Michelle Obama: I don’t know how to feed my kids – even with my Harvard degree!

In what was perhaps one of the most telling moments in the history of the Obama Administration, First Lady Michelle Obama let the world know just how elitist she really is. In a recent interview with MSN.com, Obama explained she used to struggle with knowing what to feed her children – despite the fact that she received not one but two Ivy League degrees.

“Before coming to the White House, I struggled, as a working parent with a traveling, busy husband, to figure out how to feed my kids healthy, and I didn’t get it right,” she explained. “I thought to myself, if a Princeton and Harvard-educated professional woman doesn’t know how to adequately feed her kids, then what are other parents going through who don’t have access to the information I have?”

On radio this morning, Glenn couldn’t help but be amazed by the latest example of the masks coming off.

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“You know what I do? I don’t have a Harvard degree or any kind of degree, so I just feed my kids a steady diet of Twinkies and Ho Hos all day long,” Pat joked. “I’m so stupid, until she tells me what to feed my kids, I don’t know. You just don’t know.”

Stu was particularly struck by the narcissism of Obama’s comment. In her attempt to be relatable, she puts herself in a whole other class of people – those with Ivy League degrees.

“She is so cocky about herself,” Stu said. “’I’m unbelievable. If I can’t do it, imagine what these other idiots are going to do with their kids.’”

“I went to not one, but two elite Ivy League schools, and I don’t know how to do it,” Pat added. “So how can you peons, who don’t have the incredible education I do, how can you everybody begin to cope? So arrogant.”

The First Lady went on to criticize the school breakfast and lunch programs that she believes were subpar.

“It’s so important for our schools to make the hard calls for our kids, because parents are struggling enough at home,” she said. “So once you make that decision to set the rules, you don’t want to be undermined when your kids go to school and have some sweet cereal for breakfast with chocolate milk followed by a donut and then a burger and fries for lunch. That’s why we’re in the state that we’re in right now, in regards to the epidemic of childhood obesity.”

Glenn admitted that he struggles with his own children to ensure they eat as well balanced a diet as possible, it is up to the parents – not the state – to monitor nutrition.

“I struggle with that in my own life. If I let my kids dictate what we have for dinner, it’s French fries, chips, and candy,” Glenn said. “Do you know that the most uttered phrase in my family, I think, is? ‘Eat your chicken’… That’s all I say every meal. ‘Eat your fish.’ ‘Eat your meat’… I do that all day long. My wife does that three meals a day.”

At the end of the day, however, this is all part of the progressive idea that the government and so-called experts know better than you.

“What you feed your kid, how you educate the kid, all needs to be outsourced to experts,” Stu said.

“Because we are too stupid,” Glenn concluded. “It’s not just this Administration. It’s almost all of our politicians now. It really is. Very few of our politicians are really for personal responsibility all the way down the line.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • asybot

    As usual, blame it on “circumstances” you know I had a busy travelling husband who was away a lot, to me that should have made it easier ONE less dinner to cook ( should be glad didn’t have to make dog jerky and monkey burgers! The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

  • landofaahs

    That’s true. Harvard degrees don’t mean anything anymore. But my mother knew how to feed children. It’s called a balanced meal. No food is so bad for you that you can’t have it as long as it is in moderation. But then liberals know nothing of moderation. It’s foreign to them and they cannot comprehend it.

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t sound like Michelle is elitist, it sounds like she was a busy person and never took any home ec classes at school. There are a lot of people who are around kids who don’t know what to feed their kids. Especially when the kids are picky eaters. Glenn, it sounds like every meal at your house is a battle. It really doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t like it, Tania doesn’t like it and it’s pretty certain your kids don’t like it. Why not tempt the kids into eating by giving them money to buy their own groceries with? Yeah, they’ll start out buying crummy stuff but after a week of having things that way both of them will begin to make good choices. I did that with my niece and nephew and it turned out that my nephew turned into an orange juice fiend. Couldn’t get enough. The only things I told both of them was the “garbage in, garbage out” theory of eating and insisting that at least they have a piece of cheese for nutrition before eating junk. I’ll bet anything that your kids will be asking for ‘hots’n’ tots” ( hot dogs and tater tots) and a fruit cup before too long if you don’t make a big fuss about what they eat for awhile.

    • Anonymous

      Is hot dogs and tater tots supposed to be your idea of healthy?

      • Anonymous

        Not really but it beats candy and sugary stuff at mealtime. Plus, hot dogs and tater tots are kid-friendly and lead to other kinds of food being eaten when kids find out they have responsibility over their own health.

        • Anonymous

          It does not sound like you actually raised any kids but spent a brief time taking care of your niece and nephew. I just don’t think you have alot to offer ; giving kids hot dogs and tater tots is not exactly a revelation to parents and I know my kids sometimes ate stuff like that and other times ate tofu, brussels sprouts, potatoes, salad, etc.etc. Are you assuming most of us give our kids candy for meals?

          • Anonymous

            I used to with that family and stepped in to be a parent type when their mom didn’t want to. Which was an awful lot of the time. But you’re right I’ve never raised any kids. I don’t think parents hand out candy and junk food to them at meal time but it seems like some of you guys think kids will eat badly if left to their own devices. As for tater tots they can be made from whole potatoes. Fact is there are loads of cookbooks on how to make kid-friendly food. Including a series called “Top Secret Recipies” showing how to make healthy versions of meals found in restaurants and fast-food places.

          • Anonymous

            Well I guess a book like that would be useful for someone with extremely picky kids and who actually has time to make those unusual recipes. We were fortunate to be able to just give them regular food. One of my kids has Asperger’s and he had to have all his food “plain” (no sauces or condiments) and not touching each other, etc. when he was younger. But now it seems he eats whatever’s put in front of him, although my husband will still make some dishes separately for him. One thing we did when he and my other son were babies that I think was a good idea, was when they were about 11 months old and started eating finger foods, we gave them cubed, cold tofu (small bite-size pieces) and peas for them to feed themselves, and I admit they ate alot of that. I guess because it seemed they’d be less likely to choke on it than meat. Well, they seem pretty healthy now so I guess it all worked out.

          • Anonymous

            The Top Secret books aren’t just to feed picky kids they’re also used to help people save money because they can make fast food at home and have it be healthier too. The recipes aren’t terribly unusual, mostly just normal ingredients. The secret part is that restaurants don’t talk about how to make the food because they want customers coming in the places. Things only look intimidating. Like for example if you want to make a Big Mac. That’s just hamburger, ketchup, pickles, lettuce and ” special sauce” on a hamburger bun. Easy enough to put together. Know what the special sauce really is? It’s Thousand Island dressing.

          • Anonymous

            As I said it could be useful for very picky eaters, but most of us never had any interest or reason to replicate fast food at home.

