“Let Freedom Ring”: This song is going to be an essential part of your Fourth of July celebrations

Download Abby Anderson’s “Let Freedom Ring” (“My Country Tis of Thee”) from the Glenn Beck Store and make an additional donation to Mercury One when you check out.


A few weeks ago Glenn sent a late night email to his staff. “This is about one of the best versions of ‘My Country ‘Tis Of Thee’ I have ever heard,” it read. “The thing I heard last week is really all the song needs: authenticity. It comes from a place that is totally genuine and real.”

No one seemed to know what Glenn was talking about. Had we all missed something?

A few days before he wrote the email, Glenn was attending a local graduation which featured a performance by 17 year old Abby Anderson, a classically trained singer/songwriter pianist and guitar player. Originally, Abby was going to play a completely different song, but at the last minute she was inspired to change to “My Country Tis of Thee”. Her rendition moved Glenn so much he went up to her family afterwards and offered to use all of his resources to make sure the world heard her music.

Abby and her family self-produced and recorded the patriotic and heartfelt ballad, named “Let Freedom Ring” (a new arrangement of “My Country Tis of Thee”), which is now available on iTunes and The Glenn Beck Store.

Abby and her family have pledged to donate all proceeds from this single to Mercury One and will go to Mercury One’s Active Military and Veterans Fund. No one, not Glenn or Abby, will profit from the sales of the song. In the spirit of the Fourth of July, only those who have served their country will benefit.

In her short career, Abby has shared the stage with Peter Frampton, Peter Cetera, Lee Greenwood, Angela Johnson, Charlie Pride, and many many others. She also played the Ryman Auditorium at 15 years old.

After hearing her perform, country star Garth Brooks told fellow musician Trisha Yearwood that she would fall in love with Abby in the first fifteen minuted. Glenn thinks it will only take two.

Editor’s Note: On Wednesday’s radio program, Glenn talked more about Abby and played the song in its entirety:

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  • Rob

    Fantastic tune!!! Love it.

  • Bobby Rawls

    This will be as big as Lee Greenwoods Proud to be an American

    • Karla Peterson Shepherd

      Awesome song! Tears….smile.

    • WinstonSmith

      Probably not. The music business is not about quality, it’s about promotion by a record label, distributors and others in the business. Any song that’s chosen to be promoted is put into a well-crafted machine to get it out to the public. That’s the reality of the situation.

  • Awakentv Sedona

    this is from a young SOUL OF AMERICA… thank you. Please support America… we are real change… we are making a difference!

  • name429name

    Have you missed: “My Country Tis of Thee” throughout your narrow life?

    • WinstonSmith

      Spoken like someone with a narrow mind. We sang this song for years in school many decades ago – first verse only by the looks of things. At any rate, the USA is not a Christian nation. The faster religion dies out (especially the destructive and cultish ones) the sooner humanity can start sorting out the real problems we face. Keep your religion in your church where it belongs in the meantime.

      • Sunshine43

        You are truly messed up! When The Holy Trinity was removed from America is when it all went downhill! Your utterly senseless statement is mind boggling!

        • WinstonSmith

          As is your claim, which has no evidence of any kind to support it. Your superstitious beliefs are your burden to bear. They have no effect on reality.

          • Jon Bar

            AS are all your claims are w/out evidence. All you have are opinions. Your science is flawed, as was Darwin’ Richard Dawkins’ Stephen Hawking and all of them. Millions, billions of years ago? Hello! anyone here was there then? What! we must have faith? Someday science will prove it all, remember we must have faith lol.

          • WinstonSmith

            Having “faith” is not the way science works Jon, so you’ve simply shown us your lack of understanding and failure to grasp the facts once again. Here’s some help for you. It’s a definition of the term “science.”

            SCIENCE: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

            Blind faith in what one is told without evidence is not science Jon.

