wouldn’t even show it to my wife. But if my wife was the educator, if my wife was the teacher, she would have gone to the principal or to the school board or anybody else and said, “What the hell are you thinking?”

Now, they’re saying that this “was not the work of a teacher, but was produced by Mountain Empire Family Medicine.” Oh, okay, so the doctors said it was okay, all right. So they’re okay with sexual material being taught to middle school children as long as it’s done by, you know, medical practitioners. Or is it that they are completely incompetent, and at any moment they could start teaching oh, I don’t know, Debbie Does Dallas, XXXX-rated porn? Eleven-year-olds, they wouldn’t know the difference – hey, movie day. Which one is it?

Should be a little alarm bell that is ringing in everyone’s head, yeah, we’ll review it. You’ll review it? Good grief. Government agencies shut down restaurants for days if the temperature of the refrigerator is off by two degrees, but a school can stay open when it is peddling nasty pornographic material to kids, stuff that you and I would be on the front page of the paper for if we did. Parents should be yanking their kids out of this school, but they won’t. They won’t because we’re taught to conform.

Modern America, we instead argue. Well, what is appropriate content sexually for school? I’ll tell you what’s appropriate sexual content for school, nothing, nothing, zero, none of it. Who on earth thinks it’s a good idea for the government to be in charge of teaching kids when and how they should be using their genitalia? They can’t even figure out the bathroom situation. They’re going to teach my kids what’s right and wrong, really? Really?

They’re the ones who say this is a deadly weapon. Yeah, I’m going to listen to these people. Schools won’t even teach kids, are incapable of teaching people how to manage their personal finances, but they’re going to tell them how to master what’s down in their pants, really? Somehow their duty to instruct preteens on the proper way to do every possible form of sexual activity ever invented, gee, what could I do with this pen, teacher?

I mean, we used to joke, I’ll tell you what you can do with that pen. Now, I think that’s part of the instruction. Think how ridiculous this is that we’ve been told that we parents are not capable of teaching our own children about the roles that sex plays in life, when it’s appropriate, when it’s not appropriate to engage in it. We’re told to hand that task off to an expert from a government institution. What is wrong with us? We accept this. How did it happen? How did it happen?

Progressives, that’s it, progressives, taking control of your children little by little, getting them to conform and you to conform and getting you to be uncomfortable with standing up, I know, shh, don’t say anything, just leave it alone, don’t stand up – stand up. The sales pitch here was well, we needed medically accurate information. Really? Really? I want you to go to the website, and I want you to look at those nasty-ass pictures, and you tell me if that’s medically accurate.

Yeah, and we have to do that because well, kids are going to be kids. They’re going to have sex anyway, no matter how many times people tell them not to, so we have to make sure they do it safely. Good, then I’ll tell you what, let’s bring guns into the classroom, and let’s teach them how to use guns safely. What do you say? We’ll bring the NRA in. Let’s have them teach that because they’re going to do it anyway, right? That’s your theory, not mine, they’re going to do it anyway. Why are you trying to teach them this is wrong if they’re going to do it anyway? Can you answer that? No, no, nope.

Kids will be kids, and I hate that argument. We’re treating kids as if they’re just nothing more than stupid animals. They’re not. They’re unable to exercise any discernment, any self-control. Follow that logic, follow that logic, because if you do, it’s pointless to tell kids to abstain from sex because they’re going to just do it anyway.

Well, why bother to tell them about contraception really because why would we expect them to suddenly listen to that advice when they’re going to do it anyway? Why would we expect them to do anything? They’re going to do it anyway. It’s all a lie. It is a lie. You are capable of teaching this to your children. You are capable as a parent. Kids are capable of making decisions right now on what’s right and what’s wrong.

The government doesn’t even know itself what’s right and wrong anymore. They’re trying to figure it out as they go. You know what’s right and wrong. You’ve been trained to conform. Our kids have been trained to conform. We’ve all been trained we can’t figure it out on our own. It is your responsibility to educate your children, especially on matters of sex or anything else, but we’re trained to think it’s not our job.

