Enough is enough: Bring them home, period.

On radio this morning, Glenn looked at the troubling news of the day in a slightly different light. Glenn remains steadfast in his belief that the United States government must bring our servicemen and women home and not put troops on the ground in Iraq. This morning, he went so far as to “lead with his mistakes” and admit that liberals had the right idea back in the early 2000s when they opposed intervention in the Middle East. And yet despite all the forces at play that are trying to tear us apart, Glenn remained surprisingly optimistic about America’s future.

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Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

I want to the start in a different place. The media keeps saying we are a nation that is being torn apart at the seams. In some ways, I agree with them, only because we are not looking for the things that bring us together. The left and right, we can’t agree on anything, right? The only place we can find common ground is in the hatred of one another. That’s the narrative that everybody is giving you. Unfortunately, there is some truth to that, unless we decide to look for more.

We have been greatly divided. When the President burst out on the scene, he talked about how George Bush tore us apart with two wars and we had an economic disaster. A lot of people said, ‘He’s right. We were a mess.’ We really, truly were a mess in 2008.

I don’t think it’s gotten any better for the last five years. We have done nothing but watch our country and our families, our friends be ripped apart. We are deeper in debt. We are immersed in foreign wars. Our economy is much more fragile than it was in 2008. Racial tensions are higher than I have ever seen them. I’m 50 years old. I don’t remember an America that felt like this race-wise. We are far from reaching across the aisle. I shouldn’t say that. The Republicans and Democrats are perfectly fine reaching across the aisle. They are not only reaching across the aisle, they are reaching across the aisle and fondling each other. It’s just they are on the same exact page, and they will demonize. The Republicans are doing it, and the Democrats will do it. They will demonize anyone that steps out of line with the parties.

As bad as it has been, amazingly enough, lately, we seem to be finding areas where we all agree. There are things that are happening in America. For instance, the VA scandal. The VA scandal, Americans agree, is horrific. We need to plant our flag in some places where we know we are on the right side. Let’s start planting our flags where we can have some victory. That’s one of them: The VA scandal. Let’s start reaching across to people in our neighborhood, our friends who vote differently than us, on things like the VA scandal. There’s tons of blame. The President campaigned in 2008 on the VA saying that it was completely out of control. Now it’s much worse now, but that’s the place we could start. George Bush screwed it up. I know. It was horrible. Good. Your guy didn’t do anything, so let’s fix it now.

We will be coming together to stop Common Core. I can’t tell you how remarkable this Common Core thing is. When Bill Gates comes up and gives a speech: ‘How about we call it a two-year hiatus? Just give it two years, see if it works. If it doesn’t, we’ll just give up. Let’s do that.’ Really? They’re letting Justina [Pelletier] go probably in the next couple of weeks too. We’re on to you, Bill.

Here’s the great thing: No matter how much money you are spending to sell us this load of bull crap, Americans aren’t buying it. It is not just the right. It’s the left too. It’s the teachers. It’s the Chicago teachers union. Could we get any more left than that? The Tea Party standing side-by-side with the Chicago teachers unions? That’s fantastic.

America is healing herself. I really want to talk to you about this compass I have been working on. I have said for a while that there’s going to come a time when everything you know is upside down, when what you thought was solid would be liquid and liquid will be solid. Up is down, down is up. What was right will be wrong. Good will become evil. And there will be nothing that you recognize or can count on. I have said that for probably eight years. The time is here.

We are headed in exactly the wrong direction. We are at the polar opposite now of where we should be going. That’s not a conservative saying that. I believe that’s anyone with any common sense. ‘We should be doing more testing on our kids?’ Come on. You know that’s not right. ‘We should have more Islamic oversight in our Department of Homeland Security.’ You know that’s not right. ‘We should spend more money to get out of debt.’ You know that’s not right. ‘We should rush doctors and nurses and build emergency centers for the people who are coming across our borders, and they are coming here illegally and we are putting them on military bases.’ Meanwhile, we can’t get the military to be able to get in to see a doctor for things like cancer. You know that’s not right.

