WATCH: This guy got stranded at an empty Las Vegas airport and made the greatest video ever

Richard Dunn was stranded in the Las Vegas airport. Alone. If you’ve ever been there, you know it can be pretty much the worst place on Earth. He could’ve been pissed, surfed the web, or hopped in a cab back to The Strip to waste away his time gambling and drinking. But instead he channeled his creative energy and did the greatest thing ever: shoot an absurd music video of Celine Dion’s 1996 cover of “All By Myself.”

Don’t believe this is brilliant? Just watch:

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

How amazing is that? He took a miserable situation and made not just the best of it, but the best of himself as well.

Richard said:

“I had a person behind a ticket counter give me a roll of luggage tape before she left. I then used a wheel chair that had a tall pole on the back of it and taped my iPhone to that. Then I would put it on the moving walkway for a dolly shot. I also used the extended handle on my computer bag and taped the iPhone to my handle. I would tuck different stuff under the bag to get the right angle. For the escalator shot I had to sprint up the steps after I got my shot so the computer bag didn’t hit the top and fall back down. Quite fun!”

Boredom is a choice.

This guy chose a different path while trapped “all by himself” in the airport. He brought out the best of his creative imagination and using the moving sidewalks, escalators and even a disturbing use of a chair and water bottle, to make others laugh.


  • Chris Layton

    Now that is just plain Hilarious :) Total creative genius! Loved it.

    • Boo2

      I loved the part where he poured the bottle of water on himself!! LOL!
      But I do have one question…There’s NO security there at night? Kinda hard to believe.
      But anyhoo, it was still really good!

  • Kc.O’shea

    Hahahaa! bravo! he should make more 😀

  • Anonymous

    Im sure security was watching and laughing while this all unfolded on their surveillance screen.

    • consider this

      so he entertained them. some of us should be so talented

    • Mr. Shoe

      meh…I didn’t think it was that funny

      • Boo2

        If that’s you in your avatar…. I’m not surprised.

        • Mr. Shoe

          You mean if I really looked like Bush and Obama had a baby, you wouldn’t be surprised? Two males cannot conceive a child together. It would be the most surprising thing in the history of human kind.

          • Anonymous

            You could be one of those DNA clones. Creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • SpriteZero2013


    • Steve

      I don’t think you know what a teleprompter is…

      • Anonymous

        Ha, I actually do know what it is. Obama uses them all the time. I just had a brain fart moment. I should have said surveillance screen.

    • Charles Robichaud

      nice Obama pic marssnw! don’t u mean the NSA, not “security”!!!

    • Jonny Frost

      What Vegas airport is ever empty.. Wierd

  • Monk

    What Fun…I Loved it…So nice to see someone so creative!

  • Chuck Robey

    This guy should be in Hollyweird that was great..

  • Scrapwood

    That was hilarious!!

  • Ray

    Loved it!

  • Old Chicago

    Better than all the Hollywood remakes!
    5 thumbs up!

  • Karen Richard Palmer

    I loved it! totally hillarious….lmao

  • Guest


  • cheryl king

    That was fantastic! !

  • Manifan

    How did he lip synch it without the song playing? And who is ever in an airport completely alone?

    • Sandy Kizzen

      you are alot of fun.

    • Joe Mertz

      He used his ipad to playback the song. You can actually see it in on the floor in the shot around 1:20.

      • Lynne

        He also has it on the on the handle of the conveyor belt too lol

  • Tracy

    What fun! So nice when people can have a sense of humour. And be creative instead of just doing the norm or what’s easiest. He must be a blast to be around. Thx for the laughs….and entertainment.

  • Sharon Berry

    Very creative! Thanks, a joy to watch.

  • Bd

    That was one of the best creative videos I have seen. Totally awesome! Thank you Richard Dunn for doing this it looked fun!!!

  • TheOhiosVoices

    Music by a great Cleveland songwriter. Eric Carmen ROCKS!

  • decal

    Thanks Richard, this was fun to watch. Lemons into lemonade. Great job.

  • Archie Bunker

    The all-time best Music Video ever. Idle minds are always at their best.

    • chief

      Idle minds do one of two things, they either create beautiful things like this of pure destruction.

  • Anonymous

    That was really funny — but I kind of felt sorry for him — hope he caught his flight home!

