Glenn was in New York City today, and he stopped by Sean Hannity’s radio show during the top of his third hour to talk about the news of the day and the need for Americans to come together under common sense principles.

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“We’re a country that is in a cold civil war. We’ve stopped talking to each other,” Glenn said. “We can reconcile the differences, but not politically.”

Glenn said it was important for people to stop listening to the media, which has told the American people there are only two choices: Republican or Democrat. Right or left. Conservative or liberal.

“We’re meant to live together and be cool with each other. It’s the extremes on the edges that are saying ‘It’s my way or the highway’,” Glenn explained. “The extremist is the progressive left and the progressive right that says ‘I’m going to control you’. In America, it’s not about control, it’s about freedom,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that Common Core is being defeated across the country because people on the left and the right both believe it is a disaster.

What about solutions? While Glenn has focused on finding common ground with strange bedfellows to spread common sense principles, Hannity laid out five solutions from his website  that he believes will fix the country:

The Penny Plan – To limit government spending and stop stealing from our kids.

Energy Independence – Let’s get America back to work producing energy that will free us from our reliance on foreign nations.

Choice in Education – Empower the parents and the local communities to provide school choice options in order to improve the quality of education.

A Healthcare Alternative – ObamaCare is a failure, but conservatives need free-market solutions including health savings accounts to bring down the costs and burdens of healthcare.

Control the Borders – We need to get smart about our immigration policy and that starts with controlling our borders.

Take a listen to the full segment below:

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