The New York Times probably didn’t foresee Walmart’s epic response to hit piece

Last week, New York Times columnist Timothy Egan penned a scathing critique of Walmart’s corporate culture. In an article entitled “The Corporate Daddy,” Egan claims Walmart is a “net drain on taxpayers” that forces “employees into public assistance with its poverty-wage structure” among other things.

Instead of sitting by idly, Walmart decided to hit back against the claims. In a blog post, Walmart’s vice president of corporate communications David Tovar fact checked the Times article – tearing through Egan’s piece with a red pen just like a high school English teacher.

“Did you see what the New York Times did to Walmart,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “I mean, oh my God, Walmart was genius in this… It’s really brilliant.”

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Tovar published the blog post on Friday and explained Walmart “couldn’t overlook how wildly inaccurate” the Times article was, so they decided to have “some fun with it.”

Below is the article with Tovar’s “corrections”:


“It’s really so sloppy by the New York Times,” Stu said of the article. “I mean they don’t even understand their facts at all. PolitiFact is no friend of Walmart in the right, but they even said this is a giant lie.”

In the blog, Tovar pointed out that Walmart is the “largest tax payer in America” and has hired more than 42,000 veterans this year alone. Furthermore, Walmart pays the average full-time associate $12.91 an hour.

Ultimately, Tovar believes the Times should have picked a different angle for the piece.

“Better idea for the piece,” Tovar wrote. “Could focus on bringing back U.S. manufacturing (Walmart is buying $250 billion in US products over 10 years) and expanding education, training and workforce development programs. i.e. things that will make a bigger difference, not just focusing on starting wages.”

“Since when did we become the this country where you can’t run your business the way you want to. You know,” Glenn asked. “Since when did we have to lie about businesses because we hate business so much? We’re trying to create jobs, and yet we hate business? How is that? How does that work for anybody?”

At the end of the day, Pat believes the deep-seated hatred of Walmart boils down the company’s refusal to play by the left’s rules.

“The hatred of Walmart is just irrational. But I think it has to do with the fact that… they’ve resisted unionizing and that just drives the left out of their mind. They can’t stand the fact that the largest employer in the world is not a union shop. And if it were, it wouldn’t be Walmart anymore.”

  • Disco Obama

    I’m against corporate welfare. Taxpayers should know the real cost to society when they determine minimum wage.

    I’m also against corporations offshoring jobs. If a company wants to do business with Americans they need to keep those jobs in the USA.

    I am also against corporations using illegal labor from Mexico to undermine and suppress US workers. Any wonder that our country remains deflated when you have millions of illegal workers wiring 22 BILLION dollars to Mexico yearly. You don’t think that is a massive drain on our economy? Just think how better our economy would be if that money was injected back into our economy.

    I’d like to see proof that Walmart has an average wage of over $12 an hour. I know that many workers are not full time. What about the part time workers? Most companies refuse to give workers full-time status because they don’t want to provide any benefits. Sorry but I’m not joining your Walmart lovefest just yet.

    • MAA Oregon

      How does your kool-aid taste?

      • Dan Courser

        Like freedom

    • Mike in VA

      expound on “corporate welfare”

    • Mark A. DeHoog

      So…I see four paragraphs that begin with some form of “I’m or I’d” which brings me to “I’m not going to read this.”

    • Missy Fitch

      My brother is not even full time and he makes 10 dollars an hour at walmart. I agree they could treat employees better. If you want those changes you ask for, perhaps you should look to politicians who make it cheaper to import goods than to make them here, also you should ask our government to actually enforce our immigration laws that make it possible for illegals to send money they make working here illegally here.

      As much as I don’t like how corporations are greedy and money hungry, the fact is, its up to Americans to make sure our government is doing its job to make the things I hate about corporations impossible to do.

      Also, if you had a business I would run it to make as much profit as possible as I am sure most people would do. So the hate because Walmart is very profitable seems like jealousy. They don’t owe anyone anything. except to follow our laws.

      So before you rage at Walmart, remember this, if you voted for the ones that passed the free trade agreements, if you voted for the politicans that refuse to actually enforce our immigration laws, the very things you complain about, are partially your fault.

      • Anonymous

        If working the aisles or the cash register of a Walmart is all the ambition you have, then don’t complain about the level of benefits and pay for your lack of ambition. I worked retail as a high school kid making $1.65 and I was happy I had the job. Working there was not a career move but a place to make gas money for the $750 car I was excited to have. Dad helped me with part of my $3300 a year tuition books and fees, and I worked retail during the summer for next years spending money. Again, retail was not a career move but a stepping stone to a career after college. Working the floor of a retail store was never meant to be a career. And a retail store is under no obligation to pay any employee more than the minimum wage but most do. So be a little grateful that the Walmarts of the world are far more generous than they are required to be. You want better pay and benefits? Then do the work that is required to get a job that delivers what you want. But don’t expect the damned government to require you to get compensation higher than your level of effort deserves.
        P.S. Worked bagging groceries too. These were kids jobs. Minimum wage, no benefits. Now look at all the adults working these jobs.

        • Missy Fitch

          I think that in some instances people want more but either don’t know how to get it, or are afraid to leave a bad job because the economy is so bad that getting another one is slim to none.

          It used to be you started out at retail or something like that and then moved on to the higher paying jobs, but in this economy, there simply aren’t any higher paying jobs out there. And this is the fault of our government passing laws that directly and negatively impact the economy.

    • Pat Thomas

      Why pick on only Walmart? Aren’t most retail stores doing the same thing?

      • Missy Fitch

        Personally, as a CNA most nursing homes are worse than walmart in areas
        like wages, duties, and customer service. I recently worked for a
        assisted living facility that was bought out by a large corporation.
        They stopped using actual cleaning supplies and started using vinegar! They treat employes like slaves and pay minimum wage, refuse to hire full time and demand that we are on call even on lunch breaks.

        • Tom

          Actually, vinegar is not a sign of doing things cheaply. It is actually recommended by OSHA as an option to reduce injury and illness caused by using cleaning supplies, especially when low-skilled workers mix them inappropriately. Vinegar is an excellent sanitizer yet safe to use, unlike a lot of the cleaning products we use in health care. See for further.

          • Missy Fitch

            We had automatic mixers for our cleaning supplies before the change. Also before the change, we didn’t have the odor of a nursing home but after all we could smell was urine, feces and vinegar. Also the intense odor of the vinegar made me sick to my stomach. The residents complained, the staff complained. The fact is we were a cleaner facility using regular cleaners rather than the cheaper vinegar.

      • Teresa Garrity

        Store in question

    • Juana

      The fact that jobs left the US for cheaper pastures is owed to your favorite party: The Demonrats. they worked for the passing of NAFTA legislation and if I am not wrong passed same in the 1990’s. Clinton, passed it as well as give mortgages to everyone without down payments. The destruction of America one Demonrat at a time.

      • Missy Fitch

        I disagree that the problem is the fault of one party or the other. The fact is, BOTH parties caused this and we as a country LET them by not immediately voting them out and replacing them with people who would repeal them. These people in congress do what they want because they do not fear losing their jobs because of their actions. They know the majority of americans can’t be bothered to care enough to do anything. If you look, I am sure you will find that the majority of the house and senate that voted for those free trade acts are still there. And that is OUR fault.We need to stop blaming everyone else and actually take action. We need to vote out the old and in with the new, and then if they do not speak for us, we get rid of them too. If they actually fear their actions will lead to them not being re-elected, then they will be more inclined to listen to the people.

        • Anonymous

          Missy Fitch, I agree with you that both political parties are complicit, but there is so much ignorance and refusal to think critically on the part of voters that I don’t think we have a chance to change it soon. When I read through these posts it gives me little hope. Most everyone has valid points, but what they refuse to acknowledge is that this multifaceted issue is our own faults. They blindly cling to their political party, as if it’s a sporting event.

          In the June primaries in California, over 300,000 people voted for a man who had pushed for strict gun control only to later be arrested for gun trafficking. I’m horrified that over 300,000 people apparently didn’t even bother to do any research on the candidates before they voted. They would have found that this man (Leland Yee) was a liar, a criminal and he had withdrawn his name from the race.

          Yes, people, please vote, but not if you’re not going to do the research on every candidate. To elaborate… don’t just research the ones you like, because you may find through doing research on all of them, that there could be a few you like even better.

          • Missy Fitch

            I completely agree. In the last 8 years or so I have been very active with my voting. After all thats happened, I believe that its important to know who I am voting for. The party system is rank from top to bottom. It causes a divide that our country simply can’t afford anymore. the public votes for the party rather than for the candidate and that has got to change before any positive change can come to the country.

    • MsLee

      Illegal labor from Mexico? You mean all the illegal immigrants – err sorry – undocumented immigrants – that O’Bama is letting stay in the country? I thought the liberals wanted them here. So we are to allow the illegal immigrants in our country but not allow them to have jobs? Oh I forgot! No we just put them on welfare so we can save all the paying jobs for the Americans who actually want to work for their wages, so we can keep paying for all the others on welfare. BTW average wage means you take an average of all the stores in all the states. Didn’t you see how much WM employees get paid in North Dakota because there is a shortage of employees due to the less than 2% unemployment rate?

    • Amanda Thompson Jones

      You capped it off there: “MOST companies refuse to give workers full- time status because they don’t want to provide any benefits.” And it really isn’t because they don’t necessarily WANT to provide benefits, it’s that they can’t afford to provide benefits. I work for a MUCH smaller retailer than Wal- Mart and they can no longer provide benefits for the part timers. I opted outtf the benefits this year because I couldn’t afford to give away 5% of my paycheck for insurance that I wouldn’t use. Why would n’t I use it, you ask? Because the cheapest policy had a $3000 deductible. I wouldn’t spend that much on healthcare for me and my whole family in one year, not to mention just myself. Wal- Mart isn’t the problem. The federal government taking away my (read: all tax- payers)hard- earned money to use it the way they see fit is.

      • tin lizzie

        Advocates of Obamacare simply do not see how it’s implementation is impacting small businesses who want to provide healthcare for their employees. I do the bookkeeping for a small business that has been providing free health insurance for it’s employees by buying a less expensive, high deductible policy, and keeping a dedicated account that reimburses 85% of that deductible to its employees. So, if you spent your entire $3,000 deductible it would cost you out-of-pocket $450 in total for your health insurance. Since most people, like you, do not spend their entire deductible, this makes it affordable for the small business and gives the employee good coverage. Everything above that $3,000 would be covered 100% by BC/BS. Obamacare has dictated that the insurance company can no longer sell these high deductible policies, and this year we are going to have to send our employees to the Healthcare Marketplace to buy insurance, more than likely with fewer benefits. Affordable Care Act will call this a win, and count these employees as uninsured people getting insurance.

    • Anonymous

      Due to your ‘Saviors’ health care law, the previously ‘standardized’ 40 hour work week, will now become < (less than, for you Obama supporters) 30 hour work weeks,

    • Anonymous

      What would be proof to you? Every WalMart employees W2 form.

    • Anonymous

      Well, I’m against people who think they know better than everyone else attempting to dictate the way everyone else should behave. Especially when they obviously have no idea what they are talking about.
      It all sounds just a bit jingoistic to me.

  • Kir (Politicoid)

    Walmart does receive a large amount of government support in the form of food stamps, farm subsidies, minimum wage hikes, and eminent domain.

    Walmart is one of the largest recipients of food stamps, which not only act as a revenue stream but also allow them to pay their employees the lowest wages possible.

    Because of farm subsidies, cheap, and quite frankly, unhealthy, food is available for Walmart to sell to the masses.

    Minimum wage hikes put small businesses under because those businesses cannot absorb the added cost during minimum wage hikes. Walmart can, in part because of the financial support it receives from government,

    And of course there’s eminent domain. Walmart would not have been able to move into all the of the places as it has without the use of eminent domain forcing people to give up land for Walmart to build.

    • Abir Mandal

      No you tard. Walmart does not receive food stamps. It is losers like you who get food stamps and buy food from there. Walmarts tax revenues in fact help to fund those stamps. I am pretty sure they would be happy to not accept food stamps if they were not taxed to pay for them.

      • Kir (Politicoid)

        A very large component of their sales is food stamps. Low income individuals are the primary group that shop at Walmart. Without food stamps they would lose most of their customer base.

        • gr8scott72

          And so would many other grocery stores. Your argument is invalid.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            What part of “the bulk of food stamp revenue” goes to Walmart, do you not understand?

          • gr8scott72

            I would imagine it does. The bulk of ALL food purchases go to Walmart just because of the number of stores they have and the volume of business they do. Still doesn’t make your argument valid.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            And you think that small businesses receive as much as a percentage of sales as Walmart?

          • gr8scott72

            Well, best I can find on the internet is that Walmart accounts for about 25% of all grocery sales and yet only takes in about 18% of the food stamps. So yes, it seems other (smaller) businesses receive a similar percentage of food stamps.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            I’ll have to take that into consideration and look for more stats.

          • Anonymous

            No. That’s why they are small. They wouldn’t be a small business if they did.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            Sorry; let me rephrase that. Do you think that food stamps amount for a similar percentage of the sales for small businesses?

          • Conservative4Ever

            Nothing Kir has said is valid.

          • Anonymous

            Can’t food stamp recipients shop at whatever grocery store they want? If they want to go to Walmart and spend them, that is the consumer’s choice, not Walmart’s. The reason the bulk of the stamps are spent there is also a result of the bulk of the food sold in the US being bought there. What is your end game here? Should we disallow people from shopping there with stamps? Should we force Walmart to hike their prices so low income people can’t shop there? I can’t get on board with your criticism of low income folks using their stamps economically and against Walmart for taking them. The food stamp program has way bigger issues than the fact that Walmart accepts them and gets reimbursed. It sounds like you also want a private retailer to eat the cost of the food stamps redeemed there. Why should they have to do that?

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            Can’t food stamp recipients shop at whatever grocery store they want? If they want to go to Walmart and spend them, that is the consumer’s choice, not Walmart’s. The reason the bulk of the stamps are spent there is also a result of the bulk of the food sold in the US being bought there.

            Sure, but for multiple, reasons, including government support, Walmart is obviously going to be the place of choice because of the price of goods.

            What is your end game here? Should we disallow people from shopping there with stamps? Should we force Walmart to hike their prices so low income people can’t shop there? I can’t get on board with your criticism of low income folks using their stamps economically and against Walmart for taking them.

            The end game is eliminating the food stamp program and rely on community support of those in need instead.

          • Anonymous

            I agree the food stamp program needs at the very least a major overhaul to hold the recipients accountable and encourage a return to societal productivity as soon as possible. The old “teach a man to fish” rather than give a fish adage. However, that is not Walmart’s fault. They are working in the system that now exists. I’ve never worked at Walmart so I can’t comment on conditions but I do know they don’t have a lot of vacancies posted in our local one.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            I never said that it was Walmart’s “fault”. It is no more Walmart’s fault that the government has ended up selecting it as a market winner over other businesses than it is the fault of cows for being selected as livestock.

          • tin lizzie

            What part of “shoppers can use their food stamps anywhere they want, but they go to Walmart because their “money” goes farther” do YOU not understand?

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            Because they can’t just go anywhere, because if they did they wouldn’t have enough to eat. That’s not being able to go anywhere.

          • Anonymous

            That’s where it should go since WalMart typically has the cheapest price for food. I hate seeing all these convenience stores that take food stamps. I don’t want to pay for your convenience. I’ll pay to keep you alive and healthy, but not at convenience store prices.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            My point is that the food stamps drive consumption towards that direction, and that government support of Walmart and other similar entities is one of the reasons why their products are that much cheaper.

            Walmart’s business model is not a model that would exist in a free market.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            Are you saying that most grocery stores rely on food stamps for a large component of their revenue?

        • Conservative4Ever

          In your World define “large component?” Do you have percentages of what Walmart sales are in relation to food only?

          That said, that is a great service if in fact it is true. I’ve shopped for food occasionally at Walmart and their prices are usually lower than the grocery store we usually shop at. We usually stay away from Walmart because of the largesse of the store and longer lines.

          Therefore, people who are on food stamps probably go to Walmart because their food stamps go a longer way at the smaller stores do. How is this a problem? How is this Walmart accepting “government support” via “food stamps?” The people who shop there receive food stamps, not Walmart. They only accept them as do most stores do.

          Your logic and fact

          • Conservative4Ever

            My iPad didn’t allow me to finish. What I meant to say is your Logic & facts are faulty.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            In your World define “large component?” Do you have percentages of what Walmart sales are in relation to food only?

            I think roughly 55% of Walmart’s sales is groceries:

            Therefore, people who are on food stamps probably go to Walmart because their food stamps go a longer way at the smaller stores do. How is this a problem? How is this Walmart accepting “government support” via “food stamps?”

            In part, Walmart can charge less because it pays its employees less, which it can do because food stamps artificially deflate minimum living wage. Their prices are further reduced due to government subsidizing cheap food, and further reduced again by biased laws (regulations and tax laws).

            Government programs like SNAP are helping to pick winners and losers in the market rather than allowing free market dynamics to play out.

          • Missy Fitch

            the problem with this is that in comparison to other retail stores walmart doesn’t pay its employees less.

    • Jerry Bursztyn

      And they really don’t have eminent domain. Fact in parcel, the city Glendale, Arizona has refused a regular Walmart to be built in a certain area that I use to live in. They now have a Market Place there, you know, the small grocery store version that doesn’t have the big box departments. Eminent domain is only a government institution and people do have the right to tell them no, as with all Zoning meetings. Thanks again.

    • Missy Fitch

      So what you are saying is, if walmart stopped accepting food stamps, goods from farms who get subsidies and stopped selling junk food it would better the economy in some way? Could you please explain to me how these changes would benefit the economy?

      • Kir (Politicoid)

        No; I am saying that if the government stopped meddling the market, let communities help the needy rather than using food stamps, stopped screwing around with minimum wage which kills small businesses, and stopped violating private property rights through eminent domain, the economy would benefit.

        • Missy Fitch

          I think the economy would benefit if they repealed the free trade agreements, enforced the immigration laws that allow so many illegals into the country. I also think that changing the minimum wage hurts everyone BUT the government. I also agree about the eminent domain. The fact that the government can take private property for any reason it sees fit is in my eyes criminal.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            The economy would improve if the government just sat back and did nothing. So called illegals are another issue entirely, and since I am in opposition to government regulation of the immigration market as well, it would start a whole other firestorm on this site.

          • Missy Fitch

            I think the government should undo the damage they already did, THEN stay the heck out of it.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            Trust government to fix problems created by government? That seems unreasonable.

          • Missy Fitch

            trust the government on any level… Nope. not me. but I am of the mentality, if you break it you fix it…

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            If the government were capable of doing so I would agree. However, they are not. If a bear wandered into your home and ripped everything apart, would you demand that the bear fix what it broke?

          • Missy Fitch

            thats not a equal comparison. The Bear can’t fix it. it would be incapable. The government COULD fix it, they just won’t because they do not want to.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            I disagree. Government is incapable of acting in the best interests of the people and is incapable of finding reasonable solutions to problems.

          • NiggaFoLyfe

            Lol. Without eminent domain we wouldn’t have roads. Also it isn’t taking, its purchasing.

        • tin lizzie

          I agree with this, I just don’t know why Walmart is the villain here because, like most other grocery stores, it accepts food stamps.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            I never said that Walmart was a “villain”. It is no more a villain than domesticated livestock. I am saying that government has allowed Walmart to form into the type of business it has: a business which is unnatural in terms of free market dynamics and which reduces the health of the market.

      • Kir (Politicoid)

        Not sure why, but my reply to you was put on hold. In any case, I am saying that the government needs to stop meddling in the market.

        • Missy Fitch

          I agree with this. They do need to stay out of the market.

    • Larry Johnson

      Kir…go home…you are obviously drunk!
      Your selected facts make zero sense.
      1) Walmart does not receive food stamps …they accept food stamps as payment. Their taxes paid subsidize the food stamps.
      2) Every large farm …and most small farms are subsidized to some extent. How does a farm subsidy (payment to supplement crop prices and/or restrict over-production) result in unhealthy food? That’s a leap of logic beyond comprehension…have you been snacking on Hot Pockets?
      3) Minimum wage hikes? EVERY business (and every consumer eventually) is impacted by a minimum wage hike…it certainly is not a benefit to the corporation or mom & pop. Mom & pop…while surely nice folks…cannot buy in volume so cannot compete with any larger market…Kroger or Walmart.
      4) Eminent Domain…A decision by local government to purchase/acquire land for a project that they deem to be of benefit to the grater community. It benefits WalMart and 100s (maybe 1000s) of other manufacturing and distribution operations throughout the country and generally results in overall economic growth for the area in question.

      • Kir (Politicoid)

        1. A major component of their sales is in food stamps. Yes; they convert those into cash, thanks to the government. I didn’t think I had to be that specific. Let me make it clear to you then: a large component of Walmart’s revenue is in sales mediated by food stamps. Without food stamps, Walmart would lose a large component of its sales.

        2. Larger farms receive a disproportionate amount of subsidization, especially the corn industry, which is then used to produce cheap feed. Smaller farms do not get these benefits and we end up with cheap, low quality food, generally sold through institutions like Walmart.

        3. Every business is impacted by minimum wage hikes, but small businesses do not have a capacity to buffer minimum wage hikes.

        4. And you deny that the bulk of its use is for larger businesses?

        • tin lizzie

          Your are really not making any sense. The government gives food stamps to INDIVIDUALS. Those individuals can “spend” their stamps anywhere they want. When a business accepts them as payment it can then go back to the government and have them converted to “cash” which is how they pay their employees and buy more product. Are you saying Walmart should accept food stamps as payment and then not cash them in? Or are you saying that food stamp recipients should not be allowed to shop in Walmart and then Walmart would go out of business? Are you saying Walmart should refuse to accept food stamps? I am just not sure what “Many food stamp recipients shop in Walmart, thereby meaning Walmart benefits from low income people” says about Walmart, other than that it has low prices. ???

    • Debbie Roberts

      What are you talking about? You need to take a xanex and lay down

      • Kir (Politicoid)

        I am talking about the negative impacts of government intervention in the market and how they support mega corporations like Walmart.

        • Missy Fitch

          thats right, they do. Have you done anything to change this. Ie… voting against those government officials that support what you dislike about corporations.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            I don’t dislike corporations. I run a corporation. I dislike when government picks winners and losers in the market. I do not vote for big government politicians. That is all I will say on my voting history, since the discussion is not on my voting history, it is on the impact government support has on institutions like Walmart.

          • Missy Fitch

            Then I respect your opinion and thank you for being one of the few to actually vote with honesty.

            I also dislike how the government picks and chooses when it comes to business. I am of the mind that the government should have no say at all in business except to prevent monopoly’s and that our laws are followed. They should have the right to create any laws that favor one business over another or laws that impose unreasonable restrictions.

            I believe the term I follow is Laissez Faire

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            I think of these mega corporations, supported by the government, to be very similar to livestock, and you said “should have the right…” rather than “shouldn’t”, but I get what you’re saying.

            It’s funny that the average person here probably is opposed to the bulk of the food stamp program, subsidies, eminent domain, etc and yet as soon as I mentioned how they support Walmart… I get attacked.

          • Missy Fitch

            You are right, i meant shouldn’t. sorry.

          • Missy Fitch

            The problem is, i really don’t think food stamps themselves support walmart. if there was no walmart it would be some other company. I also agree that food stamps are too much a part of our economy. I believe that this is part of the plan of the government to make Americans dependent on the government as another method of control.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            They do. They both provide a large component of sales and allow for lower wages. They are not the only form of government support however. I mentioned a total of four ways in which government has selected Walmart as a winner.

            Walmart’s business model would never survive without the support it receives from government, just like many other large businesses.

          • Missy Fitch

            To what are you comparing your figures with when you say lower wages? Where I live, Walmart pays more than every other retail job in town.

          • Kir (Politicoid)

            I’ll see what I can find with wage stats. Although, if you notice, I didn’t say “lower than other places”. I said lower than they would have to pay without food stamps propping up a person’s ability to live.

          • Missy Fitch

            I am not sure thats true. If there were less foodstamps, there would be less business, which means less money. Less money means less income and less need for employees. So in fact there would probably be less jobs which means less money in the economy. There just aren’t enough jobs to sustain higher wages plus more jobs. the economy isn’t bad because of food stamps, there is an over abundance of food stamps because the economy is bad…

    • RealityBites

      Totally uneducated post. Farm bill nixed 100% of farm direct payments. Farmers used to receive subsidies, not retail stores. But not any more

      • Kir (Politicoid)

        I never argued about whether or not the support was direct or indirect. The point is that farm subsidies help to push for low quality cheap food which is them sold be Walmart and the fast food industry.

  • Donald Fugette

    This article by the flunkies at the Times is just mirroring the current administrations policies of lies, innuendos and just blatantly false information being released but of course to liberals it is not a lie because anything they say is the truth.

  • Harrison Bounel

    I’m not a complete fan of Walmart, but I do buy my Ammo there – Great deals….

    The EMPLOYER provides opportunity – The Government provides EBT Cards.
    The EMPLOYER provides the ability to earn- The Government requires you to lie, lower your morals, kick your husband out, and only expects your vote in November…

    …and, I don’t need to get schooled by The New York Times… They endorsed this President, in 2008 & 2012, and they see NOTHING questionable these 6-Years of Smoke-and-Mirrors…

    • inmyopinion

      If they focus on walmart then they dont hve to question the presidents actions or apologize for their endorsement

    • Lee Wilson

      Wullmof online in all in one placThey have guns, solar and inverters that go up to 24 000 Watts. They have it all, When it comes to there online store, the only thing missing is a car sales area,

      Now, What do you all think About Seattle’s 15. 00 an hour raise on Minimum Wage ?

      • JW Appling

        Sea tac already did this and its been a disaster for their job market.

      • Anonymous

        Mark my words: Seattle will have the highest rate of unemployment in the state. What use to take 5 people now will only take 2 and the hours per week will be cut to match what they were paid at the old rate.

        • Randy Ashford

          Too late! Businesses in Seattle have already reported having to lay workers off due to tight payroll budgets and increasing product cost. It’s almost like it was all predicted by the Conservative economists… Oh, wait, it was!!!

        • SCAarcher

          I bet they DON’T. $15 SHOULD be the minimum wage everywhere. Can YOU live on $8/hr (That’s 320/week BEFORE taxes)??????
          Gee, wonder why!

          • Right?

            Ummm… a minimum-wage job was NEVER meant to be a career. It’s a job for high school students or retirees. Want more pay? Get a better job. Stop expecting us consumers to pick up the tab for your laziness.

          • brandonsmommy

            AMAZING!!!! I never comment, but thank you SO much – that is exactly what floors me with the argument on raising min wage and devaluing our dollar even further – it will do nothing but hurt the rest of us. I am 31 yrs old, and I distinctly remember being told over and over, if I didn’t finish school/do good in school/go to college, I would be flipping burgers and asking “would you like fries with that”?? At no point was it ever implied that doing so would help me live a decent life, the exact point always made, was you would be no where – working a high school job for the rest of your life – when did others failure become society’s problem?? People not doing anything with their life, aren’t meant to be comfortable, it’s supposed to “suck enough” to force you to want a change –

          • Jerry Winkler

            Or you could realize that there aren’t enough management positions for everyone, and some people in our country will have to flip burgers and we would all get less spit in our food if we treated the minimum wage workers with respect and dignity and payed them enough to live on. If pay was tied to productivity in America, minimum wage would be $22 an hour because that is how much a minimum wage worker produces today, but those extra profits earned by Americans go straight to the Waltons.

          • CylonesRUS

            Base on what study did you dig that up? An Obama website? The same site that said America could keep thier doctor and lower all American health care priemiums by an average of $2,500?

          • brandonsmommy

            Perhaps it is my town, but i always see good paying jobs available – when I first got out of high school I made 8.00 an hr (and that was great money back then) – I figured once I had my diploma I wasn’t going to apply to fast food because I didn’t want to work in it! So, I kept applying at decent jobs until I got one. I know many people who only accept what they think they can get, then complain about it, never trying to change it. I’m not saying that’s everyone, but I’ve seen it a LOT. Side note – economics will show you, that paying people more money, pumping more into the system (don’t even get me started on ghost money and credit cards), but all that does it drive down the value of the dollar even further -min wage is 15 dollars an hr then ppl making 15 an hr are making crap money, and ppl making 20 an hr are “just over min wage”….all it will do is close the gap on poor and middle class, and you will have 2 classes – poor and rich….they need to work on restoring the value of the dollar, not deminishing it further! Besides all that, I do think all workers should be treated with respect, but anyone who would spit on someone’s food doesn’t deserve to work – that’s beyond lacking character !

          • Jimmy Wallace

            How about cutting some taxes so the $8 per hour goes to the person and not to executive politicians vacations or to those who refuse to work? 8 hours work for 8 hours pay is not profit!! it’s a barter and should not be taxed as a bonus.

          • singcanary

            well , my first job was at Burger King. I made minimum wage….I never looked at it as being a permanent job career in high school. Since then, I went to college got two degrees and had more chances of finding that higher waged job. I am quite successful today thanks to taking control of MY LIFE and not whining why I don’t make this or that. When you are a drop out or get pregnant very young…don’t expect the world to rescue you because of your poor decisions. Get an education so you can get better jobs that pay what you want. They have so many GRANTS and free education opportunities today that their is no excuse not too. Also study on how the costs are to run a successful business. Maybe Walmart is worth 60 million or so…but that is in assessment on paper…not in available dollars.

          • Angie

            I work for Walmart and I make $19.95 hr

          • Josh Parker

            $15 an hour will be exactly the same as $8 an hour in a year or two, when you raise the minimum wage every single company will raise their prices of goods and services to accommodate, literally every business in the city of Seattle will raise the overall price of their stock by $7 in time and all the libtards who haven’t figured this easy math equation out yet will be saying it needs to be $25 an hour, all the while our dollar becomes worth less and less in the world market. I know in a simple mind more money sounds better but you are only hurting yourself and everyone around you when you support it. Instead of getting mad and wanting to argue, just slow down and think about it. I have faith that you can figure this out.

