This happened: Government confiscates money from a member of Glenn’s staff

Have you checked your bank accounts lately?

According to Australia’s Herald Sun, the Australian government seized a record $360 million from ‘dormant’ household bank accounts in 2013 alone. A rule change in 2012, allowed the government to seize the money in some 80,000 accounts that had been dormant for three years. Prior to the change, just $330 million had been collected between 1959 and 2012.

While you might be wondering why you should care about a banking regulation in Australia, it turns out the practice is somewhat common in the United States as well. On radio this morning, Joe Kerry, president of Mercury One, explained the fight his family is currently battling with the state of Pennsylvania over funds liquidated from one of their bank accounts without their knowledge.

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As Joe explained, about six months ago his wife noticed that they had stopped receiving bank statements for one of their accounts. He proceeded to go back and look at old statements he had received and, sure enough, there was language that explained the state of Pennsylvania could liquidate the account if there is no activity in a certain period of time.

“She started going through the statements, and on one statement, which was full of language, one sentence in one paragraph of that statement said, ‘If you have no activity on this account, we will close out this account, based on Pennsylvania law blah, blah, blah,’” Joe explained. “What I don’t understand is dividends were being paid into this account. We were paying taxes on this money the whole time, yet because there was no activity for a six month period, the state of Pennsylvania took that money, without any notice to us.”

Joe and his wife got in touch with their state senator because they were so baffled by the policy and how either the bank or the state did not have to contact them before withdrawing the money.

“We went to our state senator and said, ‘This can’t be right. Our mailing address was accurate. The e-mail address was accurate. The phone number was right. How could this be inactive? Dividends are paid into the account,’” Joe said. “Well, under this new law, any account that you don’t log into in a six month period, that money is transferred to the state.”

The state of Pennsylvania confirmed that the money was transferred out the account because it was considered “unclaimed property.” Remarkably, however, the state was unable to tell them how much money was seized.

“The state said, ‘Yes, the money was transferred.’ We said, ‘How much was taken?’ They said, ‘We won’t know for three to six months how much money we took from that account because our records aren’t updated for that period of time,’” Joe explained. “We could go back to our own records. But the state didn’t know. They take this money… [but] they could not tell us where that money was, how much was taken, and how we would get it back.”

As it turns out, there were several other families in Joe’s own neighborhood who had been affected by the law and not even realized it. Fortunately, as of about two weeks ago, the state of Pennsylvania began cutting check to those who had their accounts liquidated.

“This is such a dangerous thing. My grandparents lived through the Great Depression. My grandparents had two rules: I don’t keep all our money in the bank because I don’t trust the bank. Second rule: I don’t go to the hospital because hospitals are where you go to die. I never understood that, until recently,” Glenn concluded. “My grandparents didn’t trust the banks. They didn’t trust the doctors. We are headed right back to that period.”

  • landofaahs

    Wait until the Greek style bail-ins happen. The government “Deep State” must be maintained at all costs. The beast will devour ever more until there is nothing left. DC is evil.

  • landofaahs

    Just wait until they get a cashless society where all money is digital and must be banked. Banks can charge any fee they wish and the government can shut down your account and starve you to death or ruin you anytime they wish. Never give up real money; Gold and Silver.

    • Anonymous

      Then what will you do when they come for your gold and silver? And never think they will not they have in the past and the authorization is already in place to have a repeat.

      • landofaahs

        If you bury it deep on property that is not yours and out in the wilds how are they going to confiscate it? Especially when you follow Ben Franklin’s advice “Two men can keep a secret as long as one of them is dead”.

      • Anonymous

        I can’t afford it!

        • landofaahs

          Save money in nickels, they may hold their value if you can find a safe storage place

    • Dale W. Covert


      • landofaahs

        Not efficient and besides you can’t barter paying property taxes, insurance, automobiles. You are basically reduced to food and a few services which I can already do.

      • WaRottie

        Bartering sounds good but that will only work when there is a complete collapse. We aren’t there yet. I still have a mortgage and unfortunately the banks don’t take ears of corn.

        • Erik Askviken

          Isnt what you are describing, in essence, serfdom?

          • landofaahs

            It’s funny they will take pieces of green paper which can be worthless tomorrow but won’t take something that at least can be eaten. And when your done eating the corn, the cob can be used when TP is no longer available like in Venezuela the other socialist paradise.

    • Anonymous

      They already can. Read Obama TAX

    • Anonymous

      Its happened in Argentina (twice) in the last 16 years.

      • landofaahs

        Gems are also nice.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe just as a result of this July 1st thing(?) that I keep reading about…

      • jukani

        Please elaborate on the July 1st thing….I called my bank on a whisper of something and my banker knew nothing of anything for July 1st….

  • Truth Teller

    Again, more stupidity. I think I’ve lived too long. Everything makes no sense whatsoever.

    • Anonymous

      I agree.looks like George Orwell was right “1984”.

      • Anonymous

        There you go again. Committing thought crimes. Big Brother will have you picked up and re-educated.

        • Anonymous

          I wonder if you will be treated like a POW or a refugee?

          • gramakav

            POW. Refugees come from somewhere else – we are just tax payers.

          • USshrugged

            Gotta go Galt. Stop feeding the beast.

          • Mark R.R.Smith

            Who is John Galt?

          • Anonymous

            Try to read “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand and you will know.

          • Mark R.R.Smith

            From an obvious “looter”

          • Belinda Henson

            I’ll take the treatment they get at guantanamo Bay, soccer fields, food cooked to order, gardening, yoga, you get my drift! But make mine a football field, hate soccer!

          • Winston Blake

            Hockey is the only sport for real men.

            The rest only require one ball.

          • Dwayne Thompson

            Hockey only has one…..PUCK.

          • Michael Hager

            …but hockey doesn’t require balls at all…

          • Anonymous

            Refugees get to collect welfare and foodstamps; get a free phone and go on disability. So POW is probably more like it

          • Anonymous

            If you are wondering about me specifically, I’m a retired paratrooper who is a Christian that believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. So I suspect my file is marked EI (execute immediately).Hey, NSA! How you guys doin’ today?

          • Winston Blake
          • Dennis Hibbard

            James 5:1-7

            New King James Version (NKJV)

            Rich Oppressors Will Be Judged

            5 Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you! 2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten. 3 Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days. 4 Indeed the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth.[a] 5 You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury; you have fattened your hearts as[b] in a day of slaughter. 6 You have condemned, you have murdered the just; he does not resist you.

            Be Patient and Persevering

            7 Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and latter rain. Pay Back is DOUBLED AND ETERNAL, HELL is the Word for Justice For the Followers of Satan! So don’t get to Excited, but a Heart Beat Away from No Escape, but for Repentance and Conversion NOW

          • Samuel Amann

            If God DOES exist, he’s going to enjoy nailing all you self-righteous bornagain POS to the cross, so you can watch us non-believers, who DID treat our fellow man with the love of Jesus, raptured away, while you sit and burn and watch.

          • Anonymous

            maybe as an illegal – more benefits that way!!

          • Anonymous

            I’m old and guess what… I won’t be a POW in my own country!! If YOU choose to be, that’s YOUR problem.

          • Anonymous

            Most likely a POW. Refugees get treated much better – especially if they’re illegal.

      • Anonymous


        • Anonymous

          Correct! The truth is a lie and a lie is the truth. Obama sure picked up on that one.

      • James Morrison

        Room 101. www

      • Anonymous

        and Ayn Rand…

    • Mike

      I know exactly what you mean Truth. Nothing makes any sense. It is so difficult to know what to do, sometimes you wonder if maybe you’re crazy and the world is sane. I feel hope slipping away.

      • Wulf

        Sometimes I think I’m in the Twilight Zone…. or I took the red pill

    • Erin Taylor

      I agree, but I’m only 39.

    • FedUp

      You are dead right. It is every single day that something more outrageous happens. Today I find out that the US Patent office has overturned the trade marks of the Washington Redskins meaning they now have no rights to their own 2 billion dollar business name. The Government couldn’t get the public behind this stupid idea that it is an offensive name so they stepped in and just took it away. I’m sure there will be legal action now but it is just the boot searching for necks and some don’t have the resources to fight.