      • Anonymous

        Not if those are the only things kids are gonna eat. But it beats the heck out of candy and junk food. Hot dogs and tots are kid friendly and easily open the door for kids to eat more grown-up foods when they are ready to. Which usually happens sooner rather than later. Sorry about this second post but I wasn’t sure the first one stayed up.

    • pennyc

      Orange juice fiend – sounds like a diabetic waiting to happen. Can’t even imagine letting kids buy groceries because they will NEVER tire of buying junk or frozen pizzas, potato chips, pop tarts, etc. In the meantime, you have given them a reason to not eat healthy food and turn their nose up at a meal cooked with love by a parent.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, his mom was too lazy to cook so since he learned how to take responsibility for what foods he ate he took over cooking for his whole family and grew up learning how to be a chef. Don’t know i he stuck with that or not. His dad made some great meals when my nephew and niece had weekend visitations so A meal with love from a parent(as opposed to an aunt)did happen.

    • Elena

      It’s called being the parent, not the BFF.

      Being a parent is being a benevolent dictator. Be kind, but take charge and carry out the plan of the day.

      I was a picky eater who learned how to eat other foods. I’m still a picky eater, but I eat enough around the food groups to make up for not eating “slimy-green-vegetables” or liver. I do like other green veggies…just not the slimy ones. I can live w/o okra, spinach, and kale by eating broccoli, green beans, and peas.

      Do not leave your young children in charge of the menu selection.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t see why not. Learning how to choose menus is part of growing up. Since Glen home-schools not only could learning about food be science lessons and home economics but going to the store to buy it would also teach money management and finance in general. Buying one kind of food over another is probably better at teaching finance than learning how to spend it on anything else because the person is personally involved long term with the outcome

    • Maranda F Lovejoy

      We don’t allow our kids to buy their own food, but they make healthy choices all the time. The would love to live on fruit & veggies all the time. Occasionally they pick junk food, but usually don’t. And hot dogs, along with lunch meat, is by no means healthy for you. Since I homeschool, I do keep some lunch meat in the fridge for lunch but it usually gets thrown out because they would rather eat their healthy left overs.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve heard kosher hot dogs are better for people than the usual kind. Actually, once someone eats a kosher hot dog they don’t go back to the other kind. Especially when you combine it with the way we make hot dogs here in Chicago. Chicago style hot dogs are a garden in a bun.

  • landofaahs

    Keep feeding them liberal sh-t michelle.

  • Paper Boy

    Nobody can explain why Michelle Obama was appointed to lead revisions to the school lunch program across the country. Now as the complaints pile up she is on defense. Whatever goals she had about improving her popularity are now out the window.

    • Elena

      B/c first ladies are supposed to have something to do. She picked “food” rather than “literacy.” Lady Bird picked “beautifying the interstates.”

      • pdh42

        From the look of Michelles hips I would say her favorite subject is food…. From reading about her eating habits while out on vacation spending our money I would say she is an expert on all of the food she and her family eat….

        • Jeff Irwin

          Only if the day starts with “Lobster Bisque”

  • Anonymous

    It’s simple, Michelle, veggies, fruits, beans, rice, pasta; we had frozen pizza about once a week or two also (’cause I like it and it’s easy). We all lived and they will both eat any veggie put in front of them. It’s not exactly rocket science and I never lost sleep over it. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect nutritionally and what she doesn’t account for is the experts’ pronouncements on what is good and bad for you to eat change 180 degrees all the time. So just use common sense. Sheesh.

    • Elena

      Common sense is highly unusual in DC.

      • Anonymous

        I agree

  • Susu

    Excuse me! But I learned what a balanced meal was in 5th & 6th grade health class. Dare I say, just regular elementary school education.

    • pdh42

      That was before they started teaching Common Core…. Now with the UN mandated BS that Michelle and Obama preach that our children should learn, our puclic school children are dumbed down…. Of course the elite children like Mochelles do not have to learn common core….

  • Anonymous

    Very scary. The gov should take all our chidren because we are too stupid to even know how to feed or educate them or teach life skills (finance, sex ed, physical fitness, etc). Only the gov is capable of really knowing how to do these things. As soon as O gets done studying the IRS problem, the Syrian problem, the Iraq problem, he will be able to tackle the big issue of how to raise our children correctly. Unfortunately, as far fetched as this sounds, it is already happening. Look no further than the child taken from her parents because they disagreed with the doctor and the state run child “protective” services.

    • SherryKaye Graef Chamblee

      Careful what you say – this is their goal, I believe.

      • Kerri Huskisson

        I was getting ready to say just that. Watch what you say…

        • http://mczwzthinks.blogspot.com/ MCzwz

          And there is the problem. If we “watch what we say,” we have already acknowledged the death of our Republic.

          We have the Constitutional right to express our thoughts and opinions where and when we want — as citizens of this country.

          The moment we start whispering, “shush”-ing each other, looking over our shoulders from fear, we may as well tear up copies of our Constitution ourselves.

          I am one of those who came to this country to escape such command, control, and dictatorship. It is painful to watch this country start to shrink under the boot of dictators

          If we shrink back in fear, we may as well tell ole Prince Harry he has the right idea in rescinding the First Amendment. Is that *really* what we want???

          God forgive us if we do.

          • Anonymous

            Prince Harry? Can you expand on that? I googled, but only found Rupert Murdoch lamenting Britain’s lack of freedom of the press because he wants to publish pictures of Prince Harry’s bum.

          • Anonymous

            I think the “Prince Harry” that MCzwz is referring to is The Prince of Darkness, Otherwise known as Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid.

  • Crassus

    Glenn needs to reach out to Michelle Obama and find common ground. Isn’t that what he says we all need to do?

    • Anonymous

      There is tons of common ground…as long as that ground is on her own terms. Compromise? A 4 syllable word she doesn’t grasp.

      • Cathy Terreri Krizan

        Wait, was that supposed to be funny? I don’t usually miss sarcasm, but if your comment is, indeed, supposed to be some kind of clever slam, it was not well done… I do hope you actually know that the word compromise has 3 syllables.

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Obama get out of our lives. If you really want to help the welfare folks then teach them that there is life outside the inner city
    I was born in the South Bronx and saw my future if I continued to live there, so I left and discovered that there are so many opportunities outside that small turf I lived in.

    Today I live well through educating myself, my relatives and old friends who stayed are either dead, in a dead-end job, or in prison. Michelle perhaps if you quit feeding these inner city people bull_ _ _ _ they would be healthier.

    • Elena

      Welcome aboard!

    • Susan

      Congratulations for your drive and perseverance!

    • JMACZ

      And don’t let the WH door hit you on the keister.

      • PA_bev

        Actually I would like to see it hit her…perhaps it will knock some sense into her arrogant self serving brain!

        • djl608

          Well…thats precisely where her head is located…

  • Brooke Lorren

    Like there isn’t a ton of information on the internet about proper nutrition…

    My kids’ favorite foods include apples. They don’t drink a lot of soda or fast food. We don’t keep a lot of junk food in the house. It’s not that hard.

