Freudian slip? Obama says a whopping 9.4 jobs created on his watch

Blame it on a Freudian slip or just a rare moment of honesty, but on Monday, President Obama finally told the American people what many of us already knew – job creation under his Administration has been pretty bleak.

“Well, let’s start with the jobs number. And I think this is fair… You got to give President credit,” Glenn joked on radio this morning. “And, you know, when he says something, we try to look into it and make sure that it’s accurate. And I believe this is an accurate statement of, you know, what the President has done… Let’s give credit where credit is due.”

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During a speech at the White House Summit on Working Families, Obama praised socialist countries like France for its focus on work life balance and maternity leave policies. But the highlight of the speech was, undoubtedly, when the President spoke about job creation.

OBAMA: Our businesses have created jobs for 51 consecutive months — 9.4 new jobs in all.

That’s right, in the last five years the Obama Administration has created a grand total of 9.4 jobs.

While the official White House transcript of the event was kind enough to add the word “million” to the transcript in brackets, but the 9.4 figure is probably more accurate.

“That seems accurate,” Pat concluded. “I want to hear the whining stop now. ‘I can’t find a job.’ They’ve created 9.4 jobs. Stop it. That’s a lot of jobs.”

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  • landofaahs

    He won’t be held to account so why would he care what he says? He has the lap dog press kissing hiss butt because they are all communists.

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised that he created that many jobs. I thought job creation was in the negative given the fact how many millions of people have given up even looking for a job. 9.4 jobs; I don’t believe it.

    • David Johnson

      How many of those jobs were Federal Employees. Or sending tax payers money to states foe State Employees. But all of them are Union with great retirement plans that they don’t have to contribute too!!

      • Bert31

        I think the .4 is a seeing eye dog who just found a blind person in need.

        • Mike Nelson

          Was it BlueMN? Or Landree? 😀

          • Anonymous

            Both. .2 each.

      • Anonymous

        Excuse me not all states have that problem. I was a state employee I contributed almost all of my retirement and there was no union involved. But I know what you mean by some states. Just don’t throw everyone under the bus please

  • Noli Me Calcare

    9.4 Is way too high, I’m assuming the .4 is Biden. When it’s actually minus a couple million, this is a vast overstatement. Maybe it counts the fairytale saved jobs.

    • Anonymous

      The .4 is a part-timer so maybe Biden+Kerry add up to .4!

  • Anonymous

    That many? Shocked he might actually have told the truth about something.

  • eric

    I think Susan Rice got the .4 job.

    • Ferrari fan

      they lost .6 when Jay Carney “resigned”

  • Anonymous

    Obama is here to destroy the country under orders from Soros

    • Anonymous

      Soros is next on the list to be taken down. He will get what he has coming to him as well.

  • texastruthtweet

    I believe it! My husband has been trying to find a decent job for nearly 2 years now. I am grateful for my job, but with skyrocketing prices, it is getting harder for me to hold it together!

    • sbut01

      Don’t give up, that’s what they want. They are trying to break the American spirit. Things will get better, we just have to get some more people like you Texans choose to govern us. Good luck.

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely…don’t give up. We owe it to our children and grandchildren and to all those who sacrificed their lives for our country. Let it not have been in vain – we need to restore pride in our country!

      • Anonymous

        They forgot Americans bring out their best when we get attacked and this is an attack.

    • jukani

      Hang in there! Godspeed!!!

  • sbut01

    Just a typo on the prompter. Fool can’t recite his name without it.

    • Anonymous

      He really does just read words as the tele-words float past.
      He doesn’t stop to think “Wait , that can’t be what I really said. Can it?”

    • Something Is Wrong

      I’m Ron Burgundy?

      • Ferrari fan

        lol you beat me to it

  • Anonymous

    Ya, and his is the .4

  • dennis reilly

    what a man! what a man!, he has promised to start a family business when he leaves office to set a good example, he said he will roll up his sleeves, what a man! what a man!

    • hmmathis

      Must be sarcasm!

  • Anonymous

    Something wrong in the teleprompter. Must blame the guy in the little box.

  • Anonymous
  • lil-echoes

    Yeah.. yeah… yeah… Obama lies a lot too. Who listens to his big mouth any more. He’s full of nothing but HOT air and only LOVES to hear HIMSELF talk.

    • Anonymous

      We should get the EPA to regulate his CO2 emissions think he may be this countries worst politer.