          • Jon Bar

            I agree! but you left out a lot. Per Wikipedia: The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correction and integrating previous knowledge to be termed scientific, a method of inquiry MUST be based on EMPIRICAL and MEASURABLE evidence subject to specific principles of reasoning. So what I am asserting is much of atheist evidence is blind faith based. So what is wrong w/our faith? Things that supposedly happened billions or millions of years ago is not observable, nor are there if any real fossils of transition of one “kind” into another “kind”. Like in cat to dog etc. Not mutations nor anomalies or deformities. Neither frauds made by man to prove the atheist view. When these things are pointed out to Dawkins he gets very angry . During a interview he was asked to give the “full” name of Darwin’s book, he called on God to help him . You can google it. Or when he attempted to define “nothing”. The audience laughed, the look on his face said it all . I pity all of you. So I will continue to pray for all of you.

          • Jon Bar

            As “you” have no effect on any reality. Not believing does not make it go away. Your superstitious fears make you appear to belong some where a long time ago. I have no burden to prove anything. No one can prove things based on faith. That is why it takes faith to please our God. Faith is the exercise of trust. As such faith shown in trust can only be seen after it has been put into practice. How? by doing the thing asked in in faith then carried out. As in the story about Abraham and his son Isaac. So you atheist are still troubled to prove God does not exist. Because all your foundations are faith based. But you can not demonstrate God does no exist. Please demonstrate using the scientific requirement to prove observably that God is a myth. And please don’t give me a mindless mocking remark. For once only once say something intelligent. I put the burden on you!

        • Jon Bar

          You are right on target!

      • Mike Nelson

        Could you give an example of “the destructive and cultish [religions]” please?

        I would like to know specifically what we’re talking about.

        • WinstonSmith

          No Mike. You’re already aware of several cults in this country if you’re able to use a computer and the internet. Do a google search of “list of cults” and you’ll have your answer if you’re really in the dark on the subject.

          • Jon Bar

            I did that. and found that in “America” that aside from what Evangelical Christians list as religious cults in America. “Christians” as a religion is NOT! listed as a cult! Show us what you are talking about! And by whom was that “Christianity” is considered a cult! I think you are really stretching your politics.

          • Mike Nelson

            Yes, I am… but since it was your statement that people should, “Keep your religion in your church where it belongs in the meantime,” (until what, I wonder?) I was wondering if you’d have the salt to say what you really meant, and who you’re really talking to.

            I’m disappointed in your lacking verve.

          • WinstonSmith

            Reread my comment carefully Mike, That should clear things up for you.

        • Jon Bar

          He can’t. I googled as he suggested. He’s a liar!

          • WinstonSmith

            Jon, I’ve ignored your challenges with spelling up to this point, but “liar” is not spelled “L I E R.” You’ve painted a fairly detailed picture of who you are Jon and it seems that you have some room for growth. May I suggest you pursue some higher education? It would expand your mind and no doubt benefit from it. You seem like an intelligent, energetic fellow who is certainly up to the task. Best of luck.

          • Jon Bar

            Oh! you caught me on one word. And my oh my, yelling! Excuse me but I have been a champ at spelling since I was in grammar school. Also the net lets one know if one word is misspelled. I have to admit you found me in an error you were willing to address. Now if you would just address the issues. Instead you resort to bits of mockery, avoiding, deflecting etc. but no substance. Also I hate to resort to bragging but I do have several college degrees. In several sciences and the technologies. I have a few years on me and am in great physical and mental health thanks to my blessed Lord Jesus and a good doctor. My years have been well spent w/much study in the scriptures as well as atheist philosophy. I’ve been married to the same woman for over 45 years, raised three children to adulthood who also are well educated and successful. My work, years as a cop in the eighties as well as a business man w/15 stores and more, so please don’t make recommendations based on lack of information. Before making conclusions ask! What have you been doing and for how long. My wife suggested after reading your remarks you may be a kid? Maybe immature? Maybe a very uninformed opinionated young person. I’m just asking. No need to answer.