  • Santo

    Very talented – but how sad that he actually knows that song!

  • Larry E. Newsome

    This guy needs to be a Hollywood choreographer because choreography is definitely in his genes, this video was splendid.

  • Mike

    Waste of time, it SUCKED…

    • Boo2

      Yeah….whatever. You look like u’d be fun too…not.

  • mickey esham

    good for him!

  • America has gone mad…

    That was awesome. I sure hope Al Sharpton doesn’t see it. He will call the shots by the ladies room racist. LOL

  • ServosT

    I guess using his iPhone and calling a cab to go to one of Vegas’s six trillion hotels was out of the question?

    • Chris Powers

      Well played

  • David

    I’ve been in that situation (at a much small airport) and it is absolute hell on earth. The minutes are like hours. But, this guy made the best out of a miserable situation. Kudos to him.

  • Gritty

    OK, I got about a minute and 10 seconds into…… NEXT

  • Roachster

    Haha!! That is so great!

  • Carol Cullen

    Great job.

  • Joelle RiffautDimitch

    This poor but talented lonely man … wait for me I come ..from France – so far ?

  • Joelle RiffautDimitch

    So sorry he is lonesome, wait for me I come from France, so far ?

  • kathie

    Celine would be proud!

  • Drew Taylor

    I laughed out loud when he poured the water on himself.

    • Wizzardly

      Me, too. That was a reprise of the scene from Flash Dance and particularly hilarious because of the comparison with Jennifer Beal. Way creative!

  • freeAmerica

    omg hahahaha thats hilarious… thats extreme boredomness good to know people in america still have enough freedom to express themselves. haha

  • 8710UB4StB


  • Mathilde de Jong

    Smashing 😀 !! Glenn, you definately have to hire this guy

  • Margie Jones

    Love this. He is a total genius and very brave.

  • Skwerl

    It is amazing what can be done with the tech that we carry with us everyday. None of this was possible a few years ago. This man was able to film, score, edit and upload a short film with a cellphone in an airport in the middle of the night. 10 years ago we were just wowed by text messages, now we make video art with some bits of metal, plastic and silicon a bit larger than a deck of cards. Truly amazing times we live in.

  • Karin Dayer

    Totally captured that desolate “stranded in the airport” feeling, like you are the last person on earth–we’ve all been there! Inspires me to get over it next time, down-time is what you make it! (Too funny when he grabbed the woman’s hand on the wall–died laughing!)

  • Ken

    Hey Glenn, sorry this comment isn’t on topic but I noticed the link at the bottom of the this page to the story about the right-wing rebel artist from Los Angelos is broken. Here is the proper link:
    Attached is puush’d image of the broken link…

    P.S. Listen to your show every morning on 92.9 Super Talk. Best show ever.

  • Kelly McDonald Newell

    Why did I watch this entire thing?? Who cares?? It’s awesome! Thank you, Richard!!

  • Rich Glaser

    Wow very creative guy Fantastic vid

  • Jaime Lyn Laurie

    I laughed! This was great!!!

  • Steve

    Most productive and entertaining use yet of “too much time on your hands.”

  • Anonymous

    for me the video ended by the time it got to the first chorus. point made, amusement passed. and I’m glad Glenn promotes good principles reflected in people like Richard Dunn who acted instead of being acted upon.

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t he use Eric Carman’s version of “All By Myself”? A superior version, and actually sung by a guy!

    • Ken

      I’m guessing it was for comedic effect. That and possibly it was the only version he could find or had access to on his mobile device. It’s too easy to play the critic. I could easily pick it apart and point out everything I would have done differently but hindsight is 20/20 right? I’m sure he never thought in a million years it would be seen by this many people when he was making it. He made it because he had time to kill and nothing better to do. If it was his first time ever making a music video it is amazingly well done considering he made it on absolutely no budget whatsoever, no film crew, no special equipment or lighting, no props other than what he found around him. I cringe to think of the disaster I would have assembled under those circumstances lol.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. Eric Carman’s version is a whole lot better. But maybe if he uploaded the video to the website right after making it her version was on his playlist already. Impressive how it looked so professional even though it wasn’t

  • Westmariner

    Las Vegas film commission will probably send him a letter for his tax payment for filming on their grounds… Genius though! I’m sure security was watching him closely… On the other hand… At a major airport overnight. Maybe not…

  • Glennfriend67

    That is, hands down, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Richard is a total creative genius! Looks like he was having quite a ball in spite of the difficult situation he found himself in. Dude, you rock!

