The caliphate is here: Glenn reacts to the state of the ever-crumbling Middle East

On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program at 5pm ET on TheBlaze TV, Glenn will be digging up some of the chalkboards and infographics he drew up during his Fox News days to break down what is currently unfolding in Syria, Iraq, and throughout the Middle East. Glenn has been talking about likelihood of an Islamic caliphate, or state, for a number of years, and now, as Baghdad hangs in the balance, it looks like the rest of the media is taking notice. On radio this morning, Glenn offered an in-depth look at the situation on the ground and the United States’ options and interests.

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Because of the life that has already been lost fighting Islamic extremists in Iraq, Pat was frank in his explanation of why he would like to see American troops on the ground in Baghdad.

“Got to send 5,000 to 10,000 troops back in there,” Pat said. “You have to defend it, beat this back. You have to go all out and kill these guys. They are bloodthirsty murders, the worst of the worst. What has the last twelve years been about?”

“You know what it’s been about,” Glenn interjected. “It’s been about control, power, and manipulation. It is about building a base there in Iraq.”

“[But] you are going to lose that,” Pat added. “It just falls into the hands of these dirt bags.”

While Glenn recognizes that it is nearly impossible to reconcile the idea that the sacrifice made in Iraq was for naught, he absolutely will not support the deployment of American military personnel. In fact, he “hopes to God we detonate” we detonate the U.S. embassy in Baghdad.

“When we were at CNN, we started looking into the Baghdad embassy… It was estimated [to cost] over $1 billion at the time, and there were no pictures of this. No one was talking about it… It’s bigger than all of Vatican City,” Glenn explained. “When we were on CNN, I started showing pictures of the ground of what they were… starting to build. I said what are we doing?”

It didn’t take long, however, for Glenn and his producers to get word from CNN brass telling them to stop talking.

“The Bush Administration called CNN and said, ‘Tell him to stop talking about the embassy.’ I got pressure from the network to stop talking. Imagine. CNN didn’t like President [Bush], and CNN was telling us, ‘Hey, you know, you might want to stop talking. This is going to hurt our troops,’” Glenn continued. “There was no reason why we should stop. So we continued to talk about the embassy. There’s something wrong with that embassy… I don’t know if it’s an NSA listening post or what it is. But that’s not a normal run-of-the-mill embassy. Period.”

Glenn might not have been able to uncover what was going on at the embassy, he is confident we should not be putting more American soldiers in harms’ way.

“So what are we doing over there? I don’t know. I will tell you this: I won’t support sending another troop over there,” he said emphatically. “You cannot give freedom to people who don’t understand it or don’t want it. We are not the policemen of Iraq. We are not.”

For those who argue that we must weaken the ISIS leadership before the set their sights on the U.S., Glenn believes it is already too late for that. As a result, he believes we are best suited scaling back and strengthening our military as much as possible.

“They are coming here anyway. We are already letting them in over our southern border,” Glenn said. “We say, ‘Look, the world has changed dramatically. It is time for us to pull back and strengthen ourselves – strengthen our family, strengthen our communities, strengthen our schools and hospitals… Pull back and strengthen the United States of America because a storm is coming. Pull the fleet back in and reset because a storm is coming.”

If you are a longtime listener, you will remember that Glenn started talking about the desire and possibility of a caliphate for quite some time. Over the weekend, other media outlets finally started taking notice of what is happening. This morning, Pat put together a compilation of many in the media lambasting Glenn for talking about the danger of a caliphate several years ago.

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Ultimately, Glenn reiterated how important it is for the U.S. to stay out of this conflict. He went so far as to draft a short speech President Obama should give to explain to the world where we stand:

The United States of America is 100% behind the nation of Israel. We put our chips behind the nation of Israel. We are not going to send ground troops, but they have a right to defend themselves, and all options, yes, the nuclear option is on the table for them. Whatever they have to do to defend themselves, the United States of America backs them.

To the rest of you: We did our best. I’m sorry to those who are being beheaded. I feel really horrible that that is happening. We tried. We did our best, but we cannot be the one that carries all the water. We have issues here at home. Right now our troops need to be on our borders here in the United States of America because we have MS-13 gang members being sent in. We need our troops on our border, and they are coming home.

