‘Please don’t tell me about how poor you are': Glenn excoriates Hillary Clinton’s latest claims about being ‘dead broke’

Ahead of the release of her memoir Hard Choices, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has been making the rounds to discuss some of the more savory aspects of the book including the assertion that her family was “dead broke” when they left the White House in 2000 and why she deferred to “the experts” when it came to the September 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. On radio this morning, Glenn struggled to reconcile Clinton’s remarks.

“I guess I can handle the Hillary Clinton stuff now – ease myself into it,” Glenn said. “We have to put good food in our body. Hillary Clinton is not good food. You are what you eat. I don’t want to be Hillary Clinton.”

While Clinton has appeared in several interviews on several networks already, they chose to focus on the Diane Sawyer interview that aired Monday night on ABC.

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On the issue of Benghazi, Sawyer asked Clinton about the security threat Ambassador Chris Stevens faced. Clinton reiterated that Stevens was at the consulate by “his own choosing,” and refused to classify Benghazi as one of the most dangerous diplomatic posts.

It was important to have diplomatic assets. Were there security threats? Yes, and there are,” Clinton said. “There’s a long list of countries where there are security threats to Americans interests.”

When Sawyer asked if the consulate in Benghazi would be in the top 10 most dangerous, Clinton said “maybe in the top upper 10.”

“It wasn’t the top five, maybe the top upper 10,” Glenn said disgusted. “This person is such a politician, I can’t take it.”

One of the more surprising tidbits to come from Clinton’s book tour is the talking point that she and former President Bill Clinton were somehow “dead broke” upon leaving the White House. Considering, both Clintons command several hundred thousand dollars (minimum) for speaking engagements, and Hillary signed a $8 million book deal upon leaving the White House, her claims are hard to believe. Clinton has, however, doubled down on the claim.

“We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt,” Clinton told Sawyer. “We had no money when we got there, and we struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea’s education. You know, it was not easy.”

“Is that when she and Bill lived in the cardboard box under the bridge,” Pat quipped.

As she explained, Clinton believes it was better to make money through speaking engagements “than getting connected with any one group or company as so many people who leave public life do.”

“Please don’t tell me about how poor you are,” Glenn said. “’Honey, we’re going to have Hamburger Helper. Of course next week, we’re going to give that million-dollar speech and I guess we have my $8 million book deal. But we’re having Hamburger Helper this week. Nobody knows the trouble we’ve seen.’”

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the Clintons using their clout to make money via speeches or anything else, it is utterly disingenuous when you consider the ‘income inequality,’ progressive narrative they preach.

“How disingenuous are these people in general? Here are people who come out and tell us all the time about income inequality… and campaign finance laws. We can’t have big money from these corporations influencing these campaigns,” Stu explained. “[Yet] she will sit here for the next year making $200,000 speeches… which she can use, if needed, for her campaign. [The money is] coming directly from corporations… It will go around all the campaign finance laws that they wrote. It will go against all the premises of income and equality they fight for so hard and nobody will say anything. It’s infuriating.”

The silver lining in this otherwise infuriating situation? You many recall Clinton tried – and failed – to run for president just six years ago.

“The positive reminder here is, while everyone is telling you this woman is an absolute shoe in into president already, remember the reason she’s not our current president is because she is awful,” Stu concluded. “She blew it last time. She could easily blow it again this time. She’s not likable.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • landofaahs

    We were so poor when we lived rent free in the White House for 8 years and then we had to pay taxes and actually buy 2 houses and pay the upkeep on them while Bill was only making $200,000 a speech. How’s a couple of grifter snake oil salesmen supposed to live on that?

    • Watch it

      Hillary will lie to get what she wants – always has, always will. She is trying to be seen by voters as someone who is like them – has had the money worries, trials and tribulations etc. She thinks it will make a connection. Too bad the IRS didn’t really look into the filings they had to do. I am sure they never claimed all their assets and wealth – oh those off shore accounts!

      • Equis

        No kidding, she could never be like the every day voter because she would have to be In the real word and that’s not going to happen.

      • Anonymous

        “All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others.”
        I always got the impression from her that she sees herself as one of the ‘more equal’ animals.

  • landofaahs

    They were so poor Hillary could not afford to have the stains cleaned off her dress. And Bill had to settle for those little tiny cigars.

    • Anonymous

      I think you mean her pantsuits.

    • Anonymous

      That was Monica who had the stains on her dress!

  • Crassus

    This wretched woman is a lying, hypocritical pig. If you think Obummer is bad wait until the Benghazi Babe gets into the White House.

    • harrison j. bounel

      hear hear oink oink

      • JW Appling

        “All are equal except for the pigs.”

    • shashiznick

      It is a mystery to me how a nation of people can tolerate such an obvious pathological liar. Remember her and bill dodging bullets to visit Bosnia. And her erstwhile cohort in the white house is an even bigger fibber. Good God America!!!! Wake Up!!! These bastards mean to have your guns your voices and thus your freedom. Your offspring will be shackled to a future of misery that no man can break free from. Discard these devils and their Ideas before it’s too late.

