The end of the world is near: Chris Matthews defends… the Tea Party?

Resident Obama lapdog Chris Matthews offered a curious defense of Virginia congressional candidate Dave Brat and the Tea Party in general during an appearance on MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Daily on Wednesday.

“I guess there’s one word for Chris Matthews, and that would be ‘schizophrenic.’ I mean he’s flaming liberal… continually referring to conservatives as racists with absolutely no evidence,” Pat said on radio this morning. “However, every once in a while… he will sound like a right wing kook on a late night Fox News show.”

After defeating House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), Brat, an economics professor at Randolph-Macon College, will now face off against Democratic challenger and fellow Randolph-Macon professor Jack Trammell. Host Ronan Farrow pointed to each man’s rating on the popular website to show that Trammell is more popular among students. Matthews was not pleased with Farrow’s characterization.

“Is it rare to see that kind of brazen intellectualism, particularly in populist candidates like this,” Farrow asked after mentioning the ratings.

“Well, first of all, I don’t think you can assume that the liberals are smarter than the conservative professors,” Matthews shot back. “I think that’s crazy talk like that and it’s exactly the kind of attitude conservatives can’t stand. I don’t know which professor is more popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s a better professor, first of all.”

Matthews went on to commend Brat’s poise and eloquence.

“Secondly, I was listening to Brat last night, I listened to him today, I think he’s very sophisticated for a politician,” he continued. “He’s certainly up to the ranks in most politicians I’ve ever dealt with. He speaks in a speculative manner, in an intellectual manner, he can handle any debate on this program or my program.”

“So this looking down our noses at Tea Party people has got to stop,” Mathews added. “They have a message, they are as American as any liberal is, and they are really angry at the failure of the system.”

Matthews passionately argues that the media’s elitist attitude toward conservatives and Tea Party members must stop, but he has built much of his audience and reputation over the last several years by deriding ‘right wing extremists’ who criticize the Obama Administration.

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“Of course, if you look at the lead-in question, which was incredibly stupid by Ronan Farrow, [it is] much less idiotic, much less offensive to me than the things Chris Matthews has said in the past,” Stu concluded. “For example, identifying the face of the Tea Party as a bunch of placards with Hitler mustaches and black face. That is way more offensive and not even remotely close to true. Ronan Farrow, stupid point. But to get upset about that after the stuff Chris Matthews has said is really weird.”

  • John Scott

    Matthews trying to save his job now. Trying to make MSNBC more objective. The tea Party is not radical. Much of what they stand for goes back to American core values.
    That’s not radical, it just looks that way because we have gone so far the wrong way left.

    • CHANGEIN2014

      I agree!! The ratings on MSNBC can’t go any lower! They’re hanging on by a thread!

    • Jakarta girl

      Don’t get your hopes up, tomorrow Matthews will get back to his GOP bashing.

      • John Scott

        Oh I don’t think he has had a epiphany or anything like that. The man tilts left as much as he can without falling over.

    • Jeanette Parker

      ALL of what the TEA Party stands for is our Founders’ principles…..small government, low taxes, and God given individual liberties.

  • Anonymous

    I am in utter shock…. 😮

  • ChaoticVaper

    Feather? *falls over*

  • Christopher Richey

    He’s prepping the lifeboat…

  • Michael David Davis

    whatever his motivation is, it will become clear. we can be sure he’s not suddenly seeing the light!!

  • kyrunner

    Matthews is beyond joke. This guy is so radical and being on MSNBC is a perfect fit. A true nut on a nutty Anti-American network. He is not seeing the light. I believe he must have had a momentary brain fart.

  • Terrror Hunter

    Chris Who? What is MSNBC? A social disease?

    • Jakarta girl

      A liberal relative of mine told me that I should get up-to-date about what is going on by watching MSNBC. Fox is an entertainment center.
      Imagine such a statement.

      • Terrror Hunter

        I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

      • GW_jr

        The morning show Fox & Friends has become almost unwatchable, with its stupid popculture emphasis, and I often DO go over to MSNBC to hear what Morning Joe (argh) and crew are saying so I can hear what the ‘other guys’ are spinning. Actually, Fox has become less and less essential since Glenn Beck left it.

        • Terrror Hunter

          I agree. It appears news outlets are more interested in ratings than hard news. Not a good place for us to be. Thank God for the internet.