    • Elena

      B-I-N-G-O!!! We have a winner!

  • RevZeke

    … Poor Mooch ! Won’t have all our tax dollars to splurge with !

    • PA_bev

      That is why traveling the world on our dime is her priority while occupying the WH ( can’t bring myself to call her the first lady!)

  • Idlan

    So I am confused. She admits she had/has no idea how to feed her own children but she is the one that is forcing all of our children’s schools to feed them what she says is right? So “I have no idea what I am doing but do what I say anyway”! That about right?

    • rambler


    • Anonymous

      Good point!

    • ChrisG

      I have a lowly BSEd from a small state school in Kansas and even I know how to feed my children. She’s an idiot.

      • http://mczwzthinks.blogspot.com/ MCzwz

        No more an idiot than the bunch who thunk up ObamaCare . . . who’d have thought the government would ever decide for the citizens of the United States what is or is not an acceptable health insurance policy?

        So . . . it’s natural progression to Little Mother determining that what we feed our kids is “subpar.” Isn’t that what we were told our insurance policies were . . . so our Dear Leader had to “give” us the approved ones.

        Now, Little Mother is going to “give” our kids approved food at school . . . the first step to Dear Leader and Little Mother “suggesting” what we eat at home, right?

        Wow! How did we possibly manage to live to this far without Dear Leader’s and Little Mother’s guidance??

    • http://www.american-partisan.com/ Tim Rollins

      Typical hypocritical leftist elitism at work. Do as I say; not as I do… same politically-correct BS at work, all in pursuit of the God of the Almighty $$$.

    • Kentucky red

      Pretty much!

    • Jeff Irwin

      Her husband has no idea how to run a Country either but he tells us what to do everyday !!!! WTF?????

      • Cathy Terreri Krizan

        At least he was elected.

    • Lysa Patti

      Pretty much. And her saying that she has two Ivy league degrees and couldn’t figure out how to feed her children and continuing on saying how she couldn’t imagine how everyone else does it.. Lord…makes me angry. We need more common sense people who don’t have a fancy education in the government. We need people who have lived lives and didn’t stare at a blackboard all day for 6 or 8 years earning a degree (or more) that obviously did not make them any more intelligent. The people need to be properly represented and it’s just not being done anymore.

  • rambler

    Yeah… clearly she didn’t know how to feed her kids until she got to the WH and got her hands on taxpayer money to fund all her parties an vacations. No food deserts for Missy Jetsetter.

  • Anonymous

    Tell us, Michelle, what do your kids eat in their school lunch??????? That expensive private school that they attend in DC.

    • Taraveah

      It certainly isn’t the slop they try to pass off in the public schools as healthy.

    • Anonymous

      Probably simple fare like lobster tails, Walorf Salad, pheasant under glass; stuff like that.

    • Hard Truth

      Lol better stuff than any of us has ever eaten in any school, public or private. Also…I doubt they would qualify under “healthy” standards…whatever that means.

  • Idlan

    Maybe what she meant to say is “She would never go to the grocery store and cook for her family herself (she is much too important) and she is having trouble telling the chef and butler what type of foods she wants them to buy and prepare”.

  • Charles McDonald

    Does she know how to feed herself, just saying…

    • Elena

      Given her caboose, I’d say so.

  • Anonymous

    This freeloader woman must have no brainz to make that statement, she actually admitted to be a college grad to damn stupid to make a decent meal for her family and the lib morons want her to for for the C- congress…..

  • Anonymous

    Her statements are absolutely bizarre. How in the world did she ever earn any degree at all? Our Great Grandparents fed their children, our Grandparents fed their children and our parents fed us? If you are absolutely too dense and stupid not to know how to feed your children good, nutritious food perhaps you should not have children and perpetuate the defective gene pool of clue-lessness. Honest to goodness, people like this are just beyond the pale in the moron department.

    • Cynde Synakowski

      She was too busy being a career woman to be a mother…

      • PA_bev

        And apparently she wasn’t so very good at that either!

      • pdh42

        While she was a career woman she lost her law license…. You have to be real stupid to do that….

        • Anonymous

          who cares

        • http://1389blog.com/ 1389AD

          Or really CROOKED.

      • Raymond of Canada

        There is the suggestion that Mochelle is a man and their two children are adopted. (Maybe we should be looking for their birth certificates.) Would this help to explain her strange problem with picking the “right” foods?

        • Anonymous

          The hell are you rambling about?

    • Anonymous

      the government paid for it

    • Anonymous

      Plus there ARE cookbooks around. Maybe she was the kind of mom who never went into the kitchen very much. There are loads of career women who don’t.

    • Jeff Irwin

      Because “This is the first time as an adult i can honestly say i’m proud of America”

  • amclarney

    She should just shut up and stick to being that lump on Barack’s arm. What people feed their children is what they can “afford” most of the parents out of work are lucky to be able to feed their children AT ALL. She’s got “too many choices” most Americans may walk into the grocery store but they can’t afford to buy everything they NEED let alone simply WANT. If you’re living in your automobile with your family there’s no refrigeration so you tend to buy dry goods that last and cereal has all the nutrients for a balanced diet. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are also good for long term storage. Tell her to recommend her “Ivy League” friends to hire a nutritionist and let THEM feed their children. Schools are ALSO on a “budget” and must purchase for many children and adults. They do what they can with the little funds they have. If SHE can’t do the job then let someone who’s competent do it.

  • Anonymous

    Michelle Obama, you need to keep your nose out of everyone else’s business and mind your own. Your husband is making a mess of everything in this country. You better start thinking about long term food storage. He’s blowing us up.

  • jaywalk

    what i learned from (gr)mama & in high school health class seemed pretty well balanced to me … but then i am 60 years old.!!! so what are the kids now days missing??? do they learn at home or school? on another note this is not the first time government has “stepped” in trying to “control” food ~ remember way back when in FDR’s day and his alphabet programs? the beginnings of gov’t food hand outs that continue to this day…welfare programs WIC programs…the list goes on.
    on another note … i do think glen & the boys were a little harsh in there “observation” of michelle … don’t get me wrong … i am not an obama fan at all … but i have seen too many collage & university mom’s & DAD’s with no skills to run a household of any kind!!!!!! gone are the days when mom & pop passed on the family skills.

  • Anonymous

    Common Sense is not taught in the “IVY LEAGUES”. My Grandmother was born at the end of the Civil War–and knew all about Nutrition and Home Remedies. Her knowledge was passed on to children, grands, great grands etc.. It is as up to date as the Harvard Medical Newsletters I read today. Of course, she called Nutrition–“eating right”. She did not even know any “big words”, I’ll bet.. Black people knew bout “eating right”, too.. Canning and drying fruits was big and served with the supper meal during the long winters. .Poor Michelle- no one taught her?

    • Anonymous

      the truth is that she wasn’t motivated enough to do it. ivy league education and excuses about a traveling husband don’t cut it. how many people manage okay in this country with “less” in every way that she has? she might just be missing the “mom” gene.