          • Bully Pulpit

            $15 an hour is only a benefit until the product costs rise to neutralize it. However the government gets to keep the income tax increases for the higher wages regardless of the neutralizing effect in the marketplace. So who wins? Daddy Government wins. Who’s your daddy…

          • THF06

            I went to college and got a masters degree in engineering. With 3 years part time experience, my starting pay was 23.04 plus benefits. You mean to tell me that any unskilled high school dropout should be paid nearly three quarters of what an educated, trained, and skilled employee is paid? Get real.

          • SCAarcher

            And skilled labor pay should ALSO increase. $23/hr is about what I started at in my career as well in healthcare, with an associates degree. If an engineer only starts at $23/hr, he’s doing something wrong.

          • JW Appling

            I you raise it to 15 an hour producers will charge more to cover the cost and after a while these people making min wages will have the same buying power but the people who were making more will be able to buy less due to inflation. Where do you think they get the money to pay 15 dollar an hour wages????

          • Rob

            So raise it to $50/hr and you will stay ahead of inflation:)$500/hour and you will never have to worry about that person needing another dime from the government the rest of his life. Shoot, why not $5 million an hour? In less than a day no one would ever have to work again! I just solved the world’s poverty problem. Congradulate me. Make me president and no one will have to work again. Right?

          • SCAarcher

            They pay minimum wage $15 in Australia… and guess what? They’re the only country NOT TO BE INCLUDED in the near-global recession. Of course costs will go up a little. That’s to be expected. But how about the cost to YOU (as a taxpayer) from giving all those people on food stamps and welfare and medicaid (which YOU pay for) who have a minimum wage job? You’re still paying for their medical care, their food, their rent. If they made $15/hr, THEY’d be paying those bills. Not you. Something to think about.

      • MadDog

        If those lib morons in Seattle don’t mind paying $5 for an order of fries, then I guess I don’t mind them doing it either.

        • singcanary

          at $15 an hour…I will be real pissed if they screw up my order or give me the wrong change back…REALLY PISSED!

      • Anonymous

        Any bets on how long before Seattle’s Political class decide to vote themselves a Raise because of their “unintended consequences” (LOL) ? Those Consequences being Inflated prices.

      • Missy Fitch

        I find it ridiculous. It will kill jobs and actually cause more people to be out of jobs, not less. inflation will skyrocket and the city will be worse off than detroit.

        • CylonesRUS

          What Obama is doing, and it is what he wants, to Balkianize this country so the left will be able to take control of the country using the militarized bureaucracy.

      • Wingnut

        A vast majority of people earning minimum wage are school kids, working part time and living at home. Do these kids really need to make as much as their parents who are providing the roof over their heads?

        • Just a guy

          Not true any more my friend. This is 2014 not 1970.

          • CylonesRUS

            Why is that? It because manufacturing jobs have left this country and the Federal state bureaucracies with their regulations, I.e. EPA regulation attaching the food that plants require for life and will alsol drive up Energy cost, but drive down inflation adjusted wages; Dept. of State/Home land insecurity permitting millions of uneducated and unskilled people from the south of the border to flood this country. Oh, also the educational system which has for the past 55 years dumbed down a big portion of Americans and has attacked the economic system that made Detroit a power house, and has now provided instead an educational anc economic system which has led to what Detroit has become, and more cities and communities are trending after Detroit. Marxist doctrine is a road map to a loss of personal liberty and economic freedom. Those who attack Walmart are attacking the principles which promote freedom/liberty. And what to what end? To exchange it for a larger bowl of soup, giving up the opportunity for to be a provider of wealth. Britian the empire had three things in common with what we see happening in America, Pandering to Dictators (Chamberlain) and socialism/Marxist ideas, rather than Capitalism, they had crony Capitalism, certain billionaires getting rich of the government’s polices ( Solyndra, the CEO who was a contributor to Obama come to mind? Or whose a major shareholder in railroad stock, thus no Key stone pipeline?)

        • singcanary

          well , my first job was at Burger King. I made minimum wage….I never looked at it as being a permanent job career in high school. Since then, I went to college got two degrees and had more chances of finding that higher waged job. I am quite successful today thanks to taking control of MY LIFE and not whining why I don’t make this or that. When you are a drop out or get pregnant very young…don’t expect the world to rescue you because of your poor decisions. Get an education so you can get better jobs that pay what you want. They have so many GRANTS and free education opportunities today that their is no excuse not too. Also study on how the costs are to run a successful business. Maybe Walmart is worth 60 million or so…but that is in assessment on paper…not in available dollars.

    • Anonymous

      You’re able to find ammo at WalMart? I’m coming to where you are! Ours is getting better, but it’s still a pain to even find .22. Maybe you could send me a couple bricks???
      BTW, I totally agree with your statements about the differences between the employer and the gubmint. In America we have Equality of Opportunity, not Equality of Outcome like these Commies think we should.

      • Ed Adams


      • Enonumus

        You can maybe buy a box of .410 ammo out our Walmart in Cali, nothing else, ever. Never seen any rifle, pistol, or rimfire ammo there, which is clearly a very conscious decision.

        • hazyblue7

          I buy 12 gauge shells, .270, and 9mm ammo there all of the time, and I live in CA

          • Andy

            To Enonumus, Are you a nut job just looking for Proving just how out of touch you are? I get my .45 Cal ( center fire) and 3 inch magnum for my Judge revolver. Plenty of 12ga and .410 shells for my my shot guns. Check on line you will see .22 long rifle are short supply nation wide. I have a large local loader company near by, They have problems getting rim fire brass. Problem as soon as any becomes available, they are bought by folks who ran out and bought cheaper semiautomatic 22 rifles from the government scare of making guns illegal. Local WalMart gets in a case when the can and are sold out in just a few hours. Post facts show you do have some brains to speak the truth.

          • HDLover62

            The Wal-Mart in my neighborhood, is a smaller one (NOT a “Super Center”). When they can get it they have .22,..22L, 38, .9mm. .45, Buckshot, Dove shot ammunition. When the government decided to start stock piling ammo, so did the people in our neighborhoods (granted within a half mile of this store there is the “Shooting Gallery” where people are shot on a regular basis, and the cops do everything in their power to prevent it.). Wal-Mart can only carry what ammunition they can get from the manufacturers. I myself do not own a firearm at this time, however I am a card carrying member of the NRA, and support #2A.

      • baddgolfer
        • Smedley Fitshitz

          Thumbs up on
          When I train or teach out of state, I can always depend on them. Reloads or Walmart when at home. If you go at 6am, you can generally get 3 boxes of most pistol rounds. They have a lot of bulk 5.56 from time to time.

          Let Walmart be Walmart. As a company they help literally millions of people per year. They obey the overbearing regulations here in California. They pay a LOT of taxes, and they are good for most any community. Let the free market work.

      • Benjamin Martin

        .22 rimfire is hard to find anywhere.

      • Anthony Caputa

        @Amren1:disqus Let me start by saying that I don’t have any major issues with the way Wal Mart pays their employees. And I also agree with the sentiments in regards to employer versus government (btw I get my .40’s at Wal Mart, they never seem to be out of stock here).

        That being said, if you think we have Equality of Opportunity still in this country you’re not paying attention. To Wal Mart’s credit, I agree with them that the issues they raised are probably better places to start than worrying about starting wages. On the other hand, it’s just a simple fact that the wealthiest 1 percent are earning 19 percent of the total income in this country. It hasn’t been that high since the 1920’s. We are increasingly losing economic mobility. If you’re born poor, you’re EXTREMELY likely to stay that way. On top of this, the only way to break that ceiling, and get out of poverty, well the main way, is to go to college. To do that you have to take out Federal Student Loans. Look at the situation, it’s basically modern day indentured servitude. I mean offense by this, but if necessary brush up on your history, indentured servitude was the precursor to slavery.

        You and I are eye to eye on Equality of Opportunity being the key thing, NOT Equality of Outcome. 100% agree. I’m just saying we DON’T have Equality of Opportunity anymore. Haven’t for a long while. And while I’m not going to say Wal-Mart alone is directly to blame for this, I will say that the family who owns Wal Mart is apart of that 1% making record amounts of money. I have no doubt in my mind that if they wanted to increase wages they could do so with out losing anything. So they are APART of the problem.

        • joecrouse

          if your poor now its often because you failed to educate yourself working from the FREE education you get and supplementing it with reading and self study.

        • tinwhistler

          The lack of opportunity has to do with the government takeover of businesses. They have made it impossible to start a business, make money, or keep profitable businesses in the United States. It will only get worse until the system collapses under the entitlement pile of hot mess they have created and Americans return to small government and free markets, which made us the former land of opportunity.

          • elevenoclock

            Starting a business today is easier than at anytime in American history. Children as young as 12 years old run online businesses and succeed. Immigrants start businesses and succeed. Americans start a business and fail. Maybe Americans aren’t hungry enough. If you want to earn $100,000. per year don’t ask the guy making $25,000. a year for advise he sure doesn’t know how.

            I met a guy who wanted to dabble in stocks on his laptop to earn money, I suggested an easier way. I suggested that he sell mirrors to companies that had public bathrooms. A mirror at every urinal.

            That way when a man is busy emptying himself he can see who is behind him at all times so he’s not mugged. He now earns more than most stock brokers.

            Earning money is easy, keeping it is the hard part.

          • Kim Merkel Hoerle

            Gov’t needs to stay out of the private sector, period. Last year, I tried to buy a Chevy pickup. 35 dealerships, 46 pickups…. and my husband was told that we weren’t good enough to own another Chevy. We had credit and everything in place…. so we went to Ford. Now have good pickup- with what I wanted on it. I am disgusted by the way Chevy treated us, and now I’ve found out that they were discounting (heavily $10k or more) to disadvantaged people. Nothing wrong with that, but refusing to sell a vehicle to someone looking for what you have is crap, knowing that the prospective buyer is able to pay for the vehicle. I am impressed by the Ford, and…. Chevy is going to have a lot of work to do to EARN my business ever again. That would have been roughly my 7th Chevy. I get the last laugh, that Ford…. is totally paid for.

        • M Reyes

          Your thought seems contradictory to me.

          I remember reading in one of Arnold’s old weightlifting books about out of shape people going to gym and being afraid of wearing gym clothes that exposed their bodies – kind of gave them a sense of inequality among those who were in better shape. Arnold’s take on this is that it is better to expose that downside because it made you want to work harder to overcome it.

          It might not be a great analogy but I think it’s applicable.

      • Charles Goodwin

        you do realize that 22 ammo is one of the hardest to find, dont you.

      • James Kush

        Go to Iowa, the stores are filled with all the ammo you could ever need

    • Trent

      The employer provides opportunity? They pay garbage wages because they know they can get away with it and no one’s going to say anything because a bad job is better than no job, even if they’re still unable to feed their families. Take a history class.

      • PM

        Hmm, trying taking an economics class, moron. Employers pay workers according to their productivity. If a high school kid makes a business only $8 an hour minus all required benefits and taxes, do you think he’ll keep his job when bureaucrats force small businesses to pay him $15? He will immediately loose his job – businesses won’t hire people at a loss, and neither would you. This is why the minimum wage increases unemployment among low-income workers.

        • Ex-employee

          Actually they are a multi-billion dollar company…over 60 billion a year with stores all around the world…they can afford it more than you think. If they simply paid their employees $11 an hour at their stores, they would have better products, better employees, and yes, less idiots such as yourself who hasn’t done his homework.

          • singcanary

            IF you read the letter edited above…you will see that Walmart does pay their employees $11.50 an hour. DUH!!!!

          • Oscar Pearson

            The average wage is not that high – believe me I work there. The reason people don’t stay is because they are treated with little or no respect – period!

          • Bully Pulpit

            You should open your own business since you know how it should be done. We have all worked with whiners like you. You know how everything should be done but achieve nothing on their own as an example. Your skill is breeding discontent andbitching.

          • Harling

            Perfect résumé for a Community Organizer! Just sayin’…

          • Alan Bean

            That is because the minimum wage changes from state to state. In California, the minimum wage is $8/hr where in Montana it is $7.95. Go figure. Different stores will pay minimum wage, but the minimum wage differs.

          • John

            Really and you believe the corporate bs. Walmart pays in this area 7.25 an hour.

          • Bully Pulpit

            Starting pay and part time for a probationary 90 days. Tell the whole truth.

          • Natasha Anne Wright

            for certain jobs. every walmart works on a pay scale based by which job you enter into. You really think a cashier or cart pusher deserves more than that starting? I’ve done both and I dont. (cart pushers deserve a little more, like heavy coats available, sun screen, free water, etc. but most places do provide that)

          • gmann

            In west Texas midland odessa areas over night stockers start out at 15.70 an hour

          • Newton Sumey Jr.

            So corporations aren’t allowed to make profits? It isn’t about what they can afford. You are dead wrong……better pay does not make better employees. Need proof? Look at most of the big unions, you will see what better pay gets you for your buck, lazy people who think they are owed something for nothing.

          • Clay Festervand

            Hit the nail right on the head!

          • Stephen VanBuskirk

            Ummm…Do you belong to a Union or are you just mimmicking something you heard? I work for one of the largest communications companies in the US. With a college degree and over 15 years as a tech I was able to land a job here in Pitt for over 30 an hour with great benefits including dental, and vision (Both paid for by my union not employer) Ive never had to pay for a dentist or any glasses. Our company has never had any union problems. We have the best numbers and are the highest grossing center. We are also the only unionized center. This is because the other states they have offices in dont allow our type of union. Because of this my company moved operations from South Carolina to Pittsburgh because of their low performance and the inability to form a union because of the governments laws…..the employees voted it in. So SC lost 2500 very well paying tech jobs and we built a sky scraper to house the new employees 65 percent of them were those who chose to move and stay with the company. Why are unions bad? Because they guarantee fairness in the workplace? Now of course everything has problems but they are always doing their best. And that doesnt mean simply demanding money from the company. It is working to give us a fair wage based on education, experience, seniority, and our productivity. The most important thing about good unions today is there ability to keep our jobs here. They offer continuing training and the opportunity to get advanced degrees at no cost to us. We also receive 3 weeks of paid vacation and 1 week of paid personal time. Sound extreme? Apparently one of the largest and richest companies in America doesnt. They continue to post amazing profits year after year. And their best people are unionized…they have told us that themsleves. So before you get on your soapbox again remember that not all unions are bad. In fact most are great, its a very small percentage that people focus on. As for me Im grateful…I love in an affordable city and with my wage its extremely livable. Many people who I went to college with and who are now professionals working their butts off make 12-16 an hour! After getting a degree. If it werent for my union I know our workforce and productivity would suffer forcing the company overseas because they would be selling a less desirable product which they would have to outsource. id have no problem getting another job but I doubt id get anything like that if it werent union. And finally unions do not always stick their necks out for employees. …they hate lazy employees as well. They will help you if you legitimately need it but that is extremely rare because the way a union works is to be proactive…so they sit down with the company and agree on employees rights and responsibilities. Then its up to us. We rely on the union for training, benefits, and pay based on merit. We dont expect them to keep bad employees. It wouldn’t work well for them either.

          • Alan Bean

            Just a question, how would paying someone $11 an hour increase the product and employee quality? You make an argument, but you do not support it. In order for a business to function optimally, they need to be making a profit, which means gross income minus working expenses (including employee salaries). Also, just because you earn more doesn’t mean the employees will feel appreciated. Often times management has to do other things to make their employees feel like their work is being appreciated. While I don’t like Walmart any more than the next person, I do not believe your argument was properly supported. (Also, don’t call people idiots, it undermines your entire point.)


            How would they have better products if they pay their employees more? If they pay their employees a higher wage, the price on their products will increase, regardless of the quality of the product. If they don’t raise the price of the product, then they may sell an inferior product. We, as consumers, will then have to pay a higher price, choose a lesser product, or go some place else. And minimum wage jobs are not careers. It’s a stepping stone to either move up in the company, to get experiece to move on to another job, or maybe it suits the employee at that time of life. I was in a stressful job and laid off. I went to work for a company making just slightly over minimum because I needed a brain break. I was in that position for about a year, just to get my perspectives back in order. When I was ready to move on, I did. I went back to making a more decent salary.

        • SCAarcher

          UM NO, moron! Employers pay workers based on WHAT THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH. If their employees accept minimum wage, that’s what they’re going to pay, especially in an economic downturn, because they know that if that person doesn’t stay, there are 10 people waiting to take his place.

          • Anonymous

            This is probably why you are an angry person who works for someone else.

            While Walmart is a huge business, it makes its money pennies at a time. Nothing like Apple or Microsoft.

          • Clay Festervand

            If you have skills, you can leave and go somewhere else. If you don’t you are stuck. Don’t let employers do that to you, command your OWN life!

          • Natasha Anne Wright

            except walmart only has a few jobs under 7.50 (in texas, where minimum is 7.25)

        • Teri Simpkins

          Except for the fact that several companies DO pay much more than minimum wage, including Costco, and they hire as many as they need to do the job.

          • singcanary

            my viewponit: get another job if you don’t like the salary…or better yet…go take college classes to raise your ability level to make more.

          • Work-Hard-Play-Harder

            Amen to this. Too many people in America feel everyone ELSE owes THEM something. Bull. No one owes you anything. You’re at an entry level position, doing something as simple as stocking shelves, working a cash register, etc. If you want higher wages, specialize in something. Go to a community college and take night classes and get a certificate for something. Get a college degree. Does it guarantee you a better job? No, but it opens new windows of opportunity. If you choose to stay at a job and complain about the pay, that’s your decision. “but a bad job is better than no job.” EXACTLY. SO pony up or hop off the horse. Too many people blame their problems on others anymore. I’d like to know out of all the employees getting the “low ammount” of 12.91 an hour (US Min. wage is 7.25, just so you’re aware) have graduated from college; or highschool.

            Stop expecting things to be given to you, get off your a$s and put in some effort. You’d be shocked to see how much further you’ll get in life. .

          • Emily Leivas

            Key word associates get paid $12.91 per hour. VERY few business hire FULL TIME employee including Wal-Mart.

          • Alan Bean

            Very few businesses can hire people full time anymore because they can’t afford the outcome of being delinquent on Obamacare. It really is just that ridiculous.

          • VirgoGirl

            I get 8.70/ hr working 33 1/2 hours, who are you kidding?

          • ombuendia01

            It is easier to curse at the darkness than lighting a candle.

          • Sandra Gressett

            I went to a LPN program for 1 year. Make 23.00 per hour. I work 48 hours a week. I make that because I chose to specialize in Private duty nursing.
            You need to get skills in a market with high tech needs.

          • Nickie Lewis

            Just for the record here in Oklahoma Walmart employees get paid 7.80 an hour to start a part time position. It can take up to a year to get a full time position. I recently worked for Walmart as a Customer Service Manger and they bumped me to 9.20 an hour after having worked a year as a part time employee. There is room for advancement but they do tend to treat their employees bad as do other companies I am sure. I do not feel it is fair to target one company.

          • Jen

            I agree with you so much!!!

          • VirgoGirl

            Going to college is a waste of time! You pick a career, get into college, and you do not start out on your career, you do BS classes that waste your time, frustrate you, pay the college money, you technically can’t afford, and you don’t get the career til years later!

          • tokies

            you shouldnt be going to 4 year .. should try a solid public JR. college. if your in the state of cali they have tons and they dont cost to much. you pick up a nice little tech degree start fixing computers. puts you at $18 to 20 hr then you work through your 4 year degree after you transfer out of the JR. it takes awhile but no debt

          • Tom Zen Master Greenia

            Youre telling me I could get a job fixing computers paying 18-20 an hour out in cali? I have an AS in Network Administration with certs, and I cant find jack out here on the east coast paying any more than $10 an hour. P.S Edu paid for by the GI Bill which was paid for with 8 years of service, before anyone out there decides to pipe up with some bullsh*t rhetoric.

          • Kevin Pempeit

            Try cali

          • tokies

            yes you can apple is hiring HBA or was back when i started. which pretty much people who work from home and repair tech over the phone. i think if you go to the website. they still offer jobs if you live in california near an office also in florida.. i think they have some as well. also in texas but you could pay me to go to texas. there laws suck ass for the worker. plus on the off chance i get rape’d i don’t want to deal with texas .. drama

          • Donna Visco

            Yea, but you’ll pay 3 times as much for everything in cali so check the math

          • Revolucion1280

            Network Admin here in the east cost for the past 10 years, maybe your being to picky about where your looking? I can get any number of jobs at 40k at any given time. You should try temp agencies, may not be the most glorious but suck it up, they will work with you so your not without a job at all,from one job to the next and who knows, one of those companies may even hire you full time if *gasp* your a good worker!

          • Bob Roof

            After dropping out of high school, I went into the military and completed my high school. I took some basic college classes. I got out of the military with the GI bill which paid for my undergraduate degree, and borrowed 200K to pay my way through medical school. It can be done, and it was worth the effort. I paid back a fortune in student loans, but I make great money. Think again; America is great!

          • ombuendia01

            That’s the spirit. Such is sorely lacking these days with the “give me” mentality. Keep living the American dream.

          • toody

            Didn’t Dr. Ben Carson start out in the ghetto?

          • James Mathers

            Amen, especially online colleges like that. Arizona schools have been known to pray on military members because they know they got a GI BILL. It’s the same thing with starbucks i doubt it was starbucks idea to do this.

            And i guarantee you there will be fine print like if you quit your job before completing you have to pay Starbucks back. Or that if you don’t get a passing grade/drop out you have to pay Starbucks back.

            That’s where the college will make their money from the students who get fired/quit/drop out. And the cost to starbucks will be minimal(if Arizona Phoenix even charges them to run the scam)

            If you want to impress me thou let the student pick the school.

          • Work-Hard-Play-Harder

            Something tells me you’re speaking from experience?

            Aside from the major specific courses, there is a plethora of generals you must take. While I do agree they’re frustrating, costly, and time consuming, I do believe that they are necessary. They teach you more about life then the class itself. You don’t always get to do what you want or learn about what you want. If that were the case, there’d be a lot more ridiculous classes available.

            Being 23 and a recent college graduate, I can tell you I regret nothing about the extra generals required. While at the time I thought it was unnecessary, a lot of those skills I had to utilize in larger class sizes with less interesting material come to play in every day life now. Time management, group work, prioritization skills, researching, etc.

            A 4 year degree doesn’t necessarily prove to an employer you come out being an expert in accounting, or engineering, or math. It shows them that you have the capability to multi-task, the perseverance to tough out unfavorable situations, and much more. Trust me I agree the system is imperfect. However, being I’ve been working full time since i’ve been 18. Being in the workforce (I’m in sales and meet many people during my travels) I’ve met many hiring directors, HR coordinators, etc. and about 90% of the time if a resume lands on the desk without a 4 year degree it gets set in the garbage.

            make yourself COMPETITIVE/UNIQUE/STAND OUT. Be DIFFERENT. You don’t necessarily need a 4 year degree right away to make money. Don’t expect to start at the top either. It’s about not LIMITING yourself. You may not get a great job right away, degree or not. But 10 years from then when the perfect job or promotion comes along but you don’t get it because you don’t have a degree…

            **Short version**

            Start future proofing yourself. Don’t start big. If you have no degree, start taking night classes and get a certificate in something. Computer repair, tech, nursing assistant, x-ray tech… There’s a lot of things that pay very well with out needing a true 4 year degree. It’s not just about today or tomorrow… Where do you want to be in 10 years? Trust me when I say this, you’ll be in a different tunnel depending on your education/resume experiences.

          • Keith N. Gillis

            You cannot have possibly graduated college, let alone high school. You are writing at an 8th grade level, at best!

          • hazyblue7

            How can you say going to college is a waste of time, when you barely make minimum wage? I went to college and all it has done is open door for me. In fact, I went back for a masters because it will continually make me more successful. The BS classes that you speak of are what make people well rounded educated adults. Just because you don’t have the desire to do more for yourself, doesn’t mean that everyone is wasting their time when striving to accomplish more with their lives

          • Nicolas Dumm

            Pick a degree that will pay you money and don’t take classes in finger painting or something that is useless.

          • roberta4343

            collages are like everyone else they are in it for the money so naturally they will make you take courses you don’t need and buy books that are way over priced. to be a doctor you don’t need to take four years to learn what you already learned in high school, it shouldn’t take four years full time to learn the basics of biology like physiology or histology or pathology. 2 years should be adequate before going to medical school.

          • Mike

            Yes, it is called investing in your future. Years later you have a career rather than complain about WalMart’s low wages. So short sighted.

          • Greg Joos

            But, when done well you’ll have worked hard and finished something challenging, a career, an education, a history of achievement in your family, adequate income, and children who just might follow your example. I’d say that is worth it.

          • joecrouse

            very true virgo girl all to true Do I NEED 60 credit hours of humanities to be an engineer? probably not. almost certainly not I could have easily used about 3o more hours of engineering and gotten a deeper understanding of a subject

          • James Mathers

            Not to mention i’d say atleast 75% of people hate their job and think they are underpaid for the work they do.

            Only difference is walmart has so many employees all complaining at once you think it’s an issue. Welcome to the real world of responsibilities. If you learned about responsibilities sooner YOU WOULD HAVE A REAL JOB!

          • Wes Beem

            since everyone can afford 30 thousand a year for college when their job doesnt even pay enough to make rent? not all of us had rich mommy and daddys to pay for everything for us


            I didn’t have a rich mommy and daddy. I put myself through school by working a part time job (at one point, 2 part time jobs) and getting a student loan. I lived at home and went to a local school. While some of my friends had the privilege of going away to school and away for spring break, I didn’t have that luxury. I shared a car with my sister and my mother. If I didn’t have a car for that day, I would take a bus to school then to work. Or ask friends to drive me from school to work. My mother worked a part time job as a school aide, making fifty cents above minimum wage. Students would tell her that they pay her salary and they don’t need to listen to her. Then they would curse at her. My father was a blue collar worker, cleaning up after patients in a hospital–their bodily fluids, their blood, vomit, etc. He would work on holidays and pick up double shifts when available to make sure there was food on the table for his family. My parents instilled hard working values into both of their kids. If you want to go to a school away from your parents, then you need to pay rent. You have to figure out what is more important to you. My salary in my first full time job was what my parents made together in one year. Just goes to show you what an education can do.

          • Roger Berger


          • hazyblue7

            First of all, college doesn’t have to be anywhere near that expensive. Second, most people go to school on loans and pay them back when they are done with school. In fact, the government subsidizes the loan so you don’t even have to pay interest until after you graduate. People in college bet on themselves, and know that if they work hard, earn the degree, and continue to want more for themselves, they will be successful and be able to pay back the loans over time. It sounds like you just want to be the victim and blame the system for not being successful.

          • Revolucion1280

            That is the epitome of the American mentality right there. Got a cell phone? Cable/Satellite? Flat screen TV? Game consoles? Get rid of any unnecessary expenses, ALL OF THEM, look for grants, they are everywhere and work your butt off. Freaking victim mentality is the number one job sink of American right now. I grew well below the poverty line, like WAY below. Cardboard walls low, and i got myself educated because my dad wouldn’t let me do anything if wasn’t doing well in school. He taught me that if you want to make it in this country, learn to speak correct English and get educated. Had me work as a mason from 5-19 years old. I know hard manual labor and i know that’s not what i wanted for myself. Man up and take responsibility for your own life and stop blaming others for what you don’t have. First generation American talking here, the American dream is alive and well, believe me, its the mentality accomplish it that is dying a slow painful death.

          • toody

            Oh stop! My son worked 1 full and 2 part time jobs and full time school He did it and so can you. We are not rich and he did it all by himself!

          • Emily

            It’s not mommy and daddy’s job to make you successful. My parents were dirt poor and I could go to college even though I struggled with rent, food, and utilities. The government gives us access to grants and loans so use them. If you really work hard you can earn even yourself a scholarship or co-op opportunity.

          • Jeff Raiter

            they dont pay them 12.91 an hour that is an average not an actual wage. sounds good though huh. the top managers in the store make around 19 an hour while the actual workers make 7 25 an hour . then take all the wages of all the people in the store and average them out . so go do some more math classes so you to can Identify an average when you see one

          • kegler299

            Please reread article. 12.91 is the average of associates. Not management. Your math sounds good but your reading skills need a little polishing.

          • Nancy Edmonds

            in nd they pay over 17 and hour at walmart

          • Mastermind1000

            the average given in this article doesn’t include the managers wages. Managers don’t get paid by the hour, you say 19 an hour, and that would be true if they only worked 40 hr work weeks, but if you haven’t noticed, when you go to a salary pay ,you tend to work 60 and 70 hr weeks. so that would average a little lower than 19 an hour. actually, quite a bit lower, I, myself get paid better than 15 an hour. and I am hourly, you are right however it is an average and Wal-mart could pay people better, but on the flip side of that coin, I’ve seen the kind of people that come and go with wal-mart, seen it for 15+ years, and they could give quality work deserving such a wage, THEN maybe they would see that kind of pay. I get SOOOO sick of whiners whining because they can get the entitliment without performing the work required for that entitleminet

          • Nancy Augustine

            I call BS on your numbers. When my son started at Walmart he was hired above minimum wage and before his first day was over he had actually gotten a raise because they had forgotten to include a portion of his prior experience (as a cashier at a supermarket while in high school). He came home to tell me he was actually making over a dollar and a half more than what they had hired him at – and he hadn’t even worked yet – just had orientation. He soon moved up and was making even more. So no…not all the “actual workers” make minimum wage.

          • toody

            I know a family of ten children , two work , one graduated from high school, all of them have litters of 3 to five children, 1complains he can’t find a job because no one will hire him. He forgets the part that he has had 5 jobs in one year that he quit because it was always his bosses fault. And has the balls to complain about wages and free benefits provided by people like my husband who is still working at 70. Ok! I’ll calm down now!

