Obama Administration is encouraging local police not to tell you about this

The Associated Press is now reporting the Obama Administration has quietly been encouraging local police not to disclose details about surveillance technology they are using to collect cellphone data from neighborhoods. Glenn reacted to the report and explained why both parties are the problem in Washington D.C.

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“Did you see the story on TheBlaze today? What the Administration is telling the police not to share with the American people? They can drive down your street and gather all of your information from your cell phone just by driving down your street,” Glenn explained. “And the Administration is telling police officers, ‘Don’t tell anybody that.’ First of all, when the government says, ‘Don’t tell the people something,’ that’s a problem.”

TheBlaze reports:

Citing security reasons, the U.S. has intervened in routine state public records cases and criminal trials regarding use of the technology. This has resulted in police departments withholding materials or heavily censoring documents in rare instances when they disclose any about the purchase and use of such powerful surveillance equipment.


One well-known type of this surveillance equipment is known as a Stingray, an innovative way for law enforcement to track cellphones used by suspects and gather evidence. The equipment tricks cellphones into identifying some of their owners’ account information, like a unique subscriber number, and transmitting data to police as if it were a phone company’s tower. That allows police to obtain cellphone information without having to ask for help from service providers, such as Verizon or AT&T, and can locate a phone without the user even making a call or sending a text message.

But without more details about how the technology works and under what circumstances it’s used, it’s unclear whether the technology might violate a person’s constitutional rights or whether it’s a good investment of taxpayer dollars.

Interviews, court records and public-records requests show the Obama administration is asking agencies to withhold common information about the equipment, such as how the technology is used and how to turn it on. That pushback has come in the form of FBI affidavits and consultation in local criminal cases.

As Glenn explained, this type of behavior really comes as no surprise, and it is both Republicans and Democrats who have failed to protect the Constitution. Glenn believes that both Republicans and Democrats post “a threat” to this country. From lawlessness at the border to the IRS scandal, Republicans are just as much to blame because they are failing to stand up for what is right.

“Here’s where common sense comes in,” Glenn said. “You may not like the other party. I don’t like either party. I believe both parties are the problem. Because what’s happened is, they want power. That’s the problem here. Anybody who is seeking power for power’s sake, that’s a problem. And both parties are doing it.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • hrmajsty
  • Eddie Rondyke

    well looks like i won’t be owning a cell phone anytime soon. they can kiss my ass.

    • Anonymous

      Eddie, guess what every teacher is expected to own? A cell phone!!! Administrators text us, and we are asked to take pictures, using our cell phones, even during workshops. Good luck on having a teaching job and not owning a cell phone.

    • Anonymous

      Own a cell phone, just use it to conduct normal business and conversations. If you need to communicate your plans for revolution, do it in person in a parking garage, under a cone of silence.

  • mikeb112

    Oh stop your whining, turn your cell phone off or better yet don’t have one.

    • Anonymous

      If you think simply turning off your phone would protect you… Your wrong.

      • Jonathan

        If you take the battery out it will work. Can’t trace an electronic with no power. I wouldn’t doubt they could use a phone when it’s battery is just turned off.

        • Kathy Watters

          The new phones don’t have batteries!

          • James Sullivan

            you cant run electronics without power. there’s a battery just not a replaceble one. it’s not some magic box that works without power. get a clue.

          • Keith Burrow


          • Jonathan

            What are these “new” phones your referring to? Some batteries come out on some phones and some don’t. My new phone’s battery pops right out. And all electronics have batteries. They need power for the circuitry. Some phones may not have a removable, replaceable battery but it’s still in there. Pop the case off and you’ll see it. It’s the biggest component and weight along with the screen on the phone.

          • Anonymous

            All phones have batteries of some kind or another

        • John Witcraft

          I dont know anyone who is usig a phone you can just simply remove the battery from.

          • Anonymous

            There are other brands besides Apple.