          • T funk

            Here here!

        • Craig Leonard

          “almost” unwatchable? Steve Doocy is a blathering fool. Love Brian Kilmeade but until Steve is gone I cannot watch

          • Terrror Hunter

            we call him steve doochie at my house. And don’t watch him
            His son is far better.

        • Liberals have no morals

          Is that why Fox and Friends trounces Morning Blow in the ratings.

      • Anonymous

        All news are entertainment center these days because they are all opinion pages. If it would be just facts and no commentaries with all the theatrics, it would be good. I mean, there is nothing wrong with entertainment part but there is no serious news. Euronews has a segment called “No comment.” It is just videos of current news and no word is said.

      • 8gary8

        Clearly, your “liberal relative” would be better served if he/she watched FOX as you do. Matthews, Sharpton, etc. have longer noses then Pinocchio!! Even Pinocchio would turn from MSNBC!!!

      • Anonymous

        KOOL AID

    • farm kid

      Matthews is a social disease, it is called the CLAP. I keep requesting my cable to rid me of the rubbish stations nbc, cnbc, msnbc, nbcsport. I REFUSED TO watch the Stanley cup because nbc is running the games.

  • David

    I hope Brat was vetted well by the Tea Party folks that helped him, because if Chris Mathews is defending him, then there is a chance there is a fox in the hen house. Liberals have made efforts to put a few wolves in sheep’s clothing to run as republicans already. I’m hopeful, because I want us all to have our country back, but anything is possible in todays America, especially politically.

    • Steven Lemmeyer

      Mark Levin supported him along with Laura Ingraham…and one of the Tea Party leads….name is slipping my mind at the moment.

    • Anonymous

      He doesn’t defend him. All what he said is that the guy is intellectual and would handle well on any program. May be it is what we need. I personally know brilliant people who can’t really answer well, don’t remember names and facts and there are people who are quite vacuous but can spit out names and facts. However, in politics, it is a big plus if Brat can hold the fire (Palin collapsed in a second though she is a smart woman) i say he is a big asset to conservatives.

    • T funk

      Call me cynical but I thought the same thing or he may just be grasping at straws but I wouldn’t put it passed “Them”.

  • LAPhil

    I think we need to give credit where credit is due. Matthews finally got a clue about something and I commend him for it.

    • Anonymous

      And I would add that even if a few liberals heard him, it is a plus, whatever his motivation for the shpill was.

  • Holistic

    Farrow’s program is quickly fading into oblivion. Maybe Matthews can do both.

  • gai2012

    Chris Matthews needs to start making sense or he’ll be out of a job. The Tea Party is nit a party it’s HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE who are tried of this lawless government. THE DEMONIC DEMOCRAT COMMUNIST PARTY over running our COUNTRY with illegals, forced healthcare, no jobs, destroying jobs. 100 million people out if work, 10 million failed businesses, forcing us to pay for abortions & contraceptives, disarming AMERICANS, LAND GRABBING, arming the EPA, BLM, IRS, destroying marriages, destroying christianity & just destroying AMERICA.


    • olford

      Very true, well said.

    • HappyHarriett

      My thoughts on a daily basis, Gai2012.

      I’m really tired of feeling like an alien in my own country that my Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather fought against the British for. I’m TIRED of having to toe every mark because I’m a legally born citizen of the USA while countless millions follow no laws, take the fruit from the American people by way of food stamps, housing, free phones, subsidies while looking down on ME because I have advanced education and white skin and money in the bank.


    • Anonymous

      YOU ARE 100% CORRECT!!!…RIGHT ON….

    • BlueMN

      Say what you will, but the DDCP throws the best hardcore gangsta rap and heavy metal thrash parties I’ve ever seen.

    • Jeanette Parker

      Maybe not hundreds of millions of people…….at least that votes…..but the movement is growing and we can’t be discouraged because MSM doesn’t accurately report us …….but we can be thankful for glen beck and brietbart, to name two reliable sources for real news.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Chris is off his meds……again.

    • grunge_byte

      great avatar

  • Anonymous

    Matthews is tempering is looney-left tingling views for two reasons. First, he
    anticipates a complete shellacking of the Demon-crats in November and so he’s
    not wanting to be viewed as a complete hack of a party that was totally repudiated.
    Second, he’s probably dreading the prospect of having to support and defend a
    Demon-crat candidate that he finds completely reprehensible— i.e., Killery
    Klinton. Matthews is not stupid- he sees the world and this country sinking
    into the abyss. He will have precious little to point to as success of his
    messiah, Barry Insane Obama. So I think this is a calculated moderation to gain
    back some respectability and provide some cover for the imminent collapse of
    progressive economics, health care and foreign policy.