I want you to know: America is not going asleep. America is not going to just sit here and lick her wounds. America is going to become strong again. We are not going to make the mistakes of the past. We are not going to push out. We are not going to send our troops everywhere. But I will tell you this: If you screw with us, we will pound you into glass. We have the capability. Everybody on earth knows when the United States of America puts her mind to it, she does everything she needs to do. She will destroy you in a heartbeat.

In my Administration, you come over and you mess with us, I don’t give a flying rat’s ass that you live in a cave or you live in the biggest city in the world. We will pound you into glass. Then we’re not going to rebuild. We’ll be done by 3:30 this afternoon, then we’ll go home and we’ll start designing new cars and new ways to make energy and new ways to make the world a better place and develop new medicines to help people who want to play together nicely and be a citizen of mankind. Not any individual country – a citizen of mankind.

You don’t want to play as a citizen of mankind? You want to chop people’s arms off? Go ahead. At some point, you will step over the line and you will cross into our territory. The minute you do, you’re done. But not the way we’ve done it for the last 14 years. We’ll be done by about 3:30. I’m going to be less arrogant – maybe by 6:00 tonight.

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  • landofaahs

    And it’s chief resides in the Oval Office.

  • Bonnie Somer

    the person behind it sits in the WH send all the illegals to him then i am sure they will be gone and soon, i don’t want a/o troop there either nor do i want a caliphate yes Glenn did mention this some time back i say AIR STRIKES AND BOMB THEIR ASSES TO SAND

  • Anonymous

    A few weeks ago KT McFarland stated that every terrorist with a passport is headed to America and Europe. How can our top men starting with Bilderboehner in the last days of America sit at the golf course and do nothing about this traitor? If only Judge Jeanine, Kt McFarland and the women on Fox News were in charge. Our home grown parasite commies would be rounded up quick and put in an off shore prison for life. Only if.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn you were the only one of the entire US media to get the translation of the various protesters’ signs in Cairo when we (BO & Hil) threw Mubarak under the bus turning Egypt over to the Muslim Brotherhood who told the world “The Caliphate was coming”! You were vilified as a nut case. Fortunately the Egyptians were smart enough to overthrow these radical, murderous, maniacs. Congrats on your presence!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, We should have “pounded them in to glass” some time ago. You know darn well that even if they do mess with us… Obama won’t do anything. I have a vision of these guys coming over our Southern border and mobilizing here with weapons and marching through our communities doing just what they are doing there. And if Obama is still in the White House, well, we will have to help ourselves and hope the military will override him. We are in deep doo doo and taking a Libertarian stance of staying out doesn’t solve the problem. We should be sending ion the drones or bombers and wiping them off the face of the earth as we speak!

    • Jeff Lambeau

      The reason the Al-Qaeda is such a force to be reckoned with not only because they harbor no allegiance to a particular nation, they also don’t care about who dies. If we go and carpet bomb innocent civilians, Al-Qaeda isn’t going to fold… they brainwash and recruit young soldiers faster than we are capable of killing them off, and from over 20 different hot-spots in different nations at that. This is a global organization. It’s not like Japan where you can just bomb twice and they surrender. These guys welcome death, they welcome chaos. If anything, they’re probably waiting for the U.S. to launch a nuclear missile at another country just so they can proudly take responsibility for having provoked America to start a 3rd World War.

      • Anonymous

        “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

        • Anonymous

          Then Obama can be King of the World!

        • zemla

          Sad but true

        • Jenn

          obummer is king of hell…nothing more..he is the destroyer of everything..

      • Anonymous

        If we would bomb like we did in WW2 and do it as a complete destruction then it would all go under and it would turn around fast. The problem is we fight a war like playing chess an that is not going to stop anything.

        • Jeff Lambeau

          You’re not understanding the problem. This isn’t even close to like WW2. That was just ONE COUNTRY (Japan), it was easy to just bomb everything. Al-Qaeda can only be defeated through a chess match. They exist in terror networks in more than 100 countries worldwide. Do you expect us to do a complete destruction of 100 countries? Do you know how insane and destructive to America and the rest of the world that would be? It would literally trigger a nuclear war, and America won’t survive that. Once you start a nuclear war, all bets are off, everyone dies including American citizens. Like I said, a “complete destruction” method is exactly what Al-Qaeda wants because they know it won’t work against them, and they know all it will do is cause more chaos in the world.

