WATCH: Greta Van Susteren grills Hillary Clinton on the constitutionality of the NSA

Hillary Clinton continues to falter as she makes the rounds to promote her new memoir Hard Choices. During an appearance on Fox News’ On the Record, host Greta Van Susteren repeatedly pressed Clinton on the constitutionality of the National Security Agency and its surveillance techniques. Clinton did not respond well to the line of questioning.

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“Greta Van Susteren had Hillary Clinton on yesterday, and I thought she did a great job,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “Hillary Clinton on the other hand… I’m so tired of all of these politicians. They’re all exactly the same. Hillary Clinton is no different than John Boehner would be… We can’t be the only group of people that are sick of this. I mean, honestly, I don’t know who’s watching interviews like this anymore.”

Van Susteren asked – point blank – if the NSA spying on Americans violates the Fourth Amendment, and Clinton dodged the question.

“Madam Secretary, you’re a lawyer, President Obama is a lawyer, I’m a lawyer and NSA spying on Americans violates the Fourth Amendment. It couldn’t be plainer. If you want to spy on Americans you get a warrant,” Van Susteren said. “What do you think about that?”

“Well, I think that we’re finally taking stock of the laws that we passed after 9/11. I voted for some and I voted against some,” Clinton said. “And people are saying, ‘Wait a minute. We did all of this in an emergency, in a hurry because we were, you know, understandably worried and scared, and now we need to take a step back and figure out how we make sure that the balance between liberty and security is absolutely right for America.’”

Not pleased with her response, Van Susteren then followed up by questioning the potentially illegal search and seizure conducted by the NSA without a warrant, and Clinton once again spoke in circles – noting laws were passed post-9/11 that gave the government a “very broad authority” which was “endorsed by executives in two administrations.”

“And I think what has happened is people have said, ‘Okay, the emergency is over and we want to get back to regular order. We want to make sure that we’re not being spied on, that our privacy is not being violated — so we want you to keep us safe, we want you to protect us, but we don’t want Americans to be in any way fearful of their own government’s actions,’” she said.

Van Susteren continued to press the former Secretary of State on the NSA in relation to the Fourth Amendment. Watch the entire exchange below:

“She’s always duplicitous. And it is most politicians but this was in particular agonizing,” Pat said of Clinton. “What Greta was saying is so clearly true. What the NSA has done and is doing is completely unconstitutional.”

Glenn was particularly struck by quickly Clinton distanced herself from the NSA even though her served as a Senator during President George W. Bush’s presidency and was Secretary of State in the Obama Administration.

“Notice she has backed away from both… [But] she was in the Senate under Bush and she was in the Administration on this one,” Glenn said. “You know what’s amazing is she says the emergency is over. I don’t know anybody who thinks the emergency is over. That we are more safe today. We are just more awake today and going, ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a minute. We made a huge mistake.’”

  • landofaahs

    The democrat party is an enemy to America just like the muslims are. Npot a whole lot of difference.

    • Jeff Lambeau

      Yes, we should just be a one-party country… like China. That’ll steer us in the right direction for sure!

      • Sandra

        No, a one party system is not the answer to this. We need to pay attention to what is going on. If a Senator or Congressman isn’t doing what “We the People” have asked of him/her then we need to remove them from office, either by a recall or just vote them out next election.
        Oops, I said Senators and Congressmen, should have been ALL elected officials from local politicians up. All the way up…

        • Anonymous

          What concerns me the most is ‘voter fraud’ by the Dumbo-crats.

          • Sandra

            I agree, but again the Democrats are blocking any kind of reform. they don’t want to have to show ID It would infringe on their ability to vote more than once. That HAS to be fixed and before November!

      • landofaahs

        No. but the country will eventually break up because socialism never works and that’s where we are.

      • nod gardner

        true!!! I `ve been there. BEAUTIFUL ,CLEAN , HARD WORKING, GREAT FRIENDLY PEOPLE, and I can`t say enough positive ajectives. And one more thing, no N`s!!!!! Some day maybe I`ll live there by the Sea, no monkeys, Muslims, just nice happy , hard working people. Polite, smiling, All positive. And as for when they limited child birth, welllllll, look what we have here! N`s making as many as they can, to destroy the USA. F political correctness. That`s our down fall.

    • Anti Fabian

      It is not Democrats who are the enemy. Regular democrats believe in following the Constitution. It is Progressives who are enemy. They seek to destroy the free market system and they have infiltrated both the Democrat and Republican parties, as well as most leadership positions in all bureaucratic organizations and most large corporations, especially those of public social consequence, such as workers unions, education organizations, entertainment and media conglomerates, etc. The enemy is here and is among us and is alot more complex than just democrat or republican.

      • Anonymous

        It is the “regular” democrats who voted for Obama. They are just as guilty. When you put someone in office who has no regard for the constitution (which was clear before he was even elected) or the laws of this land, you become the enemy. When “regular democrat” legislators fail to hold this president accountable for violating separation of powers, when misusing executive privilege, and more (all for the sake of staying in power and control), then “YES,” they are the enemy of this country!

