Glenn responds to fan feedback after Monday’s controversial monologue

On Monday’s radio program, Glenn offered an interesting qualifier on one of his monologues.

“I don’t know how you’re going to react. I really don’t,” Glenn said. “This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever asked of you because I know how angry you are.”

With that, Glenn asked his audience to consider donating to Mercury One so they could begin to organize aid for the thousands of illegal immigrant children who have poured across the southern border recently.

After hearing about the harrowing conditions at the makeshift shelters in border towns like Laredo, Brownsville, Van Horn, and McAllen, Texas, Glenn decided his “eternal citizenship” took precedence over his U.S. citizenship and it was time to deal with the reality of the situation while simultaneously working to thwart the lawlessness.

Watch Monday’s monologue below:

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Glenn’s words caught the attention of a lot of listeners as emails and social media comments – both positive and negative – poured in. On radio this morning, Glenn once again addressed the topic, speaking to both supporters and detractors about where he is coming from and why he will continue to ask for people to consider doing what they can to ensure sanitary conditions for these children.

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“Yesterday, I asked you to reach beyond your citizenship of the United States. And this is not something I ever asked you to do before,” Glenn said. “I’m not a ‘citizen of mankind’ gentleman… all that bull crap. I do, however, have another citizenship, and it is higher than citizenship that happens here in the United States. And that’s citizenship is the citizen of a kingdom of heaven. [It’s] an eternal citizenship unlike this citizenship, which will fade over time.”

Today just so happens to be the anniversary of the start of the Berlin Airlift, and Glenn reflected on the way the United States came together to aid a group of people in spite of the enemy.

“Today is the anniversary of the Berlin Airlift… The Berlin Airlift was an amazing thing. Here we had taken out all of Germany – our enemies – and then we went and not only rebuilt them, we dropped food,” Glenn explained. “And there were people in the United States of America that were really upset… ‘Don’t do it. A, you’re going to cause more war. B, you’re going to hack off all the countries over there. And C, we’ve got our own problems over here. We can’t help those people.’ But we did. And today is the anniversary of Americans doing something that… was never even thought of before.”

In wanting to ensure those who have crossed the border have access to adequate food, clothing, and shelter, Glenn is not asking anyone to endorse these people’s criminal actions, instead he simply asking that, as Americans, we be good.

“If we want to be great, let’s be good. We knew it was just right to feed people,” Glenn said. “And I want to make it very clear: They are illegal. They’ve got to go home. But… we don’t leave people behind – even the people who have caused it themselves.”

Glenn proceeded to read through some of the messages he has received in the last 24 hours. He offered his thoughts on a few of them, while encouraging his listeners to continuing thinking about the situation we currently find ourselves in.

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“I hate the fact that doing right is always so hard… It’s like disciplining my child. I never understood when my dad said to me, ‘This hurts me more than it will hurt you’… But it’s right,” Glenn concluded. “We have to keep our heart, and we have to continue to feel. The minute we stop feeling, the minute we stop caring, the minute we stop loving those who we deem our enemy [is] the moment we’ve lost America for good.”

If you are interesting in donating, you can learn more about Mercury One HERE.

  • LMW

    Matt 25:40 And the King will answer and say to them, “as assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to me.”

    Matt 10:42 “and whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple, assuredly, I say to you, he shall by no means lose his reward.”

    • Erik

      LMW that verse only says one, and that person won’t lose their reward. what about the other 59,000 of them and the rest that are enroute? At what point do we say no more? Or do we just keep bringing them in until we keep them in our own homes. We fought a war a couple hundred yrs ago to kick the soldiers out of our homes… only to have them replaced by a whole other type of leach. kids gotta go. bible or no bible verse.

      • Adam Jenson

        Romans 13:13 Let every person be subject to the governing authorities.

        Luke 11:21 When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are safe;

        Mark 3:27 But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man. Then indeed he may plunder his house.

      • D Irene Gardner

        Glenn is NOT asking you to take these little ones into “our own homes”. We are asking you to treat them humanely while being held here until they can be sent back home.

        While you worry about if YOUR glass is 1/2 full, their glasses are completely empty. They are living in filthy, inHUMANE situations. Where’s your heart? Quit worrying about your wallet.

    • Elena

      Do not forget:

      Our Heavenly guidance is clear, politics aside:

      Lev 19:33f When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong. You shall treat the stranger who sojourns

      with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the
      LORD your God.

      Deut 10:18 He [God] executes justice for the fatherless and the widow, and loves the sojourner, giving him food and clothing. Love the sojourner, therefore, for you were sojourners in the land of Egypt.

      Zech 7:10a Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the foreigner or the poor.

      • linda

        Fine we give them water, food, clothing if needed and send them on a bus or military transport to Mexico City and let the Mexican government deal with dispersing them back whence they came!

      • Anonymous

        I’m fine with that. Let’s give the sojourner food and clothing – and a one way ticket BACK to Mexico. The Bible doesn’t say to be an eternal SAP.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you, Elena. Hopefully those filled with hate will listen…

    • linda

      Fine give them a bottle of water, a sack lunch and a ride on military transport to Mexico city and let the Mexican government disperse them back to their countries of origin. And then cut off ALL foreign aid to every country these sending/allowing these children across out borders!

  • LMW

    Has anyone also considered that this a back door way to get the UN in our country?

    • Anonymous

      They’re already here, and it’s all wrapped up in one… immigration-voting- collapse – NorthAmericanUnion.

  • landofaahs

    Good the Glenn. You finally have admitted that America is not worth fighting for. These children sent here are just deadly missiles to be followed by even more. Send them back immediately and let that be the humanitarian event. People are sick of the whole world demanding we take care of them. I believe in Christian charity but not letting people break in and steal.

    • BlueMN

      I wonder what Abe Lincoln would say?

      “I am not a Know-Nothing [Anti-immigration party], How could I be? How can any one who abhors the oppression of Negroes be in favor of degrading classes of white people? Our progress in degeneracy appears to me pretty rapid. As a nation we began by declaring ‘all men are created equal.’ We now practically read it, ‘ all men are created equal, except Negroes.’ When the Know-Nothings get control, it will read, ‘all men are created equal, except Negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics.’ When it comes to this I should prefer emigrating to some country where they make no pretense of loving liberty—to Russia, for example, where despotism can be taken pure and without the base alloy of hypocrisy.” -Abraham Lincoln

      “That the Republican Party is opposed to any change in our Naturalization Laws or any State legislation by which the rights of our citizenship hitherto accorded to immigrants from foreign lands shall be abridged or impaired; and in favor of giving a full and efficient protection to the rights of all classes of citizens, whether native or naturalized, both at home and abroad.” -1860 Republican Party platform

      • RWBenton

        I trust you know that Lincoln was an unrepentant racist.

        • Anonymous

          Lincoln put a stop to slavery so I doubt he was a racist.

          • Richard Keimig

            It’s been discussed that Lincoln may have wanted to remove African Americans from America because of his racism. But hey, I’m not a historian.

          • Drew Croy

            Huh? Lincoln said very clearly (paraphrasing here) If he could save the union by freeing all slaves he would do it and if he could save the union by freeing non of the slaves he’d do that as well.

          • RWBenton

            Well, you’re wrong. One can oppose slavery and still be a racist. Lincoln was a confirmed racist, among other things, but that didn’t stop him from doing the right thing about slavery. It was mainly an economic issue.

    • Brad Donald

      Yup they weaponized illegal invader children against us. And glenn is helping them.

  • landofaahs

    I suppose you would then think Israel should take in all the muslims who want into Israel by that logic huh Glenn?

    • Anonymous

      We should do what President Ike did back in the 50’s with illegals. It would stop this kind of crap overnight

    • Ian L.

      He isn’t saying take them in. I understand it’s kinda hard and takes some brain power but if you read the words. It’s pretty clear. They must go home. But again this takes brain power, and you have already shown that you aren’t quite capable of mustering up this kind of energy.

  • Kevin Olomon

    I listen everyday- but that doesn’t mean I’m a fan.

    In fact, I never ever wanted to make tracks to this site- and plan to delete the info I had to supply to sign-up/sign-in so I could post this.

    I don’t like you. Why, doesn’t matter and would be a waste of time.

    I’m conservative. I’m Christian. And I’m gay. But the majority of all three groups irk me to no end. They don’t want me- and I certainly am not them.

    I’ve held my nose my whole voting life and checked the box of every GOP candidate who’s run. But no more.

    When it was only ME making the personal sacrifice- that was acceptable. I could justify voting for a candidate who didn’t consider me their equal.

    But I’m nearing 50 now. And my paternal instinct is kicking-in. I’m developing concerns for those younger coming up behind me.

    I cannot vote people into office who consider LGBT children less than str8 children. Not while kids are being bashed, bullied and are taking their own lives.

    Never again.

    My concern for the children is also why I’m breaking yet again w/ huge portions of those three groups to reach out to you, Beck. And why I’m donating what I can for the refugee’s.

    Shame on any and all who consider ANYTHING but young hearts & spirits, as they opt instead to focus on their own grown-up ego & anger.

    They are failing His test. (AGAIN)

    • Anonymous

      “I’m conservative. I’m Christian. And I’m gay” You cannot be Christian AND gay. That is blasphemous.

      • D Irene Gardner

        Isn’t that a decision for God to make? Not us mere mortals?
        The man is telling us from the bottom of his heart what he is feeling. Leave it alone.

      • Charolett Acosta

        Benshivd08, Your ignorant is showing!

    • Deborah McNeil Christian

      God bless you Kevin. I donated so that the children can have a meal and someplace to go potty while they wait to be sent back south. I cannot even imagine the terror those children are enduring right now… all while we argue about the damn politics of it all. Good grief.

  • Laura Plazony Landry

    Sadly I am very disappointed in the direction you have turned Glenn. You once stood with us against the tyranny of washington and now it seems you are joining with them.
    Yes what is happening on the border states is horrible and deplorable BUT they caused it theirselves by coming to this Country illegally thanks to our president.
    If you want me to donate money, I would donate money to go for the vets who are dying and not getting proper medical care…NOT for illegals that now you want to pacify and feed and clothe. I do have compassion but this is overwhelming our system, destroying and degrading our country and I cannot and will not help those who mean to ruin our country. Plain and simple.

    • Barbara

      I agree, my daughter served 12 years and could not find a job..even working at Walmart. She did air traffic control but if you are older than 34 yrs, (unless you retire military) you are considered too old by the FAA . We came very close to losing our home and we are still behind on other things because she basically makes minimum wage. It is a disgrace how our vets are treated..especially after several trips to Iraq and faithfully serving our country. Now (especially if they are Christians) they are basically getting kicked out with a choice either you go a really bad place w/o your family for at least another year, or leave. Sadly these men and women have already been away from their families till almost breaking point, so they get out..and then can’t find a job..Plus no medical care .Sad. I know so many this has happened to.

      • Jeff Garbison

        Completely separate travesty. Starving a child to prove a point isn’t what a good person does. If glen were asking for a new tax to care for the kids I would have an issue. He only asked that people who could afford to help to do so. He raises money and supports for the vets as well. Both need our support, not through tax, but charity.

        • Brad Donald

          Where are you hearing that children are starving? The same children that complained their food was cold? Tell me more made up lies.

    • Liberty For All

      Yes the Vets…more cover ups of deaths just reported. Unspeakable. A prelude to Obamacare.

    • Sharif Hamdy

      Wow, so….ok, im a conservative myself. So since you seem to be so righteous, what is your solution? I know they need to go back, but untill the organize that what should we do? let em starve? dont give them water? I think you are a Liar when you say you have compassion, bottom line, its gonna take some time until they sort out how they gonna get them back……cant starve em till then

      • Anonymous

        Time to organize this is a Red Herring. If there were the proper will, we would have had all these people on a C5 and back in Mexico city within 48 hours.

        • Bryan W

          I agree, but there is one element missing from this – permission to land. Since we have Senator Feckless to negotiate it, you know it will be months or years before that happens.

        • Drew Croy

          Mos of them are NOT Mexican nationals. This is the problem, actually 2 problems.
          #1 They are from Central American countries that do not border the USA so they can not be legally deported to Mexico or Canada.
          #2 They are children which adds another 15 steps to the process.

      • Brad Donald

        Who says they are starving or to let them starve? You are using glenns wilson tactics on us now? Disgusting.

    • Jeff Garbison

      I hope you are not a Christian. I’m pretty sure we are living this life for eternity. If we have truly become a society that would accept letting the innocent suffer just because they were born in a poor and corrupt country, I fear there is no turning back. Glen keep fighting the good fight and never stop knowing right from wrong. The rest of you I hope you only say things like this because you haven’t seen it intimately.

      • OkiePacker

        Thanks for standing up for Glen. I just wrote quite a long message and I hope some will read it, it tells biblically why Glen is wanting to help. I just posted it as OkiePacker if you want to read it.

      • Brad Donald

        Why are you only talking about charity for them now? How about when they were still in their poor country? Keep telling us how un christian we are when we are not condoning this illegal invasion. And how they weaponized children against us.

      • Valerie James

        He knows right from wrong, because he and his family, read the Word of God daily.