      • rsqme1

        there you go again surf Christian was not mentioned in my comments. Folks like you only hear what they wanna hear.This is a country based on God. on God given rights.

        • WinstonSmith

          That may be your opinion, but since there’s no evidence to even support the existence of the god and other supernatural creatures who populate the religious narrative created by bronze age tribal men of the Middle East. Arguing against your claim is a reasonable position and a simple exercise in critical thought.

          • Jon Bar

            I can not even support your existence other than by your writings. Gods’ existence is supported by nature as stated in our constitution. I did not believe either while I was an atheist. After I put God to the test by challenging Him to show Himself. I first had to “sincerely” mean it! And the key here is SICERELY! He did! to my mind, my heart, my inner being.I started to feel His presence in and around me. I was convinced f His existence. As scripture states ” we can not experience nor please Him without “faith” FIRST! So you are absolutely correct. To one like yourself a mocker and a fool. (scripture says ” a fool says in his heart there is no God”) your will refuses to believe. Just like the wind, it can not be seen, does not prove it doe not exist, but look at a branch in the wind.

          • WinstonSmith

            I’m sorry Jon, but your feelings are proof of nothing, and to ascribe them as proof of a divine entity is simply delusional. Your assertions are not supported by any real evidence, and quoting from scriptures also leaves out on very thin ice. Being an independent thinker is much better path to follow. Good luck to you Jon. I hope you’re able to sort things out more successfully as time goes by and the truth is revealed to you.

          • Jon Bar

            As I have stated elsewhere. I don’t try to prove anything. Faith can only be proven by exercising trust in obedience to the expressed faith. If you can not see the evidence of a creator God in nature as our founding fathers did in our constitution then atheist show nothing but opinions unproven to be anything but “their faith”. You people can only answer this way. I gave reasonable researched info, you give back mocking as an answer. I am not asserting any proof, just faith. The same thing you people practice. Have you seen Ray Comforts’ interview w/professing atheist here on the net? They basically all admit they all go on faith at the end, only to admit to relying on what “others” have said. Then those others on what others told them. Essentially ending at Darwin and his book “Origen of species”. Did you know he had six revisions? The last one he reverses his believes on most everything. These are not delusions nor made up, do some digging here on the net (a great library at your finger tips). I actually look things up, not throw out opinions a you do. You accuse me of the very thing you consistently practice. I give detailed researched information. All you can do is mock. I can handle your type of mockery. I have had some very good debates here on the net. You are not one of them. You are actually a bore! You have not much to offer anyone in anything you say. I can and have spend days at times in very interesting debates w/atheists and muslims. It’s kind of like a hobby rather more like a ministry. I usually enjoy robust debate, but you really are a boring fool. Psalm 14:1

          • Jon Bar

            Evidence? You really want evidence? What about reputable scientists that came up w/evidence in “intelligent design” but no not good enough for you atheists. You want to see God dancing in the street performing like some magician. Actually God did come to earth and did perform miracles in Jesus Christ. How many times does He need to show up for you to see personally? He will one more time. Just before a Godless world just about commits suicide. That my friend is not that far off.

      • Tina Anthony

        Over 70% of the country are CHRISTIANS so how can you say that America is not a Christian nation? It is evil people like you that wish it was not and want to tear it down. The USA was founded on Christianity and flourished to become the best country in the world. That is why people try to come here, you don’t see too many people moving from here to other country’s so why do people want to change it?

        • WinstonSmith

          The fact is Tina A., we are not a Christian nation. In support of my statement, I’ll point to several key pieces of evidence, rather than reply in a rude and mean-spirited manner as you have. First, many if not most of the Founders of the country cannot be described accurately as Christians but as Deists, persons who believe that a benevolent Creator set the world in motion but no longer intervenes in it. Indeed, Washington would never publicly admit to being a Christian and Jefferson was regularly accused of being hostile to Christianity and famously took his scissors to the Bible to cut out any incidences of divine interaction.