  • Andrew Conway Shelton

    Listen they fail to give you the whole fact. They put words into a simple aura with limited facts. Yes we probably created 9.4 million jobs. But what they fail to mention is that we also lost more salary jobs then we started with … This number he released intransigently happens to be apart of what BIG corporations call BLACK Spring. Its were almost all the departments hire 10-20 new employees to help with the demand.. These people are making 7.25-9.00$ an hour part time. They work these people to 39 or less hour a week. Because if the corporations worked these people 40 or more a week then they would have to entitle them to health benefits which they don’t want to do… So You work 39 hours for a couple weeks then as the inflation starts to come back down they can cut your hours down to what fits there needs . So you could work 2 or maybe 10 hours a week. Then these people leave because there not making enough to support them self’s. What i’m saying is its no were near a accurate statement. Just because that number went up for a couple months … and these are not salary jobs there slave jobs… Your better off saying hey america I created 9.4 million slaves. #Witness

  • Jim Beach

    Most of the job gains were in Texas and had nothing whatsoever to do with anything liberals did.

  • Peter S. Jennings

    So in five years there have been 9.4 (million) jobs created under obama? Well just from High School graduations over that same 5 year Period there have been an estimated 16.6 million High school graduates (not to mention the ones who didn’t graduate as well.) So figure about 65.9% (NYtimes figure) 2.25 Million students entering the work force so 9.4 – 2.25 = 7.15 new jobs left, though it still isn’t telling us how many of these jobs are minimum wage, part time, or even wait staff (where they get paid below minimum wage to make up for tips they might get)

    Now we add the number of College Graduates (broken down by degree types)

    4.54 Million degrees (2 years estimated program)
    7.15 – 4.54 = 2.61 Million jobs left. Uh oh, this isn’t good those jobs are almost gone already and these are typically students who entered college under obama too

    Bachelors (3-5 years program)
    6.94 Million
    2.61 – 6.94 = -4.33 Million jobs. Many of these students entered into College on Obama’s campaign of Hope and Change, and promises of jobs tomorrow. (high school graduates in 2008) we have already got Negative job growth now lets see how bad the problem gets.

    Masters (1-6 years program)
    3.69 Million
    -4.33 – 3.69 = -8.02 Million jobs (I realize I may be getting some double data at this point here. Master’s programs are entered into after Bachelors but the most it would be 40% or 2 years worth of data assuming they did all did a 3 years bachelors and 1 years masters program)

    0.84 Million(I can’t find a fixed time on Doctorates but it sounds like it would be 2-7 years [doctorate dissertation year added to masters program] minimum)
    -8.02 – 0.84 = -8.86 Million Jobs created. many of these students who went on in education due to enticement from Obama’s campaign of hope and change. we have a negative job growth almost as high as the number of students who graduated alone.

    This doesn’t even take into consideration the fact that some College students will be looking for part time jobs while they go to college. I will update this again when I find an estimated percentage on that information.

    These numbers are % of students who did not work.
    High school: 71.2
    College: 28.4
    Post Graduate: 17.6 Which means that the negative job growth can be as high as -8.86 – 7.21 jobs = -16.07 Million jobs almost double the amount of Job growth

  • Marc O’Neal

    Well, I can tell you there is not much out there. My neighbor’s son just graduated high school in May of this year. He was working for a grocery store while in high school. He quit that job to go work for $14.00 per hour, working outside day and night, working 12+ hours per day and the work is very nasty manual labor. Now, for someone with his current skills, knowledge and trade, he doe snot have much to offer. This is the best he can expect. But, he is also working with people that have been in prison or people that have no ambition in life. I hope, for his sake, he saves money and goes to college to get a trade or skill that is marketable. I work in the IT field and I went to college. I have a REAL job! Not something part time that pays minimum wage and requires no thought process to do. So, Obama can toot his horn when he helps pass legislation that helps people get a REAL job. Otherwise, I do not want to hear about the hamburger flipper working part at McDonald’s.

  • Et Th
  • Anonymous

    I think he’s delusional that he created 9.4 jobs. Maybe 1 job, maybe and even that’s questionable.

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure that would not be the net job number. That would the. Truly be 9.4 million less than when he took office. Now if he can just get immigration passed he can make that 18.8 easy. Think he plays to much golf. He is getting it confused. Lower score on course good thing. Lower number of jobs bad thing.

  • Julie

    Sounds like they’re all part-time jobs.

  • Bestuv Burke

    Here’s the deficit history under the criminal marxist regime of ineligible usurper Hussein Obama:2009: $1.41 Trillion 2010: $1.29 Trillion 2011: $1.30 Trillion 2012: $1.10 Trillion

  • Paper Boy

    What President Obama meant to say is that 9.4 million jobs were created in government and that 9 million of them were in the IRS to monitor and harass conservative groups.

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