    • OkiePacker

      Glen is not asking you to help all the illegals that are involved. There are thousands of children, ranging from 4-11 year old little girls and boys. They didn’t ask their parents or guardians to pay for trekking across South America. They are innocent. They need food and clothing. $5.00 isn’t going to break any if us. And yes our Vets need to be taken care of as well. They all need us.

      • Brad Donald

        From most reports most of the CHILDREN are over 14.

      • Drew Croy

        Your facts are wrong sir. The median age is 14 and male. There are a few babies and girls thrown in for sensational news coverage but the Immigration and customs office listed as a line item: Urgently need 42,000 pair of underwear mens sizes Large to 6 Extra Large.

        They making tents for those babies? Don’t fall for the shell game. Look at the big picture.

        Feed them, shelter them and then send them home.

    • Keith Moser

      Go to Mercury One. You can donate to Vets there as well. I am amazed how self-righteous some of you guys are. When we see a need, do we really ask, Are you a citizen of the United States before we help. I am a conservative but I am not a heartless conservative like many here seem to be. I say, God bless Glenn for reaching out to the least of these.

  • Faye Stampe

    How about raising that money— or using that money for our Vets?? Not for illegals who expect a handout.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. What about the millions of Americans who are in a financial crisis right now and struggling to feed their children, huh Glenn, what about them. NO MONEY for illegals, time to grow a spine America

      • Keith Moser

        How about growing a heart? How did we get to this point in our society? Do we really see Mexicans as the enemy, unworthy to be helped? Does Glenn Beck need to grow a spine because he sees a need and wants to reach out with the love of Jesus? Are they illegal? Yes they are. Does that mean we should turn our backs on them as if they are worthless human beings who don’t deserve to live? Of course not. How about we grow a heart and reach out to the least of these instead of acting like heartless conservatives.

        • Brad Donald

          Why do you keep trying to make this about race mate? You tried to do this same slimy tactic against me. No one said turn our back on them either. However charity does not mean you just toss food at them and hope the problem goes away. If they do not respect our laws and sovereignty they must be sent back. Keep being a scummy bomb throwing liar if thats how you get by in life Keith. Not going to work on the intelligent.

    • noisyparker

      Actually, the MercuryOne site has a category for that, as well. So, that is an option if you feel that strongly about donating to one over the other.

    • Jeff Garbison

      Yes, let those stupid criminals starve. How dare a 5 year old not know better than to break the law for something so petty as food and water. I bet if we start shooting them as the cross the border and string their bodies up to warn the others, we could stop this problem today.

      • Ken Adams

        It certainly worked centuries ago. Study your history. 😛

      • OkiePacker

        What are you saying? Shoot a five year old because she is taking food or water? A five year old does not have the body strength to come across our border at any entry. They were brought here. Period!

        • Marcus Adams

          He was being sarcastic, because people seemed really ready to deem 5 year old’s as criminals since they aren’t here legally.

          • Brad Donald

            They are though.

          • OkiePacker

            Just getting so worked up with one catastrophe after another with Obama. Not a week goes by without something new happening. Then while America is shifting through the carnage Obama is off fund raising playing golf. What did people expect him to do as president when he had never held down a leadership job? Was it all about electing a mulato? Sorry he’s not African American. Period. I’m sick to death of him. Glad I’m not going to be around for the anti-Christ.

          • Valerie James

            It is good that you are sick of his policies, and even him and what he is doing. That is good. Just do what you can do, and don’t get overwhelmed with what you can’t do.

      • Drew Croy

        It’s the shell game. While we are all stressing over what’s happening at the border with “The Children” the other hand is getting ready to take another whack at our civil liberties.

        Food, shelter and clothing then a bus ticket back to the country they came from. Even the best guests can overstay their welcome.

        This “need to foster them ” while we look for a responsible relative is ludicrous. They can go back into “the system” in their country. If they had a responsible relative they wouldn’t be scrambling across our borders.

    • Brian Compton

      He is right…look after them in the shelters, as humans…but ENSURE they go home…DO NOT LET OUR GOVERNMENT grant asylum for violating the law

      He never said to just let them in, ignore the lawlessness that brought them here…but treat them with human dignity…clothe them, feed them, but ultimately SEND THEM HOME

      Matthew 25:40
      “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’
      In fact read up on Matthew 25:31-46…please

      • Brad Donald

        “he never said” No but his actions will lead toward comforting invaders. Most of the so called Children are over 14 and male and might be gang members.

        • Keith Moser

          Wow! If that wasn’t a racist comment I don’t know what is. The media portray conservatives as heartless. You are one of the reasons they get by with saying that. The Good Samaritan needed to grow a spine according to you. Hate does not solve anything. I guess your desire is for them to die. Would that make you feel better? Where did your heart go? Illegal or not, we should help those in need.

          • Brad Donald

            How is it racist? Explain your bomb throwing? What aspect of what I said was race based or motivated? Your tactic to try to paint me as a racist when nothing i said was racist shows the content of your character sir. You seem to be projecting your own dark racist heart onto others.

          • Keith Moser

            You stated that they would probably grown up to be gang members. Why, because they’re Mexicans. Glenn was not putting his hands in your pockets to force you to give. If you don’t want to give, don’t. Not a big deal. That is up to you. I disagree with the immigration policy of the last several presidents. Obama happens to be the worse, but that doesn’t mean we should say who cares about them. I didn’t use a tactic. If you don’t want people to think you are racist, don’t assume they will become gang members. I am a conservative who believes in the laws of the land. I believe we need to have real reform, not cheap talk from both parties. Everyone is either afraid to offend illegal Mexicans are they use language, showing their hatred for them.
            My character is sound. If you don’t like them, don’t give to them. Don’t bash Glenn because he want’s to help those in need. Illegal or legal, a need is a need. Compassion isn’t for American’s only. Compassion isn’t for the legal only. As conservatives, we should show our compassion for the least of these. Yes, I agree, they should be deported, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help those who are in need.
            I don’t use tactics, I use logic. If you are afraid of your beliefs because someone pointed out that your belief they would become gang members because of their race, than maybe you need to actually think before you write.

          • Brad Donald

            So being gang members is racist now. You are insane. You also cant help but toss out MEXICAN at every chance. When in fact many of these people are from Guatemala. You dont even have a basic understanding of the situation but want to paint everyone as racist. Also Charity is not just about giving people food. You have a very one dimensional view on what charity can mean.

          • Keith Moser

            Wow! You are an uptight person aren’t you. You must really hate people who come here illegally and hate those who believe they should only be here legally, but still would help a fellow human in need. I was saying, but I can tell you will not listen, because your views are better than everybody else in your mind. I was saying, which you already knew, but don’t want to discuss what you said, that claiming that the illegal children, who happened to be Mexican, will become gang members is a racist comment. But of course you are always right and everybody else is always wrong. Why would you say they would become gang members? Because their parents came here illegally or because of the color of their skin? It’s one or the other, but of course there really wasn’t a reason to even type this because you are so enraged by illegals coming here, you believe you can say anything you want and if someone disagrees with you, they are insane. Your arguments for your stance is so logical.

            You can waste your time responding to this if you want to, but I will not waste another moment responding to your ultra conservative, non-compassionate, hate anyone who breaks the law views. I will stand with Glenn with reaching out when someone is in need. You don’t have to, that is obviously your right. But to be angry because someone asked his audience to help out if they feel in their heart the should help says more about your character than anything else.

          • James Potter

            He doesn’t they may become gang members, he says they may already be gang members, which has been proven by gang tattoos on many of them.

          • Brad Donald

            Dont bother, the guy keeps throwing up walls of text to try to filibuster the argument with lots of mainly nonsense and he is just bomb throwing and hurling injected and charged insults like the good alinskyite he is. Keith is the person Glenn has sided with on this issue. A progressive pretending he actually cares about the children.

          • Brad Donald

            Folks, this is the person Glenn is siding with on this issue. An easy to spot Progressive Alinsky tactic using liberal. No substance all shallow flash, no solid logic or reason, just emotion and vile rhetoric if you dont tow the line. You can tell from the wall of text he has to create to filibusterer the discussion he has got nothing.

          • Cynde Morehead Baack

            Until you are in a town where illegal immigrants have over run our schools and ruined our home town. You cant speak to this.

          • Keith Moser


            I live in El Paso, Texas. Now can I speak?

  • Patricia Killough

    No one seems to be able to think ahead to the repercussions of taking in all of these unaccompanied minors and raising them here, in the U.S. Where are our own disillusioned children ending up? Especially those not raised in a traditional family. WHERE will these children end? They will become members of “Cali Cartel,” “Mara Salvatrucha,” “MS-13,” or offshoots of “La Raza.” If we keep these children in this country, we are signing our own death warrants…. to be served from the inside of our country by foreign nationals who feel ‘we (the U.S.) owe them.’ Mark my words, this situation, if allowed to continue, is a TICKING TIME BOMB

    • Phil Taylor

      You’re not paying attention… Feed them, treat them humanly but then SEND THEM BACK is the stance that Glenn has… No one is saying that we should keep them here. Please try to pay attention before accusing others
      of not being able to think ahead…

      • Patrica (Coriell) Dawson

        Thank you for YOUR common sense. Provide for food, clothing and a backpack with food and water and send them back in 48-72 hours with a hug!…it’s really the right thing to do. Christ said, you say me and feed me!

      • Brad Donald

        They are being feed and treated. They just spent a billion tax dollars to do just that. Why are you lying and saying they are somehow not being feed?

    • Jennifer Nicholson

      Foil the plan. Stand up, let we the patriots and the God fearing be the ones to take these kids in, take care of them, show them how to love one another and be good citizens, and raise them right. Stop the slide down into the pit. We have the power. Just sitting around complaining hasn’t gotten us anywhere so far, so let’s change the strategy, shall we?

      • PokemonMasterD

        Lol you think the majority of those children wouldnt end up in liberal homes and schools, thus terraforming our voting system and solidifying the liberal hold on our government to the point where nothing will EVER change? Yeah, good luck with that.

  • Toby M.

    I know Glenn is trying to approach this from a point of view of love, and 99% of the time that is the right approach. However, this was brought on by Obama and any charity now will be spent on cleaning up his debacle. It’s a terrible shame that kids are involved, but Obama was expecting and anticipated this disaster. Obama’s probably smirking at the thought that we’re all wringing are hands over this while he does absolutely nothing to even stem the tide. That’s evil. Let the world see how this guy really is. If we try to help now it will just fester and the help will be the focus, not the guy who created it. If Mercury One has ANY charity for wounded warriors or seniors, or just about anything else, i’ll give to that.

  • Erik

    I have mixed feelings on this Mr. Beck. I really am not sure what to think or how to react. My first thought is a vehement no don’t house them, feed them, nothing. Second thought is well give ’em some bottled water, and a sandwich and point them south to let nature take its course. Third thought is with you. feed ’em cloth ’em whatever to show we are the shinning light up on the hil; however, the pessimist in me and an absolute lack of trust in this gov’t says we’re in a lose lose situation. if we send them back, don’t feed them/ take care of them etc. we’ll be called heartless by the world and the left (who has more than politicized this situation), or we feed them house them take care of them we send the message to the countries sending these kids up here that yeah it’s ok to keep sending them the people will complain but they’ll take them just as we were told and they ll never stop sending them. Just like Iraq when is enough enough? Like you’ve said before the life boats are full, so at what point do we begin beating the clingers on the sides of the boat off to save ourselves? Still love the show, but dang a line has to be drawn somewhere. Also have to agree with Montel Williams view on the troops. We should be doing/ giving our troops/ veterans anything they need or want at whatever expense or sacrifice we can make to make their lives better.

    • Anonymous

      You have expressed exactly the feelings that the dems want from all Americans. Sympathy for these poor children, their awful living conditions etc. This is another ploy by obama to distract people from the real problems Americans are faced with, while creating more problems only to satisfy more votes come this November and 2016 for the progressives cause.

    • Drew Croy

      This is a made to order disaster brought upon us by Obama and the White House. It’s a massive shell game to give the liberals a brand spanking new voter base.

      I still say feed them, shelter them and send them home. We do owe them the same dignity that we would expect (not receive, but expect) if we were in their shoes.

  • Anonymous

    If someone breaks into your home, Do you let them move in, feed them, give them a bed to sleep? I think not!

    • Richard Keimig

      If a starving sick person in need of shelter stumbles onto your lawn, would you shove them off your grass without any kind of help?

      • PokemonMasterD

        If he’s from the Taliban…..yes!

      • Brad Donald

        How did they get on my property in the first place.

      • Anonymous

        What if it is 50, or 100 or 1000 or 10,000 starving sick people stumble onto your lawn, what are you going to do? Are you going to shove them all off of your grass without any kind of help

    • Kentucky red

      If some 5 year old kid shows up at your door hungry tired and alone you shoot them? I hope not! If you actually read these ain’t adult he’s asking help for. But little kids. Little kids who had to have been brought here. Ain’t no way a bunch of little kids could do that by themselves. While I think they do need to be kept separate,checked for diseases and such I am disgusted by the hatred shown to kids. On a side note I wish I could trust our government to find and punish the ones that brought them here.

      • Brad Donald

        No i call the cops and they send them HOME. Only now the cops show up and demand that I feed and cloth and house them.