The current school model serves to undermine the authority of the parent while elevating the teacher or the policeman or the politician or the nurse or anybody else, just not you. I ask you to strongly challenge the current system. Do not conform. Consider homeschooling if you can if there’s any way. It’s worth selling your car. It’s worth living in a smaller house. Do it. You can do it. But if you do, do not unplug from the school district. You’re still paying for that slop, and those kids are living around you.

We have a responsibility. Don’t let the education of your child begin and end at a government-run school. You will not recognize your kid after the indoctrination for 12 years. You train them up. You raise them up as the right way to go. It’s your job. It’s your right. It is your responsibility. I wasn’t there in the bedroom that night with you guys. You and your husband or your wife were. It’s your job. Mine, my kids. No one can ever take that away from us. We should never give that response away. That responsibility is a profound blessing to each of us.

  • Anonymous

    Things are so very wrong, turned upside down and most people seem oblivious or don’t care. People didn’t used to be oblivious and they did care. Somewhere along the way discernment and caring were abandoned in the pursuit of a false “freedom” and man-made “rights”. We got fat and lazy. Those who said “it” would never get this bad (in order to push their agenda) have seen it get “this bad” and even worse. And we’re just getting started.

    People are throwing away true freedom and rights with both hands, a yawn and a pen.

  • Evolution_It’s a Theory

    And that folks is exactly why my wife and I are homeschooling….

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely. Their mentality is: since we’re surrounded by evil (they’ll never call it that) and the kids will eventually do evil, let’s train them to do evil in a “responsible” and “safe” way.

      • Jason Gary

        It’s far less about evil vs. good, and more about how presumptuous and cavalier liberals are with other people’s… everything! They take liberties with other peoples’ money, others’ beliefs, others’ rights, others’ parental sovereignty… nothing is sacred to a liberal. Being a moderate, I probably personally agree with everything the school tried to show in those posters, but it IS NOT a public school’s right to give my kids advice about sex. END OF STORY.

        • Anonymous

          The problem, in part, is that the “permissives” won’t stop there and there appears to be an acceleration of the number of permissives. Whatever you may consider moderate now, the liberals will begin to consider as “extreme”, “stone age” and “hateful”. I agree with your last comment, the sex “advice” has has no place in school. None.

    • Gdrake

      I applaud you but at some point they will outlaw this, be vigilant

  • Jenn

    ok….lets think about this for a minute…..obummer asked God to bless Planned Parenthood and allows that child murdering institution to allow their type of sex education into the schools….why are parents outraged now when they should have been outraged the first time it became “LAW” that sex ed was to be taught in schools and that you couldn’t even graduate high school unless you take that class???…sex is supposed to be taught at home and with love….take your children out of school and home teach them….HOME SCHOOLING ROCKS!!!

  • IT 2 IT

    BTW —-WHY has there been NO accounting
    ——-for the DELIBERATE,
    ————————organized and coordinated,
    ——————————-CAP-stone engineered,
    —————————————handover of the ENTIRE american economy
    ————————to globalist serf borg RED CHINA????????????

    ISN’T that TREASON?

    AREN’T these TRAITORS???


    • Krimsen King

      good questions… the oligarchs may have committed treason by investing in chinese slave labor, true… but at the very least, it is utterly immoral and reprehensible. Well done, IT 2 IT :)

  • Doc Clear

    Honestly… ALL THE TEACHERS ARE DRUGGED. Very few are actually in reality now. Go through a school or anywhere and you’ll find that most people are on mood altering drugs. And it takes away their ability to give a crap. Even in private schools. They’re all on drugs.

    • Beth Mast

      well, I have been a teacher for 15 years and I can tell you I am not on drugs. The children I have are respected and loved and cared for as if they were my own. They are responsible learners so they will be responsible people when they leave my care. They know what they need to learn. I am nor responsible for them when they leave my care. But when they are with me they are behaved and take on learning as best they can. I do not and would not teach anything that I hear about hear. I would go to my principal’s office and the board office about this “learning material.” So for you to pass judgment on all teachers is absolutely wrong. You need to understand that many teachers, you will find them at every education level, care and want the best for the children that are in their care.

