Glenn: I don’t know who I am yet

On radio this morning, Glenn decided it was time to have a conversation with his listeners. Some of you have been with Glenn for a long time and have seen first hand the personal transformation he has undergone. Others who are newer to the program might not have been as familiar with where Glenn has been. Regardless, Glenn explained why it is time to take off the masks and allow others to see us for who we really are. At that point, the world will begin to change for the better.

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Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

I want to have a conversation, just the two of us here for a second – especially if you are a long-time listener. Everybody has pivot points, and a point where their life changes, for better or worse – a car accident or a chance encounter, temptation that you follow or one that you conquer. I have had several of these pivot points in my life. When I was 13, my mom committed suicide. I’m an alcoholic and then in recovery. I had a pivot point each time one of my children was born. A pivot point of my divorce, and then finding Tania and in a chance encounter and marrying her.

Five years ago, I had another huge pivot point, and it is still changing me. I am coming up on the five-year anniversary of that next summer. It takes five years to really change a man. When I asked people to gather in Washington, and it happened to be on the anniversary of the day Martin Luther King gave his so important speech of judge a man by the content of his character and not the color of his skin.

That day, 500,000 people came to the mall. And I remember I was across the street. We had no idea if anyone was going to show up. I was doing another fundraising breakfast, so we could pay for it. And Joe came up behind me on the stage and he said, ‘We have to leave now. The crowd is already across the street.’

Something like that doesn’t happen and leave you unmarked. For good or bad, you’re marked. And there’s a couple of ways that people would go. You would either become an egomaniac, which, quite honestly, I was afraid would happen to me. You would see all these people, and they came for me. No, they didn’t. No, they didn’t. Some would become an egomaniac. The opposite happened to me. If I had the gift of prophecy, if I understood all God’s secret plans, if I had all the knowledge of God and had such faith that I could actually move mountains, but I didn’t love people, I would be nothing.

Five years ago, as I have left that stage, I really thought that would be the last thing I would do in my career. I went on vacation, and I went to the Grand Teton Mountains. I heard in my head, ‘You are standing in the wrong place.’ I didn’t even understand that. I was happy. I was at the top of my field. But I don’t understand what the plans are for me. I didn’t know that something very different was in store for me.

People think they know who I am. We have this relationship. But this happens with people who I don’t have a relationship with, someone who hasn’t listened to me for along time – they still think they know who I am. Some love me, some really hate me, but the funny thing is, I don’t even know who I am yet. I know who I want to be. I know who I have allowed myself to become in my worst times. But who am I right now? I don’t know.

I’m a guy in transition. I’m a dad. I’m a husband. I’m an American – for whatever that means in today’s world. I don’t even know what that means. Do you? I’m an American. I’m a guy who is just struggling to try to make sense of the world that we live in, and I don’t think we’re all that different. Truth is, I think no matter what your background, no matter what your pivot points, no matter who you voted for. That’s who we all are: People just trying to figure it out. Different name, different places, but we generally have the same fears. We are all afraid of being alone. We are afraid of failing. Failing at work. Failing at home. Failing with our kids. Failing with our spouse. Not being able to provide. Not being happy, being alone.

When it comes down to it, we are all afraid that we are not as good as we should be. We are not as good as somebody else is. I don’t know how people make it. I don’t know how people do it all. I lay down in bed so many times a week and think, ‘How do people do this?’ I can’t keep up with everything. I don’t know how to raise my kids. I don’t know how to teach principles in a society the principles are going the other direction. I don’t know how to do this.

In your worst moments, most of us feel like a fraud.Most of us feel at some point or another, I don’t know what I’m doing, and we are afraid of our own thoughts at times. How many people go through life thinking, ‘If they just knew what I really think; if they knew what I have done; they don’t know how close I am to collapse. Help, I don’t know what I’m doing.’ But we don’t ever say those things out loud. Instead, we quietly turn to experts. We listen to some talking head, like me. ‘Well, I trust that guy. He’s done a lot of thinking. I agree with him generally.’ Or ‘I like him.’ Or we listen to some shrink that says they have all the answers. For $20, you could go out and buy their book and their book has all the answers and nothing changes.

It’s the same problem that people have always had. Who am I? Why am I here? I don’t feel like I’m even making a difference. If I am making a difference, maybe I am making a difference in the negative way. I don’t know. You know what I’m doing with my kids. I will probably cost my kids a fortune in the end with psychiatric therapy bills. We just want to love and to be loved. I don’t care if you are a Palestinian or Israeli. When it comes down to it, you just want to be loved and love your family. You just want to be happy and at peace, surrounded by your family. You just want to stop the nonsense and stop pretending.

What’s amazing is we are all so much alike. Yet, we all have a different story. I used to walk to work when I lived in New York City. 18 million people. am still overwhelmed by this, every time I walk the streets of New York. 18 million people. 18 million stories being written right then. Stories of heartache and triumph, time wasted, lives redeemed. Everything that has ever happened is happening again right now. And everything that is happening right now is taking us exactly to where we need to be. Everything is happening for a reason. It’s brought all of us to this point in time, to exactly where you are, where I am, where you are. We just have to stop and notice it.