          • Anonymous

            No I don’t suggest a world destruction but in WW1 and WW2 we went in and hit the main centers and the main centers of Al Qaeda are in certain areas in the Middle East and when they see that we are not plying games like we have been doing that they will get the point. Our intelligence knows exactly where they are but since Viet Nam that America has been worried about killing a few civilians so they don’t hit like they should. I don’t like killing civilians either but stop and think of what is going to happen when the terrorist here in America start exploding the suitcase nukes that are already here. It is a proven fact of knowledge that they are here. There has been articles on this for quite awhile now and the terrorists are crossing the Mexican border and coming in as refugees

          • zemla

            You’re right and we’ll done, we cannot approach this in a centralized fashion, though to be nit picky, it isn’t just America who would survive a nuclear exchange, those are called “planet destroying” weapons for a reason. I might also add, we hear VERY little from pundits (and Americans in general) about who finances what. If anyone thinks this is just America vs. “Insert name” islamic forces, then they are sorely mistaken.

          • Ralph Moore

            someone tell Jeff WWII was WAY more than one country please

        • Anonymous

          WWi and wwii was against the Muslims and the germans, japs (ii) and Italians (ii) they have been playing the ‘Christians’ against each other and laughing, This IS a religious/spiritual war? You will always lose the war you do not fight! Our leaders have sold us out/both sides. Repentance and revival is our only hope (in Christ). Repent = TURN AND GO THE OTHER WAY.

  • Annette Hannah

    I miss the days of the beautiful carpet bombers — no troops on the ground; all Americans out; all things remotely related to the Obama Islamic rabid dogs should be exterminated by carpet bombing daily – for the next year. Period. Done.

    • Jeff Lambeau

      So how exactly would you propose to carpet bomb without hitting children in those areas?

      • Anonymous

        After ISIS took city #1 and started their miles long convoy road march to city #2 was the opportune moment. Or City #3. But that would have meant that Obama would have had to forego a round of golf or a fundraiser to be Commander in Chief. But now that they are in Baghdad, the golden opportunity is gone.

        • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

          Don’t forget – to delay it even more, 0bama is now thinking
          of consulting Congress. Isn’t this refreshing.

  • NotAnyKenny .

    Nothing is ever going to change, until we, black & white and other colors of our Nation, begin to come together in agreement, that the majority of Politicians have to go. We need replacements in both Parties, Both! Everybody that walks around thinking that one Party is better than another, you don’t need to legalize marijuana in your State, because you been smoking some killer stuff, already!! When are we gonna’ SEE and UNDERSTAND the obvious behaviors that have been before us? Behaviors we have permitted to exist, because we’ve let Corporations, and the number of ppl that own SEVERAL Corporations, buy the influence of our Politicians. Special interests, lobbyists, and the no. of ppl that come out of the Government, or our Military and then, go to work for the very Corporations that they assisted along the way. I’m not so certain that Pres. Obama is interested in reading Glenn’s prepared speech, from any podium. You think he believes and supports what Glenn thinks and supports? Helllllooooo!?

    • Anonymous

      True. Instead of opening their eyes, Americans are a bunch of slaves to the politics of Washington. The hatred between democrats and republicans stinks to high heaven, but they are both the same, infiltrated with the evil culture of corruption to line their own pockets and to hell with its people. What’s the use of threats against these terrorists? America should have finished the job way back in 1991 when Schwartzkoff wanted to take Baghdad, but Bush Sr said no. Something was fishy right then. These terrorists are still there and getting stronger, overcoming Russia then the US, even thought supposedly “the war on terror” was finished some years ago – according to your dear leader. America has two options – stay out of this inferno or go in full blast and level everything to the ground.

  • Jeff Ford

    I find it interesting and quite disturbing that those of a liberal mind-set cannot, and by this I mean they seems to be completely incapable of data extrapolation and calculating cause and effect scenarios. Obamacare was to be this masterpiece of legislation that would save the United States’ economy and give free healthcare to everyone that couldn’t afford it. We’ve seen many thousands of people who had healthcare lose it and be faced with paying for different healthcare that they cannot now afford. Raising the minimum wage will simply make the food at the restaurant the workers this wage elevation is designed to help in addition to putting tens of thousands of workers out of work because their employers can no longer afford their labor… At what point do these people wake up and realize they don’t see the world correctly? At what point do the rest of us wake up and realize we can’t afford to have these morally bankrupt, intellectually defective morons making decisions for us and trying to label it making decisions on our behalf?

