WATCH: Flying can be horrible, unless this guy is on your plane

Never miss an opportunity to make somebody’s day a little better.

If you find yourself in a large group of people, there’s no doubt that you can share some pretty horrible travel stories. Lost luggage, invasive security checks, terrible food – it is hard to find anything fun about flying unless you count getting to your destination (sometimes on time).

In fact, in Glenn’s “Letter to Hannah”, he said “Private jet travel is the only material thing that can actually change your life. However, refined manner, gentleness, meekness, kindness, will be the only currency of any true value.”

But one Southwest Airlines flight attendant took the time to make the experience so much better for the people on his airline one day. Rather than give the standard pre-flight speech, he mixed in humor and sarcasm to brighten people’s day.

Some highlights?

The dangers of tampering with a smoke detector

“Folks, it’s $2,200 for tampering with the smoke detector in the lavatory, and you know if you had $2,200 you’d be on United Airlines in first class.”

Post-flight plans

“That seatbelt needs to be low and tight across your hips just like the hot pink Speedo I’m gonna be wearing when I finally get the three of us to a hotel hot tub tonight.”

In the event of an emergency…

“For those of you traveling with your children, why? For those of you traveling with two of your children, what in the world were you thinking? But when those masks fall, you’ll want to put the mask on the bright one — that one’s going to contribute to your retirement most successfully.”

  • grandma

    Love the Southwest attendants.

    • Anonymous

      Me, too! On a Southwest flight a few years ago, the departure was held up for hours as a mechanical problem was fixed. One flight attendant essentially did a comedy routine the entire time, completely diffusing the awfulness of the situation. She got a round of applause when we reached our destination, too.

    • JeffyTheQuick

      It’s always good to see people having fun with their work. They do it better, and are better to work with.

  • Brandon P.

    I think the advertisements keep the information free on websites….

    • Anonymous

      He’s talking about the idiot posters that are posting the fool’s crap links.

      • Jonathan

        Those are automated spam. Those people have viruses.

  • Jon Fields

    Sounds like Lindsey Graham except more competent.

    • Anonymous

      Nailed that one perfectly.

  • Mark in MD

    “Never miss an opportunity to make somebody’s day a little better.” Words to live by. Thanks, Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    Reminds me of the old PSA flights. The approach into San Diego is steep and right over the city. That was handled but we hit the runway hard. The flight attendant didn’t miss a beat and said “Well, folks, we have just attacked San Diego!” It was the perfect de stressor and the entire planeload dissolved into laughter. What was doubly funny is that the head honchos of the sales team where flying in for a sales meeting and the head of it, also a pilot, looked back at my seat mate (who was part of the sales team also) with raised eyebrows, “We have to sell this????”

  • Anonymous

    of course it was SWA. Because they’re the best!

  • Anonymous

    Since those who preach from collectivism’s altar hold an irrational confidence in human reason, they object to that which is not controlled.

  • Ashley

    This attendant needs a raise and to train more to be like him.

  • Rosa Brand

    You gotta love a person who takes something mundane and makes it fun. This guy deserves a raise just for that performance! lol

  • Jim

    I’m glad Southwest allows their attendants to joke. However when I fly I’m so nervous I know I’d just be annoyed.

  • Ritchie The Riveter

    I was recently on a SWA flight, where the plane was going on to another destination. The flight attendant told those going on to that destination to please stay in their seats as the rest of us got off, so they could quickly get an accurate count of onboard passengers before boarding the awaiting ones …

    … he said, IIRC, “this flight crew is Florida-based, and the last thing we want is a recount.”

  • Anonymous

    That guy’s GREAT! Surprised they give him that much leeway, as easily offended as people pretend to be these days. But I hope he continues for a very long time!

  • Elena

    That’s joy of Southwest!

  • Anonymous
  • not a liberal

    enjoyable, light-hearted skit for a mundane FAA requirement. Our indoctrination of people is working well when you see the comments regarding this fun, little, story. Who cares what the person’s sexuality is? The man is funny and appears to do his job well. Give yourself a chance to grow, be enlightened, learn…as everyone is an individual that you should spend a little time in learning from them.

  • Tinkabell

    across from your name on your comment is a small flag…use that to make the site aware of the people posting that junk. I always try to remember to do it.

  • Jonathan

    Ad blocker plus my friend. Ad blocker plus.

  • Angelo

    how can you have a site with no money? the ads help pay the bills I just can’t believe some here does not understand how life and business works!

  • Jack Smith

    Either those companies pay GB to host this site or we do! It’s your choice.

  • Benjamin Briner

    It’s a virus is it? Speaking of the misinformed…

  • Thomas Ogden

    If the shoe fits!!!

  • Benjamin Briner

    Not overly knowledgeable about Beck, his company, or much of anything are you?

  • Anonymous

    Just because of the way he speaks and acts doesn’t make him gay. Effeminate, yes, but never did he admit to being gay.

  • Tim Kolczak

    Looks like he has a wedding ring on his finger…. maybe just effeminate. Either way, leave it to you to bring it up.

  • Lily Bart

    Why would you say that? Do you listen to Glenn? Open your mind, and be honest about what you hear. Think for yourself, listen to a single show or podcast and see if you’d write that sentence again. I think you’d be surprised again and again at what he talks about. If Glenn is good enough company for Malcolm Gladwell and Eric Schmidt, he *might* be interesting to you too.

  • Elena

    Why are we falling to the trap of identifying people by their sexuality and not some other trait?

  • Anonymous

    Are you on meds?  Your response makes zero sense.

  • bill


  • AsSeenOnTv

    I’ve never met a straight man that has a lisp like that.

  • Alan Bean

    You’d have to be gay to wear a hot pink speedo… Just saying.

  • bill


  • Elena

    So what?

  • Glennfriend67

    @ Benjamin Briner: He’s probably a leftist troll who just wants to flaunt his Cro-Magnon attitude. Hey, they even eat their own,now. If you don’t toe their lunatic Progressive line, they’ll chew you up and spit you out. That’s what happened to that FL teacher who is a liberal but sided with Glenn on Common Core. Even Hollywood is eating its own. Scarlett Johanssen, whom I normally disagree with politically, likes Soda Stream.(so do I. I have one.) She has made commercials for them and even did a Super Bowl Commercial. Sounds okay so far, right? Here’s the rub: Soda Stream is manufactured in- ready for it?- ISRAEL. And who does Hollyweird have a hate-on for? ISRAEL. Scarlett defied them and did the commercial anyway, and of course she’s been ostracized. I’m starting to think these Progressives are clinically insane.
    Oh, btw, LOVE your avatar!! I’ve been a Redskins fan since I was 5. I think they’re going to do better this year. Hopefully, RGIII has settled down now. I’d love to get together with a bunch of people standing in front of the WH singing the Redskins song, “Hail to the Redskins! Hail Victory! Braves on the warparth! Fight! For Old DC!” (Fight for OLD DC is SO true!)

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