Is Obama sending troops to Baghdad to destroy the U.S. embassy ahead of an attack?

On Monday’s radio program, Glenn boldly declared that he hopes the United States detonates its $1 billion Baghdad embassy before it falls into enemy hands. While Glenn was not sure exactly what is going on at the embassy, he knows from his own research that something is not right there.

“When we were at CNN, we started looking into the Baghdad embassy… It was estimated [to cost] over $1 billion at the time, and there were no pictures of this. No one was talking about it… It’s bigger than all of Vatican City,” Glenn explained on Monday. “When we were on CNN, I started showing pictures of the ground of what they were… starting to build. I said what are we doing?”

It didn’t take long, however, for Glenn and his producers to get word from CNN brass telling them to stop talking.

“The Bush Administration called CNN and said, ‘Tell him to stop talking about the embassy.’ I got pressure from the network to stop talking. Imagine. CNN didn’t like President [Bush], and CNN was telling us, ‘Hey, you know, you might want to stop talking. This is going to hurt our troops,’” Glenn continued. “There was no reason why we should stop. So we continued to talk about the embassy. There’s something wrong with that embassy… I don’t know if it’s an NSA listening post or what it is. But that’s not a normal run-of-the-mill embassy. Period.”

Hours later, President Obama announced plans to deploy approximately 275 troops to Iraq who will “provide support and security for U.S. personnel and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.” About 160 troops are already in Iraq, including 50 Marines and more than 100 Army soldiers. The U.S. will put an additional 100 soldiers in a nearby third country where they would be held in reserve until needed.

On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu renewed talks about the embassy and speculated what those troops will really be doing on the ground in Baghdad.

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“This is my speculation, but I’m pretty sure of it,” Glenn said. “What the hell are 275 people going to do? Here’s my guess: Those are not just regular Marines. Those are Marines that are being sent directly to the embassy, not to defend, but to destroy.”

Due to the sheer size and scope of the embassy, Glenn believes that if the President was really serious about defending the property, he would have sent a bigger team.

“That embassy is 80 football fields [long]. That’s not an embassy. I don’t know what it is, but it is not an embassy. I can guarantee you: Those guys will be dropped in and will destroy everything in that embassy that we have put in there,” Glenn explained. “If that’s not what that is, [then it’s] a suicide mission. And the President has sent people on suicide missions before in our embassy, namely Benghazi, so he is not necessarily opposed to it. I just don’t think he would want to do that. But if I’m told I have to stand my ground at the embassy, that’s a suicide mission.”

Pat and Stu weren’t so certain that the 275 soldiers could not adequately defend the embassy.

“But it depends on what comes after you,” Stu interjected. “If all 10,000 people come at the exact same time to the embassy, it will be hard to defend, you’re right. If you have factions that get there and the rest of them are dealing with the Iraqi military, that could be something the 275 could do.”

Stu went on to explain that he does not believe President Obama wants anything to do with the conflict. With two years left of his presidency, he would much rather focus on pet projects like global warming initiatives, but he also has a legacy to protect. Glenn, however, wasn’t convinced.

“I don’t think he wants to put troops back in there, but I think he would take the basic steps to try to shore up the Iraqi army… Seems like that is what they are doing… They aren’t going to let these 10,000 troops march in here, take over the entire country and our $1 billion building,” Stu explained. “The President of the United States doesn’t want to deal with the fallout of that, whatever fallout there would be. I can’t believe that’s what he wants his last two years to be about.”

“He’s a guy that believes he can talk them down from a tree,” Glenn concluded. “That’s where the thinking from the President is. He knows what the caliphate is, and I believe he thinks that is the will of the people over there, so let them have their caliphate.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • landofaahs

    He wants more ambassadors and soldiers killed by the extremist’s since he is a Trojan horse muslim sent to destroy America. It’s the only thing that makes sense given this ahole’s policies and actions.

    • Jeff Lambeau

      Yup, what you suggested totally makes 100% logical sense… only Gandalf can save us now…

      • Bradley Graves

        Obi-Wan, you’re our only hope.

        • Anonymous

          Our only hope….

    • Anonymous

      Yes, by GEORGE SOROS, who I read that as a nine-year old child sold the names of Jewish children to Hitler’s Gestapo! Why don’t these things get investigated? Are you telling me that our SS/CIA/FBI(all one agency now under BHO) don’t mind? OUCH!

      • denny hinkle

        The Brits faught long n hard against Israel…still secretly are overwhelmingly antisemitic as American politics go, America falls to antisemitism more and more everyday .

    • Anonymous

      A great assessment of Obama as a Trojan Horse sent to destroy America. George Soros, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and many more wealthy people from Saudi Arabia definitely want to turn our country into a socialist/Muslim nation and they, plus some ill advised Americans, are the ones who backed Obama and the Democrat Party starting in 2006. If the people do not wake up and vote out all RINOs and Democrats in 2014 and 2016, we will be just like the UK; become a Muslim nation by 2040.

      • Jacob Adams

        If you think that you can solve your countries problems through politics, or even the legal system for that matter, then it’s already too late.

    • denny hinkle

      He gained ground after the dems stuffed him in there. Democratstien monster . a Muslim with their bloodiest heritage imaginable

    • sbaird

      I thought the same thing

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    If Obama is as evil as Beck suggests then why hasn’t the military through a mass of retired officers risen up in mass and spoken against him?

    During the Bush administration a number of generals retired early and became outspoken critics of the war in Iraq. No one made the accusation as Beck has that Bush was a traitor.

    If Obama is committing treason then the officer corps of the military is abetting the treason. It doesn’t add up.