Maybe we could come together now on this nightmare in Iraq. From the beginning, most people on the left were against going into Iraq. I wasn’t. At the time I believed that the United States was under threat from Saddam Hussein. I really truly believed that Saddam Hussein was funding terrorists. We knew that. He was funding the terrorists in Hamas. We knew that he was giving money. We could track that. We knew he hated us. We knew that without a shadow of a doubt. It wasn’t much or a stretch to believe that he would fund a terror strike against us, especially since he would say that. So I took him at his word.

There were also atrocities that were happening in Iraq torture chambers, mass graves. At the time, the unanimous belief – even with Hillary Clinton and everybody else – was that he had weapon of mass destruction. There was also the element – and this is really what spoke to me – of bringing freedom to the people of Iraq for the first time in their long history. I don’t want to control Iraq, but I have a soft spot for people who are being tortured and just want freedom because I really, truly believe Democrats and Republicans are the same. Israelis and Palestinians are the same. Once you get the politicians to leave the room, once you can deprogram people from what the politicians and leaders have said, everyone is pretty much the same. It’s like, ‘I just want to be left alone.’ ‘I just want to raise my family, have fun.’ ‘I want a decent life.’ Then politicians get involved and program us to hate each other. You have to be carefully taught who to hate.

Now, in spite of the things I felt at the time when we went into war, liberals said: We shouldn’t get involved. We shouldn’t nation-build. And there was no indication the people of Iraq had the will to be free. I thought that was insulting at the time. Everybody wants to be free. They said we couldn’t force freedom on people. Let me lead with my mistakes. You are right. Liberals, you were right. We shouldn’t have.

Now, if you believed those things, let me say: You were right. If you were just using it for political purposes, well, we don’t have anything in common, But if you really believe those things, I would like to have a conversation with you now to find out exactly how you came to terms with that – especially being a progressive. If you know the history of the progressive movement, it was Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson that started imposing democracy in South America. The reason why South America is just loaded with communists is because we put a lot of them in. That’s the progressive ideal.

But I agree with you: You cannot force democracy on the Iraqis or anybody else. It doesn’t work. They don’t understand it or even really want it. They may be too immersed in their own belief of Sharia Law to embrace liberty or at least at this time. If people vote for Sharia Law, they vote for Sharia Law. We tried. What can we do? We have lost thousands of American lives. We have lost thousands of lives on the Iraqi side and tens of thousands have been wounded. We have spent $2 trillion – say that again – $2 trillion, and upwards of 200,000 Iraqi citizens, aid workers, insurgents have been killed. That’s the conservative number. Liberals will tell you it’s almost 1 million people. I don’t know what the number is, but after all of that, hundreds of thousands of lives, $2 trillion, the best minds in the world trying to do it, it’s about to fall apart.

Terrorists of the most radical kind – maybe the most radical we have witnessed since Nazis – are now poised to overrun the capitol city. All of our effort, all our sacrifices, all of it is gone. $1 billion embassy, which I contend, I have nothing to back it up except my gut, that’s not an embassy. It is a listening station. There’s something wrong with that embassy. You don’t build something that big in Baghdad. How many of us are going, ‘I’m going to vacation in Baghdad. Hope they have a nice embassy’? What do we have it there for? Why is it that big? Something is wrong with that.

But, anyway, all of that is gone. And yet, this is something I think that we can come together with, on the right and the left. And it’s this – I have more of a chance of hacking off my loyal listeners and audience by saying this, but so be it: Not one more life. Not one more life. Not one more dollar, not one more airplane, not one more bullet, not one more Marine, not one more arm or leg or eye. Not one more.

The people of Iraq have got to work this out themselves. Our days of being the world’s policemen, our days of interventionists is over. If we are directly attacked, so be it. But this must end now.

Can’t we come together on that? Are we not all a people that can come together on that? Wedon’t want our sacrifice to be a waste. Let me ask you this question: What good will one more life do? To waste one more life, what good will it do, to waste another dollar, let alone another trillion? And conservatives, is there one that believes this President will prosecute a new war in Iraq properly? When the biggest hawk of them all, the Darth Vader of the entire galactic empire, Dick Cheney and George Bush didn’t prosecute it right? No. In the end, the result will be the same. Another group of radicals will pop up again. It is like a never-ending game of whack amole over there. The only way to prevent Baghdad from being overrun eventually is stay there and continue to fight this militarily in perpetuity. Are you willing to do that?