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      God forbid! Don’t say it like it’s a shoe-in!

      • Commenter

        That would be shoo in.

    • BlueMN

      She’s not my 1st, or even 2nd or 3rd choice, but 8 years of President Hillary Clinton will give Beck and his Li’l Beckaroos on this site brain aneurysms. It might be worth it just for the lulz.

  • landofaahs

    Perhaps Hillary meant that she and Bill were morally bankrupt. On that I would agree.

    • Anonymous

      Yes that’s probably what it is really is the Clinton’s are morally bankrupt !!

    • Georgia

      that makes much more sense!!!

    • John Scott

      Two of a kind for sure. I actually think Bill and Hillary should go on tour as the people who can’t tell the truth. What is even more sad is the liberals who think they are so great. Those people don’t have much morals either I guess.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you mean like you said you spent your last dollar on your studio and then bought a $350,000 flag?

    • xiler

      Your a lier

      • Anonymous

        What do you allege I’m lying about, exactly?

      • Anonymous

        Both assertions I made are true. A couple weeks ago Glenn wrote ““We have huge plans. Unfortunately, those plans also have huge budgets, and we don’t have the money,” “I have written my last check. It is all in God’s hands now.” (ref here http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2014/05/15/glenn-becks-emotional-message-to-viewers-together-i-believe-we-will-change-the-world/ ) The price of the flag was reported here among other places http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/glenn-beck-buys-u-s-d-day-flag-350g-article-1.1823379 . Where’s the lie?

        • Watch it

          You are misleading…

          1. Glenn Beck”s Mercury One Charity paid for the flag.
          2. Beck’s Mercury Radio Arts, the business wrote his “last check”. These are two distinct and separate entities.

          Mercury Radio Arts is an incorporated multimedia production company through which Beck produces content for radio, television, publishing, the stage, and the Internet….. the Blaze.

          Mercury One is a non-profit organization, designed to sustain itself through its entrepreneurship without grants or donations. Beck developed a clothing line labeled “1791” which sells clothing to benefit the charity. That is what purchased the flag.

          Obviously the funds cannot be commingled among Mercury Radio Arts Inc., Mercury One Charity, or Glenn Beck personally.

          Another thought – “I have written my last check” does not mean there is no more money.

    • Anonymous

      Given your past posts, I am not surprised that you have no concept of differences between internal corporate budget allotments, or even the difference between company and personal funds. Or the time between the two events. Unlike you, Glenn has an audience that pays monthly to support his business ventures. Yes — that means that money arrives regularly… It’s like your welfare check, only he works for it. Back to your bridge, Troll.

      • Anonymous

        Having been an entrepreneur / investor 12 years, I know full well the difference between personal and business profit. In this case, it wasn’t business profit that was used at all.

        The flag was purchased by Beck and Mercury-one, Beck’s non-profit. Non-profits are granted special tax treatment in return for doing public good. You may argue that Mercury purchasing the flag may benefit the public somehow, but it seems more of personal interest of Beck’s, which raises the question of proper use of Mercury’s donor’s money.

        Recently, Beck said “We have huge plans. Unfortunately, those plans also have huge budgets, and we don’t have the money, I have written my last check.” Beck seems to be making a similar claim to the one he excoriates Clinton for, but then writes a check for $350,000 using his donor’s money. Do you see no irony in that?

        • Anonymous

          Living on welfare and buying booze is not the same as being an entrepreneur / investor.

          And no, I see no irony in a foundation making a purchase in line with it’s charter for $350,000. Which we both know is a very small amount in the types of budgets at play here.

          It’s a pathetic attempt to compare Hillary’s personal cry of poor with the ridiculous income her family receives PERSONALLY.

          • Anonymous

            Please produce evidence of my source of income and what I buy with it. If you’re going to make a accusation, back it up.

            …a charity that gets tax breaks to buy memorabilia for the executive’s personal interest. Hmm. Sounds sketchy to me. How does this flag displayed in Beck’s building benefit the public exactly?

            Clinton’s claim is disingenuous, but Beck’s calling the kettle black here.

          • Anonymous

            You are your own evidence. Your commentaries and behavior reinforce everything I’ve said on a daily basis.

            …and no, it’s not a case of the pot calling the kettle black. It’s a case of a foundation preserving an important piece of American history. You refuse to see the obvious truth in front of your own face, because you have an agenda.

            Hence…..back to your bridge, Troll.

          • Anonymous

            How, exactly, do you my comments lead you to invent that I’m on welfare? I’d like to understand your logic.

            Beck did claim he wrote his last check. I think that was a bit of an exaggeration, so I do think he’s calling the kettle black when he calls Clinton out on her exaggeration.

            OK, there is an argument that it’s legitimate for a non-profit to spend its money on preserving a piece of history. I think Beck just wanted the flag. Perhaps Mercury’s donors are fine with the way they’re money’s being spent.

        • Watch it

          Mercury One Charity has specific funds you can donate to, like
          Mercury One General Fund
          Disaster Relief Fund
          Active Military and Veterans Support Fund
          Israel Support Fund
          Values and Voices
          Children First Fund
          Money donated to these funds is not used for Mercury One operational costs.