    • Crassus

      Most military officers care (at least the higher ranking ones) care only about their pensions. The military is like any other organization. Nobody wants to rock the boat. Obamao has already fired plenty of generals whom he thought weren’t reliable. Now we’re left with the ones who don’t want to rock the boat. They’ll go along until retirement time and then collect their hefty pensions. If these pensions are still there by the time they retire, that is.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        Essentially you are saying everyone is corrupt.

        If the professional military will walk away from their duty to the soldiers who lives they are responsible for then who is not corrupt? Not just corrupt but corrupt to the point of treason.

        You have not just condemned them but you have condemned America.

        • landofaahs

          It is human nature for each of us to look after our own interests first and then “MAYBE” others second. Of course I am arrogant enough to think I’m the exception. I added that so others would not have to.

        • Anonymous

          The way things are going these days, I bet the whole military is corrupt at the highest level. Just like the rest of America. Yes, America is corrupt by agreeing to be controled by the government. The majority of Americans are programmed to sit back, enjoy the propaganda on TV and elsewhere and keep voting liberal. Obama has commited crimes against the US law and the Constitution and is still hailed as a hero by MOST Americans, as evidenced by the last vote.

          • Holly ‘Draeger’ Larson

            Hail, Hydra!

          • Anonymous

            You nailed it. Every word you wrote is true. Most Americans are just like sheep; they follow and do what the media, which is attached to the Democrat Party, tells them to do. Of course, Americans have been programmed by the school system to be liberal/socialist/progressive Democrats. Only a small portion of the voting American public have minds of their own and become conservatives who believe in our constitution.

        • Sue
          • ThorsteinVeblen2012

            The article does not support the contention. It is a hack job by someone with an axe to grind.

            When you find something on Google go the next step and actually read the article you post.

        • Anonymous

          They’re not corrupt. They’re out there.

      • Anonymous

        I second your comments about the Generals working for Obama do not care about their troops and only care about their pensions. That is why they will never oppose anything Obama does. Folks, do not ever think our only salvation is for the Generals to rise up and oppose Obama. Its just not going to happen.

    • Anonymous

      I think you make sense and ask a valid question. However, just think about the high-ranking generals who have been “assasinated” by obama already. The new replacements want to keep their positions and the fat retirement perks. Also, they can all see that obama is out to destroy the military. The military is not what it used to be.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        What generals has Obama assassinated? A number of generals have screwed up for various reasons during Obama’s administration but there is little evidence of a conspiracy. There were senior officers that have been cashiered out all through history.

        Obama kept many of the senior defense and security officials from the Bush Administration. The evidence would suggest Obama did nothing to disrupt the military.

        If all these people are as corrupt as to conspire against the military in the manner suggested here then the country is lost.

        • Whitley Stephen

          Has anyone noticed Obama can fire Generals in good standing at the drop of a hat but can’t fire an IRS administrator or VA administrator? ? This guy has an agenda that is contrary to the best interest if America and Americans. He is an ego maniac with a penis envy syndrome.

          • ThorsteinVeblen2012

            Shinseki at the VA was the Army chief of staff at the beginning of the war in Iraq. He was the guy who said we needed 500,000 troops. He was right.

            If Tommy Franks had backed him up we would be in the cluster we’re in today.

            The problems with the VA are part of a culture of corruption that predates him. He was lynched.

          • david domacasse

            yeah somebodys got to pay ? is anybody overseeing the va operations honestly ? somebody that goes around asking questions undercover ? I,d ask the janitors first they know whats going on !

          • david domacasse

            yeah Shinseki was right ! you can,t overtake a country with a football stadium full of soldiers not enough for sure ! tommy franks is a yes man ! general patton is what is needed he even fought Eisenhower !

    • Ron Beal

      Obama is a continuation of what the Bushes started or continued from their prior comrades; Obama is Bush W on steroids. Remember the officers, both generals and Jr officers that have been forced out of the military because they indicated they would not fire on American citizens? How about a retirement plan: Your pension of $60-70K / year and you keep your mouth shut? How many today speak out against Obama? How many today are recruiting a disgruntled, veteran force to take back our country? Most likely NONE.. It takes more than two trucks to make a convoy…

    • Anonymous

      It does if your pension is worth more than the Constitution!

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        Plenty of generals came out against the war in Iraq. Many took early retirement and sacrificed a portion of their retirement so that could speak out. I met Anthony Zinni who had retired just before the Bush Administration who said so directly. Where is he and the rest if Barack Obama is trying to sabotage the country?

        No one has done the same to make an issue that Obama is conspiring as the allegations posted here claim.

        No I don’t believe your contention that the leadership of the military is run completely by cowards more concerned about their pensions.

        That is so ludicrous a contention as to be laughable.

    • Bill Force

      Are you blind or maybe you can’t read, Obama fired all of the competent military brass in the past two years, part of his master plan you dunce.

      • ThorsteinVeblen2012

        You must be the product of the public school system. A system that taught you that a series of insults is an acceptable substitute for facts.

        The system failed you and left you in your diminished state of reasoning.

        It would seem your parents didn’t teach you any manners either.

        I’d be mad too.

    • david domacasse

      if covers a lot of things ! concrete evidence is required for impeachment ! you have any ?

      • Anonymous

        Articles of Impeachment were filed in April & more are being filed over 5 terrorists being released & Blackberry violating the Constitution by bypassing Congress & making his own laws.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe someone wants to create an “incident”, an “incident” that will cause “outrage”, necessitating an “apology” and “assistance”.

    • landofaahs

      It’s probably a training ground for other muslim extremists and an armory to ship weapons to extremists in the middle-east.