    • Anonymous

      They may believe we have lived too long but through those years, many of us are aware of what is going on and our younger generations are busy working and raising children, they don’t have time to add one more thing to their plate. I feel I have to keep living, fighting and exposing out government and others as t what is going on. I am doing it for the children and grandchildren or would throw in the towel. Well, maybe not (towel) but it does get discouraging.

  • Dave Posh

    During the discussion this morning (3rd hour), Pat mentioned that we should find out what other states do this. I hope TheBlaze picks up the story and gives us info on other states.

    • Darin

      Texas does it. I just got a letter from a stock I own where there has been no activity for a while saying the state was going to seize the account as “abandoned property.”

      • Searcher5

        Texas used to be several years, then the funds were on a list you could access and get your money back. I had funds in the state unclaimed list for 5 or 6 years before i found it and filed. Got it all back.

        • Anonymous

          Yes, we do some things right here!

        • Hugh Goggins

          That is how it works in all states.

    • Buzz Fuzzel

      Bet you the others who do this are on the left and right coasts or in the northern half of the country.

    • Sandy Lorvig Mathews

      You can Google it! Search dormant account regulations (insert your state here)

      • Anonymous

        This is the regs for Maryland: A bank
        account in Maryland is considered dormant or abandoned under state law
        if no activity or correspondence has been received for three years.
        There is no statute of limitations on reclaiming an abandoned bank
        account, and the state does not charge a fee to return abandoned bank

    • Kal Boyington

      California started it over 20 years ago! Except then the account had to be unclaimed for over 7 years. Now it is down to 3 years of zero activity. No deposits, no withdraws and the bank has to have stored up to one years worth of returned mail statements to validate they attempted to contact you at the accounts last listed address. This happen due to our ever growing population of mobile citizens who transfer to out of town career changes forgetting that 401K or IRA or a CD that was dated at 5 years+. Adequate time must be given for the original depositor to have made contact and or declared the money. The bank reports it to the states franchise tax board as general funds accounting. I had a 401K that had $81.00 in it of a closing dividend, just as it was about to expire, they found me due to my opening a new account with the same bank. I got my money and it had grown to well over $150+. I was lucky. Most just forget it! Sorry no conspiracy here Glenn, just people who forget to tie up all affairs before they change jobs or move farther away than normal.

      • Lillian Bristol

        Unlike you, who had moved, they had the same address, email, and phone number.

        • kathleen_smith121

          They do it in Ohio after three years even if they have your current address phone number. They will not call you!

      • FedUp

        Still, the State should have no claim on that money. The other part that was disturbing was Joe got no notification. They had the correct addresses etc. They obviously knew the account was there, i.e. not abandoned, because money was going in and taxes were paid. Still is wrong irrespective of how long it has been going on, in my humble opinion.

        • mitchsmith

          They don’t have a claim. It still belongs to the owner. If’s just the banks cannot hold on to the funds in a dormant account. It gets transferred to the state government.

          • FedUp

            Right but who determines what an abandoned or dormant account is and why has that definition changed from 7 or 10 years dormant to 6 months dormant in this case. Was it initiated by the banks or by the state? I would maintain the state has their hand in it. So why do they have a claim? If they get the money in the end they aren’t just altruistically holding it for you, they will spend it.

      • Barb in California

        My bank at least sent me a warning before giving mine to the state. I
        was outraged when I got the letter. I went right to the bank and closed
        my accounts. Their reason was that my account was inactive for 2
        years. Nothing else had changed on my account. This was in California
        and the bank was Chase. I would say don’t do business with them but it
        sound like this can happen in any state and with any bank.

    • Anonymous

      Every state in the Union has an unclaimed property division that requires unclaimed funds be escheated to the state. Go check out your state. You can probably find the office on the web. See if they have some money for you. If you lived in other states check them out too. It may be a fun evening.

    • Armed American Woman

      California does it.

    • JP2012

      Every state does it…it is called escheat. Every business, insurance company and bank is required by law to hold money for uncashed checks, uncollected insurance policies, annuities and inactive bank accounts for a certain period then turn the money over to the state. Every state also maintains a list of unclaimed property, the property owner can submit a form to the state and recover their money.

    • kathleen_smith121

      Yes, Ohio does this if there is no activity for three years. Getting dividends on your stock does not count as “activity”

  • Trevor White

    To tweak a famous mistranslation ever so slightly:

    All your dollar are belong to us.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, let’s just keep putting more faith in our government and everything will turn out just fine. They have our interests at heart. RIGHT!!!!

    • Anonymous

      My faith is in God

  • Anonymous

    New York State has similar laws. There is an account in my mother’s name that went “unclaimed”. My sister has know about it for years but we can’t get the money even though my mother died in 2002. Why? Because we do not have the address she was living at when the account was opened in 1944-45. We have her birth certificate and death certificate. Means nothing to the “STATE”. There is not one person living who has the information they require!

    • Serenabit

      Check the 1940 census and the 1950 census. Public information that may provide the information that you need.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you all for your helpful advice. This would have between the 1940 census and 1944 (1950 data will not be available ’till 2020 but wouldn’t help anyway)

        • Anonymous

          check for a city directory or phone book for those years at your local library (will depend on the size of your town)

    • Sherry

      Try looking in City Directories….they were usually published every year in every city…..if you know the city that is. I use this all the time in my genealogy work. It will also list other adults in the household. Hope this helps.

    • Anonymous

      Check with the city/county records as they should have a record of where she lived at that time.

    • Luana Darby

      Also check city directories for that time period. Telephones were not in every home , but they kept track of where everyone lived.

      • Anonymous

        Very helpful, thanks. Found a 1940 phone directory showing my grandfather’s address in Brooklyn. We thought they lived in Long Beach.

    • CMK

      ifistel: if you are member of you can look up your mother’s address on the census records. You may have to look under your father’s name if she was lalready married but the address are there for that time period

      • Anonymous

        Almost all of the info available on Ancestry was provided by my brother-in-law from our family records. Address needed was post 1940 census anyway, but thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Also, Ancestry dot com. It’s amazing the records they have!

      • Anonymous

        Not for my family.

    • Anonymous

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      allow participants who you don’t think could handle a séance
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      • Anonymous

        This is just NUTS!

      • Laddyboy


    • WaRottie

      There are exceptions to EVERYTHING, except death. It just takes the right person to say yes. You should not have to spend more than what she probably had saved, just to retrieve what is in the account. I would find out who the person is at the head of the snake you are dealing with and write them a letter explaining your impossible dilemma. It might be you may never know the address. She could have been staying with a relative or anything. It is really foolish. If that doesn’t work I would watch certain episodes of Homeland. You can get some decent ideas of how to change a person’s mind if you really want the money bad enough :-)

  • Kevin

    Six months? That’s insane. I guess Christmas savings accounts are all in jeopardy.

  • Anonymous

    You think this is bad, the latest news from the European central bank is that you will have to pay interest on monies saved in a bank! Banks will be able to borrow money at less than 1%. Talk about getting screwed….it’s all coming here too.

  • Douglas Williford

    affect vs. effect. sigh.
    “As it turns out, there were several other families in Joe’s own neighborhood who had been effected by the law and not even realized it.”

    • Sheldon

      Stood out to me like a sore thumb :(

    • Anonymous

      Doesn’t you just love it? Your right on. :)

  • A-Train

    but if the gov’t doesn’t use ‘federal land’ for three years….

  • Serenabit

    I’m an insurance broker and have had a significant amount of clients redirecting their funds from retirement accounts to the cash value accounts of life insurance policies. It doesn’t always make sense, but certainly does in some cases.

  • JoeThePimpernel

    It’s a wonder they haven’t decided to do this to people’s IRAs.

    • Anonymous

      Shishhhhh. Don’t give them ideas.

      • Tony Clifton

        They already have that idea. See Argentina.

    • Jim

      Just wait,thats in the works my friend

  • Ron Beal

    WELL, WELL, WELLLLLLLL, Talk about it, call your Senator and complain, do all you want, BUT, you had better call your own bank, ask about state laws that affect you, and take action, what ever you deem necessary to PROTECT YOUR MONEY FROM YOUR GOVERNMENT, INCLUDING CITY, COUNTY, STATE AND THE IDIOT FEDS!
    Think carefully and thoroughly, OR you will loose… that is the intention, you loose.