      • Valerie James

        That is the problem there, not trusting our government. Government is made up of people, some of them are good, and some are bad. It is not as simple as not trusting the whole government, yet…We have voted in a terrible, ungodly leader, and are right now reaping the consequences of it. But remember, the border patrol agents, federal workers, are people just like you,with different job. We need to change hearts and minds, and the only way to do that, is Jesus(the Word of God)

        • noisyparker

          I fear you are conflating trusting individuals who work in the government to trusting the government as a bureaucratic entity in its own right. I agree with you 100% on the individuals, but large bureaucracies have their own set of incentives that have little to do with the desires of any individual member.

          This border situation we are discussing is an example of that, since the government has set up a situation (by choosing not to enforce laws, and by effectively issuing an amnesty invitation for families to risk the journey here) that is actively harmful to the good work the border patrol agents perform. The government has also tied their hands in terms of what actions they can take in response, and in their ability to communicate the extent of the problem.

          So, when people say they don’t trust the government and its policies, I would ask you not to assume they mean they can’t trust an individual that works in government.

          Voting in a better president is important, but remember that it will change very few of the 2.7 million federal employees… the way they lose their jobs is not by our vote, it is by the decision of the bureaucracy they are in. The very nature of a bureaucracy builds in incentives to favor actions that protect and grow the bureaucracy. I saw that not only during the years I worked at the dept of defense, but also in the years I worked at other large, bureaucratic organizations, such as IBM. It is very easy, if you don’t have a strong commitment to principles, to just go along with the path that will result in the greatest career rewards.

          One thing that has been clear from the congressional hearings throughout the time I have been watching them (so, starting back in the 80s) is that government has slipped its leash… it does not believe that it serves us. They are becoming ridiculously blatant about it now, but that is the result of many, many years of citizens allowing the size and authority of the federal government to continuously grow.

    • Brad Donald

      If they have a 5 year old with them, YES according to glenn.

  • Take 2

    Let’s donate to send the little Alien’s back to Mexico et al And put all Federal Officials Top down on and or in the unemployment line. PERIOD Back of the line is the only thing responsibly close. If, Beck want to help Mexican’s etc or ie Aliens eg go with them wherever they originated from… Actually, not a dime of private funding should go twords this obvious scam.

    Perhaps, some funds for trucking and potable water..

    I’m a humanitarian b t w

  • shagstar

    here’s an idea beck,,,place a bunch of porta-potty’s on your ranch with a buffet line and we’ll bus them over there! remember,,you’re a leader on this new crusade of your’s and you need to lead by example.

  • Anonymous

    Just like LBJ said 50 yrs ago,” I will have these n—-s voting democrat for the next 200 years.” Obama is saying I will have these wetb—s voting democrat for the next 1000 years.

    • RWBenton


      One problem is that some misguided people in Congress passed a law saying we couldn’t just turn them away, we had to keep them, care for them and then RETURN them.

      We’re keeping them, that’s for sure, we’re doing a mostly horrible job of taking care of them (just the stench is disgusting) and there appears to be no plan to return them.

      Obviously, we need to make it clear that they won’t be allowed to stay here and the best way to do that is to SEND THEM HOME.

  • Glenda Price

    Glenn has fallen into the obama destruction of America trap. Why do you think obama arranged for 65,000 children to come invade us. obama hired escorts for them in January. We should tie rocks around their necks and throw them into the Rio Grande.

    • candie little

      Oh my goodness these are children!!!! They have no choice but to listen to their parents and do what they say. This is not their fault. Obama has caused all of this. These children are probably scared beyond what we can imagine. Glen is just asking for us to help with food, water, toilets, and showers. How would you feel If the shoe was on the other foot. I get it! We need to get the borders closed. But I can’t sit here and watch GOD’S kids die because I know that they are illegally here. I am just as mad as you but Glen is right we are the a Country full of LOVE….. Remember this is just help isn’t going to continue it is a one time thing. Glen doesn’t want to support these kids forever!!!

      • linda

        It will not be a one time thing. The kids aren’t going to die. Give’em a bottle of water, a bag lunch, put their fannies on a bus and send them back across the border—en masse —and let their own countries deal them.
        I want to know why they aren’t in Fema camps, after all i clearly remember that the ‘party line’ years ago defending the massive growth and placement of Fema camps across the country was for
        1) Massive surge of illegals over the border – ah duh

        2) Possible pandemic – which has not panned out to date

        3) Massive Civil unrest – and this regime is doing what ever they can to push and prod citizens to just that end so they can enforce Martial Law!

        So put a torniquet on that bleeding heart of yours and stand to defend and protect America!

        • RWBenton

          Our very wise (?) Congress passed a law saying we had to keep unaccompanied minors until they could be repatriated.

          We need to do that (transport them back them to their home country.) IMMEDIATELY. That will do more than anything else to let people know that this sort of thing is not an option.

      • Anonymous

        Then let Glenn support them. What is his net worth? How much of HIS money is going into this?

        • PokemonMasterD

          ALOT of millions, although the funny thing is i saw him do a show once where Pat and Stu were saying, Glen doesnt make THAT much. He might be giving it to charities already, OOOORRRR 95 percent of it to his mormon church. Thats kinda how they role you know.

      • Ken Adams

        This “problem” is not on us and it is not ours to solve. The fate of all those who come across the border is on the shoulders of the human smugglers, drug cartels, and corrupt Mexican government that not only allows this to happen, but actively encourages and enables this to happen. This is by design.

        I’ll concede giving them a ham sandwich, a bottle of water, and then right back across you go; and there sure as hell better be someone to receive them on the other side; but then that’s not our problem either.

        Secure the southern border, lock it up tight, and solve a major part of the problem.

  • Connor Kenway

    Glenn you made the mistake of thinking their are good people left in the world. I would give money to this is if I had work but the reaction you are getting is just the sign of the times. God knows I wish I was wrong.

  • Elena

    Glenn — you are mistaken if you think DHS/CPB is going to let you help the sojourners. Catholic Charities and Salvation Army will gladly let you help, but the feds will not.

    The truly unaccompanied minors are being warehoused and unseen by “outsiders” other than high enough gov’t officials. The gov’t is completely incapable of dealing with any humanitarian problems. Central gov’ts are designed to carry out war and typically do that quite well. Local gov’ts and NGOs like the above are much better organized to handle this kind of monumental screw up.

    What the feds need to do is stop buying commercial tickets around the US for the sojourners. They need to get their information and then send them via military transport back to the country of origin.

    Since they won’t do that, then we will have to take up the slack and help the sojourner in our land.

  • Aine

    Sorry, Glenn, but this isn’t a situation in which we have thoroughly vanquished a nation and are now giving them a hand up. This is an invasion by those who have no respect for us, or our nation. I don’t think I’d feed someone who’s broken down my back door and is ransacking my house.

    I happily give whenever I am asked. I donate to Mercury One at every request. This time? I honestly just don’t know if I can do it; for me, this requires prayer and meditation. I am not a saint; I am just a citizen who is frustrated, tired, struggling to hold my own family above water, and more than a little fed up with the unceasing lawlessness and corruption. But I will reflect upon this appeal.

  • Samantha

    When a government or two as in this case starts using children to change the peoples mind set, we are done! Game over we lost. Because who in their right mind wants to see a child suffer? So if we do not help these children how will that make us look as a country? See where I am going with this? If they can’t get citizenship one way they will keep trying until they get it. Once we take in all these kids then the family’s will want their kids back, oh wait they will be brought here to be reunited with their kids, won’t that be a great feel good photo opt? Good luck America!

  • Anonymous

    God bless you glenn for having the heart to realize that we must help these children…i am certainly not a fan of illegal aliens, they make me so angry! but these innocents must be cared for and if we don’t how dare we call ourselves Christian…

    • Anonymous

      So, why don’t you volunteer to take care of a few of these rascals?

      • ksrgl444

        Glenn isn’t not advocating for the illegals to stay, only to provide some basic, humanitarian aid until they are returned.

  • Wulf

    What kind of parents would ship their kids off to another country? Why not immediately send them into Mexico and let the Mexican Govt care for them.

    • Anonymous

      I bet a lot of these kids don’t have parents. They are probably homeless kids or from gangs in their country. Obama is using these kids for an agenda, sacrificing them to protect his own agenda and nothing more. Where is the outrage for this inhumanity in the main media?

      • Anonymous

        Or else they’re anchor kiddies. Once the po’ chilllrins are here, watch Mom, Dad, siblings and 400 family members show up to be “reunited” with the kids – reunited in the US!!

        Anyone who falls for this scam has a moist sponge where their brain should be.

    • Anonymous

      Why should Mexico take care of them when we’ve made it very clear we will do it? We already support half of Mexico (and that isn’t a joke. Half the country’s national income is from Mexicans in the US sending money back to Mexico.)

  • Anonymous

    Send all the unaccompanied adults, adults with children and unaccompanied older children home! Period! They don’t need lawyers or shiny new clothes. Give them a place to go potty, a shower, a sandwich, a drink and a flight home, with the warning that they must never return or they will be subjected to jail time and another deportation. Tell their home countries they must stop deporting their people or face huge fines from America…plus the return of all the people who are here illegally.
    The unaccompanied little ones are a catastrophe and it’s child abuse. They need to be returned home too, but it is so much more complicated. I guess that’s the idea.

  • Que Ball

    Obama wants Hispanics to come to Texas for one simple reason, Obama wants Texas to change from a red state to a blue state. When it goes blue the democrats get Texas’s 38 electoral votes.

  • noisyparker

    I agree with Glenn that these folks should be sent back to their country of origin. I also agree with him that we should pitch in so that they can receive at least the basic human necessities while they are being processed. The gov’t hasn’t been able to do a better job than MercuryOne at providing humanitarian relief for other disasters, and they won’t do any better on this one.

    Our personal decision to help people in need is not an endorsement of whatever horribly-misguided decisions the current administration ends up taking concerning these illegals. It is about joining the efforts of the folks (like Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army) who have been stepping up to provide for the basic human needs, but who are overwhelmed. Donations that supported earthquake victims in other countries were not about showing support for poor building codes… they were about helping folks survive as things were sorted out. From my perspective, the same thing applies here.

    • Anonymous

      So how about if I just give to the Salvation Army? Is there a reason why Glenn needs me to give my money to him? How much of HIS money is going to this latest sob project?

      • noisyparker

        Please do donate to the Salvation Army.

  • Anonymous

    Once again, we as human beings are dropping the ball and leaving the solution up to the same people that created the problem in the first place. All those jumping ship have a nice life. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. All talk and no action. If this is who Americans truly are, I want no parts or to be associated with any of you and I now know how America got to the point and shape it is in. The blame is on both sides. I believed up to this moment that there were more good people than bad and that the bad was on the left side, but apparently that is not the case, it is both sides. Not that it will change me in any way, just a little sad, but I will continue on to be the same person. You want real change, then change yourselves, it begins with you. The really sad fact is that the majority of you call yourself Christians? Really? Apparently your faith has failed you or you have failed your faith. Do you think Jesus would allow all those children to sit and rot? I doubt it very much. After all, for those of you who are religious, didn’t God give his only Son to pay for mankind’s sins? He gave up his only Son because he loved all his children not just the children of America? I am not religious, but I do know how to treat people with kindness and respect and I have no use for people that treat others poorly. Everyone deserves to be at least treated like a human being with dignity. I can just imagine how these children must feel lonely and scared and who cares is what people are saying. These children are being used as pawns in a political game. The children are not getting the love and attention and the basics that they need. The Government did this to spite us, well, let’s spite them back. Let’s show them who is the better person. Can’t we at least treat these children with respect while they are in our home? Shame on all you who have a hard heart. These children did not do one thing to you. It helps no one by treating these children badly. Be mad at the Government and its officials, not these children

    • Toby

      Who’s abusing these children? Us? Christians? No, the government (as you repeatedly state). If these children were sitting in the desert in south Texas, you would see convoys of trucks going down with food and clothes and thousands of volunteers. The government will dictate how we will take care of these children. Did Jesus ever negotiate with Caesar? Further, your argument makes me think of all the vets, elderly, families and children living in abject conditions of abuse, filth, and horror here in the US. So Jesus is cool with that?

      • Anonymous

        The point that I was getting across is that we leave all these problems up to people that create the problems and think we are going to get them solved. Do we think that we are not personally responsible for taking care of those that are suffering, whether it be vets, the elderly etc. just because we pass the buck to the Government? We all know how the Government handles anything and that is poorly. If the Government is failing, then we must take care of our fellow human beings. It is our responsibility. I don’t think Jesus would be happy with the way anything is handled these days. I didn’t say anyone was being abused, that was an assumption on your part, no mention of abuse at all in what I wrote. I didn’t even see that word typed at all until you brought it up.. All I was saying is that as long as they are here and until they go home, we should make sure they have the proper necessities to get by like food, water, bathrooms, showers, clothing etc and be treated with dignity like human beings. If you have a problem with that, I feel sorry for you.