      • ThePoet Darkling

        That’s because her husband is wearing them! lmao

        • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Make that two ‘affirmative action’ degrees. They are different from ‘educational degrees’.

  • independent thinker

    Just because you got lots of “book learning” does not mean you know anything.

  • ConservativeSenior

    My mother, a legal immigrant, came from Sicily with a 6th grade education. She knew to feed us fruits, vegetables, milk and cheese, no fried foods and no soda. Guess her 6th grade education was superior to a Harvard degree.

    • JMACZ

      They unfortunately can’t teach common sense at Harvard. Harvard just changes a small fortune for their bogus degree apparently. What’s that saying, a fool and their money …………

  • Elena

    If you can read, get a book to find what is best for nutrition. Then get a spine and make them eat or go hungry fm the supper table. Worked for me.

  • Dustin Twitch Dunn

    Ugh….this makes my blood boil.

    its not hard to read a few books on Nutrition (NOT Diets/Dieting…those books are so full of useless, baseless, worthless information that they do more harm than good)

    Remember the No-Carb Atkins Diet crap that lets you eat all the bacon you want, but GAWD FORBID you eat Brown Rice?

    or the one where you’re supposed to eat Popcorn instead of snacks or as a meal replacement? What people failed to realize about this “Diet” is that the Popcorn they advocate, is PLAIN popcorn, popped with an Air Popper…not the buttery, salty, microwavable type…

    here’s a list of stupid “diets” that don’t/can’t work

  • Elena

    Even cavemen knew what to eat…Hello, Michelle, put those brain cells together woman.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the secret lies in the fact that she did not really “earn” those degrees. She would not be compatible with her hubby if she actually earned her degrees, while he had everything handed to him.

  • Kimberly Garrish

    My Mother had a 9th grade education and worked (she’s 80 years old now) but she knew exactly how to feed her children (all 5 of us) a healthy meal. I think Mrs. Obama must be so educated she is dumb and that is just sad.

  • Tantalus XVI

    I imagine the super educated have difficulties with the simplest things in life… Cue NO ONE on the left ridiculing her about cash registers, and gas pumps.

  • Debbie Irene Lewis

    Its amazes me the stupidity that im reading, as many have pointed out how can you delicate what children eat in school when you cant even delicate for youre own children.Another thing that bothers me and i dont know if anyone else in the country noticed it .But since she revised the menu plan for schools kids that my oldest goes to school with along with my child complain of being hungry when they come home

  • Hard Truth

    Simply pathetic, then again at this point is there anything those involved in the administration can say that isn’t worthy of ridiculousness these days? Not only did she demean hardworking parents across the country with her remarks, but also those hardworking graduates from those institutions as well. Speak for yourself, Mrs. Obama. Don’t bring us all down to your elitist, sanctimonious existence. We don’t need your advice, specially since from your own admission, you have no idea what you’re talking about. Stay out of our lives. Perhaps if you focused on your actual jobs instead of encroaching on ours, this country wouldn’t be in such a precarious position.

  • Ann Hitt

    She is making excuses for the food she says should be at schools. Although her kids have excellent food at their school.

  • Abby Rowland

    She has said a lot of stupid things but this seriously takes the cake. Oops did I just say cake?

  • Anonymous

    Remember when you had to carry your lunch to school in a paper bag?

  • Tom

    Can you say, “Affirmative action diplomas”?

    • http://1389blog.com/ 1389AD

      You sure can, and so can I.

  • Tammy Crumley Clary

    I am glad that children are being fed at school but….If we feed the children 2 meals a day for almost 9 months out of the year, why are the recipients of food stamps still getting the same funding? I know it is a bit off topic but….

    • fausto

      i have often asked that same question……..and., keep in mind some schools send home a sack lunch at the end of the day

      • Shawn Cameron

        I do not want to see children go hungry, and I don’t advocate for a drop in funding just because the kids are eating at school. I just wish they would work harder to remove the fraudulent cases from the rolls.

        I was at a gas station a while back and as usual the guy in front of me was buying lotto tickets. He bought over $300 dollars worth of lotto tickets and turned around and bought a soda and bag of chips with a SNAP card. $350 is about what I spend on groceries bi-weekly, give or take, but that’s out of my own pocket. LSS, A lot of people on food stamps CAN afford groceries, but they CHOOSE to spend that money on other things rather than feeding their children.

  • Sbianco

    It’s easy. Ask yourself this question when you grocery shop…Did God make it? Yes = Eat it. No = Eat it in moderation or don’t eat it at all. Very very simple.

  • Anonymous

    Thats funny! Obama taught constitutional law and he still manages to mess it up!

  • Esperance Dawson

    This just goes to show how egotistical she really is. My mother was only able to finish the 3rd grade, but she made sure we had balanced meals. I learned from my mother how to prepare a balanced meal for my own family, not from any school I went to. Didn’t her mother teach her how to prepare balanced meals for the family.

  • Bryce Corbin

    This affirmative-action sow has got to go.

  • Susan

    I didn’t go to Princeton but I was the brown-bag pack your lunch queen. My daughter was a picky eater, wouldn’t eat school lunch. We did tuna salad, crackers, cheese, and some kind of fruit or veggie—-broccoli with ranch…. When I packed blackberries,, i had to send extra the next day because her friends wanted to sample them; had not had them before.

  • Lorene Wagner

    It It is amazing how well the human race has survived all these centuries without her help!!!! Dear God, it doesn’t take a mental giant to know how to nurture children. It takes common sense… but then that is something that is definitely lacking on capital hill.

  • Cathy

    Just proves she is STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PaC SGM (R)

    Yea, that is pretty elitist.

  • Gloria Yount

    Michelle Obama sounds like an egotistical idiot that thinks her way is the only way. Apparently, no one has ever told her “different strokes for different folks”. She should tend to her own family & leave ours alone!!

    • B.

      Right, and maybe she shouldn’t have had kids if she didn’t know how to feed them. It’s maternal instinct!!! Get a life Michelle and leave the rest to ours.

      • http://1389blog.com/ 1389AD

        I fear that the Obama kids are merely photographic props for Mooch and Obozo.


    She obviously knows how to feed herself. Look at that Aunt Ester keister.

    Maybe the DOAg can require a nutrition education class when she signs up for her SNAP card.

    Doo we really know if she actually has a degree or were her records sealed too?

  • Cynde Synakowski

    The mentality of the Obamas has been one of “The average person has no clue how to govern themselves. So we have to do it for them. ” Hmmmm…I wonder if he means me and many, many others who saw through their charade, and didn’t vote for him…or the millions of people who fell for his act, and did?

    • Shawn Cameron

      That is the mentality of progressive politicians in general, not just the Obama’s, and he means both by the way.