  • For My Sake

    This legalized stealing! What business is it of ANY government department what bank accounts we have and whether they are ‘active’ or not. If I want to open an account and keep $10 in it for 10 years, that’s MY right as long as it complies with bank policy!

  • Anonymous

    Give us the name of the bank so we can all start taking our money out of it.

  • Brian Phillips

    The banks pay such little interest on that money, it’s not worth keeping in a bank.

  • Jim

    Wait till july first when about 30 other countries relinquish our dollar,get ready

  • Armand Smith

    this is nuts.. what nuts write these laws. I could see 6 yrs but 6 months. I will stop making fun of people that cash their paychecks and dont use a checking acct.

  • Rick M.

    My Grandfather had a buried storm shelter in the basement in Central California where he kept most of his money and papers in a locked enclosure. He kept just enough money in the bank to pay bills, and for small emergencies, but the bulk he kept close to him. He went through the depression, and told me that banks were the closest thing to uncertainty, and starvation that was legally allowed, and that only a fool would trust a bank completely with all your income. With 17 plus Trillion in debt and climbing, this advice is probably as relevant today as it was in the 50’s when he told me.

  • Anonymous

    This is terrible. Another freedom taken away. The freedom to just hold onto one’s money in a bank account if one so chooses.
    Every single day, I read more terrible things going on: new laws, policies, et. etc. Is there anyone in the government looking out for the average law-abiding American CITIZEN?

  • Ed Congleton

    If this is anything like North Carolina, the money is put into an “escheat” fund. Until someone comes along and has a legal claim to this money, the state uses it to “fund educational scolarships”.

    • Anonymous

      And they send students to “us cheat” U.

  • joan cassidy

    The FDIC gave us trust in banks after the Depression but that is no longer a safeguard.

  • Anonymous

    What the bankrupt desperate government we now have want and has their eyes on is your 401K ad Retirement Accounts….they are dribbling with anxiety. Of course, it will be for you own good….they will claim it will be more SAFE (that is their new word for rtomping on the constitution…safe, safety….we take care of you BS). Get your money out of the bank and into gold and silver and WHEN (it is no longer IF anymore it is now WHEN) the dollar falls, you will enjoy taking care of your own safety with no government “help”. Desperate governments do desperate things and America is now bankrupt with a 17 trillion unpaid credit card which is about to be called by China and Russia as the petro dollar and the monetary reserve status disappears….the sh#t is fixing to hit the fan, so get prepared …. FATCA goes into effect July 1st.

  • Elvis

    PA is not a state

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Don’t put your money any where the gov’t can freeze it or seize it. I have been slowly taking mine out of the bank $9K at a time so iut raises no flags. There is some law that goes into effect 1 July that looks like it will allow the gov’t to seize 401K plans.

      • Anonymous

        Any extraordinary activity on your bank account can be reported under the anti money laundering banking regulations even if it is under $10,000.

  • Wizzardly

    These are called “escheat” laws and have been around for a long time. If you do not deposit or withdraw for some period of time, the state gets the money in your bank account. It used to be 2 years in most states and they used to be required to notify you as you approached the deadline, but they can change it to whatever they want. In NJ, they even want to seize the value of gift cards that are unused for some period of time. States can even seize unclaimed death benefits and uncashed paychecks. Just google “escheat laws” and educate yourself so you won’t be easily robbed by the state.
    We are all serfs already, except for the nomenklatura.

  • happy chick

    Lets all be even more real. Our dollars are only worth 40% of the total dollar. Yes we work, save & pay bills. However it is all useless paper that we label a amount to, there is nothing to back it. The federal reserve prints it at record speed & realistically it doesnt even exisit. The dollar is so useless at this point, that other countries are refusing to even accept it. I do not know what is in-store for the future but I would learn to be more self sufficient and sustainable as people, neighbors and communities. Because the way it is going may not end up so well, but we can prepare and be hopeful.

    • Anonymous

      Where do you get that 40%? Inflation since the creation if the Fed in 1913 is 2300%. A dollar today VS a 1913 dollar? 1.8 cents.

  • Jennifer

    I can’t wait until it starts happening to the “elite” then their might be some actual progress!

    • Anonymous

      Their accounts are never touched. they can afford to sue.

  • Cliff Chism

    So, what even makes the state think that they are entitled to any money left laying around? When I was a kid, my mother gave me an old bank account book that she had forgotten about. It was from when SHE was a kid. We wrote a letter to the bank and closed out the account. Instead of the 50 dollars she had originally deposited, it had grown to 500 dollars over the course of the years. But, the bank still acknowledged that the money was hers. My, how times have changed.

  • Sandy Lorvig Mathews

    Most states have similar laws, it happened to me when I moved away, there is a process for retrieving the funds.

  • Anonymous

    Remember when Sears sent you checks for overpayment of catalog orders. I still have several if any one is a collector.

  • Anonymous

    If this happens to me. A HELL WILL BREAK LOOSE.

    • Anonymous

      Just what do you think you can do except what they did. Try to get the money back.

  • Persephone

    So I wonder then, if an account has been dormant, why aren’t they also taking the negative accounts for inactivity… seems only fair.

  • Anonymous

    watch your accounts daily

    • Anonymous

      I am back to the bank my grandparents used. 3rd fencepost from the left corner. Grandpa always told us that is where he buried his money. We thought it was a joke. Until we were out searching with a metal detector and found it. It was the old oversize bills and true silver dollars. Mostly silver. They did not trust paper just as we should not.

  • rambler

    It happens in NJ.

  • Anonymous

    The US government is as back as some of the crooks that steal money…

  • Anonymous

    Unclaimed money however can be reclaimed. It’s a matter of filling out forms. But usually the accounts have been dormant for more than six months and the bank should be able to tell him how much money was taken. A pain in the neck however, the State only keeps it if it is not claimed. Most often it is not huge sums of money. Some people check regularly for unclaimed monies, and sometimes find money they did not know about or forgot about.

  • Alan

    Got the same advice from my grandparents…lost every in the crash, picked themselves up and opened new businesses…I’m doing the same today !

  • Wanda Donati

    The State of California use to do this. Bank of America use to encourage kids to save money and we had a bank day every week. Well, later, those accounts were not deposited in so The State of California got that money I don’t know if anyone got their money refunded, but it was scary!

  • Anonymous

    Land id the best investment. They are not making any more land but they sure are digging more gold. You can grow food on land. Try eating gold.

    • Tony Clifton

      Unfortunately you can’t really own the land. You are just holding it for the state.

    • Anonymous

      I think lead is the more valuable currency.

  • Carolyn Parish Taylor

    We live in Alabama & that happened to my mother in the 90s. Same thing, current address, phone # & dividends went back to the account but it was a CD that they didn’t need to touch. She got it back but lost the interest she would have received for the time the state held it. What is so maddening is they don’t even try to connect you & tell you what’s happening.

    • Anonymous

      It just goes to show who they’re looking out for …. and it ain’t “We the People”!

  • guber

    Lately I begun to understand my grand parents far better than ever before.

    • Anonymous

      They lived it and now this generation is about to. People laugh because I keep a years supply of food. Grow a garden and do not rely on technology. I refuse to use a GPS. Compass and map is better. People lose their location awareness when they rely on GPS

      • Anonymous

        GPS can be a handy tool like some many devices. But, like a calculator, I still want to be to do my own math. A compass is easy to use and not that difficult to make (in a pinch).

      • Anonymous

        Damn tech! It just wiped out what I had to say (Push the wrong key that sits right next to the one you meant to push & voila! Gone! Grrr!). Don’t rely on it! GPS got a family on a lonely dirt road on the way to Goblin Valley State Park the summer I worked there. If they’d just gone by a paper map, they’d’ve had paved roads up to their campsite! What if their car had broken down? My saying (to the point of ad nauseum) is “Low tech is most reliable!” and for good reason! Typewriters, printing presses, steam-powered machinery, knowing Morse Code–all of these plus WAY more may be needed again. I’m not saying no-tech, just that low(er) tech isn’t as fragile or misleading as the new(er) stuff. As 5th graders we watched “The Voyage of the Mimi” (can be found on YouTube) at school, and it made an impression on me since the characters (Ben Affleck’s 1st acting role!) had to survive being shipwrecked. It gave me a lot of pointers, even as a kid. Consider watching it & building your knowledge from there.

