Ted Cruz: Dave Brat’s ‘stunning’ victory is ‘reverberating’ throughout Congress

The people of Virginia have spoken, and on Tuesday, economics professor Dave Brat defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) in convincing fashion in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. On radio this morning, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), who won a surprising election himself just a couple years ago, joined Glenn to discuss the shockwave Brat’s “stunning” victory has sent around Washington, D.C.

“Last night was a stunning election result. The results of last night are reverberating throughout the Capitol and throughout the Congress,” Cruz said. “Eric Cantor is a good man, a smart, capable man, but people across the country are fed up with what’s happening in Washington. And they are fed up with the federal government growing and growing and growing, with our national debt getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and with politicians of both parties not listening to the people who elected them.”

While Democrats in Congress and the mainstream media are already trying to paint Brat as an extremist, right-wing Tea Party-type, Glenn asked Cruz how much an upset like this effects the psyche of those in D.C.

“How scared are these guys,” Glenn asked.

“Washington, D.C. didn’t want to listen. The fight to make D.C. listen is not an easy fight. There’s a reason people job are in power 20, 30 years. They hold on to power, use a lot of money, and they use the entrenched force to try to hold onto it,” Cruz said. “But I’ll tell you things like last night get their attention. Things like the Mississippi Senate race get their attention.”

Last week in Mississippi, Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel (R) won the popular vote and forced a runoff against four-decade incumbent Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS). The runoff is set for Tuesday, June 24, and McDaniel continue to enjoy a lead in the polls. These types of things, according to Cruz, get people’s attention.

“I’ve said many times… I think the biggest divide we have in this country is not between Republicans and Democrats. It is between entrenched politicians in Washington, in both parties and the American people,” Cruz explained. “We’ve got to get the people to rise up and demand that we get back to basic common sense principle, that we get back to living within our means, not bankrupting the country, following the Constitution, restoring America’s leadership in the world. These are basic principals of who we are.”

“Will Washington demagogue anyone standing up for that and call them an extremist? Yes, that’s what Washington does,” he continued. “Who cares? We need to focus on energizing and mobilizing the American people to bring our nation back to the first principles of liberty and the Constitution that have made America strong in the first place.”

Glenn also spoke to Cruz about the growing crisis at our southern border. While the Obama Administration has labeled the recent influx of unaccompanied immigrant children a “humanitarian crisis,” Glenn asked Cruz what can be done at this point to halt the Administration’s push for amnesty.

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“What is happening right now on the border particularly with kids is heartbreaking,” Cruz said. “And it is the direct consequence of President Obama’s lawlessness, his refusal to enforce the law.”

Cruz explained that parents are now handing their children over to drug cartels to help get them into the U.S. In many cases, these children are assaulted – both physically and sexually – and sold into prostitution.

“It should make us weep at the idea of children being handed over to cruel, brutal drug traffickers, and all of this is the direct consequence of when the President of the United States tells people to just send your kids up here and we will let them in and ignore the law,” Cruz said. “Those incentives have produced this humanitarian crisis… I think it’s quite likely the President’s intention, just like he did a couple years ago, to unilaterally grant another big amnesty because he thinks it will help him politically.”

While the lawlessness of the Obama Administration and so much of what is happening in Washington is cause for frustration and concern, Cruz remains optimistic.

“Let met give you some encouragement, which is: As bad as it is getting… it is waking people up,” Cruz said. “You look at the results in Virginia last night, Dave Brat was outspent almost 50 to 1, and yet the people woke up and said, ‘We’re tired of business as usual in Washington.’ Look at the Senate election results in Mississippi, where the fourth longest serving member of the senate is suddenly found himself in a runoff.”

With that in mind, Cruz believes the this midterm election cycle and 2016 are going to be vitally important.

“The biggest thing we can do is rise up and demand that our elected officials in both parties listen to the people… hold every elected official accountable,” he concluded. “And I think 2014 is going to be a very strong election year, but I think 2016’s going to be even stronger because sometimes things have to get really bad to startle people out of their slumber.”

  • Anonymous

    All RINO’s must be shown the door starting with the 2014 midterms; then on to 2016 to finish the job. I’m hopeful!

  • WinstonSmith

    And when Dave Brat loses the election this fall to a Democrat, what good will that do? Brat is an extremist religious nutter who is out of step with modern America.