        • Toby

          “treat others poorly,” “feel lonely and
          scared,” “not getting the love and attention and the basics,” “treating these children badly,” “treated like a human being with dignity.” Sounds like someone is getting abused. Your heart is obviously in the right place, just naive. They are obviously getting the basics or there would be a stream of body bags or stretchers coming out of the facilitates. Do you think the government will let us just pull up with endless tractor trailers and take care of these kids? They haven’t done it, but they’ll let us do it? “All I was saying is that as long as they are here…” Well, why are they still here? You’re absolutely right about these kids being political pawns. Their legality and treatment are two separate matters, but the government won’t let us take care of the latter till we agree to the former. That’s the whole point of this.

  • grandma

    Never, never thought I would be ask such a question. What about those waiting legally to come to US. The government created this nightmare. Don’t let them on US soil. Stop them, give a box lunch, water and adioses.

  • Anonymous

    Some of the comments here sadden me beyond compare, it almost makes me understand why the lefties think the right is heartless. YES we need to fix immigration problems YES this a created crises by the Obama administration, BUT IT IS STILL A CRISIS, you can NOT let children suffer due to Obama politics and his poor anti-American decisions. Remember who we are people, YES fix the problem that caused this, but the problem is here and we must not let children suffer for it.

    • Anonymous

      You’re right. Let’s deport them, and then give them money. I’m fine with that, once they are safely back in their native country (which causes their poverty.)

  • LifeLiberty

    Where will it all end? First clothes, food, shoes, beds. Then it will be housing, immunizations, education, pay to get the rest of the family here so the family can be together. We are being played, regardless of where we stand we can be accused of falling under one of the liberal stereotypes..heartless(think of the children), racist (it’s because they are foreigners), or falling for their ploy hook, line and sinker, (suckers.)

    • Jeff Garbison

      Yes our money is much better spent providing vacations for the first family! Good luck at the pearly gates telling the almighty those kids didn’t deserve food because they are criminals.

      • Anonymous

        I dont read anywhere in LifeLiberty’s post that “those kids didn’t deserve food because they are criminals.” I beleive the point in the post is that THERE IS NO PLAN. When there is no plan is when it leads to the rest of what LifeLiberty is afraid will happen – it never ends and just leads to more more more and our country will fall, our own families and children destroyed and diseased and hungry and dieing. There has to be a plan put into place in order for the money not be used in vain or used around the world as more propaganda so more will come for all the freebies and to be completely taken care of. The pictures and news clips I have seen show very healthy children and eating full course meals and smiling. So how are they “suffering”?

    • noisyparker

      Fortunately, you can donate to MercuryOne now, when they are providing food and water and basic sanitation, and then not donate later if they follow your prediction of eventually wanting to provide pay to get the rest of the family here. That is one of the great advantages of providing aid via private donations rather than taxed funds.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck has more money than God. If he’s so sappy about illegals, why isn’t most of his vast fortune (much of which was made from people who are fervently against aliens in the US illegally) being put to his cause?

    How DARE Beck try to scam money out of me to relieve his guilty conscience! I’m fine with giving money to illegals (and I wouldn’t use Glenn Beck’s ‘charity’ to do it) – but how about if we give them the money when they are safely back in Mexico? You want the free chit? Here! I just threw it over the fence! Now run back home and get it!

  • Adam Jenson

    Sorry Glenn, but I’m not going to give criminals a hand out.

    • Phil Taylor

      pretty lame response… what crime did these children commit?

      • Adam Jenson

        They entered the country illegally and please don’t tell me that’s not a crime.

        • Richard Keimig

          Totally the fault of the children. How dare they follow their parents into the country illegally? How dare they not know the law of a country they’ve never been to? Most of these kids have probably never been to a school or a safe place to sleep. But by all means, raise no private hand to aid them, because the government will surely do it for you, but many, many times less efficiently and with none of the morality.

          • Adam Jenson

            Ignorance of the law is not an excuse. That’s assuming they actually don’t know the law, which considering many of them have been coached on what to say is not a good assumption. I will use my freedom to support those who do not harm the country.

        • Phil Taylor

          You’re really dumb if you think that charging children with crimes will help you rest easy by giving you some sense of righteous indignation about not feeding people or “criminal toddlers”. Sheesh… I’m guessing that you’re not a Christian… that would make sense.

          • Adam Jenson

            I never said we should charge them, I said I would not send money to people who are criminals. If you want to send money knock yourself out, I will not. Please take your fascist “its for the children” tactics somewhere else.

        • Kentucky red

          If you think a five year old can make that journey by their self you don’t know much about kids! We ain’t talking about adults here.

          • Adam Jenson

            Your logic makes no sense. If they can’t make it by themselves then how did they get here? They were choached on what to say in order to stay here. This hole thing is a scam. Send them back immediately, then they wont have to deal with the conditions at the holding centers.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is just evolving into a bleeding heart liberal. It’s easy to say “it’s for the children”. How often have we heard that from the left when they want to pass laws that go against our Constitution. Gun control, 2nd Amendment,,,”if we can just save one child”. I refuse to let someone play on my emotions on purpose. Sorry Glenn, but you were much better at helping educate us with your team of researchers. We now know of “Spooky Dude” and of the Caliphate and our corrupt government. Thank you for showing us what we did not see. You are now asking us to slit our own throats by supporting illegals. Sorry Glenn, no can do.

  • Anonymous

    Let the government give them airline food. Heading back to their country instead of flying them to CA, AZ, VA, and MA.

  • Ian Ballinger

    I agree with you Glenn. “I hate the fact that doing right is always so hard…We have to keep our heart, and we have to continue to feel. The minute we stop feeling, the minute we stop caring, the minute we stop loving those who we deem our enemy [is] the moment we’ve lost America for good.” Truth. God bless you.

  • Phil Taylor

    I have seen a transformation in Glenn over the last few months. I have seen a similar transformation in myself as well. Its time to start coming together instead of creating more and more reasons to disagree with our fellow Americans. We cant even come together and agree if innocent children should be treated humanely or if we should raise our collective christian efforts or pocket books to see to it.

    I wonder.. is there an example that we can turn to in the scriptures that gives us a template to follow in this case? Did Jesus say “I will not heal or help sinners?” Did he make sure the helped were qualified for his mercy? Would Jesus today so quickly turn his back on the suffering of these children like so many who have declared as much in this thread?

    Glenn, you and I don’t always agree. We agree the majority of the time but not always. On this issue I stand with you, Glenn and with Mercury one… and with Christ -who would help without qualifiers or explanation. NO amnesty…SECURE the boarders – but also.. NO turning our backs on people who need us and SECURE human dignity.

    • Deborah McNeil Christian

      Exactly Phil!

    • PokemonMasterD

      And are then used by the enemy’s of God and country to manipulate the system. To take away our rights so they can have free rides. I believe, as probably most sensible common sense using people do, feed em, hug em, then kick them back over the border to their parents.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, your listeners aren’t getting on your train toward the left.

  • Gayle Mahon

    As my once favorite radio host used to say “blood is shooting out of my eyeballs”! Response to the above article:
    1. It was reported early on in this debacle that our American food was making some of the “children” sick. So, the government hired a caterer who could make them food that would not make them ill. How is that starving? The premise Glenn is using to pull on heart strings is a false one!!
    2. A high percentage of the “children” are males between the ages of 15 and 17. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Hello? Gang members, terrorists.
    3. Please consider this quote from a very famous man: “The State must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.” ADOLP HITLER
    I do not know what has happened to Glenn. I was his most loyal listener and fan. However, since the Bundy Ranch situation, he has been on the wrong side of many issues. He has tried to ruin a man’s reputation – Cliven Bundy – with false information and downright lies. I can go on and on but, you all know what I am talking about. WE ARE NOT HEARTLESS! As many have said, give them enough food and give them free transportation to get home. We cannot aid those, no matter who they are, in breaking our laws. Laws designed to protect our families and our security.

  • RWBenton

    You’re right Glenn. These people, these children, are not here because of anything we did personally, they are here because of the cupidity of our president. As a group, many will justifiably feel we have no responsibility for such children, but taken one by one, there is hardly any person in the United States that would turn away a child, even one that didn’t speak the same language, if that child was in need.

    Our government, such as it is, created this problem, even stoked it. There are laws, perhaps well intentioned ones, on the books that demand that unaccompanied minors that arrive at the border be cared for until they can be repatriated. And some people exploited that law, probably for money. That doesn’t change the fact that children arrive at the “promised land” and they arrive hungry, tired, dirty, etc. And we need to help them. Anyone that doesn’t understand this needs to re-read the Gospel of Mathew.

    And we need to care for them temporarily, until arrangements can be made to return them to their home.

  • Barbara

    You can always help them by applying for this job that was posted by the government. It is to accompany these kids. I guess none of the current government workers want this job

  • D Irene Gardner

    Did these little children and babies who are suffering on our border willingly come here? NO! Do they deserve to be treated like less than human while on our land? NO! Yes, they need to be sent back, but not mistreat them while here. I don’t understand some of your thinking.

    Where did your forefathers and mothers come from?

    We are supposedly God-fearing people here, not heartless, soulless citizens who would allow babies to be mistreated.

  • Sarah Prunty

    Right on Glenn. I would like to thank you and Mercury One for standing up and doing the right thing, which is to provide these children basic, human needs while they are in the United States. They do need to go back to their own country, but while they are here it is up to the United States to provide the basic living requirements. I believe the real outrage should be at the Obama administration for bringing them in to the United States illegally. These kids may be breaking the law by being here and that does need to be resolved with deportation, but President Obama and all government officials involved in this VIOLATED THE CONSTITUTION! That should be our real outrage because that is the root of the problem.These kids being here are just a symptom of that problem. I will fully support and help in providing for these kids while they are here. I believe these are some of the “least of these” mentioned in the Bible in Matthew 25:40.

  • LMW

    Yes and how about out thinking the ones who encouraged them to come
    here? They are most likely to remember those that gave them basic
    kindnesses until they go home rather than the ones that lied to them and
    got them in this mess in the first place. AND if any should fall off
    the radar and end up here for any length of time they will remember

    Meanwhile start impeachment proceedings and removal from office!

    Once again further dividing us has been a success.

  • Anonymous

    Glen, you are absolutely right as a Christian to reach out to those in need. Any true Christian should be following suite. Those who have read the Bible should know one of the primary requirements taught by Jesus…to LOVE one another, to forgive as He forgives us. We MUST help those in need. Thank you for reminding me and others what being a Christian means.

  • Deborah McNeil Christian

    I am against Amnesty, but Glenn has this one right. And it’s a very hard one, but TO NOT HELP THESE CHILDREN HERE ALL ALONE (THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN) IS WRONG. We have a HUMANITARIAN CRISIS here, within our border, and it is un-escorted children. STEP UP AND TAKE CARE OF THE INNOCENT CHILDREN, and then fight the politics of it like HELL!

  • Liberty For All

    Glenn, take the donations, and then print millions of flyers stating what’s happening with pics and drop them out of airplanes over cities. Add a date on the flyer for a special show at the blaze to inform or dedicate a web page. Use the money to create a stir and inform the 80% of mind numb robots by dropping this info in their face.

    Making illegals comfortable will only increase the influx of illegals, and harden their hearts for handouts. Sorry, but it must not be made comfortable. Pain and discomfort is natural law in action. They must take law seriously.

    I understand you hear a higher calling, and you aim to take that responsibility seriously, and have decided to promote love, peace and charity. I love my kids, but sometimes I must act out love that hurts, but there’s deeper reason for their own sake.

    THIS SITUATION IS INTENTIONAL…and you’re in a position to make it known. You have a fabulous creative team. Come up with a creative marketing ploy that gets the message outside the glenn beck circle. Think like a regressive and use regressive tactics. If you can’t come up with something…contact me.

    I love you, but please do not become full of yourself and make yourself a martyr…or the people that follow you martyrs. Keep your feet on the ground.

    I do see “Glenn the Preacher” being born and this call to action follows that “transformation”. I get it. It’s all gonna crash soon enough, and there is a need to mentally prepare for the pain and carnage, and your intuition is leading you in this direction…to teach love and charity and stay above it. I get it.

    But then there is law, and a lawless president.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, now its roughly 100,000 children. Wait until July. It will be another 100,000 and so on and so on.

    Jesus fed the multitudes with a few loaves and fishes, the New Testament says. When Jesus teaches that trick to the Dept. of Homeland Security and FEMA, get back to me.

    Glenn, you recently mentioned you have a ranch with about 1000 head of cattle. How about you have the homeless invaders move to your ranch and then slaughter your cattle to feed them?

    You also made a remark about “we’re not talking about giving them xBoxes and color tv.” I’ve got news for you Glenn. In 1947, refugees would be satisfied with “three hots and a squats.” Today, if you don’t give them all kinds of extras like color tv and free school classes, you are a mean white racist in their eyes, don’t you know. If you don’t believe me, ask brother Barack and brother Jesse Jackson.

