You don’t need ID to vote, but you need it to do all these things

Pat and Stu were on the topic of voter identification laws this morning. The left likes to claim that voter ID laws suppress turnout and disproportionately affect minority and low-income households. When you consider the laundry list of every day, menial tasks an ID is required for, however, you can’t help but wonder how that argument flies.

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Listener Harry from Michigan called in to explain that he should technically be part of the group that is supposedly disadvantaged by voter ID laws, but he easily gained access to a free ID.

“I’m one of those people that they talk about all the time,” Harry explained. “I’m a blind man. I’m on Social Security. I believe in voter ID. I’ve used it for years. Didn’t cost me anything to get it.”

“How,” Pat joked. “What miracle happened in your life that you were able to somehow go somewhere and do something and then ID came to you? How did that happen?”

“When you tell them you can’t afford it,” Harry said, “they give it to you.”

Democrats are so concerned that people will not take the step to request a state issued ID, but if any of those individuals are interested in buying alcohol, booking a hotel room, getting married, or purchasing many types of the over-the-counter drugs, they already have one.

“Think about other things you have to have [ID] for,” Stu said. “Buying alcohol, getting cigarettes, opening a bank account, applying for food stamps, applying for unemployment, driving a car, getting on an airplane, getting married, adopting a pet, applying for a fishing license, going to a casino… donating blood, purchasing Nyquil… Don’t we consider voting to be more important than those things?”

When you really stop to consider some of things on this list, there is no justification for the lack of voter ID laws.

“It’s an absurd line that we have,” Stu concluded. “And, obviously, the line is there for one reason: To get people without IDs to vote, to get people who are not citizens to vote for Democrats. Period. That’s the only justification as to why you would not require some sort of an identification.”

  • overdrive

    The left would have you think the world will end if voters had prove who they are. The only, and I repeat, the ONLY people in this country that do not have ID are the ones who shouldn’t be here. Unless that is if they don’t smoke, drink, drive, collect any benifits, or have a bank account, catch a cold, Fish, hunt, rent or own a house/apt. HMMMM, that would only leave Jesus! and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t vote anyway

  • electionmama

    I work in elections administration in Ohio. I couldn’t agree more, but every change in law in this great state comes with a lawsuit from the left. In my area, voters know to bring ID, and even though there is a long list of acceptable forms of ID, 99% bring photo ID.

  • Sparky McFarland

    All fifty states offer free or low cost photo ID’s for citizens. So all these turn out, register the vote types could expend their energy/ funds getting ID’s for people without them.

  • Donald Steven Coffey

    They don’t want voter ID, BECAUSE ALL THESE ILLEGALS they are allowing over the boarder can’t vote Democrate

    • Anonymous

      or all the deceased

  • Rob

    Don’t need an ID to vote for the leader of the free world, need an ID to meet him…murica.

  • Anonymous

    i work at a library and the ONLY way to get a library card, is to present either a current passport with current utility or tax bill or a valid I.D. or driver’s license. you have to prove who you are, we can’t take your word for it.

  • Lynease

    You must have an ID to have Obamacare. You must have healthcare if you are a US citizen. Argument over.

    • Kent Walters

      Oh, if only it was that simple; the argument only ends when you argue with Logic and Reason, which have no place in American politics, where emotionalism and ad-hominims trump all. :(

  • Bryan W

    You can’t buy or sell a house, enter into a mortgage, register a new vehicle at the DMV. The list goes on and on.

  • Sauger_stockBC

    How many people live in India ? over a billion right . 400 million of them earn $1.25 a day. LAst month when they had their election every single voter gad a government issued photo id card . Sort of makes that dis-enfranchiesed argument somewhat lame.

  • Anonymous

    Democrats want that vote from illegal minorities…that’s all its about.

  • Guest
  • Conservative Rebel

    This is the result of not requiring photo ID, Glenn Beck needs to pick up on this, as well as national news, like FOX….308,000 duplicate votes in other states were discovered in Virginia……

  • mark

    The people who oppose voter ID laws are people who want to commit voter fraud. It’s that simple.

    • Anonymous

      Yep, it goes back to when BO said only those that don’t want to show things, has something to hide. And this time it is voter fraud.

  • John Heckel

    The left claims to care so much about the disenfranchising of the poor and minority vote. However to receive Obamacare one must have an ID. Is it safe to assume that the left cares more for the poor and minorities vote than their health? Checkmate.

  • Breakfast of Consequences

    so lets see. You have time, and a method of transportation to go vote but are unable to get to a DMV or such to get a free ID. Not Bloody likely

  • Phil Shaffer

    if you are required to show pic id it would make it impossible for the dead to vote demoncrat,and harder for the demoncrats to bus people from place to place to vote multiple times,not to mention the ILLEGALS vote

  • Bob Anderson

    But voter fraud never happens, except in North Carolina.

  • joe Thompson

    South Dakota has had a voter ID for several years now ours is a drivers license that has our photo on when we vote we have to show ID or else they use a state certified identification card. Our only trouble in South Dakota is all the dead Indians that vote all the time for the Democrats.

  • Elizabeth Joy Hale

    No Joke! I moved to NM about 3 years agao from Utah. In NM, if you are under the age of 25 you have to take a class about driving with drunk drivers. I decided that since my licence is good till I turn 26, I will wait so I don’t have to take the test. Finally last week I went in to get my licence and not only did I have to show them 2 other ID’s I had to give them 2 proofs of residences. I brought in my car insurence ( which worked) and then a bill from the dentist, a letter from my school, a letter from my insurance( I figured it would not work but just in case) and another bill from the hospital. NONE worked!! I was stumped at how I was to get another document to get my licence since most of the bills are in my husband’s name. The teller told me that I was not smart for putting all of those bills in my husband’s name. what if we were to get a divorce. Lady, I am quite happily married and am not planning on divorcing anytime soon!
    It is funny how hard it is for me to get a licence in NM when illegal aliens can get a licence here a whole lot easier!

    • Elizabeth Joy Hale

      of course, NM is just a messed up state. I love living here and all, but I sometimes feel like I am living in another country.

  • John 8:37 – John 8:44

    Certainly, centralized control, abolition of private property, or both, are the most effective ways to force people to chase collectivist illusions such as “social justice” and “equality of condition”.

  • Paper Boy

    Voters should be able to pass a civics 101 test in order to vote. As it is now millions would flunk. This would result in honest elections and casting intelligent votes.

  • Paper Boy

    There is only one basic reason for not requiring ID to vote. It’s because one side or the other believe they must cheat in order to win.

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