  • landofaahs

    Glenn, next you’ll tell us that 911 was an inside job because the twin towers were a listening device. Alex Jones Jr.

    • Jonah

      clearly common-sense isn’t a strong suit of yours.

      • landofaahs

        Clearly since you give no reason for your statement, it rings rather hollow like your head.

    • david domacasse

      don,t be too quick to rule out inside job !

  • Olcowboy

    The puppet masters are pulling the strings…the puppets are dancing the minuet and the citizens are taking it in the ass. The tree of liberty needs refreshing.

    • david domacasse

      the tree of liberty got termites !

  • landofaahs


    • david domacasse

      good saying I got better one ARMOUR PLATE YOUR BUTT !

  • marlene

    obama lied again when he said no ground troops in iraq. so who’s running the war if potus doesn’t even know their plans.

    • Anonymous

      He finds out all his information from CNN. Nobody tells him anything.


    What idiot decided to build a $1 billion dollar anything in that shyt hole?

    • Anonymous

      The idiot that lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington D.C.

      • Jeff Lambeau

        Yup, the idiot George Bush. Constructed/Opened July 1st, 2004:,_Baghdad

        • jamjon

          You morons argue back and forth over Obama and Bush. Hilarious that some of you think the best defense for Obama is “Yeah but Bush…” These professional politicians are all in the same camp.They play the public and most fall right in line and choose up sides while the politicians rape us all. All while you cheer and defend the outrages of your side.

          • sbut01

            Absolutely, jamjon. They WANT us arguing with each other so we don’t pay attention to what THEY are doing.

          • Ken Pederson

            EXACTLY jamjon !!! PERFECT !!! I can’t believe all the stupid sheeple arguing about which party is better !!! They are ALL inept corrupt SOB’s that need a hole in the head !!!

    • Anonymous

      George Bush.

      • Dustin

        Constructed in 2009……

        • Todd Samuelson

          No, OPENED in 2009. January of 2009, just before Obama took office. So he’s a time-traveler in your particular conspiracy?

          Also, you clearly missed the part where ““The Bush Administration called CNN and said, ‘Tell him to stop talking about the embassy.’” Nice reading comprehension you have there.

        • Jeff Lambeau
          • Dustin

            Did you not read the opening statement of the webpage you sited? “The Embassy opened in January 2009 following a series of construction
            delays. It replaced the previous embassy, which opened July 1, 2004 in
            Baghdad’s Green Zone in a former Palace of Saddam Hussein.”
            Further down it states “With construction beginning in mid-2005″ So you are correct about GB starting it, but you are incorrect on your evidence supporting that statement

  • C20

    Probably parked M 370 inside an underground hanger.

    • david domacasse

      funny isn,t it can,t find it ? john McCain johnny I told you to park it in the hanger ! you left the tail sticking out ! now everybody knows you klutz you smuck ! what we gonna do now ?

  • Anonymous

    What fallout? It’s Bush’s fault!

    • david domacasse

      there all to blame you want names ? not enough space on this comment page no i don,t like WAR ! its too painful bullets and blood ! yeah beer and barbeques that’s the answer ! happy 4th to all the vets and families

  • Anonymous

    We have the USS Bush steaming into the area, would you not think that pin point bombing could obliterate that embassy and it’s grounds and the only thing the troops would be for is to witness and verify the job should it need to be accomplished…..There seems to be a lot more going on here than meets the eye and if BOB is involved you know it cannot be good…….

    • Guest

      The idiot that lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, D.C.

    • Norm Ash

      If they actually spent $1B on that embassy, I seriously doubt if anything drone-related could destroy it from above. It will take a demolitions team on the ground or below it to bring it down.

    • david domacasse

      don,t need troops satellites can verify this ! yeah something smells in Brooklyn !

  • Ron Beal

    What Obama thinks, Obama gets; When Obama does not think, he acts; And when he stands up, he falls asleep. Why did (we) build the ‘city’ to begin with? No one knows and no one really cares. How many knew- only those with a need to know! The government, not ‘our’ government, does anything with your money they desire – and informing anyone is a breach of national security- or the revealing of a lie- depending on which side you are on.

    Page Two: Obama recruited al-Qaida in Syria to overthrow the government of Syria, providing modern American military hardware, including anything they might need. They immediately turned against Iraq! (They promised not to do THAT!!) Obama then begged Iran for assistance, i..e, purchased their assistance. Iran agreed to assist, if Obama would stop whining about their nuke program, and provide them with American state-of-the-art military hardware. No Problem- must fight fire with equal fire- right? SOOOOO, now, The US, Iran and the Iraqi (American backed) government, are fighting al-Qaida, who has American support-provided weaponry, PLUS a fleet of Blackhawk helicopters, which were a gift to the Iraq government. Three major players in the Middle East, all fighting with American provided hardware. What should I do, mused Obama – send in American troops to protect American interest / lies from American supported troops? The snake truly does eat itself in the end… What a total shit-storm- ALL instigated by a gutless, homo-Fascist dictator who is holding the Office of the President hostage. Will anyone stand up and propose a ‘stop-action’ , NOPE. No one cares or has the brass to even think, much less act.