  • Anonymous

    Very clever. I really enjoyed it.

  • Anonymous

    Great job and great fun to watch. Thanks.

  • Mattie Palmer

    I don’t believe that’s him singing

  • Elena

    Good job, Dude!

    I was stuck in DFW over a loooong night. If I could have found one more broom, I could have engaged in broom hockey w/my fellow travelers.

  • Randy L. Martin

    Very well “Dunn”, Richard!

  • Connor Kenway

    That was funny!

  • Anonymous

    Very entertaining, people who make the best of whatever the situations are, are the best people to have for friends.

  • Chipmunk


  • George Wallot

    This clip was the best I have seen in quite a while. He should be in show business.

  • jesustheonlyway

    Very creative!

  • E G

    Great Video ,

  • Teletwang101


  • Anonymous

    He could have performed the Eric Carmen version rather than come off as some twit!

  • SpriteZero2013

    AWESOME!!! Love it!

  • Johnny

    I don’t understand how he’s the only one there. If airports get that empty, I’m going to one just to have it all to myself.

    • RowanSpirit

      The airport likely shut down, and his flight was delayed on a layover. There tend to be a couple smaller airports in large cities that people don’t usually go to. I know there’s one in Dallas, TX that’s exactly like that in the middle of the night.

  • Anonymous

    My husband and I haven’t laughed so hard in a little while, and I can relate to the story that Tanya falls asleep in seconds after Glenn wants her to listen to something when they get into bed–my husband–I promise–is asleep as his head hits the pillow as I am hitting my pillow and trying it–turning it over and trying again–then covers on and it gets too hot and then it is covers off–and often just wind up ticked off because he slept through it–for 42 years. Great video!!! My dad put us to work on the ranch if we ever said that we were bored.

  • Anonymous

    Truly awesome. I wonder what the security guys watching through the cams at the airport thought about the whole thing… bet they were also having fun. You can just imagine Mr. Dunn putting his language over the moving walker and running to sit down and act like a stranded traveler. Genius.

  • roberta4343

    why was the airport empty and why was he stuck there in the first place? I bet the security persons got a kick out of it.

  • Jana Kaiser

    Oh yes, the water and chair scene was over the TOP, LMAO. This was great! Someone give this man a job at making song videos. Come on he did this all for free!

  • Anonymous

    That was AWESOME! haha

  • Brad Douglas

    Know how this guy feels – was stranded in Houston in 2000 – missed a connecting flight by 10 minutes!!! –

  • Michael Martin

    This guy made my day! Thanks for posting.

  • Charles Robichaud

    if u don’t find that funny… ur dead inside.!

  • Charles Robichaud

    I hope he does next one for the NSA and security cameras… “I always feel like, someone is watching me”

  • Myles Standish

    Terrific! Exceedingly creative and resourceful!! That “dolly” shot is as good as any Hollywood cinematographer could ever hope to execute. Amazingly smoooth (kudos to the designers and builders of the moving walkway). Richard had me convinced he was NOT as alone as he claimed. WELL DONE!

    BTW — LOVE THE TURTLE! Lose the water bottle shot.


  • Mark

    Funny, inspiring, inventive, brilliant. That he could improvise this all alone, and make it look like it was done with an entire production crew and lots of equipment, with nothing more than an iPhone and a few things he scrounged at the airport, including, most importantly, his imagination, is fantastic. Made my day!

  • Jenn

    awesome video!!!!

  • Jenn

    too bad he didn’t use the original singer of the song instead of Celine Dion…she sucks at singing…LOLOLOLOL

  • Myles Standish

    How did he accomplish those slow zoom-ins and zoom-outs (turtle and “women” restroom scenes) while the phone itself was stationary? I don’t know much of anything about iPhones. Do they have a remote? Can they be pre-set/programmed to zoom in or out after they start taping?
    Thanks for any expert input!

  • Jules Guzik

    uhm so how is one completely alone at an airport? They are open 24/7 and packed always…..