  • Mom2Five

    I didn’t ever think it was the academic types that ever knew their way around a kitchen anyway. Her throwing her degrees in the faces of us domestic goddesses does nothing. I am just laughing at her idiocy. Does she even know how to boil water?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone struggles with what to eat at home, but Mrs. Obama’s statement sounded more like she was way too busy with her own important life to care about seeing to her children’s meals.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly Michelle Obama isn’t very smart if she needs her pediatrician to tell her a twinkie is less healthy than an apple. As a parent I am responsible for teaching my child that food is fuel for the body. Eat healthy and you can expect to be healthy. Eat junk food… When my daughter entered kinder I was appalled at the stuff parents would send to school in their kids lunches. Tons of Lunchables with candy in them, chips and other processed foods. My daughter asked for one to try because all the other kids had it but when I agreed she couldn’t eat because it was so disgusting to her. Somethings you have to let them find out themselves. If you feed good wholesome food they will know the difference. Also, a year ago I took a part-time job to supplement my income at the school during noon hour. The school lunches have improved tremendously with lots of fresh fruit and veggies – our district now buys its strawberries locally and they are delicious.

  • norm

    So the feeding of children is now on a par with rocket science and brain surgery?

  • Anonymous

    Now eating is too complicated for a mere individual (but the government can do it for you).

  • Jaclyn Currier

    The problem isn’t knowing proper nutrition, it’s being able to afford it. Poor people are fat because bread & rice are cheap and meat & veggies are not.

  • PA_bev

    There is a large gap between “receiving ” a degree…and actually “earning” it!
    These people are so ignorant that they don’t realize how very stupid they sound!
    A dog knows how to feed it’s young! Good grief!

  • FedUp

    Eating well isn’t rocket science.

    • Shawn Cameron

      No it’s common sense, which is why she cannot grasp the concept.

  • Manas Sarma

    Affirmative Action at its finest.

  • Barbara Kahler

    It really is very sad. Our children are pushed to achive academically but they don’t even know how to wipe their butt. We don’t teach our children how to tie their shoes or how to cook. Most kids have never grown a vegetable or made a bed. Maybe we all need to go back to basics .

  • Merry

    No ‘correct’ knowledge of food, huh….maybe THAT explains why her rear is so big. She strikes me as a MAJOR elite creep, that needs to scuttle back to her burrow.

  • Anonymous

    That show how worthless degrees from Princeton and Harvard really are.

  • Raccoon1

    I’m sure 90% of parents, even with NO degree know how to feed their kids a healthy meal. It isn’t hard to figure out. They teach nutrition in grade school even.

  • Tom Kerr

    We’ve had chocolate milk, sugary cereals, and burgers and fries in schools since the 50’s but the childhood obesity “epidemic” has only cropped up in the past 15 years or so. The problem isn’t what kids are eating, the problem is “parents” who don’t make their kids play outside. When I was a kid, we got locked out of the house and were forced to play outside. If we got thirsty, we could get a drink out of the hose. When we were allowed to play inside, our video games allowed you only 3 lives to beat the entire game – and you couldn’t save your game either. You could, in theory, pause the game, but then your parents would yell at you and threaten to take your games away because that caused the image to get burned onto your cathode-ray tube TV screen. Now, kids can easily sit on their asses and play a game for 6 hours straight.

    • Hard Truth

      If only people would moderate their lives. But it is very much within their grasp. We don’t need the sanctimonious ones like Mrs. Obama micromanaging our lives. Then again, I doubt such individuals will take the hint. They never do sadly.

    • Anonymous

      Part of the reason kids are out of shape is because an awful lot of elementary schools have dropped gym and don’t have recess anymore. Also, there is only less than half an hour to eat. Meaning when kids finish going through the food line they grab a table and have to practically inhale their food if they want to have any time taking to their friends. It’s said the less food gets chewed the harder it is to get the energy parts into people’s system the right way. What ends up happening is they wind up looking starved and bloated like people who have malnutrition.There are more fat adults than kids though but that’s for entirely different reasons.

      • Hard Truth

        Hey, got to get those robots in line for “excellent” standards meant for “global success”, and that sure as hell doesn’t include recess.

  • pdh42

    Mochelle isn’t very smart and most of us have known that since she came onto the scene with her activist husband…. Most of us have known that neither had a clue and what is amazing is that both lost their law licenses…. One has to wonder what kind of illegal stuff they both did for both of them to lose their law licenses around the same time frame…..

  • Dharmapaalini Nithyananda

    Who paid for those fancy degrees? So much for minority struggles. Hohos and Twinkies. Pleeeaase!

  • Taraveah

    The Obama’s have done more to curb my appetite than anything else. I can’t eat after I hear all of the absolute dribble that comes out of their mouths and I can’t eat after looking at them either :)

  • http://mczwzthinks.blogspot.com/ MCzwz

    I would suggest “Our Little Mother” take lessons from the peons of the lands she feels are so much better than the US . . . Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Sudan, etc. Strange how even in those most “enlightened” and “evolved” countries — oh so better than the US — they know how to feed their children.

    Maybe . . . the reason Our Dear Leader and Our Little Mother are so wonderful is because they are oh-over-educated and cannot possibly imagine how “We the Sheeple” could possibly think. know, and decide for ourselves what *we* think is best for *our* children.

    After all, we’re mere “useful idiots,” are we not?

    When are the American people going to stand up and yell: Enough. No More. We are NOT going to take it anymore.

  • Cathy Haynes

    She is an arrogant, educated idiot. If you can use a computer and get to google, you can find the food pyramid and you could also find a lot of info on nutrition. Maybe she doesn’t know how to use a computer. But oh well, now she has a chef to take care of that pesky problem of feeding her children.

  • No_MsDirection

    Sheesh – ANYONE with an Ivy League degree should know:
    “the regulation lunch (is) a metal pannikin of pinkish-grey stew, a hunk of bread, a cube of cheese, a mug of milkless Victory Coffee, and one saccharin tablet.”
    Victory Coffee a problem for kids? There’s always the Victory Kool-Aid we grown-ups are supposed to be drinking – saccharin and all.

  • Anonymous

    She spent her time being educated learning about Sol Alinski and how to grab and maintain power. She didn’t spend her time learning about nutrition. Regardless, she has no right to tell others how to eat or how to feed their children, even if she had 3 degrees in nutrition. It’s fine to educate people, but no one has the right to dictate to them or to remove their choices. The decision is up to the parents. The school lunch programs should be determined by the local school districts and boards. It is not up to Washington and certainly not up to Michelle Obama. School board members are voted in by the local voters. Michelle Obama isn’t voted for by anyone. She has no authority and no right to make decisions for anyone but her own family.

  • Carla Mobley Davis

    I managed to feed my kids before she came along and they are happy, healthy individuals. They eat what they like and eat somethings they don’t care for but they know they are good for them. They grew up and are both now over 6ft tall and both are a good weight. I never needed her or anyone like her to tell me how to take care of my family. I didn’t need the schools to tell me either. Schools knew how to feed our kids before she interfered with their menus and and now they have food being thrown away because kids refuse to eat it(the junk moochele is trying to force them to eat). Come on people we need to take back our education system and our kids.

