Buck Sexton on Iraq: They’re preparing for the worst case scenario

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Glenn: I want to go to our national security expert, Buck Sexton, in our newsroom, where are you, in New York? We welcome you to the program, Buck. I see 275 soldiers dispatched, and I have my own theories on this, but to me that seems like a death sentence. If the region is going to turn anti-American, what happens? What happens to those 275 Marines going over there? Is this a Jimmy Carter moment?

Buck: Well Glenn, if they’re not able to keep the U.S. presence in the embassy in Baghdad, the whole country is going down. That would essentially be the bellwether moment. That would be the point at which we recognize that this has gone far beyond our control. Two hundred seventy-five troops in addition to whatever they have now at the embassy, and I can tell you that embassy is a fortress, as people have brought up.

It cost nearly $1 billion. It was designed specifically to withstand indirect fire from mortars, from rockets. It also is blast protected so that it can’t be easily destroyed by say a massive car or truck bomb, which of course is what Iraq is known for these days. So there is, I think, a lot that they can do, Glenn, to batten down the hatches, so to speak, and these troops are auxiliary to what’s already in place. But if the embassy goes, the country is gone, it’s all over.

Glenn: Okay, so what do you think about this theory that some of those 275 are specialists to destroy whatever it is that we have? I mean, this is not just an embassy. This is bigger than Vatican City. This is massive, a massive complex, and I’m sorry, but I was told when we were at FOX to not talk about the embassy, when I was at CNN told not to talk about the embassy.

I mean, both sides were afraid when the White House, of both sides, called and said, because I was bringing up what is this embassy, we were told stop talking about it, move on. And I think there’s something to this embassy. What do you think about some of those troops being the guys going in if something goes wrong, they’re destroying the equipment or whatever it is we have in that embassy?

Buck: Well Glenn, every embassy has procedures in place for destroying classified material that they may have inside, and most of them obviously do have that kind of material inside. But in the case of Iraq, it’s not just oh, we’re going to evac the embassy. It would be we’re evac’ing the embassy under duress because an invading Al Qaeda army or an all-out Sunni-Shia civil war has broken out.

So even with all the precautions they have in place, this could quickly become a very incredibly dangerous situation, and I think that the troops that have been sent there now are quite honestly evac specialists. That’s the most likely scenario, people who would be able to, Marines, for example, who would be able to put down covering fire to allow them to at least hold off any invading force inside of Baghdad and others who are essentially loading up the choppers.

That’s what’s happening here. They’re preparing for the worst case scenario, and as I’ve said, if the embassy goes, Glenn, it’s all over.

Glenn: Real quick just because I’ve got less than a minute here, but real quick, we are looking at a scenario, we are inviting Iran in and saying hey, Iran, help. This is a Sunni and Shia thing. I mean, this could become Sunni and Shia civil war over this caliphate, could it not?

Buck: It absolutely could, Glenn. The worst-case scenario here for Iraq and for the region and quite honestly for the world is that this turns into a Sunni-Shia civil war that brings in all the Middle East countries of the region backing their preferred sides, this turns into a giant proxy battlefield. And if that happens, oil markets, all those who think that this doesn’t affect us, it’ll put the globe into turmoil. And they tried this before, Glenn. This was the playbook in 2006-2007, and they got brought back from the brink by 160,000 U.S. troops. We don’t have that there anymore.

Glenn: Thank you very much, appreciate it.



  • http://batman-news.com IT2 IT 2IT 2

    And are we supposed to believe
    that such sensitive military ordinance
    as stinger missiles,
    ——stinger missiles in hot zones,
    ———————————–are NOT chipped for tracking and disarament?

    REALLY folks!


    C’MON! —–TAVISTOCK mind control FAKE media aside!- – –


    • Anonymous

      Then, you’ll just love what comes next, I bet…

  • landofaahs

    We’d be better off using the funds to supply Poland and Ukraine with nuclear weapons and supporting Israel with the stipulation the blow the crap out of Iran tomorrow.

    • Anonymous

      Iran has murdered thousands of Americans over the years and supported people and countries that have done the same and Obama wants to buddy up with Iran for help in Iraq? Really? !!!