I remember a few years ago, when I first moved to New York. It was cold November afternoon, and I went to Rockefeller Center. My office used to be above the stage at Radio City Music Hall. I scheduled lunch with my daughter at this restaurant by the ice rink. And this restaurant was right at the ice rink level downstairs, and I waited for her. She was running a little late. I watched this woman. When I saw her first, she was frumpy, plain, and she had cheap clothing. She looked so tired. I remember when I first looked at her, I thought she was around 40. Then I looked at her again and I continued to watch her. She looked maybe 50 or older. She just looked so tired.

She sat down to change into her skate, and she pulled out of this bag a pair of ice skates. They weren’t the rentals. They looked expensive. And they didn’t match her. They didn’t match what she was wearing. She was a frumpy, old tired woman, and she had these beautiful expensive skates. And I began to wonder who is she.

As I watched her through the glass, that idea went from a fleeting thought to a profound question. Because when she stepped on the ice, she transformed. All of a sudden, this woman, who I had just imagined was a faceless accountant was an artist. She was as graceful as a ballet dancer. She floated over the ice. Just a split second before, she looked heavy and frumpy and now she was floating and graceful and she was perfect. It was a pivot point for me because I began to wonder about her childhood. I began to wonder how would was she when she began to skate. Was she a former Olympian? Was she a professional? Had she hurt herself and she wasn’t able to pursue her dreams? Did she not make the cut? Maybe, worse yet, she had never tried?

I began to wonder about her entire life because I saw a change. This is who she was. The look of the accountant was the mask. And I began to want to actually follow her back to work and just be invisible and watch people interact with her. I mean how many people in her office knew this about her? How many people pass her in the hallway every single day, people who claim to know her, and miss the beauty and the talent and the profound artist in this simple, humble, invisible woman. Does anybody really even see her?

And then I had a worse thought. Has she ever asked that of herself? Does anybody ever really see me? See, I’m supposed to notice. I think we all are. But I’m supposed to notice. I’m supposed to point out. I’m supposed to lift up. I’m supposed to affirm.

We are all in trouble. All of us are in trouble. Our kids are turning to sex and drugs. Our kids are turning to stuff. Nothing has meaning. They’re killing. They are being killed, and I have begun to believe here, in the last year, that maybe it’s not the stuff that we’re doing. Maybe it’s not all of that. It’s the stuff that we are not doing. We are not seeing each other. We no longer listen to each other. We are in this unbelievable world of communication now, and we are becoming more alone and more isolated. We are doing it because we believe that stuff makes us happy and others will fulfill us. That beauty or fitness is the secret or money is our god. We have more PhDs, more education, more years studying than anyone in the history of the world, and yet we can’t seem to find a simple answer to some of our simplest problems, and our families are falling apart.

I want you to know that I’m on a journey. I want you to know that I am profoundly changing, and I don’t know what all of that means. But I wanted to have this chat with you this morning because I don’t want to ever leave you with the impression that I have any answers – because I don’t.

I have theories. I know what I believe, and I have faith. But anybody who says that they have all the answers, that they can fix you or they can fix a problem bigger than themselves, they are a liar. They’re ignorant, delusional, or they’re Jesus. And I can tell you right now, I haven’t hired Jesus, so anybody on this show that says that, they are a liar. What we are supposed to do is notice. We are supposed to look beyond what the world says about you or about me or about them, whoever they are, because we are in this together.

Actually, that makes me feel better because I know that people are good. They just need the excuse to be better than they are. I don’t know where I end up a year from now. I think I do. And the path is becoming much more clear to me, but we have to take off the mask. We have to start seeing each other. We have to start being real. We have to be authentic. We have to love each other, even though we don’t like each other. We have to say the hard thing because if you really, truly love someone else, you will tell them the tough truth. But if you are trying to get them to love you, then you will tell them what they want to hear. I’m not going to tell you what you want to hear. In fact, I fear I’m going to tell you a lot of things that you really don’t want to hear.

But hear this: We are going to make it, as long as we stick together. We are going to make it, and we’ll make it together. The secret really is quite simple: People are meant to be loved and things are designed to be used. The problem today is things are being loved and people are being used.

Let’s change that. Not in some grand way of let’s change the world. Let’s just change that in us. Come with me on a journey and explore and just change you. I will change me. You change you. We may even change to not really like each other in the end. We may fall out of friendship. I don’t know. But you work on you, and I’ll work on me. Let’s just see things differently. Let’s choose to be happy. Let’s choose to be better than we were yesterday or everyone favor minutes ago. Let’s be different than everybody else that is just walking around in a fog.

Prove to yourself that people really are good, that there is much more that unites us than divides us. Let’s see people for who they really are, beyond what the media has made them into, beyond what the parties have made them into. Let’s see people for who they really are – beyond the frumpy coat and the look of being tired. And if we can do that, then maybe, no promises, but just maybe people will begin to see us for who we really are.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t mean to be rude or insulting, but I’m so tired of hearing this from Beck. He doesn’t know who he is yet? Pick up a Bible and you’ll see you’re a sinner, condemned by the Law and in need of a Savior – who came, died and rose for you so that you might live. What else does he need to discover?