  • Hugh Jass

    Either Matthews has been brainwashed, or he is a cyborg impersonating Matthews. Was there spittle on his bottom lip? That’s how you can tell if it’s the real Matthews or not.
    Either way, this new cyborg Matthews said something coherent.

  • Dagger Rose

    “they are as American as any liberal is.” Er… liberals are American? Since when?

    • Bruce A. Frank

      It blows my mind that such statement are made about the US being Liberal. EVERY poll that asks generic questions with no party connected to the choices indicated nearly 70% of Americans are conservative. Many don’t even realize it until confronted with their answers to these kinds of polls. If Republicans, whether TEA Party or Libertarian-ish, articulated the ideas of lower taxes, less regulation on our day to day lives, energy production that lowers impact on workers pocket-books, and so on, Conservatives would walk away with every race.

      In actuality Democrats know that, which is why they talk like conservatives in their own campaigns.

  • grunge_byte

    I guess Matthews knows which way the wind is blowing that’s fer sure.

    “Fer sure.”
    –Valley girl.

  • Veronicawebb

    Guys… He’s trying to further divide the pathetic Republican Party to help the Democrats in the November elections. He see’s the idea of supporting the lame tea party as a way to create an advantage. Fact is none of the politicians, regardless of political affiliation, are actually doing anything meaningful that would help get the nation out of this mess.

  • William Dwyer

    You may be right. Matthews might not want to go down with the ship. But that ship deserves to sink. What a lineup; Matthews, Maddow, Schultz and the big liar O’Donnell. That is not a figure of speech. I know O’Donnell personally and he is positively an unabashed liar. And let us not forget MSNBC actually has Al Sharpton on their roster. Unbelievable. The liberals only think they are smart. In truth they are incredibly gullible and naive and yes…stupid

  • Veronicawebb

    Guys- the reason is obvious… Supporting the lame Tea Party further divides the pathetic Republican Party which mean better chances for the scary Democrats in November. Regardless of party affiliation- the problem is that none of these elected officials seem to care enough to do anything on any issue that’s currently hurting the country. Bottom line- harder for Democrats to win if they need more than 50% of the vote… But if the other 50% is divided… That’s an easier win. That’s why you’ll see a lot more support of the TP to legitimize them in the future.

  • ConservativeSenior

    Did he stop drinking and start taking medication? Won’t last. Can’t help himself.

  • jesustheonlyway

    I wouldn’t want to sit in front of Matthews while he’s ‘spewing’ – literally – never cared much for spit baths. He sounds like he may have found a portion of his brain for once – hopes he keeps it as he spews and gets shivers up his leg during his political analyses.

  • Terrror Hunter

    Chris Matthews is a mental disease.

  • UCBerkeley1995

    Hey Ronan, can you at least grow some facial hair so you don’t look so feminine? You’re a wig and a dress away from being a tranny.

  • UCBerkeley1995

    Matthews is PRO cutting deficits, pro “getting the debt in order”, pro border control? REALLY? Even Chuck Todd believes middle class Americans wants to see their lives improve before stomaching illegal aliens. Welcome to the Republican Party fellas!

  • asas

    for a day, then they’ll get back to calling them racist because everyone @ MSNBC and are extreme leftest are *yawn*

  • Anonymous

    Every now and then PRAVDA were allowed to say something that “proved” they were”truth” tellers.
    Citizens,that are really seeking the truth,would find Radio Free Europe,Voice of America,or the BBC.
    Draw your own conclusions..

  • Mike Barnes

    Oh I assure you Chris, the TEAs are much more American than today’s socialist/statist/marxist libtard crew.

    • Terrror Hunter

      You give crew a bad name with that statement. Maybe pile is a better word.

      • Mike Barnes

        Roger that, TH. Piles o’ S…
        Scouts out.

  • spider014

    Lets be happy they al at least said some of the right things for once… There is nothing radical to want jobs for Americans.. and protecting our borders.. the radicals are the snobby elite well to do class.. telling the middle class and poor they must support illegals..

