WATCH: How can you trust the mainstream media when they mocked something this serious?

Remember waaaaay back in 2011 when you were called crazy for watching Glenn Beck because he was talking about the possibility for an Islamic state overtaking the Middle East? Well, now it’s no joke and the mainstream has to face the fact that ISIS, an al Qaeda splinter group, really, really wants to establish a caliphate


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Glenn said. “You know, when Paul was down in the hold of a ship, and he knew he had to go to Rome, and he was a prisoner, and nobody was listening to him.  He said don’t get in the ship, don’t get on this ship, don’t take off right now, please, there’s a hurricane coming.  Nobody would listen to him.  Well, he got on the ship, and he told everybody, but they wouldn’t listen.”

“Then he went down, and he just kind of chilled.  It says later that he was talking to an angel, but he was just kind of chilling.  But once the hurricane hit, once the ship was almost lost, they came down and got him and said okay wait, tell us again what’s happening.  I’m not bringing these things up to you to say I told you so.  I think the failures of the past on my record and everybody else’s record needs to be seen, because if you don’t know, I mean, I think, you know, they will likely use any opportunity to make fun of people like you and me anytime.”

“I want to make sure that it is very clear which network you can trust going forward, which one is operating right now, and which one is seeing over the horizon, because the idea that I’ve talked to you about is the closer we get to the singularity, the faster things are going to be coming at you.  And if you’re looking right to today, and you’re not looking over the horizon and what’s rolling towards you, you’re not going to be able to make it.”

  • landofaahs

    But Glenn, are you willing to advocate violence and war to stop them?

    • Debra Easley

      Violence and war to stop them is unavoidable. They are not going to just disappear and the longer we wait to engage them the more unstoppable they become.

      • Boomhauser

        Debra does ignoring your crabgrass make it go away?

        • Pete Nabel

          Liberals don’t have logic.

        • Roy Johnson

          Boomhauser, nothing in Debras post says she thinks they will go away. What post did you READ?

          • landofaahs

            She mistakenly replied to the wrong post as did I.

        • landofaahs

          Ask Glenn. He advises us to be like MLK and Gandhi.

      • landofaahs

        You don’t understand sarcasm. My point is for idiots like Glenn is, what about the non-violence of MLK and Gandhi? How quickly you forget. I told you weeks ago people that Glenn was full of crap because those strategies only work when you are dealing with descent and somewhat honest people. This country and it’s liberals are no more open for reason than the muslims are.

      • landofaahs

        Sorry, I replied to you by mistake.

    • Jason Hater

      Where did you get that from?

      • landofaahs

        See my reply to Steve Newton.

    • Steve Newton

      If you think hiding our heads in the sand is the answer you are sadly mistaken. The war on terror will never end only get worse.

      • landofaahs

        I don’t. I’m being sarcastic in that muslims and democrats are alike in that being like MLK and Gandhi is a useless strategy because neither is descent or open minded.

        • ADAMSPAPPA

          Ok, so you mean “decent”, right? (sorry…I kept reading descent, as in “lineage”) you’re right! None of these groups are decent OR open-minded, and they will never be persuaded to think outside their ideology…

    • Anonymous

      Why stop it? These people don’t understand live and let live. If you don’t think like they do then they want you dead. Why give more US lives for people who don’t understand what it means to be a free country. You can’t fix stupid.

      • Mark Rindal

        So, what you’re saying is, “I live in a coastal city and a tsunami is headed our way…we have the means to divert it or minimize the damage but why would we do that? Just move!” YOU CAN RUN FROM THE INEVITABLE BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE!! Terrorists are SO serious about their private war their willing to blow themselves up.

      • landofaahs

        See my reply to Steve Newton

    • Anonymous

      You can be willing to advocate it while wishing you didn’t have to do it. If someone wants to do violence on me and will not listen to reason then I’m more than willing to do violence on them to make them stop.

    • dawn

      Are THEY going to avoid violence to let us keep being free?

      • landofaahs

        See my reply to Steve Newton

    • John N Zingale


  • Anonymous

    What everyone must understand and observe is that we are in the sixth month 14th
    year of Ezekiel’s war! We need to be careful walking into this grave yards where evil is destroying evil lest we fall into a pit!