    Page Three: An almost identical situation has and is taking place in Ukraine, ditto, ditto…Obama generated genocide, with Joe Bidden and John McCain as his front men…All action taken against demonized citizens who demonstrate against the Nazi-Fascist government installed by Obama, JB & JM. Obama provided tanks, APCs, automatic weapons, hollow core and exploding ammo, rockets, helicopters, Blackwater/Creystone killers/advisors, gas and chemicals, even bacteria laden meat from the country of Georgia, all used against the civilians of Ukraine. NOW, since the second week in May, the US has put troops on the ground in Ukraine to assist in killing the anti-Nazi/anti-American civilians living in Ukraine. American snipers, riding in American tanks patrol the streets day and night shooting civilians on the streets and in their apartments at night. Anyone and everyone is a target. Children and women have been slaughtered with gun fire, iron rods and axes, mutilated and body parts strewn in the streets and on sidewalks. Young men refusing to fight for Kiev are killed, or have both legs broken or have their families slaughtered. THIS WAS AND IS BEING SUPPORTED BY OBAMA, JOE BIDDEN AND JOHN MCCAIN. YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME- PAY FOR THE TRIP AND I’LL PROVIDE VIDEO , or if you have the guts to do anything, go with me- OR WATCH FOREIGN NEWS AND WATCH THEIR VIDEO. I HAVE CHILDREN AND G-CHILDREN IN UKRAINE, I HAVE BEEN THERE, AND RECEIVE NEWS DAILY.

    Finally, a big discussion continues on EU / Russia selling gas to Ukraine – Joe Bidden’s son has a gas exploration firm in Ukraine, and has located gas, really? Wake up- your dictator is doing all possible to start WW III, and the destruction of America. The only thing delaying this happening is the common sense and lack of motivation of China and Russia. If they were as insane as Obama, most likely you would not be breathing today.

  • Dave Posh

    I thought Buck Sexton said this is normal to do an “evac”.

    • MarieC

      That’s what I thought too….

  • Missdaisy

    There are Americans in that embassy that are scared to death! Our marines are trying to evacuate them! For u to suggest marines would do anything other than that is disgusting! You Glenn should know that these men and women have families that just saw them deployed! How dare you even suggest this crap!

    • david domacasse

      yeah I,d be scared to death too ! the embassy will be exploded if they have too do it missdaisy get real disgusting things take place everyday !!

  • Julie

    275 troops, not 275 people, were deployed.

    • Terri DeBruler

      not according to Obama… 275 Total not Units

      • Julie

        That’s what Beck is saying, but everything else I’m reading is up to 275 troops, not people.

    • david domacasse

      yeah right term ! just like cars and apartments

  • commanderfish

    Apparently you don’t know what that many Marines is capable of with supporting assets

  • Bob Gay

    Nixon was almost impeached for lying to us. Bambam lies every time his lips move. What do we have to do to impeach the lil Pri*k

    • Norm Ash

      When are you guys going to get it? Obama can not be impeached as long as the Dems control the Senate so pray that we can wrest control of the Senate from them in November. If that happens, it will be open season on lame duck Barry. If it doesn’t, we can kiss this country goodbye because that will mean that Hillary will be a shoo-in in 2016 and the U.S. will not survive eight more years of this madness.

      • Norm Ash

        I remember the Tom Clancy novel, Debt of Honor, about a terrorist crashing a plane into the U.S. Capital during a special joint session the President, most of the cabinet and Congress in one fell swoop. Want to hear a wild conspiracy theory: The Malaysian airliner that disappeared, never crashed. Instead it was re-routed to a secret Al Qaeda base in Pakistan where it is being outfitted with a bomb and radar-jamming apparatus and re-painted with the colors of a different airline or even Air Force Two. This will cause the fighters over Washington, DC to hesitate in shooting it down until it’s too late. In fact, the plane wouldn’t have to fly the bomb into the Capitol. It could do much more damage to the US by detonating a high-yield weapon at 35000 feet between NYC and DC causing an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that would effectively cripple the entire East Coast and our financial markets.

        • david domacasse

          great plan I like it ! as long as it doesn,t take out mcdonalds ! I love their egg mcmuffin breakfast !

        • jukani

          Elementary, my dear Watson.

    • david domacasse

      concrete evidence would help ! you find anything ?

    • Trisha Holmeide

      Even Cruz says Congress isn’t going to Impeach the crud as long as Harry Reid (who has a stanglehold on the Senate) is in command the Senate (which would be charged with the actual trial) would completely make a mockery of the entire Impeachment and find the crud innocent of any unconstitutional wrong-doing…so basically, we have to get rid of Reid before we can get anywhere with Impeachment.

      • Anonymous

        He is old, maybe he will kilt over soon, we can hope

  • Bob Gay

    according to Vattels Natural Law a natural born citizen must have 2 parents who are citizens and the ugly kid in this case must be born on US soil. I don’t care where he was born but we ALL know his screw every girl dad was Kenyan

  • John P Schipsi

    Beck may not know what really is going on over there, but we can rest assured that if Obama says that he’s sending troops to “…aid in defense of embassy..”, then it’s anything but the stated reason, Obama is Liar in Chief and incapable of telling the truth.

  • Robert Doell

    President Obaama is entirely corrupt and so is a media CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS ,CBC, CTV where they treat information and facts differently depending whether they like they person or Party in power. How can any Citizen of USA or CANADA look themselves in the mirror when they keep accepting serial liars( OBAMA, MEDIA Anchors) stories as being true. Send letters and emails to them to tell the truth or turn them off. At the very least, tell them you will not watch their channels anymore.
    I have. I do not like to watch civilization burning destroying all of our societies’ as they turn from the guidance of GOD’s son JESUS.

    • Shirley C Brewster

      Your the only one that makes any sense here

      • Shirley C Brewster

        America needs to turn back to GOD, he is the only one that can help America now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      watch news from overseas – BBC, Worldview, etc. No matter what or who – always with your critical thinking skills fully deployed.