  • Brian Garland

    He makes the case against his own political ideology and, apparently, doesn’t even realize it. But he must have hit his head getting out of bed this morning to say this: “So this looking down our noses at Tea Party people has got to stop,” Mathews added. “They have a message, they are as American as any liberal is, and they are really angry at the failure of the system.”

  • 8gary8

    Clearly, at this point, I have absolutely NO idea what MSNBC is rationally thinking about. In fact, I often ask if MSNBC is engaged in thinking at all. Happily, however, we all should know Matthews is a partisan, advocacy zealot for Obama. We also know Matthews has repudiated all claims of impartially! In short, Matthews & MSNBC have become talking point surrogates for our stealth & prevaricating president!

  • Andrew

    he’s starting th media narrative that the tea party is a force to be reckoned with. then, the rest of the media will begin parroting this same notion. Which will eventually lead to the split of the conservative vote, thus giving four more years of liberal experimentation.

    • Anonymous

      Or he is recognizing that tea has crept even into the ivy and is way larger than first was thought.

  • Lena Counts

    “If a house is divided against itself, that house will not be able to stand.” Mark 3:25 This is why “Chris Matthews… defends the Tea Party.”

  • Liberals have no morals

    You know Matthews was a bed wetter who got daily beatings from his Momma.

  • Anonymous

    Why, on God’s green earth, anyone ever gave this fruitcake (Chris Matthews) the time of day is beyond my comprehension.

    Nevertheless, his credentials as a credible journalist have been revoked by news consumers who are tired of his relentless hate-mongering.

    Don’t go away mad, Chris. Just go away.

  • Anonymous

    who cares what ronan farrow thinks? the kid is smart, but only book smart. what has he done with his life that makes me want to tune in and listen to what he has to say? he’s cute, but that’s about all he’s got going for him. give me a run of the muck type of guy with lots of life experiences and stories to tell, than someone who graduated high school at 12.

  • Alton Clark

    I remember the good old days when we had 10 minutes of local news and 15 minutes of world news and now they are trying to turn the weather channel into a news channel so I don’t watch the weather channel any more !

  • Jeremy Pierce

    I have been unable to view the video’s from The Blaze daily newsletters. Also unable to access anything on the Roku ‘app’ …. I can get to though…

  • Loren Andrews

    Are we entirely sure that was Chris Matthews speaking. If so Im starting to like this dream that im in.

  • Lauren

    I think Tingles is just trying to get attention. The Kneepad Media of which he’s apart of has like 3 viewers. He wants to get ratings and attention and it’s working. He doesn’t believe a luck of it.

    • Lauren


  • Anonymous

    The Koch brothers must have gotten to Matthews.

  • Anonymous

    I believe Chrissy boy, or should I say sissy boy might be sensing that the ship he has been sailing may be springing leaks and heading downward. How quickly men like him pick up their oars to find a more stable ship.

  • Thedudeabides

    I do not trust Matthews nor MSNBC to take what they say at face value. They will tout the Tea Party in order to further divide and weaken the GOP a whole to ensure that the Democratic establishment will prevail. Look back at what Matthews has previously said about the Tea Party and things do not line up…I do not think that he has changed his position, he’s just prepping the political battlefield for the 2014-2016 elections.

  • Anonymous

    Occasionally, Mr. Matthews says something coherent. Probably has to do with switching from Jack Daniels to Bushmills. Cheers.

  • catholicvoter

    I can’t figure that guy out.

  • Scoop Jaxson

    Although some claim that the majority should always have the right to choose its own powers, the liberty school recognizes that the collectivist superstitions which most threaten liberty tend to arise when people are suffering.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know if he’s really talking good about him or trying to make him look bad to the Tea Party (US). Maybe he thinks that if he praises the man we wont vote for him, or make us wonder and question the man. Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    Matthews said…” I think he’s very sophisticated for a politician,”. Hmmm?!? Kind of makes me wonder exactly how sophisticated he THINKS HE is. Mr. Matthews is either getting senile ( which for a liberal I think means he’s getting smarter ) or he’s just getting a little wiser in his old age. Only time…and sound bites will tell.

  • olford

    Get out of here scam !!!!!!! Be Gone !!! In Jesus Name Amen

  • Anonymous

    You sure are obsessed with Beck — is that you, Chrissy? Getting all tingle-legs today?

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