          • Jonathan

            My phones battery pops right out. Only people I know that can’t take their batteries out are Iphones. Don’t know about you. Either way. What’s it really matter and what can you do about it. It sucks. But there’s no way in the 21st century we are going to keep governments from doing this non sense.

          • Anonymous

            So the next best thing is to feed them a bunch of disinformation.

        • Grace Brecht-Bohanna

          It’s not possible to take the battery out of some phones – like mine.

          • Jonathan

            Of course. I’m not actually saying to do it. That’d be paranoid as heck. You can still get at those batteries though, you just have to take the case off. Anyone with a simple understanding of electronics can do it.

      • SupraTico

        If you’re really worried and want no access to your cell phone, store it in the microwave oven. It’s made to keep radiation in there when you’re cooking… which also means it keeps radiation out. Put it in there and watch the phone lose reception when you close the door. No agency, nobody will be able to pull anything off of your phone while it’s in the microwave.

    • Leo Ormesher

      pardon? stop your whining? you realize what this means right? have you ever heard of the game Watch Dogs? in the game, ctOS is a vast network supposedly aimed at keeping people safe, and crime free. what ends up happening is the information, nearly 100% surveillance and 100% monitored and recorded usage of devices such as computers tablets and phones, was being used to exploit the people, and monitor their every move. elections were rigged, corruption was everywhere, evil doings and abuse covered up. it all sounds fine at first, until you realize this system is ripe for abuse. someone not doing what you want? even if they have a right to do it? hmmm lets see, oh they live here…. oh look they have some little children… lets go pay them a visit….. this stuff is real man, just wait, if this stuff keeps going on the world will be a giant sess pit. you have no idea.

      I serve in the united states military, and I would sure as hell hate to see what i swore an oath to protect, fall by the hands of evil men and women manipulating this country. 1 reason i joined was to protect the constitution and the people of the united states from enemies both foreign AND DOMESTIC (part of the oath btw). we have a serious domestic enemy problem and its right in washington DC at the moment. doesnt mean we go in gun’s blazing yet, but we better do something soon or there will be no other choice. once that point is reached, we will be fighting another war for our independence and freedom, and if we loose, all those people who fought to keep this country, and the world free from people like Hitler, stallin, saddam, and every other tyrant and dictator out there, will be for naught. will you have their blood on your hands? will you be responsible in part for the massive infringement and abuse of our God given, or if you will, natural rights? I suggest you give serious thought as to what is going on in this world and wake up.

      The constitution clearly states (the constitution being the law of the land just in case anybody might think its outmoded…) that if a government becomes a burden on the people, insomuch that it inhibits them from enjoying life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that the people have the right to destroy, or dissolve said government, and place another in its stead. people in the government dont like that i can guarantee that. they have a sweet deal going, do what ever they want, lie to the people to get re elected, and continue raising your income and take from tax dollars to do so. its a disgrace. the problem comes in that there are people behind the scenes, “higher” than our government if you will, that have this country under their thumb. you can think all you want about whether or not conspiracy “theories” are real or not, but I know them as conspiracy facts. If you dont know what a secret combination is, read what happens to the people in the book of mormon (a record of the people in the americas from around 600 b.c to 400 a.d. which is a record of the doings of the people, there wars and contentions, and the preaching of the word of God). even if you dont believe in God, just for the information of what those secret combinations aimed to do is so terrifying I dont have any wish to fall victim to it. dont think it could happen again? it happened again… and again… and again…. and again in the Book of Mormon. still dont think it happens now? look at lybia… look at the middle east, look at africa? come on people please say your not blind!!!

      • Anonymous

        Government oppression is happening now, at all levels. A kid in NJ was twirling a pencil and his classmate told the teacher he was using the pencil like a gun. The school ORDERED his parents to have the son psychologically evaluated. After the kid passed the first evaluation with no issues identified, his parents refused a 2nd and 3rd session, So then New Jersey Child Protective Services threatened to take the kid away from his parents and put him in foster care if they didn’t comply. All because his classmate claimed he was using the pencil like a gun. UFB!!!