  • Getaclue

    People need to know that this “crisis on the border” with the illegals was meant to be this way that we would feel sorry for them. Our government and many South American governments were well aware that these people were coming. Therefore they..
    1) did not stop this influx of illegals coming
    2) have purposely made this crisis to help further their agenda
    I am sorry that these people are in the situation that they are in.. but we face a bigger threat letting in known gang member from Mexico, drug cartels, illegals with many diseases, and the worst of all TERRORISTS!
    SHOCK Government Contract: Homeland Security Solicited Bids for “Escort Services for Unaccompanied Alien Children” In January

  • Nikki

    Thank you for being human before ascribing to any platform or label. You are helping us to remember to do justice, love mercy and walk humbly…

  • Getaclue

    Israel has also faced this issue.. and unfortunately they have had a influx of Muslims into their country.. its creating a humanitarian crisis there as well. I know its harsh.. but just like Israel.. we cannot absorb and support everyone. We have too many issues in this country to take on more. We should send these people home

    Israel says it won’t forcibly deport illegal African migrants, but it wants them to leave

    Hundreds protest in Israel illegal immigration battle

    Israel to Africans: Go Home

  • Jeff Allen

    I’m with you Glenn. You are doing the right thing!

  • Getaclue
  • Getaclue
  • Getaclue
  • MarieC

    I don’t have much but I’m going there….You are doing the right thing.

  • Anonymous

    Return the flag and get the $350,000 back and you, Beck, put it toward this mess !

  • Getaclue
  • Danny Walton

    Poor Glenn. All his viewers are extreme bigots. They’ve been offended by his compassion ahaha

  • Getaclue

    How about we take care of our Veterans.. and send the illegals back home.. we do not need anymore people with their hands out asking for assistance..

  • Heather

    I am not one to comment on these things … really never, but I agree with Glen. I am 28 years old, and I have lived overseas in countries where they don’t care. They consider leaving a destitute person to rot just a simple way of weeding out the masses. We as Americans are not those people. I couldn’t imagine the fear and sadness that would come from being abandoned by your family and sent to another country; to be lost and alone and hungry and never see a familiar face. They aren’t innocent, and many probably have had their innocence taken from them, but they aren’t beyond a kindness that we can give them. I believe it is all wrong (coming here illegally), but it doesn’t warrant a wrong for a wrong. Yes, they need to leave. Yes, they should never have come here illegally. But does that mean that we kill someone’s baby by our hatred. I was thinking the other day, I wished I had a large enough home close by where I could shelter these poor children from the horrors that knock at their door, and show them compassion … even if it was for a short while. It saddens me that more Americans don’t feel the same.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t ever fantasize seeing yourself as Jack Bauer again. You don’t have what it takes, and I don’t mean a lack of mercy. I mean that, eyes open, you are allowing yourself to be manipulated in this planned invasion of “children.” If anything, you could be asking for donations for buses and bologna sandwiches for a quick trip back through Mexico even before their 30-day Mexican passes expire. Now that would be compassionate . . . for all of us.

  • Anonymous

    I donated. It was very hard for me to do because I hate what is going on with all of these people invading our country. It also scares me a lot to think of all of the gang members, drug dealers, and murderers who are walking right on in with these children. I am frightened and sickened by the whole situation. However, I am a human being and a humane being. I recognize that these children are being used by all sides: by their families who send them to be anchor babies so that they can all get into the country, by Obama and his cronies who see an opportunity to increase their voter base and to try to completely obliterate the Republican party, as well as by the people who are bringing them over but in many cases are abusing them on the way. No child deserves that. We are all children of God. We are all equal in His eyes and loved by Him. I truly understand how hard it is for Glenn to ask this of us. But it IS the right thing to do. He is asking for our help at the peril of his career and his future. He has much to lose, but he is willing to lose it to do what is right. I, for one, support him.

  • Anonymous

    The answer is simple. You feed them, clean them up, then put them on a C5 and fly them to Mexico City and turn them over to the Mexican government.

  • Kelli Eberhart Ugarte

    Glenn, you are in the right. Stick to what the Holy Spirit is telling you regardless of how it hits you in the purse. Stand strong. We can’t let the anger we feel toward our gov’t harden us to basic humanity.

  • Shawn Cameron

    I understand they are here illegally, but I think helping children should rise above that.

  • Bob

    Hang in there, Mr. B. You are in the right. Allowing children to suffer to make a point about immigration would be high on the list of un Christian behavior.

  • gregg

    Pope Glenn, you missed the last 2 nights of YOUR TV program. I want my $ worth instead of you whining about aiding & abetting ILLEGAL ALIENS. Today, are you a rodeo clown…a phony dime store rancher…a New Yorker…a phony Texan…or a multi-millionaire convincing others to fund your activities? Erick Erickson of Red State is going to a 2-year seminary study of Christianity while you appear to be angling to replace Billy Graham someday. Which is more sincere? Political talk shows or religious beatdowns of your audience? You need to make your mind up what audiences will get for their money & time. Political talk & opinion got you to this point…stick to it or leave the satellite/airwaves.

  • Trish Grunseth

    Make me an instrument of your peace:
    When I was hungry, you fed me
    When I was naked, you clothed me
    When I was imprisoned, you visited me
    When I was homeless, you gave me shelter.
    No one is saying anything about keeping them here. He is only asking you to be Christ like and show compassion for children. Christ told us it was easy to love our friends, but true Christianity is loving your enemy.
    For the first time in my life, while reading some of these posts, I am disappointed and embarrassed by the words of my fellow Americans. Many spoke of our Vets and their needs. You can’t support both? Two dollars instead of one? Shame on those who speak of Christian charity and starving babies and children in the same breath.

    • Anonymous

      Nice liberal tactic there. Demonize those with whom you disagree.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      So… WE are starving babies and children??? Funny… I’m hearing the hate coming from the sanctimonious among you.

  • Sandy Kizzen

    I am really of two minds on this issue. I firmly believe “charity begins at home”. I have done my best to take care of my four children and not be a drain on anyone else. I feel for these kids. I believe the first step is to CLOSE OUR BORDERS. How is it the government can find money for everythig else but the real solution to this man made crisis (the man is our President). There are children in our country that need – homeless people that need – wounded vets that need. You can only cut a pie up into so many pieces. However, I am not sure I can close my heart to these children. I am giving this alot of thought and prayer. It angers me that this is just where our leader wanted to put us.

  • Anonymous

    Some might reason that these conditions are what the children get for willfully breaking the law. But to that reasoning, I would respond with this question: In what universe does a minor child, some as young as four years old, wake up and decide that today they will leave their parents behind and strike out for the Promised Land? On what planet is that normal? If that is normal, then perhaps the “they get what they deserve” crowd does have a point about willful law breakers and karma.

    But if that is not normal then these children are in a situation that is not of their own doing. There are two possible reasons for why they are in the situation they are in if it is not of their own doing. One is that their parents love them so much that they are willing to send their children to the US for the chance at a better life. To that line of reasoning my response would be: Really? They love their children sooo much that they are willing to risk the lives of those children to get them to the US? That doesn’t seem to make much sense. But if that line of reasoning is how the situation has become what it is, then again, the “they get what they deserve” crowd has some standing. Willful breaking of existinglaws makes sympathy a hard commodity.

    The other option is their parents are just tired. Tired of the conditions in their own country,tired of trying to provide for the children, tired of being responsible for the life they brought into this world. In this case, these children are victims. They have been deemed a burden by their parents, a burden by every county they pass through to end up in the US. If that is the case then this is clearly a crisis demanding a significant humanitarian intervention. That intervention should not include allowing these children to stay in the US. It should be to keep them fed and healthy until such time as they can be returned to their own country.

  • Steve

    Mr. Beck, for the last 4 years or so I have appreciated your no-nonsense point of view of how our country has been affected by the lawlessness of our leaders and those in the know such as the media. You have talked about what is right will always be right and what is wrong. . . . . .will never be right no matter how the masses may push the agenda. You have also shown us in many ways how the progressives on both sides keep trying to push the bar of truth in an effort to encompass “their truth”. Enabling them to perform and pass the nonsense that has now caused this once great nation to revert back to almost being a country of 3rd world status with regards to how the law is treated.
    You have done such a wonderful job with Mercury One when there were natural disasters. . . . .sending supplies to those areas to assist with the recovery. I have applauded and defended you on some of the ideas that you have presented with the assistance of religious figures from ALL different religions. . . . . not just the religions that you or your staff see fit to recognize.
    With all of that said. . . . . .I’m afraid you have “jumped the shark” on this one. You want that “feel good” feeling to make you and/or your company to look better? Your chosen path of aiding these people is by moving the bar yourself! What is wrong will always be wrong no matter if you say it is the right thing to do. No, these children may not have asked to come here, but why is it our problem to feed and take care of these children when they should have never been allowed into this country in the first place????
    You have also taken to contradicting yourself over the last few months. Back when the Bundy Ranch issue was up front news, I believe you in essence told your listeners that violence was not the answer. . . . . yet you have in previous broadcasts talked about the words of our forefathers with one of them stating that a little revolution can be a good thing when the government no longer listens to the people. If violence is not the answer when the government comes to take the people’s livelihoods through the threat of use of force. . . . . .when is it? You talk a good tale sir. . . . .but when push comes to shove, I have great doubts that you would pledge your life, your fortune. . . . or your sacred honor. You sir, seem to turn tale and run when push comes to shove.
    No sir, I refuse to participate in this nonsense and will greatly reduce any and all contacts I have with your organization since this seems to be the direction that your company has chosen to turn towards. We have enough liberal nonsense going on in this country without someone such as yourself beginning down the path of pushing it also.

    • Preston Robert Moss

      Well, this makes sense on paper. I mean, sure, maybe we don’t want people like this in our country- that’s your take, but these are kids, alive (who knows how many have died on the way) and in need of help. It may not be a well-meditated political move, but I care more about humanity than I do about lines on a map.

  • Charles Hansert

    sendem home. and lets start a war with mexico. id be all about that before iraq for third time

    • Anonymous

      NO WAR!

  • Anonymous

    Glen – Can you imagine how your broadcasts are being used as more propaganda in these countries and around the world to come, as proof assuring them they will be taken care of and that we are all bleeding hearts and feel SO sorry for them it makes us blind and stupid, willing to sacrifice our own families and children for them as they stab us in the back? You speak compassion and sympathy and that we are only Christians if we support them?

    And what about OUR children?? When they become infected with diseases brought here by illegals. The illegals are being put first, above our children and elderly and vulnerable. Did you see even ONE illegal in ANY of the pictures that look like they are fleeing poverty?? Every single one have nice clothes, fresh haircuts, new shoes, well nourished, and have paid several thousand dollars EACH to drug cartels and human smugglers to let them cross from Mexico. COME ON!!

    You are giving FREE advertisement to the cartels, human traffickers and all the freeloaders and terrorists in all these countries flowing across our borders, and around the world. Obama and his “team” are surely celebrating that they now have you of all people pleading to America to open our arms to this nonsense and playing the guilt trip card to get to us – like the commercials with the “abused” dogs.

    You also have no plan Glen in what to do and how to best use this money you want people to support these aliens with. just feed and clothe them is not a plan but an invitation. If there was a plan then I could see your logic. If they are to be held down by the border and NOT flown all over our country and dumped off with their diseases etc. and just let loose to fade into society, but instead hold them by the border where they come across then we will feed them rations and will pay for loading them on planes and flying them back to where they came from – THEN I could feel we would be doing the right thing by donating. But THIS – this you are pleading for is so far to the wrong side of things and will add much more chaos and to many many more to come when they hear your broadcasts.

  • Anonymous

    we are importing a new class of economic slaves. this never ends well for those who “welcome” and “embrace” this type of societal disruption…think egypt and the exodus and the antebellum south.

    in all honesty, the whole illegal immigration issue looks more like a modern day version of the trojan horse.

    we accept what is happening to the peril of our country. we can be just as “charitable” to these people if they’re not allowed to cross over into our country and invade us.

  • Anonymous

    Have two funds to which people can donate. One for short-term humanitarian aid, the second for securing the border or documenting and returning the illegals. (maybe the government needs to contract out sections of the border they can’t be bothered to secure). Display the total donations to each fund with two big, gaudy thermometers, like United Way does.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, illegal is illegal…. If we can put them on buses and airplanes and ship them all over the country then we can put them on buses and airplanes and send them right back home OR we can bill the governments that sent them here for their support and healthcare until we send them back. People in THIS country are hungry, doing without and some would gladly run to another country to get out of this one but unfortunately, those borders are well patrolled! Ours are NOT!

  • Ian L.

    Wow, some of you just disgust me. Absolutely disgusting. ANYONE who wants to let children starve or be left in kennels like dogs while our government pulls its head out of its ass for some air, and figures out how to fix this is just deplorable! I DO NOT support these people coming over here illegally. Will not. Ever. But I will not stand silent while you disgusting, vile groups of people suggest that these CHILDREN be mistreated. We should feed them, keep them alive and healthy, and send them back to where they came from with information on how to BECOME an American. Not steal it. Perhaps the attempts in educating are in vain in some cases, but the people that do it the right way are the people we want to be Americans. The rest are just criminals. But they are still human. Children of God. You treat them that way.

    For the ones concerned with the problems people have at home here. May I suggest volunteering, or donating to the cause of YOUR choice, since it is beneath you to feed children on a basis of national origin, and you are free as an American to do so.

    For those that are complaining about working and only getting minimum wages. Last time I checked there were 24 hours in a day, and 1 job usually occupies 6-8 of those hours. Get off your ass and get another job.