      • Doc Clear

        I’m not passing judgement on all teachers. You should notice that after I stated my alert (which was made for attention), that I go on to say that few are in reality now. Not NONE. Congratulations for standing on your morals AND doing it while not being medicated. And I sincerely do mean it. The only problem is that for every good teacher (and there are GREAT teachers), there are tons of ones who aren’t so good. Do you not admit that most take mood altering drugs? And most of the time are the first to try and get the kids on them too? The thing is… it’s everywhere and the principal’s job isn’t to run the school as much as it is covering for the teachers and running interference. I wouldn’t expect a lot of bad teachers to be reading Glenn Beck, but the mood altering drug craze reaches over all boundaries. It’s not just the teaching profession, but a concentration of having to deal with kids AND parents does make a ripe environment for some sort of leveling agent. I applaud anyone who can withstand the lure of being deadened to life’s hardships (which also means deadened to the good stuff too) and to let kids (and especially boys) be kids and not drugged in a haze.

        • Mrs. GMS

          non of the staff at my school but one with health issues are on drugs. PFFTTT. It isn’t a profession that you can zone out. YOu are responsible for 25 other people all day.

          • Doc Clear

            PFFTTT?!? Wow… just wow.

      • Frances Clark

        I know you were upset here but you really should have checked your spelling. I know some very fine teachers but I also know that many are just trying to survive. Our schools have got to do a better job. My niece’s junior high class read porn out loud in class until a parent stepped in. My fifth grade grand daughter’s class read The Hunger Games out loud in class. Come on people lets use some common sense.

    • Mrs. GMS

      you don’t know. I have never taken more than advil. Don’t lump all teachers in with what you do or so

    • Michael Brennan

      Where do you come up with such nonsense ?

      • Doc Clear


        Not sure if it will show as a link or you have to copy any paste. This isn’t validation, but what I’ve experienced. The last post on there sums it up pretty well. And I’m not inferring that this is a teacher only problem, far from it. 1:5 Americans (in 2011!) so it’s probably 1:4 now are on Anti-depression or anxiety medications. Once you realize it and listen… they tell you all the time. Whether it’s talk about happy pills or a new medication… most are quite open about taking them. It doesn’t space you out like a line of coke, but it does dull your reactions and cause you to care less. Regardless of how much you think or want to care. That’s the whole point of the medication. The only problem is that once people are dulled down… it makes it easier to pull this crap. If you are in the teaching profession and not taking any anti-anxiety or depression meds… just listen with an open mind. You’ll be surprised what you hear once you start listening.

  • ken.

    search ” pass the trash laws ” it’s only a scuff mark on the surface of the problems with the public school system.

  • Anonymous

    Parents should remove their children from the public indoctrination centers posing as schools. Do whatever it takes – home school, private religious or non-religious school, school co-ops. Do it for the children. These liberals/leftists are out to corrupt our children, take over the parenting role and turn them into state owned sheep. People involved in this psychological and emotional sexual assault on children should be charged with corrupting the morals of minors, should have to register as sex offenders and barred from having contact with minors for life. Please parents – wake up and take charge of your children’s future. We owe them nothing less. With Common Core kicking in, this is only going to get much, much worse.

    • Tchr4lifeinNC

      What if people can’t afford private schools? Also, not all schools are pushing leftist agendas. I for one will not do it b/c I stand for our country and what is right by the Constitution! Second, one problem with our public schools is that parents and/or children are not held accountable anymore for class performance. We’re told, not to give too much homework b/c kids won’t do it… Well, if we didn’t do our homework, we were punished AT school and AT home! I’m really sad at the attacks on our schools and teachers. Remember things are learned from the top down! It might not be the teacher’s fault… they must have learned it from their superintendent!

      • Valarie

        Most private schools provide scholarships, grants, or partnerships. I know some folks who work volunteer hours in exchange for tuition. If you are open-minded, you can get your kids into private school.