    • Crassus

      He might have bought the flag using money he doesn’t have. Your Democratic buddies in government do that all the time. What’s your problem? It’s the American way according to you and your kind. Beck might be following your lead here.

      • Anonymous

        Press reported that Beck used his and his charity’s money, Mercury-One. Non-profits are granted special tax treatment in return for doing public good. You may argue that Mercury purchasing the flag may benefit the public somehow, but it seems more of personal interest of Beck’s, which raises the question of proper use of Mercury’s donor’s money.

    • Harry Seeword

      surprised you have time to be posting here. shouldn’t you be reading hillary’s new book? if you haven’t purchased it yet, I understand it’s already half off.

      • Anonymous

        As a two-term senator, secretary of state, and numerous achievements for causes regarding health, children, women and human rights, she may have something interesting to say. Like it or not, Clinton will be a formidable candidate if she runs.

        • Harry Seeword

          Her achievements are as genuine as her claims of poverty, although I agree that she would be a formidable candidate, especially if there is no conservative alternative.

    • Eric Sean

      You are a troll nothing more! Be gone maggot!

      • Anonymous

        Do you really want silence those with a different opinion than yours? If you listen to Beck, you’ll hear that he’s been discouraging that kind of thinking lately.

    • Dave Ivie

      At least Glenn is spending his own money, and doesn’t claim to be poor.

      • Anonymous

        First, it’s been reported that Beck used his and charity’s money ( http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/glenn-beck-buys-u-s-d-day-flag-350g-article-1.1823379 )

        Recently, Beck said “We have huge plans. Unfortunately, those plans also have huge budgets, and we don’t have the money, I have written my last check.” Beck seems to be making a similar claim to the one he excoriates Clinton for, but then writes a check for $350,000 using his donor’s money. Do you see no irony in that?

        • Dave Ivie

          It’s not similar in the least. You are avoiding the entire point of the article, and are attempting to redirect attention onto Glenn. Hillary is trying to connect with her constituents claiming that she and Bill were broke and in so much debt upon leaving the White House. She’s reiterating Bill’s overused statement, “I feel your pain.” Notice in her statement how they couldn’t afford houses…plural! Hillary knows nothing about what it is like to be poor. She was born into wealth, went to the best and most expensive schools, and had a platinum spoon in her socialist mouth the entire time. She married Bill, rode his coat tails into the Governor’s mansion in Arkansas, and then into the White House. Upon leaving the White House, the Clintons did actually owe some real money. But they also received $23 million in book advances, more than offsetting any debt. They moved to NY, bought a mansion that was coined by local neighbors as the “Clinton Compound.” She then won the senate seat, and has continued with her political career that guarantees her 6 figures for speaking engagements. And yet somehow, we are supposed to feel sorry for the poor, under privileged Mrs. Cankles? You may hate Glenn Beck…you may think he spent too much money on a WWII artifact, but he’s not trying to snow anyone into thinking he is something that he is not. Glenn didn’t grow up in a wealthy family, has clearly hit some major bumps through life but became is a self made man anyhow. He embodies the American dream in ways Hillary wishes she could, but never will.

          • Anonymous

            I agree there are huge differences between Beck and Clinton. Beck is an entertainment businessman first and foremost. Clinton is a public servant. Clinton has a sharp intellect and is a natural born leader. Beck is an innovative huckster evangelist opportunist. Yes, big difference.

  • DonkeyHoatie

    As career public “servants” they have pensions from each of their prior jobs, totaling hundreds of thousands per year for the rest of their lives. POTUS and Governor don’t exactly pay small potatoes for pensions, and that was before she picked up some pensions of her own for Senator and SecState.

    The only reason they could be “broke” would be if they’d incurred debts exceeding their substantial income, which wouldn’t be surprising considering how they manage money while in office.

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      Paying their fines, etc., for Bill’s philandering lawsuits against him after he left office. That’s how he lost his license to practice law in Arkansas.

  • https://www.facebook.com/TheAngryAmericans?ref=hl The Angry American

    Proven fact is that all Democratic presidents steal, why? because they are only for themselves and power and nothing else… I think if every Democrat politician past and present was audited today..there would be enough money found that it would pay the debt off twice..you know the deficit that the democrats keep blaming on the people, so Americans dont watch them as they steal more billions

  • TheDude

    Bill also gets a tax free $200,000.00 a year pension. So while i dont consider $200,000/year rich a $16,000.00/month income is lot deffirent then being broke….

    • Sue

      Sounds rich to me!

  • Anonymous

    You ought to be ashamed Hillary Clinton… I do not think you know what poor is.. .I do. I was eating out of trash cans in my teens… had to quit high school at 17 and went into the military at 17 years old because my father could not take care of me along with my three of my brothers. You are a hypocrite and will get rewarded according to your works. Read your Bible… oh, if you can afford one!

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      She doesn’t believe in God… that’s Communism for you… atheism.

