LISTEN: Glenn and Sean Hannity talk solutions for fixing America

Glenn was in New York City today, and he stopped by Sean Hannity’s radio show during the top of his third hour to talk about the news of the day and the need for Americans to come together under common sense principles.

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“We’re a country that is in a cold civil war. We’ve stopped talking to each other,” Glenn said. “We can reconcile the differences, but not politically.”

Glenn said it was important for people to stop listening to the media, which has told the American people there are only two choices: Republican or Democrat. Right or left. Conservative or liberal.

“We’re meant to live together and be cool with each other. It’s the extremes on the edges that are saying ‘It’s my way or the highway’,” Glenn explained. “The extremist is the progressive left and the progressive right that says ‘I’m going to control you’. In America, it’s not about control, it’s about freedom,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that Common Core is being defeated across the country because people on the left and the right both believe it is a disaster.

What about solutions? While Glenn has focused on finding common ground with strange bedfellows to spread common sense principles, Hannity laid out five solutions from his website  that he believes will fix the country:

The Penny Plan – To limit government spending and stop stealing from our kids.

Energy Independence – Let’s get America back to work producing energy that will free us from our reliance on foreign nations.

Choice in Education – Empower the parents and the local communities to provide school choice options in order to improve the quality of education.

A Healthcare Alternative – ObamaCare is a failure, but conservatives need free-market solutions including health savings accounts to bring down the costs and burdens of healthcare.

Control the Borders – We need to get smart about our immigration policy and that starts with controlling our borders.

Take a listen to the full segment below:

  • Nick Oz

    allah o arkbhar

    • landofaahs

      Allah carte or allah mode?

      • Anonymous

        Olly olly oxen free

        • Anonymous

          Re: These preceding posts have devolved into school yard invective.

          • Anonymous

            They usually do.

  • landofaahs

    If you don’t revive the moral standards then nothing you do will make a wit of difference. When right and wrong are distorted as we have from our roots, then people justify stealing from others whether it is unscrupulous corporations cheating the public or politicians being for sale or citizens wanting handouts.

  • Impeach Obama Now!

    Good interview Glenn!
    Keep Going!
    And never stop!

  • IT 2 IT




    HURL –ALLLL— MEDIA necromancers!

  • ken.

    the best way for us to fix america is for we the people to stop expecting ( DEPENDING!!! ) on politicians to do it for us. we need to stand up and do it for ourselves.

  • chevron1144

    “We love things and use people when we should love people and use things.” Very Shakespearean Glenn. And very profound.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know where to start with these two. They talk about war like playground school children. Hannity plays the tough-talking bully and Beck plays the centrist nice kid. Hannity thinks we should carpet bomb countries. I guess he doesn’t remember how well that worked in Vietnam before we got the hell out and the North took over anyway. Beck talks about loving our enemies, but we’re really going to hurt them if they’re bad. There’s no discussion of the complications of modern war. No real consideration of sending their own children into tribal terrorist environments.

    Hannity’s “solutions” aren’t solutions at all. They’re vague simple-minded ideas lacking any detail at all, which is why nobody takes him seriously.

    • landofaahs

      You’d fit right in with their stupidity.

      • Anonymous

        You seem to have missed the point. I criticized their lack of detail.

    • Olcowboy

      If you will step a few more paces back in history, a couple of well placed hydrogen bombs brought a quick surrender from Japan. Prior to that decision, there was a plan on the table for a “boots on the ground” invasion of Japan. The “boots on the ground” would have cost over 1 million American lives and untold numbers of Japanese. Carpet bombing is effective and costs less blood than our existing alternative. In Vietnam, the rules of engagement were so skewed (as they are today) our military was politically restricted from winning a war which could have been won. And I need to add…”loving your enemy” has never been a military option, IMHO. I have yet to meet a professional soldier (warrior type) who is a lover of war, for it is their sacrifices, and theirs alone, which dictate the outcome of any conflict. There is an applicable adage here, “If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.” This enemy will not be vanquished with anything less than complete annihilation. It is their way, since the time of their prophet, and must become ours if we are to be victorious. Now, I’m done.