  • SKH64

    IF my child was in public schools and I saw posters like this, I can tell you I would likely face a judge. I would rip it off the wall, and throw it in the trash on the way out the door with my child in hand…never to return. Any other person who showed this material to a child would be arrested and prosecuted. EVERYONE should be fired and arrested for doing this in CA

  • Anonymous

    Home schooling was the best decision that I ever made. Both children are successful and hard working. No trouble getting into college at all. Save your children from the leftist agenda.

  • Jsaucer

    We left CA 25 years ago because of their horrible schools, and it’s worse now. Their schools are nothing more than indoctrination camps for socialism and for erasing any morels that you have instilled in your child.

  • Jason Gary

    Holy $#it. I mean, I am NO prude, whatsoever; in fact, I can be downright vile 3/4 of the time — but when it comes to children… teaching school children to give oral sex even when their girlfriend is having her period… it’s just not their *place*… it’s not their right to take that kind of liberty with so many young minds. I can give my own son advice on oral sex. Let ME make that decision. You, public school, do NOT have that right.

    • Reneé Kunkel

      Doesn’t that idea stand against some religions as well? Where in the hell are they?

  • Ethan Campbell

    Not Gonna lie, those aren’t really that bad, and its also not hard to find them at that age, i have seen every single one of those on facebook. sheltering children from things also puts us in the state we are today, the bear grylls picture isnt really appropriate for that class at all though, its funny and disgusting but, its just like, people need to learn, kids are gonna find out anyway, kids are gonna have sex anyway, it’s how it works in these days, the more they know about how to prevent pregnancy before they enter high school the better, i know to many good girls in high school with successful futures ahead of them, stopped because of getting pregnant, teaching abstinence isn’t going to work, never has,never will.

  • Hard Truth

    As one of the parents said, the material is fine provided it is handled appropriately. It appears we have many administrators in the education system who have no clue as to who they are dealing with, in this case middle school students. Do any of these individuals really understand how material should be handled age-wise? Not to mention that some of the pictures make absolutely no sense…where they an “attempt” at humor? Really pathetic.

  • Jamie Lynn

    “Don’t give them the responsibility”. Very well said Glenn. My family instilled the Bible, morals and showed me the love of Jesus Christ from the day i was born. I was home-schooled till i was a junior, then i had made the decision to go into the secular world for the last two years of high school i had left. Just those two years had made such an impact on me, and it wasn’t in a good way. Seeing how far the schools have come from just the 7 years it’s been since i graduated, sickens me. Seeing things like this should make every parent in the world think twice about public schools, if they really care about their children. I have two kids, and i want nothing more than to do what my mom did for us. Sacrificed everything, social life, job and money to make sure we had the knowledge, the truth and the Word. And she never complained once…. It’s important people, “Do not conform”, “It’s your job, it’s your right, it is your responsibility”.

  • Mrs. GMS

    I am so sick of people thinking that the crazies of the school system is what we all are. Come on, get to know your district, the teachers, the staff. We here in a small town inAZ are super conservative, family oriented and yes we do make mistakes. But we have never never used common core or any of the other crazy crapy you see on the news. I am a great teacher who works my butt off to provide for students and their parents who don’t do their share.I spend years in college to be a good teacher and I am very insulted when people think my job is nothing or they have the knowledge to teach like I do without my same talents or skills.

  • Shawn Cameron

    Doesn’t Glenn know the first rule of Progressives?

    Always take CREDIT.
    Never accept RESPONSIBILITY.

  • Jeanne Miller

    Some fabulous things said.

  • Anonymous

    I, too, am a conservative Texas teacher, and believe me, there are some great teachers and districts out there. I’ve taught thirty-six years and have taught on the island of Guam, the Badlands of Wyoming, inner-city Houston, and finally in the last stage of my career……..East Texas, part of the Bible belt. Just be aware of what’s happening in your child’s district. If I’m ever asked to teach something that is against common decency or is detrimental to children in any way, I simply won’t teach it, and I’m not the only teacher who feels that way. Glenn, I’ve sent you this message before, email me. Better yet, come sit in a classroom for a week, or even teach in a classroom for a week. Then, we’ll discuss what you’ve learned about American youth and education in America.