          • Emily Leivas

            Do you realize how much it cost to go to college these day?

          • kegler299

            Most colleges I checked want about $400 per credit. Needing 12 credits to be full time, that’s $4800 for tuition. Then books, $600, lab fees, parking, meals and incidentals maybe another 600. So total about $6000 a semester without housing. This would require 5 years to complete. $125,000. This is a good guess for an inexpensive college. $50,000 a semester for a top university. And this is for general degrees not specialists.

          • norman campbell

            $6000 a semester, 2 semesters a year, 4 years to graduate, equals 8 semesters…you keeping up? 8 semesters times $6000 is $48,000, not $125,000….this was all done with math I learned in elementary school, btw….

          • kegler299

            Mr. Campbell,

            You numbers look good to me. But I’m sorry that I can not find the text that you are referring to. Therefore I must assume I made a mistake and you are correct. I do at times type much slower than I think. God Bless and have a wonderful day.

          • Alan Bean

            Not always the best choice. With college tuition rising consistently, you’d better make sure you’ve got the financials covered before going back to college.

          • Matt Carpenter

            Try actually working there and dealing with the horrible scheduling and the psychotic customers. Try the wonderful feeling when someone threatens your job when you simply inform them that their coupon doesn’t work because they are buying a value-pack instead of individual DVD’s. Try being the only worker in Electroics for an hour on Superbowl Sunday.

            Sell your “second job” nonsense elsewhere.

          • ombuendia01

            Matt. Change jobs & stop being a crybaby.


            I was in customer service and I had a customer swing a yard stick at me. At that time, I vowed I would pull myself up out of that position. I didn’t want to be threatened again.

          • Donna Visco

            Sorry you had that kind of experience. Customer service is not an easy job because too many people are too quick to be rude and sarcastic these days. No manners!!

          • IUfan37

            Just a small fact for you singerbird: You can spend a long, long time arguing about precisely how bad freshly minted grads have it these days and why. But for now, let’s stick to broad strokes. In its recent chartbook on youth joblessness, the Economic Policy Institute reported that roughly 8.5 percent of college graduates between the ages of 21 and 24 were unemployed. That figure is based on a 12-month average between April 2013 and March 2014, so it’s not a perfect snapshot of the here and now. Still, it tells us that the post-collegiate job market, just like the rest of the labor market, certainly isn’t nearly back to normal.

          • Revolucion1280

            8.5%, what was the pool size? Did they try other market areas (ie other states or cities)? Jobs are out there if you want them.

          • Mark Baldwin

            I would rather recommend trade schools or apprenticeships to those who are searching….it appears that a colleges return on investment has been dropping like a rock…..who hires someone with a degree in Underwater Basket Weaving anymore…we have flooded the market with diplomas that have no inherent benefit….some of them can not even use proper grammar or do basic arithmetic.

          • hazyblue7

            Thats why you have to go to school for something that can actually add value to the world. I’m tired of people complaining that they cant get a job that pays any money when they majored in something stupid. People make their own decisions and they need to live with them. People need to stop feeling like the world owes them something

          • norman campbell

            HVAC repairmen in Atlanta can make 6 figures – might take 50 or 60 hours a week, but it’s a good living

          • Monty Montezuma

            Costco also has less customer service, less locations, a better board of directors who don’t squeeze every penny (and no it is the exception, not the norm), and they charge membership fees to bolster revenue. It is a different business model, backed with a board that actually listens to the CEO, and is not as intimidated by its shareholders, allowing for this market anomaly.

          • Stephen VanBuskirk

            If Costco has less CS than WM…. they must be running in the negatives. HAHA. I’m not entering into a Glenn Beck /NY Times debate….. I’m just saying, we’ve all been in those CS lines at WM, and when I Say “line” I mean a mob of angry soccer moms, a heard of half full homeless shopping carts, angry construction workers unable to cash their paycheck because it’s handwritten, woman actually out in public wearing sweatpants 6 Sizes too Small usually with a phrase like “Hot Stuff” on the butt, and of course the two CS Associates who are training for the first day while the supervisor is nowhere to be seen….. unless of course you have a large exchange that they’d rather give you store credit for instead of cash, even with a receipt. She magically makes her grand entrance from a door 5 feet away to explain their store procedures. When she loses the debate based on the fine type on the actual receipt, she averts her gaze from the huddled masses. Stares past the weeping babies, the forlorn mothers, the choked up beet red men, and the horrified ” associates” who also happen to be weeping. As she heads back into the office she is careful to step over the massive puddle of tears and like any amazing CS Manager orders maintenance over to CS to clean it up. Luckily one of the new CS Associates is cross training on maintenance and is all too happy to go on an epic adventure to find a mop and bucket. This leaves poor Ashley, who just after hearing the large click of a door locking into the CS Managers office, realizes that the other associate left her with the drawer that has about $322.65 in it. Poor Ashley looks up at the angry mob and remembers it’s tax return time….She knows if she can make it through this day that perhaps she will be able to make full time (32 hrs a week) in 5 to 7 years and maybe…O Lord just maybe 15 years down the road she will have that office 5 feet behind her with her own keys, phone, and lack of conscience. But for now she really has to pay attention to “hot stuff” because she’s about to “accidentally” slip in that puddle of tears and her back will never be the same. So super hero Ashley lets her skip in line to cash her disability check for her and her 7 children while returning 8 items that conveniently have no receipt and no anti-theft device. Wal-Mart does have some great employees and some awful ones but when it comes to CS its hard to use plurals when talking about them. FYI. THIS COMMENT HAS BEEN FACT CHECKED BY NO ONE BUT FOR SOME OR MOST OF US THE INCIDENCES HAVE PROBABLY HAPPENED TO YOU. THEY HAVE TO ME. SO LETS STICK IT TO THE MAN (WALMART) AND I DONT MEAN BY PROTESTING FOR COMMON SENSE WAGES…I MEAN BY USING OUR CS TRAUMAS TO OUR ADVANTAGE. NEXT TIME YOUR FORCED TO STAND IN A PUDDLE OF STRANGERS AND YOUR OWN TEARS, SLIP. INSTEAD OF CLEARING YOUR OWN PATH TO THE CS COUNTER THROUGH THE CART BARRICADE, ASSUME THERE ISNT AN UNMARKED HAZARD AHEAD AND GO AHEAD AND TRIP, CRY LIKE A BABY, HOLD EVERYTHING WHILE SAYING IT HURTS! AND FORGET EVERYTHING… PHRASES LIKE…. ”WHERE AM I?” “I HOPE THE BABIES OK(THIS USUALLY ONLY WORKS WITH WOMEN) MUMBLE SOMETHING ABOUT NOT SEEING A HAZARD SIGN, ONLY THE SIGN THAT SAIS NEXT IN LINES STEP HERE (WHICH YOU DID ) IM SURE THAT AS YOU START TO COME OUT OF YOUR HAZE (STILL IN EXTREME PAIN) YOU MAY WANT TO START DISCUSSING CURRENT EVENTS… LIKE THE POSSIBILITY OF A BLACK PRESIDENT, THE UPCOMING OLYMPIC GAMES IN CHINA, AND PARIS HILTON. DON’T BE AFRAID TO BE VERY DRAMATIC…AFTER ALL, WITH YOUR LUCKY “HOT STUFF” SWEATS ON, IT WOULD SEEM SUSPICIOUS IF YOU WERE ANYTHING ELSE. GOOD LUCK ALL!

          • Robin Gouverneur

            Boy it must just suck to be you……All that hate and rage must make awfully lonely at night. ….you may want to try your hand at writing works of fiction, a little bit of education and you might be able to work at a newspaper. BTW full time at Walmart is minimal of 34 hours. ….

          • Lee Lewis

            Note to NY Psychiatric Center: I THINK WE JUST FOUND YOUR ESCAPED PATIENT.

          • DJ

            Ever heard of Sam’s club? I think they have a similar business model to Costco. Who do you think owns it?


            Good answer!!!

          • Johndt

            Sam’s club sucks compared to Costco.

          • VirgoGirl

            I get spoken to when I’m assisting a Customer! Customer Service is no longer respected in a job, well at Walmart anyway. The motto: “Customers comes first”, is no more! If I’m not supposed to help a customer, then they should put a sign on the front door “Customers: Please do not associate with our employees, ask a Manager of that department to help you, or find it yourself”…

          • kegler299

            Costco also has a good deal higher prices than Walmart. That’s why I can’t afford them.

          • Ferrari fan

            Don’t know about the Costco where you live but the ones here have a huge turnover in employees. High turnover rates can skew hiring figures.

          • Natasha Anne Wright

            walmart pays everywhere FROM minimum wage to about 15 an hour depending on where you work in the store… They have levels of pay. Im a cashier, we’re level 2. & I DESERVE to only make 7.90 an hour. I stand there and freaking scan barcodes… The customer could do it their damn selves, but self check out makes theft too easy.

          • Lee Lewis

            “as many as they need” and not one more!!!

          • BigJoe

            did you not read PM’s point? if the “SEVERAL COMPANIES”

            including Costco DO pay much more than the “min wage” as you claim THERE IS A REASON lets take a look at why they can do this shall we..

            THEY ARE MAKING THAT MUCH MORE $$+ TO BE ABLE TO HIRE AND PAY THEM IT, did you not think of that or are you just living in your own little world of “gimme gimme gimme”

            companies are not in biz to lose money or Oblama would have to bail em out. oh wait…..

          • James Mathers

            Except they pay higher then minimum wage because they are trying to get the workforce to come work for them.

            Say cosco paid you 10% over minimum wage. Would you take a job at their competitor? That’s why they do it. But if you increase the minimum wage if costco wants to keep their employees and not pay to retrain them(the hidden cost).. they need to raise their wages. It’s a never ending battle.

            So yeah, the problem isn’t getting the employees you need the problem is getting people worth 15.00/hr it’s getting harder.

            And there will come a time when the cost will get so high it will be more COST EFFECTIVE to put in automatic check outs and stuff where you can have 1 cashier for 4 registers. Ever wonder why it’s the slower stores that get the self check outs first. It’s more cost effective

            Or if you raise it to high then some accountant will punch the numbers. It may not seem like a lot to you but it adds up. It might just be more cost effective to pay the expenses to move to india. Something that right now is not COST EFFECTIVE to do because there’s little gains.

            Last vent…. Why do you think that they say we will increase the minimum wage from 7.25 to 10.50 over the coarse of 5 years?

            We all know why because if you just raise it then businesses will have a hard time and consumers will be shocked with sticker prices on items going up. But spreading it out over 5 years it gives businesses a chance to raise the price of products SLOWLY so customers don’t notice as much.

            This inflation they will cause is going to hurt people on welfare and food stamps. i can almost guarantee you thou that the government is going to take FOREVER to adjust those programs to where people on them now can live off of them.

            And what if you’re retired you’re not paid by the hour anymore so if prices of products goes up guess what you’re screwed you have to eat that cost. Your retirement check isn’t going to even buy you a loaf of bread. Better hope walmart still has a spot for you.

            It’s not going to solve anything to raise minimum wage. as simple as that.

          • Keith N. Gillis

            Costco charges an annual membership and over charges on many items. Too many “educated folks” think buying in bulk means cheaper. Not always the case.

          • Kyle Brown

            What is the relevance? other than Costco may charge more because they have higher costs. like… I don’t know… Payroll


            If you shop around, you will see that there are some products that will be cheaper at Costco when on sale and more expensive at Walmarts. The key here is to shop around. Use coupons, take advantage of discounts, etc. It will save you money.

          • Johndt

            And they charge yearly membership fees to shop there too. I’ve been told Costco makes more on their membership fees then on selling product.

          • daniel krukowski05

            Costco also requires a membership to shop at their stores, Walmart does not. Also why would you pay someone a huge salary for a service that does not take any schooling and minimal training? Businesses are not just thinking about the present but the future as well. Most of the profits you see stay with the company in case of profit loss down the road. In my opinion workers at Walmart are paid a decent wage for decent work that’s being done don’t expect to live in a nice stable home in a good neighborhood starting a job here.

          • Kirk Price
          • joecrouse

            cost co doesnt hire anyone above minimum wage they calculate wages differently

        • tokies

          it doesnt matter if you think they should be paid more or less. the safety net wasnt meant to be used as a corporate subsidy to keeping a crapstatic biz model afloat period. no political spin.
          What walmart did to america was criminally stupid. i still cant believe we tax payers pay to subsidized outsourcing to other countries. it’s kinda crazy when you think about it.
          what they do by not paying a living wage is so foolish because it creates a working poor which sits in a limbo state in our welfare system allowing walmart suck at america. in a weird way i get what rand paul is saying about getting rid of minimum wage because it wouldnt allow walmart to pull this crap anymore. (no welfare no min. wage then walmart is outta biz because look at there records of who is shopping there) but im wise enough to realize we have already done that in history and when instability came along it crashed us to the point of people starving on the street. it was not pretty. and when people are at that point they riot. when they riot they wreck everything which could in danger my wealth. or force me to defend my wealth in a way i would not like. i dont want blood on my hands for gold. id rather take blood on my hands for protecting someone who needs help. then something as stupid as that.

          Walmart through tax loop holes and crazy walmart has looted america. it looted jobs and outsource it to china and still tries to slap the usa flag on everything in the store faking the made in america feel. it looted main street. then looted our tax dollars.. with a EBT workforce. I get the point of welfare. I can also see the logic of it. mass instability through depression isnt a good idea. it’s not even smart in the least. i get it. but taking advantage of the system the way walmart does. that’s truly low.

        • Jeff Raiter

          Boy you need a lesson in performance in the work place. If wages were based on the performance and output of the worker then all those at the bottom (the workers who sweat all day at hard labor)would make hundreds of dollars an hour and those CEOs at the top would make minimum wage. CEOs dont work half let alone a quarter of what those of us who do the manual work. I have busted my ass all my life for pennies on the dollar compared to the ceos of this world. The so called job creators only create more money for the lazy ass stock holders and ceos of the company. there is your lesson on how the system works. I have over 30 yrs in the building field and still make less now than I did when the economy was good.

        • kegler299

          Basic econ 101: Supply & demand. An employer will pay the lowest wage that will meet his requirements to accomplish his workload. Overseas anyone? Raising the minimum wage (cost to produce) means either lower profit or reduced manning level. Or you could reduce benefits, or reduce hours so no benefits are required. Or you might be able to use technology to automate. Obtaining more education can be almost impossible for those at the minimum wage level. Working more than one job to provide adequate income means there is no money or time for schooling.

        • WontMart

          People are not paid, “what they’re worth,” they are paid what an employer is willing to pay. If the workers are not part of a union, they have ABSOLUTELY NO BARGAINING POWER. That’s right – you can’t march into your boss’s office and demand a pay raise to a wage that you can actually live on if there are people desperate for work and you’re the only dummy who is willing to march into the office in the first place. That has NOTHING to do with your work performance, does it? No, it doesn’t. You take what you can get. And that is what companies like Wal-Mart want… and they also want to convince you that if you work hard and do your part that you can make it in this world because you believing bologna like their red marker remarks will keep you happily working for slave wages. Are you seriously going to believe what a company that spends more on PR than on workers’ benefits because they took the time to hire someone to make circles in red and use red print writing to “point out the errors” ?

          Try someone with more qualifications to talk about economy and read this:

        • Anthony Caputa

          @pietrmikkelsen:disqus Your absolutely correct, forcing workers to increase the minimum wage isn’t a great answer for that reason. This doesn’t detract from the problem that he pointed out however. We’re not talking about a small business here. We’re talking about the biggest corporation on the planet.

          A better solution would be to incentive increased wages through tax savings. Wal Mart can absolutely afford to pay their employees more money, offer them a tax break if they do. Just a thought.

          One of the things we all have to remember is that if you make less than a million a year, then we’re all on the same side. Instead of bashing one another we should be working together to come up with realistic and non-fascist solutions to dealing with what are very real problems.

      • Anonymous

        So your reading of history leads you to believe that employers are the enemy? Or that government is better at creating the wealth that it want to “redistribute” than is the private sector? I have read literally dozens of books dealing with a variety of subjects ranging from civics and economics to military and philosophy and the one thing that I have learned is that the individual is best off with a minimum of government involvement in his or her life. If you truly believe that government is a positive influence on our prosperity then you are ignorant of he history of government.

      • CINDY

        Do your homework Trent and get the FACTS…Don’t rely on the NYT or the mainstream media to get your facts….get the annual report…read…They pay MORE than most low skilled jobs…

      • Lee Lewis


      • James Mathers

        They pay garbage wages because it’s not meant to feed a family it’s meant to offset income of a dual income family.

        i hate how people think that working at walmart should be someones bread and butter. if it was why would we have doctors and mechanics and tradesmen if they can just work at walmart.

        Hell walmart needs to start branching out and hiring every field imaginable so they can provide you with every trade then i can see people complaining if their plumber is making minimum wage and cutting corners cause he cant feed his family.

      • Anonymous

        Name another corp. that pays $12.91 to hourly workers without a high school diploma plus the benefits.
        You need to look at the lies the government feeds you about inflation and the GDP. That’s where the real problems are in this country not with wages.
        If we did not have such high inflation the minimum wage would suffice for beginning workers.
        If the current administration stays on the same path we will have bread lines again because businesses will collapse under the economic strain and there will be no jobs.

      • Henry M

        get anotherjobif u have too or relocate to find.better jobs stop your crying and give give me mentality

        • Kyle Brown

          Agreed, I uprooted my family this year and moved 2,000 miles across the country, all to find work and build a better future. and before you say you need money to move. I did it with virtually none. you just have to be willing to make sacrifices, like being apart from your family for 6mo before they can join you.

      • ombuendia01

        They need to find other employment if they are not happy.

      • loav8r

        If you go your life looking for a, “job,” then garbage wage is all you’ll ever find. If you seek and work for a career, nice wages you’ll find. People are only paid what they are, “worth.” You bring experience, skills, license (if required), education (yep, I got mine via the military and GI Bill – find a way if you can’t afford it) and the right attitude to an employer, you will go places. You bring no skills, no experience, no license (if required), no education, you’re probably going to get what you’re worth. This works everywhere. Trust me, I work globally.

        • mceltix2000

          You will never make what you are worth, working for someone else. You will only be paid what they can get away with. Start your own business.

      • Timmy Vilgiate

        The notion of garbage wages is very subjective. I mean, I’m doing fine on $8 an hour. What they’re paying would be a great step up. And they do provide oppurtunity. Even if one doesn’t want to try to advance in the company, to a shift supervisor, manager, etc, they still get to put real world job experience on their resume, which is crucial for people that are just starting out. It was very very hard to find work when I was just starting college, since I hadn’t worked in high school. Minimum/low wage experience is very valuable while trying to do that. .

      • Jason Spradlin

        Then get a job somewhere else. No one forces anyone to work at Walmart. If you think you are worth more then go somewhere else and make more.

      • Mastermind1000

        “If thou doest well, Shalt thou not be accepted?” sayeth the lord, “and if thou doest not well, sin lyeth at the door.”

      • tracysaconservative

        Go back to school.

      • joecrouse

        yep you get the opportunity for a starting level job that if you do well at and you can maybe get a decent reference out of it.

    • Memphomaniac

      Harrison Bounel…for President!!!! Bravo, Sir! Awesome.

    • Veronica Fajardo

      May have been posted six months ago but still oh, so relevant.

      Bravo Harrison.

    • Samuel J Walker

      The New York Times IS a Mirror in the Smoke-and-Mirrors.

  • Anonymous

    There is no discussion here, because no one in their right mind reads the New York Times!

    • Anonymous

      lol true.

  • CommonCents

    It’s about time people quit the politically correct BS and just sit there and take BS. America is finally catching up with the Alinsky ridicule tactics thet left wing has been using for decades.

    If it wasn’t walmart it would have been some other big retailer. Nobody forces anyone to work at walmart, nobody forces anyone to shop there.

    I wish we had a fraction of this much market accountability in the propaganda and the government.

  • Paul G

    I see the left dem commies are out today….There must not be a Palin article anywhere.

  • keltose

    Glen said “Oh my gosh” , “not oh my God”

  • Scott Hellstrom

    He blames Republicans for not forgiving student loans? Sorry, you take money as a loan, you pay it back. That, by definition, is a loan. Also, the government involvement in free-money-student loans is what is driving up the cost of tuition. The (un)Affordable Health Care Act has raised my middle class family’s insurance cost by over $200/month for the same coverage. And the new EPA rules will make our power cost more. Please, tell me more about how democrats and government are helping the middle class… The last thing we need is more government. Also, Starbucks isn’t giving any money for school. They have negotiated lower tuition and are counting on grants (based on low income of their employees) to fund the difference.

    • Missy Fitch

      Thank you! I have been wondering why on earth we should be forgiving loans at all! If you can’t afford to pay it back, then you should not borrow it. If the government wants ppl to go to college, perhaps they should make a law that makes it CHEAPER to actually attend college rather than easier to get loans that can’t be paid back.

      • Scott Hellstrom

        Exactly, my mortgage is a lot… When is the government going to take more of my neighbor’s money to pay it off for me? Or a car, or a credit card….

        • Missy Fitch

          Its the same thing they did with the health care. They didn’t make health care cheaper. They simply created more business for ins companies and more cost for everyone else.

          • Old Grump..

            Well, actually, they just transferred the insurance premium burden around and made it mandatory that you pay for your neighbor’s premium…even if he is a shiftless bum who never works. Fabulous, yes??

          • Missy Fitch

            not in this universe. I still can’t afford ins.

          • Myles Standish

            I have the same basic insurance after obamacare kicked in — except for one BIG difference: On top of the $550 a month premium I have to pay just to keep my insurance going, I NOW have a $1,500 deductible that NEVER EXISTED BEFORE. It is killing me financially thanks to the fact that on top of that, I’m having to make payments to the IRS for the first time in my life thanks to a tax bill that wouldn’t even exist if obama hadn’t greatly increased my tax burden and stuck it to low middle class, fixed-income folks like my wife and I. How can I ever thank you enough, obama?!? Your meddling in my life is about to cause me to lose my home and everything I’ve worked for my entire life! My story probably TURNS YOU ON since I know it’s all part of your DESTROY AMERICA from within plan. I hope there is a special place in PIGatory for muslim extremists such as yourself!

          • Sharon Perkins

            Sorry. But a person has to make $15,000 /year to even qualify for reasonable healthcare. Otherwise premiums are outrageous BUT ( good news ) ha ha, is that you wont have to pay the penalty for not having Affordable healthcare if you make less than 15 k a year.

          • SCAarcher

            Um, you GOP morons DO KNOW that the GOP had the INSURANCE COMPANIES help write the healthcare law, right?
            Gee, wonder why insurance premiums went up.

          • singcanary

            it was Obama and his liberal crony dems. that implemented Obamacare…they knew exactly what they were doing…making the insurance companies richer…NOT THE REPUBLICANS! get you facts right.

          • Mike Wilson

            I am not a fan of any politician,but I feel I should respond to some comments posted here: Obamacare was the brain child of the Herritage Foundation,hardly a lefty group, Implemented by Mitt Romney, While gov.of Michigan, If you care to read the “Romneycare” law,It is vertually identical to Obamacare. While we all want to be honest in our views, lets not allow our zeal to blind us to facts, else we become Hypocrites! Please pardon my spelling, I’m still learning!Ha

          • Newton Sumey Jr.

            omg really? do some research ….Obamacare was wrote behind close doors by lib lawyers

          • SCAarcher

            That’s exactly what the GOP wants you to think.

          • Just a guy

            My health care hasn’t changed. And neither has the amount I pay out of pocket. HMMMMMMM Maybe you chose the wrong career path.

          • singcanary

            the business mandate hasn’t kicked in yet…Obummer postponed it. They expect when it does that over 50 million people will be without healthcare. Hang in there…yours is coming. My plan hasn’t changed yet…only when up this year some. But I hear the rumbling coming.

          • Newton Sumey Jr.

            you work for the goverment?

        • Josh

          you know in other countries college for 4 years there is the same cost as 1 year here. Also i would have gotten paid 100% for surgery and have been back to work faster than the 7 months it took me bouncing around all while only getting 50% of my normal pay but was required to attend 3 physical therapy appointments, and a weekly doctors appoint each costing $35 or i would lose my 50% disability checks and my job.

      • Randy Ashford

        I foresee a retelling of Black Tuesday. What happened in the build-up? The banking industry allowed people to take out loans to buy stocks for pennies on the dollar. At some point, there came a tipping point where no one could afford their stocks anymore and the market bottomed out, leaving people worse than broke with unpaid loans. In conclusion, the Depression hit. I see it happening now.
        I’m already $38,000 in debt going into my senior year at UNT (a ridiculously liberal socialist school; meanwhile, I’m as Tea Party conservative as they come!) because tuition is so god-awful high. The sad truth is that I have to take out these loans because my parents make just enough to be considered “Upper Middle Class” by Obama’s new tax brackets. My mom’s an Inventory Manager for McKesson Corporation and my dad’s a truck driver! Together, they barely make $110,000! They are having to sacrifice a lot to send me to school because our government has allowed tuition to become a nearly insurmountable burden for people who can only make a life with a college degree. It’s a vicious cycle and something needs to be done.

        • Missy Fitch

          My question is, you took out the loan, you agreed to pay it back, so do you think that the American should pick up your debt? My point is, if people take out a loan, that has nothing to do with me. If I take out a car loan so I can get to work, should you or anyone else pay it back or greatly reduce my interest? Both are for the same purpose. You go to school to get a good job, I buy a car to get to my job. Both are for the purpose of a job.

          You are completely right about the tuition being so ridiculous. But wrong about the cycle. Its the rabid need for students to go to college that has caused the issue. The entitlement, like everyone HAS to go, and at the expense of everyone else. Too many people go to college when they can not afford it and then spend the next 30 years in debt. What good is a higher paying job if you are in debt for the next 30 years?

          • Missy Fitch

            I guess what I really mean is people look at college as something that they need and not as a business decision. Yes college grads have the potential to make more money than someone who didn’t, does that increase in potential income compensate for the cost of the degree. especially when there is NO guarantee that a job will be there when you graduate, that your job if you get one will pay you the expected income or even if you will keep the job long enough to pay back the loan.

          • Kerry Hamilton

            Bill Gates – college dropout. Mark Zuckerberg college dropout. Paul Allen college dropout; Michael Dell college dropout, Larry Ellison college dropout; David Geffen college dropout; Mickey Arison college droput; Steve Jobs college dropout; THE LIST IS ENDLESS. I MADE MORE MONEY THAN ANY THREE OF MY COLLEGE DEGREED PROFESSIONAL FRIENDS COMBINED AND I HAD LESS THAN TWO YEARS OF COLLEGE AND NO DEGREE. It’s in how ambitious, hardworking and intelligent you are, not in how well you handle binge drinking and chasing skirt or in the piece of sheepskin you get that begets success. Real education starts AFTER college, and most people who have been around understand that the ones just out of college don’t really know #@@#$ yet. PS – a plumber lives down the road from me in a $3 Million mansion – no kidding – and he laughs at the doctors/lawyers/mbas that surround him in lesser estates…..

          • Missy Fitch

            Thats a great point. But my point is that people see college like its something they HAVE to do in order live above poverty level. I disagree because even if you make more money, the debt that is incurred makes it a bad financial decision. Its a nice thought, and when done correctly higher education is beneficial but I don’t think the high cost is something that the American people should pay for everyone. Its not a sustainable endeavor and shouldn’t be expected.

          • smokehill

            The statistics might be different if so many people didn’t go after ludicrous “degrees” like women’s studies, Black History, or “popular cuture.” At least two universities now offer a degree in, of all things, Elvis Presley.

            That’s even more absurd than the Big Two loser degrees — Psychology & Sociology.

            Getting a degree for which their is little or no demand is dumb. You won’t find any Chemistry, Physics or Engineering majors flipping burgers with the Sociology majors.

          • Marvin

            Holy Crap, you can get a degree in Elvis. I am totally on board. I would like a minor in Hilary.

          • David Mclaughlin

            I’d like to Major Inside Sarah Palin

          • Tammy

            A degree in Elvis? And here I thought my history degree was useless…

          • Anonymous

            Really , Elvis?? Must be offered as a sub- to a musicology course.

          • Rich


            At least at Robert Morris University in Illinois there is now an eSports varsity team and scholarships offered to players of League of Legends. I can’t wait to see future Elvis impressionists hip-thrust across the stage with their degrees paid for from video gaming.

          • Kerry Hamilton


          • Anonymous

            Right on Kerry. I did go to college, have 2 degrees and all it bought me was the ability to get through some doors that would have otherwise been closed. I used the GI bill and worked 3 part time jobs to pay for the privilege. Then, at graduation a recruiter told me to forget all the theory I learned in college, they would teach me what the business world was really all about. He wasn’t far off. There are a lot of Harvard grads who don’t have 2 nickels to rub together – their sheepskin bought them nothing but a big debt to repay, and the mistaken belief that success would automatically be at their doorstep. I’m glad I went to college for many reasons, but I now know my degrees or the institution did not define me, my career, or my success. That came from personal ambition, initiative, tenacity, hard work, a bit of luck, and eventually experience, including a lot of mistakes. You don’t need college for that.

          • Kerry Hamilton

            rgcomega – I LOVE YOUR TAKE ON THIS. What I am most impressed with is that while you were doing all this you served your country, and I salute sir! And I have no doubt that military service taught you what so many young people aren’t told in the protective womb of their universities: that success comes from the very actions you describe, ambition, initiative, tenacity, hard work. And the pop-culture (especially television drivel) teaches them that they can all be 25, never knock on a door before entering, never go to the bathroom, have fabulouos careers in jobs they never go to and make tons of money – all while sipping coffee with their friends at coffee shops. Rambling I know, but more people need to model YOUR path…

          • Jason

            Glad you recognize the exception, and not the rule. Of those people you’ve named, how many more successful individuals have completed college. It takes an extra combination of skill, intelligence, drive, and luck to have that kind of success without completing a post secondary education. And even if you have that there’s no guarantee. And nice of you to provide an anecdote or two as if it supports your argument.