        • Anonymous

          For anyone who accidentally deletes something on their computer, immediately click simultaneously on Control-Z and you can recover it. You can repeat it if you deleted something more than once. Just a tip that helped me. EdieB

  • Victory1776

    I just received a letter from a bank account I had to open in order to get a loan from them…that basically said that the state would get my funds if I didn’t use my account or do something. How the state can legally steal my money is beyond me!! Why not issue me a check??

    • Anonymous

      It will not improve until we replace the incumbent career-ers in DC (including R’s like McCain and Boehner to name a couple). We’ve made a decent start.

  • Anonymous

    We are in the phase where wealth becomes slippery. People will literally need to sleep on their prized possessions.

  • Toby Dillon

    Replace “the government” with “the bank” and this happens to prepaid credit cards all day long. Read the fine print.

  • robert ellison

    I had money taken by the state of Kansas in the 70’s to many hoops for the little amount there

  • Quietman

    Every state has banks escheat money to them from “inactive” accounts.

  • Mike in VA

    yes, it goes to the state as unclaimed property. They will have to go to the state and re-claim it

  • Anonymous

    One of the many reasons I’m happy to be a Texan:

    Is there a time limit for claiming my property?

    No, the Comptroller’s office acts only as custodian for the missing owners, holding the property in trust until it is claimed. Texas never takes legal ownership of the property, so there is no time limit for filing a claim.

    • Anonymous

      Louisiana does the same thing, I believe.

  • Anonymous

    government greed.

  • Kal Boyington

    Maybe It’s time to start digging holes in random places and sticking sealed tubes in the ground full of cash, ammunition and a firearm. Oh, I know people who already do that! The old keep it in your mattress for the 21st century gig! Come on folks slow down enough to keep better records of ALL of your holdings and this can be avoided!

  • Davy Buck

    The inmates are running the asylum.

  • rosalinddunlap

    to much money to be made on the backs of sick people,the labs and research companies find healing drugs but the FDA Just covers them up.Hospitols just rob people,of the use by never Letting the public know.our reasearch labs make millions selling these drugs to other countries.F.D.A helps by saying in America they are not safe.

  • Anonymous

    “We the people” now have the “right” self-professed “Anti-Christ”(Marxist) ruling US Glenn. He also obviously must be the predicted “forbidden foreigner”(NON-ANGLO-SAXON OR JEW) of Deuteronomy 17:15 ruling us! No Glenn, this isn’t going to end well, because “we the people” get punished FIRST, but by our Hebrew, not Greek, inspired CREATOR and not Islam, which gets punished last(Rev. 18:10)! Watch…

  • Jody Johnson

    Making room under my mattress…

  • Maximus Max

    Per Dodd/Frank, you are not on the banks books as a depositor any more. You are an unsecured debtor, and have absolutely no claim to your deposits whatsoever other than to file a claim with the FDIC. The bank has no obligation to even *tell* you what they are doing with your money either. If the bank should become insolvent, they will list you as a “shareholder” and pay you off at the end of the bankruptcy settlement. The States, as well as the US governments treasuries are for the most part empty. They are scrambling for cash to show on their books to keep the scheme going as long as possible before the dollar collapse/reset.

    Just a matter of when.

  • Fred Beggs

    Can someone show me how I can find out more about this? According to what I found it takes an account that is dormant for 5 years before even considering seizure. The state must have known they acting out of since because they are returning the funds.

  • Lisa Alexander

    Every bank has to follow state law for dormant accounts. The funds go to the state and you can always get them back. They just “use” them till you remember. Go here to search each state for any funds you may have.

  • Anonymous

    OMG! Socialism, wait that’s Fascism, is alive and active in the great state of Barney Frank!

  • RedMeatState

    and they want us to use banks??

  • amclarney

    Wonderful now if you’ve got some “savings” it’s just a “FREE FOR ALL” for the federal and state governments to steal and spend and then turn to us and say they’re broke. Hope that doesn’t apply to CD’s etc in savings accounts.

  • george sharpe

    My wife and I are conservative Christians, registered Republican (rethinking that, too liberal) and tea party members. We made a total gross income of $41,000 for me, my wife and our 18 year old diabetic daughter. We receive no government subsidies. For years we have filed the short form, online via TaxAct… no problem. This year, when I attempted to file and tried to use my pin #, the IRS said I needed a different number which they supplied. When I used their number, my return was rejected with a statement from them that the number I used was already “used”. They then said we would have to file a paper form via US Mail (snail mail). We used the short form with no deductions and mailed it… simple. Two months later, as I check the IRS “Where’s My Refund” site, it says they are “processing” it. With the actions of this Administration and the IRS, we believe that we may not see OUR money, and with our income, we need it. I’m wondering, are we the only ones? Just asking.

    • TTAS

      It sounds like you were scammed!

  • Anonymous

    This is a normal escheat process that is intended to safeguard unclaimed or forgotten funds. In most states if an account is completely inactive at some point it will be escheated to the state. The inactive period was 5 years, then most states changed it to 2 years, Usually if money was deposited into the account it was not completely inactive. It appears PA has become more aggressive than previously. It maybe that the Legislature was responding to increasing identity theft and account take over activity. Money’s from unclaimed apartment damage deposits, unclaimed mortgage insurance deposits and various other types of accounts that are frequently forgotten.

    This give you one place to search for lost or forgotten funds and the State gets to keep the money until you show up. Check out your states’ unclaimed property office. I found $500 dollars from a scum bag landlord that the state caught up with and extracted all of the unrefunded deposits she could never get around to mailing to past tenants. I had figured since I was dealing with an out of state company I’d never see that money.

    So, it really is not an all bad policy. PA may be too aggressive and the staffer may have been too lax. Eventually, they will get their money back from the state. If you have a bank account somewhere, do not just let it sit. Check on it once a month and you won’t have any problems.

  • MLC
  • Sandee Hill

    Michigan does this too. They claimed our son’s savings account because it was “inactive.” My husband’s safe deposit box was at the same bank and almost got claimed too. We noticed the account was gone a month before the box was due to be claimed, even though it was paid up.

  • Mark Hatzi

    Keep only the minimum to $1000. in the bank, deposit as you need. leave nothing for them to steal

  • Kellean Gale
    If you want the Pennsylvania policy from the State Treasurer as of 2012 this is the website to go to. I am not sure what Joe Kerry or Glenn Beck are talking about here since it clearly states in the policy there has to be several kinds of notifications, a dormant period of at least a year and then the state has to work diligently to find the rightful owner for ten years. I have never found Glenn Beck to be blatantly making false statements so I would like to find the source of this discrepancy in information, my ability to understand or a misunderstanding on Joe Kerry’s part. Either way I think some more research and information needs to be obtained.

  • Kevin Felts

    My great grandparents did not trust banks either. I learned a long time ago why. Banks are just an extension of the government. The bank and the government can take whatever they want without due process.

  • drw

    Illinois has a similar law but the accounts have to be dormant for several years and there are several more before the state can close out the money. The state treasurer even has a traveling program that goes to fairs and rallies where people can search and claim lost funds.

  • Mrs. Chief

    Not everyone has a computer or uses one. Especially the elderly.

  • Diane Kruse

    So what happens to the accounts of a single person who is in the military and stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan and doesn’t have access to his account while overseas???? Six months is not a long time not to access your account. Maybe we all should withdraw all our money from all banks and let them go under–then we’ll see how they like not having our money to play with.

  • Anonymous

    All economic ‘depressions’ have been caused by banks.

    All bank failures have been caused by the banks themselves that failed.

    All banks which are FDIC ‘ insured ” are contracted with, under the control of,
    The Federal Reserve.

    Money ‘transacted’ by you on Fridays cannot be ‘moved’ until the Federal Reserve reopens on Eastern Time. Your loans cannot be approved when the Fed Reserve is closed.
    All bank doors are open for the times posted on their doors.
    All transactions are on Eastern Time

    Your local bank may have it’s doors open on a Saturday but nothing is ‘moved’ until
    Monday 7am EST.