        • James

          Obama was “placed” as President for several reasons. Until you realize that he was placed there, your blame will continue to be concentrated in the wrong direction. He was placed there to attempt to alleviate contempt found within darker complexioned people and to test the reaction and compile data on the reactions of lighter complexioned people. They want to see the effects the media (when viewed through the television) can have on the population through years of pounding propaganda; and whether or not they can train this population to go against their deepest beliefs by simply saying the same thing over and over and over again no matter how ludicrous it is. Every president is only there to take the blame. He is the person who is praised when certain laws are deployed and the person who is blamed when hidden political agendas are exposed. That is all. He is a figure head and a figure head only. The Oligarch’s are rising. They now have control of most corporations through their various funds and trusts. Their think tanks and various spying apparatus’ give them the knowledge to plan. Their control of the media allows for the implantation of thought. Their control of congress passes their rules in which we are forced to follow. Their non-profits grants them support of the poor and allows them to be thought of as helpful. They hide behind the super power to remain unscathed from those who are wise to their harms and they are now deploying these arsenals in mass to create a world of servants who have only the resources to work and remain loyal to an elitist mentality that was created through mass media propaganda.

        • Brad

          I have to say that i see the point there….I have felt that way along time, my only concern is ” are they to blame for being very well manipulated and brainwashed by corrupt media ” as maybe I could be experiencing the same ?? just feeding the truther in me and and keeping my reality in check….LLTR

          • James

            I don’t really feel that way. I’ve just been reading 1984 for the past couple days :)

      • James

        You are absolutely correct. I couldn’t have wrote a better summation to the real hidden problem without diving into the realm of political incorrectness. The people who are attempting to pay attention to politics are so caught up with party agenda’s that they fail to see what is occurring behind the curtains. The Demacrats and Republicans are creating smoke screen after smoke screen thereby causing people to quibble over unimportant social issues like Gay marriage, whose God is real, and creating border problems in Mexico to hide the impending mass security agenda. Blinding the people is the game, total control is the prize and the Constitution is the problem. The low level participants and ignorant supporters of these repugnant philosophers fail to see what is occurring. They are masking themselves as saviors as they shed our rights and vacuum up our money until we are nothing but poor ignorant workers.

  • Flex Rockhard

    She’s incapable of actually answering a straight forward question. She is inherently unqualified to be president. This is the easiest question in the world to answer: “Yes, it’s illegal. And if I’m president, I will end it immediately. Full stop.” Any other answer (from anyone) is unacceptable.

    • ThatsRetardedSir

      She is too intellectually lazy to even make a simple statement like that.

    • » gØrgØn «

      The NSA has dirt on all these people. It isn’t going to happen because they are just as afraid of the NSA as you are.

  • Lisa Mann LaDuke

    more blaming Bush in a round about way, not that I was ever a Great Bush fan I voted for Gore ashamedly and then Bush, we need another choice

    • Bill Coron

      Ben Carson

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE dear LORD, DO NOT let this braying, lying imposter, fool us into another Democratic Presidential sentence. It’s time we were paroled from this one.

  • Walter White

    so much constant contradiction

  • ThorsteinVeblen2012

    Costco will sell Hillary’s book but not Glen Greenwald’s. Greenwald is the guy who broke the Edward Snowden story on the NSA spying on Americans.

    Hillary said Greenwald is not a journalist, the rationalization given by those who want to put him and whistleblowers like him in prison.

    Obama has prosecuted more people under the Espionage Act than all previous Presidents combined. Hillary is more of the same.

    The real issue of Benghazi is about whether we should have been in Libya at all. That is what people should be asking.

    • Mike Nelson

      Gren Greenrald don raff!

  • ThreeBranchesofGovernment

    For a minute, remember way back in Civics class when the teacher taught you about the 3 branches of government. The Executive branch only enforces the law, Legislative branch ENACTS laws. It’s not up to the SOS to determine the constitutionality of a law. It’s up to the Supreme Court, which only has the power of Judicial Review thanks to Chief Justice John Marshall (Marbury v. Madison), to determine the constitutionality of a law. Is the laws that grant the NSA broad powers to intrude into our privacy unconstitutional? In my opinion it is. Don’t just blast Hilary Clinton, there are 535 other elected officials that oversaw the passage of the laws that grant the NSA their powers. Voice your opinion to them. Tell your Congressmen and women that you want this law to be overturned. This issue is something that should be bi-partisan, and yet neither Dems or Reps are calling for the law to be repealed. Stop this nonsense and actually call your Representatives/Senators; tell them you want these types of laws to be repealed. Because if we wait for this issue to be decided by the Courts, it won’t be resolved for years to come.

    • Bert31

      I agree. I don’t like the fact that Hillary dodged the question and I am a Conservative. However, there are many Republicans who would have done the same dance that she just did. Hillary just did a shameful thing here and she is not excused. She’s just not the only Progressive out there.