    A 2 job having, American not afraid to work for his, and give to those in need.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t disgust me. I just don’t like your liberal tactics and shaming people who feel differently than you. Nobody said they want kids to hurt. Its more complicated than that.

  • Charolett Acosta

    On your side Glenn. No one ever leaves my house hungry, especially not a child!

  • Anonymous

    This is a no win scenario by design! But I agree with Ian L. we can’t let them starve but neither can we give them bus tickets and send them deeper into the US. We must pack them up ASAP and take them home with instruction on the principles of the founding of our country so they can transform theirs into what we where supposed to be!


  • Shirley Crowfoot

    I have given a fortune (for me) to anti-illegal immigration groups, signed tons of petitions, written letters, called my gov’t representatives and senators, carried petitions, attended meetings, discontinued my monthly donations to many political and environmental groups all in an effort to get someone to enforce the immigration laws we have. The system is NOT broken, the laws are NOT enforced. All that being said, I have to admire Glen’s courage in taking a stance for doing the right thing even though it is apparently (based on the huge # of negative comments) a very unpopular stance. Of course, most of those who are so adamantly against Glen’s opinion do not read or listen carefully and certainly do not choose to set aside their anger at illegal immigration as a whole. Please reread Glen’s statement. He is obviously very torn by the decision that his strong Christian belief demands he make.
    Thank you, Glenn for reminding us what it takes to be a real Christian. LOVE for our fellow human beings.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, so I’m not a real Christian. Thanks, that’s good to know. Jesus said to obey the laws of the land. I guess you can take a black marker and cross that out of your bible since that verse is of no use to you. Respectfully.

      • Shirley Crowfoot

        Just how am I guilty of NOT obeying the laws of the land? I may be wrong, but I thought we were discussing our own personal choices. Although I am no Bible scholar, I do know enough that we are admonished over and over again about the necessity to “love our neighbors as ourselves” and love was the central theme of the New Testament. I think in a real debate about which instructions Jesus gave, love was the overpowering one. I still don’t get why you think what I said about “what it takes to be a real Christian” has any bearing on whether you are a real Christian or not, unless of course, you don’t love humanity.

  • Kevin J. Young

    Ya lost me Glen, we are a country of laws and a charitable people. But we have left no one behind Glen. In fact these people have been left behind by the governments of their own countries, left behind by greed, socialism, Marxism, and corruption of those various countries. Your right Glenn it is hard to do the right thing, and the right thing to do is uphold our laws, starting by sending each and everyone of these criminal aliens back to their home country. Question Glenn. If someone broke in to your house would you use any means necessary to protect your family or would you offer them a hot meal and a shower? You know what you would do, you would protect your wife and children by any means at your disposal. Why should we as Americans do any less for our country? If the our government refuses to do one of it’s most basic duties by defending our borders from invaders (being children notwithstanding) then it becomes incumbent on the American people to do so.

  • Elijah

    I have three things to say about this…

    #1 He asks us to donate to his charity and quite frankly I do not believe the charity is as altruistic as he makes it appear. I believe Glenn benefits financially from the “charity” much more than he tells us so I’m hesitant to donate.

    #2 He alluded to some churches or other groups that may already be trying to help. He should have given us their info so we can help them.

    #3 I understand that many of these children are just babies and have no choice in the matter. If we can first secure the border and stop others from coming across then I would be willing to at least consider amnesty for some or all the babies assuming parental rights are terminated so we don’t have any anchor babies. I want to help them but it’s insane until the border is actually secured.

  • Viking King Eleven


    People aren’t pissed because you asked to help illegal alien children who came here as a government operation on Saul Alinsky tactics but it’s a culmination of issues that I will try to lay out in the simplest of terms.

    1. reports ZERO truth. You repeat approved AP stories. You repost old viral videos and you waste a lot of people times with meaningless garbage. You even used saul alinsky tactics on ‘birthers’ people that were just questioning with boldness and you have your bloggers ridicule them.

    Even the conspiracy blogs are days and even weeks ahead of blaze posts. For example, SONASOFT and the fact emails are stored on servers not local computer hard drives. You couldn’t even write a blog about that? On a regular basis the blaze ends up suppressing your own ‘news’ in favor of garbage posts to get web hits from the brainless to fall into the myth of ‘content marketing’. What good is it to have 75 million web hits if your content is meaningless?

    2. You are afraid to call out government corruption. You said you have evidence of a senator who was an alcoholic but you never released the information.

    3. You want to ‘close the divide’ with people you disagree with so you can agree on ‘common ground’ but you end up becoming a communist sympathizer. The left is dangerous and always ends in mass murder. I commend you on common core but you need to change the argument so the left agrees with us, not so we agree with them.

    4. Months ago you said you had a document that could bring down the whole government and this ‘whistleblower’ wanted an open hearing with congress. What happened to that?

    5. You tip toe around Obama’s evil. You called for his impeachment you said it quietly and hoped people wouldn’t listen. Why can’t you lay out the dangerous case with facts? You have an art team, video editors, graphic artists, I am sure they can put together a 2 min video outlining the crimes made.

    6. You are not taking any risks (in the public eye)

    7. What happened with American Dream Labs? I thought I would see some really cool stuff from them but it’s been pretty disappointing.

    8. Why no public shaming of the FBI or US Military Pentagon Brass that are openly supporting, funding and arming radical islam and allowing full blown infiltration into the US Government?

    9. Operation Choke Point only gets 6 hits in search area. You are telling me your team could only write 6 blogs about this criminal activity?

    10. What happened with David Barton? I wish he had a show instead of commi Stu.

    11. Your own network refered to the illegals cross the US Border as migrants. You are even repeating the same ‘approved terms’ you are publishing propaganda, don’t you get that?

    We want to support you. I want to support you. You have changed millions of lives. You changed my life.

    I am so grateful but I feel you lost your purpose. You’re the only man in history to stand in Israel and ask all three faiths to come together for the better of world. Do you know how magical that is? You were touched. You have a purpose and it’s not just the blaze. I know it’s tough. I want to stick my head back in the sand. The lies and corruption have become so daunting, so overwhelming that we feel voiceless. But I keep trying to be heard even though it SUCKS.

    It’s like we are just sitting here waiting to be slaughtered.

    I don’t even know what else to say.

    • Anonymous

      Yes… what happened to DavidBarton? And gosh… WHEN will they fix TheBlaze? In addition to what you’ve laid out above… the site remains a nightmare to navigate… SLOW choppy and CRASHES! I have no trouble with other sites…

  • Phil Taylor

    I have been a Right-Wing-Bible Thumping-Conservative for my whole life. I’m the guy that fights Liberals at every chance (I have been involved in music for the last 15 years so all of my friends are LIberal). I never understood why the left has had such a negative, “right wingers hates kids” view about us conservatives…until today. I can’t believe the posts from my fellow so-called “patriots” today due to Glenn’s unmitigated gaul of wanting to help innocent children. The response has been appalling…. but here are some arguments that I have heard today that go BEYOND STUPID!

    1. “No handouts for criminals”
    This is dumb… Do we charge toddlers with shoplifting? Tax evasion? Grand larceny? Of course not! They are children. Innocent. Why then are we calling these children (or the acts of these children) “illegal”?? This is stupidity in its near purest form.

    2. “We can’t help these kids… we have to send money to the vets instead”
    Instead??? Why can’t we do both? Christ asks us to help all… “why you help the smallest you are helping me”. Who are smaller than these children? Why can’t we help BOTH? Who is asking anyone to chose BETWEEN the vets or helping these children? Not I – and certainly not Glenn. Again, with a dash of common sense this is an issue that can be easily reconciled but my fellow “patriots” are doing the things that I have seen leftists libs do for my whole life…being hypocritically biased based on closed minded politics.

    3. “Helping these children shows Glenn’s step towards tyranny”
    Not sure this should be legitimized with a response… I mean really.. ridiculous.

    If there are 30% of Glenn’s audience that are angry enough about raising money for children and want to leave I say, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. Your hate and close-mindedness won’t be missed as the rest continue to try to keep our country from falling apart and falling out of God’s grace. Love, please don’t forget about Love. People OVER politics.

    Keep standing Glenn. I will be there, right beside you.

    • OkiePacker

      Phil, our minds were on the same track. Read Matthew 25:31-46, Christ gives us pretty sound reasoning when helping others. Even Bill O’Reilly was arguing with Brit Hume last night. Bill was saying send the children back, stop them at the border, and Brit is saying “these are children” they’re not 15 year olds. They need help, they’re babies. It’s not a good situation, but we don’t need to make it worse. I do believe that if we don’t stop people at the border, we’re going to allow the next Bin Laden to sneak in,

    • Anonymous

      A ton of these kids are teenagers. Gang bangers? We want to burn down our own house? Jesus says even the devil won’t burn down his own house. You act as if we have a hard heart. Not true. You are arguing like a liberal. Instead of debate on the merits you use feelings to castigate those who disagree with you. I DO understand where you are coming from and would be Happy with helping these kids, a lot of them aren’t babies and toddlers, but what will happen is those kids won’t be sent back.

  • OkiePacker

    You know, my husband and I were talking about this today on our way to vote. I say give these kids some help they need now, deal with the problem later. I am reminded if so many good deeds that Christ instructs his disciples to do. One if them is in Matthew 25:31-46. Please take the time to read it. In essence it says that when Christ comes and He is handing out rewards, He says to those getting rewards “for when I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to during, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.” Then we will ask Lord when did we see you hungry, thirsty, sick, needing clothes? And Christ replies, “truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers or sisters of mine, you did it for me.” He goes on to tell those who do not help, to depart from Him because you did not help those who needed help.
    Please don’t get mad. Glen is actually doing what Christ is laying on his heart. If you can’t or won’t help that’s between you and God. All of us can spare $5.00.

    • PokemonMasterD

      Your right, Christ would want us to reach out to these children, and i believe that what Glenn is saying as well. There is no NATIONS in God the Fathers eyes. We are all ENCASED in his mercy’s. All of which we are undeserving. But theres also alot of people who need help and cant get it. Im one of them unfortunately and theres nothing i can do about it. I think people should be saying “Those that CAN help, please do so, not just the children but our Vets and others in society struggling financially, professionally, and medically.” instead of this message of everyone needs to come together to help. It’s kinda of like bringing up a sore subject way to soon. Pouring salt in the proverbial wound so to speak.

    • CaptainCurmudgeon

      They need to go HOME…TO THEIR FAMILIES

  • Anonymous

    I am torn. One one hand I understand and have compassion for these children. I find it difficult to see their plight and not have the desire to race to our border, scoop up some of these babies and hug them. I also think it is horrific that a parent would turn their child over to a stranger to have them live like this. I am also horrified that these children are living with no food, water, clothing, or access to a toilet. How terrifying it must be to these children; in a foreign land, not even knowing how far they are from home, living in a warehouse with hardly any food or water. The situation they left could not have been worse than this.
    On the other hand, they are here illegally and must be sent home. Who knows what types of diseases they are bringing in or have been exposed to. What diseases are they exposing the aid workers to bring home to their families? How many drug dealers and gang members have come with these children? How many violent criminals do we have with them? They are not our responsibility, and they must go home.
    In the end, there are many questions that need answers, but only one solution; send them home. In the mean time, they also need to eat, to bathe, to use the bathroom and to have some clean clothes. Show them compassion, love, and the goodness that America truly is; give them an ideal to strive for when they get home. Maybe showing compassion will allow these children to go back to their own country and be the difference needed to claim freedom for themselves.

    • OkiePacker

      You know, I can read the torture within your post. I just wrote a long one myself. The bottom line is this, I think this is what a Glen was trying to get across. Yes, they are all here illegally, but the children have not committed a crime, their parents have by sending them. But, yes they are our responsibility. As a Christian I am responsible to aid someone that does not have water, food or clothing. Christ has put that compassion in me. Then after they are processed they need to be taken back home, wherever that is. I’m not even sure that is 100% right! how do you find the parents of 30,000 children? What a mess Obama and his minions have caused.

  • Bryant Hill

    The United States CANNOT afford to pay for the welfare of all the kids in the world who live without anything. This accepting illegals over our borders has got to STOP, Glenn. WE need to STOP this flow of people coming over our borders, NOW.

  • CaptainCurmudgeon



    “Although we have no such instrument in our Constitution or in existing law, there is nothing to prevent its

    use as a comprehensive de facto indictment and conviction for Contempt of Congress, violations of Oath of

    Office and of the Constitution itself – for all of the reasons stated in such a Resolution.”

    Have we been captured by the CIA, and their backers who are destroying the USA and robbing it blind?

    It’s time to expose Obama and at a minimum demand a Vote of No Confidence….to express our outrage at the hubris and corruption of the IRS, the permanent gutting of America’s military and firing of its major officers, arrogance of Benghazi, the Veterans Administration eugenics for profit scandal, and capture of our banks…At least the public can call for a Vote of No Confidence even if the political pragmatists prefer to remain mute.

    While Qatar has had its way with our White House and appears to be giving Obama marching orders…it’s time for the people to stand up to the Qatar cabal. Let’s buy time between now and November by demanding a Vote of No Confidence in the hope of compromising Obama and his agenda that he is executing between now and November…unimpeded.
    We must stop Obama’s agenda. Wringing our hands is not doing it. Obama will continue to ratchet it up and escalate his provocations in any and every way he can.