Don’t even start with me on your oil an gas. Guess we should have thought about that earlier. Maybe if we use our own oil and gas, we wouldn’t have to worry about this. Liberals, you were against it in the first place. How could you be in favor of more intervention now? How could you possibly be for that after everything you have said about how it’s going to fall apart in the end was right? Everything I said that we could hold it together was wrong.

We need to pull out and end the long nightmarish involvement in this mess. We need to do the same in Afghanistan, once and for all. I remember back in the 1970s, we were going to the moon and liberals at that time would say, ‘We have bigger problems here on earth that need to be taken care of.’ How much more is that argument correctly applied to today’s situation?

Finally, there are some things we can agree on. Finally, there are some things we can come together on and clean up our own house. But if we do to the liberals what they did to us and George W. Bush and make it just about politics, we will be divided more. This cannot become about the President. It cannot become act the Democrats. This has to become about the principles because in the principles we all agree. Enough is enough. Bring them home, period.

  • landofaahs

    Warn the Christians of the middle east to flee the countries run by muslims and then let the glass making begin.

  • Crassus

    Looks like old Blood and Guts Beck has gone over to the other side. He has one thing in common with Obamao. They’ve both lost their minds.

  • Missdaisy

    I will never listen to you again! You r spitting in the faces of our military men and women!

  • Don

    Glenn has been listening to too many Ron Paul speeches….the stick your head in the sand, and pretend we’re safe and sound within our own borders, speeches. One thing we learned from 9/11 is that this isn’t like any other war we’ve ever fought.

    We need an ongoing contingent in both Iraq and Afghanistan…to keep the murderous, beheading butchers at bay. We had all of our troops at home on 9/11. ‘Splain your rationale with that, Glenn. They tried the same thing in ’93

  • Missdaisy

    I keep reading this garbage not believing You wrote this junk, this is not anything like the Glenn Beck I used to listen too!

  • Thomas

    I am a member of the U.S. military, how is he spitting in our face?

  • Jamie

    I agree with him.

  • Robert Montoya

    I’m against sending troops because President Obama is the leader and, as such, he will not do what is necessary to win. He’s not even made clear what the mission is. If the mission is to destroy ISIS and Al Qaeda, then the only recourse is to order the Military to apply every available means to accomplish that mission swiftly. Attack the enemy everywhere and anywhere. Give them no quarter. Find and destroy all that feeds the enemy’s military strength. We can win this fight, but only if we reapply the Sherman doctrine of bringing Hard War to the enemy. We must have the same attitude that our World War II commanders had, which was to kill the enemy, and continue killing them until they get tired of it. We must read the Quran and use these extremists’ own religion against them like a cudgel. We must employ psychological warfare in addition to all of the above.

    President Bush wouldn’t do this. President Obama won’t do this. Instead, we will pursue the failed Vietnam era policy of sending our boys to be target practice. That is something I cannot condone. Fight to win, or bring them home. They deserve better than to be ordered to sacrifice in vain.

  • Hamma Time

    Glen, I honestly hope you really don’t believe we shouldn’t act on this. As much as I HATE (proper word for my feelings) 0bama (yes ZERO), we need to wipe out these ISIS losers sooner rather than later. Not doing so at this very moment could cost 20x the lives and 100x the $ down the road. Do not let these individuals entrench themselves and build up larger forces

    Had Clinton taken bin laden when he had the chance, the towers just may still be standing today, and we wouldn’t have gone into Afg in the first place. We would have saved 8,000 + US Citizens and military, and no less than several TRILLION dollars.

    The cost of 9/11 and its aftermath with the economy and wars could have been prevented. I do not want to be looking back at inaction on ISIS and have the same feeling. Killing these fools is worth the cost now.

  • Marcus

    Glenn, have you fallen off the wagon? Iraq was won in 2008. It was only the precipitous and hasty withdrawal that Choomie ordered that brought about the disaster. The proper course of action was to run Iraq under a military governor, for decades if needed, until a stable cadre of Iraqis could gradually take over, rather than pushing for elections at the earliest possible moment.