    The lure is the ” FDIC Insured ” sign.
    The greed and manipulations and untrustworthiness of banks was so clear to everyone, their owners and board members and investors were deservedly run out of towns. Rightfully, no one trusted Bankers.
    Nothing has changed even today.
    Except for that small FDIC sticker on the windows and doors of banks .
    A ruse, an unproveable promise by People who Print money, that if you’ll use their money they’ll ” guarantee “, they’ll make good on any mistakes made by the Bank People they distribute it through.

    The question must be phrased: Why would you trust the Distribution People?
    You should know better.
    They ” use” your money.
    They loan it out and don’t disclose to you where your money is, who the Borrower is, what your contributing to in exchange for the $2500. you unwittingly are ‘loaning ‘ interest free to the bank in exchange for free checking worth $10. a month

    ie; a car, a bakery, a 4000 sq ft house, a shopping center.

    Sudden and odd laws appear overnight when the Fed Reserve suspects a ground swelling of fear of the people.
    The Fed Reserve CANNOT repay everyone.
    FDIC is worth the 5 cent cost of the window decal.
    Think of FDIC as a brand. Like Ford or Chevy, or Sony or Apple.
    Their implication is the lure.

    No one trusted banks after bank failures became an untouchable way of bank board members getting rich.

    The Printing People are the Federal Reserve; who prints and controls and makes the rules.
    If banks borrowing from the Printing People go by the Printing People’s rules.

    The Printing People are privately, organized, owned and operated

    Like the FDIC sign, the pictures of the Capitol and of Presidents are a ruse.
    Like the FDIC signs, they make you feel good.

    They’re all just paper and zinc.
    The money itself has no value at all, whatsoever.
    A pound of potatoes has more value then a $100. dollar bill.
    The value of money is in the power of the ruse.

    Federal Reserve which has nothing to do with govt. except to finance and lend to
    govt.’s and banks which enables the Fed Reserve to run whole economies of nations, states, and banks by controlling the banks,
    who control the flow of your cash and everything you dream of doing with it.

    A ruse, a pretense, a disguise, an empty promise to lure an entire nation back to banks after the banks sank the entire economy of the US.

    If you trust Janet Yellen and the people hired her and who print your money and own the Fed Reserve then give them your paychecks to protect and let them collect your dividends and rental income and so on.
    I never met Janet Yellen. If I’m correct Janet and I will never talk or have a meal together. Why would you trust someone you’ll never meet with all of your income when you won’t leave your wallet or purse in a locked car?

    Millions of people were ruined by banks and those people know better.
    Their warnings and case stories are a service to next generations of the ease of corruption, and the devastation of all, orchestrated by handfuls of indifferent men.

    What we do know:
    Bankers never go to jail

    The Fed Reserve closes banks early or doesn’t open them if there are events, announcements, alarms, where people would rush to withdraw their money.

    The Fed Reserve has limited the amount withdrawn on any one account, when they suspect such a ‘run’ on a bank(s).

    Because the amounts totaled in all accounts exceeds what is in print.

    It isn’t a delivery problem; delivering more cash to a bank.

    The numbers going into your account, since the invention of checks, which are IOU’s of credit extended to the signature name on the check, are not actual dollar bills.

    To return every persons numbers in dollar bills to each person would require printing.

    Printing releases the violence of inflation: wheelbarrows of dollar bills for bread.

    As an example only, any private persons like PayPal can start a money distribution system without the Fed Reserve. The Fed Reserve resents companies like ie;

    PayPal, a dread of the Federal Reserve.
    No connection with each other.
    No control over PayPal.
    No access to PayPals records.

    PayPal doesn’t loan money so it doesn’t borrow money from the Fed Reserve.
    No dependency on the Reserve, no fear of failure.
    PayPal makes it’s income on transaction fees.

    Your bank makes it’s money on a long list of fees.
    It makes zero income on your checking account or savings acct.
    Ditto the Fed Reserve; Fees and Interest are it’s income.
    They print to loan.

    The Interest and fees on the loan is their profit.
    When you loan millions or billions to finance wars or an infrastructure you
    control those governments or that city, or that institution, or that bank.

    Never put money into a bank for ” safekeeping ” .
    Banks are anything but.
    Behind every economic crash of depression is a bank or financial institution acting as a Distributor of the Printing People and a game of musical chairs.
    Whenever you the Earners, Depositors decide to remove your chair ( account and cash ), from the game and stop playing, the game crashes.

    They use the money you put in to loan out.
    They pay you 1% to use your money and charge 4%-10%, or to credit cards companies, up to 24% .
    They’ll give you free checking if you promise to secure them by not using your money so they can use it;
    waiving a $10 fee to you and making 10% per month on a loan balance for 2 years : $1,000.+/- on your $2500. minimum deposit.
    Your savings: $240. Your earnings: $0.

  • Chris Sherman

    This same thing happened to me in Texas. I got the money back eventually minus a handling fee which was I think 1% of the total. In fact I just got a notice from another bank that they were going to inactivate one of my accounts if I didn’t use it by a certain date.

  • Bradley Graves

    Same in FLORIDA- thankfully, my investment firm (Franklin Templeton) had me sign a statement of activity! THANK YOU Franklin Templeton!

  • Marry Daniels

    This is like what the IRS did to us. They went back and changed our returns for 3 years an then said we owed taxes of 15,000 , cleaned out our bank accts of 3000 with no notice, then said we owed 18,000.What the heck. How does 15-3 come to 18 ? Then they put a lien on our home with no notice. Contacted an attorney and IRS admitted they changed our returns and we did not owe the money but pay it or else and then file for refund.. How stupid is that? Our Government has gotten too big for it’s britches. I still have the letter to that statement of not owing the money.

  • Wulf

    Over the last couple years, some of the physical gold gurus have been warning that the Govt would soon be taking bank accounts, 401k, certain investments, etc. It’s interesting how people who make these warnings are called conspiracy theorists, but aren’t given the proper credit when the conspiracies materialize.

  • mjmaf

    The Government stealing from the taxpayers.

  • Sargonarhes

    guess I better take steps so my accounts are always active. I haven’t touched my savings for years. Time to make some transfers.

  • Red_Pill_4U

    All savers will eventually experience a Cyprus flavored haircut. Bummer.

  • dennis reilly

    the evil politician is the root of it all

  • DES

    There is a great reason for gov overthrow. In the state that brought you the Declaration of Independence no less. Need to hide cash in home safes now or lose it to A-holes in Harrisburg. This law should be overturned immediately.

  • Anonymous

    this is why I use those wal-mart services and the pre-paid cards, Banks are the governments plaything.

  • John Albano

    How is this not all over the news everywhere?

  • Tom

    4 words: Tangible gold and silver.

    Anyone who thinks they can trust government has obviously never talked with an American Indian. Sorry, is the PC term now “native American”? Either will work.

  • Friedrich

    Thieves go to jail. Government passes laws that permit them to steal legally —- and they just say —- sorry —– Government theft is the greater Sin

  • bob deschenes

    This has been around forever. When I was stationed at Fort Hood in Texas, I opened up a savings account. I was told that after a period of inactivity, the account would be closed and the money would be sent to the old soldiers home. I was sent to viet nam and never heard of the account again.

  • Anonymous

    The State should have an Unclaimed Property Department and website.

  • FedUp

    I just called our bank and they said after 3 years of inactivity they will initiate contact. Then you have two more years before the account is closed and the money goes to the state. Inactivity was defined as no customer initiated transaction – withdrawl or deposit.

  • Ann DeLong

    I feel like I’m reading science fiction!

  • Robert L. Rice

    Nothing any state,or obozos government does surprises me anymore,with the chintzy interested the banks pay now,its a wonder that everyone doesn’t take their money out of the bank AND BURY IT !!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    There r other ,laws’ on the books – 1 would b amazed to learn of them!! And the folks we vote 4 have the nerve to pas laws as such!! Really, we must wake up!!

  • Babylonandon

    Every time Statists take power … ostensibly to make things better for suffering people … they ALWAYS seize their property, stop or reduce their ability to support themselves and their family, try to run every aspect of their lives according to some utterly unfair “equality plan”, and then resort to State terrorism to silence potential dissent when the people give any hint of opposing the “plan” and eventually just to punish them for failure because Utopia … while impossible to achieve … “can only fail if people didn’t follow the (unworkable) plan”.