          • Kerry Hamilton

            Jason – It’s apparent from your reaction that YOUR definition of success is limited to just those who complete post-secondary education. Using your logic, all those who choose a different path from those of us who sit behind desks are unsuccessful. You betray your elitist view, no doubt gained in the hallowed halls of some like-minded echo-chamber University whilst you rack up education loans that you will dump on the rest of us. The world is full of ordinary people who have extraordinary success in their lives without a college degree. You say it takes extra intelligence, drive and luck. I disagree with the intelligence part; luck certainly plays a part – but if you don’t have drive you don’t deserve to succeed – and that applies to those with and without degrees.

          • Chelsea Anne Niemann

            You have a very valid point which I agree with except for one thing. Money is not the only form of success. Pursuing passions is another part of it. Those doctors/lawyers might not have felt successful as wealthy plumbers and we still need doctors… not so much lawyers. 😉 There are so many careers which require schooling. We can’t all be business owners. I learned so much more on the job after schooling, yes, and I always wished they would have let me earn more college credit for working in the field, but its limited. Colleges have a scam going in that way. But my future employers, society, etc… they all say I have to get that degree before they’ll give me that chance to learn.

          • Marvin

            as do i

          • JW Appling

            People would be better off going to a apprenticeship program. have these kids work minimum wage till they’ve learned a trade.

          • Missy Fitch

            thats an excellent point. I completely agree.

          • Anonymous

            Yes. That is the reason for classes at Community Colleges.

          • JW Appling

            That’s not the same you pay to take classes at a community collage an apprenticeship pays you while you learn.

          • Rich

            The European model? I like the idea. :)

          • Anonymous

            Can’t make more money if they can’t find a job. My son graduated with a master’s degree in environmental economics in January and as it tuns out, that field is a liberal lie.

          • Missy Fitch

            exactly! That is why I believe people should look at college as a investment decision instead of blindly thinking that it is something that must be done for the sake of it.

          • Jason

            In some ways my comparison is more valid than yours could ever be. In many situations, college is the only means to carve a successful life and the crushing debt that can come with it could very well be, and in some cases, literally a life or death sort of situation. You compare college debt with buying a car. But you have other options that can provide a similar level of transportation without the cost, such as public transportation and even a bike. But hey, it’s not my problem.

          • Missy Fitch

            thats bull. you can live with out college. as for buying a car… it is equally as ridiculous to expect someone else to pay your car loan. my point is that if you can’t afford the crushing debt you should not agree to take it on. Its people like you that think college is some kind of right that push kids that don’t want or need college to go anyway because they feel like they have to. Not everyone needs college and everyone else shouldn’t have to pay for every student in america to have the privilege of going. How is it the entire population (the ones that pay taxes anyway) should be expected to fund the millions upon millions of dollars of debt that college students agree to. If that is the case, we should just make college into a public school system and not even charge tuition. If everyone has to pay for it, then it should be available for everyone at no cost. Then it will be as useless as the other 13 years the public already funds. College education is practically useless anymore because so many people have it. How is that helpful to society?

          • Jason

            You missed the point clearly. Yeah, you can live without college, that would be stupid to argue that couldn’t, but there isn’t much denial that post secondary education will improve your quality of life. The point was the crushing debt can really be life or death, as can with any situation with horrible debt. And I don’t know where you’re getting this sense of entitlement by college aged kids that says they’re entitled to college. You’re upset about millions that need assistance because they were duped as by a system that is flawed beyond reasoning, but what about corporations that we have to bail out, which is more common than you realize. How about we fix the system, educate financial aid offices better, potential students on aid and debt, stop offering useless degree programs that there isn’t a market for, and keep private education lenders fair? This would alleviate much of the problem. And did you really ask how a more educated populace could be beneficial to society?

          • 1791

            When progressives talk about “fixing the system” they really mean they want government to fix things. Government fixes inevitably result in loss of freedom and individual liberty. Progressives justify this as being “for the good of society”. But forced charity isn’t charitable. Society isn’t better when some percentage of it must become a slave to some other part of it. The government can’t be justified in making one part of the people more free while the other part become enslaved. You can’t have it both ways. Taxation is a form of slavery. 100% taxation equals 100% slavery. 25% taxation equals 25% slavery. If its immoral at 100% its still immoral at 25% or 1%. The 14th amendment observed that slavery was immoral. But progressive interpretation of it resulted in the government exempting itself from this immorality. You should ask yourself why it is that 535 elected positions in federal government somehow exempts those people from the immorality of taxation. The honest answer is that it doesn’t. There is no scenario that allows one person to take someone’s stuff and give it to another aside from making restitution for criminal behavior. So if you think “we” should fix things, then we should do it by preventing the 535 elected people in the federal government from taking everybody’s money and our freedom to be charitable.

          • Anonymous

            There are other options. Digital Online Learning is making headway awareness in communities. Contact with instructors is done through Skype.

          • Nancy Augustine

            So it has to be college? Why couldn’t it be a trade school? A number of companies offering good starting salaries have to bring in workers from other countries to train for these jobs because so many kids coming out of school can’t even read a simple slide ruler…those that can are getting great starting wages right out of high school (usually these are the kids that went the Vocational school route).

          • Jason

            If you’re laying on the ground, having a heart attack or on fire, that has nothing to do with me. So why should I help? If you think that the context can be changed to make his point sound ridiculous, context can be changed to make people sound like wastes of human flesh for not helping someone just because it doesn’t personally benefit you.

          • Missy Fitch

            I don’t understand the comparison. helping someone in a life and death situation is not the same thing as helping someone buy a degree they might or might not actually need or use. If you would like to help people go to college, start a fund. What I deem fit for my money should be my choice. Looking out for oneself doesn’t make someone a bad person. It makes them practical. Tax payers already pay for 13 years of schooling. Why is it unreasonable to ask the student to pay for any additional schooling they desire?

            I would also like to add I do not feel that college is a necessity of life. If you want to learn you can do it for free. Go to a library. Going to college is about an individuals desire to earn a higher income. That is a choice, not a need. Do you buy everyone a car? If everyone has a car they can potentially get a better job because they can travel farther and have reliable transportation. should we provide everyone a car?

          • smokehill

            Maybe these whining liberals who whine about their student loan debt should have actually taken USEFUL courses instead of wasting their time on Sociology or Psychology degrees, which only get you jobs at Burger King or Mickey D’s.

            The conservative students get degrees in engineering or science, so can actually get real jobs and pay off their student loans.,

          • Anonymous

            Makes sense. BTW — What happened to those “Shovel ready jobs” that were promised?

          • Randy Ashford

            Excuse me, Missy, but notice that I never said anything about feeling entitled to going to college. I never said anything about anyone picking up my tab. I took on the debt because I knew that I didn’t want to flip burgers for the rest of my damn life! I want to teach English and coach high school football because it’s my passion.

            The problem is that the workforce is in such a state now that you have to possess some sort of degree in order to gain a foothold in life. Once I’m done with school and my student teaching, I will personally take on the loan debt and begin my long road of paying the thing off. I can’t speak for the other liberal schmucks who are busy getting their Bachelor degrees in geography, sociology, and LGBT studies; but I certainly can speak for the ones who are dedicated to pursuing life and happiness (as per granted by the Declaration) for an actual good cause in American society.

            The problem with your statement is that practically everyone who is an undergrad (or even master’s/doctorate student for that matter) in college can’t afford it! It’s just that we are pretty much forced to undergo such an asinine process to get a degree in order to get a job for a good life. Yes, it IS a vicious cycle. We need a good career to have a good life; so, we need a degree; so, we research what schools would be the best for our career choices; then, we enroll and find out that school is EXPENSIVE!; so, we need a loan to cover the ridiculous $17-25,000/year tuition; then, we graduate and begin a life of debt repayment with (hopefully) our dream job. Once we’re tired of paying these insurmountable loans off, we realize that the ones to blame aren’t ourselves; it’s the “self-annointed expert” liberal idiots who have offered turd presents with pretty wrapping paper and glittery bows.

            But, it’s not really my fault that I was born in 1990. I just got in the game late when Democrats were already hard at work beginning the process of bleeding the American citizenry and economy dry. (Oh, by the way, I also have a car payment 😉 )

        • eric

          “our government has allowed tuition to become a nearly insurmountable burden for people” Randy, you can’t have it both ways. The government does not “allow” or “forbid” prices in the free market. For tuition to drop, demand for useless college degrees has to drop, or reputable alternatives to such degrees have to become more available. My suggestion to my teenage and older sons is to take the equivalent of the college tuition, invest it in a business, and be entrepreneurs.

          • Anonymous

            Useless college degrees are chosen by immature adults using the interval to “hook up” and make contacts.
            Mostly they children of financially secure parents who intend them to continue employed in the family business. Serious students will choose an important major to study.

        • Shannon C Williamson

          I am going to HAVE to get a six figure income job when I finish, just to pay my loans back. That or make sure ALL of my other bills are paid in full. But then, I am working on my PhD in Criminal Justice, so I BETTR get job that pays at the least $80k a year!

          • Anonymous

            So… you hope to start out with a six figure income job? If you took the loans out….you pay the There is always a way. But, don’t expect others to payoff or dismiss your loans just because you got your PhD.

          • Missy Fitch

            Good luck. I hope you succeed. Just curious but if you do get that job, how many years will it take you to pay off those loans?

          • Anonymous

            Student Loan Debt Statistics – American Student Assistance
            American Student Assistance
            •There is roughly somewhere between $902 billion and $1 trillion in total outstandingstudent loan debt in the United States today

            Maybe the question should be: How long will it take the taxpayers to pay this $1 trillion loan debt off if the debt is paid by the government? I.E., YOU and ME, Missy Fitch.

            Maybe these students should start taking Hard (science) courses instead of the Soft (sociology, economics, basket weaving) courses. We need nurses a lot more than environmental economist. Sorry about that but it’s the truth.

          • Missy Fitch

            Thats a good point. If we have to pay for it perhaps we should be allowed to pick which degrees we should fund. Instead of paying for useless degrees or people that drop out there should be useful degree programs that are the only ones eligible for the loan help

          • Anonymous

            Have you looked at what jobs are available with a degree in Criminal Justice? There really aren’t that many and they don’t pay well. My daughter earned a BS in Criminal Justice May of last year. She’s waiting tables in a beer joint and has $60,000 (net) in college loans. If it takes her the full term to pay them back it will cost $150,000. Good luck!

        • Jonathan McClain

          When 110,000 anually is considered minimum wage we have more to worry about.

          • Anonymous

            That’s 2 persons earnings … $50K each. At 2000 hrs/year that’s $25 an hour. After working a lifetime like his parents have, $25 an hour seems like a minimum to most. Of course they could divorce and go on welfare and probably make that much like that blonde headed beach bum eating lobster and voting for Obama does.

        • D Curtis

          The problem is that students opt for a four-year school immediately after high school. If they went to a junior college or small local college with cheaper tuition, parents probably would be able to help more. Many kids want the whole experience: the big name school, dorm, fraternity/sorority, etc. when their budgets can’t handle it. Therefore, they take out a loan which MUST be repaid. My parents, with two kids still at home, supposedly made too much for me to get any kind of grant to go to college, but way too little to help me attend. I lived at home my first two years of college while I worked part-time in retail. I then got a student loan to finish at the 4-year public university and continued to work the entire time. I paid back every penny of the loan.

          • Randy Ashford

            Exactly. That’s a big part of the problem. I went the alternate route and went to JC first to get my 60 hours of basics done. Then, I I transferred to the big 4-year college to finish out. But even there, my parents made just over the amount to get any grants (we’re in the same boat!). It’s all loans and the third cheapest school in Texas averages $19,000/year in tuition. So I’m already pushing $40,000 in debt in just two years of going there. Thankfully, I’m about to start my student teaching, so I’ll cap the loan debt closer to $57,000. But even that’s too damn much! I also lived at home and worked at Walmart while studying my basics. It was hard work, but it was worth it!

        • AtTheLake


          If you are going to UNT, your tuition of about $4800/semester covers less than half the operating revenue and none of the non-operating revenue which goes to build and maintain things. Like it or not, your family are already the beneficiaries of pretty substantial educational subsidies care of your tax paying neighbors. Maybe you start a movement so that Texans and all Americans for that matter should raise more taxes to pay for more educational subsidies at your next tea party pow wow.

          • Randy Ashford

            Which UNT did you look at? This year, alone, I had to take out $19,250 in loans! I’ve used all but $1,200 in paying for this liberal college! The tuition, itself, may be around $6,000/semester; but the rest of the near $3,000 is in ridiculous library and board of regents fees. There’s where the tax dollars go! Also, I’m not asking for any subsidies to pay off my debt. Unlike my liberal schmuck classmates who are getting their degrees in environmental sciences, I’m actually going to look forward to hopefully having a job as a teacher/coach in order to pay off my loans by myself.

        • Old Grump..

          But hey, you can take pride that the regents were able to live large and get a bonus and even cut a few classes out of the offerings.

        • Dennis Vander Plaats

          In the mid-90’s my wife and I had three kids in collage. Two were in a private university and one attending a Jr college about 80 miles from home. Our combined income was around $90,000. We refinance our home to pay college costs and the kids took out all the loans they could. It took us over 10 years to get out of debt and we just finished helping them pay off their loans. Our kids did not qualify for Cal-grants because we made too much $$. Meanwhile a friend of ours who is worth millions was able to get Cal gants for his kids because he could show on paper that he only made $25,000 a year. He did this by incorporating his large farming business and paying himself a small salary. The whole system is full of loop holes and favors the rich.

        • Jon

          I’m so sorry that your parents are ¨bearly making $110,000.¨ You must of had a rough childhood. Maybe you should have picked a cheaper school or community college instead of complaining about an over priced college that appears to be a completely wrong fit for you

      • Amanda Snyder

        Missy Fitch so me a low income student then shouldn’t go to college to better myself because all I can get are loans, because I have a few Learning handicaps and couldn’t get anything more than oh well if you want to go to school you have to have a student loan. Just so I could become a teacher. Maybe try to make the world a better place. I don’t like welfare as much as the next person but heavens forbid should a child seek to not be low income and go to school. We all aren’t pretty enough to do porn. We all ain’t lucky enough to get multiple jobs. We all aren’t lucky enough to get scholarships. Many of us (mooches as you probably call many of us who were raised on welfare) just want out of being low income. We don’t want that for our kids. I got lucky and joined the US Navy so most of my school is paid for but not everyone can do that either. I hope your kids or grand kids never have to be young and worry about their education like I did mine.

        • Andrew Buck

          Amanda, good for you that you’re thinking about this in advance and you make some good points. But the one point that is perpetrated on so many others is the belief that “college will make you wealthier”. Not necessarily true. Tell that to all of the Computer Science grads who have seen jobs outsourced on the cheap, or other majors where the end result of their degree is not a high-wage-paying job/career. We lose the plot in thinking that “you must go to college”, versus “you should do what really drives you as a person”. Not everyone will be a college grad, and that’s fine. Plumbers, electricians, and highly skilled trades are paid excellent money and none require a degree but education of a different sort that traditional colleges have not provided.

          And it’s pretty hard to outsource your plumber.

          • JW Appling

            Trade schools are better for most people.

          • Anonymous

            America is going the way of Russia and Cuba, where wages earned by ALL will be relatively the same, but working conditions for the better educated ones will be much easier. Talk to doctors in Russia or Cuba to find out.

          • Anonymous

            Exactly true … just as JW says below.

        • Rich

          All Missy and the others are saying is that there is currently risk involved in taking out loans to pay for an education one desires. No guarantee you’ll get a job. No guarantee you’ll be able to pay the loan back, even if you DO get that job. The point for individuals as you and myself is to count the cost. If one truly cannot afford it, he probably SHOULDN’T take the loan (gamble). The borrower is a slave to the lender.

          • Missy Fitch

            THANK YOU! that was exactly my point. College isn’t a basic life need and shouldn’t be considered a right. If you can pay back the loan, yay, go for it, but it is NOT the responsibility of humanity to make sure every student goes to college.

        • eric

          Amanda, you are right and wrong at the same time. What poverty has done to so many is make them believe that their alternatives are limited or nonexistent. You have proven otherwise. A poor woman with bright ideas who hasn’t destroyed her life with drugs (or a porn career) can have a day job, attend night school, get a degree (probably unnecessary unless she wants to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or engineer) or some specialized certifications, move to Texas or Oklahoma or Montana (many of the companies will move you or provide a moving allowance) and get a $50,000.00 + per year job in states with the lowest cost of living.

        • Anonymous

          Good for you trying to improve yourself, however student loans are the “Students” responsibility, not the general publics. And honestly not everyone should go to college. There are a lot of people who have no business going to college right out of high school. Many just end up dropping out anyway. This over inflated demand is what is driving up the cost of tuition.
          No one said everyone is entitled to go away to college, there are very good community colleges that are a better stepping stone for many. I worked 3 jobs while I went to college; yes it took we six years to earn my bachelor degree but it is what I needed to do to pay my tuition (since my parents could not afford to). Maybe I didn’t get “animal house” “party” experience that many seek, but I now have a great career and was able to further my education and earn by Masters degree while working full-time. So it can be done!

        • Missy Fitch

          If you can’t afford to pay back those loans with out the government stepping in and taking tax money to repay your debt then no, you should wait until you are able to pay for it before going to college.

          I think i should mention that i DID go to college, my parents didn’t help me other than give me gas money and I did get loans. I ALSO paid them back with out expecting the government to step in. While I decided that college was not to my best interest ( I did not finish) I still repaid every penny I borrowed with out government/taxpayer assistance.

        • Anonymous

          College should be affordable for EVERYONE. Not just minorities. Not just for women. Not just for illegal immigrants. Not just for young people. Not just for ________(you fill in the blank). Schools like Harvard pat themselves on the back because they give free tuition to needy. Well, middle class students can be needy and there is little in the way of help for students in that economic bracket. Or should i say whose parents are in that income bracket. Merit based scholarships have increasingly become “minority or poverty” based. Why is it that a middle class student is less deserving of an IVY league education than a minority student? Middle class students often are taught that it is better to go to a school that is less expensive than to go in debt. While minority students are often taught that they are owed an education. Think: The obamas. I believe that one group of students is not owed an education over other students. I’d like to see all students to have an opportunity to build abundant lives and to prosper. Emphasis on “ALL”. Civil rights laws have leveled the playing to a large extent. I think minorities themselves have to finish the job. They have to feel worthy and capable themselves and not be made to feel less capable than their white counterparts.

          • Missy Fitch

            College should be affordable with out needing loans or government monies. The problem isn’t the loan process, its the actual cost of the service. it has gone up like 4000 percent in cost in the last 30 years.

        • Anonymous

          What’s wrong with trade schools. We certainly need the service jobs and they do pay well.

        • Anonymous

          “Maybe try to make the world a better place. ”

          Worry about making the world a better place by graduating with a great paying degree, pay a lot in taxes and set up a scholarship for some student. Volunteer your time if you want to ‘make the world a better place.’ The purpose of college is to make a living after you graduate. If all you want to do is become educated, you can read a book or take a night class.

        • Janae

          Amanda, good for you for breaking the viscous cycle! I do agree with Miss Fitch though – I too had to pay for my own college for a time so I went to a junior college and only took 12 credit hours so I could work as well and pay for tuition as I went along. It’s a hard road, but possible to do.

      • Chris Sea-la

        So you know a lot of 18-23 year olds that have the foresight and the ability to see the future and the jobs available much less that are knowledgeable and have enough life experience to know the implications of taking out tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans? Hindsight is 20/20 and telling a barely adult that they will some day years down the road have to repay money while essentially paying for everything isnt exactly something that most loan takers can wrap their heads around.

        I dont feel entitled to student loan forgiveness but the fact that in this day and age so many loan repayments are going into default says something dont you? I pay my student loan payments monthly and begrudgingly because I am fortunate enough to have a good job in the medical field when others arent so lucky to even have a job at all. Is it really fair to sign up an 18 year old kid to pay back a huge sum of debt monthly for many decades of their life after graduation? I am 28 and will not have my student loans paid off until I am 43 at the current rate. If I am actually paying it, off unlike so many, it would be nice to get forgiveness after so many years so that I can get on with my life, buy a house, car, have a family, ya know, stimulate the economy, instead of paying back money that is a significant amount to me each month but is just a drop in the bucket to the loan holders like “wells fargo, netnet, dept of education, etc”.

        Im not going to hold my breath though.

        • Missy Fitch

          So many people are defaulting on loans because they are taking on debt they can’t afford. Do you expect someone to pay off or help you with your car payment or house payment? If you take on the debt then you should make sure you are willing and able to pay it back. If you spend the rest of your life paying back a loan that you took out, well, then you should not have taken out the loan. It is NOT my responsibility to pay off YOUR debt. If it takes you 30 or 40 years to pay back that loan then perhaps it wasn’t a sound business choice.

          Your comment about signing 18 year olds up to pay back a huge debt. Thats my point. I DIDN’T sign them up. THEY did. and maybe if more people actually understood that we would get less default on loans. Instead of giving people an way to not pay their debt perhaps we should better prepare them for the responsibility of that debt. Then they might make better choices when it comes to how much debt they can afford…

          Instead of making the rest of us responsible for the debts of others, we should educate students on the the cost/benefits of the college experience

      • Anonymous

        If you are taking money, either government or a loan, the lender should REQUIRE you to take a major where you can actually get a job, rather than funding 4 years of mental masturba…

    • Joe G

      While I agree with you on everything else, the student loan deal is not forgiveness. It’s a lower rate refinancing. Imagine being $150,000 in debt with 9 percent interest. Even if you have a good job you’ll be making payments for the next 50 years.

      • Missy Fitch

        the issue is, Yes college is nice, but if you can’t afford the loan, then you should wait until you can. Its not a RIGHT to go to college. Its a privilege. The overwhelming need to go to college creates a lot of college graduates with huge debts and no jobs in their field. My Brother has a associate degree in Electronics yet he is forced to work at walmart because there isn’t enough jobs to cover the amount of people looking for them.

        • Tim

          education SHOULD be a right!

          • Missy Fitch

            Why? What is the purpose of college except to get a better job? If you spend your life in debt, then what was the purpose of getting the higher paying job? Everyone has the right to go to school and they do. we have public schools. but college isn’t a right. more accurately, its a service. Its a choice. One that YOU make and that YOU should be expected to pay for. Not everyone else. If you can afford it, yay. But if not, then either save up, don’t go. But don’t expect everyone else to pay so YOU can go to college.

          • Anonymous

            In my youth, I did not have the financial where with all to attend college. (in the 70’s)
            I chose to participate in a 4 year apprentice program instead.
            My starting wage was a little over $2.50/hr. which increased each year with my ‘graduating’ hourly rate a little over $5.00/hr
            This meager hourly rate did allow me to support a family, and at the same time avoiding an accumulation of massive debt.
            While I didn’t then (nor do I now) ‘live large’, I was able to slowly accumulate the status of ‘middle class’, buy a home, and afford a reliable means of transportation.
            I applied myself, and by attending night courses in the local Junior College system, was able to better my station in life through promotions and expanding my ’employment opportunities’ into other areas.
            Education (above elementary and high school) is NOT a right, it is an opportunity, but not the only one.
            If someone has the drive, the initiative, and the sense of
            personal responsibility in life, they CAN, WILL, and DO succeed, despite not having a piece of paper that shows their ability to ‘party hardy’ through 4 years of their youth.
            I suspect that you are still in your youth, and part of the entitlement generation.

          • Rich

            Not really, lol. I prefer privileges. They motivate me to earn them, even if it means breaking my back reaching for the stars.

            The opportunity to education is the right. The actual education is not. =

          • Wrongtitle

            You’re officially apart of the entitlement generation! Congrats!

          • Rich

            perhaps my comment was misunderstood?? or were you referring to Tim’s post? I consider myself privileged to have an education, not entitled. I don’t deserve it given to me, but I’m thankful I was able to earn it. :)

          • Anonymous

            It is. It’s called K-12. That’s 13 years of government education. If you want to go farther than that then you have to pay to either go to a trade school, college, or some sort of on the job training.

          • eric

            Education is FREE. All you have to do is drag your a++ to any library or the internet and LEARN LEARN LEARN. What you want is not an education, but a degree or something to open a door to a high wage earning job. Stop pretending to want an education. You want MONEY.

        • tin lizzie

          I definitely do NOT think the loans should be forgiven, but I think we might get more people trying to pay them back, instead of defaulting, if we could offer them a lower interest rate. My grandson has two loans that are 8%. (In addition to other, lower rate loans). He makes his payments regularly, and basically the principal stays the same… he’s just paying off interest! He has great credit and a decent job, but since it’s an unsecured loan, he can’t get a lower rate. If the government looked at people who were making their payments over a period of a year or two, and restructured those loans with a 5% interest rate, they’d still be making money, and they would be doing it for people who want to pay their loans back.

          • Missy Fitch

            But he agreed to those terms. If i get a bad loan on my car, should I expect the government to step in because I can’t afford the repayment?

            My main point though, was that if the COST of going to college was lower, there would not be a need to go into such debt paying it back. So instead of making terms for loans and such, there should be something done about the actual cost of the service.

            And beyond that, people shouldn’t take out loans that are not able to pay back with out government assistance. I think college is a wonderful thing. But if it doesn’t serve the purpose it is supposed to (to ease the economic strain of daily life by providing more disposable income) then its a bad investment.

          • tin lizzie

            I agree with everything you just said. And he IS paying back his loans. Actually, my advice to him before he took those loans was to take a year off from school, work and save some money and then go back. My point was only that the government should not forgive loans that are not being paid back. It would be a better policy to reduce the interest rate on loans that are being paid back to encourage continuing payment. This whole loan/school thing that has taken place in the last approx. 5 years is hurting our economy.

          • Shannon C Williamson

            My loans are automatically 4% or less unsecured. No student loan should ever be more than that.

      • William Rusty Amann

        Maybe they should have thought of that BEFORE borrowing that amount of money!!

        • tin lizzie

          So many young, inexperienced people have been sucked into this easy education money sinkhole. The ones I know are struggling, but paying back their loans. This will be part of their learning process in the University of Life, I suspect. Nothing is free.

      • Matt Mcclinton

        If the government really wants to help then they need to offer higher government backed low interest school loans. I think its capped at around $5000 a year and that likely would not pay for room and board and books then you still have to worry about tuition to the toon of easily 10k a year.

        • Rich

          That’s one possibility. We should be mindful of who is really backing those loans though too.

          Another suggestion would be address the price you listed for tuition. A 10k/yr tune sounds pretty sharp to me (actually that’s what I paid including room and board, but I’m trying to make a slight point.) Thousands of cattle…students for universities to pick the pockets of; whether 15 in the class or 50, professors make the same, and we’re just a number anyways. :)

    • ruburnt

      WHATEVER happened to working your way through college?? You know, taking a class or two and working at the same time? I do know that there are some courses that make that impossible…but not for a majority of the majors….I know it takes longer but it sure would be less stress on the wallet..and be less stress on the new college grad…not to have the debt.

    • smokehill

      Only Democrats are hot to throw out the student loans since Republicans work & pay theirs off.

      Democrats work as drones in some cubicle and blow all their money on dope & overpriced Starbucks coffee, and DON’T pay anything on their student loan debt.

    • Michael Gingras

      I’ll give you my personal example for why loan forgiveness makes sense in many situations.

      I graduated from dental school with approximately 300k in debt due solely to the cost of the education and living expenses (my undergrad was entirely paid off). The majority of that loan gained interest even as I was in school (at %7.00), and continues to gain interest every day. Your analogy for loans works for say…borrowing a couple hundred dollars from a friend…or using a credit card. Asking someone fresh out of school with no job to pay off 300k like it’s a gas bill? That’s impossible.

      Loan forgiveness is primarily used as a means to encourage people in healthcare and similar professions to work in undeserved areas. Many of these areas would not be served because it wouldn’t be viable. Why would someone chose to work in an underprivileged area for less money and the possibility of not being able to ever break even on student debt? The incentive would be gone, and these places would become an even bigger access problem. I could earn 3-4x as much money working as a private practice doctor, but I wouldn’t enjoy my work or my life as much as working in public health. With 300k in debt accruing interest plus living expenses, my salary alone might pay off my debt in say…I don’t know…20-25 years? But with the governments assistance, health care providers like myself can work in areas with serious access problems, and be rewarded with loan forgiveness in 10 years. Keep in mind, this isn’t a free ride. To qualify, you have to make 120 ON TIME payments on your loans and provide proof you work in an underprivileged area. The problem is Law Schools (one example I’ve read about) and other institutions take advantage and advertise the system. They literally advertise that their school can be free with a provided scholarship and the loan repayment program. These are often occupations that don’t really improve access issues at all.

      These programs don’t drive up the cost of tuition….institutions and people intentionally taking advantage of and misusing the programs increase the cost of tuition.

  • Eric Smitheman

    Maybe I’m old fashioned in this sense but if it’s so bad there then why do they have so many employees? If these people are this unhappy shouldn’t they be looking for employment in another industry or not working at Walmart if the conditions are so terrible? Why don;t they work somewhere that will pay them at a better rate?

    • AsSeenOnTv

      Because in small town America they are ‘The Employer’ in town. Next you’re going to say that Walmart wasn’t responsible for destroying businesses in small towns.

      • Debbie Roberts

        Yes they are responsible for that. But many of those small towns were “on their way out” anyway. FActories had closed and they had no employer for the MASES – Walmart took on that roll in small towns so the whole town didn’t close. So, yes and they have done much to make up for it.