  • Rick
  • Marcus
  • Anonymous

    Certain people seem to thrive on some conflict and tribal skirmishes — it’s a way of life. It probably would have remained that way but other people had other ideas. Ideas that the Iraqi government and people are not willing to fight, kill and die for. But dying they are.

    At one time the Arabs and Persians may have been wary of dealing with the infidels. Now they just hate us.

  • Dennis LeDrew

    Okay, enough is enough.

    What is the point of bleeding and dying for a people that will NEVER understand the Western concept of freedom, that don’t want it? We’ve been doing this in some form or other for the last 40 years……and for what?

    I say we give the Middle East exactly what it wants – a 100% pull-out (except where Israel is concerned, because they are our ally), but with this caveat – “okay, you have what you want; America will no longer be involved in the Middle East andyou will be left strictly alone……..but now be warned! If subsequently ANY of our cities are bombed, if any of our citizens are taken, if any of our airlines are hijacked, one of your cities will be annihilated. If it happens again, we will turn Mecca and Medina into parking lots. This is your only warning. Govern yourselves accordingly”.

    If anyone thinks that this will simply create more martyrs and jihadists for Allah, think again: Japan once thought as they did, killing themselves in droves likewise in the name of their country/their god-emperor in a bid to fight to the bitter end. Two nukes later disabused them of that notion.

  • Jeff Lambeau

    Yes, since the women and children are Muslims, it’s ok for them to die. Bombing those countries isn’t going to solve anything. It’s only going make the rest of the world turn on us even more. You’re forgetting that China funds the Middle-East, so does Russia. If we mess up the Middle East, those two countries are going to be on our ass, and they have had the upper hand for a long time now.

  • Anonymous

    We are in a war the Bible told us about over 2 millennia ago it can be found in the Books of Daniel and Ezekiel. Daniel gives us a time table Ezekiel gives us snap shot of events. Example the Arab spring of 2011is the eleventh year in Ezekiel. God gives
    two events to verify this firsts Egypt over thought its leader in January 2011 and three months later in March Syria becomes a grave yard in a civil war that stretches into 2012. The great red line was drawn that year and turned into a white washed peace in December of 2012. Everyone must understand and observe that we are in the sixth month 14th year of Ezekiel’s war! We need to be careful walking into this grave yard where evil is destroying evil lest we fall into a pit! Glen feels this but does not understand it yet. Check it out and watch what God has hidden in plain sight!

  • Jeff Lambeau

    Ok, Nostradamus, take a nap. If I want to read fairytales, I’ll read Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones… not that boring crap written by eunuchs who were drunk off wine.

  • Harry Callahan

    I agree. In Vietnam, Afghanistan, and Iraq, we were there to win battles, not the war. The only way to win the war against the muslim terrorist is to threaten them with complete annihilation just as we did in Japan.

  • Joe Kaminski

    Glenn, you hit the nail on the head. Democracy and freedom do not work with Islam. Sharia Law is their government, and no other form of government is acceptable. Everyone knew when we pulled out of Iraq that another dictator will wind up in charge. Anyone that thought otherwise is a fool. At best you can hope for Iraq to be split into three sectarian states. More than likely we will see ISIS fully take over Iraq. The Iraqi people don’t have the will to defend themselves. Anyone that was sent over there to train their military can tell you they are lazy to the core. They had no desire to do their jobs and I think they have every desire to be led by another Hussein. The Afghani people are far less lazy than the Iraqis but again, if they can’t take care of themselves by now, almost 15 years later, then it’s not our problem anymore. Not one more life, limb, or injury. Not one damn dime. NOTHING should go to these countries. And that includes Israel. Stop interfering and let them all settle their differences the way they feel necessary. It’s not our problem, and we can no longer afford to make it our problem.

  • Joe Kaminski

    I agree with everything you said except Israel. I say pull out 100%. That also means cutting the leash we’ve had on Israel. The only reason the muslims still mess with Israel is because we haven’t allowed them to fully retaliate. I say pull out, cut the leash, and watch the muslims run like hell when Israel blows them off the map.

  • landofaahs

    China and Russia have a bigger muslim problem than we do. Don’t think for a moment that muslims don’t hate anyone who is not muslim or not their own kind of muslim.

