Pat and Stu were on the topic of voter identification laws this morning. The left likes to claim that voter ID laws suppress turnout and disproportionately affect minority and low-income households. When you consider the laundry list of every day, menial tasks an ID is required for, however, you can’t help but wonder how that argument flies.

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Listener Harry from Michigan called in to explain that he should technically be part of the group that is supposedly disadvantaged by voter ID laws, but he easily gained access to a free ID.

“I’m one of those people that they talk about all the time,” Harry explained. “I’m a blind man. I’m on Social Security. I believe in voter ID. I’ve used it for years. Didn’t cost me anything to get it.”

“How,” Pat joked. “What miracle happened in your life that you were able to somehow go somewhere and do something and then ID came to you? How did that happen?”

“When you tell them you can’t afford it,” Harry said, “they give it to you.”

Democrats are so concerned that people will not take the step to request a state issued ID, but if any of those individuals are interested in buying alcohol, booking a hotel room, getting married, or purchasing many types of the over-the-counter drugs, they already have one.

“Think about other things you have to have [ID] for,” Stu said. “Buying alcohol, getting cigarettes, opening a bank account, applying for food stamps, applying for unemployment, driving a car, getting on an airplane, getting married, adopting a pet, applying for a fishing license, going to a casino… donating blood, purchasing Nyquil… Don’t we consider voting to be more important than those things?”

When you really stop to consider some of things on this list, there is no justification for the lack of voter ID laws.

“It’s an absurd line that we have,” Stu concluded. “And, obviously, the line is there for one reason: To get people without IDs to vote, to get people who are not citizens to vote for Democrats. Period. That’s the only justification as to why you would not require some sort of an identification.”