    • Soupie714

      Dear oopso42, Please understand this is a sincere question from me. Does the Word say how long Ezekiel’s war is to last? Where in the timeline of end time events does this war fall? I am very interested in finding answers to my questions. Thank You oopso42

      • Anonymous

        Ezekiel’s war ends with the “Day of the Lord” and no one knows the Day or the hour. But god has given us promises He is keeping. Example read Daniel 8 then subtract 333 from 2,300 and see what date you get. It’s a date Islam wants changed but it is a promise given and kept! Also divide 1998 by 3 may this help you understand the times we live in.

        • Terigo

          Yeah I just read all of that mumbo about what Daniel foresaw. Sounds to me like a bunch of rubbish thats been over exaggerated and manipulated to better fit the coincidence. After all a HUMAN wrote it and to date iv’e had no proof of a human ever telling the future without there being a twist or an over generalization to cover their tracks and make them appear more gifted than they are. Maybe I would need to read the entirety of this ancient story to better understand it, but until then common sense would tell me that it’s just a story.

          • Anonymous

            It is only mumbo Jumbo if you don’t check
            it out Erigo. Understand the 333BC I asked Soupie714 to subtract is the Battle of Issus, the battle the King of Greece shattered Persia at, this is a single point of history. Subtracting it from 2,300 you get 1967 the Six Day War that Israel regained Jerusalem and the temple mount another single point of history. This is the promise in Daniel 8 that God kept and the issue that Islam wants to change. Consider God drew a straight line across three millennia and three calendars
            the moon calendar, the Roman Cesarean calendar and finally the Julian something impossible for any man but only something God can do. This is all recorded in history provable and verifiable if you check it out!

  • MsMoomMist

    It is called survival!

  • Mike Benton

    Glenn has been right all along about 0bama and Cloward and Piven, plus many other issues.

    • Anonymous

      That’s why I usually watched his show on FOX. He let the people know about so many things, people, connections that others wanted to hide or were unaware of.

  • Mark Rindal

    BOOMHOUSER! I can’t think of a better analogy!!

  • jackyjoe10

    The only thing Islamist’s understand and respect is a show of force. We may not like this fact or want to hear it, but history has repeatedly shown this to be true. I have no idea what our role is in all of this. Most likely we will go after the threat of global warming, as it is the most ominous in the eyes of Mr. Kerry. I am pretty sure Russia and China will not stand by as their oil interests are threatened.

    • landofaahs

      Teach that to Glenn. He seems to support Gandhi and MLK non-violence.