  • You’reNoGandhi

    “This morning, he [Glenn] went so far as to “lead with his mistakes…..[ which were legion]…

    [ but now he has turned over a new leaf]…….I have more of a chance of hacking off my loyal listeners and audience by saying this, but so be it: Not one more life. Not one more life. Not one more dollar, not one more airplane, not one more bullet, not one more Marine, not one more arm or leg or eye. Not one more.”

    You’re no Gandhi, Glenn, but there’s hope for you. As far as those ” loyal listeners” go, many will come to realize what Iraq was/is a quagmire just as was Vietnam.

    Welcome to the anti-welfare-warfare revolution. Perhaps you can help add millions to the liberty movement.

  • landofaahs

    Babylon the Great is falling. If 10 years ago anyone had said that the middle east and Russia would be poised to converge on Israel, how many would have laughed their heads off? Does it seem very far fetched today? I’m not saying this is nearing the end…yet. I’ll wait until the other things must happen before I get to thinking it is. But even them it’s difficult to know. But it sure is starting to look like it. But just keep in prayer and be ready always.

  • Anonymous

    Never send an 0311 to do a W-76′s job.

  • VbVoice

    “Find and destroy all that feeds the enemy’s military strength?” Where are they getting their weaponry? The U.S. Where are they getting their $$? Oil bought by the U.S.

  • Jeff Lambeau

    “Iraq was won in 2008.”

    hahahahahaha wtf, are you off your medication or something?

  • Jeff Lambeau

    “Watch this, and then tell me we must not remove them from the earth.”

    ^nice Adolf Hitler quote

  • You’reNoGandhi

    Even the kids are catching on that “democracy” doesn’t work in “these countries”. This Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Trailer – with Kevin Spacey- says it all.

    America is a warmongering superpower; If the kids are learning, why can’t you?


  • angryguy77

    While we’re at it, lets burn all the boats too….

    If there is a reason for being against this, it’s not because we can’t win, it’s due to who we have in charge of the military right now. The reasoning glenn uses is just faulty.

  • Joe Kaminski

    All of our troops were home on 9/11? So my unit was on an imaginary deployment to the middle east? And all those deployments since Desert Storm must have been imaginary too. Methinks you never served.

  • Joe Kaminski

    Yeah, I’m a disabled retired veteran married to an Active Duty member and I don’t think he spit in our face once. Just saying. It seems that the people who are quick to declare war are also the ones that aren’t willing to fight.

  • Anonymous

    Actually, they are doing a really good job of removing themselves from the earth. If we let them alone to fight amongst themselves who know how long it’ll be before everything is gone. Did you know that the terrorists who are doing civil war in Baghdad and other places in southern Iraq are supposed to be so dangerous that both Al-Quida AND the Taliban are scared of them? Heck, if the usual suspect are bothered then you KNOW the whole arab region is doomed. Time to bring our troops and our American way of life home and stat putting together daily sinkhole alerts so we can watch them destroy each other.

  • Malachi

    For two whole weeks after 9/11 the attitude in America echoed GWB’s statement that we were at war with terrorism and all those countries that harbored them. For 2 weeks…
    And then in that brief amount of time we lost our fervor and went back to watching The Sopranos, Jeopardy, or Millionaire.
    And then the political hacks got involved and turned the whole thing into “nation-building.”
    And we turned over in our comfy beds and went back to sleep.

    The right way to execute a war is to wipe out the enemy. It really is that simple. But if you can’t stomach the cost in lives and dollars that will be required to wipe out the enemy, then don’t get involved.

    We forgot that Iraq was a sovereign nation. They really are. They’re not a pawn of the U.S. They’re not a territory. They’re not even an ally. They WERE our enemy in 2011! And we thought … what? We could wipe out their government and build a democracy? That’s about as stupid as it gets, and it is NOT how to conduct a war. Forcing a particular form of government on another nation will create animosity, not democracy. We don’t even have a democracy…what makes anyone think we can impose that on someone else!?

    When the greatest military in the world is stymied by collateral damage, the war is essentially lost. When we won’t bomb 200 enemies because they’re standing in a graveyard, we deserve to be the butt of the world’s jokes. When low-impact guerrillas can outfight, outsmart, and outlast the U.S. Armed Forces, then it’s a sad, sad day.