        • Anonymous

          ‘mases’? It is cute when America gets its’ information from a charlotte like Glenn Beck…

          America is in decline and you guys are arguing about this? Keep it up. It is very, very entertaining. :)

          Once America smartens up and realizes that it’s the false concept of ”choice” that keeps you arguing about stuff like this, you can ramble on excessively about your love of ”Freedom”. But from my perspective, Americans look like they are lovers of ”Freedumb” instead.

          The left-wing is just as wrong as the right-wing, if not more. If there was ever a definition of ”circular firing squad”, the Left vs. Right political arguments made in Amurrrica would be just that.

          For the sake of myself and other like-minded individuals, please PLEASE keep up the Never Ending Debate. This whole scenario is comparable to the MAD magazine infamous pair, ”Spy Vs Spy”.

          Thank you!

          -The Rest of the World

          • Amanda Thompson Jones

            I think you meant “charlatan”. Not charlotte. Ironic that you called out a person for a typo and you used the whole wrong word. It sums up your whole point for you!

          • Anonymous

            Charlotte, a dessert cake filled with stewed fruit, usually topped with icing, fruits, nuts and the like. The ones I’ve had, anyway.

            Before jumping off a cliff into uncertainty, it might be best to figure out what you are talking about first before drawing conclusions.

            If I wanted to name-call Mr. Beck, I can think of plenty of other colourful adjectives OTHER than ‘charlatan’…

            The fact that there were 9 other people that felt compelled enough by your argument to hit the ”like” button is alarming but a mere microcosm of Amurrica’s overall problem. Critical thinking and deductive reasoning isn’t what Amurrricans are known world-wide for…. 😛

            I wonder what these arguments used to look like before the lil’ red line under your misspelled ‘thoughts’.

          • AsSeenOnTv

            So your defense is that you called him a cake.. Ok then.

          • Anonymous

            ”dingbat fruitcake” is cliche at this point, in my opinion – honestly.

          • tin lizzie


          • tin lizzie

            Actually, name-calling (mixed generously with sarcasm) seems to be your method of debate.

          • Missy Fitch

            This is a very good post. Our country is one filled with lies and distractions. Glen Beck talks about more than this. But in between the really important facts about our ‘dictator-president’ which the majority of America prefers to remain blind to he likes to comment on something that people will actually look at. Unfortunately our government uses distractions like this to divert attention away from the other horrible things they do to snatch away our freedoms and out public (and the news) let them because of fear and indifference.

          • Anonymous

            I do not understand how, or why, people say the government is ”snatching away their freedoms”. If anything, people just want to uphold the Constitution, word for word. It’s usually these very same people that say, ”we have to listen to the Constitution”. Granted, the American Constitution was drafted by some very hypocritical, wealthy slave owners but the American Constitution is very explicit about certain things.

            Shouldn’t only a well-regulated militia have access to firearms? An individual does not constitute a militia…like, by definition!

            Once again, Ammuurrrica continues to amaze the rest of the planet, for all the wrong reasons…

          • Missy Fitch

            That is where you are wrong. I believe that our constitution is something our government is supposed to uphold. That fact that they don’t and are in fact ignoring. Any other government has hard and fast laws, why is the fact America has them so astounding? Tell me, does the country you are from have laws that safe guard your rights? When the government takes those rights that we are supposed to be guaranteed I call it snatching away those rights.

            If you can not understand that I and many other americans feel like our government is taking away those rights then perhaps the problem is not with us but with your ability to understand.

            Who wrote the constitution is irrelevant because when anyone is elected to government office, they take an oath to uphold the constitution. So the content, or author is irrelevant in the sense that the government has the duty to follow those oaths regardless of any political/personal agenda.

          • Anonymous

            Well, I’m from Canada so yeah…we do.

            Did you just say whomever wrote the Constitution is irrelevant? Wow. I’m not going to touch that one because the clan-like mentality throughout these threads is amazing.

            Any who. In all seriousness, no joke, I have to head to the doctor and to the pharmacy. Forgive the late reply. I will respond once I’m around a computer. My phone is just that, a phone, and I can not check the internet on it. 😛 I’m still stuck in last millennium and I’m supposed to be from a MillennialGeneration! Figure that one out.

            Free health care is the epitome of Freedom. No bills, no costs, no worrying. And I have a pretty serious illness, too. The American ‘debate’ on health care is laughable at best. Imagine how much of your hard-earned dollars would be saved if you didn’t have to pay insurance companies each month.

            Granted, our taxes might seem a little bit high to an outsider. But it’s nice having real food inspected by qualified scientists, clean water, safe air-travel, and the cherry on top: free health care. Everyone gets sick the same. Shouldn’t everyone have the same health care?

            Have yourself a good day! Until later… :)

          • Missy Fitch

            I said that elected officials take an oath to uphold the constitution. They agreed to it when they take office. So in that respect the author of the constitution is irrelevant because they have already agreed to follow it. (I believe the authors of the constitution had better intentions for American than our current government so I will take them over what we now have. thanks.. )

            Personally I think Obamacare is the worst thing to happen to America. I think if we want everyone to have health care then we SHOULD do away with ins and just provide it free. However I don’t think that the government should be in control of health care at all because they have proved again and again that they can not be trusted.

            I laugh at your phone comment. I do not even own a cell phone. I have internet on my laptop and thats it.

          • Wrongtitle

            You are an idiot. You think only a well regulated militia should have access to firearms?

          • tin lizzie


          • Anonymous

            Read response posted above. Thank you.

  • Joe G

    Instead of focusing on facts they provide isolated incidents and they do nothing to disprove this article. They also do nothing to prove their case, this falls short of an “epic response.” How about they send their corporate fact checkers to provide concrete actual data because this looks like something a high school kid rebutted.

    • Debbie Roberts

      How about the NYT check their facts? That would be EPIC

      • Joe G

        They are both pretty bad but many organizations have crunched numbers as to what Walmart pays in taxes versus what public assistance does to support Walmart workers. Walmart pays less in taxes than its associates receive in public assistance. This makes Walmart the biggest welfare queen in America.

  • Stuffed Llama

    And just remember, every dollar you spend at Walmart is another bullet for the Peoples Liberation Army — that’s the Red Army to you. Walmart is a drain on every local community they infest with substandard goods Made in China.

    • Fred Bernquist

      What store do you shop at that doesn’t sell substandard goods made in China? The WalMart by us sells allot of farm goods grown in the U.S. and found many items made in USA. Granted their are things made in other than China but this Is all part of world trade, they sell our stuff we buy their goods and the world goes round and round. Nobody is forcing anyone to work for them or telling you where to buy from. Actually I don’t see Walmart as a drain on every local community but just the opposite as by us when Walmart moved in quite a few other stores starting building around them and around here seem to be making out quite well.

  • livewire

    What the Wal-Mart PR person doesn’t tell you is that they hire new associates as “temporary” for six months at a little over the minimum wage so they don’t have to pay for benefits. The associates are worked close to 40 hours a week. When the six months is up their hours are cut down significantly and they are hired on as “part time”. Also, if you have worked for Wal-Mart in the past and decided to come back to Wal-Mart, they do not count your previous time there. You have to start from scratch again. Just about any other business will count your previous work history with them towards vacation, etc. They hire new associates as “temporary” to get around the ACA. Also, many of the associates hired in as part time ARE on public assistance! Only those in management positions are considered full time, maybe 10% of those working at one store.

    • Debbie Roberts

      Do you work at Walmart? Well, we have several in my family that have and are. You are WRONG – you are talking about something that you know nothing about. Full time workers 80% in the walmart stores around here and in Texas. They also have benefits and they also are full time permanent. You’re lucky if you left and get hired back – why would you expect extra perks? They gave you another job didn’t they? You think like the “entitled” WOW – just WOW… bet you’re democrat

      • Joe G

        He means seasonal not temporary.

    • Missy Fitch

      All this was caused by the government. Obama wanted the ACA, we as a people re-elected him. Its our fault. Did you vote against the ones who voted for the ACA when they came up for re-election? If not, then apparently this was ok with you then. So complaining about it now seems moot.

      Personally I voted against every single person I could that voted for the ACA because I was smart enough to know EXACTLY what would happen if it passed. I KNEW it would stop employers from hiring people full time and cause them to cut employees hours as well as wages. Health ins is expensive. Thats why many of us couldn’t afford it in the first place. Just where and who did you think would pay for it if it was mandatory?

    • Leona

      Wow! Maybe you should get your facts straight. I currently work for Wal-Mart and I was never hired as a “temporary” associate. I also left the company for 6 months due to health reasons and when I went back, I didn’t start from scratch. The only “temporary” positions that Wal-Mart has is in the Seasonal department as it is just as the name implies, seasonal. Also not only is there a lot of full time staff at the store I work at but also at many other stores and they’re not in the management position. If you have full time availability or if you’re a coward and don’t speak up to your manager who does the scheduling, you will be given 40 hours a week. Most people don’t complain about how many hours they work. They want the 40hr week.

  • Duke Williams

    A corporation is in business to ……..are you ready…………..ready……………here it comes…………………to make a profit!!!!!!!!!!!…………not to provide jobs, not to give high wages, not to give benefits………….it is to MAKE A PROFIT!!!!! what about that do you “occupiers” not understand??????

    • Missy Fitch

      Its the sense of entitlement that has been fostered in the country. it seems like people believe that everyone is here to make their lives better. I am unemployed at the moment and I am sick to death of people that actually have jobs screaming about how bad they are treated, like their employers owe so much to them. When you get hired, you agree to a certain wage. unless they change it (lower it) with out a reason or your consent, why are they complaining. They agreed to the amount. If they wanted something different, they should either not agree to it or negotiate a different wage.

  • Amanda Joy Tran

    Nailed it!!
    ….side note to the latter part of the article. how about instead of demanding that govermant and corporations should give free handouts for all of their hardwork we should do some hard work of our own….live at or below your means, dont buy something that you can’t pay for (even education…why invest in a degree that you wont be able to get a job for?). Success and wealth come from time, patience, diligence, bridaled passion, common sense and especially HARD WORK. ( The last is redundant but everyone seems to forget that one)

  • Cory McElheny

    I worked at Wal-Mart for four years I was hired on at minimum wage and received a40 cent raise every year keep in mind that that kept me a mere ten to twenty cents over minimum wage for the length of my employment there. Working there was a joke McDonald’s in my area starts employees of at better wages with more opportunity for growth.

  • Anonymous

    NYT writes ,”It’s a sad day when we have to look to corporations for education, healthcare, and basic ways to boost the middle class. Most advanced nations do those things for their people.”
    This statement sums up the left completely! To them, the government should provide everything! You know, my grandparents relied on their employer (read CORPORATION) to provide health insurance (HEALTHCARE), a paycheck (used to pay for EDUCATION and their BASIC NEEDS), and, OMG – a PENSION! Imagine that! All those things were provided b the PRIVATE sector – NOT the government! What was wrong with that?

  • TheThingThatShouldNotBe

    I worked for Walmart for over 2 years, struggling to get ahead. In a state where minimum wage is $9.32 an hour, I was only making $10.45 after 2 yearly $.40 review raises and one promotion to Customer Service Supervisor. All this time I was there I rarely saw a work week with more than 28 hours in it. On average I actually worked closer to 20-24 hours a week AS AN HOURLY SUPERVISOR!! The math works out to about $500 a check before taxes. Which granted, isn’t so bad, but the scheduling was a nightmare too. I would work days, evenings, and nights randomly. I couldn’t plan for anything because I never knew what I’d be working next. I tried over the whole time I was there to find a second part time job and when I did on 3 different occasions, Walmart would NOT work with the scheduling conflicts so I couldn’t keep those jobs (I chose Walmart instead of the other jobs because they didn’t offer more hours and the pay was marginally better at Walmart). All this worked out to making me depend on the job just to barely squeak by. Being prideful I never sought assistance, but looking back, it sure would have been easier if I had. The end result of the job is that I ended up in a smaller, older apartment, couldn’t keep up car payments ending up in a repo. Scraping for months and riding the bus to afford something that barely runs enough to get me to work and back. Having only 1 set of work clothes and buying replacements ONLY when absolutely needed. Having no social life because all $$ was going towards rent/utilities etc.. nothing to go have fun on. And where am I now? Unemployed. Why? Because my boss allowed me to make certain decisions as a Customer Service Supervisor, and when she got transferred out and the new guy came in, I made the same decisions I always had, and was fired for overstepping my authority. Anyway, I could go all day on this. Bottom line is Walmart, though they put on a pretty face with the charities and everything, is actually the spawn of Satan himself.

    • gr8scott72

      Wait, the pay and hours were better at Walmart than your other jobs and yet Walmart is somehow evil?

    • Missy Fitch

      So you are saying, your job paid you above minimum wage, gave you yearly raises and are mad that walmart didn’t care about your personal life. You worked for them. And I know they don’t schedule you for times that you didn’t say you could work. Its called availability. My brother works at walmart and his availability is 8am-11pm and in the 8 years that he has worked there they have only scheduled him to work anything other than those hours with his consent. So you must have agreed to those hours.

      personally I think you are bitter cause you got fired as you seem mad that you no longer work there. Since you didn’t leave by your own choice clearly you didn’t find it as terrible as you say now.

      • TheThingThatShouldNotBe

        You bring up some good points. Perhaps I should have explained in greater detail so that it would be clearer. Point 1; you’re right about the availability, and I see I should have worded it differently. I was meant to explain that the randomness applied mostly to what days off I’d have, mostly split and never the same. Which is a cry baby thing to gripe about I admit. But try to plan ahead when you don’t know what days you’re going to have off. I tried to remedy this too. I changed my availability to not work on Sundays, so at least I’d have a predictable day off. Right after doing so however, my hours dropped 8-10 hours a week. When I reopened my availability, I got those hours back. Point 2: yes, I’m bitter. who wouldn’t be bitter for losing their job over doing their job, and doing it right? Oh, and I feel I need to explain my choice not to leave Walmart for one of the secondary jobs I found. 1 – I’d have to take a pay cut I couldn’t afford and work back up to what I was making. 2 – the jobs I found were at gas stations offering less hours. 3 – the secondary jobs didn’t offer the benefits I already had through Walmart (positive point for Walmart). 4 – I truly believed I could climb the ladder at the big corp chain rather than a local business and make a career there. 5 and most importantly, I was looking for a supplemental or secondary job to support my primary job at Walmart. Point 3; you’re right, when I was there, I didn’t find it so terrible. Now, even forgetting about why I don’t work there any more, I can take the pro’s and con’s of my experience there and the con’s still outweigh the pro’s. /But you know what? that’s just MY story. Lots of my ex-coworkers absolutely love it there and for them it’s great! I’m absolutely positive that for most people who work for them, it’s good for them and makes their lives better. I’m just one story out of many. I just feel ALL sides should be heard so people can make an informed opinion of their own.

  • Admiral America

    I don’t agree with mega corporations like Walmart driving small stores out of business. I think a lot of these corporations should be classified as monopolies, and broken up. However that being said nobody is forcing anyone to shop or work there. If employees don’t like it then they need to work elsewhere. If they need food stamps while holding down a full time job at Walmart then they need to stop spending so much money on luxury items they don’t really need to begin with. If they want those things then they need to aim higher in life.

    • tin lizzie

      We can’t just “classify” corporations as monopolies (at least not yet). They have to actually break anti-monopoly laws in order for that to happen. Although it is sometimes sad to see small mom and pop stores going out of business when a big store comes in with better “buying power”, because it changes the complexion of small towns, we can’t just classify them as monopolies to get rid of them.

  • Tony Viscardi

    I am no big fan of Walmart but they give their employees many chances for advancement for those that make the extra effort. Most of the workers complaining about their pay are the lazy and unreliable ones. The NYT is a waste of paper and its sad as they used to actually have journalist and not Obama cheerleading puppets.

    • tin lizzie

      The irrelevance of the NY Times is a good example of why more and more newspapers are going out of business.

  • Jackie Chiles

    This is obviously fake. Look at the last entry. The “comment” is left aligned like you would do on a computer. Fake.

  • Richard Grant

    Very interesting that the comments of the WORKERS have been ignored here-maybe because they are agreeing with the premise of the article: that Walmart is not a good place to work, that the wages provided are below the poverty line, and that the revevnue attained is more than enough to make this unethical and a national disgrace. 1 Tim 5:18 says that “The workmen is worthy of his wages”. In other words, pay people what their work merits. No honest full-time labor should yield below the poverty line wages.

    Unsuprisingly, when people, democrat or republican, read only to substantiate already embraced views, they miss new truth.

  • Teresa Garrity

    business is the people we see face to face. Where you know who is messing with you.
    Corporations like LLCs carry no true punisment nor honest responcibilties.
    Don’t follow Demons

  • Michael LeBlanc

    28% disapproval? 28% of Americans are Liberals who hate most corporations…Coincidence? I think not.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny to hear Mr Egan, who sounds very much like a socialist, discuss the American Dream. It seems like his understanding of that dream is “come to america and let the government take care of you.” Last I checked, that is the exact opposite of the American Dream.

  • jeff evans

    Great post but edit, edit, edit, people. And it’s “deep-seeded”. As in seeds planted deep.

    • Paul in San Antonio

      Actually, it IS “deep-seated,” as any of a number of references will tell you. So, great post, but research, research, research, Jeff.

      • tin lizzie

        Love it when know-it-alls get called. p.s. Seeds planted too deeply won’t grow

      • jeff evans

        I stand corrected- thank you (I’m not a know it all by the way- I just don’t like where writing has gone over the years and I’m happy to learn that I had this one wrong :) )

  • Rob Svenson

    My wife worked for Walmart as a very high paid member of store management. They treat their salaried members like garbage, demand them to work 70-80 hours a week doing grunt work because they don’t want to mess up payroll for their stock. If you complain or resists they threaten employees with their job and well being. The salaried members of management have to work Christmas, Xmas eve, Thanksgiving, 4th, Easter etc Basically every holiday, even when the store is closed. The insurance they offer their employees is garbage as well.

    If you are a single male looking to make money, then a Walmart manager is the job for you, it pays very well. If you care about family and work life balance, stay as far away as possible. The money they throw at you isn’t worth it.

    There is a ton of good old boys club mentality and minorities and women have a hard time promoting. When store managers etc are caught red handed drinking on the job or having sexual relations with staff, it is all swept under the rug and the people who accuse usually are the ones that get retaliated against.

  • Christopher Jay Campbell

    I wonder how much the average delivery person for the New York Times makes? How much do those news stand vendors make? How many photographers has the New York Times laid off? How many reporters? How much does upper management make? How much does the New York Times pay in taxes? How much corporate welfare does the New York Times get?

    • Bob Compton

      Also, what about that huge brand new building that they just built with their name engraved into it? They can’t even afford to pay for that, and will probably get a crony loan (taxpayer gift by the lying king) to pay for it. The main thing wrong with this article is that it was written by the NYT, so anything it said was immediately suspect. The only people who buy the NYT are low information people, liberals, concerned conservatives who want to know what lies the left is spewing now, and people who need something with which to line the bottom of the parrot cage.

  • Sraaken

    The Irony here to me is, criticizing corporations while lauding our corporate owned government..? I guess the left still think the government is run by the people. A sucker born every minute.

  • Anthony

    Am I the only one that noticed the line “tearing through Egan’s piece with a red pen just like a high school English teacher.”??? Look at the red “pen”’s just a red font shopped in. Every letter is completely identical… who really “edited” this letter??? If it even existed in the first place…

    • Hy Alldredge

      He did it on a computer obviously. Probably with a photoshop like program. That’s because it’s hard to post a physical piece of paper on a blog.

      • Anonymous

        No it is not. I and others post images of handwritten documents on the internet all the time.

        • Hy Alldredge

          I realize that but it wouldn’t have been as legible. Also that misses the point. This was an open response to a published article. The “red pen” was used for effect. It’s ridiculous to imply there’s some conspiracy afoot because it’s not literally a red pen used on a physical letter.

  • Anonymous

    I find it more than amusing that an organization losing market share hand over fist and teetering on the verge of bankruptcy (if not irrelevance) is giving business advice to the world’s largest public corporation. Perhaps the NYT should solicit some advice from Walmart before it goes belly up.

    • Bob Compton

      Perfect! You really nailed it with that one! If Walmart were to suddenly close their doors tomorrow, the economies of both the US and China would go into a nosedive that would take an awfully long from which to recover. I don’t believe there is any other corporation about whom you could say that. Also, other than the VA healthcare for veterans (which overall is still a great benefit,), the healthcare plan that Walmart provides for its employees is strongly competing with Medicaid as the best healthcare deal in the US. (Medicare is only for those over 65.)

      • Anonymous

        If Walmart ceased to be, the market demand would be satisfied by other entrepreneurs. The point is that Walmart does a wonderful job satisfying its customers. They’ve got more customers than they know what to do with because they deliver value. The money that people save shopping at Walmart gets injected into other areas of the economy, providing jobs and spurring economic growth. This is the key to capitalism: its intrinsic bias toward favoring more efficient producers. When you produce stuff more efficiently it gets less expensive and becomes more affordable for everyone. This raises everyone’s standard of living. The NYT article is simply wrong-headed. You cannot increase the cost of labor – an input to production – without increasing the cost of production. If you increase prices, money buys less stuff: less food, less clothing, less education, less, less, less. Standard of living declines. The market economy is the reason that poverty around the world has been so dramatically decreased over the last century, although you will never hear the political shills at the NYT admit it. Oh, and the VA is the quintessential socialized medicine system and it is simply behaving like one. When inelastic demand meets scarce resources rationing is almost always the result. What is happening at the VA is rationing, plain and simple. It happens in all “modern” healthcare systems, although it’s usually done with a little more discretion and politically correct policy. Cheers.

        • tin lizzie

          Very well put. Thank you.

  • Doug Balish

    Since when does the NY times need facts. Total lib propaganda rag

  • Diane Badget

    What I find amusing is that they always hit Walmart! No doubt there are employees of the New York Times who need some additional assistance as well. Even hard working Americans can’t do it all any more thanks to our own interfering government. And what’s really ironic here is that any one of us – you, me, the writer of this piece – any of us, could have been Sam Walton. We have the same opportunities and really good ideas. The difference is that Mr. Walton took his idea, worked with it, busted his backside and got an empire built – all on a thought. So is it really Walmart and corporate America so many resent, or the realization that it he did it and we didn’t. Just wondering……

  • RealityBites

    News flash! If you don’t like Walmart, don’t shop there. If you don’t like working at Walmart, don’t work there. Walmart, Starbucks, McD’s, etc owe you nothing. Cashier, coffee artist, and burger flipper are not smart career choices. They are stepping stones in life, not a final destination. Get motivated and improve your worth.

    • Grim Citizen

      Wake up! These jobs are the jobs to have. The economy is terrible and these are the only jobs that are always hiring.

      • RealityBites

        I refer you to my last sentence.

    • Joe G

      They may not be smart career choices but they are still jobs that have to be done. Most of these jobs aren’t taken by high school and college students, they are taken by people that cannot find better jobs because their jobs were displaced by people that wanted to make a quick buck riding off of cheap manufacturing labor in countries that made unions illegal.

  • Hy Alldredge

    I think a major reason libs hate Walmart is a class thing. NY times reading libs view walmart shoppers as redneck trailer trash. Liberals simply can’t stand poor white people or anything associated with them.

  • Shawn Cameron

    I’m all for making a fool of a leftist journalist. But some of these “corrections” are pure bullschit. Especially the one about average salaries and them buying American.

  • Paula Pechura Lieber

    In the discussion of student loans — why do people seldom talk about the universities? They are the ones setting tuition prices. They get all of their money up front — while students and their families are left with ways to figure out how to pay. And — if you take out a loan — it is your responsibility to pay it back. But if there is loan forgiveness — who pays the debt? There is still debt floating around out there. Oh, wait, those of us who pay taxes may just be getting the pleasure of paying that debt! Why does no one start demanding that colleges lower their tuitions? Particularly those colleges that have huge endowment funds? BTW — are those endowment funds taxed? Hmmmm . . .

    • Anonymous

      College tuition has skyrocketed for one reason. The Federal Government confiscated the student loan programs from the private market and has basically eliminated any and all loan requirements. In other words, they have created a system where millions borrow money from you and me, through the Feds, that they know will never be paid back. This easy access to cash has given colleges and universities the green light to raise tuition rates far beyond inflation. Now, nobody can afford to pay for college and almost everyone must go to the federal government to get the money to go. When I went The Citadel in 1974 tuition, room and board, books, fees, etc, was about $3300 per year. Today, it is approaching $40,000! Something stinks and it’s the Feds involvement in what should have remained a private transaction between aspiring students and a bank, or borrowing from their parents. Now taxpayers are on the hook for the next round of defaults that will make Fannie and Freddie look like armature hour. All this chaos created by a government sticking its nose where it doesn’t belong, which is up the butt of private enterprise. All part of Obama’s Marxist agenda.

  • Anonymous

    I love Wal-Mart. As a senior, their low prices are a large draw, but also the employees are good and decent people and most helpful.

  • Anti Fabian

    I would question the claim that Walmart is buying American made goods? I’ve never seen any on the store shelves in Walmart. Everything I have ever seen there is made in China.

    • Anonymous

      There are some, but they are few each year. If you ever read the story told by CEO Weir about Snapper vs. Walmart you would develop a better understanding how Walmart harms US manufacturers. Walmart’s philosophy of pressuring suppliers to provide “low cost” (PC for poor quality) products is actually undermining US manufacturer competitiveness. By focusing on cost vs quality Walmart forces it venders to compete based on manufacturing costs which are mostly labor costs, and in that competition China and India will always win. This has also converted our country into a “disposable” society, one consisting of customers that are satisfied with a low quality products that only last for a few years before needing to be replaced. This “good enough for now” attitude is exactly the same attitude that dominates Chinese society. So in reality Walmart has done more to make the US more like China then any other person or organization on the planet.

  • Ann Parmenter

    i have not found there to be many products made in the usa at the local walmart. and after they put the small stores out then the prices go up. Sam Walton belived in helping the small people, his heirs or the people who run the company dont.

  • madman

    This is nothing more than a NY Times hatchet attack. I’m glad Walmart smacked back at this hack writer.

  • Gale Morse

    The white house is not even paying some there MINIMUM wage, and women get paid less than men ! Will NY times write a piece on that ? NOT ! At least Walmart is making money, they give, the liberals want it all, until you go after theirs , DC isnt making money, what is there is ours, and they give it to ISLAM, and the illegals pouring in ..

    • Anonymous

      WOW, you really are clueless as to how your government works! No wonder you are disillusioned/dissatisfied with it. First the White House is just a building and has no government authority at all. The President, who lives in the White House, is the head of government and state. As such he has limited authority in what the White House staff (and other government employees) are paid. The House of Representatives (1/2 of congress) controls spending and dictates how government funds are to be spent. Very little discretion is given to government agencies(authorities) in how the funds budgeted to them are to be spent. Most of these employees are GS/GM pay scale employees, which means they receive annual not hourly pay. This pay scale is completely controlled/determined by the House of Representatives. All the positions/jobs in the government are classified by the OPM, based on the job complexity, base knowledge required, experience required and number & type of employees supervised. This classification determines pay without regard to gender, religion, age or disability. All of this means that if you are upset by pay inequality/inadequacy you need to take it up with the GOP controlled House of Representatives and stop using the resident in the White House as you scapegoat/wiping boy. Oh and were does all this Islam BS come from?

  • Malinda Harton


  • Lolita Huisman

    i am glad to see the nations largest employer is makng a profit rather than closing store after store and going bankrupt….the must be doing something right….take a note
    US Government

  • Anonymous

    The poorly written and ineptly researched piece is merely a distraction for what is really hurting Americans. And it’s NOT Walmart. But rather, it is the Federal government that is hurting Americans. From an insane tax code to ripping healthcare from Americans to threatening citizen for opposing liberal ideology to convincing Americans that they are too stupid to make their own choices and take care of themselves. Michelle thinks that Americans are too dumb to eat. Rather than telling Americans what they should eat, why not teach them basic nutrition skills and let them decide. Was required Home economics too racist or too feminist or too humiliating to require all high schooler to take? Too poor to afford quality food you say? I disagree. Quality healthy food doesn’t have to be uber expensive, but that food may not be the sugary salty crunchy food Americans want… Its a choice. My single mom of 4 put nutritious food on the table and that food was neither expensive nor fancy. We did not have soda, chips, candy, snack crackers, etc. But we did have protein, milk, fruit, and vegetables. We were healthy; not overweight. We ate nutritious food. Not fancy well advertised back foods. Many such food items are costly and offer little in the way of nutrition. Americans can choose to spend their food dollars wisely. Or splurge on lobser tails as I recently watch one EBT customer do. When the government would rather disrupt healthcare for the many with its stated purpose of providing healthcare for the few even though just buying insurance for the poor would have been cheaper, there’s a problem with government. One must really wonder what the motive is. I for one believe that motive has little to do with helping the needy. Other than needy poiticians.

  • Anonymous

    1. Union propaganda; 2. Success-hating communists; 3. It’s not WalMart’s fault this country mandated, regulated and taxed consumer products manufacturing to friendlier countries.

  • Matt Caruana

    In short: We’re still reading something on Glenn Beck’s website, therefore, it can only truly be utter nonsense. Let’s all keep moving.

    • defiant1

      To each his own, please do move on Matty boy………..

    • Anonymous

      Factual story = “utter nonsense.”

    • Anonymous

      Then why do you come here? Only an idiot would hang around sites they consider “utter nonsense”. Move along.

  • jbshamilton

    I wonder frequently as I read the news… or what is meant to be news which is nothing more than opinion pieces. The New York Times as well all most media outlets put these pieces out as actual news stories rather than commentary. We have many options for news commentary and I subscribe to several of them. But the news is the news or at least it should be. It should be fact checked and not skewed with Yellow Journalism…which is what they used to call it before all news became so slanted one way or the other.
    There was a time when a reporter would be ashamed of writing pieces which were proven false.

  • chery

    This is what has to be done. Come right back at them. Do not let them write and print any lies they so deem.

  • EHall

    If an individual is drowning in student loan debt, they won’t have time to think about changing their world, our world. They’ll plug right in to the rat race. Everyone who feels Walmart is the salvation of the working class MUST be working for them right??????????? I thought so.

    • RockinRita

      Why would a college educated person with student loan debt work at Walmart for $8 an hour? That makes no sense.

      • Anonymous

        “Why would a college educated person with student loan debt work at Walmart for $8 an hour?”

        Depends on the college degree… Lots of useless ones out there.

        • Missy Fitch

          and the ones that aren’t useless could have literally 100,000 other people competing for the positions.

      • Missy Fitch

        because they cannot get a job in the field they got the degree from or that they find that the degree they got is absolutely useless because 15000 other people have the same degree and experience level and therefore their degree means nothing.

  • Anonymous

    This still America…. at least for a little while longer. If employees are being taken advantage of and are suffering and being forced into poverty, they can leave and find other employment…. perhaps work for the government. All they have to do is show they donated to Obama’s election and they can get a job. Why do libs and pundents feel they have to denegrate business when traditionally America lauded success and looked to corporate leaders as role models?

  • Jerry Scheer

    the new York times and the democrats and buckwheat will do anything to divert attention to what is actually going on in this country as they ruin it.they want everyone to be beholden to the govertment while thousands of illegals flood over the western border waiting to get get their fre handouts like food stamps free medical care, education and welfare, take your country back and get rid of these idiots and close the borders and deport all these illegells so they don’t overflow the system and you know who pays for these illegells the middle class taxpayer

    • Anonymous

      Comparing Buckwheat to our beloved leader is an insult to Buckwheat. He was smarter than this boob! Cheers.

  • OK_Bayou

    If you ask, “Is America better with or without Walmart,” what would be the consensus answer, and what would be the ramifications over the next 10 years?
    While I personally do not care for some of Walmart’s tactics, most of the people mad at them are mad because because Sam Walton figured out how to do business better.
    I do not work at Walmart. I was an IT contractor for a large project at Walmart’s Home Office from 11/2010 — 01/2012. I worked with numerous middle managers. Most of them started with a blue smock in the stores.

    • Anonymous

      “Sam Walton figured out how to do business better.” see my other post. Walton took advantage of a favorable situation. If he didnt do it someone else would have.

    • Shannon C Williamson

      Depends on how you look at it. All the small businesses that closed down when Wal-mart moved in would say that it is not good for America. For people who want cheap product and lower costs, it is a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    Walmart and Starbucks, a few more interesting facts: Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, says his employee turnover is about 100% each year. Few Starbucks employees stay with that company for an long period of time, as a Starbucks’ job is often seen as temporary or as an interim stop in a person’s career ladder. With that turnover rate, not too many Starbucks’ employees will most likely take advantage of the company’s four-year college tuition assistance plan. (Although you can’t “knock” the plan, it may also be offered, in part, as another way of retaining Starbucks’ employees).

    Schultz also says, in an interview with the WSJournal (where he announced his college funding plan) that Starbucks has over $1.8 billion dollars in reserve funds, and $1.1 billion of that is “parked” overseas to avoid the US federal corporate tax bite. He also says that two-thirds of all Starbucks future expansion will, in part because of US tax rates, be done outside of the US while Walmart continues to expand both in and outside the US.

  • Shannon C Williamson

    I’m ok with Wal-Mart. If he really wanted to focus on why Wal-Mart is not favored by employees, that would of made a better subject. Mr. Walton had profit sharing, those who run it now phased it out. They don’t accept doctors notes unless you are dead or dying so to speak. So if you come down with the flu and it lasts a few days and recovery is a week, so much for your job. They are not schedule friendly either. Meaning, unless you are a high school student, you can’t get a second job to make up for only making $8 an hour. The worst job in the store ‘maintenance’ is one of the
    least, if not the least, paid jobs and they still expect you to do the work of other people who get paid more than you do. So while on average they pay more than minimum wage, and have hired thousands of post 9/11 Vets, and give some tuition assistance; they cut hours all the time which really hurts those who make less than $8 and really anyone who makes less than $10 an hour. All the while having to be readily available to work the original schedule, again making it impossible to get a second job.

    • Anonymous

      the current management is just squeezing what they can out of a dying company.

      • RockinRita

        Just like the Federal government is doing to taxpayers. Squeeze what they can out of us until we give up and live off of the Government and let the Gov’t make all of the decisions about what we can eat, drink, where we get our healthcare, what we learn in school and how we raise our own children.

        • Anonymous

          Actually taxes were higher under Kennedy then they are today and the Kennedy period is considered one of this country’s most prosperous eras. As to out of control spending that started with Reagan, who siphoned Trillions of dollars of government assets off to the private sector (of pennies on the dollar) and then had the government lease these same assets back from their new private sector owners at a price that allowed the private sector to recover the purchase costs in 4-5 years. This leasing practice works great for the private sector because they have profits to right the lease expense off against (and save on taxes), but not so good for a government which is non-profit organization that pays not taxes.

  • Anonymous

    In many ways the original article misses the point. Wal-Mart is a symptom more than a cause of larger economic issues and its not really fair to make them a scapegoat and to place so much responsibility at their feet.

    Wal-Mart’s business model has always about squeezing others for their own benefit, whether that be the employees, states or the manufacturers that supply the products.

    Wal-Mart’s success is almost entirely the product of economic forces that opened up foreign labor markets, and then taking advantage of a flood of cheap chinese products to drive other retailers out of business. They twist the arms of local governments for handouts, tax breaks and free infrastructure improvements. Then they rehire the people that lost their jobs from all the manufacturing jobs that were exported, pay them a third of what they might have been making and call them lucky to have a job.

    It was govt policy that opened up the floodgates of cheap chinese imports, wal-mart was just in the right place at the right time. Buts its the triplw whammy of lost jobs, lowered wages and lost tax revenue that hurts americans in the long run.

  • melmc13

    Be factual in reporting? The NYT can’t be bothered. (Yeah, what’s new with that?)

    • Phydeux

      Yeah, he can’t even get his grammar right. LOL

  • Phydeux

    This guy’s big mistake is not doing his homework.

    Walmart employs entire departments who do nothing but crunch numbers, compare their business practices against other companies, and determine the long-term economics of every move they make.

    And this guy thinks he’s going to out-fox them with cheap stats and bullet points you could Google from a million Walmart hate sites? There’s no deep analysis, no market analyses, and no citations to back up claims.

    Like Walmart or hate Walmart, but they’ve got their ducks in a row, and you’d better come loaded for bear if you’re going to challenge them on their numbers.

  • Lisa St. Aubin

    Can we say BRILLIANT public relations comeback??? There are so many skewed statements in Walmart’s retort. NY Times could have pointed out how many small business owners who earned enough for a family are put out by these scoundrels. BUSINESS OWNERSHIP was the American dream, Walmart-NOT industrial employment. And let’s talk American industry…a dinosaur on the verge of extinction thanks to Walmart (et al) who only buy crappy-break-after-one-use garbage from China and Taiwan. Good for you Walmart for hiring skillful staff! Bravo.

    • bigbabart1

      we been change away from industrial age for 30 years and now we are going services age, where we do not make it, but repair or services it some way.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry Lisa, but WalMart alone is not responsible for offshoring manufacturing… that would be mostly due to progressive tax policies and regulations that make it nearly impossible to compete. For example, look at all the medical device manufacturers who are now offshoring because of the medical device tax included in Obamacare. Are you trying to claim that WalMart is responsible for that? Careful, your clueless liberalism is showing!

  • WI Native

    Good to see Walmart keep throwing it back in their faces.

    About Egan and the cost of college. It’s a little hard to take a liberal railing on the cost of college when it’s people like him driving the cost up. Colleges are full of, and run by liberals. How about Egan starts complaining about professor salaries? Get rid of tenure, TA’s, and bring the salaries of the tweed elbow patch blazer wears back to earth. Then they’ll have to work for a living for a change. Less time for them to sit around and theorize about things they have no idea how to make work. 2 birds 1 stone.

    Those who can do, and those who can’t teach. If you’re a teacher and this made you upset take it to the bad teachers and profs making you all look bad. I don’t want to hear it. This is what happens. You all are responsible for the industry you work in that is failing us all. I’ve paid the price for Big Education’s failures enough already.

    And yes I have a degree that cost an arm and a leg. It took forever to pay off. I’m more than a little jaded about what I spent for what I received.

  • steven Overbey

    Great response by Walmart. Maybe, they should take over Journalism as one of their products. Obviously the N Y Times is not good at their’s and is laying off people instead of hiring them. And of course military need not apply, The N Y Times hates the military.

  • Mac Capello

    The minimum wage is immoral. It’s the tyranny of the poor decision makers and no-skilled laborers.

  • kevin Golike

    walmarts in my area are still bare shelves when it comes to ammo,as is most places,unless they are price gouging . funny how college degree knuckle heads at cooperate cannot understand supply and demand, they get all the ammo they order ,but refuse to order more to supply the demand.

    • Anonymous

      Ammo has Federal and State regulations — you assume something like that can be wholesaled in unlimited quantities. You are wrong. You are the knucklehead.

  • Joe G

    Walmart can trumpet their lies until they are blue in the face, it does not change the fact that they care more about money than they do about their employees. Don’t work there/don’t care? Well your tax dollars pay for their employees because they don’t want to lower their profit margin enough to pay their employees a decent wage.

    • Joe G

      Instead of being responsible corporate citizens they game the system any way they can to make a buck and you all blame the minimum wage employees that work there. They win twice

      • Anonymous

        ” responsible corporate citizens” — what a pantload Why don’t YOU take YOUR money and give all the workers at your local Wal-Mart a raise? Or are you just really excited about spending other people’s money?

    • VoF

      They are a company, they are there to make money.. whats the problem? Don’t support them if you are not happy with them.

  • Taylor Marie

    I actually work at Walmart, and the bull about full time employees making on average $12.91 is just that, bull. I know people who have worked there for going on 8 or 9 years and they still don’t make that much. Another thing, it is extremely hard to even get full time. I recently got my yearly raise and I was told by my manager that even though I had exceeded all expectations and deserved the highest raise I could get (which BTW is 60 cents), she couldn’t give it me because all raises have to be approved by the company and no one was allowed to get the full raise. If they don’t even want to give me a full 60¢ what in the world makes me think that they’re going to let me be full time and get an even higher raise?? Here’s the kicker, I actually need assistance like food stamps and Medicaid, but guess what? I make $30 over my family’s income limit. I have enough money to pay all of my bills and get gas for work each week and once that’s done I have about, if I’m lucky, $45 to my name. Twice a month I have $45 extra to put food in the house for a family of 3, buy toilet paper, laundry soap, toothpaste, etc. So please, continue to tell me that Walmart loves it’s employees, because I am having a hard time believing it right about now…

    • VoF

      Who’s holding a gun to your head to work there? Quit complaining and start your own company then pay your employees what you want.

      • Taylor Marie

        Yes because if it was truly that easy, then surely all of the people who have to stay there to (barely) support their families because there are no other jobs out there, would have done this long ago. Starting a business requires money and unless you skipped over ALL of my comment, working there gets you little of that. It’s not as simple as, I don’t like my job, I want to work somewhere else.

        • Anonymous

          So why is that Wal-Mart’s problem? Get a job somewhere else. If you aren’t qualified for anything else, then perhaps we have identified the REAL problem here.


    I’d like to put my two cents into the picture – Just out of college at age 21 with an AAS and having worked many jobs since I was 16, I made $9.50 an hour as a temp worker at Walmart with a possible permanent position after a few months.. Not anywhere near the $12 claimed, and that’s with a degree. I don’t agree with the author of the article and still consider the $9.50 a semi-decent pay stub, but at the same time I had to be open to their schedules entirely which made having a social life very difficult as I could be called up at random.

  • Susan Ruegamer Moraghan

    There is another side to things that the left does not want to admit. Many EBT card holders shop at Walmart. Walmart does their best to keep prices down to also aid these people. If Walmart was forced to pay higher wages, then the price of their goods would go up and the EBT money would buy less.

    I am not the biggest fan of Walmart, but they serve a purpose. They are also spot on in saying that the biggest impact on the economy is the loss of manufacturing. Not everyone is meant to hold an office job. We also cannot survive as a society that does not manufacture goods.

    Also, that $12.91 is the average nationwide. I am sure some are making more and some are making less.

    • Anonymous

      “Many EBT card holders shop at Walmart. Walmart does their best to keep prices down to also aid these people. If Walmart was forced to pay higher wages, then the price of their goods would go up and the EBT money would buy less.”

      Oh joy, then Progressives can claim they need to raise the EBT gimmes because the prices at Wal-Mart went up, and then they can whine about the “livable wage” at Wal-Mart being insufficient, and so on and so on.

      Did you even think through what you wrote?

    • Anonymous

      Really! Were is the study or data supporting your assertions? The fact is WalMart’s profit margin (13.77%) is greater than Costco’s profit margin (12.88%) [numbers come from annual earnings reports filed with the SEC]. If WalMart was really interested in keep its prices low to accommodated EBT holders then why the higher profit margin?

  • Anonymous

    So were are the numbers showing any other company in the US that has as high a usage of welfare & medicaid as Walmart? Talk about smoke and mirrors. This guy’s “corrections” a misdirection and half truths. That $1 billion in charity that makes Walmart “possibly” the largest foundation in America is the minimum annual contribution required to maintain the family’s charitable trust. This trust is setup to only use the annual returns on investments for charitable spending keeping the annual contributions and original endowment in the trust. Upon the trustees passing all of this money (100’s of billions of dollars) transfers to the heirs tax free, in short the motivation for the trust is to transfer massive wealth to the heirs without paying taxes the charity is just something required by law to have the trust.

  • alicia

    Very unprofessional article. I would be embarrassed to be that editor. For one thing, where are the statistics for Starbucks? The article doesn’t even make sense for that reason. They were repetitive with what they hate about walmart and gave a bunch of made – up statistics for walmart. Why is Starbucks even in there? What’s their starting pay? Average pay per hour? Benefits? Number of Veterans hired? Badly written article, for sure.

  • Julia Ramirez

    Mr. Tovar:

    No disrespect intended…but you need to get out if the office and into the field more. Starting wage at Wal Mart College Station is around 7.25/hr. sales associate. Your lucky to get 35 hours weekly since they cut hours. The Wal Mart in Bryan is the filthiest I have ever been in. Produce looks like it should be thrown in the garbage. I shop at this store weekly and have seen this constantly, not to mention lack of regular stocked items. They opened a “new” store on Hwy 2818, the new Bio Corridor, supposedly a super Wal Mart…BUT it is considerably small and the availability of stock is SO obvious! Way small meat, produce, household, pet, garden depts and so on. All because they lack warehouse space. Whoever did this study failed. This is FACT.

    • Old Grump..

      Don’t shop at that, horrible, horrible place. Are you a glutton for punisment?

    • Chelsea Anne Niemann

      Starting wage is not “rest-of-your-life” wage! If you are a person with the qualities for making yourself successful, you don’t remain at minimum wage for long. I’m not a fan of my local WalMart either for the same reasons you dislike yours, but there’s nothing wrong with starting pay being minimum wage for untrained, unskilled workers. I was fine with it when I was hired at PetSmart as I put myself through college and I’m not there anymore because I worked for and earned my raises and promotions. Nobody forces people to work for WalMart. They are capable of finding an alternative if it doesn’t meet their needs. There is competition for good, skilled employees in the workplace and if Walmart was the only big bad bully, no one would work there.

  • Old Grump..

    They should open their own LIB-MART based on Wal-Marts business model, (it’s not like it’s some closely guarded nuclear secret), and then they could pay people $15…$25…heck, make it $50 an hour to start! Yeah, that would show those stingy conservatives what for. Sing it! “I want to change the world and buy everyone a Coca-Cola” C’mon…with feeling this time!!!

  • Anonymous

    The often uncorrected aspect of the Progressive argument is that the ‘minumim wage’ is supposed to be a ‘living wage’, when in fact it is a TRAINING WAGE.

    History and common sense argue that, by artificially [artbitrarily] inflating the wages of untrained workers [absent commensurate increases in productivity] the cost of goods and services is increased on everyone – including those earning the ‘living wage’. The income of the more productive employee is necessarily stagnated; the number of employees is reduced [or their hours cut back to part-time].

    The net result is a compression of the income scale, a reduction in employment numbers and, effectively, a ‘treadmill’ effect upon those trying to live on a ‘training wage’ that has been sold to the public as a ‘living wage': They collect more dollars for the same productive output, which increases the cost of the goods and services that they themselves must purchase, across the board.

    Union employees eye the wage-tide rising above their ankles with unease, and complain – especially at negotiation-time – that they are “falling behind”, and thus demand yet higher wages and benefits to try to stay ahead of the ‘living wage’, which the politicians that their organized labor leaders tell them that they must elect hand untrained workers yet more unearned pay increases, driving the wage-tide ever higher up the union-employees’ pant-legs.

    It would be tempting to be satisfied that the organized labor dupes get what they voted for in this case – and thus deserve – except for the fact that the situation affects everyone, whether they’re union or not. So everyone’s actual purchasing power per dollar shrinks as the money supply is arbitrarily inflated. Yes, we look at our paychecks and see the numbers increase, but when we get to the supermarket we find that prices have gone up [Thank Walmart for holding other retailers’ feet [pricing] to the fire].

    We’re on the ‘living wage’ treadmill, headed full-speed to the Weimar republic.

    It’s little wonder that the progressive-dominated public education system can’t find time to teach either constitutional republicanism or free-market economics [same thing – Individual Liberty].

  • Katherine

    No one is forced to work at Walmart. That is the end of my argument.

  • EFY Evan

    Note that Glenn said “oh my gosh”. He did not take the Lord’s name in vain.

  • Craig Johnson

    Good job, Walmart!!! Correct the lies when they are published!! Shame on some folks!!

  • Sharlene

    I have 4 grandchildren that graduated from college in the last 6 years and so did their spouses. I know the 4 had loans and also 2 of the spouses. Most have paid back their loans and the others are in the process. None of them expect the government to bail them out. Like one said, I knew I had to pay it back, so I will. So proud for that attitude. Just if everyone had the same attitude. Why should they expect all of you to pay for their college education? Would you be willing to pay their home mortgage payment or car loan payment? Of course not and they are no different than a college loan. They are responsible people and take care of their bills. Are we also going to feed and clothe these people that we are being forced to pay their debts. What a way to make responsible people of them. I prefer my grandchildren’s attitude.

    • Missy Fitch

      the problem is people are equating college with education. Anyone can educate themselves. You don’t need college for that. College is to get a better job. Getting a high paying job is not a basic need for life. I don’t think it should be expected that everyone must or should go to college. That attitude is what has driven the price up on going to college to begin with.

  • JMac

    My gosh…if you’re going to run a piece on how poorly written a New York Times article is, how about proofreading your own text? REALLY undermines your message when your copy if full of mistakes.

  • Robert Montague

    To all the whining Wal-Mart employees. Get a job with the federal government. It pays better. You don’t have to do much of anything. You can’t be fired. Best of all you are probably already qualified.

  • aznative

    What it boils down too is wal-mart thrives exclusively on public assistant customers period. They cater to illegals and havd no regard for their effect and illegal activity in our nation and the theft of our treasury by those who have no right to it. Go spend a couple of hours at your local store, you will see thousands of illegals pulling out their illegal gains state issued carte Blanc card paid for by American citizens. Not to mention the hundreds of illegals who hang out in their parking lots looking for work, money under the table. This country has some big issues.

    • Anonymous

      Wal-Mart cannot refuse service based on any points in your post. They are also not an arm of the US Immigration Service, nor of the FBI, the IRS, or any other Federal, State or Local agency. Enforcing immigration laws, government subsidy fraud, government benefits fraud, and the like is the responsibility of the Obama administration, which is doing a fine job of enfor….oh, yeah, well, maybe THAT’S the real problem.

  • aznative

    And look at how many American companies they’ve run out of business by going with so many products made in china. They used to
    Care about this nation. Made in America. Not anymore, it is about profit and the new walmarts look like a prison.

  • Nathanial Poling

    love the response to the NY Times communist hack…

  • Anonymous

    No one is forced to work or shop anywhere, let alone Wal-Mart. Stupid, ignorant piece by a typical Times hack. Or was it written by a local union official? Hard to tell.

  • Chelsea Anne Niemann

    I don’t normally post my views, but I’ve got to say my bit now. I make $8.56/hour, my fiance makes $10.25/hour, we completely support ourselves and *I’M* saying do not raise minimum wage! What will happen is the people who’ve worked hard for that extra dollar or two an hour will be back at the minimum again, because they will not give out proportional raises across the boards. Things will get harder for us because all these companies will do is just pass it down to the consumer and the cost of groceries, gas, utilities, etc. will go through the roof. It will come full circle and land me lower on the ladder than I am now. It’s just a political tactic to get the vote of the uneducated. You know what would help? Cut some frivolous spending and stop taking so much out of my paycheck every week.
    Also, I just graduated from college with my Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and had no loans. Its possible. Its not easy, but its possible. Even if I had loans, I know better than to take a variable APR loan, and would eat ramen noodles every night before I missed a payment. I earned the Florida Bright Futures scholarship for community college, I lived with my parents (because that was the only way they could afford to help), drove an hour to campus five days a week, worked on the weekends and after school, didn’t party, didn’t drink and studied like mad. I worked two jobs one summer to save up when my scholarship ran out due to government cutbacks. The only break I got was in my last two semesters, after 5 1/2 years, when I realized my dad’s GI bill was transferable.
    How about, instead of cheap political tactics, we as a nation stop pressuring non-traditional students to finish in 4 years or go to big expensive universities? How about we make it more flexible for students to work to support themselves and go to school? How about we reevaluate our broken education system so students are more prepared for college? How about we, as a nation, promote personal responsibility?
    Thanks! *End rant.*

  • dennis reilly

    I go to Walmart, would like to know when this guy Egan is going to start a business so I can work for him and get all his goodies

  • theGriz

    Looks like to me that the ny (t)crimes just got their arse handed to ’em….lol

  • Anonymous
  • anne

    Having worked at the largest retailer for over a decade, they are forgetting to mention that they don’t hire full time associates. When I first got hired on, they were actually not a bad place to work for. The last few years however, not so much. Without full time employ, they don’t have to offer any kind of benefits.

  • Karma’s Knights

    Republican s are so ignorant. Please read back to yourselves what you write. It is going to be so fun to watch how you treat a woman President after the way you have hated having a black man in charge! Lol jokers!

    • Anonymous

      YOU are the ignorant one. Please don’t breed up kids.

    • Anonymous

      Ah yes, the race card — the universal cover-up for failure.

  • jr88

    You cannot win a debate with someone who is unencumbered with the truth.

  • Gregory Simmons

    I find it funny when ayone in America mentions or complains about the 1%. If you didnt know, everyone in America is in the top 1% versus the World.

  • Nick Varnalis

    Who wrote this piece, Karl Marx?

  • Esther Barnett

    Speaking as one who works for Sam’s Club (Wal-Mart’s super club), they don’t treat us with respect nor do they give decent schedules. They do not care about us at all.

    • Anonymous

      Get a job somewhere else then.

      • Aurella

        I am sure with you can supply him with one

        • Anonymous

          Why should I? He’s as ignorant and unqualified as you.

          • Aurella

            you don’t even know me and you can say that I am not qualified? You can’t even imagine how dumb you sound, what cardboard box did you crawl out of?

  • Anonymous

    Instead of dissing Walmart, start your own retail company and kick their ass! Put up or shut up. No, the company isn’t perfect but it is successful. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Check back in 5 years and see if your ideas survived.

    • Aurella

      Great idea, only Kmart tried this and that mult millionaire company couldn’t complete with it.

  • Suni Godbold

    Home Depot is worse than walmat.

    • Anonymous

      Not possible. Nobody actually works at Home Depot. There are few reliable sightings of Home Depot workers in the aisles.

  • Robert Janca

    Mr Egan, it is not the role of our government to supply us with a happy life but rather it’s legitimate role is to protect our life and liberty so we can pursue our ideas of happiness. So let’s dump all this nonsense about equal pay and get back to the true standard of equality, our humanity. And your life is what you make it, not what the government gives you.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men

    • Aurella

      Mr. Egan is right, he sounds like a AMERICAN patriot who CARES about the
      American worker. I guess you don’t give a crap about anyone else except your $1 crap that you can buy that falls apart. If our govt. really cared about the American worker we would have tarriffs – so we wouldn’t have to compete with Wages that are slave labor that China provides. If we can’t do business with Cuba which is communist, then why are we doing this with China?
      Are you a commie?

      • Anonymous

        No he isn’t, but you are a shizzhead. That’s worse than a commie.

        • Aurella

          You don’t know what is even the right side up. You are a commie.

  • Aurella

    No, the author of the article was RIGHT about Walmart and other stores that pay people less than a living wage – according to Walmart figures, they pay their associates who are full time LESS than $27,000 a year (or $26,852.80 BEFORE TAXES) a year, which is NOT a living wage in America, a person would need to live paycheck to paycheck and constantly be borrowing money, and need public assistance. A person could not support a family with that type of pay if they were a single mother with children. And US tha American Taxpayers are taxed so that this person who works for that type of wage can survive. No wonder the Middle Class is disappearing, we can’t afford all the high taxes. Glenn Beck YOU would not be able to survive on that either!

    • Anonymous

      Wal-Mart chains their workers to the store? If they don’t like the wages, get a job SOMEWHERE ELSE! Seriously, are you that vapid?

      • Aurella

        They put other mom and pop stores out of business, or that is news to YOU? Seriously, you like China and other countries taking our economy into the ground so you can get something cheap for a $1 that falls apart?

        • Anonymous

          More inane Progressive rants from the empty-noggin fool.

          • Aurella

            The only empty head is YOURS and your wallet paying those taxes because those people aren’t earning a LIVING wage!

          • Anonymous

            Is that you, Jay Carney? Is this your new gig since you became unemployed?

          • Aurella

            YOU Are the FOOL, Keninmo, because you like it that people will work for slave wages, and not care that you pay HIGHER TAXES. YOU sound like the PROGRESSIVE. But then, you don’t even realize this, what is your master feeding you?

    • Sam701

      That’s why Glenn Beck is a radio show host. He doesn’t have to survive on less than $27k/year.

    • teekay51

      If a full time position at Wal-Mart is all they qualify for, they need to go back to school and get a better education that will qualify them for a higher paying job. Wal-Mart doesn’t take prisoners and make them work. Most work there part time for additional income.

      Wal-mart’s ultra low prices have expanded they buying power of lower income people by a significant amount. Higher wages, higher prices. That is how it works in the real world.

      People need to stop blaming successful companies for their own lack of success. They should have thought about that before they quit school, or wasted their educational opportunity on hanging out, rather than studying.

      No one should ever be required to reward slovenly behavior; certainly not the world’s most successful retailer.

  • Lancey

    I can see readily the “decreasing influence” by the lefts newspapers! They’re completely oblivious to any other thought or concept by anyone else! Then when they’re shown up they resort to doctoring the comments of their foes, thus completely invalidating their arguments and making them bogus! Having to lie about your opponents is a sign of weakness not strength!

  • Aurella

    If you have a company and cannot pay a person a LIVING wage, PLEASE SHUT DOWN YOUR COMPANY!!!!! Do everyone a favor a close your doors so that another company can come in and pay people LIVING wages. Then our taxes will go down. It used to be that people worked and were able to live on what they worked. Now with our country not putting tarriffs on goods from companies that hire people with slave wages (such as China) the American worker is being forced into a corner, to take less pay and how could that be good for our country? Now I am reading that people are blaming the govt. for EBT cards, why not blame the companies that pay people low wages that they can’t live on? Maybe you have been brainwashed to blame the govt., with the propaganda you hear all the time, GET UNBRAINWASHED AND WAKE UP!!!!

    • Anonymous

      If you don’t like the wage you are getting from an employer, PLEASE GET A DIFFERENT JOB! GET UNPROGRESSIVED AND GET A CLUE!

      • Aurella

        You are directing your answer to me and I AM NOT A PROGRESSIVE, I am a TRUE Conservative that believes in giving a person a LIVING WAGE, I am NOT a NEO CONartist!!!!!!! Seems like you are a greedy pig who doesn’t care that people work and can’t live on what they earn. Are you a communist slave worker supporter?

        • Anonymous

          LOL — “I AM NOT A PROGRESSIVE, I am a TRUE Conservative that believes in giving a person a LIVING WAGE, I am NOT a NEO CONartist!” — Hahhhhhhh — go Occupy a Shower, you moron. You’re a bigger Progressive than Nancy Pelosi — your silly posts prove that in spades.

          • Aurella

            You think that I am a “progressive” because I care about the American worker being sold out? You are a TRAITOR to AMERICA, and you sound like a communist pig who wants people to make slave wages, and if this type of thinking does continue in our country, America will only have the VERY RICH and the VERY POOR, a third world country. I DON’T WANT MY COUNTRY TO BE A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. YOU call people idiots because you can’t hold a disscussion, you are NOT intelligent at all!

          • Anonymous

            The idiot continues! Too funny — hipster loser on a brand new trolling account. MoveOn, hipster, MoveOn!

          • Aurella

            Like I said, you are NOT intelligent, but you will continue to call me an idiot because YOU CAN’T DEBATE! YOU ARE A LOSER!

          • Anonymous

            Weak. Lame. What’s there to debate — you post stupid shizz that’s just a bunch of Obama talking points. Seriously, Mr. Carney, your schtick isn’t playing here.

          • Aurella

            So, in other words YOU like paying for all those welfare programs and having HIGH TAXES. I don’t like High Taxes.
            And I am NOT Mr. Carney! I am a REAL Conservative that wants LESS Govt., and LOWER TAXES. It seems you like paying for the Progressive programs that supplement low wage earners instead of having their companies pay for it. That is why I think YOU are unintelligent.

          • Anonymous

            So, in other words, you are a Progressive moron. Yeah, we figured that out long ago.

          • Aurella

            Seems like you don’t even know what a progressive or liberal is. YOU are really not that bright at all. YOU want to have high taxes so that companies can pay LOW. I want LESS govt. programs, LOWER TAXES. Seems like YOU don’t even realize what a REAL conservative is!

          • Anonymous

            Seem like you don’t even know what a Conservative is, since you post inanely stupid shizz and spout Obama talking points. LOL — too much fun smacking shizzhead hipsters around. But, unlike you, I have a life and a job. MoveOn, hipshizzsterhead, MoveOn. Tell Jay and Barak I said hi and thanks for nothing.

          • Aurella

            YOU like big govt. and high taxes so YOU are a progressive, while I am for LESS TAXES and LESS GOVT. therefore I am a conservative, but like I said YOU ARE UNINTELLIGENT so no matter how many times you insult me for MY conservative views, you are making yourself into a FOOL.

          • Pete Byrne

            Ok, I’m a fiscal Conservative and social moderate Aurella, and it seems to me you are missing some fine points. Please clarify what you consider a “living wage”? As this can not be determined hourly. If a person works 30 hours a week at $12/hr, his/her net is $360. You raise his/her wage to $15/hour, but now he/she only gets 24 hours…still makes $360. How does that solve the problem?

        • teekay51

          True conservative? The kind that believes in free enterprise? If people refuse to work for the wages paid for their mostly part-time work at Wal-Mart, eventually the free market will drive up wages.

          Wal-mart is a private company and doesn’t pay what it does because of federal wage and hour laws, they do it to be market competitive.

          The progressive Kool-Aide left a stain on your post.

          • Aurella

            So, you think that the market will drive up wages when people do not have work, or there are less jobs available. What kool aide have YOU been drinking?

    • Phil J Malloy

      You are an idiot…

      Lets see would I like 12 bucks an hour… or nothing an hour because you would rathe me not have a job at all than make what I am worth

      • Aurella

        YOU think that you are only worth $12 an hour, and not to make a LIVING WAGE. I don’t want to support you on welfare, I want you to get ANOTHER $12 part time, HOW ABOUT THAT? I want my taxes to go down, and NOT support you, you idiot!

        • Anonymous

          Heck, you aren’t worth $1.20 an hour, much less $12.

          • Aurella

            I don’t think you ever made anything over $1 an hour

        • Mlsflt

          Dumbass, do you not realize if you double or triple min. wage, the prices will go up to make up for it?? When materials go up in price, I adjust the cost of the products we manufacture. Companies don’t reduce profits, they pass along expense. I know, I have managed a KFC, Wal-mart and now I own my own Company that has 20+ workers. I start new employee’s at minimum wage, but, by the time they have 6 months in, they are making $9 an hour, 1 year in, they make $11 an hour, my oldest employee is making $15 an hour. You do not get to dictate what I pay. This is a free Country, you have a right to an opinion. You and your attitude are part of the current problem. We have too many of you bums who feel you are entitled to run other people’s business’ via the Government. I know a few people with your attitude. They were stoners in High School. They didn’t study, laughed off tests and barely passed. They spent a few years after High School partying and playing in “bands”. They got a girl pregnant and had to go out and get a job. They make minimum wage because of choices they made in the past. Now they are angry and think they should be rewarded with a decent paying job for spending their college years drunk and high. Every “occupy” supporter I have met has a very similar story. I meet all kinds in a bar a friend owns. I hear their stories. They don’t know I own a business, so, I get their life’s story. You people need to get over it and work hard, find a way to get motivated and start a business, it is your only path to riches unless you find your way into a college and turn it around.

          • Aurella

            you have 20 employees, big deal, I have had 573 employees before retiring at age 51 and everyone was paid at least a living wage. We didn’t mooch off of the federal govt. to supplement my employees wages. YOU ARE A MOOCHER then if you can’t pay a living wage. CLOSE UP YOUR COMPANY IF YOU CAN’T PAY PEOPLE ENOUGH TO LIVE ON.

        • Phil J Malloy

          FTR, I make more than 12 an hour, and im worth more, my argument was simply that, an argument. A person working at mcdonalds is NOT worth 12 bucks an hour let alone 15 bucks an hour.
          Raise the min wage and a few things happen. the cost on goods go up, so even though im making 5% more, things cost 5% (or more) more.

          OR what will happen is that people will lose their jobs. If I own a fastfood chain, im going to work on replacing all order takers with computers. besides the added benifit of the person putting in their order EXACTLY as they want it, once the computers are paid off i start saving money by not paying employees, win win

          so in the end its not a net gain.
          so what you are actually saying without realizing it is that by supporting me… you want to take away my job.. that makes wonderful sense!

    • Sam701

      It’s not the company’s fault that their employees made bad choices in life, why punish them for it?

  • Tom Goffnett

    I shop at Walmart all of the time. The people are friendly, the stores are usually well kept. The prices are great. I believe Soros and company are attacking Walmart because Walmart won’t bow down and lick their boots. If Walmart caves to the socialist scum in our country (which they won’t), I will do my best to avoid them. I hate unions with a passion. They are just groups of men trying to rule companies. Nobody should be ruling anyone. If you don’t want to work for someone – don’t work for them. How easy is that? Go mow a yard, sew a dress, paint a house, dig a ditch, build a computer, type a paper . It isn’t any Companies job to keep any of us happy.

  • Dean

    If the people that work at Walmart are that unhappy they have options in America. Govget your college degree and pay for it like I did by working when I wasn’t studying or taking care if my kids while my wife worked. They can go get another job ir heaven forbid open their own busibess abd become part of the solution. All the talk about student loan releif is more of this geberations entitlment thinking. Use what is available and make something of yourself. There is no entitlement/government handouts. Maybe people should stand on their own.

  • LordElrond09

    Please. Typical communist propaganda from the typical communist NYT editorial page. I like that Wal*Mart went out of their way to defend themselves but you could have offered this as a rebuttal. “Hey, it was written by the NY Times”. 100% of intelligent people would have seen this crap editorial immediately for what it is and they wouldn’t have needed to say anything else.

    Come to think of it, the first thing I do when reading anything is look at who wrote it. If it was by the NY Times, I don’t even waste my time, knowing I’m wasting my life on BS leftist propaganda.

  • Michael L. Jirka

    I take issue with “running your business the way you want to” ….. if the taxpayers are subsidizing your workforce, maybe we should have a voice in how you are running your business.

    • Anonymous

      What a pantload. Seriously, you buy the whole “taxpayers subsidizing your workforce” lie and run with it. Your post is silly.

    • Sam701

      I’m curious, did you actually read the article above? If you did, maybe you saw where the part about “taxpayers subsidizing your workforce” is just not true?

  • Sully

    Walmart is a gigantic piece of !@#$#$. A $1.50 over minimum wage? REALLY! Well, thank you wall mart, maybe now my working wage is worth 2 beers an hour. You couldnt feed, cloth, and house a slave for 12 bucks an hour (the now supposed standard wage). When min wage was introduced in 1938 and all the way through to the late sixties early seventies you could pay your rent on one week of min wage. Now you can work all month and not be able to pay rent with roomates. This is becoming a nation of the have and have nots, the rich man and his slaves. I would like to know how much Mr.Tovar makes and what his bonus was like last year.

    • Anonymous

      If you are making a career out of shleping stock at Wal-Mart, then you don’t DESERVE $15+ an hour. GET A CLUE, MORON! You aren’t WORTH IT.

      Oh, and when did Wal-Mart make you a slave? You don’t like Wal-Mart’s wage rates? Go somewhere else, idiot. Oh, you aren’t QUALIFIED to do anything else? And that’s Wal-Mart’s fault?

      • Aurella

        And is it the American taxpayers fault that they want to work for less than a LIVING wage? why should I have to pay for their food stamps, living expenses etc, and why should other taxpayers have to? This is what I mean by YOU being unintelligent – instead of the company paying them a LIVING wage, you and the other dummies are paying it out of your taxes!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

        • Anonymous

          MoveOn, hipster, MoveOn. Wasting your time with your 3-hour-old trolling account. Tell Obama you did your best. Get your Community Organizing Poster paycheck and troll somewhere else.

          • Aurella

            YOU are a communist – That is why you want peopel to work for LOW WAGES and pay high taxes. Russia is perfect for YOU, America was built on the Middle Class, working for LIVING wages. Why don’t you admit you are a commie?

          • Anonymous

            Look up the definition of communism, you are confused

          • Aurella

            If someone wants lots of programs from the govt. to help pay low wage earners, they are a communist, they do that in China, supplement the workers low wages. Are YOU confused?

          • Anonymous

            – Communism: a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.

            You may be thinking more about socialism which is what you report to be happening:
            – a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

            Are you for less government programs and expecting people to feed themselves?
            Are you less confused now?

        • Anonymous

          Your “facts” do not match with reality.
          Sure a small percentage of any community has people getting government assistance.
          I do not see you or anyone else asking “mom & pop” to also provide some fictitious/constantly-moving “Living Wage” yet you ask that some hated company to raise all of their employees wages because of what constitutes a few’s wages?

          You can read many posts that describe how they worked at Walmart while attending college and were quite happy with their $9/hour (higher than minimum wage).

          $12/hour($24k/year) many people do quite well with that supplemental income to their family.

          The problem is not the need to pay a “Living Wage”.
          The problem is that you & many of the Congress Members would rather give people “fish” then to teach them to fish/

          When the skill level is raised, people make more money.
          When people are “given” more money, their skill level stays stagnant.

          Which is better for any society? Better skills or stagnant?

          • Aurella

            Look, you are mixing apples and oranges. I am talking about a LIVING wage for the employees, NOT a supplemental wage, like a babysitter. I am talking about IN THIS ECONOMY people are working FULLTIME and have to live on wages that can’t support living. You have disregarded posts where there were people telling you that, telling you that places such as Walmart have part time employees mostly. They are telling you the truth, but you do not care. You are mixing people who go to college and work a couple of hours a week and live at home with their parents. That isn’t realistic in this economy. You seem not to care about people who are living on substandard wages, or have to work 2 part time jobs to make ends meet. YOU AND OTHERS ON HERE WANT TO USE THESE PEOPLE LIKE TOILET PAPER FOR PROFIT AND THEN THROW THEM AWAY. I think it is disguisting!!!!

          • Anonymous

            I know exactly what you are talking about.
            Somehow you believe that a 16/year old or even a 22 year old should be given a wage that is higher than that person’s value.
            If you have ever made a payroll, you would know that you cannot pay someone $30k/year ($15/hour) if they only bring in $20k/year of value. That is a sure way to go bankrupt and out of business.
            I am sure that if Walmart cut 25% of their force, the other may make $15/hour. That would get you even worst service and have all of those people out of a job. That certainly sounds euphoric, no?
            BTW, you would hurt all of the Mom & Pop stores. They could not pay that kind of wage and stay in business. More unemployment, and more people being “given fish”
            AS I said, you are not living in reality.

            People need to learn & have better skills. Where is the Government trying to educate people and making them be worth more and thus would demand a better wage?

            BTW, all of the people on my payroll make a great wage. Then again, they have high-in-demand skills.

    • Sam701

      If the have-nots started thinking and acting like the haves, the wouldn’t be have-nots in the first place.

    • Anonymous

      You have been re-educated well. Go forth and spout your nonsense and prove to the world how ignorant, of the facts, you are

  • Patty hagy

    I will NEVER bad mouth Walmart. They hired my daughter who is learning disabled about 6 years ago. She could not handle the cashiers job that she was hired to do. Walmart took the time to place her in numerous jobs until they found a position for which she was ideally suited. They continued to work on her behalf for the 5 years she was employed. She left on her own volition about a year ago for which I am truly sorry. She will never have that security and protection again!!!

  • strbrryrainbo

    I simply don’t like Walmart because of all the mom and pop businesses they have destroyed.

    • Pete Byrne

      Then don’t shop at Wal-Mart, it’s your choice. But, also, don’t shop at any other chain that has leveraged out the “little guy”, so make sure you ONLY shop “local”. For example, Walgreen’s or Rite-Aid, as they closed many pharmacist owned pharmacies, or Amazon (et al), as they closed down local bookstores. And, remember not to stream videos from NetFlix, as they caused the collapse of Blockbuster stores, which had already closed down family owned video stores across the country. NetFlix itself hit the remaining “local” stores, as streaming requires no trips to a physical store and is available anywhere there is connectivity to the internet.
      As a historical note, Wal-Mart, Rite-Aid, CostCo, Target, K-Mart and Walgreen’s all started as “Mom and Pop”/family owned single store businesses that adapted to a changing market, causing their ability to expand. Amazon, about 20 years ago, was run out of Jeff Bezos’ garage in Bellevue, WA. And, lastly, NetFlix has only been in existence since August 29, 1997.
      Darwinian economics……Progress brings change, and even in a thriving market, any business that adapts will survive, and those that don’t fail.
      I don’t mean to sound cold, but I also refuse to be hypocritical. All chains have an impact on “small business” wholesale or retail outlets. If a store has what I need, is cheaper and/or convenient, that’s where I will shop, be it a chain or the “local”.

    • Anonymous

      Look at all of the mom & pop businesses that normally surround (near) Walmart.
      They would not be doing as well if it was not for the business they do from Walmart customers.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never heard of anyone being forced to work at Wal Mart. My theory, if the job sucks or doesn’t suit your taste, quit. It’s not an employer’s duty to pay your college, give you more than a fair wage, and it’s not their responsibility to insure you and your kids. Many Wal Mart associates want a union. We need to get rid of this lazy society that wants union mentality.Typical union mentality in my opinion,,,, I got the job, I don’t have to work hard now, I’m union. pay me more than I deserve or I will picket, while getting 95% of my pay. Because I’m a lazy union worker, well not worker, how about associate. if a man works hard he should be paid equal to his work, not paid equal to everyone else. Ethics set men apart, and so should pay. If unions are a good idea, tell me, what happened to Detroit, once the capital of unions?

    • Aurella

      If the POLICE have a UNION then why can’t Walmart workers? The Police are GOVERNMENT workers, they SHOULDN”T have UNIONS at all!

      • Anonymous

        Nobody in the U.S. needs a union. Especially Government employees. Think about those greedy school teachers that waited till school started last year, then they asked for a raise and went on strike. They didn’t care about the kids, its all about being lazy and greedy.Those lazy, greedy teachers were of the highest paid in the U.S. We needed unions back when people like Henry Ford was taking advantage of the workers. Now there are labor boards, and all kinds of Govt programs to protect the common worker. Look at Fed ex, UPS, versus USPS pay scale. Fed Ex and UPS are making great profits, USPS falling to pieces about bankrupt, why?? Overpaid employees doing same task as companies, paying much less.

  • Aurella

    Is Glenn Beck going to give discount or free memberships to the Blaze for people who make a non living wage ? I don’t think so! He would go broke if he had to depend on workers who just got “Walmart and Dollar store” wages, they can’t afford to buy his merchandise or go to his shows, unless they take out a LOAN!

  • laska

    Can someone type the article out so it’s not so blurry? I got two lines in & started developing a headache! :(

  • Andrew Ritter

    The Wal-Mart “first draft” rebuttal was definitely a stroke of genius. Say what you will. When I was out of work, if it wasn’t for Wal-Mart and Aldi’s my family and I would have starved. AND, just so you know, we didn’t take any government handouts. Odd jobs, temp jobs, whatever it took to pay the bills and put food on the table. Nothing illegal, immoral or fattening, though.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t get me wrong; when I can avoid a trip to wal-mart, I do. I will say that I worked there for six years and though I prefer to avoid the Wmt crowd now, shopping at Wmt was smart when “every penny mattered”. When I worked there, I found management to be accommodating to my school schedule. Yes, it was difficult work. No, I wasn’t making the same wages as a surgeon. But advancement in the company was a VIABLE option had I chosen that path. I know many people who stayed at Wal Mart for years and they’re doing well. It’s the difference between the Wal-Mart Job and the Wal-Mart Profession.

    I’m not buying all the “cry-me-a-river” cock and bull.

  • Jeremy Ritchey

    They would not be poor anymore if they were given the good union job instead of their current walmart pay which keeps them poor and shopping at walmart.

    • Randy Ashford

      Hey, former Walmart employee here. Walmart paid me pretty well for a part-time worker; starting at $7.70/hr., to be exact in 2008 dollars. I made a few raises and ended up leaving while being paid $9.10/hr.. That is in part-time dollars. Was I getting rich? Hell no! But you know what I was doing in the meantime? I was going to community college to start my degree! I’m a firm believer in the idea that you are only as successful as you make yourself. If you want to make more money, you go out and work your way up. Trust me, Walmart offers that opportunity at every possible moment to its employees! Unions, on the other hand, make everyone as equal as possible, and dictate what they will think and what they will support. Unions make everyone equally miserable… Just like the Obama administration. ZING!

    • Vinchenz

      Where do you think Walmart gets the money to pay wages – from sales. If you raise wages what does that translate to – higher prices.

      Why don’t you libs actually start a business or run one and then get back to us? Then you might understand real life not the imagined life.

  • Chris Fluffy Parelius

    I’ve worked at Walmart for almost 4 years. I started pushing carts at minimum wage and within two months I got a position in Electronics. Now I work in Sporting Goods making $10.10 an hour. I also get an extra dollar an hour on Sundays. Walmart doesn’t do this anymore but, I’m grandfathered in. We also get bonuses at the end of every quarter based on our sales and number of accidents. Sometimes this money is used for certain things but usually its a pretty decent bonus Not bad for a 23 year old trying to put myself through college. I have never been mistreated by management and I have always found them accommodating. For two years I was able to transfer between two stores for Summer Break with out issue.

  • Alice Boyer

    When are these libs gonna figure it out. Without WalMart there wouldn’t be ANY jobs and the poor wouldn’t be able to buy ANY thing either. Why don’t they spend this much time analyzing what is wrong with Government, not WalMart.

    • Vinchenz

      That’s the plan – no jobs – just govt checks.

  • Dr Clifford Brickman

    I do like the Point & Counter-point. Too rare in American journalism and everywhere else. NOTE OF INTEREST: Walmart family worth $150 billion. Foundation gives back $1 billion per year “cash & in-kind” donations.

  • Jerome

    I am a teacher, and I felt quite at home with the red ink marking mistakes. Walmart has always given to schools in their areas, and the store is responsible for so much employment in those areas. Many towns would go bankrupt were it not for Walmart.

  • Anonymous
  • Diana Petersen

    Walmart is not a bad employer. I have a son who worked there through college. He worked part time and made, I think, around 10 bucks an hour. He could have had health insurance but it was a little steep for his part time income. I encouraged him to seek healthcare, if needed, at the county hospital. He never had a need. My daughter-in-law, on the other hand, worked full time while going to college at Meijer. She made less than $8.00/hour, had no health insurance and when hurt on the job they fought with her about workman’s’ comp paying for healthcare. They never did pay and fired her for not returning to work while still under the doctors orders to not work. I will never forget the difference between Walmart and Meijer, both big box stores, and how much better off my son was at Walmart. Complain all you want people, you are simply telling tales, maybe because you listen to your union reps who don’t bother to tell you the truth about your union. The truth you say? Unions have become a business all of their own. There main objective is to make money for the union, not the employee. Wake up people. Unions used to be very important for American workers, these days they are sucking on the teat of the American worker, not helping you.

  • Anonymous

    Who read the Times? I do shop at Walmart at least three time a year though.

  • BTheo138

    After Hurrican Katrina hit, do you know who was first on the scene delivering food and goods to people? Not Red Cross, not FEMA, but Walmart.

  • Steve

    This, of course, does not mention the pressure Walmart puts on manufacturers… Requiring product costs that can ONLY be met by Chinese dissident SLAVE LABOR.

    • Pete Byrne

      That is something the Government DOES have the right to influence. Place a Tariff on the imports to make it competitive, of course, I don’t hear either side suggesting that.

      • Anonymous

        Because their constituents would be upset by the raise in prices of those cheap goods we receive.
        Gone are the days where we pay $20-$30 for a shirt when we can get something that accomplishes the job for $15.

    • Anonymous

      Please post your definition of “slave labor”.
      Should we go after companies like Apple who also uses Chinese to produce their products?
      As far as I know, the Chinese employees are paid and can, at any time, leave their job.

  • lil-echoes

    What most idiots don’t see is by Wal Mart staying NON UNION, it keeps prices of goods down. The ‘second’ unions walk thru that door, prices go up. Be glad we have this type of store. When the Unions control your business, WAGES go up to pay for the Union Head Honchos ‘good times’ and to help elect the people they want in office.. such as Obama – Surely any idiot can see this. Thankfully we have NON Union stores all over the USA. You simply cannot keep asking for more and more and more money, cause when you do it only makes the products they sell go up. So what are you accomplishing.????? Raw Potatoes, I would think !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Opportunity is what you take and make out of it. A few weeks ago my daughter and I ate at a Taco Bell, low wages I’m guessing… A young enthusiastic man took our order and asked if there was anything else he could do for us. My daughter said jokingly “an iced latte would be nice” (Taco Bell does not sell Lattes) He said that would be no problem and went to work with the coffee, milk and some ice. brought it to our table and said “here you are, enjoy” we thanked him and he said “your welcome” He then picked up some trash from the floor, cleaned off a table and greeted the people coming through the door. As we left he yelled “Thank You” to us as we exited the door. In the car I told my daughter “The young man will not be working here long” why do you say that? she asked. I replied “Someone is going to walk in there and see that mans enthusiasm and work ethic and hire him, pay him more, and treat him well so another employer doesn’t get him” I have been back and have not seen him again.

    • ML

      Don’t know if you are right about what happened to the nice waiter, but you sure taught your kid a good lesson!

  • LBell

    One of the edits should have been in the article, “Sadly, this is the future”…No it is not. This is the present.

  • Ron Childers

    I love how Walmart says that “the average full-time associate $12.91 an hour” but what they failed to mention that in the ’09/10 time frame they slashed their full time workforce by almost %80. The only way to be full time with Walmart anymore is maintenance or management.

    • Anonymous

      “failed to mention that in the ’09/10 time frame they slashed their full time ”
      do you have a cite or is that your opinion?

  • SCAarcher

    Talk about SPIN – Walmart is SOOOOO full of crap on this one. The truth is THEY DO give their new employees applications (and info where to apply) for Food Stamps, Welfare and Medicaid when they hire on. God forbid they pay them a living wage.

  • Just a guy

    Walmart points out areas that they feel they are doing well. However in the areas where where they are compared to Costco or Starbucks, they do not answer if those companies are indeed treating employees better.
    Aldo can they tell us where the money in the foundation has been used? I have heard rumors, but never read any facts.
    And finally the average salary of $8.81 may be true. However, as with most retail chains, they likely keep a large majority of those associates at around 30 hours a week. This keeps them from being able to do a proper search for new employment, but also helps Walmart to avoid providing some benefits.

  • Cheryl Eckert Bailey

    It would be nice if Walmart supported the local small businesses. .. you can’t get your products in there unless you know someone that knows someone in upper mgmt OR as a Sams rep told me… your product has a gimmick??? What? Why can’t it just be a good product? ?? I opt for Hy-Vee… They are “real”…

  • Eve McKettrick

    Once you’ve been employed by the number 1 retailer, you’ll have a different opinion. Walmart’s corporate saying is “Save More, Live Better”. The majority of their employees have their own saying and it is “Work Harder, Make Less”. Most “associates”, Walmart’s term for an employee, are paid slightly above minimum wage. Every department has a different starting pay rate and all yearly pay increases are the same; 40 cents per hour. They are not based on work performance or attendance. Unless you have worked for them for more than 5 years, you are not making anywhere near $11, $12 per hour. All part time and full time employees make far less than $20K per year. Take a transfer to another department and you either have a pay increase or decrease. Most often, it is a pay decrease. The only employees making more then $20K per year are the Assistant Store Managers and Store Managers. Supervisors make less than $20K per year and their wage increase when promoted is less than an additional $1.50 per hour. The majority of their workforce are part time employees. These part time employees work anywhere between 16 to 32 hours per week and full time employees work no more than 39 hours. They man their super center stores with a skeleton crew and customers complain constantly. Insurance at a mid-range benefit package will cost a non-smoking employee just over $14 per week and a smoking employee over $16 per week. That rate is for medical, dental and vision insurance. I highly doubt that many of Walmart’s associates are able to get off of public assistance. I know far too many who, while working full time, are still on public assistance. Walmart also promotes from within; provided you aren’t over the age of 40. Most promotions are to those between the ages of 20 to mid or late 30’s. Why? Because Walmart can then mold/control them into their way of doing things. They don’t want to promote someone who is over 40 into a supervisory position because they know that those individuals have been there done that and know what it takes to make things work and run properly. Walmart has 6 paid holidays per year and the only day their stores are closed is Christmas Day. Work schedules during a holiday week are reduced because they not only have to staff their stores on those days, but they also pay holiday pay. You will see your hours during any holiday week reduced so that they can make up for paying their employees holiday pay. Finally, pay attention to all their “Rollback” signs in their stores. There is no “Rollback” price. It is nothing more than over stock that they are trying to get rid of! The old adage of “Buyer Beware” applies.

  • singcanary

    Way to go Walmart…this liberal gov’t and the liberal newspapers will try their best to unionize successful companies or corporations. Stand by your guns! Most people are ignorant on how and what goes into running a successful business. They instead try to push their ideology onto the world because they think they are right even though they are so far off the mark on business sense. This is a free country where people can run their companies as THEY see fit…not as the New York Times sees fit which happens to be a LIBERAL newspaper pushing their political agenda for the liberal gov’t. They just HATE IT when they can’t win or destroy what they don’t like. Hats off to you WALMART! I am behind you 100%. Never let them Unionize you. Then the power is out of your hands.

  • Vinchenz

    And that is why Walmart is a success and the NYTs is not – you can’t afford to be a dummy in the real world Egan – but in Big Media you can, you just proved it.

  • Joseph Dadich

    I think everyone is missing the point, these job were never ment to be carreer oportunities they are ment to be supplemental income,, to help out when things are tough or to make thing better. These jobs help get us to the next level, the’re your first job in high school or to help put a little cash in your pocket while you make your way trough collage or trade school so you can go out nd get a real job, to help bring in a little extra cash it’s to have somhing to put on a resume’ if this your carreer path you choose poorly.

  • G Fritz

    I think it’s just terrible how Walmart pays crappy wages, yet forces these people to work there, If I worked at Walmart I would be appauled, and just quit. JK

    If the people are unhappy, they can get another job, noone is forcing them to work there! Apparently the employees are happy with their jobs. Walmart has no worse turnover rate than any other retail company.

  • NanaD

    Just another article evident of ignorant people who spew their misguided and biased opinions without accurate facts. Not even doing the research so the article could be truthful. God help us!

  • My Heart

    The Employer vs the Government. We are entitled to Equal Opportunity not Equal Outcome. Employers have to compete for competent, productive workers. The government attempts to remove the necessity to be competent or productive.

  • Keith Melton

    I’m not (never have been) impressed with the NYT, nor Wally World. I worked for Wally World for 5 years, they were so proud it was their shoppers and workers who put Obama into office. They love the Obama presidency.

  • Daniel Olson

    Interesting to note some of the passages that Walmart DIDNT respond to, including the huge upper management salaries. And if Walmart is buying 250 Billion in American made products over 10 years… how does that compare with items shipped in from Asia percentage-wise? And are these food products (already largely of USA origin) or durable goods?
    I rarely go to Walmart, and I always feel dirty inside as I leave the building with my purchases, even when I’m purchasing something that cant be found anywhere else (White Cloud TP: owned by Walmart)

  • Tyler Reed

    I understand the need for better standards of living, but I feel one of the things people often overlook is the fact that everything is more expensive now. I applaud Walmart and Starbucks, it sounds like they are trying to do things to help their employees outside of just pay. But when a gallon of gas is $3.70 ( it doesn’t take long for an hour’s worth of work to go out the tailpipe. So let’s say the minimum wage does go up to $15.00 per hour…then what? After taxes realistically I’m only going to see about $10.00 (no it isn’t exact just a nice round number) I can buy about 2.5 gallons of gas to put in my vehicle….Whoop te doo! Raising the minimum wage won’t help because everything else will become more expensive in turn. Its basic economics, if something costs more to produce then the product must become more expensive.

  • voyek

    So Yea I’m a Walmart full time employe and I definitely don’t get paid 12.91 an hour I get paid 8.65 but that’s only because I’m on third my husband works full time on second and only gets 7.65 or 7.85 Plus he’s going to a full time management position and will only be making 20 cents more than I do an hour.

    • Slacker

      Find a better job if you dont like it.

  • Sassy Texan

    I have heard many of their stores get economic abatements on property taxes.

    • Anonymous

      My feelings have never, ever been hurt when any entity or individual of any sort avoids taxes. Not ever.

  • Charity Adams Kioko

    $12.91 an hour? Who? Where? I work for Walmart. I don’t know any associates in my store who make that amount. Not to mention that 90% of my store is part time and not by choice. Management yes, associates no and maybe some of the ones that have been there for 10 years. You know no one expects everything to be handed to them on a silver platter. I sure don’t. I got my job at Walmart after having looked for a job in sectors that I was more than qualified for, so I am thankful that I have a job. The but is, I realized the other day, that if anything were to happen to my husband (who I put through school), that I would be homeless and on food stamps. Yes I know, why don’t I go to school to “better” myself (as if something is wrong with me)? I plan to but I have to do it slowly because my husband has $120,000 in student loans to pay back and I don’t want to go further in debt. I love how people think that associates don’t work hard (I’ve read the comments) as if sitting on your rear at a desk all day equals hard work. Most of you would be hurting after a day doing my job. So don’t just assume better than me just because I’m an associate. My question is though, until someone can get to the point of being “edjimacated” 😉 what is wrong with them/us wanting to be able to provide for our families?