  • Chris Layton

    Here is why you cannot “trust this network going forward” and why his message given yesterday is disconnected from the reality of average middle Americans
    You need to watch the whole episode, not just this edited clip.
    Glenn cuts this video short of where the message of how are we to interpret what is going on over in the middle east and how does this personally impact us at home. The important part of Glenn’s message begins when he has his list up on the chalkboard with the following parts:
    1) Begin to feel invisible
    2) Work harder for less
    3) Begin to wonder why
    4) See others not abiding by R.O.L (rule of law)
    5) Look for something or someone to villify
    I agree with 1,2, and 3 but when he starts talking about 4 and 5, this is where Glenn says that people begin to wonder why they are doing what they are doing. Why am I sending my children to college when they are not going to be able to find a job and so forth. You start seeing people not abiding by the rule of law and instead of working for a living, they start stealing from others and they begin to villify a certain group. That’s the direction Glenn heads towards in this conversation and it is a complete disconnect from reality based on Glenn’s reality which is not reality for average middle American citizens. I mean, how many of you average Americans have gold in your portfolio? How many Americans own a farm and cattle and enough provisions to even dream of being self sustaining? It is good that he has wealth but from what he is saying, he’s more worried about his neighbors stealing from him than what his government is doing to all of us.
    Back to Glenn’s conversation; Glenn, you are talking about the group that already has criminal intent. What about the rest of us? You are ignoring your viewers. Those of us who live by the ten commandments that tells us not to steal, not to do all these other abominable acts and yet we are forced to comply with things that are against our conscience? Glenn you are not speaking to this audience. You are not speaking to those of us who will not break God’s laws but at the same time we cannot obey laws that cross that line. You say in this episode again that guns are not the answer. We’re not that crazy couple that shot a couple of peace officers eating lunch at a local restaurant. We’re not vigilantes. We’re just people that live in our homes and go to work and we don’t want the government to intrude in our lives. We don’t want FEMA to declare a national emergency and break down our doors and confiscate our only means of defending ourselves and if need be we will defend our lives but how do we protect ourselves and form a network of safety with our neighbors if you are continually beating the drums of world peace? We can’t make concessions with people who mean to destroy us and force us to accept a viewpoint that is against our conscience and I’m not talking about jihadi terrorists. I’m talking about the real threat here at home. Yes, I know you are for gun ownership, so long as that gun stays locked in our gun case where we can never retrieve it when our lives are threatened. We’re not going to steal from our neighbors but at the same time, we’re not going to pay for Obamacare that pays for murdering innocent children so what do we do when government marches in on our individual homes demanding our compliance at the point of a gun? What do we do when government clamps down on us for having “too much food storage” or a garden plot without a permit? Don’t think it will happen? I can’t even own beehives in my backyard without local government demanding that I register them and tell them where they are. Failure to comply will result in a $5,000 fine. Now what would you do? You know that the day is coming when they will commandeer all the available resources including your own personal food supply. Do you really think that we’re going to just sit here and allow them to forever more march over us while we do the Martin Luther King thing and hold hands with anyone and everyone hoping that peaceful protest will make a difference? Guys, do you know that Glenn in this episode said that “We don’t need a George Patton in this instance, we need someone more like Martin Luther King” And this is the message that we should trust? I am speaking from experience. My own family is personally threatened by a sector that considers themselves as part of this government and why? Because of my personal convictions and my faith and of God that I have placed all my trust in. Do you know, that a business cannot donate money to a church or any local charity unless that it can prove that this donation is profitable to that business? I did not know that and the professionals we hired apparently did not know that either but guess what? All the best intentions do not count to those who mean to do you harm. It doesn’t matter that all the rules that we were aware of were kept. In the end this family is facing annihilation and it’s not just ours but it’s going to be eventually yours as well. All of you who pay tithing, be advised, the day is coming when an official is going to come into your home and tell you that the money you gave to God was not invested in their interest. What will you do then? What would you do to protect your family? The attack will not necessarily come to large groups, but to individuals; those who can be secretly and quietly silenced and put away while everyone else sleeps comfortably in their beds (for the moment) all being done by the rule of law. Wouldn’t you be looking for a George Washington to step up? Or would you be looking for a Martin Luther King or a Ghandi that Glenn loves to praise when you know that that route would mean that not only you would meet your end but so would your entire family. Now you tell me, would you trust the message of a Glenn Beck?

    • John

      Thanks for proving Glenn’s point. You are at #5.

      • Michael mcCall

        The villain is already known and he (Chris) pointed out that fact. Terrorism is not the only villain out there threatening us and our way of life. Remember, Obama promised to “funtanmentally change America”. Well he is doing that quite well despite our peaceful Gandi-like objections.

    • Kenneth Starnes Sr.

      A business can donate to whomever it wishes…… But you must be trying to deduct that gift from your taxes? Carry it as a loss and quit trying to get credit for it if you REALLY want to help a charity or a Church

      • Chris Layton

        Sir, I’m not an accountant. Right now I’m just a farmer. I simply gave from my heart all that I had in gratitude to God for his blessings and I hired the best CPA I could find to take care of all the bookwork. I did the best I could double and triple checking all of my work and despite all our efforts we’re in for the fight of our life for our survival. You want to demean that, go right ahead. You think you’re safe and ever changing regulations won’t blindside you once or twice in your life despite your best efforts? There is not one person who can now stand the scrutiny of all the laws and regulations that affect our lives.