    That is all…

  • Jeff Lambeau

    How many bad puns do you make out of Obama’s name on a daily basis… really, I’m curious to know.

  • Anonymous

    you didn’t check it out! It’s not a fairy tale it is old because God
    demonstrates He can reach over 3 millennia if you check it out.

  • ken.

    the middle east is a lost cause, there is no way to fix it other then to just let them destroy themselves. they are not capable of living in peace with anyone including each other. it’s also just a distraction to keep our troop far away from home to set us up for an invasion. the democrats are in the it and opening our border to bring destruction upon us. if any middle eastern country attacks us then we can just send missiles until there is nothing left, problem solved. they don’t want freedom, they don’t have that concept in their vocabulary.

  • Don

    What a ridiculous straw-man argument. The topic is about getting our troops out of COMBAT…genius. Good grief. So many choice words to say, but I’ll try to keep it civil.

    BTW… “youthinks” wrong…. I was in the Army for 6yrs, serving 3 with the 101st, then 3 with the 82nd Abn Div (including the Persian Gulf War). In fact, I was graduating from Ranger School just after Sadaam invaded Kuwait, and joined my unit already there a few weeks later….so, I know there are units stationed/deployed in various places around the globe

    Want a little ketchup to go with that shoe leather?

  • Dennis LeDrew

    I only said as much because the idea of utterly abandoning a staunch ally doesn’t sit well with me.

    But you’re right, they are capable of looking after themselves when it comes to a fight. But since the 1970s, Israel has been one of the top recipients of US foreign aid. Clearly, they would not be enjoying that level of success otherwise. Would that continue to be the case if we just up and left utterly?

    LOL But then again, they also have nuclear weapons, so I suppose that they can make the same sort of ultimatum.

  • Joe Kaminski

    Straw man argument? You do realize that our refusal to leave post-Desert Storm was cited by Osama as a reason for his war on us, right? On multiple occasions he stated he wanted to banish us from his lands, aka: Saudi Arabia and the Middle East in general.

    Ok, so I was wrong to assume you never served. However, now knowing that you have served it boggles my mind that you would be advocating for MORE war. Guess your head must have smacked the side of my C-130 one too many times on your way out the troop door.

  • A-Train

    we thought the ‘bastion of civilization’ could actually make it into the current century. apparently not. bring our people home, secure the borders, stock up.

  • Don

    It’s not my fault you have trouble with reading comprehension! As I said…it isn’t about “wanting” more war. We got it whether we want it or not. It’s just like Israel. They are always in a conflict with Islamic Terrorist groups. This isn’t a singular campaign. What part of that don’t you understand?

    Plus, we have (for decades and decades) troops deployed or stationed around the globe…so how is it “Warmongering” to keep a small contingency force in place? Go stick your head back in the sand if you want to…won’t change the reality of the situation.

  • Native Pride 1973

    This is logic is the reasoning WHY we LOST Iraq! We are not fighting a military we are fighting terrorists who feed off this type of warfare to gain support among the people. Sending thousands of troops over there will only feed the support for the terrorists since the people view us not as “liberators” but conquerors.

    The “Sherman doctrine” will NOT work at all except encourage more and more young men to fight against the “evil American military”, in there eyes, and kill more of our troops. We are not fighting a country with borders. ISIS and AQ can slip away back to Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and where ever they have a solid base of support. The only way to beat them is to take away there base. The only way of doing that is to make the citizens hate them more then they hate you and we failed miserably in Iraq by placing Iraq under foreign military control and putting our own guy in power. The people showed us that much when they voted a anti-american, anti-occupation leader into power. Instead of sending in thousands of infantry and tanks to “occupy” the territory, we need to send in SF who are training in counter-terrorism and guerrilla warfare to eliminate the base of support and to train and lead the Iraqi forces to beat the terrorists, that would be the only way to gain support of the people.

    Then, use SEALS, Rangers, DELTA, MARSOC, CIA, etc to eliminate the heads and financiers of the groups in quick DA strikes because they are silent, better, and can get out without any prolonged military presence in Iraq. And I agree with your latter point, we should use the Qu’ran to build up support against the terrorist groups among the people.

