Great news! 16-year-old Justina Pelletier is on her way home

After spending more than a year in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families, a Boston judge has finally ruled 16-year-old Justina Pelletier can return home. On radio this morning, Glenn thanked the audience for their unwavering interest in the case and celebrated the “great” news.

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“Let’s start with another great story. It is the story of Justina Pelletier,” Glenn said. “She’s supposed to be returned to her home. Yesterday at about 3 o’clock I got an email from Mat Staver at Liberty Counsel, and he said she’s on her way home tomorrow morning – that’s today. So she is being released from the hospital, back to her parents.”

For those unfamiliar with the case, in February 2013 a then-15-year-old Justina was brought to Boston Children’s Hospital after suffering complications with the flu. Prior to this, the Connecticut teen had been diagnosed and treated by a physician at Tufts Medical Center for mitochondrial disease – a disease that affects the function of the cell’s mitochondria.

Once at Boston Children’s Hospital, however, doctors declared Justina had somatoform disorder, a psychiatric disorder, and stopped treating the mitochondrial disease. When the Pelletiers disagreed with the treatment plan set forth by these doctors and tried to discharge Justina to take her elsewhere, they were accused of medical child abuse and lost custody of their daughter to the Massachusetts DCF. Over the course of the past year, Justina’s condition had deteriorated rapidly.

After months of back and forth and dead ends, Judge Joseph Johnston finally ruled Justina’s parents – Lou and Linda Pelletier – will regain custody of their daughter.

“I find that the parties have shown by credible evidence that circumstances have changed since the adjudication on Dec. 20, 2013, that Justina is a child in need of care and protection pursuant to G.L. c. 199, 24-26,” Johnston wrote in the ruling, according to the Boston Globe. “Effective Wednesday, June 18, 2014, this care and protection petition is dismissed and custody of Justina is returned to her parents, Lou and Linda Pelletier.”

On Tuesday, the Facebook page that has been chronicling Justina’s condition posted a video from the teen in which she thanks all those who fought for her freedom.

Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel has been providing legal services to the Pelletiers since hearing about the case on the Glenn Beck Radio Program late last year. While Staver wouldn’t confirm the Pelletiers plan to file a lawsuit in the case, he told TheBlaze “there is a real strong desire by everyone involved, even the community, to make sure the people responsible are held accountable.”

“Now, this brings up a whole bunch of questions for us,” Glenn said. “I mean we have to get dad back on the phone and find out from him some of this after things settle down. Are you going to continue to live in Connecticut now?”

“No way,” Stu responded.

“You live in a trailer. You live in a two-room apartment if you have to,” Glenn agreed. “You get your family out of there.”

Considering Justina still faces health problems, Glenn, Pat, and Stu wondered what they would do if it was their child in this situation. Can you ever trust a hospital or doctor again?

“And how do you ever take Justina to a hospital again? You just wouldn’t,” Pat said. “[But] she’s deteriorated a lot in the last 16 months. She can’t walk now… She hasn’t gone to school. There’s been no education of her in over a year. No church, no school. It’s hideous what they’ve done to her… She can barely talk.”

The Pelletier family is sure to face a lot of challenges as they work to get Justina acclimated and healthy again. While Staver was coy about future litigation against Boston Children’s Hospital and the state of Massachusetts, Glenn hopes to see a “major lawsuit.”

“If this isn’t a major lawsuit, there is no justice. And here’s the thing. You put this in front of an impartial jury, and they will kill the Boston Children’s Hospital. They will bankrupt them,” Glenn concluded. “Because remember, it’s the jury. Everybody is like, ‘I don’t like these out-of-control lawsuits with these big settlements.’ It’s the jury that decides how much to pay. It’s not the judge. It’s not the lawyers. It’s the jury.”

  • Elena

    Now, let’s get Sgt Tahmorressi home, too!

    • regulus30

      ROLL TIDE.

      • Jason

        He is not a muslim and likes guns, unlike the jerk that deserted his post with out his gun. So do not expect him to make it out anytime soon. Just like the border patrol agents under the Bush admin who were put in prison, for doing their jobs.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the so called doctor who started all this gets his gonads crushed in court, along with the hospital for backing him and silencing the original Doctor.

