Andy McCarthy lays out the case for President Obama’s impeachment

On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Stu welcomed bestselling author Andy McCarthy to discuss his new book Faithless Execution: Building the Political Case for Obama’s Impeachment. The timing of McCarthy’s book release is particularly apropos given President Obama’s handling of the release of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl.

As McCarthy explained, when dealing with an administration like the current one, “the writer has to stop writing at some point.” Given President Obama’s track record, it was “inevitable” that some instance of lawlessness wouldn’t make into the book, but McCarthy was ready to discuss the release of Bergdahl and the case that can be made for impeachment.

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The founders offered the mechanism of impeachment recognizing that there could be times in which such an extreme measure is necessary. They also recognized, however, that the process needed to be safeguarded against potential partisan politics.

Of everything that has happened in the last five and half years, McCarthy does not believe President Obama’s failure to provide Congress 30 days notice before releasing the five Guantanamo Bay prisoners is the most egregious offense. He does believe there is a “straightforward” legal case to be made against the President for several instances of lawlessness that have occurred.

Ultimately, as McCarthy explained, you can 1,000 provable impeachable offenses but because of the ways the founders designed the process, without strong public will, impeachment arguments are essential non-starters.

  • shashiznick

    It’s somewhat odious to me, how often lawyers and pundits speak of the founders as if they were these very reserved gentlemen who resorted to nothing more than legal arguing to right the government course. Alexander Hamilton lost his life in a dual with Aaron Burr. These were men who were willing to blow each others heads off for far less than the lawless and albeit perilous machinations going on in Washington for the last 25 years. Our founders were men of the testicle. Big brass balls, well set in the trousers of these rugged and fearless 18th century men. Nowadays the testicles of our men in congress and our lawyers and talk show producers like the one in the video above are clearly left in the nightstand drawer on her side of the bed. We are doomed if the good men of this country do not regain their God given right to their own testicles. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go start dinner.

  • Guest

    Prediction: President Obama will serve in office until his 2nd term ends on 1/20/2017. Prisoner exchanges have been happening since the American Revolution. I’m pretty sure that Andy McCarthy has no idea what he’s talking about, but it’s still impressive that a ground hog can write a book.

  • Paper Boy

    Obama does not need to worry about impeachment. The Press has his back.

  • Mike

    Ground hog? Oh….you slay me dude…Ground hog..what a corker…Man that is vintage DWS. Know what I mean….? Trouble is, no one cares what you think here.

    Ground hog…yuk, yuk.

    Oh yeah, turn off that marital aid you’re sittin on.

  • landofaahs

    Though I like the idea, it is not practical because it will only fire up his corrupt base. You would be better off investigating and get all the goods on this cat and then release them to the public one painful drip at a time until his credibility is destroyed by any honest democrat if there is such a thing. The economic collapse is coming so let’s hope it comes on his watch where much of the blame belongs.

  • Darlinda Hamill

    Lots of people talk about impeachment, including those with power to actuall do it. But it’s all blah blah blah. No one is really doing a darn thing about it.

  • Liquid55

    Regardless of what this President does, there is no way that the Senate would vote to convict. I believe that there is literally nothing he could do that would convince the Senate to do so.

  • Mike

    never happen unless Republicans take Congress.

  • Diane

    I love your post! You are so correct and so creative in your descriptions! Thanks for the info and the humor!

  • Diane

    And if things get a little troubled….all he has to do is play his race card and people back down.

  • Diane

    No president ever could have gotten away with the crap this schmuck gets away with.

  • jaytizzle

    Haven’t been around much, have you Diane?

  • jaytizzle

    So it’s never going to happen, got it.

  • alumin

    Lol – Him & the brain dead twizzler chimp!

  • LadybugJ

    It’s imperative for the sake of our country to change things this November!

  • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

    Agreed. Wholeheartedly! You stated clearly what is inherently wrong in modern age politics. And I appreciated the zinger at the end.

  • Dorothy Snyder

    My sister’s, uncle’s third cousin’s, brother’s friend, teacher’s once told me that you are full of bull.

  • Anonymous

    Barack Obama could strangle a dozen puppies on national TV and NOBODY would do a thing about it. There would be a week and a half of video and hand wringing by the networks and there would be the ridiculous segments with the poll taker asking a group of voters with the little I like it / I hate it buttons and it would reveal 47% approval and 53% against. No ONE has the stones to stand up and call out the naked Emperor. We’re screwed.