‘They didn’t learn to be humble. They learned to get even’: Glenn breaks down the race for House Majority Leader

On Thursday, House Republicans will vote to elect House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) successor. In the wake of his historic primary loss to economics professor David Brat, Cantor will step down from the majority leader post on July 31. House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is widely considered to be the frontrunner to replace Cantor, but Congressman Raúl Labrador (R-ID) is making a late charge. On radio this morning, Glenn encouraged anyone within the sound of his voice to call the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121 and make their voice heard.

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“Have I given you a number yet? 202-224-3121. It’s the Capitol Hill switchboard,” Glenn said. “They’re supposed to vote today because John Boehner doesn’t want any time to go by.”

Last week, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) explained Boehner chose to schedule the vote for Thursday because he sought to ensure McCarthy – who is allegedly referred to as Cantor’s “trophy wife” in Washington circles – didn’t face any real threat. The more conservative Labrador, however, threw his hat into the ring at the last minute.

“Now, there is another option that Eric Cantor… and John Boehner don’t want you to be aware of,” Glenn said. “I want you to call the switchboard and ask your [Republican] House of Representatives member… [to support] Raúl Labrador… He’s from Idaho. He is the guy to replace Eric Cantor, not the trophy wife.”

As Glenn explained, Boehner’s rush to get this vote out of the way proves GOP leadership have learned nothing from Cantor’s stunning defeat. The American people are tired of the status quo, and yet Boehner seems to be tone deaf to the sentiment.

“They didn’t learn to be humble,” Glenn said. “They learned to get even.”

When you consider the current political climate, Labrador’s background makes him a good fit for the position. The son of a single mother, Labrador grew up in Puerto Rico and practiced immigration law prior to running for office.

“We’re debating immigration reform, and Kevin McCarthy is all for the reforms. What do you say we get a guy who might be able to withstand [the fight],” Glenn asked. “What do you say? Raul would be a good guy.”

Again, the number for the Capitol Switchboard is 202-224-3121.

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  • landofaahs

    The constitution is a wonderful document but like men it is corrupt and corruptible. Just realize that all attempts by man to create something good on this Earth is only temporary. Perhaps God is showing us that even the constitutional best efforts of man is totally inadequate. Only Christ saves.

    • Anonymous

      Damnocrat Trolls!

  • Duddioman

    Glenn, Raul and McCarthy aren’t too far apart on immigration…..

  • landofaahs

    It’s all about power. POLYTICKS. Poly meaning more than one and ticks being a blood sucking parasite. Ergo politics is nothing but a collection of blood sucking parasites. Don’t put your trust in man or laws established by man or governments of men. Men always disappoint, Christ never does.

  • wrong

    I dont want a republican from California to be in this position…

  • Pam

    Ok the 202-334-3121 gives me a voicemail of someone I didn’t understand the name the 202-224-3121 rang a few times then went to a busy signal twice. So now who do we call?

    • Anonymous

      another number 202-395-3000
      or 202-456-1111

  • Jaclyn Baggesen

    DONE…….but they will not listen GLENN……it is always about getting even with these guys……….of course congressman Ryan’s office is experiencing heavy call volume so I had to leave a very specific detail oriented message for his ears……I just would like to believe that what we the people think matters to these people….but we have been invisible for years now….the elite think they know what is best for us….WELL THAT IS SOCIALISM….it is time to shut the door on socialism in November and 2016…….vote out all the RINOS AND PROGRESSIVES….reel in the radical EPA….get our gas and food prices under control….get the corporate tax rate down so people start opening up businesses in AMERICA again instead of overseas…time for the flat tax and get rid of the predatory IRS…..get our marine out of MEXICO…get the doctor and his family here to AMERICA and out of the Pakistan jail…he is a HERO IN HELPING US FIND OSAMA BIN LADEN….never ever negotiate with terrorists….especially IRAN…..give Purple Hearts to the families of the two navy seals who did not stand down when they were told to in BENGHAZI…..get our vets on the same CADILLAC insurance that president OBAMA and congress and house are on….they deserve it more that they ever will…..get the pipeline done but only with the understanding that our gas prices do not go over $2.00 a GALLON….change the law back to the US MILITARY NOT BEING ABLE TO ARREST US CITIZENS OR GOVERNMENT ABLE TO USE DRONES AGAINST US CITIZENS…NO LISTENING TO ANY CELL PHONE CONVERSATIONS WITHOUT A WARRANT NO MATTER HOW OLD THEY ARE….get rid of free trade agreement….people want to see their stuff in the greatest country in the world they need to pay to do so…..get rid of all the anti business regulations stifling our job creators….make everyone in this country pay taxes…this is how the country survives…TAXES….protect our borders….send a strong message out to freeloaders…if you come across our borders illegally you may not see daylight again…..and yes all the children who came over from Central America because the dinner bell was rang….feed them…but then they go back from where they came from…..there are all kinds of health problems that occur when people who have not received healthcare or vaccinations just come here as they please…it puts AMERICANS at risk….we are an humanitarian nation….but this is a slap in the face to all the children right here who are starving and needing homes…we take care of our own first…..if you want to help Central America then do so and send the aid there….someone rang this dinner bell and the ones behind it need to be in handcuffs…..the next administration needs to be the AMERICAN administration…..we will not survive another socialist administration….YES IT IS THAT BAD….actually I have my doubts if we will even survive the next two years….OUR SCHOOLS AND OUR COLLEGES HAVE BEEN HIJACKED BY SOCIALISTS….can you just imagine the damage that bill ayers did to our young CHILDRENS minds over 30 years as a professor at that CHICAGO college? I would like to talk to some of these kids who took his classes and see what they took from him…I have a good idea…

  • Kathy Fischer

    I have no idea who answered at that number. I left a message, but I don’t think it was the right phone number.

    • Fury

      The correct number is 202-224-3121.
      I tried calling, but then realized that my representative is a democrat. They don’t have a say do they?

      • Anonymous

        Thy do not ask you when you talk to a persons or leave a message

  • Anonymous

    Ah..you’ve given 2 different phone numbers Blaze.

  • Anonymous

    Just saw that McCarthy got it. That is depressing.

  • Anonymous

    Labrador is a pro-amnesty rat!

    • Anonymous

      …and you know this because?

      • Anonymous

        ..because of what I heard and saw him say on TV and what I read about, among other things, his refusal to sign the anti amnesty pledge and finally because you are for him. Do not bother to respond if you are not for him, you should have kept your thoughts to yourself if you did not want anyone to think so.

  • livefreeordiehard

    I think Congressmen should wear uniforms, you know, like Nascar drivers, so we could identify their corporate sponsors.

  • Glenn Coughlin

    Another brilliant maneuver by Beck.
    Support a loser with a confusing list of wrong numbers.

  • Cool Ranch, Texas

    Ultimately, it is knowledge that is power: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Anonymous
  • Allen Bercowetz

    learn the language before you post with it

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