    Why all the hacky references to her book. I’m sure that it’s selling well, especially after her great book signing at Costco with the smell of canned chicken in the air. Maybe the smell was there to remind her of the thousands of dollars that she made on her chicken futures “investment”. Can someone airbrush one of her pics pls?

  • gerielou

    The liberal democrats keep saying that the NSA spying was put in place and is still in place to protect us from terrorists . . . .. WHY. . .. when we have terrorist in custody and our president illegally releases the absolute worst in exchange for a deserter/traitor.

  • Anonymous

    She always points to other people that must change. She never accepts responsibility for the tough items.

  • jessix

    Hillary is on board with the rest of the corrupt politicians. There were a few who tried to buck the system a while ago but none could withstand the pressure or worse applied to those who didn’t fall in line as ordered.

    Proof is the continued presence of a president like Obama in the White House, a man with no values, no beliefs, no interest, no problem solving ability, no characteristics in common with world leaders past or present. Hillary & Bill supported his re-election. As a former Clinton supporter, I felt betrayed by their support of incompetence.

    I no longer consider myself a “Liberal” – not even an “Ex-Liberal”. I supported Hillary until her legs were cut from beneath her by THE PARTY. Now I refuse to vote until hack-proof, tamper proof machines are used – or paper ballots, and some neutral party or organization is found to tally the votes. Those of you who continue to believe we have “free elections” remember what America used to be. Open your eyes and stop ignoring the inconsistent impossible vote counts in the past election.

    BOTH Republicans AND Democrats alike are willing participants in scamming the American People. Where do we find a suitable candidate to run after all this?

    Who is the puppetmaster now that Teddy Kennedy is dead?

    • Thomas Darkvane

      I say make them dip their finger or thumb in purple ink. The kind that they put in the device that explodes on you when you steal money from the banks. Talk about only being able to vote once. That will solve all the problems then. No ID fine, you voted, place index in this. Watch them try to rub it off, It will not come off until it is worn away.

  • Kathleen Hamilton

    I felt like I was watching Obama disguised as Hillary. Her mannerisms with all the pauses and the body movements mimicked the man whose lies and excuses she was too cowardly to disagree with. If she stands a chance of running, that scares me!

  • nod gardner

    she`s such a phoney in love with her fat ass,,,,; she loves to laugh at everything she says, pathetic,,,,,,I used to think she was OK, never again!!!! She`s BS; and a liar puppet for mm.

    • Watch it

      It’s a fake laugh.

  • Richard French

    Exactly why they perpetrated the events of 9/11, so they could take away our rights.

    • Anonymous

      Muslim terrorists perpetrated 911, nobody else. period.

  • suz

    i couldn’t hold my tongue knowing she is completely full of it and what we got was SO plain to see that this woman is a load.

    she lied when she said there was no real time viewing of the attack on bengazzi and gretta did a good job of saying the law is definitive/fixed about ‘stuff’ — hrc never answered the ‘stuff’ question and here we see her trying to school greta about the process on that law — SHE SOUNDED RIDICULOUS TRYING TO DO THAT! she’s a walking sham.

  • Anonymous

    We need a complete housecleaning in DC, starting with the 2014 midterms. Then on to 2016 to finish the job. Most have been there far too long and have forgotten for whom they work and are corrupt, lazy, arrogant, incompetent, delusional, anti-American, and did I say corrupt! We could do no worse if pimps, thugs and prostitutes were running the country (no disrespect to those for comparing you to politicians). I wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton as dog catcher, and that goes for most of the career politicians.

  • Tyler McBeth

    It’s incredible that watching this video is the first time that this californian is hearing about the attempt on the powerplants. My own local government and news station apparently thought it was an unnecessary detail amid the horrors of gun violence and the revelry of gay marriage. I may be cookoo loco, but an argument about guns and gays isn’t as important to me as terrorist attacks on my home land.

  • Anonymous

    She’s self-righteous and a liar. I believe she and her good time husband are capable of murder and have already had a few of their enemies killed. I did not vote for her last time and I wouldn’t vote for her this time. But it really doesn’t matter because until the people of this country finally get fed up and refuse to allow the political games any further, the oligarchs behind the scenes will continue to prance their puppets before us while taking away our liberties.

  • Anonymous

    Hillary Clinton knows nothing about what goes on in Washington maybe she didn’t know what nsa stood for. she cares only for herself and doesn’t bother learning about government. I hope she doesn’t run for election. if she does I hope she does not get elected

  • Anonymous

    she should resign and take care of her new grandchild

  • Anonymous

    Hillary Clinton is a communist and is only interested ruing our country more than it is already. time to change horses

  • Anonymous

    Stop the insanity become a keyboard warrior and share these free songs
    to fight the war of ideas between TYRANNICAL GODS WHO WANT TO RULE US

  • Ash Berger

    Most collectivist attacks attempt to exploit the common misconception that the term “individualist” refers only to isolated individuals.

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