          Further, the United States has always been home to a multitude of faith traditions and, indeed, was imagined from the beginning to be a religious haven. The first of the Amendments to The U.S. Constitution, collectively known as the “Bill of Rights,” states clearly that, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” This not only guaranteed freedom of belief but also ensured that no single religion would be given privileges over others.

          So on both historical and constitutional grounds, one can argue strongly that America is definitely not a Christian nation. May I suggest Tina, that you listen more closely to the latest incarnation of Glenn and stop showing anger and hatred toward others who don’t share your point of view? Have nice weekend.

          • Jon Bar

            We did begin as a Christian nation. Why did the original pilgrims come here? You atheists have a real hard time with that one. All our founding fathers and our Constitution formers were theists. Yes really do the research here on the net now! Look them up . Jefferson was one also. The separation of church and state, so called, was extracted from a letter he wrote. It is not found in the constitution as such. Your believing a bunch of “old wives tales” perpetuated by all you atheists.

          • WinstonSmith

            “You atheists” “You atheists” ….. The same nonsense over and over again. You sound like you’ve been immersed in the amateur works of David Barton. If so, it explains your confusion.

          • Jon Bar

            Oh yea, I know David. No amateur, excellent historian, backs up all his work w/documents and real historical original works. And I mean REAL original historical, museum grade documents and books. You want to accuse people here of hate and mean spirited talk, false assumptions etc. You take the prize!

          • Jon Bar

            Come now! Jefferson was definitely NOT hostile towards Christianity. Quit the contrary. He was sympathetic toward christianity and a theist. I have heard that a lot from you atheists, but actual research proves otherwise. I’m beginning to see all you have are opinions coming from other atheists like Richard Dawkins. Do a real study of Darwins “Origen of species”, but do read all “six” of his revisions of his book. I bet you didn’t know he had six revisions?

          • WinstonSmith

            More name calling and false assumptions Jon. That temper of yours is really a monkey on your back:)

          • Jon Bar

            You are ranting! What are you referring to name calling? What false assumptions? Where? I asked if you knew about Darwin” six revisions of his book “origin of species” google a good research on it. You will find there were six, the last one he recants his claims. At the time he wrote his book there was a backlash as you can imagine by the prevailing science community, so he responded w/revisions. Read it! Do the research instead of useless unsubstantiated rants and opinion w/out substance. Substantive answers to your remarks and rants are not a demonstration of having a temper, though you would like it to be so. I can see atheist do NOT like the truth. I do not like a lie. But it does not anger me. If you refuse to give a reasonable answer, I’ll be done w/you. Not from anger but you really are being a bore. Then this will be my last response to you. I’m convinced many will see you for the representative you are for types of atheists everywhere, as I have had many robust debates w/reasonable intelligent atheist before. Not always under this name.

          • Jon Bar

            Tina is not being mean spirited, that is just your hurt feelings (ego) showing. Poor boy. I guess I’m also mean spirited. I will kiss your awee. depends where that is lol. Jefferson did indeed cut up his bible w/scissors but not for your stated reason. He did so because he had trouble w/context and timing w/the things Jesus said. So he cut them out to paste them in a empty book in a way that pleased him (Jefferson). Interpreting the constitution has always been a debate. But most agree that what it is saying a state may not establish a state religion that is to be the state religion like communism nor shall a state prohibit anyone of practicing the religion of choice in any public place. America allowing a multitude of religions in the land is great. I love those honor killings that some practice. Stoning gays regularly, lovely (sarcasm), limiting women’s freedom etc. America not a Christian nation? In America 70 to 90 % are claiming Christianity I guess your right? And He does not intervene in it?
            Prove that! I can’t. You really are such an intelligent person. And certainly no hate. I salute it! Keep it coming, I love it! Especially those things your so definite about. Have a nice time in a eternal state of regret for the choices you are making at the moment. some call hell. Don’t or do believe, doesn’t make it so.