      • scott

        You being in the military, you have no constitutional rights. You have UCMJ rights.

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    I quit bringing my cell phone with me anywhere. It’s now a really expensive alarm clock and home phone. That’s it.

    • Dr. Diagnosis

      Get a phone from Republic wireless. 3G for $25 a month and 4G for $40 a month no contract

  • Anonymous

    Just use it as a decoy to throw ’em off track. Feed ’em a bunch of useless info to keep ’em busy for no reason. No one making any real plans is gonna talk about them on a cell phone anyways.

    • Jacob Yorton

      If we could just figure out a decoy to send a bunch of law enforcement to a fake crime scene, then go there and watch… That would be hilarious!

      • Larry Bouissey

        Put a cell in the back of a dunkin donuts truck and report it for having a bomb

    • Jeff Lambeau

      You do realize that inner-city gangs have been doing this stuff for a while now, and pretty much every police department has technology to counter it right? not to mention they have subpoena’s already in place for every major mobile phone network (Verizon, AT&T, all the way down to Boost Mobile) in America

      • Anonymous

        Dumb gang bangers do use cell phones, I agree. I’m talking someone planning a major conspiracy.

  • donna

    Did I really HAVE to put up with 5 pop ups before being able to view this? Really Glenn????

    • Anonymous

      AdBlock Plus.

    • Jonathan

      Didn’t even notice with ad block plus. Download it. If you have Google Chrome browser just download from apps in the browser. It works great. Even Youtube videos and Facebook.

    • James Gunnels

      You may have something malicious on your pc, I haven’t had any popups except for one that is linked to the comment section.

    • Brandi

      That’s definitely your computer…

    • Alexander

      Do you have internet explorer? If so, go to Tools > internet options > advanced tab > then click on “Reset”. THis will reset your internet explorer settings to it’s defaults. Favorites will be intact and such, so don’t worry about that.

      • Alexander

        But if you’re on a mac, . . . i’m so sorry. :(

        • Chet Field

          I’m on a mac. No popups here. (Hint: browsers on Macs have no-popup settings too. Go figure.)

    • OpenMinded

      Not one popup here. I don’t even have adblock. Possibly as someone else notes, you may have some malware on your computer.

    • Overheten

      It is not this site. Your machine is infected. Get Malwarebytes. Best antivirus out at the moment.

    • NJWS

      Try using google chrome if you are on a windows based machine. Firefox was innundated with popup that I could not get rid of.

  • JR Dowd

    What’s completely confusing me is… when police or the FBI obtain information against you that no warrant was issued, it’s thrown out or not supposed to be used against you. A good example is the phone bugging with the Eisenbergs when their daughter died. They had them on the phone admitting they did it, yet because the warrant wasn’t pulled for that, it could not be used against them and they walked. So what good does this spying do? Unless you constantly talk about the exact same stuff, they can’t use what they already have against you. It has to now be obtained after the warrant to be used in court. HOW does this benefit anyone in our Government? If you are smart, you won’t talk about illegal things over the phone anyway or text about illegal stuff.

    • Anonymous

      Criminals use cell phones ALL the time. They don’t use pagers or hand signals. So getting a warrant and using the tech does catch criminals and it also saves lives in certain situations such as hostage cases.

      • OpenMinded

        as long as it is not misused then that is a good thing. Its the bad apples that misuse information for their own power trip, personal vendetta or even the “I know they are doing something illegal that I can’t prove so I’ll do something to make my case.”
        All of the above appears in the news every few weeks . How much more of it goes on I don’t know.

    • OpenMinded

      The how is this. Its a way to get around the law. I’ve seen similar done when I was on a jury. Use illegally gathered info to get warrants and then what is found is legally admissible.

  • Tex Huss

    The Government is now a new name for the MAFIA. You all think your vote counts when voting for a President.. Think again… 😛

    • Sam

      I already knew my vote does not count. It saddens me greatly to say this.

    • Teressa BluesBabe Brewer

      I’ve been saying that the Gov is the new name for the MAFIA for 30 years now.

