For the past couple of weeks, we’ve published some great interviews with Sean Hannity, Kathie Lee Gifford, Brad Meltzer, and others in the newsletter.

In this week’s newsletter, you can read our next interview in the “Off The Record” series, this time with Fox Business host John Stossel.

In the interview, Stossel discusses his transformation from a liberal to a libertarian, as well as how he started an on air career while having a stutter.

Below is a highlight from the interview:

At Princeton, they explained the ideas behind liberalism – though they didn’t say it that way – were the only reasonable ones: The state planned people’s lives. We had experts now that could teach poor people not to be poor, and food stamps would help lift them out of poverty. I just believed all that. I believed it for a long time.

In Portland, I quickly saw how the War on Poverty had unintended consequences. But I was a consumer reporter, so that was mostly what I was covering. I was getting rewarded for bashing business. I won 19 Emmy Awards criticizing business, and there was plenty to criticize, lots of cheaters. But I noticed when I got to ABC that there were fewer national scams to expose. While there were lots of local cheaters in New York and Portland, they didn’t get very big nationally. The businesses that went national were the ones that served their customers pretty well.

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