  • Michael Brennan

    Glenn you have to be drinking again.

  • Lisa

    I am every day increasingly overwhelmingly grateful to be homeschooling my children!!! Is it a sacrifice? No! Its absolutely a God given calling not just to me but to all parents who care to raise their children in the values they hold dear. I’m getting to where I dread hearing the latest news about the Public school system or school shootings. It breaks my heart for the children and the parents who have no other choice but to send their children to the government run establishment. I agree that homeschooling or not, we should all care what goes on in those schools….we are paying for the “slop” the kids are being exposed to. I’m with Glen….somebody needs to be held accountable and fired!

  • Anonymous

    Satan is on a rampage!! He wants the children plain and simple.

  • Tim Leininger

    Glenn, a friend of mine in Virginia Beach posted yesterday that his junior high child came home saying he was taught that Pearl Harbor was a terrorist attack.

    • Anonymous

      Well, yeah what’s wrong with saying that. It WAS a terrorist attack. Japan attacked a navy yard in Pearl Harbor on a Sunday morning by dropping bombs on ships and destroying them. Sounds pretty darn terrorist -like.

  • Elena

    Home school! Put the b’tards out of business. Yes, “public education” is big business in America.

    • Anonymous

      Home schooling requires at least one parent or substitute parent to be home to teach. Hey, that’s why it’s called Home Schooling. Most families just can not make without two paychecks to pay bills, cover the the insurance premiums, and fed./ state taxes, .

  • Anonymous

    We homeschooled our children as well. Now that they are both in college, one with a full-ride at a Texas University, and the other at a private college in Georgia. Now, I am being approached by other parents who can not afford to homeschool their children. The progressives have almost completely destroyed the public education system. I pray that conservatives can continue to make progress in regaining control of major political positions in our nation.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway
  • Anonymous

    Very sad and upsetting… Hey Glen, ever
    watched the film “Idiocracy”? America is definitely heading that way…

  • Dimitri

    hahahah glen beck said “nasty ass”

  • Sandy Kizzen

    I would have been up to that school so fast and ripped my kids out. That is not education – that is discusting porn. Get the government out of our lives. Their responsibility is to protect us – not determine our morals.

  • jrmurphy

    I was homeschooled from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and just graduated from high school a few weeks ago. I can’t even begin to describe how blessed I was that my parents were willing to sacrifice so that I could pursue a valuable education. Glenn is right; it IS worth it. I’m so glad I never had to face this kind of abuse in public school.

  • Kelsey

    I definitely think that kids should have some type of sex education ie. puberty, pregnancy and childbirth, the SCIENCE of sexuality, not porn. Knowledge is power. Pornography should never ever be used in school to “educate”. But I also think that school should prepare you for real life- personal finances, how to change a tire, how to buy a house and the things you need for your everyday life.

  • Anonymous

    Such a prude. Gosh! Get over it, it’s the human body, our god-given anatomical form. Geez, Glenn, you are way to obsessed with children getting a glimpse of human genitalia.

  • Chris Layton

    It just makes me so angry thinking about what goes on in public schools and how much I shell out every year in property taxes to support them. It’s downright disgusting and it is high time to put this nonsense to a stop.

  • Anonymous

    There should be more teacher/academic comment on this subject. Thus far the preponderance of response appears outside the academic field.

  • Carla Lomas

    Amen. Amen. Amen. My mantra for YEARS has been “instead of sex education and gun control, what we need to be teaching kids is gun education and sex control “!!! As if people have ever needed lessons in sex. It is laughably sad.

  • Anonymous

    This is gonna sound far fetched but do you think maybe the teacher who showed that to middle school kids was trying to turn them away from even thinking about sex? By grossing them out so whenever they felt like they needed to “because everyone else does” the kids will remember those pictures? Common Core isn’t the problem, what is the problem is that the teachers can pick and choose anything from the whole 12 year program and make their lesson plans without anyone giving out any guidelines and rules. It’s a big reason why media shows things that push the envelope and why every fiction program is TV-14. There have to be rules or else there will be people who see how far they can take things.