    Maybe he does need to re-discover Scripture – especially considering he says “We are all in trouble. All of us are in trouble. Our kids are turning to sex and drugs. Our kids are turning to stuff. Nothing has meaning. They’re killing. They are being killed, and I have begun to believe here, in the last year, that maybe it’s not the stuff that we’re doing. Maybe it’s not all of that. It’s the stuff that we are not doing. We are not seeing each other. We no longer listen to each other,” and then later on “We are supposed to look beyond what the world says about you or about me or about them, whoever they are, because we are in this together. Actually, that makes me feel better because I know that people are good. They just need the excuse to be better than they are.” How does that work?

    He has such a works-oriented outlook that it isn’t surprising he has no idea about himself or the world he lives in. He needs to discover Lutheranism.

    • Anonymous

      And yet, here you are.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, here I am. I enjoy Beck’s show for the most part, but he is lacking theologically. I admire him, but I wish he would study the Scriptures more carefully.

        • Anonymous

          Uh, what gives you the impression that this lacking theologically and does not study the scriptures?

          • Anonymous

            Well, he constantly talks about bettering oneself and how people are good. The problem is, when he talks like this, he speaks against Scripture, which tells us that we are conceived in sin and that because of this, natural man is the enemy of God. Like Paul says in Romans 5:10 – “For if, when we were enemies, we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life.”

            So, he speaks wrongly when he says that people are good. People are not good. People are evil – the enemies of God, who is good.

            And when it comes to bettering ourselves, he doesn’t acknowledge that we are powerless to change ourselves. The only change that can happen is when Christ is at the center.

            Also, I didn’t say he doesn’t study the Scriptures. I said he should study it more carefully.

          • Type 53

            So, he speaks wrongly when he says that people are good. People are not good. People are evil – the enemies of God, who is good.Fundamental Christian doctrine, which the Reverend Beck seems completely unaware of. Could it be that he really doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

        • Johnathan Read

          “he is lacking theologically.”…. ” but I wish he would study the Scriptures more carefully.”

          Really ??

          In my opinion he is NOT lacking theologically.

          You wish he would study the Scriptures more carefully?

          Please tell us all what he is missing and how did you arrive at this deduction.

          Are you seeing in Glenn what he said he saw in that women on the skates.” How many people pass her in the hallway every single day, people who claim to know her, and miss the beauty and the talent and the profound artist in this simple, humble, invisible woman. Does anybody really even see her?”

          Just my opinion again,but I don’t think that you have really seen him.

        • Type 53

          He is a Mormon-of-convenience/universalist. *That’s* why he’s lacking theologically. He makes it up as he goes.

    • Leann

      How is this ‘works oriented’?

      • Cindy Marinelli

        Working harder at bettering yourself…that is his mantra

    • Anonymous

      “What else does he need to discover?”

      For one, that there is so much more; that religions have always been a form of thought control – a corral for your mind with big sings posted all around the edges that warn you never to leave, never to question, never to look past the fences for fear of your immortal soul.

    • Cindy Marinelli

      I agree. His theology is works based…bettering yourself…alluding that there are good people. Jesus said there is no one good except His Father in heaven. I trust Glenn is on the road to truth, but until he really understands his and humans depravity before a holy God, he is not conveying biblical truth. I don’t know if his truth he projects on his show is Mormonism or his own understanding, but since he continues to promote faulty theology he passes off as biblical, i will not longer in good conscience support his church via my fees to his network and the tithe he gives to his church from his profits. It seems a good many of his staff are Mormon and i don’t know if he is trying to elevate Mormonism to a respectable Christian denomination, or it just seems so. Regardless, until i hear he rejects Mormonism, i cannot support him. I trust the Spirit will lead him into all truth. I want to believe he is seeking truth. I hope and pray he really does find it. John 16:13

      • Type 53

        … he continues to promote faulty theology he passes off as biblical…Nailed it!

      • T funk

        I really believe Matthew 7: 1-3 should be applied here. We should have faith that thats what we are supposed to do.

        • Cindy Marinelli

          My concern is that many ‘sheeple’ buy into what celebrities say and since Beck has an ever growing audience and claims to hear from God and he uses that to direct his businesses, we all need to be a bit more more discerning as he or anyone claims to be biblical. He has a works based faith, which is unbiblical and thus subject for judgment. The church needs to be the church and guardian of the truth. People are looking for answers in these troubled times which lends itself to people gravitating to people whom they esteem, but may not be giving them Truth. That is my concern.
          I have learned a lot from his program and continue to listen because he is bringing things to light that other medias are not. I am just troubled by how ever increasing mormonism is being passed off as true Christianity on his program, and for me not to say anything is also wrong.

          • T funk

            I just know when I watch other media I feel gross. ; )

    • Mike Nelson

      A Works-oriented perspective is/can be good for someone of Faith, because Faith without Works is dead (James 2:17). The thing people misconstrue about this statement is to assume that you can *earn* Grace, rather than Works being the manifestation and result of a healthy Faith.

      If Glenn is Works-oriented, it may simply mean that he’s constantly pressing his Faith and acting on it… but I do share your sentiments about the Mormon theology. To me it’s simply not a good pursuit… but each one’s path is unique, and wherever someone finds God, provided they are not in violation of another’s natural (God given) rights… well, there, for the Grace of God, go they.