    These guys are the demolition crew do not be surprised if the whole place goes up in a bang. Think about it everything we need to know for the last 12 years about the middle east and all terrorist organizations that have ever or will ever exist in that region of the world. He’s setting up the domino’s and just waiting on the go to tip over the first one that will launch the grand show of what is to come.

  • Tafaye

    Simple talk is easily understood. We have to protect the US embassies at all costs. We have fathers, brothers, grandfathers, mothers, sisters, wives, grandmother’s, cousins, neighbors and friends there. We can run everywhere taking care of everyone else….. why just why can’t we take care of fellow AMERICANS? We do not have a choice it is our duty!! So, Mr. President….
    DO YOUR JOB but remember…..congress in the process.
    I will be a proud AMERICAN until I draw my last breath. No one will take that from me….NO ONE!

    • Cathy Haynes

      I think the fate of that embassy has already been determined. There is no hope for it.

      • david domacasse

        maybe u know something I don,t ?

  • Agnar Schnell

    President Lyndon B. Johnson, per the authority given to him by Congress in the subsequent Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, decided to escalate the Vietnam Conflict by sending U.S. ground troops to Vietnam. On March 8, 1965, 3,500 U.S. Marines landed near Da Nang in South Vietnam; they are the first U.S. troops arrive in Vietnam.

    • david domacasse

      wasn,t that gulf of Tonkin BS LIE ?

  • Cindy

    I look for him to declare marshal law before this is all over, I doubt there will be another election

    • Norm Ash

      I have been saying that for two years. But he needs to open the US to a major attack by terrorist factions in order to declare martial law unless they are already aware of some major future catastrophe prompting FEMA to buy all those coffins and bullets.

      • david domacasse

        norm your getting warm ! maybe they are aware of it coming maybe there planning it right now ? maybe hahaha

      • david domacasse

        coffins and bullets ! sounds like alcohol and gasoline ! bad combo after the fighting is over need the coffins to buy the dead americans can,t have all these bodies lying around the place ! looks bad for business ! why did fema buy 1,000,000 bullets ? that’s 3 bullets per American don,t sound good at all

      • Diane Holbert Rember

        You are correct about the coffins. I live near Atlanta, and there is a concentration camp-like structure over in Madison, GA (that can house over a million people) where there are also 100,000’s over-sized coffins stored that will each hold up to 7 adult bodies. And, I’ve been told, if you drive by, and slow down to take a look, the state patrol come out of the woodwork and tell you to move on “there’s nothing to see here.” And, the property also has something else very peculiar – railroad tracks……sound familiar?

    • david domacasse

      cindy you are the voice of doom and gloom ! say something nice please ?

  • Anonymous

    Not to worry. Barry tells us the terrorists (oh, I forgot, we can’t call them that) are on the run!!!

    • david domacasse

      hell years ago nobody heard the name terrorist communist was the word used better dead than red ! if you say anything against anyone your a terrorist ! hell I don,t want terrorise I just want drink beer and barbeque ! I leave the terorising to the people who know what their doing

  • Richard

    Glenn: this Idiot Traitor President has NO sense and he Obama could give a RAT ASS to the American people but he will sell us out to the Taliban to save his brothers from us. Glenn he is a devote MUSLIM Obama has Never done anything good for the American People. Look he just released 5 high ranking Terrorists a few days ago and now we are under THREAT

    • Native Pride 1973

      Ummmm…… Obama isn’t a Muslim….. secondly, the 5 terrorists where traded for a US soldier. You know, the whole “No soldier left behind” thing? Maybe it wasn’t fair but it was a good site better than the Israeli trade for their own soldier who also happened to be gone for 5 years. 5-1 is alot better than 1,027-1.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, he is a muslim. He wears a muslim ring that says there is no god but allah.

  • Anonymous

    I agree 100%

  • CharlyO

    There should be a hell of a lot more detonated in Iraq than just our embassy!

    • david domacasse

      yeah like all the army equip. we gave to Iraq soldiers that ran away when isis showed up

  • Cathy Haynes

    After all I have read, I hope to hell the embassy is destroyed. Not by ground and risking lives but by an air missile.

    • david domacasse

      yeah missles do a really good job !

  • denny hinkle

    The President I think, GB assumed the role of Muslim when he knew he could. What’s happening now sir is alive and breathing without the president. Our first family will be all the more powerful after he leaves office. Whew… Sounds like a sci-fi movie. God bless Glenn Beck

  • Anonymous

    The dam Democrats and liberals have closed ranks around Obumer and cheat, lie, and play dirty to advance their agenda. I just don’t understand why conservatives and conservative politicians don’t turn the tables on the Democrats and play dirty also. I am sure that PI’s could dig up all the dirt is required to play the same game. The current lie regarding the IRS lost email is the most current example. You can bet they are/were squirreled away because there is a smoking gun in them. I wouldn’t put it past the current Administration and Democrats to use blackmail to hush up stuff. I here a 2 star General is to head the investigation in to the soldier deserter vs Terrorist trade. I hope the General has the guts to report the truth rather than white wash it in favor of Obumer. Then there is the NSA game and Obumer’s façade of restricted data collection and storage.

    • david domacasse

      the dems and dums (rep ) all play the same game ! if Obama wants it whitwashed or (blackwashed ) regarding berghdal it will be ! the pres is cmdr in chief the gen answers to the cmdr guaranteed why not use impartial investorgators ?

    • Anonymous

      They lie very well. Today I found two obits for Osama bin Laden. One in a paper in Egypt & one from the Pakistan Observer. He died in Dec 2001 in Tora Bora, had a funeral & is buried in an unmarked grave in the Tora Bora mntns as is their custom. Blackberry lied in 2011!