    • Anonymous

      Some of them, never. My brother, for instance, adores castle-in-the-sky liberal ideals and refuses to acknowledge that a castle in the sky will ALWAYS crash into rubble because there is nothing to support it and keep it standing.

  • Anonymous

    It was years ago when I started to dive into the issues facing our country and I saw Glenn on Fox. A different style, different view, a deep view that drew me towards listening to Beck. I remember his warnings and how they came true. The Arab Spring for instance. The Caliphate has always been kept in the back of my mind. “Don’t Tread on Me” goes global as well as national, I just wish D.C. would listen to it’s people as there is more genius in numbers than a scant few in the Capitol.

  • Anonymous

    What does Glenn Beck know about world issues? A dam site more than others in the media…. that’s what!

  • Sraaken

    I hear they are led by a young girl with thee dragons.

  • Anonymous

    What a totally refreshing take on what’s going on over there. The fact of how America should sit this thing out should be heard loud and proud throughout ALL of Conservative media. If America fought alongside everyone in their civil wars we would be having a never-ending war. Seeing as President Obama wants us to be in wars in the mid east it seems we are always at war anyway. It just changes countries now and then. The way things are going over in that region they are killing themselves off little by little. Which is fine, if that’s what they feel like doing let them. They don’t want freedom and President Obama doesn’t want to give them freedom even if he says he does. What they want is for America to leave them alone. Really alone by not only pulling our troops out of everywhere but taking our shops and restaurants away so their businesses can come back in the way they want and they won’t have to work in ours. But that and ending dependence on their oil and resources is way too difficult for our politicians to even think about. Say what you will about the President not liking America he can’t stand the Arabs. Or else he would give them what they want for real

    • Anonymous

      And then you might think about the who behind the dollars that got him into power.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, while it’s only been President Obama who has repeatedly assumed what the jihadists want and tried giving them stuff the middle east has had to deal with our stuff for quite a few presidential terms. So we are guilty from both sides of the aisle. To be fair, President Obama has been the only one to at least figure out they want SOMETHING. Even though he’s being dumb about what that something is.

        • Anonymous

          No sure he’s being dumb.

  • stilts

    Glenn this says it all and says it spot on. I feel that we need to bring ALL troops home and station them all along our southern borders. While we are being flooded by South America’s children who are overwhelming our border patrol and taking them from their posts, terrorists and drug gangs pour into the US every minute and scatter to the winds to places like Estherville, Iowa and Medicine Bow, Wy.

    It is time for BHO to read this letter to them OR step down or be impeached for crimes against the constitution and our people. He is going to be America’s undoing. Bless you, Glenn for standing up for her and her way of life.

    • zemla

      The good thing about NOT doing that is we don’t fight wars on OUR soil precisely because we DO place our troops overseas

      • zemla

        And to be clear, law enforcement means nothing if ICE is told to back off deportations and border patrol is told to stand down

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I’ve been pounding AT&T to put the Blaze on Uverse! Your prognosticartions are unfortunately right on target! Not bad for a rodeo cowboy…

  • Anonymous

    This is the mandate of the Christian nations; “And if any man hear my words, and believe not, I judge him not: for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.” (John 12:47 KJV). We, as Christians, are commissioned to spread freedom and salvation (the message of Christ) throughout the world. We simply cannot stand by and allow the ignorant to suffer, even their own ignorance. Sure clean your own house, but Christianity is supposed to be spread to the ends of the Earth. And the kings of all the Earth are to gaze upon the ensign for the nations. See Isaiah chapter 11 where “Shinar” is specifically mentioned.

  • Anonymous

    I understand your feeling, Jeff, about killing innocent people, but what on earth do you think is happening while we sit on our hands? The next innocent lives lost may be your children and mine. It is your way of thinking that has led us to this place. Would you have them go unchecked because they are good at recruiting… or perhaps should we strike where they are training those recruits before they can complete their mission? We know where they are. We have to stop being reactive and start being proactive.

    • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

      I always wondered why what you said is so hard to accept for liberals.
      It must be this victim / loser mentality reliably producing disastrous results.

  • Anonymous

    And P.S. Jeff… nobody mentioned nuclear weapons.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is right in this – it is too late! The current admin will not do anything productive in this situation, he (Obama) just isn’t that smart. Glenn is also right in this – get your own house in order! The tribulations that are coming on the earth are beyond the capability of policians to handle. You have little more than 1 year to get prepared to survive the chaos that is coming. Get out of the major population centers – large cities will be unsurvivable. Build a reserve of food and medicine and seeds to grow your own food. Prepare your gardens and livestock, build a community of like minded people who know God’s voice and look to the return of the King. When the muslim hoards move on Israel, God himself will deal them. Jesus is coming, will you be ready?