      I find Glenn’s perspective to be far more healthy than most of the other outlets I’ve become aware of however, and so continue to listen/read/watch, as well as pay as a premium user.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your reply.

        I think you’ve hit upon an important point: faith vs. good works. I absolutely and whole-heartedly agree with you that works are the fruit of faith. Works, no matter how good, are as filthy rags before God. We cannot earn our way to salvation – hence the need for Christ. It is only through faith that we are enabled to do good works. And as Christians, we should always strive to do good works.

        In any case, my biggest problem with Beck’s monologue is the absence of Christ. And I think this is telling in the way he thinks. I sincerely pray he is not purposely leaving Christ out.

        Yes, I too find his perspective much healthier than other outlets. I enjoy his radio show and The Blaze. It just seems like he is lost theologically, and that’s not healthy for him or his audience.

        Again, I appreciate your reply. Thanks much!

      • T funk

        Great reply, Mike.

    • Anonymous

      I have serious doubts about this guy telling people to read acts and then has the audacity to say “forget all that Jesus magic”, come on people pray to the Holy Spirit for discernment where this guy is concerned.

      • Type 53

        Spot on.

    • Anonymous

      You know just incase you missed it before, Mr. Beck has said a few times he believes that its not what were putting into ourselves, its what were not putting into ourselves and he has elduded that a lot of that is connected to faith. He has spoke about the removal of God from our culture in these terms many times that I can recall. I would like to point out also that contrary to some peoples opinions it is my humble belief that there are more ways to God than just one religion as well. People speak many different languages around the world, and even if two words sound or seem nothing alike they can end up having the same purpose or meaning. I believe in God but I also believe even an Atheist has a seat at the table of truth. Work on letting people in instead of shutting them out. The reality of these earth bound bodies is non of us knows the absolute truth until were in the dirt, so try to be kind. Hope you have a nice day. 😉

      • Anonymous

        sorry about my sloppy spelling fat fingers in a small phone! LOL

      • Anonymous

        I understand what you’re saying, but his messages get mixed up when it comes to God and faith vs. works. His theology should be a concern to everyone – especially since he seems so lost.

        And, there is only one way to God – and that’s through Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life (no one gets to the Father except through him). With your statement, you’re saying in effect that Christ is shutting people out.

        Also, might I ask what you mean by the “table of truth?” Thanks.

        • Anonymous

          @remington45, Okay where to begin… First let me start by saying thank you for being decent in your response as I find so often that most people are very rude on these forums and I don’t usually waste my time on them, but every once in awhile I feel motivated to do so. Your questions are valid and I will try to cover all of them if I can. I imagine you will not agree with me on much, but who knows, perhaps I may just make some sense. So, let me begin by being controversial and say that I do not believe that the only way to God is through Christ. I know im gonna upset some friends on here, but I have to keep it honest, and be real about where my studies and honest questions about God have led me. I have to say im not even sure that Christ ever truly existed. If we study the facts of Jesus we know there is no real evidence to support that man was real. No smoking gun so to speak and this has been addressed by many churches. Be that as it may, and the fact that his story is not original and exists in several other religions and time frames before him, I will concede that Christianity is the greatest religion of all the religions I have ever studied and have to say that if the world were more Christ like, we would have a much more loving and beautiful world. Also I am not saying I don’t believe he didn’t exist either. But I think Gandhi said it best when he said “the problem with todays Christians is not many of them are very Christ like”. Gandhi was Hindu BUT he was absolutely inspired by the story and teachings of Jesus Christ, most of all the sermon on the mount. Even Penn Jilliette who is an Atheist and close friend of Mr. Beck as well as perhaps the most intriguing guest of his of all time has stated that of all the groups of religion he has picked on or made fun of Christians always seem to be the nicest and most forgiving. So in that sense I think we have a clear picture of why Christianity is so great as well as connected to good deeds and forgiveness. Now… you claim that the only way to God is through Christ yet in the same breath you say we ALL should be concerned about Mr. Becks mixed up messages. Well… thats sort of a contradiction, is it not? I mean WHY if Christ is the only way, should anyone be concerned about the messages Glenn Beck is saying unless you are saying Glenn Beck is leading a mixed up way to God? The only person who has to worry about Glenn Beck being right with God is Glenn Beck, is he not? I don’t quite understand how anywhere in my above statement I was in anyway implying that “Christ was shutting people out”??? That was just random and a bit odd. Sorry if im missing something, I may very well be. Its late and im rather tired so perhaps I missed something. Lastly you ask about this so called “Table of truth”. Well… thats just something that you know is undeniable and clearly true. Now, there are not a lot of absolutes in this world, if any, however I think its safe to say that common sense exists and we can deduce what is true and what is false. Now when it comes to faith that is for EVERY individual to decide and figure out for themselves. I was raised a Christian, became and atheist, and over a period of about 7 years really dug deep for answers and found my way back to the belief in God, a belief in intelligent design. I absolutely in this place and time of my life believe in a creator. I also believe that much like explaining the complexities of quantum mechanics to an ant, the human mind and form in this state is not capable of understanding or knowing exactly what God is, and the true grand design of our very existence. However, I do believe very deeply that we should continue to ask questions and try and find out. I do not believe in shackling myself physically, mentally, and most of all spiritually. I will simply say I haven’t quite figured it out, but I am certain God exists and that my most important human quality to hold close and keep in focus is my humility. I will admit… sometimes im not very good at it. You have no idea who I am or who I used to be as I do not know anything about you either, but I can assure you if you knew the man I was 10 years ago compared to the man I am today, than surely you would see how much I value Mr. Becks message above. I hope I answered your question to your satisfaction. I know I answered a few of them with questions of my own, and I hope you don’t find that to terribly rude of me. Surely I do not wish to make you think or believe as I do, and you should know I would defend your right to say and believe whatever you believe even if I don’t agree. I hope you would consider doing the same. Lastly I like your name. Remington and the 45 have an amazing history. If you have never seen the history of Remington there is a great doc on Youtube all about it. Okay I will shut up, I am rambling and it is WAY past my bed time. All the best, and God bless to you.- Vegas

