Andy McCarthy lays out the case for President Obama’s impeachment

On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Stu welcomed bestselling author Andy McCarthy to discuss his new book Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment. The timing of McCarthy’s book release is particularly apropos given President Obama’s handling of the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

As McCarthy explained, when dealing with an administration like the current one, “the writer has to stop writing at some point.” Given President Obama’s track record, it was “inevitable” that some instance of lawlessness wouldn’t make into the book, but McCarthy was ready to discuss the release of Bergdahl and the case that can be made for impeachment.

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The founders offered the mechanism of impeachment recognizing that there could be times in which such an extreme measure is necessary. They also recognized, however, that the process needed to be safeguarded against potential partisan politics.

Of everything that has happened in the last five and half years, McCarthy does not believe President Obama’s failure to provide Congress 30 days notice before releasing the five Guantanamo Bay prisoners is the most egregious offense. He does believe there is a “straightforward” legal case to be made against the President for several instances of lawlessness that have occurred.

Ultimately, as McCarthy explained, you can 1,000 provable impeachable offenses but because of the ways the founders designed the process, without strong public will, impeachment arguments are essential non-starters.

  • shashiznick

    It’s somewhat odious to me, how often lawyers and pundits speak of the founders as if they were these very reserved gentlemen who resorted to nothing more than legal arguing to right the government course. Alexander Hamilton lost his life in a dual with Aaron Burr. These were men who were willing to blow each others heads off for far less than the lawless and albeit perilous machinations going on in Washington for the last 25 years. Our founders were men of the testicle. Big brass balls, well set in the trousers of these rugged and fearless 18th century men. Nowadays the testicles of our men in congress and our lawyers and talk show producers like the one in the video above are clearly left in the nightstand drawer on her side of the bed. We are doomed if the good men of this country do not regain their God given right to their own testicles. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go start dinner.

    • Diane

      I love your post! You are so correct and so creative in your descriptions! Thanks for the info and the humor!

    • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

      Agreed. Wholeheartedly! You stated clearly what is inherently wrong in modern age politics. And I appreciated the zinger at the end.

    • Lucy Farrah DeMonique

      Your blurb is a first-place wiener!

    • sparducks

      Well put shashiznick, I couldn’t have put it better myself.

  • Guest

    Prediction: President Obama will serve in office until his 2nd term ends on 1/20/2017. Prisoner exchanges have been happening since the American Revolution. I’m pretty sure that Andy McCarthy has no idea what he’s talking about, but it’s still impressive that a ground hog can write a book.

    • Mike

      Ground hog? Oh….you slay me dude…Ground hog..what a corker…Man that is vintage DWS. Know what I mean….? Trouble is, no one cares what you think here.

      Ground hog…yuk, yuk.

      Oh yeah, turn off that marital aid you’re sittin on.

      • alumin

        Lol – Him & the brain dead twizzler chimp!

  • Paper Boy

    Obama does not need to worry about impeachment. The Press has his back.

    • Diane

      And if things get a little troubled….all he has to do is play his race card and people back down.

      • Paper Boy

        Unlikely that Obama will play the race card as others will do it for him. That’s cleaner and safer.

  • landofaahs

    Though I like the idea, it is not practical because it will only fire up his corrupt base. You would be better off investigating and get all the goods on this cat and then release them to the public one painful drip at a time until his credibility is destroyed by any honest democrat if there is such a thing. The economic collapse is coming so let’s hope it comes on his watch where much of the blame belongs.

  • Darlinda Hamill

    Lots of people talk about impeachment, including those with power to actuall do it. But it’s all blah blah blah. No one is really doing a darn thing about it.

    • Diane

      No president ever could have gotten away with the crap this schmuck gets away with.

      • jaytizzle

        Haven’t been around much, have you Diane?

  • Liquid55

    Regardless of what this President does, there is no way that the Senate would vote to convict. I believe that there is literally nothing he could do that would convince the Senate to do so.

    • LadybugJ

      It’s imperative for the sake of our country to change things this November!

  • Mike

    never happen unless Republicans take Congress.

    • jaytizzle

      So it’s never going to happen, got it.