  • Kentucky red

    Wow so much hatred being spewed toward kids! Ain’t no way they got here by their selves. Instead of hating the kids we should be angry at the ones that put them in this predicament.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody here hates the kids. Its much more complicated than that. Straw man?

  • CaptainCurmudgeon

    Glenn, about to cancel my monthly payment to you…sick to death of you smoothing the water as Obama steals and destroys our country…do you think that the Founders started preaching about being “NICE”… As those who would take our freedom and destroy the country….I am beginning to believe you’re a FRAUD….We don’t save our country by meekly handing it over, and clothing and feeding the CARTELS…as you want to sell the BS …It’s for the children …you’re not a preacher, you’re not a patriot…but you’re great getting our money….pretty sick of your BS…and I used to think you were great….so who funded you? Huntsman –the Dem?

  • Syberlink

    Very easy solution, Take a photo of them, Take fingerprints,handprints, and DNA. Fly them back to their country with some cash and a letter telling them they can never be an American, EVER! You are a recognized criminal and will be jailed as a terrorist for returning to the US. This would send a fast message to those still on their way.

  • Syberlink

    Everyone is missing the real problem. The children are a distraction to keep the border patrol busy. Now Obama’s terrorist army can move men, cash and weapons across the border to set us well funded and armed cells waiting for the next election. If a republican or non progressive gets elected, they can start the real war on America. We are weak and spending all our money on countries that hate us, they will use that money to hurt us.

  • Steve Shaffer

    I am a disabled Vet (nuke Navy) Illegal they be, but Their children too! I would rather die than see them in those conditions under our rule and yeah I’d like to slap their parents and our government silly for this unacceptable situation, but they are children! AND WE ARE THE GOOD GUY’S TAKE CARE OF THEM AND SEND THEM HOME OR ADOPT THEM OUT!

  • Brad Donald

    Glenn basically called us UnAmerican and UnChristian because we didn’t agree
    with his take on what charity actually means. And now he is trying to
    walk it back cause he stepped in it. Yeah these invaders that happen to
    be young are in fact getting better
    care and food then our actual citizen homeless. They are not starving.
    They might smell, but that’s not our fault. The way he went out of his
    way to single out and attack someone that disagreed with him was
    disgusting. He is completely intentionally miss framing the situation to
    make anyone that disagreed with him bad people or people that hate
    children. Hes been reading to much about how Wilson and his crew
    operated me thinks. What he tried to do here was abhorrent.

    NO close the borders first, then we can talk charity. Im sick of people
    abusing Christians by saying they are not christian if they dont do X.
    I’m interested in actual charity that will end this crisis not GLENNS
    feel good placebo bull crap.

    I would say I have more heart then Glenn cause I dont want to create a
    false impression on these kids that if you come here you get free stuff.
    I want these so called kids to leave with and understanding that it was
    not a pleasant thing to flee to America against the law. You cannot
    have traditional charity while the border is open. It just encourages
    continued bad behavior by the illegal invaders and our government. If
    you want to help these people you close the border first, then send
    charity missions to their countries to help them.

    Then there is the fact that many of us only have a few bucks were we can actually send out charity. So we have to carefully choose what we support with our shrinking funds. So yeah, I would rather support a citizen first. Apparently to Glenn that makes me a bad person. He can take a hike.

  • Anonymous

    Obama could house some of these children at his unused Chicago home. Why don’t you encourage him to do so?

  • drichardhalifax

    If you violate Canadian Immigration law, you get to ride in a big car with the letters RCMP painted on the side to the nearest airport or border crossing. They have no qualms about deporting violators no matter where they are from (yes,they have deported US Citizens as well). If you are illegal in Canada, you will not be in Canada for long.

  • Anonymous

    This would be better received if not for the fact that you from your place of privilege (you are the elite!) can afford this attitude of benevolence. You are isolated from the crime, disease, and general chaos caused by a people with a vastly different culture being dropped into your neighborhood. Assimilation into our country is not a goal of immigrants any longer. In fact, the exact opposite is being pushed by every amnesty group (most notably La Raza). Do not learn English, do not follow US laws, do not strive to be accepted or even acceptable! This is the new immigration that will destroy our already fragile culture.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, were the Germans flooding across our border? Were the Germans sucking the life out of our system? If its help you want to give then give the help where they are from. Its a pickle for sure. I’m not saying this isn’t a catastrophe for the children. What you are doing will further exacerbate the problem. Its the cartel’s fault. Its their home countrys fault. Most of all its the parents fault. Now even more could come when they find out Glenn is gonna help them get in here too. That’s what will happen. Like I said, its a complicated situation.

  • Joanna Buesen
  • theothertoolbox

    You are playing RIGHT into their hands if you help these “innocent children”. Children are ALWAYS used to pull at the heartstrings. It DOES hurt me more than it hurts you to turn my back…but it must be done.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn makes no bones about being in the “final phase of a massive transformation”. The new televangelist will be on day three of separating his most loyal subscribers, many of whom have been with him from the beginning… by (again) delivering one of his now famous sanctimonious and condescending monologues judging all who disagree with him..and calling them out on-air, as hardhearted, haters, child abusers, and UN-Christian like. The network he claims “you are building’, takes your money and then spends hours inferring just how despicable you are. The newly ordained preacher doubles down on his efforts to convince you that he alone is the path to righteousness, and that our good Lord expects you to burn your own house down to help the lawless. All you “haters” out there…just turn the other cheek; pony-up and shut up… cause Glenn says it’s the right thing to do.

    • Gayle Mahon

      Very well said Lisa! I have supported Glenn for years now by money and otherwise. We have a 9/12 group. However, this transformation that is taking place with this man has me running from him. You are right, it is not just that he is doing with some things I question – like speaking out against Cliven Bundy, opposing Operation American Spring, etc. It is the WAY he is doing it by mocking and making fun of good people. How, in any remote way, is that the Christian thing to do?

      • Anonymous

        He’s mocked his long time subscribers for a long time, not just the issues you mention, but others too. And contradicts himself daily… and promises to expose politicians and others…then drops it, like he never said it… And today, he cried while comparing his son to a border kid while talking with a Rabbi that bolstered his plea to help these kids… he implies he has some power to have the gov listen and send these kids home. He is nothing but a scammer…

        • Gayle Mahon

          I think many of use are feeling betrayed by Glenn Beck.

  • Christopher Crowley

    Understand that Glenn is “wanting to ensure those who have crossed the border have access to adequate food, clothing, and shelter,” but sending aid and support only will make the problem worse. These illegal aliens need to go back to where they came and apply for citizenship legally through their home country. Giving support only encourages further lawbreaking and more illegals pouring over the border. Broadcast the deplorable conditions on Spanish speaking networks and the flood of illegals, all part of Obama’s open door policy to win elections for Democrats, will slow or stop.

  • Robert

    The Berlin Airlift was the result of the USSR blocking access to the City of Berlin, not because we “taken them out” as Glenn Beck states. Read the truth at this link,

  • Guest

    While I was living in Ecuador, I met a 40 year old single mother with the lifelong dream of living and working in the United States of America. She was forced to drop out of school to raise a child. The daily rate of a full time Ecuadorian worker is $20 a day. The political system in Ecuador, which borders on socialism, gives her no route to continue her education. She has no special skills, no direct relatives to petition for her. Her country is marked off the list for the “green-card lottery” as ineligible. The United States of America offers no legal pathway of immigration for people like her. She has only a dream and work ethic that would put many Americans to shame.

    I’ve been rather conservative my whole life, but when did we decide that the american dream is only for those few born to the privilege? We literally offer no pathway to citizenship for people like this. I thought we did, and I really thought we were a little more open minded- I think of the days when immigrants would pour into Ellis island seeking refuge and the promise in a new country, a new life- but we aren’t. My wife is from Ecuador (not the same woman) and It’s been a long and harrowing immigration process from which I’ve learned a lot, and come to realize that, well, for people like this, the door of America is not open to the hopeful, but shut to the few.

    • Anonymous

      Our corrupt gov’t sending their corrupt our money…. The USAID letter said that in 60 years of working
      together, more than $800 million in development aid had helped hundreds
      of thousands of Ecuadoreans…..

      • Preston Robert Moss

        I feel like this doesn’t get at the issue of american citizenship. Do we think others should have the same rights we do? or were they just born unlucky?

        I am impressed with the humanitarian aid we’ve worked to give, and with the current political climate, it doesn’t surprise me that the U.S. is backing out.

        • Anonymous

          No it doesn’t, but my point is we contribute billions everywhere… and (WeThePeople) have no say in how the money is spent… on either side of the border. We all believe everyone should have the “rights” we have (or had)… so what do we do… take them all in?

        • Liquid55

          People living in other countries absolutely do not have the right to expect/demand US Citizenship. They simply do not. We, idiotically, have set up a system of entitlements that will bankrupt us quickly if we open our borders and let in the uneducated and unskilled of the world – precisely the woman you describe.
          We cannot serve as the paycheck for the world’s poor. If she has no education and no skills, the likelihood of her being able to support herself in this country is pretty close to nil.

  • Ginny Schumpert

    I’m a little stunned by some of the comments I have read, this morning. No, I don’t like this situation either…something is wrong in the world today when this many children are “sent” across our border…and something is wrong with our country today when this flood of illegals is allowed to come across our border. BUT would you withhold food from someone just BECAUSE of this? Do you help vets? Orphans? Widows? Do you send money overseas to a child, though a Christian organization? Why not at least feed these children? Do you ignore the homeless in our streets? Or do you just say “Nah..they’re there because they want to be homeless…let them go to a mission or something.” Where is your heart? Where is your compassion? Where is your Christian witness??

  • ken.

    they should not be housed, released onto our streets or given hearings, they should be fingerprinted then immediately put on a bus and deported. same day service!!!

    • Preston Robert Moss

      Most are from central and south america. Without a parent or working phone, money, or even a map, imagine sending a 5 year old off on his own. “Have Fun; Don’t come back; Hope they find you…”

      • ken.

        as long as we let those countries abuse and take advantage of us, they will never take responsibility for their own problems, we are not their keepers. allowing them to do this is allowing then to commit child abuse. and what the beep do you think they did to those kids sending them here? have fun, don’t come back and hope they find you. thats what they did.

        • Preston Robert Moss

          Are we just like them?

          • ken.

            no! you have to step up and do whats right to stop the abuse, sometimes it hurts at first but it’s the only way to stop it. we are helping them continue abusing those children by doing what we are doing now. we cannot be enablers,

          • Ronnessa Costelli

            But shouldn’t we be better? There should be kindness to these children…sorrow for their suffering. These are children are not our enemy. This is about adults being responsible. If this administration had done its job with illegals this might have been a humanitrian effort on their soil and not on ours. Children shouldnt have to suffer because of it. Just my oppinion =)

          • ken.

            the sooner we stop it, the sooner we will stop the abuse. women and children are beaten and raped by the smugglers, police and other criminals in the countries they pass through mostly mexico. enabling only continues the abuse, we don’t have to send them back starving, thats not what i’m saying. we have to force those countries to stop sending them here. we should be forcing the u.n. to go after them for child abuse and human rights violations. if we fingerprint the adults so they can never apply to come here legally then immediately put them on a bus or plane home along with sending the children home immediately also. no waiting, same day service, those countries will be forced to take responsibility and stop sending their poor here to become our problem. america is about 18 trillion in debt, if we cannot help ourselves, how can we take care of the rest of the world. america is the most charitable country in the world, we give more than the rest of the world put together, if we fall so does the rest of the world.

  • Manbehindthecurtain

    There are two major issues here. One is the complete collapse of our southern boarder, the other is humanitarian in nature. The children that have been PUT across our boarder, not only shows the deep dark evil of the people (including their parents) that (ab)use children for political purposes, but also the hardened hearts of the man,y that is willing to turn their back on them for their pride and Nationalistic beliefs. There has to be an answer that would allow the tending of children and sending them back to their country of origin, but we should also be treating them with dignity compassion. This does not apply to any of the gang members using this a cover for their smuggling operations.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes being kind to an enemy changes that enemy for the good.

    • Preston Robert Moss

      I like this. You should write movies.

  • CaptainUSA

    The Kids Obama doesnt indoctrinate can be indoctrinated from Glenn?

  • Jeff nestor

    Sorry, Not me. It’s not going to happen.
    I’ll send money to legal American children.

  • Valerie James

    Good for Glenn. They are people. Jesus loves all people, Vets, illegal immigrants etc.

  • Anonymous

    I will donate for one meal and a trip back, but nothing else. Ship them back. NOW!

  • Drew Croy

    Our law is being selectively enforced.
    The term we have in law is: “ILLEGAL ALIEN” not “Undocumented
    Immigrant” as they would like you to believe. The scare tactic
    being employed by BOTH sides is the famous: “Think of the Children”
    line. It is designed to tug at your heart strings. It is designed
    to FORCE you to overlook the facts and think emotionally to pass an
    amnesty bill by a knee jerk reaction.

    Just a few things you should know first.

    The median age of the “children”
    coming across the border is 14, the majority of them being male.
    Sure a few babies and girls are thrown in for sensational news
    coverage and yes at some point a border patrol agent has changed a
    diaper. However, by and large these “children” are at most 4
    years away from being seen as an adult.