    • Anonymous

      I think it might have been a woman…but I could be wrong.

  • Wulf

    This is good news, but I fear that American is past the point of no return. The Govt can basically do whatever it wants – stealing children, bank accounts, 401k’s, property, etc.

    The middle class is being eradicated….

    • Guest

      Blame all those that voted for the POS we have in the Presidents chair. Ok, on the golf cart is more accurate. This November we can start to take our country back or trash it for ever. Repubs must take over the Senate and retain the House if there is any chance to recover. Biggest election in my time on this planet.

    • Majobuki

      Blame all those that voted for the POS we have in the Presidents chair. Ok, on the golf cart is more accurate. This November we can start to take our country back or trash it for ever. Repubs must take over the Senate and retain the House if there is any chance to recover. Biggest election in my time on this planet. Get out and vote for a Repub even if you think they are a sure thing. Look what happened to Cantor.

      • olford

        Yes Sir, that’s a start. I’ve been calling Wash DC everyday now about all things including boarders and I’m getting through to leave messages with staff and voice mails. The fact I’m getting through shows we not calling and giving these people a hard time. We have become like “deer in the headlights”. That’s the same as “silent approval ” Please call everyday make their life uncomfortable.
        Wash DC switchboard 1-202-224-3121 ask for transfer to your congress person or John Boehner speaker of the house. Please get active and stop talking, their life is to easy as they destroy USA.
        We can shake them up. Pray and call please 1-202-224-3121
        They have to know we aren’t going to let them do this anymore. !!!

      • Anonymous

        And we had better keep Republican’s feet to the fire on all of these issues too, because a lot of them have sold out to “big gov’t” ideas and other socialist agendas.

  • Teresa Magnan

    Glenn, somebody, anybody, is she home, or is she home under “protective supervision”? Is it over or can she be taken again on a whim. Normally children come home on a “trial home visit” that becomes “protective supervision” and THEN the case is closed. The process can take YEARS! The story is not over KEEP WATCHING!

    • Suzanne Rice

      The father said she is home and there is no “supervision,” etc.

    • fez

      Hopefully the damage done to her over the past year or so is not irreparable. Our government has become tyrannical.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, I saw a picture of Justina returning home by car and she looked quite healthy with no sign of any abuse. Could be a setup, though.

  • Anonymous

    Good work, Glenn Beck. You certainly are the heartbeat of America.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I know that the Pelletier family is thanking God for your voice. Yours is the voice that rose up to bring attention to the American people of the injustice done to the Pelletiers. May God continue to use you and your program for good.

  • Suzanne Rice Unfortunately, the Justina Pelletier case is not an isolated incident at Boston Children’s Hospital. I’m sure they’ve helped a lot of people, but it seems they also have some people and procedures that are very scary. And, if one hospital is doing things like this, I doubt they are the only ones. Just the only ones who’ve gotten caught. This is an article (it doesn’t take long to read) about another family in a similar situation at the same hospital.

  • Tracy

    Glenn Beck, you mention Children’s in Phoenix. Here is a story right now that is going on just like Justina’s ,,,

  • Daniel McCarthy

    We need to see the doctors face all over the internet and the newspapers. I know for a fact that this doctor was trying to make a name for his diagnosis. This was not about Justina, but about a doctor making a child his experiment. The experiment did not go well. I work with a lot of doctors that know what was going on here and they were horrified that it would give Children’s hospital a bad name. They were totally against what went on, even if it were more about protecting their hospitals reputation.

  • regulus30

    thanks for your exposure of this travesty and you work to free her.

  • olford

    Thank God for Your Grace & Mercy ! We are in trouble the evil one has the white house and is running over us right now. But don’t let the evil ones lies stop you call Wash. DC. everyday and lean on them for righteousness to up hold law and order.
    1-202-224-3121 don’t give up !! Satan is a liar and we must do our duty to the best of our ability and shake them everyday. Lets not become “deer in the headlights” like they want. Stand up and be heard. 1-202-224-3121 Please

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think that evil in Washington has just started during obama’s tenure. It’s been there for quite some time. Events that happened so far are illusions that sheeple believe. One must use logic and expert assessments to find out the truth. It’s all there if you care to do your homework.