  • ken.

    the middle east is a lost cause, they do not want freedom and they hate anyone who is not exactly like them. even other muslim sects who are mostly like them with very small differences are considered enemies. they are mostly incapable of living in peace, even with themselves. we need to pull all resources and troops out of the middle east, they are not worth fighting for, they use us to kill off the other sects so they can have total power, then they automatically turn on us. if a middle eastern country attacks us in any way then we send enough missiles to wipe them out, problem solved.

    • Gloria Godwin

      “Let Them Kill Each Other” … an article from American Thinker. “This time it is so easy. All the administration has to do is … NOTHING!” It’s definitely something to think about.

      Being all we have is a community organizer masquerading as our Commander in Chief … perhaps doing “NOTHING” would be the best option.


      • Anonymous

        We’re(i.e., America) ABOUT THEIR ONLY “HATED” ENEMY! WATCH…

    • ConcernedPatriot

      if we do nothing we will have the prevailing side possibly partnering with a US enemy and gaining strength. Do you really think sitting around waiting is a good idea? Look what that got us on 9/11. We were attacked by OBL before 2001 and did nothing.

      • ken.

        if we do something they will come after us, if we don’t do something and wait, they will come after us. why should we waste money, resources and american lives trying to change them when they don’t want to change and won’t change. why should we try to nation rebuild when they will wait for us to leave and destroy or use it against us. why should we stay forever for a lost cause. if any middle east country attacks us, then we destroy their entire government and military infrastructure with a shock and awe missile attack. when terrorist groups attack us we wipe them out whenever we find a location. we cannot stop them until we let them get it over with, we are doing nothing but giving them the time and opportunity to build up their supply of arms and making them stronger. russia and china are arming them for the sole purpose of bogging us down until we destroy ourselves. they are playing us like suckers! we are becoming weaker not stronger by playing this loser game plan. the democrats are in on it with russia and china, this is their plan to destroy america.

    • bitmap

      Considering that ISIS is just one degree of separation away from the rebels we supported in Syria, against Assad-Iran’s lacky, is it to much of a stretch to think that this administration is trying to bring Iran in to keep the Sunni-Shiite conflict burning brightly? Think about it, we armed the Sunni rebels in Libya, the predominantly Sunni Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the Sunni rebels in Syria. Now we are not ending the uprising in Iraq but are hanging the Shiite government of Maliki out to dry-the very definition of “cut and run”. We then encourage Iran to get involved? I have historically bounced between the concept that our current administration is either brilliant or inept. Considering what is happening on our border I now have come to the conclusion that they are brilliantly evil.

  • Nick Oz

    wow we wasted 4500 killed+ 40000 wounded and maimed Americans for this crap and 1 trillion dollars how can we all be proud of this i hung my head in shame

    • Crassus

    • Pablo Descartes

      I agree that obama was a fool pulling out like he did & snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Anyone who voted for bathhouse barry the second time around should hang their head in shame.

  • Crassus

    Buck Sexton is the only host worth listening to on the Blaze these days. Glenn has lost his marbles, Pat and Stu are worthless, Jay Severin is a hack, and Doc Thompson is all over the road. Hopefully, Buck will get his own national syndication deal soon and leave the Blaze behind. He deserves better.

    • Nick Oz

      Thank you, Colonel Hindsight.

  • Dennis Ferguson

    So who thinks that the hacker group anonymous should start hacking the U.S. government and giving the media all the info so they can see whats going on and put it out on broad band. also i say make sure it has other sources to like the little guys who need info to help stop the tyranny of our out of control government. i think its time the government was put on blast and true transparency was given instead of this lie lie lie until we are busted lie some more and kill the witness type of bull crap we have been getting. so anyone else think its a good idea hit like and share.

    p.s. im not talking just one group im talking all groups lets find out what they dont want us to see and figure out how we can stop it with out killing each other to do so.