  • harrison j. bounel

    who is the bigger liar? barrack or hillary? they both seem to only open their mouths to change feet. i can tell they are lying cuz they lips are moving. when do we get someone honest? dang. im moving to ecuador or panama if she wins. ive had it with fiscally stupid presidents and ruining america for our kids. not to mention lying sacks of sh*t

  • Anonymous

    If the Select Committee on Benghazi does not put this woman in prison, then Trey Gowdy and everyone on the committee is completely incompetent. 4 Americans were murdered as a result of Hillary’s and Barry’s lack of leadership. Barry should be impeached and Hillary should wind up with free food and rent for life in a federal prison.

    • Brawler

      Exactly, why isn’t Barry , low IQ and affirmative action person, being imeached by the incompetent House?

      • Rhonda Renee Sessions

        Because all the House can do, and they know it, is bring the Articles of Impeachment against Obama… similar to a Grand Jury indictment. The Senate has to hold the trial to actually impeach him, and with his most fanatic fan in control of the Senate, Harry Reid, it ain’t gonna happen. That’s why the push to get the Senate back, and why it’s SO important to get the RINOs (Establishment GOP) out of control, too. Then we can get the impeachment done. That’s why Obama is on a fast ‘n furious track to finish his agenda… before the next Congress convenes.

      • Anonymous

        The US Congress has “NO balls”, it’s just that simple, they’re all impotent. Here we have constitutional violation after constitutional violation – the creation of an Imperial presidency – and the impotent Congress won’t defend their turf. So it comes downs to “No Balls”. There’s plenty of evidence to Impeach Barry Hussein. Barry will go down in history as having been the most destructive president in history and this Congress (both Republicans and Democrats) will go down as the most impotent in history.

        10,000’s of illegals are coming across our southern border, which is huge national security issue, and no one can seem to do anything about it. I don’t like Rick Perry personally, but if he really wants to be president, all he needs to do is call out the Texas National Guard and seal the border. “Seal it up Rick”. And when the federal government comes forward to tell him that he can’t do that, he needs to tell them that until the federal government seals the border, the Texas National Guard is staying. Period Barry – period.

        If Rick Perry has the stones to do that, he’ll be the next President.

  • http://thedoctorwhocurescancer.com/ TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    Did the Clintons apply for the first “Liar Loan” to get their million dollar home?

    Lender: I see here you have a total of $8 million dollars in debt to four law firms…

    Clintons: “Look! Squirrel!”

  • Anonymous

    The Clinton’s “left the White House” and moved into three separate, multi-million dollar estates (and they have overseas estates as well). While on a visit to the WHouse in 2007, I was admiring an original painting when a staff member told me that it was one of the pieces of art taken by the Clinton’s when they departed the WHouse. The donor of the painting (a well-known movie producer) personally went to the Clinton’s to “retrieve the painting” and return it to the White House curator. This statement by Ms Clinton is (1) false and (2) underscores why she should NOT be in charge of the Federal Budget.

    • Joel Michael Ellis

      The theft of White House (i.e., GOVERNMENT) property during their departure was among one of their many misdeeds. Also vandalism in the form of removing all the W keys from keyboards to spite the incoming President.

      • Em

        yup. like Obama they are cruel, mean-spirited people.

      • Anonymous

        Yes – the destruction of the keyboards and other West Wing furnishings, wall paper, etc was confirmed on that visit as well. The painting was a Norman Rockwell original.

    • Sue

      Wow. I never heard that story. That must have been embarrassing. lol

      • Rhonda Renee Sessions

        Yep, they did it. I remember it well.

  • 8gary8

    Let us be charitable, Hillary meant to suggest she & Bill thought they were “dead broke.” Meanwhile, they are pretending to be rich. Thus, we all should know, as a prerequisite, it is best to pretend to be poor when, in fact, she pretends to be rich. In short, is it not preposterous to suggest being “dead broke” when Bill & Hillary are dead rich?

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      Guess she has that backwoods, hillbilly Arkansas mentality… dead broke like the poor white trash that lives in Arkansas (NOT!).

  • Harry Seeword

    Clinton Presidential pension is $400K.

  • Route 66 West

    In 2000 she signed that book deal before she left the White House. “Senator-elect Hillary Rodham Clinton agreed last night to sell Simon & Schuster a memoir of her years as first lady, for the near-record advance of about $8 million. ” NYT 12/16/2000

  • BigBen

    Uh, is she forgetting the $400,000 per year Bill made for 8 years as President???

    • Watch it

      Plus they lived rent free in one of the DC’s grandest mansions – all expenses paid.

  • Harry Seeword

    If only one day I could be as broke as Bill and Hillary Clinton.

  • Greg Mckenzie

    She had debt? Oh no, life must have been so terrible! It’s all your fault if your husband makes several hundred thousand a year and you’re broke.

  • Val

    They were so broke, she stole some of the “carpets” and trinkets from the W H. the W H demanded she return them . She had already placed them in their new home, and was using them ??? A COMMON THIEF ! AND a LIAR. Vote Republican all the way in 2016. It’s time to clean house…..

    • Brawler

      Never underestimate the intelligence of the voting public.

    • Rick Steele

      Hillary also said that Bill was “working hard.”

      That’s what SHE said!