          • Anonymous

            Thank you for your response and responding decently. Much appreciated.

            It looks like we’re on an opposing spectrum when it comes to Christ. I would encourage you to look at Scripture again. You will see Christ’s coming prophesied all throughout the Old Testament (beginning with Genesis 3:15, which was well before any other religion had formed). Also, look at Lee Strobel’s “The Case for the Real Jesus.” It’s a fascinating read that covers why the argument against Christ as a copy-cat of other figures before Him is false and misleading.

            When it comes to being concerned about Beck’s misleading theological standpoints and the only way to God being Christ, that is no contradiction. I have listened to Beck since Obama was first elected to office, and I don’t ever hear him talk about Christ. That’s concerning to me. Please correct me if I’m wrong – but this is my experience. And Christ being the center of Christendom – whether or not you think He existed – it’s vital to talk about Him and our need for Him as sinful creatures. Beck could be misleading a lot of people in his very large audience, because they do take to heart his messages like you do. (Not that I don’t, but I’m careful to take his religious stands with a grain of salt) If you’re going to talk about God, you must talk about Christ.

            And you’re right – due to our fallen state, we cannot comprehend God. But, He has given us His Word so that we might know Christ and Him crucified. We don’t have to have all the answers and we don’t have to try to comprehend God. He has presented Himself in a way that we can understand. He became our brother.

            And thanks. The Remington company – like Colt – has a very interesting story. I own a replica 1858 Remington revolver, and she’s a beauty.

            Thanks for your reply. God’s blessings.

    • T funk

      Everything changes and Glen is no exception. The question is do we change for the better or worse? That includes you my friend, we all change it’s nature and thats a reflection of God. ; )

  • Anonymous

    Restoring Honor was August 2010, four years ago.

    • Anonymous

      5 events by this summer.
      1 Restoring honor.
      2 Restoring courage.
      3 Restoring love.
      4 Man in the Moon
      5 his Conform event this summer.

      “31 For assuredly as the Lord liveth they shall see that the terrible one is brought to naught, and the scorner is consumed, and all that watch for iniquity are cut off;
      32 And they that make a man an offender for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, and turn aside the just for a thing of naught.”

  • Type 53

    Glenn: I don’t know who I am yetThis is abundantly clear to anyone who has listened to the Prophet Beck for a week. He is contradictory, incoherent, philosophically shallow, and theologically ignorant. His new found universalism is laughably lame. “I’m OK, You’re OK” — yeah we get it there, Oprah.Yo — Glenn — your “I’m such an introspective ~searcher~” bit is getting really old. You sound like a teenage girl reading her diary.

    • Leann

      Why do you use your valuable time reading or listening to Glenn?

      • Keith Moser

        My question to you is why do you use your valuable time putting people down? If you disagree with Glenn, that is fine. You don’t have to like or agree with anyone. But why waist time hating people? That doesn’t help you or anyone else. Now does it make our society a better place to live.

  • BlueMN

    LOL More teenage angst from Glenn Beck.

  • Ian Ballinger

    God bless you, Glenn.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, this is the Glenn Beck that has made me a believer in who the man is, and what kind of man I should be working to be in my own life. One word… humility. To many people think they have it all figured out. Arrogance is a certain failure in the long run. Thank you Mr. Beck for truly being humble enough to be your most honest and raw self with your audience. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this today and how much this shined a clear light on my relationship with you and this audience. Thank you! God bless Mr. Beck. Your humility and honesty give me clarity to continue to work on being a better man myself and in discovering exactly who I am in my own life.

      • Anonymous

        Gosh, you really believe this.

        • Anonymous

          Yes…I actually do! Of all the things to bug people about or dislike Glenn Beck for you choose this article? REALLY? Whats wrong with people? Be happy man… spread some love and encouragement in the world. Trust me… your gonna feel a whole lot better about how your spending your time. 😉

          • Anonymous

            sorry to disagree, I didn’t read this article, I have read and listened to his baloney in the past and they are all alike. Thank you for your kind words but I am must to say you need not take people at face value. I personally think what he is spreading in not love but unhappiness that he feels he can save all mankind from.

          • Anonymous

            Well… I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree then. I wish you all the best, and happiness.