    “But Drew!” you
    scream! “Why don’t we just send them back where they came

    This is where the law gets a bit on the sticky side.
    If the ILLEGAL ALIENS were from a neighboring country we would do
    just that. Intake, take their picture and on a bus back to Mexico or
    Canada they go. That’s what the law allows for. These “children”
    are mostly from Central American Coutries and since they are not a
    neighboring country they must be processed through the entire system
    first. Since they are “children” there is a lot more to the
    processing than there is for an adult. (Don’t even get me started on
    why Canada and Mexico let them cross freely through their borders
    that’s for another post.)

    We must provide food, shelter,
    clothing, education, exercise and medical care all at the expense of
    charity or the taxpayer while we “attempt” to contact the
    “child’s” relatives. The problem is, most of the relatives don’t
    want to be found so we are providing these things for an indefinite
    period of time.

    That’s right taxpayers! Charity only goes so far and eventually even the mighty Glenn Beck wont be able to solicit enough donations to take on the staggering costs associated with the “children” (read, ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN) Who is left? You and me buddy! You and me. We’re footing the bill for this monstrous
    abuse of our immigration system brought on by none other than the
    Obama White house.


    The median age, again, is 14 years old and they are primarily males. If
    an amnesty bill is forced down our throats because of the “children”
    we now have over 400,000 LEGAL aliens who will be adults in about 4
    years that can vote, join the military, file for permanent benefits,
    have children of their own (which would automatically be US citizens)
    and the biggest one of all . . . Become anchor points for their
    entire family. That’s right, you heard me correctly. With a forced
    amnesty bill these “children” now become US citizens with all the
    rights and privilege of any other US citizen but much much

    They can move their entire family here. Can you see how
    400,000 can turn into a million or even 10s of millions within a very
    short time frame? Most don’t have any skill set that is useful to us
    (they are children after all). Most if not all will have to enroll
    in government programs to get food and housing. Most will have to be
    paid to learn English so they can function in our society. Then add
    mom, dad, sisters, brother, grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins
    to the mix and WHAMO the Democrats now have a brand spanking new
    voter base!

    “WTF are you talking about Drew?”

    Don’t you get it? Is it not obvious to you by now? When amnesty passes
    and these ILLEGAL ALIENS get the full right and privilege of United
    States Citizens who do you think they will vote for? Can you
    honestly tell me that they will for for a smaller government? Can you
    honestly tell me that they will vote for less intrusion into our
    lives and pockets? Can you sit right there and honestly believe that
    they will vote for ANYTHING other than the freebies they had been
    given for the last 4(ish) years?

    Think of it this way a second:

    At every State and Federal park in the United States
    we have signs clearly posted that warn visitors not to feed the
    animals. They detail how the animals will become dependent on the
    hand outs and no longer fend for themselves. At the little county
    park where I live people can no longer feed the ducks because they
    will sit in the river and freeze to death waiting on handouts before
    they fly south for the Winter. I’ve been called out on more than one
    occasion to chip ice away from a duck in the river. It’s sad, but
    they will no longer look out for themselves when so much is freely
    given to them without any effort on their part. It makes me FURIOUS
    when I see people standing right next to the signs and throwing bread
    to the ducks. I know the other side of it, I’ve seen the dead
    ducks. They blissfully giggle and throw the food, ignorant of the
    consequences it will have; Ignorant of the fact that they are, in
    fact, killing that duck.

    Making any sense yet? Ignorance I can tolerate (and educate) but I don’t do so well with stupid.

    When we figure out how to keep Americans from abusing the generosity of
    the tax payers; when we figure out how to feed, house and cloth every
    American child; when we figure out how to get our education back to
    something other than sub-par . . . THEN and ONLY THEN would I support
    a limited opening of our borders to immigrants.

    It’s time you write your representatives and tell them that congress needs to
    hold an emergency session on amending the immigration and customs
    laws. If you have read to this point you’re just as concerned about
    this as I am. Feel free to re-post as needed or write your own if
    you have more to add or don’t completely agree with my views (many
    don’t and it doesn’t bother me, lol)

    We are Americans. We are
    the most generous people in the World. We are the melting pot of
    diversity and culture. We have no problem giving people a “Hand-Up”
    but we’re damn tired of all the “Hand-Outs”

    • Liquid55

      They all came through Mexico to get here…why can’t they go home through Mexico?

  • Jenlazow

    I will send money if he will going to charter a shuttle of very large airplanes and keep them running day after day… taking them home.. how about the South American airlift

  • Stacy Coffield Wheeler

    I am absolutely appalled at some of the comments on here. I would think that fellow Glenn Beck listeners would have the same compassion for fellow human beings that I have and Glenn has. I do not understand the either/or proposition of “give the money to the vets” or to these children. Even if some of you are correct and the median child is 14 and male, so what? I sure would not want my 14 year old son to be in a foreign country without food, water or shelter. Can you imagine how desperate a parent must be to make the decision to send their child to a foreign country alone?? That does not mean I think they should stay here, but I think it is basic humanity to show these children some human dignity. By the way, those of you who are so outraged at this idea, and feel the money should be going to the vets, are you sending money to the vets?

    • Anonymous

      OMG! Stop already with the desperate parents! They handed their children over to COYOTES! They know better than we do what that means… and BTW… with the media black-out, that no seems too concerned with… we have no idea what is going on down there.

  • Gayle Mahon

    Again, THE CHILDREN ARE NOT STARVING!!!! Research it yourself, they are being fed and clothed. For heaven’s sake, DHS has asked for 40,000+ pairs of MEN’S underwear. And, again, the greatest percentage of these “children” are ages 14-17 and male. The whole premise Glenn and The Blaze are basing their plea on is a LIE.



  • C4bordermoat

    Glenn is doing what is good and right.

    James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

    To provide these children with food, clothes, shelter and basic medical care is right. Providing lawyers and ipads-not so much.

    I AM from AZ and I absolutely do not want them to stay but as a human being I can not turn my back on them.

    Jesus showed his love for us that while we were yet sinners Christ DIED for us. Can we not help with basic necessities: show we can still be civilized?

    Whether they are doing right or wrong is not the basis for what you/we do: the coises we make.

  • Anonymous

    How many out there truly believe that the “children” came to this country on their own? A five year old can not do this without serious help! Our government, with taxpayer funds, leads this invasion. The job of the Federal Government is to protect this country from invaders. Now, what to do:
    1. close the borders with armed military help.
    2. free the marine held in Mexico.
    3. cut off all aid to Mexico.
    4. ask vacationeers to go anywhere except Mexico.
    5. determine the adoptability of any of these “children”.
    6. carefully question older children regarding how they arrived in the USA.
    7. determine who from this country started this fiasco and why and punish accordingly.
    8. do not ask your many supporters to help raise money for OTM’s or Mexicans here illegally.

    • C4bordermoat

      Kry your points 1-7 are spot on. In stead of spending the $ to transport them all over our own country use the $ to ship them back to their own country. Yes adults put the kids up to this. Yes these adults have their own selfish greedy purposes. Yes our humanitarian heartset is being used against us by those goverments as well as our own. However while they are on our soil we can not allow ourselves to become like the selfish, self-serving and greedy thugs that are using these kids for their own gain. Yes move them out ASAP. But until then we can not allow ourselves to sink into our own form of depravity.

    • noisyparker

      As for 1-3,5,6, neither Glenn nor you nor I can “do” those. You can take them up with your congresscritter and see where that gets you. I think Glenn did his part for #7 in so I suppose you could share that (and your desire for folks not to vacation in mexico) via social media.

      In the meantime, however, there are a bunch of misled (see #7) folks who are in need of basic food, water, and sanitation. As individuals, we can decide if we want to chip in to help provide some humanitarian relief at the overstrained border towns. That is all that Glenn was talking about in this segment… he would be happy if the government also did your other items, but that is not what we, as individuals, get to decide. If folks don’t want to chip in for humanitarian relief, they need only not donate… convincing other people not to chip in seems a bit like the church scene in High Noon.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone hear the media outrage about NOT being allowed to cover the so-called BorderBabyCrisis? Uh… yeah, no… #FreedomOfThePress

  • Anonymous

    Obama and the Democrats routinely play Republicans for FOOLS. I thought Glenn Beck was wise to the tricks of the Demon-Crats, but I was wrong … !!!

  • Anonymous

    During the Revolutionary War, Glenn would have fed and clothed the British army because it is the Christian thing to do.

  • justme

    I have an idea… They are children and as Americans we have a warm heart for them. It hurts me that these children are here with no parents and have no clue on what they are doing. Anyways, lets raise money, since our lovely caring government won’t do anything, rent some buses, load them up, and put them back over the boarder just like they did. It is children and I understand that, but they are here illegally and we have our own AMERICAN homeless children that we should worry about before we dish out money we don’t have for these children. I say we just load them up and bring them back. Wouldn’t that be better than bringing this country into more debt trying to feed, shelter, and clothed these children?

  • Tim

    Beck your making it easier for these people which in turn lets others know that they could come here and be coddled. you are making the problem worse. the line needs to be drawn. if it is not made difficult to come here they will never stop coming. I married a legal Mexican immigrant. but I will do what ever I can to stop this invasion that is making life harder on the children already here legally. go around America, where We the people live and see all the poor children here. we can’t take care of our own now and you want to feed the world. we are tired of paying for the world while our children and grandchildren and vets suffer.

  • Tim

    If you want to take care of the humanitarian crisis. deliver these children back to their homes and families. and stop the influx. militarize the border.

  • Tim

    We are Tired Beck. My wife and I worked hard all our lives. we always lived within our means and payed all our bills. we tried to give our kids the best lives we could yet never could get to the point of being able to send any of them to college. all my kids are doing the same now with their kids. it hurts me to watch them bust their asses every day and still have little to show for it. my grand kids deserve better. and every day I see illegals milking our system and living better lives than my kids and grand kids. and we are paying for it. and you ask for more? and keep making it easier for more to come for us to support. when will our families get some of “The American Dream?” we are tired of paying for criminals to have better lives than us.

  • Notanumber1984

    This is supposed to be a republic of law. It was a system designed for a moral people, a definition which no longers applies to the great majority of our nation. If Mr. Beck wants to continue to wear his heart and faith on his sleeve, that is his right, but the rest of us in Conservative-Libertarian America who still value this nation’s original moral superiority of liberty must stand firm to defend the values of our imperilled Constitution. We did not create this disaster, Obama and his Marxist minions are responsible. Our response must be firm and resolute in opposition to these radical tactics. This is a war for our way of life and our nation, sometimes I think Mr. Beck lets his soft Christian heart get in the line of accurate outgoing fire. There will be many casualties in the fight that is coming, and if we do not dedicate ourselves with iron resolve, we are doomed.

  • Flavio

    this is the first time I disagree with Glenn<he is really wrong those people dont deserve anything,they have got what they deserve we should send them all back where they coming from,they try to take advantage of a weak nation that we already turned.

  • CaptainCurmudgeon

    We should destroy the country because you need an anti- depressant? NO…SEND THEM HOME IMMEDIATELY TO THEIR FAMILIES

  • Scott Roger

    It’s about time the conservatives found a way to help get the votes these people are bringing with them. I say great job using them politically like the left is doing.

  • thedogwalker

    I won’t be giving them one red cent! That’s the very reason they’re coming here in the first place, the handouts. How about instead of flying them all over the country, we use these planes to fly them home instead? Our generosity will be our downfall.

  • Bundle Up

    If we can make use of more knowledge than we actually know, we can overcome our natural ignorance and create useful things that apply others’ knowledge toward the situations we face.

  • Adam Jenson

    Few if any of these kids will be sent back. They will stay in the country, they will get government handouts, they will vote democrat, they will help ruin the country and those of you who want to send them money are helping them do it.

  • Toby M.

    The “give now, think later” crowd will never be able to give enough charity to overcome this problem. This was not a natural disaster that has an end point where we feed, clothe, house, and get a community back on its feet. For every $10 dollars you give to this charity, the government will spend $50 to get another kid up here to put right back in those conditions we so despise. And what do you think you’re contributing to? These are government facilities, so how do you think your contributions will fix that? You might get them some new underwear and new shoes, but they’ll still have to go back into the hellish conditions of their detention. These children do need help, but wait till the government is forced, through international embarrassment, into being an honest broker about the issue, otherwise, you’re just contributing to the problem.

  • Anonymous

    A lot of moral blackmail here. Capitulation seems to be the theme at Beck industries of late. Capitulation aids and abets the administration, why would they quit doing what they’re doing when people like Glenn enable (and Glenn should know something about enabling). You can treat them humanely and ship them back, but the fault here is for the Administration who instigated this and the parents of these kids who shipped them up here under the (non) care of Coyotes. Hey Beck, “Doing what’s right” is obeying the law – it’s biblical, crack it open once.

  • Eric S.

    Peddle your spam elsewhere! Nobody with a brain is going to fall for it. And, just a suggestion…TRY LEARNING HOW TO SPELL AND USE PUNCTUATION.

  • ken.

    they don’t care if anyone falls for it, they get paid for each post.

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