  • Winston Smith

    This may be overly simplistic, but why not send in a security team to evacuate the Americans to safety, then if there is something at that embassy that needs to be totally destroyed, simply wait until the insurgents surround it and MOAB the sucker. Everybody comes home and secrets are kept.

    • Bryce Corbin

      I like the way you think.

    • Cindy

      That is what should be happening right this moment!

      • david domacasse

        cindy maybe they are doing it right now they don,t want anybody to know ! its top secret ! remember the insurgent watch cnn too but only in Arabic

    • Native Pride 1973

      That makes ALOT more sense then what Glenn says. But the US isn’t evacuating and those Marines aren’t there to evacuate anybody.

      • Winston Smith

        Makes one wonder then what is in that embassy worth the risk of trying to hold it. Damning evidence of a Benghazi connection?

        • Native Pride 1973

          Probably a CIA/JSOC operating post.

          • david domacasse

            bingo ! native pride u win the grand prize ! which is a free vacation for u and your wife to sunny Iraq ! you get to tour saddams palaces see the locals get beheaded get to tour the American embassy before it gets blown up front row seats to this major event ! sorry no pictures allowed ! top secret u understand ! u have already been cleared by dhs/fbi/cia/dod so everythings a go ! happy vacation ! oh I forgot to mention you,ll be staying at the luxurious ALI BABA hotel right in the heart of downtown Baghdad you,ll also get full body armor incase of snipers ! can,t be too careful ! good luck make sure pack light and get death insurance before u leave good luck !

        • david domacasse

          5,500 people work there its fully self contained ! even the janitor needs a secret clearance ! a lot of people just to hand out passports ?

          • Native Pride 1973

            I should hope the janitor have a security clearance at EVERY embassy internationally, especially in hot spots like Iraq and Afghanistan. I mean, there has to be a ton of classified information that the janitor could get wind of and spill the beans that could cause a lot of damage.

    • david domacasse

      geat idea the pentagon needs you yesterday moab Iraq !

  • Robert Mission

    I’m surprised we told the world 275 troops are coming! Pssst don’t tell the enemy!

    • Anonymous

      We should be shocked… but we’re not….

    • Native Pride 1973

      Its not like it would be that much of a secret. I mean they have to come from somewhere and someone would see them leave and someone would have to see them arrive in Iraq and go to the embassy. Its not like you can hide 275 marines.

      • david domacasse

        oh yeah ? where is malaysian flight 370 smarty pants ?

        • Native Pride 1973

          The bottom of the ocean. The Aussies came out and said we were looking in the entirely wrong part of the ocean lol.

      • Anonymous

        He seems to enjoy putting our troops in danger.

        • Native Pride 1973

          As did Bush, Clinton,, Bush Sr, Reagan, Nixon, LBJ, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, Roosevelt. did I leave anybody else out?

    • david domacasse

      yeah ur right bob whos going around BLABING ? this should be secret ! now the isis know they watch cnn too its in Arabic ! shoot larry king ! oh he retired sorry !

  • Anonymous

    What Glenn isn’t saying, but is still relevant to his point, is that the Iranian army is already in Baghdad to help the Shi’a there defend against ISIS. A Bunch of wild rebels who are more intent on slaughter and looting are not going to be able to pick apart and use the truly valueable intelligence of that embassy, but the Iranians could.

    There is also a silver lining in all of this as well. The Kurds might finally get their wish after so long for their own autonomous nation, rather then just living in ‘autonomous communities within Iraq’. And by god they’ve certainly earned this, since both in Desert Storm and our more recent invasion and occupation of Iraq, they’ve assisted our troops in so many ways, from providing defense on the flanks, guides and translators who are -very- intimate with the area, and in general were far more appreciative of what we sought to do. They’re almost like the Jews in Israel as well, having had their homeland taken from them by the Turks (Later to be Ottomons), and have fought for roughly a thousand years against them. What more unlike the main Iraqi military the Kurds will not turn and run so lightly now that they are so close to their dream, since in their mind they’ve always been a Kurd before they’ve been a Muslim, or whatever religious affiliation a tribe might had.

    IF you don’t believe me, just look at any map made of what the Kurds regularly inhabit, and then look at the battle lines of the places ISIS has looted. They all end -right before- they enter Kurdish territory, which likely means that they have held them off all along it, from Syria to Iraq. Or it means the people in ISIS are afraid of them and are leaving well enough alone.

  • Tantalus XVI

    Stu has not yet figured out who Bo exactly is…

  • Anonymous

    You’re sounding crazy on this one Glenn. My husband works at the Embassy in Bagdad, and it’s not some crazy subversive spy place. What are you thinking, speculating all kinds of crazy stuff like this? I am fine with the military sending additional troops to hold and defend the Embassy. There aren’t any terrorists in the area at this time. These are precautionary measures, like they should have taken at another embassy you may have heard of. What good is all this speculation doing anyway? Too many people getting paid to speculate these days it seems to me.

    • david domacasse

      how you know whats going on there ? the gov don,t tell people anything and why do you need 5,500 employees ? just for passports ? why doe janitors need clearances ? your husbands not allowed to discuss anything ! u sure u know what u speak ? original ?

    • Bewareofgun

      There is not any terrorists in the area at the time???? STOP put the kool aid down.

    • Elena

      May the Lord keep him safe.

  • George W Gilmore

    It could be what is going on but the theory is flawed. If we were to destroy it all we have to do is send a fleet of B52 Bombers and erase the embasy in 30 seconds.A back up of Apache Choppers will take care of the dumb ones that try a frontal assault..

    • david domacasse

      see there u go George wanting to bomb everything ! give America a bombing name ! I met a guy overseas who said if anybody asks him he tells them hes from Canada ! hows that one ?