  • Anonymous

    Hillary Clinton will do anything to be president. this proves it. she never lived in poverty in her life. and I read that her brothers were spoiled brats. she sucks

    • Anonymous

      “she never lived in poverty in her life”

      No but she did have to live in Arkansas, which she resented as backwoods hick country the whole time. How Bill got elected with her hating the state he Governed, I’ll never figure out.

      • Anonymous

        Must have been similar to how Obama got elected with his wife hating the country he ‘leads.’

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, people have forgotten the deal the Clintons negotiated for their house in Chappaqua, N.Y. The mortgage payment was 10 k / month. They provided office space for the Secret Service detail on the property. They charged the Secret Service rent …. 10 k / month. No former President had ever done this before or since. Watch out for the Obama’s .

  • Dave Ivie

    She is either a horrendous liar, or incredibly incompetent at managing finances. Take your pick. Either way – not someone who should be holding the office of POTUS.

  • Ezra Tank

    I’m sorry but Hillary just put all the nails in her 2016 coffin with that statement.

    “We came out of the White House not only dead broke, but in debt,”
    Clinton told Sawyer. “We had no money when we got there, and we
    struggled to, you know, piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses (plural), for Chelsea’s education. You know, it was not easy.”

    To me this is just as bad as Romney’s 47% comment.

    You signed an $8 million dollar book deal, Bill gets $100K+ per speech plus this:

    “The retirement benefits received by former Presidents include a
    pension, Secret Service protection, and reimbursements for staff,
    travel, mail, and office expenses. The Presidential pension is not a
    fixed amount, rather it matches the current salary of Cabinet members
    (or Executive Level I personnel), which is $191,300/year as of March,
    2008 (but see “Salary Info” section above for advice on how to track
    increases in this figure).”

    Yeah you left the White House dead broke. This is an insult to
    the people you profess to care so much about who are struggling to put
    food on their table, not lose their job, and somehow explain to their
    kids why they need to graduate college with massive debt. Oh and BTW I
    bet Chelsey has no debt from attending Stanford.

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      Well, we know that Romney’s 47% comment was actually the truth.

  • Thomas A. Rice

    Bankrupt? How is it that she was able to buy a residence in upstate NY so that she could run for Senate? and also, Bill Clinton bought an office in Harlem-neither of which are cheap. Bankrupt? Morally perhaps.

  • Anonymous

    They’re using the legal bills they racked up defending themselves from such things as lying under oath. They then refused to pay the legal bills, begging others to do so. She is now putting these legal “debts” that they refused to pay up against their income at the time so as to be able to make the “broke” claim. They had plenty of money then and they kept it. Old Bill’s been running around talking about how rich they are. They could have gotten a loan from any bank in the world against their income potential, just on Bill’s retirement alone, so they never EVER had to worry about losing everything like ordinary Americans now do under liberal policies. Nope she’s lying now, she lied then, and she’ll lie in office if, heaven forbid, she makes it.

    • Anonymous

      I think you mean CONTINUE to lie in office….if she is given another one.

  • Ezra Tank
  • racindavid

    hillary …..

  • Anonymous

    Ummm, do the names Marc and Denise Rich ring a bell?

    • Anonymous

      Naw, the Rich’s gave money for Bill’s shaped-like-a-single-wide-trailer of a presidential library.

  • Magic_Physicist

    Wish I was “Clinton Broke”

    Be nice to have over $10 million dollars before the phony books even came out.

    He gets to write about the fat girl under the desk and she gets to tell us it was a “Right-wing conspiracy” again.

    Funny even Obama supporters just spit out “Richard Nixon” or “GW” when it comes to crooked scams and secrets………hell do I have to tell you why they actually made President Nixon resign????

    For having a couple guys spy on the left-wing competition…..BFD as the kids say.

    He NEVER did all these crooked things the Obama administration has done so far.

    And before any of you left-wingers comment maybe you should check out the facts and how John Kerry and Bill and Hillary are the jackasses that went after Nixon and the video proof is on the C-Span collection.

    Trying to blame the Vietnam war on Nixon……….I guess they forgot the guy who started was the same one that hopped on Marilyn Monroe and then continued by LBJ…….and handed over to Richard Milhous Nixon who ended it and brought the rest home.

    Every one of my friends are Vietnam Veterans instead of you weed smoking half asleep second generation hippies.

    • Rhonda Renee Sessions

      That depends upon what you mean by “start” of the war. Both Presidents Truman and Eisenhower sent military advisers to South Vietnam and Kennedy did the same, only in larger numbers. It was President Johnson who asked Congress to provide the executive with the power to use force, as much as necessary, to protect our interests in South Vietnam.

  • Anonymous

    wrong noun – they left the COUNTRY broke! ole Billy Boy and his minions did a great job of inflating the the housing bubble – more social engineering gone awry…….. (not saying Bush didn’t have a hand in it eventually.)

  • Anonymous

    I can hear SHILLARYS Voice, in her southern Black Pastor Accent,, “I aint to Proud to Beg.. Brother, sister, can you spare a dime?”