    • hardworkinjoe

      Your vote has never counted when voting for a president… he is elected by electoral college votes

    • Melissa Blanchard

      It’s the ” Electorial Collage” and they are the ones who elect the president, not the people. And it’s really only a few states who decide. We need to eliminate the “Electorial Collage”.

      • Chet Field

        Electoral. And if we eliminate it, guess what? Only a few metropolitan areas will decide. That’s an improvement I guess?

        • ellen61

          Good for you Chet. Too many people don’t understand that. We would have the uber left elected by California and a few other high populated areas of the country and then the rest of our votes wouldn’t count at all!

        • Brad

          Electoral College* at least correct them both. But, yes, I agree.

        • Mike Nelson

          Do you assume when you say this that all states would continue to vote as states in terms of the votes used in the electoral style in a red vs blue paradigm?

          Why would we not become a pure democracy? Why assume otherwise? Have I misunderstood your position?

          Given a pure response to your statement as I read it, I would much, MUCH rather comfortably sequester EC representatives after the vote is in, then publicize their names along with their registered vote, compare it to the record of what the state actually voted for, then prosecute to the tune of treason any deviation from that solemn duty, than dissolve the EC.

          Not that I think that would ever happen – we could only wish! – but I don’t understand why you (appear to) assume that states would still hold [xx] votes, rather than simply counting individual votes.

  • Jaclyn Baggesen

    It is getting more and more like the old Germany….I just called a bunch of congressman and representatives yesterday to sponsor and bring to the house floor the new email act….as it stands now after 180 days there is a loophole in the law that allows emails to be looked at without a warrant…imagine that folks…someone with sinister motives let that one slide…so if voted on the new law would require a warrant for any email to be read no matter how old it is….GLENN I talked with a very smart friend in liberty about 2 months back….her grandmother was a government secretary for many years under a few of our great presidents…she gave me a very smart piece of advice that her grandmother gave her….boots on the ground is very important….they did hours of campaigning, door to door, phones ect….BUT WHAT REALLY WORKS IS FILM….YOU ARE GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION GLENN….this is how we will survive….FILM…..

  • Jaclyn Baggesen



    Good god do I ever love you Beck!
    ‘I don’t live next to college professors…I live next to decent people.’
    ‘Art matters, music matters, movies matter… why?? because that’s how you get the lazy people.’
    It appears your whole ‘I LOVE EVERYBODY’ transformation is not as far along as you think.

    And therein lies your talent. You’re able to effortlessly contradict yourself in less than the space of a sentence with zero self-awareness. It’s genius. They(we) all love you for it.

  • Theresa Healton

    Glenn I have been saying this about both parties for a couple of years now, but people still seem to think it Democrat Vs Republican. Both parties are at fault, and the both parties are crooked.. While their are a few Republicans doing the will of the people, I feel it is very few. It’s time to clean house, from the top to the bottom. I also feel we must start with the biggest threat, Obama. Sadly this i comes as no surprise that the government it telling police to keep this quiet. Why because it’s most likely Unconstitutional.

    • Anonymous

      There is no Republican party.

      • Anonymous

        Oh, they’re partying alright, from what I see there’s a party.

    • Salvatore Livreri, DMD

      @Theresa: I think you are right about both parties. But I feel we need to start from the bottom up. Too many people focus on the guy at the top that you can do little to change.

    • Gary Howe

      That is because they work for the REAL government that controls behind the scenes.

    • grandpaez

      It’s government by attorneys for attorney’s to benefit no body but attorney’s. The largest monopoly in the world is the legal profession. Think about it everything you do is illegal.

      • Robert C Eich

        Spot on Gramps

  • Anonymous

    All tools used by law enforcement can be abused. They don’t want this common knowledge because it will lose it effectiveness if everyone knows about it.