  • Armed American Woman

    I receive these notifications frequently. I have a trust account that I have to sign another letter every year for the bank. Next time I am anywhere near a branch of that bank, I am taking the money out. To heck with all this garbage. It is only an excuse to steal money from hard working people and give it over to an utterly incompetent government.

  • Armed American Woman

    The other thing these banks are doing now, is charging a fee for paper statements. I have a small account in a credit union that no longer has any funds in it due to the bank wanting to do all statements via the internet. Such a BAD BAD BAD idea. I mean bad. Ticks me off they took a couple hundred dollars for “paper statement” fees…They keep charging me overdraft fees. I’m not paying.

  • Mary J Randall

    I understand it perfectly. I am fighting Regions Bank in which my mother, Mary S Randall had a checking account with them and I was added to the bank account in Oct 2007 with a Durable Power of Attorney after receiving 2 phone calls while living overseas in the Marshall Islands. Her attorney took me to the Loop Branch of Regions and had me added to mom’s account after showing the paperwork to a employee/officer of the bank. He told me how to sign her checks to pay for her bills and I did this for several years. I had a operation in Dec 2009 and ran into complications and almost died. While I was in a hospital fighting for my life, supposedly someone changed the address of my mother’s bank statement from mine overseas to my mother’s supposedly friend who lied, stole, committed fraud, possibly kidnapped and murdered my mother. When we found out about the theft of the money stolen out of her bank account we contacted Regions by phone but got nowhere and then went into person to the Dauphin Island Parkway (DIP) branch and asked their Fraud dept to investigate the matter. We found out that $38,599.64 was stolen out of her bank account and I was not notified and neither was my sister, Debbie. We also were not told of the change of address and Regions only refunded $2147.11 not the entire amount of money that is missing. I also found out that I was removed from my mother’s bank account without my knowledge or consent. I found this out when I received a reply from Regions asking me how I came up with the amount of the money stolen out of my mother’s and mine bank account. I can add the fraudulent ATM entries and pin-withdrawals and 2 fraudulent checks. I asked the Fraud dept for pictures of the fraudulent transactions from the supposedly change of address in April 2010 – Mar 2011. I have only gotten pictures from 13 March 2011 – 26 March 2011 and my sister and I identified 2 of the 3 women involved, my mother’s supposedly friend, her daughter and her niece. I want to know who gave Regions authority to remove me from my mother’s account since my mother was not physically or mentally able to take care of her financial affairs. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s which we have in the family for 3 generations. Thank you Death Camps because according to the Board of Health of Alabama if your love one goes into the hospital, nursing facility or under hospice care, you do not have to be notified, nor told of the diagnosis nor told of the readmittance to the hospital, nursing facility again and again. That is the doctor’s responsibility. I asked what if the doctor is involved. God help you if your love one is under hospice care. They do not have to do the background check on the patient. The hospice that took care of my mother without me and my sister being told made over $10,000 instead of being honest and contacting us or even Medicare contacting us. No, they did not either. I was told by Medicare that it was not their responsibility to inform me but it sure as hell was their responsibility to ask me for her premiums each month. I am so thankful that my sister, Debbie asked me to come to Pocatello, ID to recover. If I had gone to the hospital, nursing facility or be under hospice care in Mobile, AL I would be dead. I have also found out that a thief at Regions helped the 3 women steal from my mother’s and my bank account but regions is now asking me how I came up with the amount of the money stolen. I can add. I was not raised on common core. Check with your family, check with your bank, call your representatives in local, state and federal governments and increase the law to protect our Senior Citizens because one day we will be old. I do not like liars and thieves.

  • Anonymous

    I worked in an Ohio banks for years and inactive accounts were required, after 3 years, to be “escheated” and all passed to the state. I, however, refused to let that happen and always took time to run down the parties. Subsequently, not one dime was ever escheated. Be aware that no one is required to contact escheated account owners! Not the bank, and not the state!

  • illinoisboy1977

    I believe there’s a Fourth Amendment issue, there. Your money is both an “effect” and “property”. Therefore, a search warrant would be necessary, for seizure.

  • Anonymous

    California tried the same thing with “inactive savings accounts”

  • Frank Castle

    Well NO WONDER the rich bank OFF SHORE!!! U.S. BANKS STEAL YOUR $$$ !!!!

  • Frank Castle

    Waiting to be approved??

  • Anonymous

    New York also seizes funds in dormant accounts. However, they are held as unclaimed funds and can be traced through the state’s website and reclaimed.

  • James Hanes

    Sometimes I am concerned for the country my kids and grand kids are inheriting. Why didn’t we do more to protect the American way of life? It’s all our fault!

  • Anonymous

    I have run into this. My son (very ill) has an account that is set up strictly for disability funds that, for the most part, we can’t touch (underpayments, that could be used towards his care is we received them when they were due, but since they weren’t, they can’t be used….go figure). Call from the gubmint…”Where is this money?”. Damned if I know, we didn’t touch it. “Well, you are going to owe it back, and also not get any current benefits until it is paid”…Track it down…yep, transferred to Commonwealth of PA due to inactivity. Uncle Sam had it back in the now reactivated account in three days. It is a trust account…shouldn’t you EXPECT inactivity?

  • Anonymous

    So the bank doesn’t update their rcords for several months and that’s okay, but if the customer does not use their money, the bank can confiscate it? Yeah, this is really beginning to stink.

  • Anonymous

    It may be a law that PA will no doubt attempt to lean on, but that law violates the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution, which reigns supreme over any state laws. No due process, no just compensation for seizure of property.

  • Anonymous

    The government taking inactive bank account money has been happening for a very long time. Maybe it’s a bank law or something. If an account isn’t active either in deposits or withdrawals by a certain time the government is allowed to take it. Because having money just sit there isn’t doing the bank any good. On the upside, having the government take it and then contact the account holder has probably gotten people to remember that they had money in an account they had forgotten about.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know what planet you came from but the banks here on Earth use those deposits to loan out to borrowers. All that is required is the bank keep 10% of deposits for regular business withdrawals. The rest is loaned out or invested by the bank. Google “fractional banking” and dee just what a racket banks are. Read the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” to get a good understanding of the Federal Reserve system and how fractional banking works.

      • Anonymous

        Inactive accounts can be confiscated. Savngs accounts, whether active or inactive, are the ones loaned out to people. Savings accounts and checking accounts have different rules. The best way to keep banks and the government from going in and taking money out is to have an active checking account.

  • Wayright2

    Might as well pull mine out. At 0.15% interest, why let them use it and be subjected to confiscation?

  • mitchsmith

    That process where the account is closed and the funds transferred to the state is called escheating. It happens in all 50 states. The bank should be able to tell you how much was escheated to the state. If they can’t, contact the bank’s primary regulator and file a complaint. They are required to maintain those records under the compliance regulations.

  • Eleanor

    What makes that money unclaimed if it is IN YOUR ACCOUNT? I REALLY don’t get this! There is activity on the acct. There is contact with the acct and the bank. The money is doing what it is supposed to do in a savings account. What moron wrote this rule? And what makes anything just lying around belong to the government? This is completely insane! Do you have any idea how long it took me to learn NOT to touch the money I’m trying to save?

  • David Maggard

    But if you keep the money under your mattress or in your car the police or feds can use asset forfeiture to take it without proving any crime.

  • Happy

    The Sate of Pennsylvania has long been ruled by gangsters. Boycott the states banks and businesses.

  • Lance Hottrod

    I do not leave anything but petty cash in my bank account anymore. CROOKS!

  • unhappycitizen456

    Pennsylvania is not the only state this occurs in. I had an account with thousands in it here in Colorado that the state treasurer took for the same reason. I had prove the money was mine even though it was in my account.;before they would cut me a check.

  • Bob Bencivenga

    I’m pretty sure this is based on a federal law that stipulates a three year period of inactivity and the account will be closed and the federal government gets the money. Pennsylvania is just trying to beat the federal government to the money.

  • Anonymous

    Bundy has his cows, Joe is sh*t out of luck. Are you starting to get it yet?