  • David Charles Osborne

    Well done! Glenn should hire this guy!

  • Bob Stauskas

    I’ve found this to be a useful antidote against the ancient manifesto worshiped by today’s liberals and progressives:

  • posterfemme

    it’s obvious that he is NOT doing this alone as there are too many tracking backwards into wider shots at exactly the same pacing that are neither on a wheelchair or an escalator or a moving walkway…you can tell because he stays centered on every one of them…..and there are no escalators or people mover walkways leading into the women’s restroom!!. Besides, what airport would leave their people-movers running at night if the airport was empty?? also, every airport has security 24 hours a day and someone would have spotted him and takes him out of there…in order to lip sync to her song he would have been blaring it loud in the airport and they would have heard him at the very least. So I’m calling it out as a false self-made video, but it is a great video all the same.

    • p1bk

      Um… its called editing. Digitally zooming on a wide shot. And, its not hard to be left alone in that airport.

  • Anonymous

    Would had been a lot better without such a gay song.

  • jo blo

    Couldn’t we just act like the adults we’re supposed to be, reign in our emotions, and read a book or think? Why does everything for a grown-@$$ person have to be fun?

  • T funk

    I love this guy.

  • Kris

    We need more guys like this in the world. (Figure it out.)

  • Richard Dunn

    Mr. Beck! Thank you for such a humbling review of my time in the airport. I am obnoxiously “glass half full” in life and knowing that this video had made literally MILLIONS of people laugh, is so rewarding to me. It was a long and, at times, frustrating night (as you’ll see if you watch the behind the scenes footage) but so worth it. Thank you again for your kind words.

  • JDS

    I hate vimeo. You can’t advance it or it stops playing.

  • Kathy H

    Talent and creativity we need more like this.

  • Some Old Dude

    Cool beans.

  • LandofDave

    That’s awesome I’ve spent so many nights in the airport I’ve lost track … but I generally tried to find a place to sleep.

  • Bob Young

    This was not shot on an iphone. BTW, should have thought about this when my family and I were stuck in MIA overnight after barely missing a connection at 10 PM, returning from our vacation.

  • Sean Paladin

    If he’s going to lip synch, he should have selected a male singer. I can’t decide if he’s doing a parody, maybe a demo/audition tape, or just being gay. Good camera shots and creative use of moving sidewalks and escalators. This will probably get him noticed as for some job in the music video industry.

  • Biker John

    Sorry, but there’s no way he could have done this all by himself. Someone else had to control the movements of the camera. Plus, the quality of the video nor the obviously professional editing are not possible with a cellphone. All you mind nummed robots are buying this fabrication?

    • Syberlink

      Iphone and macbook air could do it. Even if he had 10 people working for him, its great work for one day shot.

    • shande123

      His “behind the scenes” showing him doing this by himself are posted on Youtube.

  • YouNeed2BlackupSir

    Those dolly shots are pretty good for being improvised. Take it from someone who has rigged a camera to just about everything lol Excellent job sir

  • Margie

    Best attitude ever! He set the bar high. :)

  • Heather Towell

    One word. Scrumtrulescent. Bravo, Richard Dunn. Bravo.

  • Heather Towell

    For everyone who wants to know…you know…is he really that talented? Now you can find out!

  • Cynthael

    That is so AWEESOME!!!!!! WAAAAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!! The Flash Dance cameo…priceless….”what a feelin’!” SPLASH!

  • Glennfriend67

    Leftist troll!

  • Mr. Shoe

    Dont come back here until you tell your best friends step mother and her cousin to make a funny video for us to criticize.

  • Anonymous

    Your best friends step-mother is a hooker. That’s really how she makes $63/hr..

  • Anonymous

    Yeah? So why aren’t YOU doing it? No pimp available in your hood?

  • Lee in Phoenix

    Who’s lap is she on top of?

  • Jenn

    will you please stop this stupid advertising…its driving everybody crazy….

  • Anonymous

    Yeah the video was okay but the making of it was probably funny because the security guys probably thought he was nuts.

  • Anonymous

    What security guys?

  • WinstonSmith

    That’s better than being a Stunt Troll! LOLOL

  • Anonymous

    Airport security. Cameras everywhere

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