      • olford

        You are correct, it has been there for all of history. The point I’m making is it fell out of the wood work and is going faster than we have ever seen in our life time. And we can do something about it.
        Lets stop looking like “deer in the headlights” and be heard. We can complain to each other, but that’s doing no good. God Bless the way.
        1-202-224-3121 Wash DC switchboard leave messages for the house and senate.

  • Anonymous

    We are at the point now where you only bring your kids to the hospital if you are pretty sure they are going to die otherwise.

    Any injury, and now any illness, could result in your kids being abducted, or you being charged with abuse.

    In the latter case, your house will need to be inspected, your firearms checked, etc. Freedom gone, the price you pay for taking your kids to the hospital.

    So people just don’t do it. They roll the dice. They treat the kids themselves or whatever. Great country you liberals have created, where ailing children can’t get treatment because their parents live in fear of oppressive government.

    • Anonymous

      i stillthink most hospitals wouldnt do this unless there was child abuse involved. i work at a catholic hospital and they have never to my knowledge ever done this except in cases of child abuse where they proved the mom or boyfriend or whoever abused the child. they have to by law. most hospitals are still good places that take care of people you cant label allof them as bad. just because there are a few bad things like justina, its still rare.

      • Anonymous

        You best wake up ! Perhaps this would not happen in a majority of hospitals but the fact that it can happen in many is scary. How is a parent to know who to trust anymore? For you to infer that the Pelletier’s are abusers without evidence is just plain wrong. Perhaps you are blinded by working in a Catholic Hospital where they still have some morals as opposed to a non religious hospital. Worse yet, a county or gov. run hospital.

      • Sue Maloof

        “they have to by law”…well, the law didn’t matter in MA, everything that was done to this child and family was illegal and unconstitutional! Get your head out of your a___, uh, the sand.

        • Anonymous

          why are you so rude?? i was just voicing my opinion. and i dont have my head up my ass!!! i know that there are some bad things that happen. it just seemslike some ppl on here are implying to never trust hospitals which is totally ridiculous. like i said if you or a loved one need hospital care, and are looking check out angies list or talk to friends or someone you can trust. there are ways to find out. i just hope justina;s parent sue the hell out of this doctor. they sure deserve it

  • Anonymous

    Happy for the family. This doctor and hospital should pay (and DCF) one way or another for what they did to the family, both separating them and dragging their name through the mud.
    My husband just told me the Redskins have had their name taken away by the US patent office!

  • starzowner

    She was kidnapped by the Hospital and this is not the first time they have done this. It is money in their pocket. Be afraid, parents, be VERY afraid. This could happen to you so you better be interested in the outcome of this. This tears at the very fabric of parenthood where you lose your rights to decide on treatment for your child who was under the care of YOUR physicians but taken away by other physicians that did not agree with your choice of doctors and their diagnosis!!!! Outrageous that this could even happen. Boston children’s hospital needs to be closed down permanently and the doctors involved arrested for kidnapping.

  • Grieving Mom

    A million Thank You’s, Glen Beck, for covering this story. It is happening at Mayo Clinic /St Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, MN too. My little girl was taken from the children’s Cancer Unit by a resident in the psychology program, right after her 4th grueling round of chemo, and forced onto the LOCKED psych ward because I would not immediately sign consent for this student to give her psych drugs before first consulting with daughter’s MEDICAL team. She never made it home and was forced to die without her stem cell transplant, her friends, family and entire support system. Jusitna is very lucky and blessed. Thank God her family got her back.

    • bvgrn

      Oh, mom. I am so sorry to hear your story about your beautiful little girl.

      This is so sad. I hope you have a good support system, and a belief that you WILL see your angel again one day.

      God Bless you.

  • L. Nat Bean

    Although Marxism is revolutionary and Fabianism gradualist, the centrally controlled system that each envisions is basically the same.