  • Mark Deaton

    This is spammy in nature Im getting tired of rumor news with no facts! Im done with Glenn on this one to much BS

  • Shanna Kinser

    Well, let’s see. I’ve had a medical marijuana license and marijuana (complete with all that drug paraphernalia, like a vaporizer)) for over a year.I I’m on my cell to check my local marijuana collective regularly. I text frequently. Even though I’m one of those “libtardss” from California, which we all know Glenn has exclusively predicted will fall into the Pacific next week from the sheer weight of illegals on the command of the local communist dictator, so far I’m just enjoying a little relief from multiple sclerosis symptoms per my neurologist. Of course he’s an immigrant from Iran-gasp! Meanwhile, a police car was driving up my street yesterday and actually arrested someone. For breaking the law. Nothing as serious as what I m doing, mind you. Just aggravated assault. Damn those law enforcement people! Why didn’t they just not bother with that call and haul this 51 year old off to prison? Glenn, better do another one of your seances with the founding fathers to see exactly what they would say about such a travesty! Oops! Better not use my cell phone to post this!

  • Anonymous

    well of course not….because they are BREAKING THE LAW…that they took a vow to enforce…liars and oath breakers live in the dark and secret …don’t tell anybody

  • Jacob Yorton

    I’ve been saying for a long time that the government is capable of this stuff!
    The new video game “Watch_Dogs” is not at all farfetched.

  • Anonymous

    That’s just plain goofy, not letting people know that the government is doing spy stuff. They could be not telling because they know the backlash but there is a very easy way around that. All that has to be done is for government to say WHY they need to keep tabs on everyone. If they did that more people than they think may not only not mind being watched over but would volunteer their information. For myself a huge goal is to live on Camazotz.(see the Camazotz scene in the book “A Wrinkle In Time” if you don’t already know what I’m referring to). It would be fun to know how close that goal is to coming true.

  • Anonymous

    I gave up my lifelong GOP membership when they voted along with Dems to end the shutdown back in October 2013 by yet again raising the debt limit. At that time, the debt was just under $17T and Obama, and all the rest, said that raising the debt ceiling would not raise the debt. Today, the debt is at $17.5 trillion, $500 billion more in 8 months. I predict that by October 2014, our debt will be close to or even past $18T. These people must be arrested, tried, and those guilty sent to prison for a very long time.

    • Anonymous

      There is no Republican party. Only Democrat and Democrat-Lite.

      • Jab Artistry

        Obama came with the lite version lmfao

    • Jeannie Cossey Eaton

      Yes, and ALL their personal assets seized as well.

  • Travis Peterson

    If they can do it to us, I encourage you all to learn how to do it to them. The technology is in our hands as well as theirs.

  • motherall

    Then I have no worries. Sheriff never comes down our street.

  • landofaahs

    There are a lot of things police don’t tell the public Glenn because sometimes they have not happened yet and as we know you cannot convict off of what you think people will do. Also there are times when they don’t want copycats. Have you ever noticed how a shooting will sometimes inspire unstable people to commit similar acts. Now they can’t stop some stories but some things really don’t need to be published because it involves putting children into harms way. I’m sure you have held information back too Glenn because you thought it would only hurt innocent parties.

  • landofaahs

    It’s worse than you think Glenn. Grab the tinfoil.

  • Sal De Los Angeles

    Just like the Oracle says from the movie ‘The Matrix’…” What do all men with power want…MORE POWER “

  • Anonymous

    Old news. Alex Jones reported this months or a yesr or so ago.

  • Brendan hill

    Politicians are there to make you think you have a choice but “YOU DON’T” thay all need to go …

  • munchkinsnana

    the microwave thing didn’t work for me darn it. Put my phone in microwave and easily called it and rang from another phone. Apparently it didn’t loose reception.

  • Michael T Foulks

    There seems to be a misconception about how the Stingray pinger works. If law enforcement needs to verify that a suspect is inside a structure, they can “ping” the phone from close range to verify that it is inside, and presumably with the suspect. That’s it. It doesn’t pull information out of cell phones. It saves lives and helps prevent police from mistakingly entering the wrong property. It is used with a legal warrant signed by a judge, and it doesn’t track anything or gather any information about other cell phones in the neighboring structures.