  • Will Crain

    This is going on in Georgia as well. I just found out an estate account I was managing for my deceased grandmother was confiscated to the tune of $7,500 and no one including Columbus Bank & Trust told me about it. Here’s the link:

  • william


  • Overheten

    I wonder how we will eventually get the ruling class out of DC? It will happen in the next 20 years. Just how is the scary thing.

  • Steve Ritnour

    They need to feed all the illegals…..and house them….and educate them……The money needs to come from somewhere.

    • Anonymous

      Why is your State Government feeding, housing and educating illegals? Probably because the Big Businesses in your state have demanded it. This isn’t a Federal problem, it’s a Big Businesses controlling the politicians in your State problem.

  • Anonymous

    I had small savings accounts for my grandkids and money was taken from them because they became inactive. At the time there was a lot of confusion with income because of retirement. It wasn’t until things began to settle that I noticed monies were missing from the accounts. When an inquiry was made and I found out the reason, I immediately closed out the accounts. More government interference costing everyone, even children, more money.

  • Roger Edward Harris

    I had a friend who put money in a German Bank while in the Army, When he went back several years later, the German Government had taken it. I found out that Banks here too will take money from an inactive account. You need to at least go to the Bank once a year any where in the world and do something with an account. It is possible to go get it from the government.

  • Yolanda Cabrera

    Track the politicians (demon possessed legislating officials) that filed these laws that spy on peoples moneys and forced banks 2 disclose personal and private information 2 the socialist Feds. Also, the best place 4 our money is in our home safe.

  • Anonymous

    We are well aware of the various state laws. The problem is it makes it difficult to participate in dividend reinvestment programs that are the backbone of good investments for the average individual.

    The principal is that you buy shares of stock then let the dividends accumulate and make regular purchases. At some point you just let the account continue to grow. Its a great device for a busy person and requires little skill as there is no attempt to trade on share price. All that is required is to pick a solid company that pays a decent dividend. Its actually a must with today’s negative interest rates. We have seen many of our accounts accumulate substantial gains over the past 20-30 years creating a solid retirement fund.

    But now, thanks to your state governments you can’t simply sit back and let the account grow. In some states you must make withdrawals or contributions. What a shame, another way to penalize savers. No wonder so few save for retirement, college, etc.

    • Anonymous

      There’s one other essential ingredient before your money is turned over: The bank needs to make a good faith effort to reach you. If you moved and changed your phone and email, they can’t. So be sure to keep your contact info current at that growing brokerage account and this won’t happen.


    Texas did the same to me, but they can keep the $6.45 if they need it that bad.

  • ken.

    i have never had a bank account or unsafe box in my life, i am 51. i have never had a pension, benefits or a 401k either. i cannot understand why people would trust their livelihood to anyone other then themselves. americans are supposed to be rugged individualists who take personal responsibility over dependence on others. how many more times will it take for people to hear about others being ripped off for them to take control of their assets and lives. life is much simpler and easy without the hassles of banks and credit cards, plus no fees or charges to pay. credit cards are the number one reason for identity theft and it takes years of work and thousands of dollars to repair the damage caused, usually costs much more then you lost to begin with, but banks scammed you into believing in credit scores. credit scores screw the people who need them the most and do nothing but add fees to those who are well off. the banking and credit system is designed to work against you. get out while you still can!

    • Anonymous

      It’s good that you brought up Credit Cards. It’s always been my personal belief that they’re associated with the Devil and it’s how he’s able to track your movements on earth. Along with Social Security numbers as well as IP numbers that are assigned to everybody on the internet, they’re all simple tools that Satan can use to keep tabs on you. Do you really want that sort of trouble when you can easily keep your money in your own home and pay for things in cash? Wake up Christians!

      • ken.

        it’s also good you brought up social security numbers, they are the base of all fraud.

      • tomamitai

        G-d created evil, and the devil works for him: Isaiah 45:7, Job 1:12, 2:6.

    • tomamitai

      Unless you work in an all cash business like illegal drug dealing or the ministry, I find it hard to believe you’ve never had a bank account. Apparently, though, you don’t have a shift key.

      • ken.

        they don’t want you to know that you can live without a bank account. i make enough money i don’t need to be a slave to loans, there is no law that says you have to use banks, there is no law that says you have to be paid by check, you can be paid in cash as long as all the deductions are taken out and documented.

  • trekela

    Aren’t you people all about personal responsibility? What about the responsibility of reading your banking agreement? Such entitled people

  • Anonymous

    The government can get away with anything as long as their real intentions are buried under legalese and subterfuge. Why do you think ObamaCare is thousands of pages long? It’s a ‘safe-haven’ for the burying of nefarious activity. In other words, “What do you mean ‘We didn’t inform you?’ It’s right there on page 1,228, paragraph 86, Clause 6.”

  • Anonymous

    One would think that some of the thieves is State Capitals would at the very least know whose money they are stealing. Keep electing the devious asses like we continue to do and things can get even a lot worse.

  • Anonymous

    This is how it has been done forever — DUH! they will get it back. Why do you people act like 12 year old girls

    • mfh

      Its not suppose to be six months. While dividends are paid to an account it should never be closed. Anyhow, how does someone elses money belong to the state?

      • tomamitai

        It doesn’t. The state takes it and keeps it for the owners or their heirs, instead of letting the banks take it. Of course, many banks now charge service fees for having an account, and they can then whittle it down to nothing before they are required to turn it over to the state.

  • Robert Quance

    At the current LOW interest rates it is better to keep your money home, hidden and pay cash for ALL purchases.

  • Anonymous

    This is nuts. I can understand if an account had no activity for a number of years, but, I would think efforts would be made to notify the owner of the account. To just yank the money after only six months with no notification is down right criminal.

  • Byron Dobs

    Glenn, I listened to your conversation concerning the bank
    account of one of your staff which was transferred to the state.

    This process is many centuries old in English Law originally
    applied to the estates of heirless persons and is called escheatment.

    In most if not all states, this includes most financial
    transaction in which a payee has not claimed i.e. cashed a check, accessed a bank or brokerage account for a defined period.

    An example of this in Texas is that business that have issued
    checks that have not been cashed by the payee for two years must remit thatmoney to the Texas Comptroller’s office.

    When I was working in the accounting offices of the Sears
    Catalog facility in Dallas, we issued promotional checks to thousands of customers of $5.00.

    After two years, we had to send the unclaimed checks to
    Texas. It took several clerks several days to list each check with customer name and address in order to follow the law.

    We never did that again.

    Byron Dobbs

  • Nonnie

    My Dad lived through the Great Depression and he said he same thing. He would invest in silver and Gold instead of CD’s and keep it hidden at his home because he saw banks close their doors during the Depression. He also said paper money would be worthless if something like that happened.

  • James Flint

    If interest was deposited into the account, then there was “activity.”

  • Jaclyn Baggesen

    WOW….there are no words….just WOW…..thanks for the heads up…..WOW

  • Anonymous

    Every state that’s watching out for its citizens has an abandoned property law to keep banks from taking what doesn’t belong to them. How long before it is considered abandoned varies. If the bank doesn’t have current contact info, they turn it over to the state, which keeps it for the owner or heirs, sometimes forever. Accumulation of interest can’t be the standard for guessing that an account is abandoned (read: forgotten about). Before the law requiring the state to keep the money for the owner, banks used to just take it when it appeared abandoned. Try something else to complain about. Meanwhile, cruise your state’s abandoned property website. You may find ten grand that nobody knew Granny had, and you can go get it.

  • james

    this is going on all across the country, I believe this is a federal regulation because it can also happen in Tx.

  • Dee Dunbar

    so much for savings

  • Aaron Gerencser

    Kind of like the government, actually some junk company they contracted to, sending me (A veteran) a letter finding me incompetent to handle my own finances and other personal matters out of the blue, for no reason, without going to court, having an investigation done, no objective exam by a Psychiatrist or Psychologist. Just magically one day, “You are incompetent.” Now, I am having to fight to get it all fixed. So wrong…..

    Wish somebody would tell this story… It is happening to thousands of veterans across the country.

  • Sharon Gustavson

    This happened to me, in Utah, over 40 years ago. For 6 months I hadn’t touched that account and they closed the account.