          • T funk

            I trust that you don’t take Obama at face value.

  • Anonymous

    “Once you learn to discern the voice of Mother Culture humming in the background, telling her story over and over again to the people of your culture, you’ll never stop being conscious of it. Wherever you go for the rest of your life, you’ll be tempted to say to the people around you, “how can you listen to this stuff and not recognize it for what it is?”
    ― Daniel Quinn, Ishmael

  • Anonymous

    Was a huge fan from way back but this stuff has to stop. You’re just all over the place. I’ve never seen anyone who had so little of an idea who they are or whatever. You were doing great at Fox and really making a difference and then your head got big and started dressing up like a professor. The glasses, the jackets, crossing your legs like you’re an intellectual which are all things you used to make fun of. Get in reverse. You made more of a difference back then. Go back there.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone is a critic these days,

      We are all on some kind of journey in life and some of us are at different points of that journey. Do you know who you are? Heck, there’s a lot of days that I don’t know who I am and I respect Glenn for being honest enough to admit this.

      Glenn made a difference to me back at CNN, where he made me sit up and take notice of a lot of things, then continued that through his time at FOX and now, at the Blaze. To me, the best thing for him was to leave FOX. He was too good for them.

      It’s not all about what he has exposed over the years – you can only deliver bad news for so long and not be affected by that. Glenn, like all of us, is a human being – one with faults, like all of us. To be able to admit those faults, to have a huge dose of humility and courage in doing that is a lot more than many of us could do to someone else – never mind a TV and Internet audience. To me, that makes just as much – if not more of a difference to many people. What he has shown me is that having faith and hope will see us through these trying times.

    • Anonymous

      his agenda back then was to be what he is now, a sham.

  • Crassus

    Poor Glenn Beck. I can see him heading down the same road as Howard Hughes or Elvis Presley.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck, Enjoy the journey.
    Sometimes it is wise to wear the mask… Brother Coyote reminds me that mankind has enough things to worship. I think in that matter he is wise (for the moment).
    Times change. One must be ready for what comes. None of us know the plan. God made it that way so we would strive.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is searching and that is not so unusual and not unexpected. The world is winding up for final plunge into darkness whether it be 5 years, 5 million years or
    tomorrow. Just know that this end is coming and be prepared. For each of us, that end will be in about 30-60 years — give or take. Do not be enveloped by the enormity of the problem or the depth of the depravity. Do one’s best. One is not perfect, one cannot do it all. God knows why and He knows how. He WILL sort it out. Look to Jesus, read about Saint Terese of Lisieux and her devotion to Jesus.

    This is where Trust in God enters one’s soul. Do we Trust Him or do we not? If we Trust in Him then we KNOW what to do.

  • Anonymous

    It seems painfully obvious that a lot of the comments on here completely missed what Mr. Beck was trying to share with his audience. This is what makes me value Glenn Beck above all things. His HUMILITY! I was just having a conversation with a close friend and we were discussing Mr. Beck and his impact and influence on not only the culture, but me as an individual. I was trying to explain to my friend why I value him so much as was addressing real concerns of hero worship. At the time I lacked the proper communitive skills to descibe exactly what or who Mr. Beck was to me personally until I heard this very message to his audience this morning. I now know exactly what to show my friend to better answer his question of why I believe listening to Mr. Beck makes me a better man. Will it matter to him? IDK, but he is a really smart no nonsense kind of friend so it just might paint the clearer picture as to why I trust Glenn Beck so much. At the end of the day what I believe is all that matters, and its honestly little moments like these that remind and comfort me that I myself am on the right path. It has been my experience that unless you remain humble enough to keep trying to figure out who you are then you are probably to arrogant to discover who you really could be, and likely are missing out on a lot of good things. Thank you Mr. Beck. God bless.

    • Type 53

      Humility? He talked about *himself* (his god) for 10 minutes.

      • Anonymous

        LOL, obviously you need to look up the definition of humility my friend. The title of this story is literally “I dont know who I am yet”, does that really sound arrogant to you? Its funny because I see a lot of criticism from so called Christians on here saying he is not being a true Christian yet you also mock (his God). Look I honestly am not trying to start and argument here or waste my time trying to convince anyone to see what I see in Mr. Becks message, but I will ask this of you- WHY are you here spreading negativity? Is this who you really are? Is this your great contribution to the world? I myself am a much different man today than I was 10 years ago, and hope that I will be different 10 years from now. What is wrong with trying to grow and change as a man or woman to be a better human? What is so wrong with trying to understand more than just our simple selfish wants? What is wrong with trying to become a better person? Where is that finish line? Surely there is always more to learn about not only this world and others, but of ourselves. I have praticed many arts and paths in my life, and no matter who good I have gotten I could always sharpen my blade a little better and have truly learned that the best blades stay in their scabbards. Be a man of peace. As Gandhi said- “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, HOW does one do that if he does not constantly questions his motives, his actions, and his world around him? Mr. Becks humility is the very answer to uniting neighbor and truth again in this nation. If more people on the left or the right or whatever, truly had this kind of gut check we would see more people uniting on Principles. Look everyone has influences and teachers in their life. For me Glenn Beck has truly been one of the greats. WHY? Because above all things he has remained honest about his flaws. He has NEVER said “just follow me, I know better, I have the answers”. He has been wrong on MANY things and led with them when he has. Also we (he and I) have disagreed on a great many things in the past, but he has always made it perfectly clear that that is okay. Unless of course you are someone who is calling for violence. Something I also believe. Being someone who has come from a world that was so violent and nightmarish I KNOW the lies and the deceet that anger and violence sows in the hearts of men, and peole who believe that this way of thinking has any true benefit. I stand with a man like Glenn Beck because he has been that clear voice of reason and truth so many times when I needed to hear it, and it has ALWAYS been from a place of love and human growth, and even after all of that, the man has the honest humility within himself to say to the world- I dont yet know who I am! But I am trying everyday to be a better man than I was before. What I ask of you could you want more of a teacher or a friend?