    What a bunch of crap, remember the mess the staffers made of the White house as they moved out? Maybe Hillary sold all those ‘W’ keys, missing from all the computer keyboards on eBay, to buy Hookers for Bill…

  • Anonymous

    You notice Hillary and all her fellow travelers don’t recognize none
    cash assets as worth anything. Sure, they were twelve million in
    debt (I wonder why?) but they had all the words to speak and write to
    get them to millionaire status in no time. More unsettling is she sees
    herself as the agent that could make this happen for others rather
    than seeing that it is our free enterprise system and our wonderful
    constitution and the rule of law that has gotten this country to where it is
    today. Her philosophy will only increase the burdens on our economy
    by increasing regulations, raising taxes and giving no mind to the need
    to repeal ObamaCare. God help us if another Democrat gains the
    White House in 2016!

  • Anonymous

    You people have got to show more compassion for Hilary. Is it her fault that the standard of living is so high in Washington D.C. ? When she becomes President she will be entirely self-supporting. Once she and her husband are back in the White House they will seek campaign-support from close personal friends like James Riady. This will give them unlimited access to direct bribes from totally illegal foreign campaign-contributors. They will also seek support from other wealthy patrons,..like Marc Rich. I am sure the Clinton’s will issue another full-pardon if the “reward’ match’s their demands. The monetary “reward’ could be discretely deposited in a “numbered account” in a small bank in Switzerland.

  • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

    The old cow must be getting senile to spew nonsense like this.
    This was a BIG slip and it is going to cost her chances.
    She must have hit her head really hard when she slipped last time.

  • Kate

    What is amazing is that she believes what she is saying. She
    really has convinced herself that she had a hard time of it coming out of the
    White House. And it is yet another indicator that she lives in a dream world
    that is of her own choosing. When you
    can turn lies into facts, wants into needs and really believe they are true, at
    that point most of the general population would be committed to an asylum.

  • Anonymous

    She can’t schmooze like Bill. At least Bill is likable.

  • Anonymous

    The Clintons’ were ‘dead broke’ when they left the White House? I guess that’s why she stole the White House silverware!!!

  • Robert Lefebvre

    If Hillary’s claim is right, about being broke, I sure don’t want her running the Country, it’s broke enouhg as it is!

  • Take 2

    Just what we need is another dead broke President with obviously hidden funds over seas. It’s probably why Moma Barack mysteriously went to Spain ie shortly after the cap and trade rights deal went down. And before The BP Oil spill.

  • Anonymous

    Her and bill are morally, ethically and religiously totally bankrupt individuals forever!! This is the same for a majority of Dems and ALL of the administration including obama!!! Who would have ever imagined that a group of people like they are would be in charge of our great nation that they are Hell bent on destroying to punish us and our children’s children to come!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone stupid enough to believe these lies. When Bill used his clout for settlement with the tobacco industry her brothers’ (Rodham) law firm got 3 billion dollars of the settlement. Anyone in his right mind knows that was the biggest brother and law deal ever achieved. So her brothers lawfirm got a settlement that would have never been possible without Bill Clinton is going to let his little sister suffer?
    Where do we get these people, you can’t make this stuff up.
    The woman is a habitual… and you can guess what that means.
    Read and weep for her at this site. substitute dot for a period
    realchange dot org/hillary dot htm

  • Red

    For argument sake lets just assume Hillary is telling the truth and somehow managed to go bankrupt while in the White House.

    If that’s really the case then I’d have to say that you’re not fit to run the country under any circumstances if you couldn’t balance your own budget with a Presidential salary and all the perks.

  • Mary Staley

    Ohhh, but did they forgot
    about raping and pillaging the WH and AF1 as they were leaving office? I guess they did, but I didn’t….dirt bags!!!!!

  • Harry Seeword

    5 times the median income…per speech. Yes, woman of the people.

  • Anonymous

    The Clintons would not know what broke is if it hit them in the face. I would like to see them live like one of the middle class people who are now one of the lower class thanks to her party’s wonderful work. Between lost retirement, much higher cost of living, and insurance/medicare fees. Try it Hillary, see if you like it.

  • Flowerhen

    Oh please…This is just Hillary setting the stage for her presidential run….she doesn’t want to be viewed as the rich pig that she is. Remember what they did to Mitt Romney, and remember O-idiots remarks about how “Michelle and I were not that fortunate”…as Mitt Romeny. PALEEEEEZE !!!! Pathetic and Despicable liars !!!

  • William Dear

    Dont hate on Hamburger Helper

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    that plump body sure looks like it has always eaten well, you will never see her in a bathing suit

  • Budd Gilbert

    Wait, isnt she the one who turned a 10K investment into a 100K investment virtually overnight? And can someone explain to me me how someone who makes 250K a year with almost every bill paid for and a 200K retirement salary, be broke? If they couldnt save any money and manage their budget in those 8 years, then why should we trust her to manage our country’s budget?

  • Anonymous

    I just wish I was as broke as the clintons !!!!!! Morally they are bankrupt/ I just notices that landofaahs sais the same thing!

  • Kara

    She is appalling!! Just disgusting!! Come live at my house the day before payday and I will show you dead broke!!! Ignorant woman!!!