  • Kathleen Hamilton

    Never take your children, you home or your freedom for granted. Keep your eyes wide open, your heart full of compassion, but your courage and your resolve to stand firm against evil and injustices!

    • olford

      Pray for guidance and protection, to our Lord and Savior. Amen

  • gator37

    Sue that hospital out of existence. It is not a healthy place to have a family member. and include the Judge who took the child away from her family.

  • Tony Viscardi

    Love him or hate him doesn’t matter. Glenn, his subscribers and many of those posting here along with the Blaze Network were instrumental in making this happen. Thanks to all you great people out there. It took way too long but justice prevailed.

    • Anonymous

      Something prevailed I am not sure if it was Justice yet but we will. If heads start rolling down the corridors of the children’s protective service and Boston’s children’s hospital then justice will have begun. Next let’s see if they bill her family for treatment.

  • Anonymous

    thank god for some good news!!! what gets me is what gave the hospital the right to do this in the first place??? i am so happy i hadnt heard anything for a while andwondered what was happening with that!!!

  • Anonymous

    Evil government control, God will win in the end

  • Lee Wilson

    For the pain and suffering Sue the state and bankrupt the state.

    • Anonymous

      Guys they are bankrupt. Progressive states in that part of the country but you know who is not bankrupt that is in this up to their necks? Harvard! Yes that Harvard. Home of the largest college endowment in the United States, 6 years ago it was over 13 billion. I think that would mean they have enough to cover it. What needs to happen at the state level is prison terms. The prisons are always needing good doctors and mental Heath care people I think there are a few that need to spend a long time in a small space to reflect on just what to hell they were doing. There might even be a judge that needs some reflection time as well.

  • Lee Wilson

    Glen, not all places are like that. Our Son was in the NICU for 2 and a half months, Imean he was sick. He didn’t jsut have PKU , He was jaundice.
    We were there at the hospital every day.
    We never had an issue. We been to the Portland Childrens Hospital and never had an issue. But then again, we have followed the diet to the “T” .
    Now the Metabolic Specialst has indeed stated that there have been cases where the state had take a kid from the family, but that was because they were not following through on the dietary thing for PKU.

    Phenylketonuria (fen-ul-ke-toe-NU-re-uh) is a birth defect that causes an amino acid called phenylalanine to build up in your body. Phenylketonuria is caused by a mutation in a gene that helps create the enzyme needed to break down phenylalanine.

    Amino acids are the building blocks for protein, but too much phenylalanine can cause a variety of health problems. People with phenylketonuria (PKU) — babies, children and adults — need to follow a diet that limits phenylalanine, which is found mostly in foods that contain protein.

    Babies in the United States and many other countries are screened for phenylketonuria soon after birth. Although phenylketonuria is rare, recognizing phenylketonuria right away can help prevent serious health problems.

  • dmprisk

    I hope parents think twice before ever taking any kid to Boston’s children’s hospital. Someone needs to see where that doctor who started all this ends up. And don’t go to any hospital she is employed at.

  • margie Brecik

    Poor kid. I do hope she gets well. What a horrible thing to have happen. My best to the family

  • Akrude Nolledge

    We to have a perp walk on these things. It’s the only way. One issue at a time, from Sandy Berger stealing from the National Archives over the 911 Commission all the way to the POTUS. Any political party, any person. A perp walk. Then we will know America is back on track.

  • Nina

    Government is completely out of control. No one has any freedom anymore. EVERYONE is in danger of being “picked on” by a government that is outrageously out of control. DCF is supposed to protect children. If the child was deteriorating during these past 16 months of Massachusetts DCF custody, then they are also responsible and need to be sued as well. Can you even sue DCF? They are just as responsible. And, what the blank have they been doing with the child for 16 months to allow her health to deteriorate to begin with? DCF is guilty of child endangerment as well. If she was in their DCF system, then they were responsible for her health during the entire time that they had custody of her. As far as I am concerned, DCF is now guilty of child neglect. Now, let’s talk about the parents. If they were seeking a “second medical opinion,” then, obviously, they were responsible parents who had their child’s best interests at heart. It was an outrageously malicious action to take the child away from her parents just because they were not satisfied with the treatment she was receiving and wanted something better. In summary, we live in a very malicious society now where everyone is out to get everyone else. I am ready to move to Australia for good and get out of this insane place.

