How many times can a group of people say the word “poop” when talking about an actual news story? More than a dozen, apparently.

During Wednesday’s Daily Briefing, Glenn and his team talked about a bizarre story out of San Marino, California involving the mayor, his neighbor, and a bag of dog poop.

Surveillance video appears to show San Marino mayor Dennis Kneier tossing a bag containing dog poop onto homeowner Phillip Lao’s private walkway. Lao’s home features a “no poop zone” sign in the front yard, which had reportedly been the cause of some conflict for the two in the past. Additionally, Lao recently opposed plans to build a dog park in the area.

In a statement to KNBC-TV, the mayor conceded that he was “standing up and dropped” the bag, adding that it “may have flicked off a bit.” It should be noted, however, that Kneier doesn’t own a dog, and he refused to say where he found the bag initially.

It is unclear if Kneier will face any repercussions.