      • Anonymous

        Point well taken. He really has no humility. I get the impression he feels if it doesn’t come out of his mouth it’s not worth listening to, it is in his mind prophetic truth. Really sad that so many fall for his shtick.

  • Canada

    Glenn, Just say it. What are you turning ‘into’? You say you are changing profoundly. You know what’s going on but you are leading your audience on a long journey without getting to the point. It’s frustrating for someone like me who has been a big fan for a loooooong time. Please, just say it, whatever it is. It’s becoming ‘unhealthy’ to read this without a solid point to the story. Sorry.

    • Type 53

      There is no point, other than his inability to express some deeply felt ‘longing’. The guy is a blabbermouth with a microphone in front of his mug. He seems to think that his utterly mundane musings are somehow profound.

      • Anonymous

        Amen, so true

      • Mr. Ward

        If he’s a simple minded blabbermouth, then why do you still watch him? Do you not have anything better to do with your life? Or are you just the same as you describe Mr. Beck to be?

  • B Meek

    Thank you Glenn. You’re real. And you’re absolutely right: the goodness starts with me. Not you, not politics. Me. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Anonymous

    There have been talk hosts who have left the business because they have discovered they really don’t care about what they have always told their audiences. Not that they were liars, just that they don’t care anymore and godfather talk about things that actually matter to people. Glenn is becoming his own person and breaking away from the pack. That can be heard in not only his personal monologues but in the way he lets people know he has made mistakes. Glenn is becoming a spiritual person instead of religious. Which is really tough to do. He truly is getting the junk out of his life and is going back to basics. Anyone who thinks he needs to get back to doing what he used to do is just scared he’s leaving them behind. Sometimes he sounds like everyone else on the air does and sometimes he goes off and does something different. More and more he is doing the something different thing. Which is worth the price of admission all by itself. Whatever form his shows eventually take will be where he needs to be. He is becoming a citizen of the world and that’s okay. No, more than OK. Welcome home, Glenn.

    • Anonymous

      Could you explain the difference between a spiritual person and a religious person? I hear this often, yet I’m not quite sure what it means.

      • ken.

        a spiritual person is generally someone who follows the bible but doesn’t belong to a particular religion.

        • Anonymous

          Wouldn’t someone who follows the Bible be a Christian?

          • ken.

            christianity is the bible, different religions like catholics, baptists, etc,.. are religions that follow christianity.

          • Anonymous

            Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Seventh-Day Adventist, and so on are denominations of Christianity. They are not their own religions. That’s an important distinction. Different religions would be Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and so forth.

          • ken.

            you are correct, thank you! different denominations use different ceremonies, while spiritual people don’t use ceremonies.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, the people replying are only sort of right. A spiritual person doesn’t follow any one particular religion. But that person pays attention to the truth inside of themselves while religions are about rules and being “other-directed”. Being spiritual is much more mystical and free-form. Any religious book including the Bible can be used as a springboard. Maybe the most simple way to recognise the difference is that a spiritual person is a co-worker with God instead of having to go through some sort of middle man like Jesus or Buddha. Believing that anyone can have Christ inside of them and working on a cellular holistic level.

        • Anonymous

          Wait, wait, wait. Religion is about rules and being other-directed? The Bible is just a springboard? Christ is a middle man, like Buddha? I’m sorry, but this sounds very wrong.

          To be religious is to be spiritual. Religion (in this case, Christianity) is not about rules or the like. It’s about Christ, his death, and resurrection. To be religious is as spiritual as one truly gets in this world.

          And Christ is no mere middle man. He is our mediator – and there is no other way of becoming what you call a “co-worker” with the Father than through Him.

          It seems to me that your version of spirituality diminishes the work of Christ and turns the Word of God into a basic guideline of life that we evolve from. That and your mention of mysticism is genuinely frightening.

          I assume you deem yourself spiritual. If this is the case, do you believe you need Christ? And if not, how did you come to this conclusion?

          Thanks for your reply and clarification.