  • Reality speaking

    Why is it that someone tries to imply on r young society about sex ed we get offended in seventh and eighth grade students 10 to 15 percent are sexually active. Another statistic is that 1 out of 3 teens are pregnant by 19. So when teach kids tell them the truth on what life is. Honesty and responsibility is what we need to teach our young. We should understand this and deal with it and not sweep our kids under the rug for another statistic!

    • Realistic mom

      If parents took the initiative to teach there children about contraception and healthy sex lives, then abortion wouldn’t be at a steady 25% rate of all pregnancies in the US. Some one had to step in. Prevention NOT abortion.

      • Anonymous

        The lie of contraception led to the lie of abortion. “The Pill” was never freedom. It was slavery.

        • Realistic mom

          How is the pill ‘slavery’? That’s just an insane statement. Giving couples the freedom to have sex and be able to plan and prepare for pregnancy results in healthier pregnancy and healthier babies. I’m against abortion but for contraception. Empowering a woman over her fertility is a blessing and REDUCES the number of abortions by preventing ovulation. Free contraception and ban abortion.

  • http://batman-news.com IT2 IT 2IT 2

    FIX education?

    AFTER siezing, auditing and prosecuting the DEADLY sinister
    CAP-stone foundations and ‘secret brotherhoods’ of ‘the plan’- – –

    BACK to SMALL schools and older teachers who’ve
    made teaching their life.

    BACK to classes with NO more than 10 students.

    BACK to the continuity and sanity of neighborhood,
    location and –REAL– intergenerationa culture.

  • Josie

    I saw these images years ago… they’ve been on the internet on sites such as 9gag and other various sites to be funny. Not saying the pictures were appropriate to show to middle schoolers and such, but I do think they were more an attempt to be funny and relate cause more than likely they have seen them as well. I’m 21 for the record, just a younger generation thing. Like the “woman on top” picture she was just standing on the guy. I live in the south and I WISH my school would have taught us about contraceptive methods. Instead it was just to be abstinent and that if you do you’ll get an STD and showed pictures of them. I wish they would have talked more about other options of birth control and options.

  • ax255

    If only most clueless conservatives had parents who had taken some kind of a sex ed class…we might have less stupid people on this planet…

    • Anonymous

      That would be FEWER stupid people, stupid person.

  • Krimsen King

    yes, glenn.. EVERYONE this school district is just so below your level of consciousness, that they can’t see how ‘unrighteous’ they are for trying to teach their kids about the human body and about sex before they go fumbling into it themselves.. yes, there’s no accountability for the parents in that school district, they have no input at school board meetings, and parent/teacher meetings, etc etc…. yes, EVERYONE involved is just SO incompetent or evil…. good grief, man, get a hold of yourself.. your sensibilities and sensitivities to nudity or sex or whatever DO NOT NEED TO BE SHARED BY EVERYONE ELSE.

  • Reneé Kunkel

    This crap is blurring the lines of what an adult can show and say in front of a child, and desensitizes a child to ignoring that creepy feeling they get when an adult is being inappropriate with them. The same EXACT methods are used by child molesters and abusers to gain a child’s trust in the face of what they think is wrong. It’s called GROOMING!

  • Haymitch Abernathy

    Since free markets spontaneously make us aware of where to apply our efforts, centralized planning and control are useless in free markets.

  • Cheryl L

    I am just coming face to face with this type thing in my daughter’s classroom (5th grade). So far, not this graphic, but I can see, and have been warned about, what’s down the road. Actually, I was told point blank, “you won’t be able to protect her in middle school.” It’s disgusting! After writing a letter to the editor in our local paper about a book that was being taught in the classroom that I considered to be age-inappropriate, the editor responded, referring to parents like me as a “hovering parent” who is “overprotective!” I feel sorry for the kids who don’t have hovering parents. Who is going to protect them? We’ll be homeschooling very, very soon!

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