  • Joy Galloway-Kennison

    The US 11th Circut Court just ruled this practice unconstitutional. The ruling throws out any evidence collected in this manner without a warrant.

  • Andy Meyer


    This has been going on for a while.

  • Jordan Dixon-Hamilton


  • Kandy Ger

    I don’t beleive the Right Ot Left exist , behind closed doors they’re smoking stogies , sipping scotch & laughing all the way to the b$$k ! It’s become the poor, poorer & the rich ! Trust yourself & God !

  • laddog6

    Here are the jobs they promised, someone has to process the mountain range of useless info. Legally any information illegally gather is useless in court. Give them all they can chew and watch em steam.

  • Lucy Farrah DeMonique

    Like, our once-great nation is totally hosed. We may have already crossed the tipping point, and could soon plunge into tyranny!

  • joojoobean

    Glenn, how hard is it to start a new People’s Party to run for office at all levels. A God fearing, prayer based, Constitution upholding Party, that would invite God back into our schools, government, law enforcement and lives?? I would definitely support that party. There would be a real political life changing Party that would put God first then it’s citizens. A party that would end the support (money giving) to terrorist countries and groups. A Party that would support Israel and help reestablish our Christian values on which this country was founded on…

  • Anonymous

    Any time a law enforcement obtains information from your cell phone, computer etc without a warrant, they are violating your 4th Amendment rights.

  • bucketnutz

    This President doesn’t’ trust the American people any more than they trust him. I don’t have a cell phone nor do I need one.

  • Jamie Penter

    Mark Twain told us years ago, If our vote changed anything (counted), they wouldn’t let us do it.

  • Anonymous

    I would bet the reason O’boy doesn’t want the cops to say anything is because a simple way to block the cops attemps exists in some way. Do you really think politicians would go for it if they knew even politicans phones would be tracked/hacked. Anyone know how to stop the cops? I keep my phone on airplane mode most of the time but I am sure it’s not enough. I did hear about a program that will display fake information and hide all your true information.
    Any ideas? This is how we beat the terrorist in the WH, by talking and making efforts by them terrorist worthless. Otherwise I agree with Beck a little, I think ALL parties are the problem and only individuals with no gang/group/organization associations can save the system. Either way the criminals in congress are just crooks and will cheat, steal, manipulate anything to say in power. Thank god they are old! Never has the world seen such an ugly group of creatures in one place.

  • Renegadegirl

    Nope thanks to this electoral college only the popular vote counts we need to go back to every vote counts and who is the best candidate for the job not who is popular WTH? this aint high school… they do need to have a pre -registered voting card so they can be swiped to prove who you are and to prevent fraudulent voting this will eliminate dead folks voting and no candidate will be allowed to ship or send any buses trains planes cars truck motorcycles or caravans of people to any where to vote… this should be on the peoples own free will lobbying needs to be stopped and calls to homes to get folks to vote should be banned…. it needs to be held honestly and with the peoples vote counting from every city town hamlet across the untied states.. you have to be a legalized citizen to vote no foreigners will be allowed to vote. Any official caught cheating and lying to gain votes should be disqualified and never allowed to run for public office again… we need to return to some of the old ways these new ones just create way too many problems and leaves way too much room for corruption… i believe this is why they were created in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    Also they don’t just drive through the streets and collect information. The device is likely placed on your towns cell tower next to the original companies cel phone device. If you know your cities police use these devices it’s already likely installed on the cell phone tower. You know, the million you drive by each day. Also other units are smaller and can fit into vehicles and even held by a person.