          • Anonymous

            To anyone who has faith in Jesus anything spiritual DOES sound scary. But Jesus himself said that he is nothing without God that what he did and said come from God and the Christ part of himself. The Bible is more Paulist than Christian and has been written and translated so many times and ways that the message Jesus was giving is lost on people. He was trying to get people to become co-workers with God. Then in other parts it’s how they can’t be working with God unless they go through him first. Which is what a middleman does, is an agent people have to go through so that person goes to the big guy for them. Which is completely odd since it cancels out every sermon telling people how to do for themselves. You ask if I need Christ. My reply is if I do things right every so often I know how to access Christ Consciousness. Do I need Jesus? No more and no less than I need all the other religious teachers and mystics.. Jesus and Christ are not the same., Jesus had Christ in him but Christ didn’t need Jesus in order to be around. An even easier way to tell the dif between religious and spiritual is if someone has faith in God they are religious, faith has doubt in it, and if someone knows God they are spiritual. Making Jesus a Christian mystic. Heck, if Jesus knew there was a religion called Christianity that followed his personality nstead of what he taught and various things sold with his likeness on it he’d be incredibly ticked off. Otherwise he would have told the money changers at e temple they couldn’t sell anything unless those things were about him. He shamed the money lenders and salespeople for selling things inside the temple regardless of what those things were.

  • suz

    this is the second time i’ve heard glenn tell the story of the frumpy woman at the roller rink, and again, it gets to me, like sorrow.

    i do feel whole-heartedly what glenn’s trying to say and i so get it. i get it and i want to say thank you glenn.

  • Jaclyn Baggesen

    A Friend in liberty…..A Friend in kindness….A Friend who see’s you…..even though I do not know you….A Friend who tells you that you are not invisible…..A Friend who knows the secret…..GOD LOVES YOU…….A Friend who really listens and looks at you and not through you…..A Friend who tells you truth…..that everyone is beautiful in GOD’S EYE’S……A Friend who believes in her whole heart and soul that GOD will bring you through any darkness and always toward light……A Friend who will ask you to look for the light in GOD’S PEOPLE…A Friend who will tell you that we are all meant to shine in GOD’S eye’s…..A Friend who knows the secret….GOD LOVES YOU……A Friend who will speak to you with respect and kindness even if your words are harsh……A Friend who knows that the more GODLY a person is the more beautiful that person is….A Friend who knows the secret….GOD LOVES YOU….A Friend who cares about you….A Friend in waiting…..A Friend in prayer…..A Friend as you walk past her……A Friend that you smile at……A Friend who knows the secret…..GOD LOVES YOU……A Friend who wants the secret revealed…..GOD LOVES YOU….A Friend who will tell you GOD IS GOD…..MAN IS NOT…..A Friend who will tell you that GOD IS IN CONTROL…..A Friend who will tell you that the only thing to fear is fear itself….A Friend who will tell you be watchful….be ready….to play the part GOD INTENDS YOU TO PLAY IN THIS SHOW….A Friend who will tell you that GOD has it all under control…..A Friend who will tell you that it is GOD’S promise…..KING OF KINGS….LORD OF LORDS…..HE IS THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA….THE START AND THE FINISH….THE BEGINNING AND THE END…..A Friend who knows the secret….GOD LOVES YOU……A Friend who will ask you to let GOD KNOW YOU…..A Friend who will tell you that if you do…he will give you so many blessings it will knock your socks off….A Friend who knows that only through our creator will we survive and know true happiness….A Friend who knows the secret….GOD LOVES YOU AND HE WANTS YOUR LOVE IN RETURN…..

  • Anonymous

    yeah Glenn, either do we. When are you ever get over yourself.

  • Anonymous

    You think too much.

  • Keith Moser

    Amen. Glenn has gotten better through the years. His heart has grown and his love for people has shown that he is not this angry conservative the media wants us to think he is. God bless Glenn for who he is and what God is molding him to be.
    My heart has changed as well. I’ve grown closer to God the last couple years. My EBook is a novel from the perspective of Michael the Archangel as he retells some of the transforming stories from the Old Testament. My novel is only $5.99 at God bless you.

  • Anonymous
  • landofaahs

    Gee Glenn, how could anyone not have seen your dilemma? You dress like a cowboy one day and try to look like a professor the next and you have a different look for every day. It’s been clear to anyone with a brain you really don’t know who you are. I hope you find out some day though. Let me give everyone with that problem a hint. It only comes when you know that you have nothing to bring to the Lord for your salvation. It is all paid for by Christ. We cannot even claim the faith we have because even that is a gift from God. Your good deeds do not save you but they are merely the evidence of the Holy Spirit that lives inside of you. Good deeds outside of Faith in Christ are merely human efforts to save themselves and assuage themselves of guilt. The attitude of the good I do out ways the bad is total garbage theology.

    • Anonymous

      Bingo! You are right on the money. We may not have all the answers, but we don’t need them and we don’t need to act like we have them. We have Christ, and that’s all that matters.

    • Type 53

      It’s been clear to anyone with a brain you really don’t know who you are. I hope you find out some day though. Let me give everyone with that problem a hint. It only comes when you know that you have nothing to bring to the Lord for your salvation. It is all paid for by Christ.Can’t add a thing to that.

  • Anonymous

    How do you have a relationship with someone with whom your only contact is listening to his voice coming out of your radio or the contrived entity talking at your from your tv? I guess the same way that some have relationships with other divine deities. The question remains: what kind of people need a tv/radio personality to define and give meaning to their lives?

  • Anonymous

    Oh DO shut up!

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