    Also, 95%+ of all Iraqis HATE ISIS and AQ. They want they gone too, but they also despise foreign military occupation just as much. Just like EVERY AMERICAN would as well.

    I would highly recommend that you read the book “Horse Soldiers: The extraordinary story of a band of U.S Soldiers who rode to victory in Afghanistan”. These group of only a couple dozen SF literally rode on horse back to completely destroy the Taliban in Afghanistan, it wasn’t till after we sent thousands of troops in did they build up support again since, like I stated earlier, they despise foreign occupation.

    Finally, we lost Vietnam because we wouldn’t cross the border to eliminate the NVA even after we destroyed it after Tet and we couldn’t get the support of the people to eliminate the VC.

  • Native Pride 1973

    Bombing won’t help except to kill innocent women and children since most of those coward terrorists use them as body shields to protect against bombings and the such.

  • Native Pride 1973

    Actually, Israel has stated they they no longer need US troops for their protection anymore which is why we don’t need to have troops there for them. Israel can handle themselves and if they get in a really tight spot we have enough troops in bases in Europe and around the Horn of Africa to support them.

  • Don

    And as for your quoting Obama? That merely proves you are as clueless as he is. The man is a lying, conniving Marxist…who makes one major f-ck-up after another…a new one every week…and you want to quote him for source material?

    Obabam and his Liberal colleagues are America’s Trojan Horse. He wants to coddle and negotiate with these murderous, beheading b@stards. He’s the last person I’d quote to support my case.

  • Native Pride 1973

    Yep, lets totally use COD as a point in a military Foreign Policy discussion. That’s totally logical. /sarcasm

  • Joe Kaminski

    And you are trying to lecture ME on reading comprehension you dumb grunt? I didn’t mention obama once in my post. And usually if I do, I refer to him by the name he was raised with, soetoro. Reading comprehension > you. Not wholly unexpected from army.

  • landofaahs

    Age has nothing to do with it. The young ones will grow up to be as militant as their parents. When the enemy attacks you you must destroy them or they destroy you. It’s that simple. If you are willing to have your children killed then go ahead but some of us understand that evil must sometimes be destroyed. We do not want this war but it is not a choice. They are forcing it on us.

  • Don

    The leader of this group was RELEASED BY OBAMA from Gitmo in 2009…and to one up that cock-up, he just released the 5 worst of the Taliban (for one deserter and collaborator). The last words the Terrorist said, when released, was……”I’LL SEE YOU IN NEW YORK!!!”

    Notice he didn’t say in Baghdad, or Mosul….he was declaring his full intent. To spread his group until they had sufficient means to bring catastrophe here, to America. What part of that don’t you bleeding heart, clueless liberals….and Glenn Beck, too, it seems….understand? Obama is the America’s Trojan Horse, simply put. Every action he has taken weakens this nation further and further.

  • Crassus

    I could probably do two or three hundred but who’s counting? Hope that answers your question. You any relation to Curly Lambeau?

  • You’reNoGandhi

    It’s you who miss the point.

    The point is simple: The warmongering neocons are less intelligent than some of the gamer-kids who play games all day.. In the 1960s it was the young kids who were smoking pot all day (hippies) who understood they didn’t want to warmonger in a country that wanted a “worker’s paradise”. People like John McCain didn’t get it, viz., you can’t bring “democracy” to people who want collectivism. Fast forward to the Middle East: John and the other warmongers still don’t get it, viz., you can’t bring democracy to people who want a religious paradise (i.e., theocracy) just as you can’t bring democracy to people who want a “worker’s paradise, i.e., communism.

    Some of the kids have wised-up ahead of their elders…….. Some things never change.

    But, hey, if you want to go fight, then go. Pack up your crap and go make America proud……

  • Vince Fox

    Ron Paul accepts your apologies…

  • Monet

    I think I’ve finally had enough of watching Glenn Beck self-destruct.

  • Anonymous

    Only after he’s FIRST economically destroyed our country Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    They’re also part of the “Beast” in Revelations chapters 7, 11, and 18! Ouch! We’re in serious trouble folks…

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think that I would go so far as to call the lives sacrificed in the cause of freedom a waste.