  • Kal Boyington

    Ya want to not be tracked, you think it is some type of violation? I once worked for the GE space division, 1981, and what I learned could be done then with the then new computing powers, spy satellites, Camera’s. As a demonstration one day of a spy satellite we “observed” a person crapping in the jungle in South Korea! 1981. Now jump to 2014. Police can “see you” through your walls of your home with FLIR, listen to you in your living room using a parabolic microphone. Everywhere we go, cell phone or not, we are on camera, our cars track us, we call it ON STAR, or XM Radio, hell even my Tom Tom. Your ATM, your super Market. The local shopping mall! I walked into my mall the other day and forgot to turn off my Wi-Fi and I received a text message from just about every store in it! My point, it’s too late to stop the beast! Don’t believe me, try to go back to just a land line phone, AT&T now refuses to do just a one line system, you must now pair it up with a cell account! Freedom is the greatest illusion of the 21st century!

  • Merry Christmas Crotts

    I have listened to you and I been asking the question, what can I do? I try to share with others the importance of the constitution. They usually say, You worry to much.,if it bothers you too much, just vote. I worry not for myself but for my children, their children and my great grandchildren. that my vote won’t help anymore. It seems that you have to be a crook to make it. in this world. I ask again,what can I do to make a difference?

  • Sandy Andrew

    didn’t this happen in V- for vendetta, and they had something similar in one of George Orwell’s books?… This is getting sick… I am a loyal citizen of the United States of America. This sounds fascist, and like he is gradually making us except totalitarian rule… This deeply saddens me- banned books, no privacy, sub-standard education models/financing… Please, let me be my own person! If I have an idea it is not bad… most the time it’s about wanting to clean up the environment or feed less toxic food to my family. They already poison us with water, air, & plastics that mimic hormones – all so someone can take advantage of my health to make a profit- please let my life be mine- I agree with the constitution, but Gods rule is nature- you need a certain amount of natural processes for peace. Gossip and petty things are the least of the worries. What about all the lies we are fed! Has anyone read “Animal Farm” lately? I can read, but as one person I feel like Benjamin- if everyone else is too stupid to completely grasp the concept- why try, just try to keep my family as healthy as possible- and let the adults play with the lives of our families with our tax dollars. I have no choice- I am a house wife, and if I were a man and did something about- they would do me Just like President Kennedy. I want us to have what we need, and not what we want- I am grateful I have clean water, and my children do not cry of true hunger… “I will work harder, Neapolitan is always right”- Boxer from George Orwell… the hardest working and most opinionated will probably go to the knacker; just like poor Christopher Stevens- who asked for special help numerous times before the Benghazi attack- He was denied help from the secretary of state, and ended up being dragged, tourchered, and raped. :( It wasn’t even the youtube video to blame- they scape goated that as the real reason. I love this country, but how can they act like we are so dumb? Honesty is the best policy. hell, Nixon resigned over water gate because he lied to the american people and no one died. We need peace not war!

  • 1fullsailkid .

    Relax……..Yo guys act like this is something new. Are you a terrorist? No? Then relax………

  • James Lawson

    Next stop, the Mark of the beast.

    • Paper Boy

      Willing devotees will get government ID microchips inserted under their skin in order to buy and sale.

  • Chuck Nugent

    this tells me they are scanning to see if there is a secret militia in america plotting on them… whats funny is, if they would just do thier f****g jobs as the SWORE they would, we wouldnt be looked at as an enemy, and they wouldnt be looking over thier shoulder at the people they SWORE TO PROTECT..

  • Jab Artistry

    Glenn has to aprove my comment like I said there isnt any non bias media.

  • Arthur Istook

    Each of us should recognize that, in the fight for liberty, knowledge is our most potent weapon. Arm yourself: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Anonymous

    Obama on the 2008 campaign trail: “my administration will be the most transparent in history….” What a joke, but the joke is unfortunately on us. We need a thorough housecleaning in DC, starting with the 2014 midterms, then on to 2016 to finish the job, both parties. We could do no worse if pimps, thugs and prostitutes were running the country (no disrespect to those for comparing you to politicians.)

  • Christian Patriot


  • CelestialxInferno

    I’m pretty sure her account was hacked and/or is a spam bot. There is no reasonable human being there to insult or accuse.

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