Why was there a ‘poop counter’ in Wednesday’s Daily Briefing?

How many times can a group of people say the word “poop” when talking about an actual news story? More than a dozen, apparently.

During Wednesday’s Daily Briefing, Glenn and his team talked about a bizarre story out of San Marino, California involving the mayor, his neighbor, and a bag of dog poop.

Surveillance video appears to show San Marino mayor Dennis Kneier tossing a bag containing dog poop onto homeowner Phillip Lao’s private walkway. Lao’s home features a “no poop zone” sign in the front yard, which had reportedly been the cause of some conflict for the two in the past. Additionally, Lao recently opposed plans to build a dog park in the area.

In a statement to KNBC-TV, the mayor conceded that he was “standing up and dropped” the bag, adding that it “may have flicked off a bit.” It should be noted, however, that Kneier doesn’t own a dog, and he refused to say where he found the bag initially.

It is unclear if Kneier will face any repercussions.

  • landofaahs

    People let their dogs crap in other peoples lawns when they walk them. Let them crap on the owners lawn, or carpet just clean up after you pets.

    • John Scott

      Just more example of self entitlement these days. People have no respect for others. Its most likely taught by parents who felt the same way. Its organic so its really not about specifically the fecal matter in my view. Its just a overall disrespect for others property.

  • Anonymous

    The sign is much better than turds in your yard which in turn get on your lawn mower wheels and feet. Keep your lame poodle off my yard!

  • Sylvia Weddle Mills

    Create the NEED for a dog park, and you get the park. Liberal tactics EVERY TIME.

  • Anonymous

    Dog or cat poop is NOT fertilizer. Diseases and worms are spread through feces. People who choose not to have pets should not be responsible for cleaning up after someone else’s dog or cat.

    I have a sign in my yard ‘Please clean up after your dog’. Know WHY we have that sign? Lazy neighbors.

    A couple down the street habitually walked their dog after dark, never cleaning up after it. I witnessed this, and tried to be polite… typed up a note addressed to the dog, asking him to please tell his people they should be picking up after him. For a while afterwards, would see the woman walking with a bag in her hand, but it was ALWAYS empty. And the neighbors on our street still had piles of poo within three feet of the curb.

    So, being that we have THREE dogs, and THREE dogs make a lot more poo than just ONE dog, (no Common Core math questions here!) and because I got tired of cleaning up after her dog, I collected all our dogs’ poo for about a week. Let me tell you, it was a good-sized pile.

    Then I visited their humble abode down the street early one morning, before sunrise. Left a trail of turds in their yard, from the mailbox to the front door.

    The rest of our block’s neighbors found substantially less unclaimed poop after that.

  • Judy Patterson Valenta

    My uncle ha a neighbor’s dog in his yard every morning. Finally got sick of it. Shoveled it up, rang her doorbell, dumped it on her door mat, saying, ” Just returning what’s yours.” Never happened again!…

  • Bob Kelley

    This story sums up Glenn Becks empire. The Blaze is garbage. Just posting slop and taking people’s money is a great con job.

  • Robert Smith

    An antidote to the quackery of the progressives, charlatans, and clowns who infect today’s mass TV media: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

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