  • Maria Snow

    Identities should be discovered and tabs should be kept on these 275 troops once they return. Wouldn’t it be terrible if these troops suffered untimely bad things happening to them one they return-if they return.

    • david domacasse

      everything terrible about this Iraq business maybe the soldiers have rfi chips in them ?

  • Bob M

    He’s sending 275 guys in there to carry out the billions of dollars in cash sitting around throughout the embassy. He’s not going to leave that sitting around for them to take off our hands.

    • david domacasse

      they the insurgents don,t need embassy money ! they took 400,000,000 from the Iraqi banks ! too much money ! pain in the butt to carry around gets in the way of the shooting ! is foreign wars uncon. ? have to check on that one !


    His solyndra savings account will buy him ALL THE MEDIA he needs! Ain’t our pospotus a cool dude!

  • Native Pride 1973

    First off, every one knows that embassies are where CIA offices are held so I wouldn’t be surprised if a good section of that was to hold CIA officers and paramilitary officers and maybe some JSOC sections as well considering how high target Iraq is. Secondly, 275 marines + the regular Diplomatic security, which is also probably really high as well, could easily defend the Embassy from a low to medium level attack, though it would difficult if they faced several thousand terrorists at once. Also, if my hunch is correct, they probably have a good size number of JSOC and CIA paramilitary officers there for support too. A billion dollar embassy in Iraq really isn’t that insane if you think about it. I mean, its Iraq, they have to ship almost all of the supplies and high-tech equipment there from the US and the building has to be done by US contractors so a billion seems just about right for the size of the embassy.

  • AL Orange Park, FL

    I worked embassy duty for just under a year in 1973 and I’ve got ta tell ya that is one very BIG embassy.

    • david domacasse

      yeah biggest in the world WHY SO BIG ?

  • Anonymous

    why didn’t you listen to Ron Paul Glenn? He told you to you face Iraq was a mistake, foreign entanglements are unconstitutional and the war will bankrupt the country. You mocked his supporters and called them home grown terrorists.

  • Trylogic

    How the president wants his legacy to be looked at depends upon the audience he covets.

  • Anonymous

    It would be quite easy to detonate the Embassy just as the Iraqi soldiers enter the compound. Some well placed explosives could get about a thousand of them.

  • Elena

    You do live in hope, Glenn. Obama is not about to do anything to prevent a security breach such as the embassy being overrun, even if it is Langley East.

    They are not combat engineers; they are security and FAST company Marines. It will be up to the ambassador to have the documents destroyed before the whole thing falls apart.

    I have more confidence in the Peshmerga in Kirkuk than the Shi’a militias in Baghdad or the rest of the south.

  • Cody

    Glenn Beck just lost all credibility with me. Wow… he’s fallen into the same group as the 911 truthers. Another example of a good guy gone nuts.

    Let me preface my next comments with that I am a politically, socially and economic conservative Republican. I did not vote for, nor do I support the political or social ideology of our current administration. As a Marine who’s been to the American Embassy in Baghdad I can tell you that the embassy is not 80 football fields long. (That’s 8000 meters, or 8 kilometers, or 4.3 miles IN LENGTH???) Maybe he means in circumference, or 8 kilometers square. Words mean things and Glenn chose his poorly.

    The Marines sent in are part of the Fleet Anti-terrorists Security Team (FAST Company). Their job, by doctrine, is to reinforce embassy security. Is one of their jobs to destroy sensitive material, no. That is one of the jobs of the Marine Security Guard (MSG) detachment. The FAST Company Marines will provide perimeter security while the Embassy Marines execute thier doctrinal mission of internal security, and if overrun by ISIS, destroy sensitive material.

    Glenn Beck is a good guy, but don’t let his psychosis lead you astray. He’s dead wrong on this particular issue.

  • suz

    stu doesn’t understand bho doesn’t deal w/’fall-out.’ he doesn’t like this-he doesn’t like that, so what? he does what he wants; damn the consequences; he thinks he’s great and doing great things. his interpretation of great is our maniacal.

  • Anonymous

    Not long after his First Inaugural Ball, Obama installs Muslim Brotherhood agents in security-sensitive DOJ positions. In bully-pulpit speeches Obama demands the overthrow of 28-year ally Hosni Mubarak, empowering the insurrectional Muslim Brotherhood, dormant for 80 years. Obama’s Operation ‘Fast & Furious’ arms drug lords, encouraging murder of bribe-resistant American law enforcement officers. Obama transfers heavy weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya to kill Qadhafi. They later use those weapons to murder the American ambassador and 3 others in Benghazi, only weeks before Obama’s Second Inaugural Ball. (Were it not for these inaugural balls, Barry would have no balls at all). Obama next sends weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria to depose Bashar Assad. Moving to Iraq, the Muslim horde prepares to behead Americans at our military bases and embassy. Is Barack Hussein Obama the President of the United States or the Muslim Brotherhood? Congress won’t Impeach? Vote out every Democrat and Republican lawmaker in ’14.

  • Nick Oz

    you all have obama wrong obama is a puppet of david rockerfellas brezinskis sorros banking cartel there pick a black muslim to win over germany and europe remeber how obama bailed out all the banks well that doesnt make him a communist the forien policy is to play china on russia and to put missiles in poland ukraine for a america first strike capability on russia iran and maybe china as well america petrodollar will collapse by 2016 its baked into the cake so theromoneclear war is the only way out for the western bankers russia knows this from snowden being there brezinski hell bent on destroying russia he doesnt care for the middle east like the repubs do the game is on a much larger scale with this white house WW3 in the making

  • Kathrynn Sparks

    Oh for crying out loud, Glenn Beck makes an idiot look smart.