          • photon

            Do not feed the serpent, your anguish is his fodder.

        • Jon Bar

          Excellently stated!

      • Jon Bar

        SerfsUp, You also know nothing about christianity. we christians owe our allegiance to a higher power than the state, namely our king Jesus Christ not king bho. So we are not to keep our good news to our selves, meaning the Gospel. We shall continue to pray for people like you.

        • WinstonSmith

          And the rest of us will continue thinking for people like you Jon, solving problems in the real world by taking real action that actually produces positive results. We are not living in the Biblical End Times, a burden Christian Fundamentalists labor under, and we also know that Creationism is not based on reality, facts and science.

      • Jon Bar

        We can solve all our problems today. People need to live by Christ’ “sermon on the mount”. Quit using old testament talking points to discredit the bible. You just don’t understand the book. The old testament was to show people could not “properly” understand Gods’ purposes and laws let alone do them properly. Jesus Christ came to set things right and explain and fulfill Gods’ purposes. Most of all to bring Gods’ grace to all mankind on the Cross. Remember it is 2014 because of Him. Try to explain to a child where BC and BCE came from?? Also why AD was removed from school books. I have to admit misusing the law and threatening lawsuits w/out penalty if you lost has been very effective in the public square. The results of course have been a steady moral decline. We can now all act like the animals we came from billions of years ago.

        • WinstonSmith

          Jon, you’re really on a roll with your false assertions and assumptions. You’ve entangled yourself in a quite web of errant thinking, indoctrination and superstition, and it shows.

          • Jon Bar

            Yup I shall leave you to your delusions. You choose to not stay on point nor attempt to come up w/real rebuttal. All you can come up w/is mockery. I won’t waste more time w/a fool. As scripture says ” A fool says in his heart there is no God”, Any translation: Psalm 14:1 So again I’ll leave you to your kind. True believers will see through you and your useless attempts at mockery and false accusations about anger, name calling and your other assertions. You’re so classical an atheist. I can certainly see as any believer in Gods’ truth. The truth cuts thru the bs. Bye, we all will continue to pray for people like you.

          • Jon Bar

            What roll are you on? You and I like to roll, so let’s roll lol. I enjoy your errant thinking as much as you like mine and all the others here. whatever you do don’t get entangled in the things I say. you might learn something? I don’t try to prove a thing. The only claim I make is I love how my Lord and savior loves me and “proved it on the cross” His constant presence in my daily life is a joy, comfort and a heap of hope! When I was an atheist I remember your misery though you’ll never admit it like wouldn’t. Have a nice eternity and time left here.

  • Guest

    Abby Anderson…Constitutional Conservatives need to use your version of My Country Tis of Thee in their Campaigns.

  • name429name

    Abby Anderson…Constitutional Conservatives need to use your version of, “My Country Tis of Thee” in their Campaigns.

  • name429name

    “My Country, ‘Tis of Thee”, also known as “America”, is an American patriotic song, whose lyrics were written by Samuel Francis Smith. The melody used is the same as that of the national anthem of the United Kingdom, “God Save the Queen”, arranged byThomas Arne. The song served as one of the de facto national anthems of the United States (along with songs like “Hail, Columbia”) before the adoption of “The Star-Spangled Banner” as the official anthem in 1931.[2]

    • name429name



      My country, ’tis of thee,

      Sweet land of liberty,

      Of thee I sing;

      Land where my fathers died,

      Land of the pilgrims’ pride,

      From ev’ry mountainside

      Let freedom ring!


      My native country, thee,

      Land of the noble free,

      Thy name I love;

      I love thy rocks and rills,

      Thy woods and templed hills;

      My heart with rapture thrills,

      Like that above.