    • Cathy Haynes

      I thought we would have until Sept. 2015, but I think it will be before that. And I agree with you about Israel. You don’t mes with God’s chosen people.

      • Anonymous

        Hi Cathy, I still beleive that we do have until the end of the next shemita cycle – next sept. It may look like things will fall sooner but the current western governments will do everything they can to prevent the collapse and God will not be left out of the equation. He is desperately trying to get people’s attention, shaking everything that man can trust in. We have a little time left to prepare I think.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously….If they get that building, they will have “everything”. If they say they couldn’t cipher anything, the Russians could. I truly believe that he wants to give “Everything” we know and have to our enemies due to the fact he hates our country and EVERYONE in it, because he doesn’t understand what this counrty is about. I hope there is a big bomb in that building our P-O-S leader doesn’t know about that will flatten the entire area in to glass. If these people can’t fight for their own freedom, they don’t deserve to exist. F them.

    • Cathy Haynes

      that building should have already been blown up before info gets into the wrong hands if it hasn’t already.

  • Cathy Haynes

    Obama doesn’t have the balls to do anything. I like what Glenn said he should say, but he will never do it. The military and congress need to do their job and get him out and take care of business themselves. Our military needs to be strong, the president needs to stand behind them, and they do need to be protecting us here at home.

  • You’reNoGandhi

    Glenn is a lightweight thinker and an interventionist. His religious cataracts blind him from drawing logical conclusions.

    The caliphate! The caliphate! My God in heaven! The sky is falling! America is doomed unless we reenter the quagmire!

    Do you even know what is a caliphate?

    The caliphate is a theocratic government; theocracies are nothing to worry about if you stand aside and let them implode all on their own. They fail because they always end up in a blood bath. America should have let the Sunnis and Shiites do what they’ve wanted to do for thousands of years. What’s that? Religious fanatics always end up killing each other off en masse.

    Relax, Glenn, and let God sort them out.

    Below, I’ve posted an excerpt written by a man worth reading as apposed to the crap Glenn excretes; Glenn belongs with Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and the rest of the Neocon Nazis. Glenn belongs with the lying propagandists who got America into a mess worse than Vietnam.

    “Does anyone remember the propaganda that Washington had to overthrow Saddam Hussein in order to bring “freedom and democracy and women’s rights to Iraqis”? We had to defeat al Qaeda, which at the time was not present in Iraq, “over there before they came over here.”

    Do you remember the neoconservative promises of a “cakewalk war” lasting only a few weeks, of the war only costing $70 billion to be paid out of Iraqi oil revenues, of George W. Bush’s economic advisor being fired for saying that the war would cost $200 billion? The true cost of the war was calculated by economist Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard University budget expert Linda Bilmes who showed that the Iraqi war cost US taxpayers $3 trillion dollars, an expenditure that threatens the US social safety net.

    Do you remember Washington’s promises that Iraq would be put on its feet by America as a democracy in which everyone would be safe and women would have rights?

    What is the situation today?” ~~ Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    • Anonymous

      And just what is your prescription Doc? Do you remember 3000+ innocent people were murdered in New York City? Oh, I guess we’ll just sit this one out but please don’t do it again. The Muslim religious fanatics have been around for centuries and they haven’t imploded yet. They have only expanded their reach around the world. If all you have to offer is Blame George Bush you are stupid. He didn’t blow up the World Trade Center. And you are Dr. of What, bull crap?

      • You’reNoGandhi

        The “prescription” has been offered over and over by individuals like Ron Paul, but some people are so unwilling to accept the facts that they will continue to support a welfare-warfare state.

        Years after Vietnam there were still millions who could not accept the facts. You would have fit right in among them.