    • Kim N Ryan Jones

      its a house race so its more local so with out knowing VA politics he should be fine.

    • Crassus

      Thank you, Congressman Cantor. Lined up a lobbying position yet?

      • WinstonSmith

        Got it right here Crassus.

  • tinwhistler

    This demonstrates the need to limit Congress and the president to a single term, so they cannot be corrupted by power and money over 20 to 50 years. True citizen-politicians.

    • Something Is Wrong

      I agree but I think it should be taken even a step further. The pay structure itself for Congress needs to change back to what it was originally. Our first progressive President (although the term didn’t exist in his day) was Andrew Jackson and before he came along our Congress was paid a low hourly wage for their services and they were paid only for the time they were actually in session. In other words, unless their butts were in the chairs, they got nothing. They were expected to have their own careers and support themselves otherwise. One of the reasons it was believed originally that we didn’t need term limits was that the pay for being a Congressman was so low that it was impossible to make a career out of it; it was truly a service that one rendered to their nation. Jackson ended all of that and essentially gave us what we deal with today where we need to set term limits in order to rein in our politicians.

      • tinwhistler

        Would not work – it would attract the wealthy who do not care about a salary, pretty much like it is now.

        • Anonymous

          you say what you did, in light of the recent result, shows colossal ignorance or chutzpah.

        • Something Is Wrong

          To the contrary, it would close the door to any “career politicians” who have never had any other job or lived in the real world the rest of us live in. Besides which, I know of no rich people who would go and hold an office that pays them SIGNIFICANTLY less than what they would be making otherwise and isn’t going to financially benefit them in the long run. If you take away the big perks associated with the position then only people who will be attracted to it are those whose motivations are driven by their love of their nation. It would be a situation that would be difficult for anybody to deal with and that’s the point. If it’s a pain in the butt and people still do it, then they either have an unquenchable thirst for power (but even the power hungry want riches to accompany it) or an incomprehensible love for their nation and a true desire to serve.

      • Veteran Patriot

        We have term limits…it merely requires getting off the couch and voting every two years.

        • Anonymous

          Ain’t so simple as that. Gerrymandering and party cronyism allows for a no confidence vote. i.e. staying on the couch.

      • Anonymous

        Term limits would be a great help.

        Another very good idea would be for the US Congress to have “term limits” on the time that they are in session.

        Here in Texas, our legislature – Senate and House – meets only every other year and then for only for a maximum of six months. [In the rare event that there is actually a need for more time, as when Abortion Barbie launched a filibuster timed to run the clock out, the governor can call a special session or extension.] Our legislators are real people with real jobs and lives outside of the government bubble.

        If the federal government stuck to the functions authorized by the constitution, six months every other would probably be more than enough. We also should not have to pay retirement and lifetime medical, etc., to career politicians.

        • Boo2

          Both of you have great ideas! If enough people push for this it CAN work!
          And if enough people remember to pray for it maybe God won’t turn His back the whole way….yet!

      • Crassus

        In the immortal words of that great philosopher, P. J. O’Rourke, “We don’t need term limits, we need jail.”

        • Mike Nelson

          Jail is far less effective a deterrent than it seems.

          In the immortal words of David Hannum (in criticism of P. T. Barnum’s audiences), “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

          What we need to do is consider the fact that the US has been in an officially declared time of war since the start of Desert Storm (or earlier?), and prosecute voter fraud for the treason that it is in time of war.

          But none of this will matter, because people still have TV & interwebs, food still comes from the store, electricity comes from the outlet, and that means that Hannum is still right.

          Bread and Circus, and 1984.

      • patricia crevier

        very accurate on your history. We need to get this back to a public service for a short time,not a career.

      • SB from SJ

        I don’t like term limits because it takes away my freedom to vote for a person that I like wow think is and can continue to do a good job. It makes every elected officials lame duck and lame sucks don’t care what the people want them to do. There are better ways of controlling elected officials. Make them obey All the laws, no special carve outs. Return the responsibility to pay for Congressmen and Senators back to the state legislators. This is how it was intended. They should be representing the state and reporting back to the state. Give each a budget they have to live with and report that includes staff, office, residence, travel, etc. Don’t pay them for time taken off for vacation, sight seeing, and especially campaigning. They should make a decent salary for a very important job but don’t let them waste it or steal more while in office.