  • Cheryl

    She’s so smart with all those Ivy league degrees that she doesn’t know proper grammar (in regard to, not in regards to), which this high school dropout has managed to pick up over the years, lol. We watch TV, we know how to feed our children and ourselves, educate us, but don’t try to control our every move.

  • DallenH

    Tells me what a Harvard Degree is worth… nothing.

  • Susan Norris

    Couldn’t she read the wrapper on a loaf of bread and see the food pyramid? It was basic. No, she had to change it to a circle so she could get credit for changing it to a circle because we are too stupid to understand the pyramid we have known for years. Get a life! We knew exactly how many serving we needed in each food group every day. Change?????? Why change what has worked so well for so long? Lots of money wasted for nothing.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe she’s having a difficult time because she’s really a man. When her husband was signed into office he called her Michael. The kids don’t look like them… most likely adopted. As a mom we learn as we go.

  • Susan Norris

    And on the subject of cursive writing being removed from the schools, it’s not just about handwriting. It’s about developing a child’s brain. Do your research. Handwriting skills are necessary for the development of the brain. DO NOT TAKE THIS AWAY FROM OUR CHILDREN.

  • Dyna Packard

    I don’t think she knows how to feed any one. Just look at her fat a&&.

  • Anonymous

    I seem to recall that the Obamas had a chef back home in Chicago. That means Michelle didn’t know how to feed herself, either.

    • Hard Truth

      Not that much head scratching involved when you have someone else doing the cooking.

  • justathinker

    Just because she discovered that SHE is stupid, she assumes everyone else is? Because she needs someone else to tell her what to do about every little thing (life micromanagent) she decides that the Government must micromanage my life? Woman, I aint (sic) that stupid!

    • Hard Truth

      Well, those who can’t do for themselves and can’t take responsibility always look to craft a reason for such and someone to blame. Just comes with the territory.

  • Sarah Montague

    So I think she just insulted her own mother cause I guess her mom didn’t feed child her anything….

  • Cheryl Esselman

    You don’t need a degree, just common sense!

  • Lisa K. Boker Burgett

    Tell the GOV’T to get the garbage out of food and bring back REAL ingredients… NO MSG, No artificial colors or flavors or sweeteners… Then parents wouldn’t need any help- all the choices would be healthy ones- and basically just FOLLOW the FOOD Pyramid. Get Corporate America out of the equation as well as BIG Pharmacy. Bring back RECESSES and get rid of Common Core and teach Common Sense!!!

  • Anonymous

    what a moron. an educated fool. why didn’t she just pick up a book on how to feed your children?

  • joecrouse

    well considering your harvard degree is not in nutrition THIS COULD BE EXPECTED. Also your degree is useless because you gave up your right to practice law rather than have it removed.

  • doug

    ivy league schools ….the folks that brought you the destruction of America.

  • Anonymous

    she has the nerve to tell our children what to eat and they hate the food they get in school, I agree. she is an educated idiot. all she cares about is using our tax money to travel for pleasure.

  • Michael Besson

    I think you’re missing the point Glenn…

    Acquiring an Ivy League progressive left-wing loon education today can dumb you down to the point where knowing how to feed your kids a nutritious-healthy meal is a bit over your head…

  • Carmen Childers

    Just goes to show that you can’t buy common sense.

  • Vicki Waltman

    I believe what she was talking about is being a busy parent and not always having the time to cook a healthy meal or make a healthy snack. Instead it was fast food, sugary cereal and processed foods. I think what she is doing by making the schools clean up their acts is a great thing. I just feel people are to quick to judge.

    • Anonymous

      I work, have four children, and a hectic life, but I still manage to cook healthy meals for my family. I also cook mostly from scratch. It can be done, it’s just a matter of priorities. I also pack lunches for my kids during the school year. I don’t agree that the highly processed foods they serve at schools are ‘so much better’ for our kids.

  • Marcia Datson

    I’m sick and tired of this woman……….Enough already!!. She is rude, arrogant and self-absorbed. I’m sick of hearing about her ivy league degrees. Sick of hearing her say she disrespects the American flag, that she and BO have attended flag burning ceremonies because our flag is a sign of oppression… Yeah right, they’ve been so abused and mistreated. Looks like this great country has treated them very well!! That’s gratitude for you. They need to pack their bags and go back to Kenya where they belong…………

  • jenFLUSA

    She is just a Humble-brag and thinks so highly of herself! Yeah, those who do not have her highly bragged ed-iot-cation, actually have real education… and know how to feed their kids – physically and mentally. Those are the stay at home moms who selflessly devoted themselves to raising kids with moral character, they know how to humble themselves, travel/have vacations with their hard earned money and not tax dollar money (with especially highly paid security crew in tow).

  • Anonymous

    all bow to the unelected queen of food.

  • Donni’s Page

    Schools will tell you that they do what they can with the budget they are given. Wealthy schools can afford organic foods. Poor communities cannot. The food providers for these schools are profiteers they really don’t care what the children are eating, just how much money goes into their pockets. So how does a community get involved in ensuring that all the children are fead healthy food??? I don’t care who brings up the subject, I only care about what is going to be done. People are great at pointing out problems, very few are problem solvers. Of the many comments left here, I am surprised by how many people were more interested in snarky comments about Michelle (I am not a political fan fyi) and not one single comnent about how to solve the problem. Moaners, Groaners, whiners, hatemongers. That’s all I see in the media, in washington, in state capitals, in city and county meetings. Where have all the problem solvers gone??? When I have a problem, I look for solutions. By all means, please post yours. I personally think we need to start with federal fund allocation of our tax dollars. Then we need to look at how to support organic farmers so that they can provide us with non gmo processed foods. We need to stop suuporting/buying crap food at the stores so that they realize we want healthy food. Europeans demand it and they’re children eat far healthier than Americans. They would rather spend their money on quality food than and not buy a new iphone every 6 months. Do, the problem starts with our poor purchasing decisions that leaves us choosing poor quality food. If we don’t buy it, they have to give us what we want. Everyone wanted fat free, they gave it to us. We want gluten free they are giving it to us. Go to your stores and tell them you want fresh local organic foods. The more people demanding it, the less it will cost.

    • Anonymous

      What are you talking about? The article is about Michelle Obama being an arrogant heffer that thinks she knows more because of her princeton and harvard degrees, while everyone is just stupid. Chill out and go find the appropriate article. BTW you can always pack your kids lunch, they don’t have to eat what they serve at school. Wow you just went all the way to the moon with your comment LOL. Too much occupy gmo foods maybe?

  • Jean Lunsford

    Dont need someone that doesnt know how to feed her kids telling me anything. I raised my kids fine without any help, just common sense.

