Download Abby Anderson’s “Let Freedom Ring” (“My Country Tis of Thee”) from the Glenn Beck Store and make an additional donation to Mercury One when you check out.


A few weeks ago Glenn sent a late night email to his staff. “This is about one of the best versions of ‘My Country ‘Tis Of Thee’ I have ever heard,” it read. “The thing I heard last week is really all the song needs: authenticity. It comes from a place that is totally genuine and real.”

No one seemed to know what Glenn was talking about. Had we all missed something?

A few days before he wrote the email, Glenn was attending a local graduation which featured a performance by 17 year old Abby Anderson, a classically trained singer/songwriter pianist and guitar player. Originally, Abby was going to play a completely different song, but at the last minute she was inspired to change to “My Country Tis of Thee”. Her rendition moved Glenn so much he went up to her family afterwards and offered to use all of his resources to make sure the world heard her music.

Abby and her family self-produced and recorded the patriotic and heartfelt ballad, named “Let Freedom Ring” (a new arrangement of “My Country Tis of Thee”), which is now available on iTunes and The Glenn Beck Store.

Abby and her family have pledged to donate all proceeds from this single to Mercury One and will go to Mercury One’s Active Military and Veterans Fund. No one, not Glenn or Abby, will profit from the sales of the song. In the spirit of the Fourth of July, only those who have served their country will benefit.

In her short career, Abby has shared the stage with Peter Frampton, Peter Cetera, Lee Greenwood, Angela Johnson, Charlie Pride, and many many others. She also played the Ryman Auditorium at 15 years old.

After hearing her perform, country star Garth Brooks told fellow musician Trisha Yearwood that she would fall in love with Abby in the first fifteen minuted. Glenn thinks it will only take two.

Editor’s Note: On Wednesday’s radio program, Glenn talked more about Abby and played the song in its entirety: