At, we want to bring you the stories of love and courage where the good guys win. Well, here’s a true story of courage where the good guy didn’t just win – he risked everything to save the life of someone in trouble.

John Vescio, a State Police senior investigator stationed in the Bronx, was filling up his unmarked cruiser at a White Plains, New York gas station when a 69-year-old man suffered a diabetic emergency and crashed his car into Vescio’s gas pump. The crash sparked a huge fire. Vescio, dressed in a Yankees jersey and sneakers, ran from the scene – only to courageously return and pull the unconscious driver to safety.

Seconds later, the entire area was engulfed with flames.


“It happened so quick,” Vescio said. “It was hard to think. I pretty much just reacted.”

According to the New York Daily News, Vescio doesn’t claim to be a hero. Instead, he believes he was just doing the right thing. His superiors disagree.

“John was a civilian at the time. You see him in his Yankee jersey and shorts,” said State Police Capt. Dominick Chiumento. “And he becomes a victim, and then he becomes a hero.”

Four people sustained minor injuries in the accident, and the driver is now in stable condition at Westchester Medical Center. Vescio has met with the family of the driver, who has thanked him for what he did.

(H/T NY Daily News)