  • bud

    Genn is doing his usual money talk .

  • Sue

    I saw a clip of her stating that Ambassador Stevens was in Benghazi ” of his own free will”. Everyone who was shot/killed in that movie theatre was there of their own free will, too. Does that mean it’s their fault they got killed? The man was doing his job. Most people are praised for giving 110% but not Ambassador Stevens. He brought it upon himself. Really?? The look on her face was so smug, like that explained everything. She has completely absolved herself from any wrong doing. I have a real problem with people who are not accountable and a lot of respect for people who admit wrongdoing and try to fix something they broke. You have to “Pay the Piper” if you are going to play that game. She does not fall into the respect category. If she worked with me she’s one of those that would listen to everything everyone says and throw them under the bus if it meant she came out looking better. As for being “dead broke”, gimme a break. Sell one of your houses.

  • Em

    CLINTON = liar
    Bill, check.
    Hillary. check.
    Chelsea. likely trained in the same way with a 3rd generation soon to follow.

    so Hill says they were broke? Suuure…if Bill hadn’t lied they wouldn’t have all those lawyers and fees to pay for. BooHoo.

  • Sylvia J Milligan

    Wish she had to live on my 28000 a year and I had to live on her “broke”. Out of touch with the working class as usual..

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    well i think the fellas have crystalized almost every one of my thoughts here.

    i feel better.

  • Kathryn M Grigereit

    16,000.00/month is broke? Wow.. must be a killer with the purchase of that 5 bedroom hone the just bought in New York.. to bad the rest of us that work 40-80 hours a week can’t even afford braces for our kids, a car payment, or have to chose between which bills to pay and which not to pay so that your children do not go without! Yea, really broke huh!! But I see non of them willing to help us little people out to justify the “were broke” comment!!!

  • chip griffin

    still worrying about everything but what’s important huh glen. start with the skull on stu desk…it is your country or should i say you big fat pay check that is going away. laugh some more glen all the way to the bank. the good times are getting the last look now.

  • Anonymous

    If she managed their personal money that poorly think what she will do to this country. She might even make Obama look good.

  • Roger Reid

    We were broke and we stayed that way for….oh….maybe an hour or so!

  • Taraveah

    Everytime “these people” speak the song “lies, lies, lies yeah” comes to mind.

  • Katrina Rose-Lewis

    She is trying to play to the poor…making them think she knows how they feel because she has been poor too. Any blind person can see that. Sorry Killary not all of us poor people are dumb. Some of us are poor thanks to Mr. Obama & his no full time jobs program because of Obamacare. You think we want another democrat in office??

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the next time she tells this story of their financial struggles, she can lapse into her “black” voice to make it sound more credible. “Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen.”

  • Anonymous

    If Hillary really wanted to help Americans she could teach us how to take $1,000, plunk it down on pork bellies and turn it into $100,000 overnight. C’mon on, Hill. Do tell.

  • Rhonda Renee Sessions

    “Dead broke”, my a$$. If anyone remembers, they vandalized and cannibalized the White House when they left it. They were so pissed off because Al Gore didn’t win the presidency, to come in behind them. They STOLE from the People, and still do!

  • Anonymous

    She has lied most of her life, nothing has changed!

  • Anonymous

    The fat ditzy little blonde chick with the really thick glasses, who wants to be the next prez, is a fat little pathetic liar..like always…..

  • Anonymous

    We should demand politicians only speak through a lie detector so we know if any truth is slipping through! Their back door deals while they are holding ” official offices” should be criminal too. Look at all the people who go to DC ” thousand-aires” and in just a few short years they are ” millionaires!” Gee. How does that happen

  • Johnny Ringo

    How you like how the liberal press refer to her being judged for appearance eluding her lying track record.

  • Bonnie Somer

    morally bankrupt thats for sure but broke hardly she is also a progressive like the pres she is the female version of him y would we want that

  • Anonymous

    Why has no one other than Jesse Waters, on The Five, mentioned how the Clinton’s ransacked the White House when they left. Remember them stealing the china.

  • Anonymous

    Barbara Olsen, writes about he despicable Clinton’s very well:”The Final Days-The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White
    House” By Barbara Olsen

    Olsen died in the Pentagon 9-11 attack and her book was held until until
    the country recovered somewhat. This book exposes the Clinton’s for the
    horrible people they truly are.

    Mrs. Olsen details how the Clinton’s and Rodham’s [Hillary’s relatives]
    enriched themselves with “Pardons For Sale” in a mad rush to sell
    pardons as Bill left office on the last day including Marc Rich, with his
    connections to Castro, Gaddafi even asking his brother Roger for names
    from his prison days. Clinton signed 140 pardons and 36 sentence
    commutations on the last day causing one commentator to say”not since
    the opening of the gates to the Bastille have so many criminals been
    liberated in a single day”

    In a flurry of activity Clinton set aside 8 new national monuments and
    signed executive orders like a rock star at an autograph session.He
    filled 2000 pages of federal regulations snowmobiles in national parks.
    to air conditioning, to the very definition of existence for his
    abortion friends, He nominated 9 new Federal Judges and packed every
    available board and commission with his pals and cronies and contributors.