  • Anonymous
  • Ranchman

    This will all change when people have had their fill of the tyranny and start blowing up banks and other financial institutions. The day is coming…

  • Tom Simmons

    Read the book of Revelations, it is all there, exactly what is happening now

  • simkatu

    Glenn Beck is retarded. This article is nonsense. Nobody had accounts “seized” that were worth more than $10. And in any case, the money is still kept in accounts so that it can be retrieved by the account holders when they claim it. But go ahead and bang pots into your head and get yourselves into a frenzy over this non-story. Glenn Beck told you to be mad. So get mad.

  • Anonymous

    Like spoiled children, Harry Reid and Senate democrats stubbornly refused to negotiate.

  • Rex Whitmer

    Wake up people! This is no longer a government of the people, it’s become a government of con men and women! At one time I ran a business, the State and Federal government made more money than I did! The worst part was that I had to pay to have some one keep accurate records! Now a days I collect Social Security. I paid Social Security since I was twelve years old, picking up pins in a bowling alley, until I retired at age sixty five. The government stole my money for who knows what? and now they tell me that they are giving me money! Back figuring, I might get it all back if I can live to a hundred and ten years old. If you try this remember that your employers had to pay an equal amount into that fund, that they might have paid YOU!

  • Bryan Brown

    I recently lost $250,000.00 in wells fargo bank in california. I had never herd of such a thing before? when i was born my grandmother started a bank account for me. it had $15.00 in it at age 35 i got to use the account there was not a problem. Wells Fargo bank stole my quarter million dollars because i was out of country for one year? this is insane folks. if you took fifteen dollars from the bank you would be in the federal pen! but they can steal your money any time. and they can change the rules without notice. they could say well if your account is inactive for a weekthen without notice you life savings is gone. oh you can get it bavk. dream another dream i have been trying to get my life savings back for 2years now. and because they took my savings and i lost my job i have now lost my house. the bank took it the same bank that took my savings. what is the governments excuse to steal my money i worked hard for?my excuse for account inactiveity was higher prices on everything and no raise in Fifteen years because the company couldnt afford to operate due to higher taxes! so the government ruins business by taxing them to death then steals the employees money. their savings and retirement because they cant get anymore money from a dead horse. i will NEVER put any money in a bank again and i urge you to do as well.that 6months of inactivity might just be a week next month. this is not the america i grew up in this is Natzi germany pre world war 2!!! look close my friend you cant fly anywhere with out your papers. homeland security and the nsa are recording every phone call made. do i really believe they are not listening? we are losing our freedoms one day at a time and the next generation just grows up thinking thats the norm. in the 06s if the government took your bank account for 6months inactivity there would have been a revolution. now your a radical because they stole a quartermillion dollars from me and i was screaming at a bank teller. well it took me over 55yrs to save up that money. working 2jobs working my hands raw just so they can take it away. throw me out of my home i have paying on for 23years throw me and my wife to the street at 63because we could not pay our morgage that we had enough money in our savings to pay off now people look at us living in our car like we are bums because we are homeless when the government STOLE our money. an in 2years has failed to return it. my wife and i have been thinking about comitting suicide. so what if we get our money back we cannot recover what we lost no one wants to hire you at 63 and we are not so sure that we will survive long enough to get OUR money returned to us. this is wrong and they should all go to jail for what they have done to us!

  • Thomas Clarke Garvie

    Can’t understand why the bank, who knew the rules, didn’t notify the owner’s of the checking account in plenty of time and make them aware of this. this is unbelivable.

  • Evy Rosebrook

    Go troll someplace else.

  • Anonymous

    WOZ? Neighbour? Learn to speak proper English please. And please your stupid advertisements else where.

  • Nice Ride

    Your sister is a hooker. That is her part time job. The old laptop is her client list. I hear she gives great head.

  • Anonymous

    Learn to spell, please.

  • Anonymous

    Somebody stick a gat in her azz so I can pull the trigger!

  • Justin DeHetre

    You realize there isn’t somebody sitting at a computer waiting for a reply that sees your post and thinks “Oh, gosh… I didn’t know they felt that way. Guess I’ll take my lucrative information somewhere else.” You get that, right?

  • Brian Bahbah

    Those people probably have had their account either hi-jacked or they have a web browser virus. Occasionally it is a direct spam post from a real person. But often it is not. At least when you see it like this one.

  • Vicki M Booth

    Actually, that spelling of neighbor IS proper English. We Americans are the ones who are wrong. Everywhere else, including Mother England, it’s spelled that way. But I agree the ad is annoying.

  • Brian Bahbah

    Those people probably have had their account either hi-jacked or they
    have a web browser virus. Occasionally it is a direct spam post from a
    real person. But often it is not. At least when you see it like this

  • FedUp

    I have a good idea Singlethoughtprocess knows perfectly well. But sometimes you just have to do it. It’s like talking to the driver in front of you about how stupid their last maneuver was – it just feels good!

  • Deborah Jenkins

    “mother” England? Not for me! My ancestors may have come over from the UK, but there was no “mothering” involved and “I” am 100% AMERICAN. So – Neighborhood is the CORRECT spelling for American english!

  • MacBeagle

    …and you’re overlooking the misuse of “there” because?

  • mitchsmith

    Well that is all well and good Carolynn, but guess what happens in Pennsylvania if her account is dormant for at least 6 months

  • Yolanda Cabrera

    Very impressive!

  • kathleen_smith121

    You’ve got that right! My ancestors are from Ireland. “Mother England”? More like murder/starver England!

  • Winston Blake

    The United States would not exist if it weren’t for us greater men of the British Empire…

    All of the signatories to our Declaration of Independence were Englishmen.

    We civilized the world with nothing more than a song.

    Any tongue that confesses our angelic language concedes this.

  • Winston Blake

    Thomas Hobbes said the papists and presbyters were nothing more than ‘ghosts of the deceased Roman empire sitting crowned upon the grave thereof.’

    Hobbes had to flee for his life to France while Oliver Cromwell laid waste to the British Isles proving it.

  • Anonymous

    Dang straight! I’m a second generation American by way of Scotland! The Brits can go s… it!
    Haggis for everyone!

  • Anonymous

    Yes the depravity of the English royalty created the circumstances which drove those seeking religious freedom to flee to the wilderness. In so doing they established the greatest civilization known to man a Shining city on a hill for all the world to aspire too.

  • Michael Hager

    Completely wrong take on this scripture. And if you call yourself Christian you cannot go around judging others for any reason.

    In this verse, Christ was preparing his disciples for the persecution they would inevitably face and admonishing them that if they stuck to their faith unwavering that they would be first in heaven, but if they, having proclaimed in Christ, denied Him for their own sake, they wold also be denied in heaven.

    Has nothing to do with people who do not already believe in Christ.

  • Aaron Roland

    Um…. what? you are crazy. Read CS Lewis and you will start to get a glimpse of christianity. Any good deeds or actions are accepted by god eve if it is in the wrong name done, but any evil deed even in christs name is rejected by him. Because no unclean thing can be before god. So someone who is jewish can know Christ better then some christians by the way they live their lives.

  • Winston Blake

    judaic mammonism = baphomet = mahomet = muslim brotherhood

    same devil

  • Winston Blake

    If you are not reading the Gospel to understand Christianity, you are being led astray…

    Matthew 10:33

    But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

    judaism = anti-Christ

  • Winston Blake

    Thomas Hobbes said the papists and presbyters were nothing more than ghosts of the deceased Roman empire sitting crowned upon the grave thereof.

    So, Hobbes had to flee for his life to France while Oliver Cromwell laid waste to the British Isles proving it.

  • Anonymous

    Under what you are saying if make a decision about others you are judging them and thus are in the wrong. Thus you can never sit on a jury, condemn Hitler, Obama, Clintons Reid, Osama, etc… Under this if you do not believe the words of people you are judging them and thus in the wrong. Thus you must embrace false prophets and liars like Obama or you are judging them……

  • Winston Blake
  • Winston Blake

    Glenlivet I agree to, but haggis tastes like shít…

  • Herbert

    Here it comes my friends. No account is safe, even with login activity. Any ‘asset’ that is not within reach is not an asset.

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