    • Bill Gaw

      While term limits would be a great idea that, I expect, the majority of voters would approve of, it would take amending the Constitution…the same tactic that the Democrats are being castigated for with their mere suggestion that the First Amendment be changed to reflect that money is not speech, and corporations aren’t people. And the pay thing? Since that has to change in Congress itself, good f*ing luck with that!

    • Anonymous

      Harry Reed, Nancy Peelousy, ‘Malbou’ Barby Boxer, and Dianne Finkstein being great examples. Or put another way, they’re not totally worthless, if nothing else, they can be used as “bad examples”.

      • JerseyGeo

        And Lindsey Graham, John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio. More bad examples not totally worthless.

    • JerseyGeo

      Who would serve?

  • John Scott

    I hope he can win the general election. Hate to see him win the fight but lose the war?

  • Anonymous

    Lesson to learn – don’t listen to the polls – Get out and Vote! Conservatives everywhere should be encouraged. We CAN gain control in November! I’d like to see people less worried about “how” conservative or “how” religious a candidate is or isn’t, but concentrate on getting them elected in 2014. We need to send people to DC right now who are willing to make changes! These offices were never meant to be stepping stones to careers, but an act of service. If they don’t work out in a couple of years – Vote ’em back out! The lesson – Vote!!

  • Steve Nissley

    Wit the community organizer/incompetent president in the Whitehouse a democrat won’t be able to be elected dog catcher this fall!

  • http://www.fayenicolehines.com/ Faye


    • Bonnie Somer

      amen to that

    • Anonymous

      Thats the problem obama never brings anything onto himself. This current problem is just like all the actions by obama and his traitorous troupe of Maxist’s, it’s a big flipped bird in your face. Saul Alinsky 101. Obama is a typical leftwing coward. He will sit on high and issue decrees until enough citizens are willing to physically bring it to him.

      • Anonymous

        Kinda like Mussolini? They call him “Right-Wing”, but he was the same kind of megalomanic control-freak-messiah that O’Bom-ba is. Remember that fascism don’t know nothing ’bout no “wings”: Left-wing, Right wing – all one foul and unclean bird.

        • Tom Casarella

          Like Ronald Reagan said in 1970 by definition, so called liberalism can only lead to facism, look up the video.

        • Anonymous

          Look up the definition of sociopath….it is under antisocial personality disorder….Obama fits it to a tee….the man is insane and he needs to be in a psychiatric hospital in a straight jacket because he is a danger to himself and others.

      • Stephani Burcham Hanson

        I disagree, hes not a left wing cowear, hes an anti american terrorist leader whos criminal actions should land him in prison. I believe hes the leader of the muslim brotherhood and he just freed 5 terrorists from prison while arming those very same people with guns and ammunition at the same time they w ere vowing to take downt the United States AGAIN. He is a cowardbut hes the biggest threat to our nation, our security and our freedom that we have ever had to face.

        Im sorry, didnt mean to go off on you. This guy makes my blood boil.

    • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

      so true, let the pres.and congress love in the holding center and the poor kids live in their air conditioned offices

    • JerseyGeo

      Isn’t sending them to Arizona exiling them to the desert?

    • Anonymous

      The whole country should be angry. Everything that brought down the Roman Empire is happening now, including loose borders where people could wonder in and out as they pleased. That is what we have now. Only they are coming expecting to be taken care of under the extreme left wing promises of a narcissistic president who is obviously hell bent on destroying the country and is doing a good job of it.

  • Sue Arnold

    More every day, I am convinced that obama is the anti=christ!

    • Heather Johnson

      he may be one but not the though he may work for the antichrist you never know

      • Elton Robb

        Anyone who is against Jesus Christ is Anti-Christ.

        • Heather Johnson

          he is an anti christ but not the anti christ there have been several throughout history so hes not the first the term antichrist is someone who preaches against christ or sets themselves as a christ figure so while he may be an antichrist the title of the antichrist goes to lucifer

    • Boo2

      The anti-Christ will not be revealed until after the Rapture.
      Bummy is a forerunner.

  • LadybugJ

    A fiscally conservative country is our future hope! We have to work as hard as we can – those entrenched socialists aren’t going to go without a fight! (or fraud)

  • Anonymous

    and while commentators are telling people that the turnout was low, the report by Rush, citing figures, was that the turnout was significantly higher.

    Give the people something to vote for, principled conservative values, and people beat the door down to vote.