    • Anonymous

      Take the lead! We’re waiting…

    • Pablo Descartes


  • Jaclyn Baggesen

    The problem over there is EGO, POWER AND CONTROL….We have the same problem with this present president SCHULTZ and his administration…….The control freaks don’t want peace they want control of the world…..if you are not Muslim you are an infidel and you do not deserve to walk on the same planet as they do….this is reality folks….these people would decapitate everyone in your family just for fun….we need to be able to protect ourselves when it hits over here and it will…we know for sure our own government will not protect us…all at the same time when AMERICANS are finding it harder and harder to find ammunition….why is this? All these government agencies buying up tons of ammunition…what for? Is this a back door amnesty on our 2nd amendment rights? I think I am going to run for president, I am a nurse…..I have run my own business for 10 years and I have saved lives….I think AMERICA needs to be cared for and I am just the one who can do it…..I cannot even believe I am writing this….but I think an average AMERICAN who loves this country and has no special interests or lobbyists or Wall Street bums or agenda to harm AMERICA or line her pockets is just the one to run this race….Just call me GEORGIA…..because I do not see anyone before me who could be another George Washington….so someone needs to step forward who will put together the most awesome AMERICAN administration who will bring this country back from the brink….some of my thoughts to start with…judge Jeanine as our next attorney general and then our next United States Supreme Court justice…and John Bolton as our next Secretary of State….what do you think folks?

    • Anonymous

      BUT SCHULTZ wasn’t a Marxist, was he?

      • Jaclyn Baggesen

        You are absolutely right….just comparing him to the I know nothing….N-O-T-H-I-N-G part of SCHULTZ…loved him on Hogans HERO’S….

  • Anonymous

    What is at risk here is the Reserve Currency Status of the United States.. If that goes we might not be able to pay the interest on the debt which means we cannot import oil… If gasoline, when you can get it, goes to $8 to $10 a gallon or higher then the economy of this country is finished…

    • Anonymous

      Ever hear about the prophetic “cashless society?” Watch…

  • Gloria Godwin

    Something to consider … “Let Them Kill Each Other” … an article from American Thinker. “This time it is so easy. All the administration has to do is … NOTHING!”

    Being all we have is a community organizer masquerading as our Commander in Chief … perhaps doing “NOTHING” would be the best option.


    • Anonymous

      Again, that is just what they do, but they HATE US even more than each other, as YOU soon will learn…

  • TheRuleOfLaw

    They need to nuke the entire middle east.


    The problem with doing nothing is those who fought and died fighting in Iraq did so for nothing. Obama like LBJ is micro managing the situation instead of going over there, wiping their arse out and saying, come back to the USA, I dare you I will wipe out your entire country…..we cannot allow these people to make us hide in our closets.

    Also, doing nothing is a great recruitment tool for the ISIS leaders and other terror organizations. It lessens our might by saying oh they won’t finish the fight, just wait them out and then pounce…

    We go over there we fight, win, and come home, or we do not go at all….

  • Anonymous

    A generation or more after WW2 America has been involved with Europe and Asia. It took 40 years to flush Egypt out of the Israelites on the Exodus. So why did the current administration think they could get everything done in 13 years?

    • Anonymous

      p.s. The “devil”(Satan) is in the details! Watch…

  • http://daveposh.org/ Dave Posh

    DUH. Hello whoever posted this – Buck Sexton is NOT on Saturdays. He has moved to weekdays.

  • Anonymous

    Hello? Revelation 18:10 clearly indicates that when our Jewish, not Greek, Savior & High Priest returns, it’s “Babylon” that immediately gets totally destroyed within one(1) hour! With SELF-PROFESSED Marxist(ANTI-CHRIST) Obama in the WHITE house, surely you don’t think that he will side with US do you! You doubt that? Watch, and it will NOT take long folks to see the DAMAGED DONE! p.s. How many BHO supporter’s even know, let alone even care, that his mentor & boss, George Soros as a little 9 year old child, gave Hitler’s Gestapo all the names of the Jewish children that he knew? At least they’re already DEAD, and now we’re next! No? Watch…

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this “Embassy” is B.O’s kept fortress to house him, the King of the coming One World Order.

  • Bert31

    Listen up Democrats. You were isolationists when both Bushes had to respond to a dire security situation in Iraq. Are you going to be as hard on Obama for putting troops on the ground? By the way, my cousin just got sent to Iraq today. I am praying for his safety.

  • Anonymous

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