      • Anonymous

        obviously, you are on of the 10 that still support zero……why? what accomplishments has he done? what qualifications did he have? he has totally misstepped every step in the mideast and I have spoken to many Americans who came here in childhood from there and they have explained each misstep of zero……can’t really be that dumb and has to be done with purpose…..hmmm…..cloward and piven?

  • Anonymous

    Barack Obama could strangle a dozen puppies on national TV and NOBODY would do a thing about it. There would be a week and a half of video and hand wringing by the networks and there would be the ridiculous segments with the poll taker asking a group of voters with the little I like it / I hate it buttons and it would reveal 47% approval and 53% against. No ONE has the stones to stand up and call out the naked Emperor. We’re screwed.

    • Anonymous

      You are right…..exactly right. I’ve never lost hope like this before. This great country is disappearing at such a rapid pace that I don’t know if we’ll even last until 2016 to elect a new president. It’s disgusting.

    • Anonymous

      Geez, don’t give him any ideas. He’ll use that to hide the next scandal.

  • Jaclyn Baggesen

    YOU ARE RIGHT GLENN…IT IS STARTING TO COME FASTER AND FASTER…THE GLOVES AND MASKS ARE STARTING TO COME OFF… the IRS emails from Lerner to White House and democratic congress people and all outside emails have been mysteriously by accident destroyed….. WHAT?????? I guess they had to do something so not a smidgen of evidence was found out……people need to be put in handcuffs….DISGRACE….

  • TXLibertyBelle

    The men who ratified the Constitution believed the impeachment clause would be used often, but alas, this is one of their most glaring miscalculations.

  • Anonymous

    i believe the House should pass a resolution asking for his resignation. i dont believe he should be impeached. Also, contrary to some, impeachment is a procedure to be used very sparingly for the good of the Republic only in very extreme situations. Oh, he should resign for the good of the country, for the good of his party and, yes, for his own good. Now, he only has increasing frustrations ahead.

    • Anonymous

      True, however, we must remember that this president is an absolute narcissist. I also believe that he is mentally unstable. No rational human in that position would act this way. He is all about self-preservation, and that is all. Thus, resignation will never happen. He has to be forced out, dragged out, kicking and screaming all the way. However, I am a realist. What member of the GOP is going to want to go down in history as being the guy that impeached the first “black” (half-black/half-white) president? The media will tear whomever it is to pieces, and will make Obama a martyr like we’ve never seen before. I wish that we could just do what is right, but there is damn much baggage associated with it. I don’t know what to do any more. I am officially worried.

  • Anonymous

    What another obama whopper to U.S citizens ?????? That the IRS computer crash losing all Louis Lerner e-mails for two years to different agencies and the obama White House of scandals ya only her e-mails were lost ?? !!!! In my opinion this nothing but a blatant BS lie to U.S citizens !! Our president obama administration think we all are stupid and be to a sucker for his lies ever time over and over !!!! So this administration telling us that IRS don’t have redundancy back up records going to three different storage system and obama will tell U.S citizens another whopper that White House and all these agenies computers also went down for two years only on losing Lois Lerner e-mail receive and their reply that BS !!! Should there not be record on computer receiving and sending ??? Also the NSA must have these e-mails too on private citizens they are recording ever key stroke what on receiving computer and sending computer !!! Oh ya what obama going tell U.S citizens that the NSA computer storage also crash only losing Lois Lerner e-mails exchanges for two years too with the obama White House of scandals and obama cronies run agencies ,oh ya none of these federal computers have back up system either !!!??? I say impeach this entire lying obama administration starting at the top with obama and working down to all his partners in crimes cronies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this corrupt obama IRS just provide more ammo with Lois Lerner coverup for citizens to call for impeachment of all of obama administration !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I say impeach obama with this ongoing coverup of lies with obama & Lois Lerner in obama corrupt IRS being use as obama personnel attack dog for obama political enemies because they have a different view point and don’t vote for obama or his progressive cronies freinds agenda !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    It bothers me that people think Obama is just a narcissist and naïve, over his head, or bored. His actions, like those of his handlers through the years, have been very calculating. Everything he does, with the advice of whomever is pulling his strings, is planned out for the most effect. His job when he took over the White House was to destroy our country from within. Only then would we be weak enough to conquer from without. The only way this runaway train is going to be brought to a halt is if we send Marines into the people’s house and bring them all out in handcuffs like the traitors and criminals they are. An investigation into his phone calls, emails, and other communications should be instituted immediately. It’s time we found out who the puppet masters are and cut their purse strings. Then we haul the lot of them off in a garbage truck like the trash they are.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe Lois Lerner will take the fall with the IRS losing 2years of her e-mail. Is this fall is to cover that obama scandals White House and other government agencies were involved in targeting & coordinating with the illegal use of their government powers on individuals and groups who are not in lock step with obama !!!! Maybe congress should seized all e-mails from agencies and White House to Lois Lerner were these lost too for two years !!!???