  • Anonymous

    about damn time. this should never have happened to Justina in the first place. they better file a hell of a lawsuit that needs to be filed ASAP

  • berne nightingale

    that is unbelievable–in spite of the fact that the child had medical care that did not agree with the new diagnosis!! That is taking the power of officialdom to the next insane level.

  • Christine Hall

    Im Glad that the hospitals in the Uk have to go to court first before any of this happens plus they cant keep it going for money as we all pay through our paye pay as you earn and not insurances long live the NHS we get fabulous care and rarely abuse i dont say it wouldnt happen but there would have to be a really good case and all avenues of investigation thoroughly gone through and no diagnosis achieved but also we have the Centre for Life that all tests would go to when there are difficulties to get a diagnosis. This is a shabby case.

  • ConcernedMommy

    I am so glad to hear that she is home. my family will continue to pray for Justina as she gets on the road to recovery. God bless you Justina!!!

  • Margaret Rudolf

    I hope the parents file a lawsuit and win a lot of money. These psychologists and child “protective” workers and judges need to know that they have overstepped the line. They should pay for that.

  • Cwayne-barb Sherry

    This case is the LIGHT that shines the darkness of corruption running rampant throughout DCF/CPS agencies in the United States. The growing number of families coming forward unjustly treated by these rouge agencies is coming to light because of the Pelletier’s plight and Lou willingness to stand for truth and fight. Light is exposing this darkness. How does darkness succeed in overcoming light? When we close our eyes. Now the light of truth is shining in this darkness, and the eyes of the people are open to the light. Keep it up Glenn, Staver, Huckabee, and the entire world at being a light in darkness. Don’t allow the evildoers of these agencies, media, and medical personnel to continue to blind the eyes of the people. Most recently, the wires reported the issue with the Pelletiers was that Justina had a genetic disease and the conflict was whether she was getting better under her parent’s care. That, folks, is the type of darkness that will blind the eyes. SHOUT often, SHOUT loudly, and turn on the light of truth into EVERY area of darkness. TRUTH is that light that will overcome this evil.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the parents sue all those involved in the kidnapping and abuse of their daughter. Some of these child abusers and kidnappers need to do serous jail time. The parents should also be award a huge sum of money and Justina’s future medical care should all be at the expense of the hospital that held her captive. The message needs to be sent that what happened is totally criminal and those involved need to be held accountable so this doesn’t happen to any other child or even adult patient.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another example of people being used and things being loved and not the other way around.

  • Memphis Viking

    Hopefully now she can get the treatment she actually needs.
    Everyone agrees that children need to be protected from abuse, but these children’s and family services departments around the country have far, far too much power.

  • Friend Wilkins


  • YaThink

    Bullsh1t. The press has been saying this for over a week just like they said Sterling had sold the Clippers for 2 billion dollars to Balmer which turned out to be a lie also. Home is only an hour away for this little girl. News Flash. She isn’t there.

  • Anonymous

    Stop the insanity become a keyboard warrior and share these free songs
    to fight the war of ideas between TYRANNICAL GODS WHO WANT TO RULE US

  • Anonymous

    she probably glad she home with her family. hopefully as a nation we can prevent
    this sort of thing from happening again. she such a beautiful girl.

  • okamitora

    So they stop treating a physical condition because someone says it’s a psychiatric condition instead despite the ample evidence of it being a physical condition and not a psychiatric condition. They steal a teenaged girl from her parents to keep her locked up and dying slowly under their “care” for over a year. This is massive medical quackery and the lot of them should have their medical licenses revoked and be blacklisted by the entire medical community.

  • olford

    Emily boob job !!! Get off our site. Stop Scam now.

  • lil’ will

    I can’t believe this! Even with a story such as this one. Cant SOMEBODY get these creeps STOP?! Knock it off scammer!!

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