    Hillary shamelessly solicited gifts-a shakedown artist in a pink dress-
    and how the Clinton White House followed the principle of “if it ain’t
    nailed down take it” a disgusting act of stealing from taxpayers their
    property in the white House to fill a new mansion in New York Senator
    Clinton, a carpet bagger from Arkansas.” There is far more…..

  • http://www.bourgeoisviews.blogspot.com/ Anonymous

    What’s with the sarcasm? Hillary Clinton was stating facts that when she and Bill Clinton left the White House, they were not only broke but owed over 10 million dollars. She didn’t say they stayed that way. She didn’t say they were still dead broke.

  • John Scott

    Hillary Clinton is a perfect example of a power hungry politician. Who never cares about serving the people. Its truly only about power and control. The scary part is that you know she is so cold that the people who died in Benghazi because of her never bothers her. Because she convinces herself and I imagine the people close to her convince her. That its not her fault. She is like Obama, they can never see themselves as being wrong. She should never be allowed to hold any office again. She is incapable of serving the people. She is self serving exclusively.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot even stomach listening to that women??—Anymore!!!!

  • http://www.rainforestpress.com/ Randy Dutton

    They bought two expensive houses. How about we look at the mortgage applications that must reflect income, assets, and liabilities. Income must be ‘seasoned’, so if both were ‘unemployed’, what did the mortgage lender use as income? How did they get around the FHA requirements? What ‘sweet deals’ did they get from the bank? If they were ‘broke’, what lies did they spin? What was their credit rating? And when will we get back the furniture they stole?

  • Brenda Sue Lewis-Sullivan

    Not only that…am I the only one who heard her back up Obama and the release of the 5 for a deserter by saying he had to listen to people in the know, people trusted to bring him the truth about situations but yet, Bush caught hell for doing the same thing and going into Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction.
    Plus how hard they had to work she said that 3 or 4 times, like the America public don’t know what hard work is, or that they worked harder then we do….really.
    I was ticked by the time her interview was half over and switched channels..she makes me puke.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe the Clintons WERE broke when they left the White House. They had gone through scandals and left the only home they had been living in for a bunch of years. Probably when they got there they sold any other house they had. When the 2000 election was over and President Bush had his turn both Hillary and Bill said something about being broke and not having anywhere to live. Goodness knows why nobody did any house hunting before leaving the WH but maybe it’s not an easy thing to do for a First Family.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! And this woman who apparently can’t control her husband OR her FINANCES wants to run the worlds BIGGEST ECONOMY??? Oh but don’t worry. There are a lot of college seniors at Georgetown ( even the guys sound like pot smoking valley girls ) who believe that she’s qualified…BECAUSE SHE’S A WOMAN!!!
    First we get our first black pResident BECAUSE he’s black ( thanks racist black people ), now we have a bunch of sexist, male hating women ( they must be feminazis ) who believe that Hill(ary)Billy is qualified because she did such a great job with Benghazi and because she has OVARIES!!! GOD help us!!!
    I don’t want Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Ben Carson or Steele to be President because of their gender or race. I want them because they are either smart or have the “CONTENT of CHARACTER” that it takes to be a good President. Apparently all blacks and liberals have forgotten these words from Dr. MLK Jr. And it probably doesn’t even make sense to the Gloria Steinham crowd.

  • Coffee Fiend

    With life becoming more and more specialized, avoiding stress and discontent depends more and more upon identifying and engaging in the types of efforts most suited to our skills and personalities.

  • Michael Gann

    what do u expect from a democrat?

  • Anonymous

    How funny. The President himself makes a hefty sum. Today it is $450,000. per year not counting outside monies and I’m quite sure that it was equivalent pay for the time Clinton was in office. And a great deal of their expenses are paid for by tax dollars. Hillary was even caught when the moving trucks were moving them out of the WH stealing valuable antiques, irreplaceable items from past Presidents. That was in the newspaper at the time y the way. Come on people she is a liar, and minimally an attempted thief and has made some very bad decisions. She is not someone of any credibility nor good character. But I’m also against establishing political dynasties. No more Clintons, Bushes, Kennedy’s or any prominent politically established power brokers. This is the real change we need. Well, at least one of them.

  • William Svoboda

    She is not likable, is the bottom line. For five years Obama could at least be said was likable. With Hillary I don’t know one person who has ever said she was a warm or wouldn’t it be great to have her as a friend, or anything else that would inspire confidence. She acts like they came to Washington driving Jed Clampett’s old truck and they left eight years later the same way they came in.

  • Anonymous

    Dead Broke? “If you buy that I’ll throw the Golden Gate in free!” Is that why they stole half the White House’s antique furniture? Have you seen videos of the Clinton’s New York estate? Bill and Hillary love Cuntemporary and Modern. Where’s the stuff she couldn’t bear to part with? Fenced at Sotheby’s? That was OUR furniture! Why didn’t Lame Stream Media put them UNDER the jail? Let media return her in 2016? Watch Billary Pillory America!

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