Strange bedfellows alert: Glenn agrees with border patrol union rep fighting for agents’ safety and rights

With the so-called humanitarian crisis at our southern border ever deteriorating, Glenn found himself in the company of a strange bedfellow on Tuesday. TheBlaze’s senior Washington correspondent Sara Carter has been reporting from the border town of McAllen, Texas for several days now, and her latest article details the violation of rights border patrol agents are facing. Shawn Moran, spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council – the union that represents Border Patrol agents – has spoken out against the violations, and Glenn found himself in agreement with Moran on radio this morning.

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“We know that our borders are completely out of control… Reports came out this weekend from the border patrol union that MS-13 gang members… are pushing our border agents to the breaking point,” Glenn explained. “And our border patrol agents are under attack not only from MS-13 and the drug cartels but under attack from our government. This is a point where we can show a clear distinction, have a real demonstration that the truth makes strange bedfellows.”

If you are a longtime listener, you know Glenn typically does not see eye-to-eye with union brass from any industry, but he appreciates the warnings the border patrol union has been heeding for a number of years.

“If I were anti-union, I would dismiss this warning from the border patrol union. I haven’t dismissed this warning for years,” Glenn said. “They have been crying out, ‘Will someone please listen to us.’ Because my agenda is truth, and I believe yours is too, we have to check the veracity of the truth involved here. And the truth is: After we checked it, the border patrol unions need to be heard.”

What is currently happening at our border and the danger these men and women face actually gets back to the root of why unions were formed in the first place – to protect the rights and safety of the worker. As Carter’s report chronicles, our border agents are in serious danger:

A U.S. Border Patrol manager in the Tucson, Arizona, sector has forbidden agents from bringing cellphones or any electronic devices to work after photographs were leaked several weeks ago showing some of the hundreds of children being housed at the overcrowded Nogales processing center. But according to a union representative, the manager’s actions violate established, collectively-bargained guidelines.

Only a month ago, the agents were allowed to carry their personal cellphones at work to make calls if radio communications went down.

Border Patrol agents in Nogales, Arizona, have also been banned from speaking to the media and have been advised by their manager to refer reporters to the department’s official representatives, an agent told TheBlaze on the condition of anonymity. Like in Arizona, Texas Border Patrol agents have also been told not to speak to the media after similar photos of overcrowded conditions at their facilities were made public. Agents across the country have been threatened with disciplinary action, termination and in one case, criminal charges for getting caught speaking to reporters.

In Nogales, it was the patrol agent in charge, Leslie Lawson, who issued the ban on electronic devices. But Shawn Moran, spokesman for the National Border Patrol Council — the union that represents Border Patrol agents — said a patrol agent in charge does not have the authority to circumvent the union-bargaining process on cellphone usage, and that the only person who can change that policy is a sector chief, and the collective bargaining process still applies.

Read the full report HERE.

“Your fellow union brothers and sisters are in trouble – serious, life-threatening, job-threatening, career-changing trouble,” Glenn said. “This isn’t about their wage increases or their vacations. They have their life on the line. And their employer, in their arrogance, has no fear of anybody.”

Glenn proceeded to lambast other union leaders for not supporting the plight of the border patrol agents – especially given the threat illegal immigrants pose to union jobs.

“It’s puzzling to me… because even without the life-threatening crisis, fellow union members, where are you,” Glenn asked. “Forget about the life saving. The unions used to be against illegals coming in because they would take jobs from the American workers.  Now, here’s your border patrol, who has a union, saying… ‘We can’t do anything. We can’t protect ourselves.’ Nobody’s listening to that.”

  • landofaahs

    Like I say, ship the illegals to the Vatican so the Pope who claims to love them so much, can take care of them. After all they call him papa and your papa should be the one who takes care of you.

  • landofaahs

    I don’t like that term “Strange bedfellows”. Sounds a little…queer.

  • Anonymous

    Make the “border” unattractive and blast that message via radio over the “border”. Is Mexico a state or a sieve?

    • landofaahs

      After the first 50 or 60 were shot trying to cross the border, the rest would get the message real fast.

    • Elena

      Failed state.

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice to see the BP actually enforce the immigration laws and tell BOB to take his slacker mentality and stuff it….

    • Elena

      They do enforce the laws. DHS is the one setting the trespassers loose on our communities.

  • Elena

    BP HQ just sent down a fresh set of ROE (rules of engagement) and UOF (use of force) that further make our AMERICAN BP agents easy targets for the cartels, human traffickers, and other who intend to do harm to them.

    The flood of immigrants is not an immediate threat to life for the agents in the field, but they are a longer term threat to us all. A number are carrying diseases that our population has not been exposed to in a long while. As DHS releases folks into “virgin populations” epidemics will spread just as the Europeans did to Amerindians.

  • Anonymous

    What ever happen to them things the military uses for crawled control . That send Hi sound waves in the air like a baby crying. or that other one that stop you dead in you tracks. that make you feel like your in a very hot oven. Maybe it is time to build our own wall. so high that they can not get over it and put razor wire threw out it and electric threw out it. i can com up with a good plain for one if they need it. The way my twisted my word they would call me nut. Well that beside the point .

    • will

      Wow. that is all I can say. There’s nothing we need more than a good “plain”

  • Jim

    The problem is that most union leaders are in bed with this administration.

  • Anonymous

    How many kids died or were raped abused or sold into sex slavery, on their way do we know? As a parent if I leave my 3 year old on the side of the road (thinking they will have a better life), or in the desert the outrage against the parent would be extraordinary they would and rightfully so be arrested but the illegals parents sending their 3-8-9 year olds off across country’s to maybe a better life is haled doing what is best a grate parent what is the difference lets find out how many died and were rapped abused. Maybe that would help stop it. Maybe a parent would think better of it.

  • R.Myr

    It’s sick. Our borders are non-existant, sociopathic hispanic thugs from MS-13 are attacking the Border Guards and intend to do the same to us. Yet, these politicians living in their ivory tower in D.C. seem to think this is somehow a good thing? Who are these people? I don’t know them, never even heard of some of them, yet they have all the cards, all the power. And they hate America.

  • Moozmom

    Faith, Virtue, and Knowledge. Glenn just reinforced this in his staff meeting. The young lady asked Glenn how to handle the criticism toward Glenn and he responded: Faith, Virtue, and Knowledge. Now, I’m a really old lady and want to thank Glenn for the truth of life. These principles do work and God really is in charge. It’s so wonderful to watch Glenn because he really gets it.

  • Mike Upp

    Just as competition is the essence of natural selection, the competition found within free markets brings out the best in people while motivating them to create new things, make better things, and be more efficient.

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