Blame it on a Freudian slip or just a rare moment of honesty, but on Monday, President Obama finally told the American people what many of us already knew – job creation under his Administration has been pretty bleak.

“Well, let’s start with the jobs number. And I think this is fair… You got to give President credit,” Glenn joked on radio this morning. “And, you know, when he says something, we try to look into it and make sure that it’s accurate. And I believe this is an accurate statement of, you know, what the President has done… Let’s give credit where credit is due.”

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During a speech at the White House Summit on Working Families, Obama praised socialist countries like France for its focus on work life balance and maternity leave policies. But the highlight of the speech was, undoubtedly, when the President spoke about job creation.

OBAMA: Our businesses have created jobs for 51 consecutive months — 9.4 new jobs in all.

That’s right, in the last five years the Obama Administration has created a grand total of 9.4 jobs.

While the official White House transcript of the event was kind enough to add the word “million” to the transcript in brackets, but the 9.4 figure is probably more accurate.

“That seems accurate,” Pat concluded. “I want to hear the whining stop now. ‘I can’t find a job.’ They’ve created 9.4 jobs. Stop it. That’s a lot of jobs.”

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