  • Anonymous

    Send her to Relief Society. She will learn more about food than she can even imagine, without a college degree.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fr.petebarnabite Peter Calabrese

    My Father and mother did not go to college let alone Ivy League schools but they knew enough to limit our sugar intake and eat balanced meals. Not that we were deprived totally of the snacks of the day but there was balance.

  • Anonymous

    Oh I did not know that the only smart mother (used lightly) is now in the white house and all other mothers through out time are stupid thank you for enlighten us poor folks.
    What an amazing job she’s done as school lunches are put in the garbage. By the way you did not like America looks to me like you still don’t except for spending our money maybe you should be studying about saving money especially whens its not yours to spend. Talk about Balance is more then just food. I wish you and your husband would go to country that you can control oops other countries would behead you for trying to change them. Go weed your own garden.

  • Anonymous

    If an Ivy League educated woman doesn’t know how to feed her kids in a healthy way, then somebody wasted a ton of money on that education!

  • Robin Evans

    It’s 1:50 in the morning…now I am craving a donut!

  • Jimmy G

    I get such a kick out of listening to you cry-babies.
    You want it so badly but you’ll never sit at the grown ups table.

  • Dwayne

    She should try feeding them and her husband arsenic.

  • Jenn

    what a sorry piece of S%@T…

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    i know a 10-year-old who can recite the first five amendments of the BoR. he also knows the food pyramid. whether or not he eats the pyramid is another issue, but he gets protein, vegetable, fruit, grain, dairy and chocolate. he’s 10.

    • Shawn Cameron

      Your average 10 year old has more common sense than an arrogant, elitist Democrat.

  • Doris

    “working parent” Those who know / knew her said she was very lazy on her jobs; used to just sit there reading newspapers. She could have use that time reading books about feeding children.

    • Anonymous

      I never saw a single thing about her behavior on her jobs. But I would be very interested to see this. Please tell me where to find this info.
      All I know is I’m sure she never worked as hard and “down and dirty” as I did when I was a nurse.

  • Anonymous

    Yes it is a struggle when you only make $300,000 a year part time for a hospital and all they let you do is make sure poor people don’t get in the door.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t need some bozo the clown in Washington to tell me or my kids what to eat. She can stay on her end of the world and Ill stay in mine.

  • H. Zayre

    He think he so smart with he two college degrees.

  • Anonymous

    Just another reason to NOT waste your money at an Ivy League college. I have a Master’s from a state school and I managed to figure it out. My mom didn’t have any degrees and I think I survived. I’m not positive, but I THINK I did.

  • Anonymous

    “Let em eat cake…….”

  • Alice Graham

    She doesn’t seem to know what to do with her education either. I understand her law license was taken away. Can she read? If you can read, you can figure out what to feed your kids.

  • Davidandkat Hollinghead

    I have an idea, how about they revamp the food stamp program so that it pays for REAL food items at grocery stores only instead of Red Bulls and ho-hos at the convenience store?

  • Lisa

    How does she feed herself? What she is pushing for the schools is wrong. I work in a middle school cafeteria. When she cuts out salt, sugar, etc. how are we to make the food taste good so the children will actually eat it and not throw it in the trash. We are limited by so many rules already on what we can add to the food. Most of the children in our school only get the meals we provide. Obama needs to get her head out of her a**, join the real world, actually work in a school kitchen one day w/the peons and eat the food prepared w/o adding anything to it. Most people w/Ivy school degrees have no common sense, and she has proved it.

  • Robert Quance

    This just proves the Obamanatiions wife really does not have a Harvard education but may have the paperwork that says she does. Stupid is as stupid does or in this case uneducated is as uneducated does.

  • BigDaddyBishop

    Whew! I sort of dodged a bullet there! I didn’t go back to college until my child was almost out of high school! I cannot believe how lucky I am to have kept her alive without an Ivy league education. Thanks Michelle for bringing me to the light. You are truly an idiot..uh…icon….sorry.

  • berne nightingale

    Food is not rocket science, BUT it does take a lot of common sense–so maybe all those degrees was simply parrot work, where she was told what to think and not HOW to think?????

  • Anonymous

    My poor parents wouldn’t buy crappy food. They’d get us diet snacks and drinks so we, as kids, could still enjoy the yummy treats without all the sugar and calories. I was such a jerk that I sneaked food, developed seriously bad habits, and now I struggle with weight problems.

    Just saying, sometimes it’s not the parents’ faults. My problems were definitely caused by me.

  • Shawn Cameron

    One of the biggest myths our society continues to perpetuate is education is equal to intelligence. I’m not saying education is not important, it is. But a piece of paper does not make you smart, and says nothing about ones common sense. This country is full of educated idiots.

  • ken.

    has anyone called child protective services to report her? not knowing how to feed your children is child abuse.

  • Zach

    Ok, so as a high school student, my major complaint with her comments about the school meals being unhealthy and undermining everything is this, if she has a problem with it, why doesn’t she fix it, like she claims she has already? Also, I would like to point out that her “plan” to stop childhood obesity is lowering the portions and raising the cost of school lunches, I recently went to my area Elementary school, and had lunch with my sister, the portions of the meal we had were the EXACT SAME as the portions I, a now senior in high school, receive at my high school, also, in the last year alone my school’s lunch price increased by 25 cents. Her so called “plan” is to make the students of America anorexic, she is starving not only our bodies but our minds too. I have to spend at least $5 at lunch everyday to feel full and ready for the second half of lunch, so not only is she starving our stomachs and brains, but she is forcing us to empty our wallet, and before any on says just bring a sack lunch, I live with my single motherwho barely makes enough to keep her car and a roof over our heads, but we’re not at the point that my siblings and I can receive reduced price or free lunch, she’s making kids like me all over the United States suffer, because we aren’t rich, and we need food. It’s sickening.

  • Anonymous

    ummm, having a degree doesn’t mean you have any common sense. She is just toooo smart to actually have any sense.

  • Sally Gallagher Starling

    I myself like my mother and her mother before her feed my children with the love of food. I give my children the proper amounts of veggies, fruits, grains, dairy and proteins that are what our bodies as humans are supposed to have. I have no degree from some prestigious school nor do I have a college degree period. I do know what is good and not good for my children as far a diet is concerned. I love to hear my kids ask for carrot sticks for snack or a salad with dinner! I don’t keep much snack foods in my home nor do i fry food, but when I do it is for treats not meals like salty chips or ice cream. I admit we do occasionally grab burgers from some fastfood although I cook at home more than anything. I teach my children that they may not like the way some foods look but you must try it first before saying “EWWW, I don’t like that!” you never know untill you try! P.S. I have no overweight children!!!

    Mrs Obama I feel sorry for you I really do most mothers know how to feed their children properly. Maybe if you our your mother paid attention as you were brought up you wouldn’t have this problem!

