On Monday’s radio program, Glenn offered an interesting qualifier on one of his monologues.

“I don’t know how you’re going to react. I really don’t,” Glenn said. “This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever asked of you because I know how angry you are.”

With that, Glenn asked his audience to consider donating to Mercury One so they could begin to organize aid for the thousands of illegal immigrant children who have poured across the southern border recently.

After hearing about the harrowing conditions at the makeshift shelters in border towns like Laredo, Brownsville, Van Horn, and McAllen, Texas, Glenn decided his “eternal citizenship” took precedence over his U.S. citizenship and it was time to deal with the reality of the situation while simultaneously working to thwart the lawlessness.

Watch Monday’s monologue below:

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Glenn’s words caught the attention of a lot of listeners as emails and social media comments – both positive and negative – poured in. On radio this morning, Glenn once again addressed the topic, speaking to both supporters and detractors about where he is coming from and why he will continue to ask for people to consider doing what they can to ensure sanitary conditions for these children.

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“Yesterday, I asked you to reach beyond your citizenship of the United States. And this is not something I ever asked you to do before,” Glenn said. “I’m not a ‘citizen of mankind’ gentleman… all that bull crap. I do, however, have another citizenship, and it is higher than citizenship that happens here in the United States. And that’s citizenship is the citizen of a kingdom of heaven. [It’s] an eternal citizenship unlike this citizenship, which will fade over time.”

Today just so happens to be the anniversary of the start of the Berlin Airlift, and Glenn reflected on the way the United States came together to aid a group of people in spite of the enemy.

“Today is the anniversary of the Berlin Airlift… The Berlin Airlift was an amazing thing. Here we had taken out all of Germany – our enemies – and then we went and not only rebuilt them, we dropped food,” Glenn explained. “And there were people in the United States of America that were really upset… ‘Don’t do it. A, you’re going to cause more war. B, you’re going to hack off all the countries over there. And C, we’ve got our own problems over here. We can’t help those people.’ But we did. And today is the anniversary of Americans doing something that… was never even thought of before.”

In wanting to ensure those who have crossed the border have access to adequate food, clothing, and shelter, Glenn is not asking anyone to endorse these people’s criminal actions, instead he simply asking that, as Americans, we be good.

“If we want to be great, let’s be good. We knew it was just right to feed people,” Glenn said. “And I want to make it very clear: They are illegal. They’ve got to go home. But… we don’t leave people behind – even the people who have caused it themselves.”

Glenn proceeded to read through some of the messages he has received in the last 24 hours. He offered his thoughts on a few of them, while encouraging his listeners to continuing thinking about the situation we currently find ourselves in.

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“I hate the fact that doing right is always so hard… It’s like disciplining my child. I never understood when my dad said to me, ‘This hurts me more than it will hurt you’… But it’s right,” Glenn concluded. “We have to keep our heart, and we have to continue to feel. The minute we stop feeling, the minute we stop caring, the minute we stop loving those who we deem our enemy [is] the moment we’ve lost America for good.”

If you are interesting in donating, you can learn more about Mercury One HERE.