        • Anonymous

          I never was impressed with Gandhi he is not God. You are wrong about my take on welfare-warfare. We never should have been in Iraq or Afghanistan. You can’t win a spiritual war with bombs and guns. Now you can call me a Bible thumper if you want. The Arabs are a hell bent on proving they are the legitimate heirs of God’s Holy City Jerusalem-all of Israel included and they have to destroy the Jewish race from the face off the earth to do that. This goes all the way back to the legitimate and illegitimate sons of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael. Isaac the promised seed and Ishmael who was not the son of promise. He is spoken of in scripture as the “Wild Ass” pretty much tells you who is causing the trouble in the Middle East. And if you allow me one more thing, again Bible, Israel will be a burdensome stone to the whole world. The Arabs will never stop fighting to take Jerusalem as their Holy City. Since Israel was declared a nation in 1948 the battle has been on. Israel is our only reason to be involved at all.

        • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

          By the same token you would fit well in a cave.

      • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

        Good post doree10
        The lemmings are suicidal and this is where isolationists come from.

    • Lioness

      Glenn Beck: “I won’t support sending another troop over there,” he said emphatically. “You cannot give freedom to people who don’t understand it or don’t want it. We are not the policemen of Iraq. We are not.”
      Actually my take on this, is that Glenn doesn’t want to send any troops. So unless you did not read what he wrote, I think he is agreeing with you. I don’t understand how some people find a way to disagree with every thing, even when there is nothing to disagree about? And as for president Bush? I don’t think he agreed with his actions either? So what’s your point?

      • You’reNoGandhi

        Actually, Glenn was for the war before he was against it. What I mean is Glenn verbally pounded people like Ron Paul for pointing out what would happen when the GOP decided to transform America into a welfare-warfare state. I should have made that more clear in my previous comment—- my bad. I should have made clear that in the past Glenn was a total fool, now, not so much. Yes, Glenn has ostensibly changed his believes, and I hope he continues to follow those changes to some logical conclusions.

      • Connor Kenway

        Please pray for me. It seems like I cannot hold myself together anymore. A few weeks ago someone very close to me killed himself and I just cannot seem to find any peace.

    • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

      You are falling into the suicidal category of the “do nothing” believers.
      This tactic historically produces nothing but larger disasters.
      Most recently – brilliant 0bama’s policies.

      • You’reNoGandhi

        The real “suicidal category” is being the policeman of the world.

        How does it feel to be the policeman of the world? How does it feel spending trillions of dollars in the Middle East ( a billion on the Baghdad embassy alone) ? How does it feel being in a neo-quagmire in the middle of the desert among a den of religious zealots?

        How does it feel poking the Russian bear in the face by meddling in Ukraine? Does America want another war, maybe a nuclear war? How does it feel “pivoting” to China? Is America going to warmonger in Asia, too? Is America now going to spend a few trillion defending Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines against China?

        Must be nice being able to print money and use it to fund warmongering in one country after another…….. America is entangled in so many countries that the uneducated public can’t even begin to name all of the places their country’s leaders have entangled them. Maybe America should spend a trillion more in Afghanistan before it collapses, too. And while America is at it, the Americans can invade Syria and Iran.

        Meanwhile, America can’t even control its own borders. Tens of millions of illegals are flooding over the border into the country’s schools, hospitals and welfare system and sucking dry the resources. The main-street American economy is on life support as the banksters and Wall Street money-junkies suck dry the financial system.

        Americans think they have the richest country in the world, but I think they confuse indebtedness with wealth. Americans think they live in a free country, but it looks more like a welfare-warfare-bankster-run-police state that’s about to go belly-up within the next 10 years —-maybe five..

        • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

          Typical mental derangement of your kind.
          It is not about how it feeeeels.
          It is about the catastrophic results of doing nothing, which
          is well documented in history.

    • WinstonSmith

      You nailed it. So did this video:

  • racindavid

    The problem Glenn is they are already screwing with us. They know not to mess directly with us, just enough to mess with our interests. For example, WHO would we nuke in response to Benghazi ? WHO ??

  • Guest

    ,Glenn Beck, Watch the There Stages of Islam on You Tube.

  • Guest

    Glenn Beck, Watch the Three Stages of Jihad.

  • James Paul Albright

    Glen Beck, Watch the Three Stages of Jihad on You Tube.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Bill Kristol – I expect you to call Beck and apologize.

  • Anonymous

    Did I hear CNN mention the word Caliphate? Glenn has been exonerated…

    • WinstonSmith

      Glenn’s theory was that the Muslim Brotherhood would take over in Egypt and spread their brand of religious zealotry throughout the Middle East, which is a far cry from what’s really happening now. Sure, the term “caliphate” is in the news, but Glenn’s still lousy at connecting the dots, just like he was when he concocted his Boston Marathon bombing conspiracy he’s being sued for now.

      • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

        Glen’s theory about Muslim Brotherhood was not that far fetched
        considering what our administration was doing. Hillary and Mr 0
        were in full support of Morsi and cut the support for Al Sisi.
        With what is going on in Iraq today and “doing nothing” policy, it
        won’t be long before Muslim Bros resurge again with help from
        the outside.Should that happen, Egypt will fall with massive loss of life.

  • Семья Дорман Делгадо

    If you were to bomb them, you give them a 24 hour ultimatum. Announce that every bomb, bullet, and weapon will be greased in pork lard. Wait for the surrender.

    It is not what we believe but what they believe. And they believe pork to be an unclean animal not to be touched.

  • thedogwalker

    We spent billions of dollars training Iraqi troops and at the first sigh of trouble they turned and ran! Why the hell should we help them now?

    • Waclaw Jerzy Borken-Hagen

      Why ?
      Because we made a mess with a commitment to clean it up.
      We have a duty to live up to our word.
      Do you always escape your commitments in life ? How convenient !
      I hope you sleep well at night because your conscience may interfere.
      This is a shameful lack of consequence of American public opinion
      which repeatedly creates impossible conditions at the end of conflicts.

  • Lancey

    We simply can’t be isolationist and let this conflict burn out of control! We’ll probably need a air war, where we soften up the enemy concentrations and then let the Iraqi army regroup and counterattack with aerial bombing in support. Glen could hide under his bed for support!

  • Tyler Carraway

    Who, specifically, is the guy he’s talking about who was released from Guantanamo Bay, and now is the head of a $2billion organization responsible for thousands of beheadings?

  • mudslide

    I have an answer for any idiot that wants to try and put this on me or my family – my little girl called Armalite. She’s a quiet, clean piece of machinery – lightly modified with a red dot scope, a bi-pod fore-grip and slightly hotter then stock 5.57 loads.
    Come on over – lets see how she acts when under pressure…..

  • Nick Oz

    i cant believe i just agreed with glenn beck 100% man i vote glenn president for life we would become holy and good under him and whoever screws with us it would be game over for them quick 20 w58 warheads should end islam for a while

  • John

    I remember Glenn speaking out about Radical Islam in his book “An Inconvenient Book” when nobody was listening as usual. What is wrong with these muslims ?. Why don’t the moderate muslims speak out again it ? There is something really freaking wrong here but we all know that already. I pray to god they never get their hands on a nuclear weapon.

  • Pearls to Swine

    I am glad Glen finally announced his candidacy for president ! He’s got my vote !

  • John

    This whole Middle Eastern thing is a nightmare. It doesn’t matter what you do it turns out a gigantic load of crap. Is there no light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Anonymous

    Caliphatia Here I Come, Right Back Where I Started From…..

    No, not in Baghdad. .Caliphatia is HERE. In Washington, DC!

    Where is America’s Hope? Its Salvation? .This is “The Hope”:

  • Bonnie Campbell Morrison

    Beck is awesome, I haven’t listen to him for a while…but he is right on!!

  • Jonathan Kendrick

    Since we, like our ancestors a century ago, are unable to predict civilization a century from now, it is foolish to think that civilization’s advance simply depends upon applying today’s knowledge and ideas.

  • Anonymous

    Bagdad will not be taken as Iran will not let that happen. We need to stay out unless we decide to give those countries in the Middle East another product to export. That product being glass after they are all nuked. This is a stupid religious war that has been going on for decades and centuries. I hate to use the word religious when in fact Islam is nothing but a cult. A cult brought to the people by the sword by the first pedophile Mohamed.

  • Anonymous

    You have got that right about Americans not knowing what the Hell is going on in the World. We as a society are the dumbest people on the planet when it comes to knowing who our elected officials are and what is going on in the World. The school system unions have made sure of that through their lack of teaching.

  • Annette Hannah

    GB was absolutely correct — anything liberal loon/western loon/eastern loon are all 100% in cahoots with all rabid Islamic terrorists — all things muslim must be exterminated – start with carpet bombers daily. Period. Done.

  • Rick Allen Carfagna

    Oh look there’s one of them folks that Jeff Ford just described so eloquently. Mr/Mrs using the infamous gutless Guest handle, you should go to comment thread that is for people like you.

  • Anonymous

    What a reply! It shows just what you are. To use your style of language… You are a central part of a rectum.

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