        • FL_GA_TX

          The tax code is intended to be so complex and cumbersome and subject to interpretation that no one can be certain of full compliance, unless they have the simplest return. This allows the government to “find” errors in any returns of those they want to suppress or persecute, especially if you are a small business owner, farmer or rancher. After the brief and dim light was shined on some of the IRS abuses by the recent scandals, every American should demand change. The only suggestion I could make is that we demand, until they comply, that every federal legislator and official, be required to file their returns without the aid of a CPA or tax attorney, and their returns should then be audited. It those responsible for the tax code cannot accurately understand it and comply with it, then they should change it, or be replaced by those who will. Call it the price of admission to federal office.

          • FL_GA_TX

            Oh, and just to be clear, I have had accountants do my taxes and they were no more accurate, and maybe less so, than I was with TurboTax. I’ve even begged the IRS to help me out with a complex return and they said they couldn’t answer my questions! But the one time the IRS disputed anything on my return, they wound up refunding more money. I always hold some deductions and expenses in reserve. I haven’t been questioned since, but the tax code remains a tool for oppression of dissent.


          You are so right. EPA has just passed “laws” requiring all fishermen to empty livewells completely, before leaving any Lake. Some people don’t process their catch until they reach home, which may be a couple hours away. They do not want their fish to die! How can they accomplish this now? Also, EPA requires you to have a permit for a garden (no matter how small) and a permit for a pond (no matter how small) I guess they are claiming ownership of all water, even that falling from the sky!!!!

          • Anonymous

            The EPA and other government agencies are regulating us to death with their permit requirements and laws, dictating what we can and not do. They have far too much power and it puts a lot of burdens for people to live a sustained quality if life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

    • Kenneth Starnes Sr.

      #4 and #5 are happening now????

  • Wade Johnson

    Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya, with the exception of 1, all stable governments, though run by dictators, all overthrown or attempting to be overthrown by Islamic radicals (terrorists).

    Al Qaeda, ISIS, the Taliban, Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Jihad, all known and recognized Islamic terrorist organizations, now running rampant in the middle east.

    Was the Iraq invasion a good idea, they may have thought so originally, but after the ouster of Saddam, The country was fairly stable. Then Obama comes in, not only begins his US apology tour, he also encourages the “arab spring” but some how convinces NATO to support it in Libya. We all know what happened afterwards in Benghazi, Then the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, which again Obama supported, Then Syria, attempting to be over thrown by Al Qaeda associated terrorist groups, which Obama is supporting, and now Iraq.

    On 9/11 Al Qaeda attacked the US. We responded and beat them down. Now we are supporting them and their associated groups. We have a president who is supporting them, but letting them run rampant and fighting them with words. We need someone in office who can make up his mind and realized a terrorist is a terrorist, and that even a dictator in a stable country, though not necessarily a good option in world opinion, is good if the country is stable

    • Robin Parker

      I agree, but this is old news. lets move on.


        Sadly, this “old news” is happening right now, which makes it “current news” — Glenn was the ONLY one, the LONE VOICE in the wilderness, warning us that this WAS COMING!!! It was just too easy for the LSM to poopoo him!

      • Rebecca Snyder

        Move on Where Robin? It’s not old… it’s just developing… its just deteriorating… it’s being run by people that want to ruin everything that is not them… and supported by idiots in our government. Where do we move?

  • Ami Absher

    No beans about it: Glenn Beck was spot on! I knew it!

    • landofaahs

      What about Glenn’s stupid be like Gandhi and MLK strategy? It doesn’t work on muslims anymore than on democrats. Neither are descent or open minded.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t trusted the MSM for many years!!

  • HerculesLoadmaster

    We have our very own American version of muslim dhimmitude going on with Obamacare. The “powers” in charge (like what a Caliphate would be) tells us that we must pay a tax-fine-extortion fee if we don’t have health insurance. We are kidding ourselves if we believe Obama gives a you know what about what is going on in Iraq and Syria. He went golfing and fund raising. He simply doesn’t give a chat.

  • Oscar’s Wilde

    Since those who preach from collectivism’s altar hold an irrational confidence in human reason, they object to that which is not controlled.

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