Never miss an opportunity to make somebody’s day a little better.

If you find yourself in a large group of people, there’s no doubt that you can share some pretty horrible travel stories. Lost luggage, invasive security checks, terrible food – it is hard to find anything fun about flying unless you count getting to your destination (sometimes on time).

In fact, in Glenn’s “Letter to Hannah”, he said “Private jet travel is the only material thing that can actually change your life. However, refined manner, gentleness, meekness, kindness, will be the only currency of any true value.”

But one Southwest Airlines flight attendant took the time to make the experience so much better for the people on his airline one day. Rather than give the standard pre-flight speech, he mixed in humor and sarcasm to brighten people’s day.

Some highlights?

The dangers of tampering with a smoke detector

“Folks, it’s $2,200 for tampering with the smoke detector in the lavatory, and you know if you had $2,200 you’d be on United Airlines in first class.”

Post-flight plans

“That seatbelt needs to be low and tight across your hips just like the hot pink Speedo I’m gonna be wearing when I finally get the three of us to a hotel hot tub tonight.”

In the event of an emergency…

“For those of you traveling with your children, why? For those of you traveling with two of your children, what in the world were you thinking? But when those masks fall, you’ll want to put the mask on the bright one — that one’s going to contribute to your retirement most successfully.”