  • Anonymous

    Is the Baghdad Embassy the destination for the tons of high explosives, Shape Charges and Detcord that was ordered by DHS earlier this year?

  • CandyGram

    First of all, we have has an embassy of some sort for a long time in Iraq. And Obama spent $$ on upgrades to that embassy also. I would think that it will be a nice headquarters for the new islamic terrorist regime….lol

  • Ed Park

    They must turn us into sheep before their goals can be accomplished!! He’s working n that right now.

  • Lancey

    I suspect its a command and control center to direct military movements throughout Iraq You can also coordinate air and land forces for sttacks against the enemy. Carpet bombing from.high altitude to disperse enemy positions and armored.targets and then.lower altitude to pick off individial.targets.

  • Jack Splat

    If this embassy is some sort of spying center then how come they didn’t see ISIS coming a hundred miles away ?

    • Jack Splat

      I’d also like to point out how Putin is noticeably silent on all this and is the top ally of Iraq’s long term enemy, Iran. What’s up with that?

  • Jack Splat
  • Anonymous

    Bush built a “fort” not an embassy as you know it. It has its own power station, water/sewer treatment plant, housing, military posts, recreational, office buildings etc. for American personnel and all surrounded by a “hopefully” impenetrable wall. Not to say that something dirty isn’t going on inside but the aforementioned is why it is so big. It’s an American town encompassed by a wall smack dab in the middle of Baghdad.

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    A lighthouse in the fog conjured up by the quacks, progressives, and clowns of today’s TV media:

  • Jim Murray

    It is time to destroy all sensitive equipment and data before the Muslims get it. Save the buildings in case we return but destroy all sensitive items.

    • Native Pride 1973

      Unnecessary. ISIS won’t be able to breach the Embassy, not with the amount of security forces deployed there. Plus, if it gets really tight, then the US could also send in more troops to back it up.

  • michael

    That is his future home you guys..of course he is going to protect it! Have you not read the bible(revelations)..this is where the anti-christ will set up his headquarters after destroying the US.

  • Cecile Charles

    Keep talking, watch your back, be safe.

  • Lucy Farrah DeMonique

    Like, this could go the way of US embassy in Iran during the Carter administration!

  • Bonnetblue

    Yes, this is a huge fortified compound, much too large for just an embassy, the design of which has always been questionable, but not explained. We can speculate on the purpose of such a massive undertaking, but we may never know the answer until we see the real end usage of such an enormous and costly endeavor. People do not build things like this without purpose in mind, the truth of which has never been stated.

  • Irv Spielberg

    [Hi, Glenn, you’ll love this scintillating web piece that came my way recently!]

    Zany Obama-Inspired Quips

    (1) Barack-coli: a vegetable or a national virus!

    (2) Obama’s favorite candy: Mecca Wafers!

    (3) Obama Coffee: grounds for impeachment!

    (4) Prov. 17:7 (NIV): “Arrogant lips are unsuited to a fool – how much worse lying lips to a ruler!”

    (5) When Obama says we’re on the cutting edge of history, he must be thinking about beheadings!

    (6) New nursery un-rhyme: Obaba Black Sheep keeps pulling the wool over our eyes!

    (7) The southwest is running out of water, but Obama is helping with his surplus of wet*****!

    (8) Prov. 19:10 (NIV): “It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury – how much worse for a slave to rule over princes!”

    (9) Obama is an expert on beheading. After lunch he tells his secretary: “I’ll be heading back to the golf course!”

    The border fence isn’t high enough to keep out un-American criminals. I
    repeat, the White House fence isn’t high enough to keep out un-American
    criminals – and now they’re inside the White House!

    (11) Prov. 30:21, 22 (NIV): “the earth…cannot bear up [under] a servant who becomes king.”

    (12) We’ve gone from America’s Declaration of “unalienable rights” to Obama’s Proclamation of ALIENable rights!

    (13) The nicest words Obama could repeat while golfing: “I’m having a stroke, I’m having a stroke”!

    (14) Obama is so Islamically-correct he hosts MOSQUErade parties in the White House!

    (For more kicks Google “Michelle Obama’s Allah-day” and “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”)

    • Watch it

      Good chuckles.

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    I’ll bet it had something to do with her ad on Craigslist.

  • Anonymous

    If you think the half-white barack hussein o’bama’s birth certificate is believable… on Saturday his dad’s undocumented drunk half-brother, Onyango, bought a 12 pack and a new Renault 6 cuz he’s been making big $$$$ working as a tech expert at healthcare,gov.

  • Oldstalecheetos

    Who do u think makes up the military? Lol

  • sbut01

    Ever heard of oath keepers? it’ll never happen.

  • Todd Samuelson

    Not the ammosexuals. Their heroes are draft dodgers and perpetual civilians like Nugent, Limbaugh, Beck, and Jim Porter. If you think there’s any sort of serious military presence for these nuts, you’re sorely mistaken.

  • landofaahs

    Ill be sure to report her to the IRS.

  • J.b. Buchanan

    BS… This is simply a gimmick to “SELL YOU” supposedly educational material on how to make money. You would be wise to put that money into a better resume or college classes. Read the fine print at the bottom of their “hard sell” page.

  • Todd Samuelson

    Oh, I know it’ll never happen. But not because of the oath keepers. You guys talk a good revolution but so far all I see is people killing cops, people moving to Idaho, and people shooting off their penises. The ones who bluster the loudest are almost always the ones least likely to actually do anything. Just look at all your heroes, what have any of them EVER done besides talk?.

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