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My husband and I took our children to a track meet this weekend. When I scrolled through my pictures, I found a couple of shots my 6-year-old daughter took while she had my phone during my son’s race. I thought them worth sharing- they are attached. When the baby doll got bored of watching track races, she had a little juice and read up on Common Core.. And took some notes :). On a serious note, I am enjoying the book!






It brought tears to my eyes as my children’s school celebrated Flag Day.  My children attend Sts Peter & Paul Catholic school in Waterbury, CT. Some veterans came in and retired the old school flag. They explained the 13 folds of the flag (very interesting). The children read poems about Honor, about Bravery, about Heroism, about the bond between faith and the formation of our country and about America’s greatness and correcting the path we are on now.

In a state and city where everything is PC, where kids can’t celebrate holidays in the public school system anymore. With Common Core, I couldn’t spend $6000 any better than to give them a good old fashioned American religious education free from “modern” teaching experiments and PC police. I tell all the guys I work with that are younger than me, stay away from the public schools and use the parochial schools, no matter your religion.




I wrote down your list. I’m going to apply it to my life.

Glenn, I’ve been listening to and watching you for 10 or 12 years now. You are amazing! And you are a patriot. God bless you.
Thank you for all that you do.
Keep up the good work.



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