      Let music swell the breeze,

      And ring from all the trees

      Sweet freedom’s song;

      Let mortal tongues awake;

      Let all that breathe partake;

      Let rocks their silence break,

      The sound prolong.


      Our fathers’ God to Thee,

      Author of liberty,

      To Thee we sing.

      Long may our land be bright,

      With freedom’s holy light,

      Protect us by Thy might,

      Great God our King.

  • Guest

    1My country, ’tis of thee,Sweet land of liberty,Of thee I sing;Land where my fathers died,Land of the pilgrims’ pride,From ev’ry mountainsideLet freedom ring!2My native country, thee,Land of the noble free,Thy name I love;I love thy rocks and rills,Thy woods and templed hills;My heart with rapture thrills,Like that above.
    3Let music swell the breeze,And ring from all the treesSweet freedom’s song;Let mortal tongues awake;Let all that breathe partake;Let rocks their silence break,The sound prolong.
    4Our fathers’ God to Thee,Author of liberty,To Thee we sing.Long may our land be bright,With freedom’s holy light,Protect us by Thy might,Great God our King.

  • Gator

    Liberal idiot.

    • WinstonSmith

      Your childish name calling is what’s expected from a religious bully. Your comment only makes you look bad. Since there’s never, ever, been any scientific evidence to support the supernatural which includes your god, there is no god around to love anyone, yourself included Gator. Faith is pretending to know something and believe it’s true in the absence of the same evidence we demand for all other assertions directed at us. Some of us no longer accept that kind of behavior as a positive endeavor.

      • rsqme1

        A liberal Atheist would never understand that God IS our king Serf, “Little Girl” was also meant as childish name calling. Gator did not bring up religion “Up” you did, so you come into this without any foundation at all. The US was founded on the belief in God, and that is where your inalienable rights come from, not from a government. Your exalted savior Barack Hussein Obama has turned us into a dictatorship, though he thinks of himself as a king. I know you will try to jump on the middle name being included. That just shows you are sensitive to it’s reference. Is that not his name? Why would you be afraid to acknowledge it? Just sayin’.

        • Sunshine43

          Well said…..Amen!

        • WinstonSmith

          rsqme1, you, like so many people in Glenn’s audience, are full of anger, hatred and paranoia. Your mean-spirited attack shows it. You obviously assume that anyone who is a critical thinker and doesn’t accept what they’re told without evidence to support it is a “liberal”, an “atheist”, and someone who worships Obama. Your assumptions are all wrong in my case. Your claims about where our rights originate is also unsupported by any evidence. The supernatural realm bronze age goat herding savages imagined is a very flimsy foundation to base rights on. Our Founding Fathers outlined our rights in the Constitution and they used the vague term “creator.” They could’ve used the phrase “god of Abraham” if they meant to ascribe our rights to the your god but they had enough sense not to. Our rights are stated in the Constitution and that is enough to guarantee them. There’s no need to point our fingers toward the sky and claim the supernatural gave them to us. Someday in the future a majority of Americans will have abandoned superstition, but the Constitution will still guarantee our rights as it’s written. “Creator” can also mean parents.

          • Jon Bar

            SerfsUp, You don’t have a clue abt. what you’re saying. All three, Washington, Adams and Jefferson can be found here on the net. Under Adams “This constitution can only work for a moral and religious people” Jefferson clearly was a believer as were the others. Adams claimed “God made man in His image” So did Jefferson. Washington also said as much. Referring to God as the creator is far from being vague. The constitution only prohibits the state from establishing a religion to be forced on people. The state is to refrain from interfering with the practice of ones’ religion. You really need to do a “real” study of the constitution rather than voice your very evident atheistic bias. Go back and worship people like your god Richard Dawkins. Also read all of Darwins’ six revisions, his last one is where he recants all his prior conclusions. Really man do some growing and do some real research before you continue to make a fool of yourself.