      • Anonymous

        Your analysis is incredibly over-simplified. You cannot “annihilate” multiple entire countries. Terrorists are hidden everywhere throughout the middle east, Africa and even Europe among innocent people.

        • Mike Nelson

          Indeed, you can annihilate whole countries.

          We will see it happen to Israel when the Ayatollah gets the Bomb and a method of delivery.

          Google “ayatollah islam can survive a nuke” (I did it w/o the quotes) and read some, you’ll find everything you need to know about how a whole country can be wiped out, how the plans are being made, and how the culture of Islam is the only thing that matters to those seeking such an event in the ME and Africa right now, as they have since 1948.

          Even the Germans and Russians almost succeeded in such an endeavor within living memory. Ask the Jews and Gypsies… or even some European blacks. The near-success of such an attempt even prompted the formation of the State of Israel, and was supported by the whole world for exactly that reason.

          YES… you CAN annihilate multiple entire countries, and the Persians have done it before, as did the Romans and Mongols (though the Mongols did it through assimilation).

          You disappoint me in this post, Landree.

          • Anonymous

            So you’d propose killing many millions of innocent people in countries that have not threatened us to eliminate a small number of extremists. Sounds pretty sick to me. I think intelligence and drone strikes make sense when targeting a specific threats spread over continents.

          • Mike Nelson

            Propose it? No… observe the history of Humankind? Certainly.

            However, I am a proponent of certain “acceptable losses” in specific situations; you can’t go through military indoctrination without learning that sometimes losses are part of life, any more than you can go through Life Itself without having to budget expenses.

            Even the stone-age mentality Caliphate builders understand this… are you active on Muslim sites that advocate nuke-strike on Jerusalem, because they know that their religion can survive, while their enemy country will be wiped out (along with achieving the Palestinian Ultimate Solution)?

            This is why I was saying you disappoint me, brother… on this one you’re all over the map with inconsistencies. Typically, you at least pick a path… but here you’re not being honest about the stakes.

      • Mike Nelson

        Not only that, but anything other than unrestrained and complete destruction of an enemy’s capacity to wage war is like dangling a carrot before them.

        Fighting can, indeed, solve conflicts, if one side is beaten past recovery and not aided with “rebuilding” and “reconstruction” efforts as an exercise in Empire.

        We need to stop playing at colonialism; it’s a method that died with the advent of telecommunications, and now, in a world fitted with satellite technology and on-demand wireless internet, is practiced/tolerated only due to the ignorance of the first world population.

    • shashiznick

      I’ve entered all the data for wars and there out comes including monetary costs casualties the suffering of our allies and other such data into the magnusspectrabovineexcrementometer a device I made in my basement to measure and track all relevant data and then spit out a solution for America’s survival. According to this very sensitive and accurate device It say’s we must kill all of our enemies foreign and especially domestic immediately. Sorry pal the machine doesn’t lie.

      • Anonymous

        That does sound like a nifty machine. Can it tell us where the terrorists are?

  • Anonymous

    Two good men, joined by love of country and principles, who don’t hesitate to speak the truth. No spin there, lots of common sense.

  • RightVote

    Glenn Beck is a ‘Must listen to”….His evolution into this ‘Leader’ of humanity is truly inspiring. BUT………….
    Sean Hannity is just a guy ‘in the right place at the right time”! Sean is stupid silly with his giddiness of self aggrandizement !!! He is just a noisy commentator.
    Sean should take a smart pill and grow a brain.
    And that Stupid Football !!!

  • bucketnutz

    I hope there is time to do these things, but I am afraid that we crossed the tipping point after the re-election of a known corrupt President was successful.

  • Nate

    I like how Glenn said, “We’re meant to live together and be cool with each other.” Also, I like the 5 simple steps Sean outlined that can help America become srtonger.

  • Braven Eworld

    Those who preach from collectivism’s altar try to justify centralized control with vague words, such as “fair”, “equal”, and “society”, that sound appealing while remaining open to subjective interpretation.

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