  • Eric Anderson

    Why are we not raising cash to sue the government, Obama, Etc. for breaking the law? Why does lawbreaking go unchecked? Why can’t we stop it? If there are really 50 M of us, and we put in $10 each, that is $500M to sue the government and officials that have broken the law…

  • Boo2

    Sounds to me like Obammy has gotten himself involved in a “Fast & Furious”….this time with children. When are people going to say enough is enough?! They better start NOW..at the polls!
    Hey Ted, what are you going to be doing on your summer ‘break’??
    Why not gather up some other conservatives and go around to some of these districts and help out these ‘new’ conservatives? Give them a much needed hand! Go door-to-door with them or their helpers and give them a boost. You guys would be surprised at what meeting your/their constituents face to face will accomplish! Help them out!
    Just watch. The stupid Dems will probably jump on this idea too!
    I hope so! Won’t they be surprised!

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    I see the trolls are back.

    • Anonymous

      They would be better served by the Huffington Post, where truth and honesty are NOT a requirement. These low information voters would be right at home there!!

    • Ann Ryan

      What I do not understand at all is that the USA used to welcome immigrants with open arms. After the Viet Nam war thousand of refugees were welcome here .My grandparents were immigrants from Ireland and although it was a struggle did manage to raise their six children to be useful good citizens. Yes,, they did speak English as it was their native tongue. there are many people in my parish who still speak Italian or Polish yet we do not complain about them.

      • Anonymous

        The immigrants of the past that you refer to came here through legal channels, often to escape persecution. They did not slide across the border illegally and expect to be taken care of for life. They wanted to become Americans and contribute, not takers.

  • Dan Kridler

    These politicians in office that think this is over had better start looking for another job soon. We are upset and more heads will roll soon. The American public has woken up and the voting public that cares about our country will voice their opinions at the polls since Washington won’t listen anywhere else. God bless America.

  • Gdrake

    He has always personally hated her but if I were Brewer I would personally do a drive by with all 60000 children on the WH lawn. Screw the military tell them we found a great American HOME for the children.

  • Ann Ryan

    i doubt that it would be possible, but I would be in favor of a clean sweep and fill the senate, the house and the oval office with good honest God loving people who would use the government for what it was established to protect, provide etc for the common people not for their salaries and benefits

  • Anonymous

    It should go without saying that “what is an extremist” is entirely relative to one’s own position. When a progressive stands up and declares a constitutionalist who stands for limited government, the eschewing of debt, and personal and individual Liberty to be an extremist, what they have actually revealed is their own extreme enmity against the principles of the Framers and the Declaration they published to the world, as well as the Constitutional Republic that those principles were established to uphold.

    In short, they are “enemies domestic”

  • http://batman-news.com IT2 IT 2IT 2

    CRUZ’s very wife was a VP for Goldman Sacks USURY.


    Once again —DO NOT BE TAKEN IN.

    • Anonymous

      Indeed. If Cruz is a plant, he is indeed a terrific actor. I have always been on guard with this man.

  • Anonymous

    IMPEACH, IMPEACH, IMPEACH!! Enough already!!!

  • joan cassidy

    Where was Cruz when Brat was campaigning? He was no where to be found..

  • joan cassidy

    Where was Cruz when Brat was campaigning. He was no where to be found. Now however, it is politically smart to use him. Are there no statesmen to be found..

  • Anonymous

    “A humanitarian” issue. Consider who created this issue: Obama by not enforcing border crossings and pushing for amnesty. In this time of electronic media, news travels so quickly. Central Americans have been told to rush over the border because of amnesty. They create the crisis and then propose measures that the suckers will fall for all at their own detriment.

  • Joann Roxbury

    Ultimately, it is knowledge that is power: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • PJ Eck

    they can take every child from babies 1to12 years old and give them t;o barry tell him his kids are looking for him >if anymore show up do the same

  • http://yahoo.com john norton


  • Caribou “PAYCUT” Barbie™
  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    You mean the people that look nothing like Jared and Amanda Miller in a yellow circle. I can take random photos of people to.

  • Caribou “PAYCUT” Barbie™

    You’re a liar.
    Please, never post to me again.

  • Ann Ryan

    this ad does not belong in the middle of an important discussion. I have spoken to many many people who fell for that scam

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    You coward please post the truth next time.

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