          • WinstonSmith

            You’re confused about the distinction between a Deist and a Christian Fundamentalist JonBar. You’re also making false assertions again, which reveals that you’re being less than honest and may be suffering from some anger issues as well. Whatever your motivations are, there’s room for improvement in your character. Making a hostile, dishonest comment like “go worship your god Richard Dawkins” only reflects poorly on yourself Jon.

          • Jon Bar

            Again you make no sense, only mocking, no real debate. Suggesting to go to Hawkins is not a dishonest remark, I believe it. To some he is their god, since they have nowhere else to turn. Honesty is not the question since the things I pointed out can be found here on the net. I research all the things I refer to. I assure you I am not in the least bit angry, but you certainly appear to be so. You really show yourself to be a true follower of Dawkins. You did not respond to any of the points I made about you assertions concerning the issues. You resort to his recommendations to any challenges with petty mocking in an attempt to hope I do show anger. Your attempts at it w/out staying on point is obvious to any one. My recommendation to continue w/Hawkins is a sincere suggestion. You only showed my perception of your “angry” god is true. I actually listen to Hawkin and Dawkins. Other than that you’re right I don’t see much difference between a deist and fundamentalist they both recognize the existence of a higher power as a creator and or God. I just take a step further and make Him personal and choose to believe the things Jesus taught and claimed concerning Himself. I take great care keeping scripture in context. I am a man that respects the sciences also. I’m able to see God’s greatness through science.

      • Jon Bar

        You are the childish one. Religious bully? Not name calling? Scientific evidence? How about the science of “intelligent design”. They have more than ample evidence to prove the case for a creator. Those that fight to allow it taught in our schools have probably never watched the dvd available. That has been fought by atheist groups in court. Knowing all the while that schools can not compete financially w/aclu backed $$. Truth being that “some of us” are truly a minority.

    • Gator

      I am pretty sure you are the one who is looking VERY bad….and hateful and intolerant.
      No doubt in my mind that you are just another O-bot. How can any American listen to that performance and fail to have tears in your eyes ? God loves you in spite of your rejection of Him.

    • name429name

      He does not know that, “Great God, our King!” means King of Heaven. Pitiful. EMBRACE DIVERSITY FELLA!

      • WinstonSmith

        King; that’s a very antiquated concept and one I have no use for. When evidence that the supernatural world tribal men living in the Middle East thousands of years ago imagined is in fact a reality, we’ll know it’s true. Until then, you can pretend it is but that’s your choice.

        • Jon Bar

          And I suppose those things you imagine that happened millions or billions of years ago as taught by atheist priests (college professors)or so called scientists (some), are more valid nor do they require faith? So far up till now and probably will continue, all you say has been expressions of choices and opinions you’ve made. No proof nor substance. You certainly show great dilutions. I would really like to see some facts out of you. Your choice, ditto!

          • WinstonSmith

            You’re confused JonBar and you’re making false assumptions. Your comment has no merit.

          • Jon Bar

            Again, Is that all you have to my remarks? Mocking ? No points to refute what I pointed out as true ? As all can see here, as the readers are many, you come across as a person w/a empty head. Other than some grey matter. Not much thought given to your answers.

    • WinstonSmith

      Gator, Glenn has asked his listeners to make a real effort to change from showing anger and hatred toward others simply because they have opinions which differ from your own. You should work on that.

      • Jon Bar


  • chris

    If I dont have a ipad pod ect how do I get this

    • name429name

      Download in itunes to your computer. Abby Anderson, “Let Freedom Ring.”

  • Scott Smith

    Since a nation’s advance mostly results from the efforts of its more well off citizens, central governments that assault those citizens will naturally halt technological progress and reduce the nation’s overall quality of life.