  • Thomas A. Rice

    Maybe she should have taken Culinary classes in Harvard. I was a Baker for 8 years and that did not require 1 day of college. Ironic that the Woman who wants to tell us what to eat doesn’t know how to cook?

  • Paula

    My father died when I was six years old and my brother was four. My mom was a single mom before being a single mom was cool. She did not remarry until I was 23. During that span of time, she managed to work a full-time job, keep two young children fed (well fed) and put both of us through college, one with a Master’s degree….all without any college loans or handouts. She had no, zero, zilch, nada college degree and was the smartest woman I’ve ever met. I’m now 61 years old, and she’s still my hero. Obtaining a college degree….or two….has absolutely nothing at all to do with anything in how a person deals with real life. Just leave us alone, Michelle, and go back to wherever it is you came from.

    • Anonymous

      Kudos to your mom.

    • berne nightingale

      Paula, now they will just tell you you are a victim, the state should help you, and then yo will start using drugs and join a gang to show how angry you are that the state cannot help you to become rich and blame society.

  • HerculesLoadmaster

    Told ya so…Michelle Obama is an idiot.

  • Tyson Litz

    (apologies for CAPS, but no italics available for emphasis) Ol’ Mama Obama is 90% wrong from the very start. Improper eating habits, as she’s quoted in saying – “you don’t want to be undermined when your kids go to school and have some sweet cereal for breakfast with chocolate milk followed by a donut and then a burger and fries for lunch.” Sure, you MIGHT PREFER that they ate veggies & fruits like little bunny rabbits. But the fact of the matter is — KIDS just NEED FUEL!!! Basically ANY fuel will do!
    The REAL reason they are Chubb-O’s is because we allow our kids to be sedentary! When I was a kid, we rode our bikes all day after school, except for dinner time, and then again until the streetlights came on. And in the summer, forget lunch! We were playing in the woods on gov’t UNregulated rope swings over sewer/rain overflow creeks, and burning ant hills without the proper permits…

  • Edie Klaus Gallo

    You don’t need experts. All you have to is read Labels and used Common Sense. She doesn’t know what to feed her kids, but she knows hoe to feed ours…..DUH!!

  • Jason

    That’s why you are blessed with a mother and father. Usually you feed your children the food you eat. When they are infants your doctor tells you what to feed them.

  • Ronald Baldwin

    and what if your kid wanted to brown bag their lunch as we used to in my day? Would they have some kind of lunch bag police that would search the kids lunches?

  • four_strings

    Oddly, for THOUSANDS of years, mothers have managed to feed their kids and keep the human race alive. Not to mention that until the 20th century, most Americans ate healthier than they do today! What she’s NOT saying is that her college degrees are NOT in nutrition. She’s NOT a registered dietician. Just going to college doesn’t make you an expert on everything…but that’s what these commie democrats what us to believe about them.

  • Arizona Mom

    I don’t have a degree but I know how to feed my daughter properly. REALLY, she wants to tell me how to do it? What an IDIOT!!!!

  • Susan Norris

    For as long as I can remember the bread wrapper has had a food pyramid on it showing how many serving of grains, dairy, meat, vegetable, and fruit servings a person needed to eat every day. Very basic information easily available at a glance. Now we have a circle, thanks to Mrs. Obama. Enough said.

  • Jason Blake

    Lumping Chocolate Milk in with donuts, french fries and pizza is not only stupid, but irresponsible.

    • Anonymous

      Through history, tyrants have always controlled the food supply.

  • Equis

    So what she is really saying to parents everywhere is that you are too stupid to know how to feed your children and the government knows best..so how do you like that America? Who the hell does she think she is? Well I’ll tell you, she is an impudent elitist imbecile.

  • Anonymous

    You want to know what is really sad about this. That if Michelle Obama decided to run for the Democratic nomination, she would get it. Because she is Black and a Woman. This truly is a nation of IDIOTS!!!

  • L. Nat Bean

    While those who understand freedom recognize that democratic methods tend to be aligned with liberty, those obsessed with their own selfish interests realize that democratic methods are susceptible to hijacking.

  • http://stevepohlit.com/ Steve Pohlit

    I am curious as to why anyone cares about what she thinks or says.

  • Elaine

    As a dietitian, I can tell you that there is no such thing as one diet plan to fit all. Leave us alone and let us do what is best for our own families. There are professionals to help you know.

  • Jacob Sparky Spratt

    so many things… where to start?!
    first of all, what information do you have – first lady – that isn’t available through google?

    i’ll skip the whole middle section (anyone reading would anyways)

    lastly: lack of personal responsibility is the root of many of our issues/problems today – until we can get back to taking responsibility for our own actions, we will not see positive, effective, lasting change in the right directions

  • Anonymous

    I would think a Mother of two children would be embarrassed to state in public that she has no idea how to feed her children. She must thrive on humiliating herself.

  • Ray S

    Michelle should be more concerned about what she’s feeding her husband. That scrawny frail body of a man. I saw the workout video and just about laughed. Obama has the physique of a pre-teen girl.

  • Guest

    worry…the chefs at the five star ski resorts and amusement park
    hotels will know how to feed them. In the meantime, they will not learn
    how to feed themselves thanks to you.

    don’t have any children (as opposed to calling them kids because that
    suggests that they are young GOATS) but if I did I would know how to
    feed them! I guess it’s the Democratic way of doing things…needing an
    over-payed committee of dullards to tell me what is the best thing to
    feed my goats on because I lack the wit to figure it out for myself. I
    think that’s what Terry Gilliam is using the “duct” analogy in the film
    “Brazil”. Although he doesn’t go into it, many and different sized
    ducts mean only one thing: REGULATION.

  • Michael Cho

    I don’t worry…the chefs at the five star ski resorts and amusement park
    hotels will know how to feed them. In the meantime, they will not learn
    how to feed themselves thanks to you.

    I don’t have any children (as opposed to calling them kids because that
    suggests that they are young GOATS) but if I did I would know how to
    feed them! I guess it’s the Democratic way of doing things…needing an
    over-payed committee of dullards to tell me what is the best thing to
    feed my goats on because I lack the wit to figure it out for myself. I
    think that’s what Terry Gilliam is using the “duct” analogy in the film
    “Brazil”. Although he doesn’t go into it, many and different sized
    ducts mean only one thing: REGULATION.

  • Regina Cox Clark

    If so worried why not look at food stamp program You can buy all the junk and cokes you want.

  • charles culver

    The Obama’s … everything they own has been given to them and all the problems in their lives are somebody else’s fault

  • Anonymous

    Now you see first hand what affirmative action gets you. A fake Harvard degree and still a dumb as a bag of rocks black woman. Not even smart enough to feed her own kids. I’m guessing that can be blamed on slavery and racism right?


    Go away idiot.

  • Ryan Crosswhite

    I agree go away you idiot, go advertise on a different thread, maybe one one that nobody gives a sh*t about

  • landofaahs

    But she has lovely copper toned arms according to some liberal bimbo on TV right after the first election.

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