  • John Cole

    Remember what the Prez was overheard telling a pastor; on video tape go find it. “Pastor, do you know what the difference is between you and me? ” No, what?” “You Pastor, have to tell the truth and I don’t!”

  • Michael Fishbein

    Lots of Talk & No Action. These is plenty on Obummer that could end his Presidency. What is taking so long. There was enough on him a year ago. Stop Talking and more action.

  • Stacy

    Impeach the racist commie usurping my white house. If someone with half a brain would simply organize a public vote, the will of the people would be obvious. This should have happened last year!!

  • Anonymous

    For cover obama administration in this prisoner trade are trying make all members of his unit out to be liars or they don’t know what they’re talking about !!! Our President trying to do this by focusing on the one person who is responsible for the mental health of the soldiers of his unit !! By taking out context what he thought at the time of this soldiers dessertion ,or constrewn it different or get him to change his mind on his opinion of his evaluaration at the time !!! But if this soidier was so mentally unstable why didn’t he remove him from the front lines or classifield him as unfit for duty up to his dessertlion date !!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????????????????? Was this soldliers a true prisoner of war , or he when went to join the enemies ranks and didn’t turn out right for him, or he was just treated as a prisoner and break down and join them ??? Ya he might be unstable now after being held by the enemies ,but at the time of his dessertion was he really unstable or just his lawyer painting this picture to get him out for standing trial for dessertion ???/ Plus obama wants him to be painted him as unstable at the time of his dessertion as a true prisoner of war for obama cover for this trade that aided and abet our enemies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zere Ochs

    Common illusions conjured up by those attempting to impose centralized control include “social justice” and stopping “global warming”.

  • Anonymous

    Where in world is are so call President obama and the other phony groups who are so much for just treatment of women ??? When obama don’t say boo or label radical Muslim group Isis as pure evil on the treatment of women shold be lock up in houses,killing of all others who don’t practice Islam and Shari Law !!! It one thing to not intervene miltiary !!!
    ,But to not label radical groups as our enemy especially Isis ,who declare war on western nations Killing of all Christians & Jews outright and others !!!! By obama not labeling this group as our enemy & evil he allowing it to grow and harder for us to fight this evil if government don’t point it out, or to awaken our citizens to approaching of this terrorists group of pure evil !!!!!!!!!!!!! The latest of using possible drones strikes Ya a little late obama when you know it won’t accomplish much at this late stage is perfecting timing again to give you cover you try to do something!! Knowingly the result be that this extreme radical group will form a new nation taking parts of Syria and Iraq to wage un provoke war against the west !!! Hey obama with ever time with your incidents timing of actions,delay actions,non-actions seem to be alway in favor of extreme Musllm radicals WHY ??????????????????????????????????? The Isis leader just made a statement he will see us New York as a threat to bow down to his radical Muslim views or off with your heads , I call this a threat and a declare act of war Thanks obama for allowing this evil to grow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John Kerry just said we may use drones thanks for nothing a little late !!!! ??? Thanks Kerry !!!

    • Anonymous

      I say go all in to win or keep our soldiers out of it completely !!!!

  • Mr. Billckston

    Fellow Patriots: I’ve found this to be a powerful antidote for the intellectual plague of today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Dorothy Snyder

    My sister’s, uncle’s third cousin’s, brother’s friend, teacher’s once told me that you are full of bull.

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