  • Brad Douglas

    Wow, brought tears to my eyes – and retiring from the Navy after 29 years the end of this month – this makes me realize how wonderful our country is and can be…Dr Douglas

    • shirshelshalom

      Thank you for your service :)

    • Dan Mobley

      Thank you for your service Brad

  • Anonymous

    What a gift this young woman has! I’ve always loved this song, but this is exceptional.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn–Please get the wonderful musicians who recorded the Christmas CD to do another CD–originals or patriotic or spirituals–very soon. My neighbors are tired of hearing Christmas music blaring from my house–love it loud–and I sing along. I do, however, shut the house up so I don’t bother everyone. They are so talented and I realize how difficult what I am asking is, but in your SPARE time, would you think about it?

  • tracy higginbotham

    What a beautiful song. It also brought tears to my eyes as well. I feel it deep in my heart I can’t explain why, but I love it.

  • Dan Mobley

    I’m a very broke veteran. But as I wait for my VA appeal to go through I will be listening to this song. God Bless you and Abby.

    • shirshelshalom

      You are appreciated for what you sacrificed. Thank you.

      • Dan Mobley

        Thank you

    • Thomas Avery Haff

      Thanks Dan for your service may the Lord help and bless you. Gods speed in your treatment

      • Dan Mobley

        Thank you very much, and God Bless

    • Jennifer Lees Klein

      God Bless You Dan, thanks for your service

    • Concerned One

      Thank You for Your service, Sir!

  • shirshelshalom

    I just love it. I don’t like this kind of music so much, but this is great, and this gal is going places for sure. Well done!

  • Anonymous

    There already is a great song called “Let Freedom Ring”. This girl sang great, but I LOVE the other Let Freedom Ring. It is very popular and is sung by The Gaither Vocal Band. Listen to that sometime Glenn. Make sure it is the version with David Phelps,(from Texas) that just soars to the heavans. The gospel song was written by Gloria Gaither. The version from Build a Bridge album with TD Jakes is pretty good. The version from Let Freedom Ring from Carnegie Hall was even better(watch videos on Gaithertv). Great words! Be sure to see the history lesson on negro spirituals about the black notes and “amazing Grace” .it was from another great video!

  • http://batman-news.com IT2 IT 2IT 2

    Routine franchise slum necromancy ‘culture’ –WILL NOT SAVE US!

  • Leigh Rich

    LOL..chare my credit card…right

  • Laura McNiff

    Beautiful! Any chance Sheet Music for this arrangement will be made available for purchase?

  • John Wood

    Abby stay true to what made you create this song. Do not let the Music industry break you.

  • dsullinger

    Thank you Mr. Beck and Ms. Anderson. Our entire family purchased it from iTunes. That’s 4x to help our solders. We prayed that Jesus and God bless you both.

  • Tread7

    Excellent !!! God Bless American Home of the Brave.

  • Anonymous

    Using your God given talent to help others. Not a Political agenda, like so many others, but to Actually help individuals.. Wonderful! Thank you, and God Bless..

  • Benjamin Dover

    Of course, if one wished to distribute others’ income in an unfair manner, say among political supporters, the same centralized power would be needed as that required to pursue the subjective notion of fair income distribution.

  • MTP

    After 35 years of military service to my country, a day doesn’t go by when I consider the ultimate sacrifices made by our service men and women (young and old) for our freedoms. Those freedoms taken for granted by so many. The debates about a God or superior being is just one of those freedoms. Is there a God/god? Who really knows, but I think we’ll all find out one day.

    This version of the song is magnificent. Go Abby, Go!

  • ladyliberty1215

    This is really beautiful. thanks for sharing this with us, Glenn :)

  • barryfromaz

    Great song love it. Is it available on CD or will it be available soon. Please say it will, I’m not able to copy to disc, sure would love to be able to play in my car. Great job Abby, want to here more of your work.

  • Bitter Cold

    Reject the tyrant’s designs for absolute despotism: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Fiji’s Best

    We rarely take the time to consider that the goods and services we use result from the knowledge and efforts of millions of strangers distributed across the globe.

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