    • politicaljules

      why are you paying for his loans?

  • Amanda

    People make no sense to me if Walmart pays more then the prices of there product will go up to of Set that deficit Walmart should be starter job get an education and move on. All you people asking for higher wages will be paying for it when product prices go up.

  • Lelia Pray Newlan Carlson

    I divide my shopping between Walmart and Aldi, mainly because both are close to where I live and are across the street from each other – so location makes it easy for me. I get what I can at Aldi, then head to Walmart for the remainder. I take exception to the statement that Walmart pays most employees $8.81 per hour. I had a 4-day career at Walmart and they started me out at much more. I left after 4 days, not because of the wages, but because I felt there was strong need for more employee training. On my last day there, I was paired with a longer term employee who showed me where the boxes were that I was to bring to the front, unpack, and place the items on the shelves in front. Having completed that task, I spent the rest of my time searching for that employee to get more direction. She was nowhere to be found. I saw another employee in the cafeteria who had started the same day I did, and went in there to ask her if she’d seen the woman I was supposed to be working with. I sat down in the seat next to her to ask and no sooner did, than the “supervisor” walked in, spotted me and wasted no time in coming over to tell me that I wasn’t working 8 hours that day, so I didn’t get a break. Never even gave me a chance to explain why I was in there, automatically assumed that I was lounging in there on a break. I could have told her that I was looking for my “trainer” but didn’t want to get the supposed trainer in trouble as I figured she probably needed the job more than I needed to find her. I spent the rest of my shift, walking around the store, in the bathroom, and generally trying to look busy. I called in the next day and resigned on the excuse that the concrete floors bothered my arthritis. I still didn’t want to get the other employee in trouble. I’m a hard worker and want to keep busy on a job. I’d been in the workforce for many years and never worked for anyone with such a negative outlook on other employees. There was a lot of wasted time at that store. I’ll never try retail again, it was way too slow for me.

  • Ferocious Toad

    I was always taught that you work hard and you’ll be recognized. It’s frustrating when that doesn’t happen but, no one is ENTITLED to more money just because they have 5 kids and a part time job. It’s sad but, I work HARD for what I have and I penny pinch. I homeschool my children and it’s a financial strain but I don’t expect my husband’s employer to give him more money JUST because we chose to be a one income family. I DO expect reward his excellent work ethic and his commitment to the job. I was taught to go above and beyond your “responsibilities” of my position to prove myself. When I explain the that to the younger generation, I get blank stares and arguements that reek of self importance and entitlement. It’s disgusting and disheartening.

  • Sher Knapp Hogue

    Walmart Corporation can equivocate all they want, but the sad fact is that, according to friends who have worked at Walmart, a lot of their employees are kept under 40 hrs per week so health care and other benefits don’t have to be paid. Also, the local Walmart has “pep rallies” each morning to cheer about which local businesses they will shut down…per a close friend who had to participate in these morning rituals. I will say, however, that I feel Walmart’s hand has been forced, in a lot of these matters, by the current administration and their assinine policies and programs.

  • William Jenkins

    If Walmart forced people to work there, perhaps it would be different… But then again, the Obama economy is ensuring Walmart can pay market-valued wages that are lower because of all the illegal immigrants flooding in (supply of workers) and a cruddy economy and loss of good paying jobs.

  • impeach barry

    It’s simple, if Wal-Mart is so horrible and their employees deserve more money, then someone would pay them more money. If the employees were so great someone would offer them more money to work at their business. Maybe the people should stop looking for a hand-out and start working on a hand-up (meaning that the employees should do something to make themselves more marketable!), stop hand-outs!

  • impeach barry

    By the way, do any of you realize that the GDP was adjusted again, the first Qtr. is actually -2.9% That is some serious info that the liberal media is not going to touch!

  • grandpaez

    Do you know who own’s the new york times? China….Huh!!!!!! You got to be kidding me.

  • Emily Leivas

    Key word associates get paid $12.91 per hour. VERY few business hire FULL TIME employee including Wal-Mart. They don’t want to pay benefits so employee are give 20-32 hour per week. Wal-Mart has been sued & lost for making people work off the clock. Talk to the Employees don’t believe the newspaper or Wal-Mart remarks.

  • Amber Wood

    Umm. Im sure many agree wIth me when I say. … my hatred for Wal-Mart has nothing to do with politics. They have the most rude and horrible service imaginable. I have pictures on my phone of shelves almost completely bare because they have no sense of decent nventory management. You’d think with these billions flying around, they would invest in better training in cusTomer relations.. they’re obviously more focused on the next billion dollars than making you a happy and satisfied customer.

    • dream16adams

      Or maybe you should pay attention to the fact that they are susceptible to bad days and having employees have bad days and things like not getting truck why don’t you try to go to work there for a day and see how well you do get off your ass and stop relying on the rest of the world to take care of you

  • A.D.

    how can people not see that raising the min. wadge does nothing, I you pay the worker more then you must charge more for your goods. You can raise it $1 or $100,000,000 the take home pay for the employee will not change.

  • Jen

    I was always taught, you work hard for what you want in life, and nothing is free. Thats not the way people see it today. Today is an “entitlement” society. Its all about what people can get without raising a finger to take care of themselves. I am tired of working to pay other peoples bills. No one paid mine, and I didnt expect them to. I made low wages when I started working @ 16, and I worked up to where I am today. By the way, I am 57 and raised a family of 4.. I make a good living today, due to hard work, not due to handouts. The real problem today is not corpororations like Walmart or Costco, or Starbucks, or Target. The real problem lies in the man that all you who feel “entitled ” voted into offfice several years ago. The man who continually brings our country down. If Walmart was not here today, there would be an ever higher unemployment rate than there is. All these corporations pay taxes to the cities they are in and they give back to thier communities. Do your research and get your facts before you bash them. And oh yes, get off your brain and go make a living and pay your own bills.

  • Jason Wood

    I am not a fan of the Walton kids by any means. I only hate the fact that they intentionally run small businesses out, bully their suppliers/vendors, and take tax breaks from small towns that in turn hurt the community’s resources. I prefer Myers & Costco, Good People running a fair and profitable business.

  • Anonymous

    “Labor and capital have to share in the rewards” this comes right out of the socialist playbook. Pretending like labor should gain equally with those who got the education, came up with the money, and built the business. I smell a rat!

  • kS6Xp9Tr

    In my life I have worked picking cotton, migrant farm
    worker, changing tires at Montgomery Ward’s, worked my way to command grade E7 in the Army before getting an Honorable discharge, worked my way up to senior
    research engineer in aerospace and retired after working for 25 years at two
    national labs.

    I would also like to say I appreciated every single one of
    those jobs… Bottom line, I have worked coast to coast, from Manhattan to
    Florida to San Francisco, and there is one constant: In the higher levels your salary depends on two things your value to the company and the geographical location of that company, at the lower levels it is the geographical location. $15.00 an hour in Manhattan is not the same $15.00 an hour in Balch Springs, Texas.

    In order for a company to stay in business with a profit it will have to maintain a workforce large enough and of a skill level adequate to do the work. If the wage is to low in any area, the company will not be able to hire adequate work force so it will continue to up the wages until equilibrium is reached.

    Another truth is that your standard of living will change very little for a given skill level, no matter whether you live in Texas or California. However, your salary between the two could be 2 or 3 to one. If you think you’re not being paid what you are worth, negotiate with your boss, if that doesn’t work find another job and give your two week notice. For you low information voters, the sequence is important, (find job-give notice). Capitalism without government interference is always better; the market will always determine the minimum wage.


    Ha,ha, I love it….

  • Anonymous

    From where I sit, Wal-Mart bashers are either fools or simply dogooders that don’t know what their talking about. The last thing we need in this country right now are a bunch of people trying to shut down a business that provides more jobs than any other single company in the country, not to mention how much Wal-Mart saves hundreds of thousands of people. I know they say they aren’t trying to shut Wal-Mart down, but that could well be the outcome. Certainly it would be if I were the owner of the company. I’d already have more money than I or my family could ever spend so why expose myself to the crap those people throw around. Just shut it all down, sell the assets and disappear.

    However, to defend the company I will say this. I simply fail to understand how people can condemn the company for it’s business practices given the number of people who are ready to go to work for them at any given time. When they open a store in a new location and start taking applications for a certain number of jobs, the will typically get enough applications to staff ten times as many stores. No one is holding a gun the the heads of those people and telling them to make an application, and they know going in, certainly if they are hired, what the pay is and are totally free to seek employment elsewhere.

    Additionally, although a great deal of the people that work at Wal-Mart are normal people like most of us, but they also hire a good number people who would likely never be able to gain employment elsewhere. Instead of throwing lawsuits at them people should be giving them awards and recognition for the good they actually do.

  • The Articulate Grasshopper

    This issue is much bigger than Walmart. The focus here is misplaced. Corporations are by legal definition entities whose primary purpose is to generate profits for their stockholders through their business activities. I fully expect Walmart to do everything it can to hold down the cost of doing business so as to increase profits. Those corporations that elect to increase worker wages, are doing so because they perceive it will enhance their public image and increase sales, thereby helping them to increase profits. Its all about the profits. The issue is again, what should we do about the minimum wage. If a minimum wage worker has to rely upon public assistance to survive, then the minimum wage is too low. If a corporation can not pay an adequate wage for its workers to survive, without the tax payers subsidizing their business by supporting their underpaid workers, then that lame business is a failure, a drain on our economy, and should be allowed to fail. Walmart will easily survive an increase in the minimum wage, as will all other viable businesses. We have done this before. History provides us with a track record. Increasing the minimum wage will not destroy jobs or fracture our economy. We previously set the minimum wage the last time through bipartisan agreement, and it worked. All we need to do is to adjust that number for inflation and we will be restoring that dynamic, restoring the status quo. Failing to do so will just cause continued erosion in the buying power of minimum wage workers, requiring more government subsidies to feed their families. It is not my job as a taxpayer to support any business model by subsidizing the underpayment of their employees.

  • dmprisk

    Tim from the NY Times is a left wing wacko-bird.

  • I’dknowit

    One Quick Thought: 1) I worked at one of the top performing Walmarts in Southern California for a summer between school -Graveyard shift- made $9 hr. before taxes. I learned two things from that job, A) Life is hard, B) There has to be an easier way to make money. No one really liked management and turn over rate was close to 50%,this was back in 2010ish. The best way to know the facts Jack is to go to your local Walmart and ask employees what they think.

    • JR48

      ALL entry level jobs teach the two lessons that you mentioned and if you’re smart, you use that as motivation to finish your education and become skilled in an area that will pay you more.

  • tokies

    man. why would anyone in this world ever side with walmart about almost anything. they pretty much taking tax money out of your pocket. and out sourcing your jobs.

  • Linus Upanother

    If democratic processes are to help preserve liberty, prosperity, and civilization, then liberty’s preservation must be the primary objective of the citizens’ elected agents.

  • Anonymous

    This is typical of the liberal mind that the government knows best and the
    capitalist is the devil. The success of Walmart is all the proof you need that they
    are a net positive force in America. The fact that many use Walmart as a stepping stone to careers in other fields does not take away from those that succeed splendidly by staying with the firm and enjoying the company’s success.

  • DByrd

    Been there and done more than most of you- with WalMart. Many years ago I was in management with a company that WalMart bought- Big K. At the time WalMart had just over 200 stores. I was a 23 year old, female in management in a world populated mostly be men. I had graduated college (paid my own way, no family to assit) at 19, and saved money on the expense by taking tests to skip classes and taking maximum loads every semester available, as well as being provided a dorm room in exchange for a resident assistant role. It CAN be done if you want. WalMart gave me an opportunity. I worked hard, in management, and was able to be one of the first women to ever manage a Superstore. Granted, WalMart is not the community store it was when Mr. Sam was alive. Neither would some of its policies be condoned by him, I believe, especially customer service. Payroll is one of the controllable expenses that can be monitored daily. With profit margins shrinking, it is usually the first to suffer. However, the WalMart low price structure was never configured for the employee that is a “breadwinner” for the family, hence, also, their part time strategy. As more “discount” stores have evolved into the market, competition has created smaller pieces of the pie, forcing expense control to meet the consumer demand of price control. Some of this is offset by foreign markets. Again, WalMart was never structured for primary income earners, but for students, housewives, and others wishing to earn “a little extra”. The breakdown of the family model since the inception of Mr. Sam’s idea has caused the paradigm shift- not WalMart. Society has changed- not WalMart. Although I do not agree with all they do (contributions to some political views), I am appreciative of the opportunity and hard, demanding, OTJ extra-curricular education they gave. After 16 years, the profit sharing and stock purchases allowed my husband (also a former WalMart manager) and I to buy a successful business and continue to grow it with the disciplines we learned- much more valuable than the Master’s Degree I have! Be wise, facts do not always speak truth. They are doing many right things, do not force them to your correctness!

  • GM

    Tim – spoken like a true liberal idiot promoting socialism to take care of all our (education, training, job, wage, and healthcare) problems. Citing a comparison to other countries who take a more active roll in footing the bill for these types of societal costs should have included how much taxes citizens in those other countries have to pay – some are over 50%. no, No, NO!!! Our gov’t can’t even manage our tax system. So, why would we think they could manage all these other elements (like healthcare)??? The Socialist approach is NOT WORKING!!! Instead, why isn’t the gov’t giving corporations more significant tax breaks to spend $$$$ on education, training, healthcare, etc.? Why aren’t you writing about that? Instead of beating up corp’s, why not beat up congress (professional panhandlers) to figure out incentives for corps to spend money that is beneficial to society rather than taxing them out of the market? Why aren’t you whining about how much Congress is spending on absolutely useless initiatives – just because they can? Corporations didn’t put the US in trillions of $$$’s in debt. It was Congress. And, what do they have to show for it? Not much!

  • Gary James Colins

    As a low income person, my physician told me how much money i could save by getting all my prescriptions filled at Walmart and he was right. Walmart pharma cy has saved m
    me money every year.

  • Ravito

    Ironically, many who consistently complain about Walmart don’t complain about its prices and shop there, and in fact, many of those making minimum wage in other jobs are fortunate to have a place like Walmart to shop.

  • Matt Carpenter

    I would love to see Glenn Beck and anyone who backs this nonsense try to actually work at a Wal-Mart in order to make a living. After about a week they’d completely change their tune.

    • Brendan Smith

      I have a friend who’s worked for Walmart as long as I’ve known him (7 years) he’s been promoted 3 times and does just fine for himself.

    • Hoschi0913

      unlike you ,Glenn and alike, have the skill set and take the risk to make something out of their life’s, do the job they want to do and do NOT demand from someone else to pay them more as that they are worth

    • Metric-Buttload

      you act as if anyone who has met with any kind of success has not worked un -glamorous jobs before. hate to break it to you, most successful people have worked crap jobs and saw them as opportunities, not burdens. They learned to work hard at these jobs and gain skills to move ahead.

    • politicaljules

      Mike Rowe

  • Johnson Brannen

    F— the New York Times.

    Go Wal Mart!

  • ombuendia01

    If people do not like the pay at Wal-Mart may I recommend that they find alternate employment. I do not want to work there. There are job openings for brain surgeons, jet fighter pilots, astronauts, teachers, investment bankers, engineers, from which they can choose. When I was young, as was my younger brother, we both wanted to be “Superman”. To our utter dismay we found out that we could not fly & we were not made of steel. He took a job as a Federal Agent & I became involved with Insurance.

  • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

    NYT as usual spewing lies to stir the pot just like the rest of the libs! These mouthpieces are the first ones in the door to the Walmarts. He’ll, Obama gave a bunch of illegals EBT cards and a bus ride to Walmart . Besides the NYT doesn’t have the big following anymore… Ugh!

  • R.J. Brownlee

    I would like for someone to answer a few questions please. (1) Why is it a companies responsibility to provide healthcare? (2) Why is it a companies responsibility to give wage increases that are not merit based? (3) Why is it a companies responsibility to pay for further educating employees? (4) Why is it a companies responsibility to do anything other than provide a safe working environment?…..As a country the US has gotten so lazy and expect so many hand outs. Whether from the government and now corporations. As a people of the greatest country that has ever been. Everyone insists on hand outs and refuse to take “PERSONAL” responsibility. Our Grandparents and Great Grandparents didn’t sit buy, cry and complain about benefits. Since when is it someone elses problem to take care of “YOU”. You want better and more. Then get off your ass and do something about it.

  • Shiree Campbell Marsh

    As a previous Walmart employee, I agree with the article. It took me two years to make 8.50 an hour as an employee. Plus I couldn’t get the hours I needed to help support my family.

    • deanothewiseman

      So, based on some skill-set or because of the exemplary work you did and the dedication you showed, they passed you up for a deserved promotion to full-time or to another position? I somehow doubt that. Early on after I got married, I was not making enough money, so I went to school and worked hard to get the knowledge necessary to get a higher paying job. I had three kids, worked two jobs and went to school. Have you considered that kind of thing?

    • MI Mitten

      Here is the question is the company bad for not paying enough for you to support you family, or is it wrong to have a family when you can’t support them? With your logic should a person get an income based on their needs? So if I have eight children I would get more then somebody with only one?

  • Mike Braun

    People just don’t want to work for anything anymore. They want handouts and whats in for me. Large employers are susceptible to this drone type mentality. I worked for a large employe and We used to do entry level customer service training every month. We would hire 30, 23 would show up, 8 would make it to the end, and 2 would be there at the end of 3 months. These were good paying jobs for people with very limited skills and education. We would provide pay in the range of $15 to $20 and hour, benefits, 401k, Life and disability, education, etc. We have to stop the non sense and call out people as we see it. Get er done does not exist. Now is when is our break and how vacation do I get.

  • Keith N. Gillis

    The folks at the EPA caused all this to begin with. They have over regulated our manufacturers and forced them to leave our country. With them went the “good paying” middle class jobs. Add to that high taxes and you get the mess we are in now. Now, you have folks that have lost good jobs and had to take what amounts to low skilled entry level jobs and somehow think the should pay $15 an hour? I get $15 an hour installing office furniture. I am a lead installer and drive the box truck. I supervise a crew of subcontractors. I read blueprints and install all types of complex systems that require knowledge of structural components in office buildings, schools and hospitals. All I have to say in conclusion is, if I can make $15 at the Walzmart or Micky D’s, I’ll be there!!!!

  • Rework Oh Ryan

    EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT. Liberals can’t seem to grasp this concept. I don’t care if the employer is a sweat shop with OSHA violating conditions. It’s the employee’s DECISION to work there for an agreed upon wage and benefits. If they don’t like it, they can work elsewhere.

  • manikajo

    Yes, it’s because the unions haven’t been able to take over. I’d rather they keep prices low for those of us who are low income. Anybody that doesn’t like the pay scale is welcome to leave for another job.

  • Salty

    What drives the left nuts is success.

  • Andrew Land

    I got laid off in 2013 from a (government) job that paid roughly $15/hr. Walmart (Sams Club in this case) was the only company that would employ me at a decent “starting” wage ($11.75/hr part time) as a Tire Technician, in which I had absolutely 0 experience in doing. I’m grateful that Walmart was there when I needed them, until I got a much better paying job.
    Walmart also has a plan for associates to work their way to being full time employees, where they can take advantage of great benefits and promote from within the company. They also give employees discounts on store brand merchandise, and other non-grocery items, which makes life a little easier (people often forget this). & one of the best things about working at a place like Walmart, is the flexible schedules and laid back environment that you work in. Unlike a traditional 40 hour per week job where you work 8-5, Monday-Friday, you can get people to cover your shifts so you can take off for doctors appointments & so on. Obviously, it’s best to plan ahead, but there are times when the situation may arise that you need to take off for an unplanned event.
    IMO, people are griping about Walmart, & they know little about what goes on there. They’re “judging a book by it’s cover” and don’t realize that there are many people that work for Walmart, that also enjoy their jobs, and are grateful to have them. Walmart ain’t perfect, but neither are any other companies.

  • care

    All of this is really ridiculousness! This is the problem with this whole give me society! You are entitled to nothing, your ancestors worked to have what they have and you do too. I’m a full time RN with a BSN and 6 years experience and only make 26.00 an hour. I keep your family members or you alive and you think a stock boy at Walmart is making an unfair wage of 12.91. Get out there and make something for yourself. Opportunity is what you make of it! Go live in China if you think our wages are so terrible. I’m sure you’d love to make a dollar and hour to make those Jordans you think you deserve.

  • Jarane Chalker

    Walmart pays the average full-time associate 12.91 an hour. Okay, fine. Only one problem with that claim. Most associates that work for Walmart are not full time. As a matter of fact, most associates get no more than 30 to 32 hours a week. The only true 40 hr per week people that work there are store managers, assistant managers and associates that have been there over 5 years.

  • IUfan37

    Walmart….A place I will never darken the doors of, unless the entire chain is having a going out of business sale. They treat their employees like crap, the import more foreign made product than any other concern in the world, and they brow beat their suppliers as a way of getting in the Walmart doors. Please America, do the right thing and shop at your local merchant and let Walmart die a painful death.

    • dennodog

      ” American” corporate welfare giants like GE and GM and a host of others moved a sizeable amount of their manufacturing to China, Mexico and other countries. How are you supposed to get non “foreign made product” to sell if no one is making the stuff here.

    • Walter Bellhaven

      I’ll compromise with you … If Walmart ever becomes a “union shop”, that’s when I’ll start shopping elsewhere.

  • Paloma

    I worked for the company for 2 1/2 years before leaving for a much better opportunity last month. I worked my way up to hourly management from a cashier within one year. Hard work is rewarded there, however, the company should not be absolved of its sins simply because it promotes its employees.

    -They offer yearly raises to all hourly associates of at least 40 cents. You may receive up to 50 cents based on your performance review score.
    -They offer health care to all hourly associates after two years of continuous employment.

    -They no longer hire people on as full time hourly associates
    – They no longer hire anyone as a permanent hourly employee (you are seasonal/temp and have to pray that they let you keep your job at the end of your allotted time).
    – As of August 1st, they are implementing a new scheduling system which essentially makes it impossible for anyone to be considered “full-time”. In this, you are assignment something like 20 hours of work and then must select any other shifts you’d like to work. It is on a first come, first serve basis. Not all stores have switched over to this yet, but it should be world wide in the next couple years.
    – Your schedule will likely be hectic and never the same. I spent many weeks working 2pm-11pm Sunday night and then opening at 7am Monday morning and then having to come in at 11am on Tuesday.
    -75% of the people you will encounter in your job will make you want to set the building on fire and lock everyone inside in order to save the rest of humanity from coming into contact with these people.
    -They are a fine supporter of slavery abroad thanks to where they get their merchandise.

    Also, consider that many people do not have the capability to do anything besides be a cashier or stocker. I say this with the utmost sensitivity, but I speak from experience when I say that many people simply don’t have the cognitive abilities to move up the ladder. I met many hardworking people who were good at their jobs, but it was clear that would be where they stayed. Do we let them struggle for all their lives? Some food for thought.

    I’m not going to war against them. I will simply take my business elsewhere and find something that I like doing more that doesn’t make me feel morally compromised.

  • fred

    They are crooks. They pay nothing. They try to force you to work over daily to get your job done and then make you take an extra long lunch so that you don’t get paid overtime. Ex: You are told you need to stay an extra two hours to finish something. The next day when everything is caught up you must take a three hour lunch. It’s BS. They tell you to open up your availability so that you can meet their needs or cut your hours. They have no idea what employee does what and promote people who won’t do their jobs but lie and tell you they are doing their jobs. They do not hold employees responsible for their actions unless you are in a pitiful position and force you to take extra long lunches. Managers do sneaky things and do not follow Walmart policy when they do promote. At times they just pick people in their click without interviewing or posting open positions. It’s ridiculous. It’s too big. They have no communication with their employees and not empower employees. They do not follow Sam Waltons vision. They do not hire enough people to even help customers. They do not hire enough people to preform everyday job functions. They do not pay which also shows up in the rudeness of their employees pertaining to customers. Brown nosing is the name of the game. It’s sad how they treat their customers.

    • dennodog

      Hey….this is America. Get a job somewhere else if you don’t like what you’re doing.

  • politicaljules

    I like Walmart. I think they are fair. I do not like unions. I think they play dirty and they are unfair. I do not like the NYT. I think they are liars and play too much with unions. Everything the NYT has to say about anything is usually taken with a grain of salt. Unions are crooks and are trying to take over this country. Starting with the country’s largest employer. Will they win? I hope not, but lately it does not look good. God Bless Walmart. Stand your ground. Unions will destroy the workers at Walmart if they get in.

  • Dana

    I LOVE this!! When my daughter, who was an exemplary Walmart employee, was killed tragically in Feb. 2011 at age 22, one Walmart store sent its employees to her store so that her coworkers could attend her funeral. And when my daughter’s fiancé, also a Walmart employee, died nine months later of colorectal cancer, his total payout for cancer treatment had come to only $3000, because Walmart covered the rest of the six figures. And that’s just the basics.

  • DC60

    Why do liberals preach free stuff but never supply the stuff?

  • Jason M Shaver

    You know, I’m not a big fan of Walmart either. I have worked at Walmart for nearly 3 years now. I have 10 years of retail experience and a college degree. I was hired in at minimum wage and make a dollar more than minimum wage now. People get hired in off the streets making more money than I do and they don’t have the skillset that I do. The last two places I worked I was a department manager. I only wound up here because there are very few jobs here in Illinois (The state government ran off a lot of them). I get told on a regular basis how I’m only qualified for cashiering when they have morons running the service desk and standing in for management. They’re always talking about how they promote people within and how they have to have a certain set of skills; however, the only skills that they want fall within the realm of kissing up to management. Nepotism and favoritism within the doors of this place everywhere. Management even cuts hours of cashiers so they can have money for management coverage. In my knowledge, this is generally a big no-no. You have to account for the hourlies at the end of the year. You can’t fudge those numbers, especially to this government.

    • dennodog

      A “college degree” in parking lot removal of shopping carts doesn’t pay anywhere as much as it did ten years ago. Maybe you should take your “degree” and go back for a few remedial courses in floor mopping and shelf stocking. You’ll probably make waaaay more than you’re getting now.

      • Jason M Shaver

        And the trolls come out to play. It’s a pity that you don’t have any intelligent remarks to play.

  • Barbara Whitley

    Sounds like the writer wants Walmart to be the new world government welfare employment upward mobility retailer. Not sure that is their mandate . It is to sell products for one penny less than competition last I heard. There is a point where in the skill level of the job is not the responsibility of the employer. If u are a wager and hourly employee for life .. that is your responsibility not the responsibility or burden of the employer. The job stays the same. Hourly. The person can come and go per the training. I worked there in high school and trained in college and got myself out of minimum wage. The position is still there paying the same minimum wage 40 years later. .. that’s life.

  • Bradley Greene

    I am a PROUD employee of Walmart. I love working for a company that stands behing its promise of “respect for the individual.” I work full time at the DC in Buckeye, Arizona and make $18.65/hr after a year of working for Walmart. Seems to me Walmart is very competitive in non-skilled labor wages. Also, I might add, I am NOT on any sort of public assistance.

  • Scott Shapland

    One of the methods used by Democrats to destroy capitalism consists in demonizing a business in order to establishing controls that tie an industry hand and foot, making it unable to solve its business problems, then declaring that American freedom has failed and stronger controls are necessary.

  • Pat Warden

    Just bull crap excuses to unionize Walmart so the union can cash in, at least until they bankrupt Walmart a few years down the road.

  • Blake

    I dislike Walmart. I could care less how much it pays it’s employees. Most employees that work at every Walmart I have visited deserve less than minimum wage because they act like I’m bothering them when I need to find something. I never have an employee stop what they are doing and ask if I need help with something. I don’t pity customer service like that. I think Walmart should be allowed to treat it’s employees however it wants.

    Ultimately, Walmart has stopped innovating since the early 2000’s. They’ve been riding on the fact that there is at least one Walmart in every city in America. Their produce department sucks and they haven’t begun to compete with healthier options like Whole Foods and Trader Joes, or more convenient stores like Amazon and Target.

    • Blake

      And what’s stopping the employees who are “better” than the $12 wage going to work somewhere else? There is no employment contract at Walmart. They could quit whenever they wanted. What is stopping them is their entitled attitude. No other employer needs someone who can work a cash register for more than $12. Walmart is as good as it gets for most of them… Sad, but they have their OWN lack of effort in school to blame.

    • Lizzy

      Agree with you on a lot of this except I don’t have that bad of experiences at my local Walmart but I do have a few points:
      Whole Foods and Trader Joes are costly and the average person or the people who typically shop at Walmart aren’t looking for a 15 dollar bag of “organic” apples. At my store we have some juicy and delicious produce so I don’t have a problem with that. The person looking to shop and get a Whole Foods feel probably is upper middle class or at least regular middle class with a little extra wiggle room in their food budget to eat that way. I personally don’t dig the hippie eating style and so I get all my groceries at Walmart.
      Amazon is an online store so no comparison there. Walmart has both and online and offline available. Amazon can be compared to ebay I guess because Amazon also has regular “Joes” selling their stuff on their site and shipping from their own location. I don’t think its a comparison.
      Walmart also ships super fast and I can almost always get my stuff…..faster from Walmart BEFORE anything from Amazon.

      Otherwise I agree these people making 12 bucks an hour wanting to act like they are irreplaceable….need to take a hike. Other people out there would LOVE their pay check and do their job just fine. Its not rocket science to run a register or direct people down the correct aisles.

      • Blake

        Lizzy, you make a lot of good points. I can’t afford the more expensive stores much either (the prices at Whole Foods are downright outrageous). I wanted to share with you my experience going somewhere else. My family has started shopping at Aldi a few months ago and we save around $20-30 per visit compared to shopping at Walmart. What really got me thinking about how much of actual value you get from Walmart is the price of Natures Own Honey Wheat bread (around $3 per loaf). The dollar tree sells the same bread with comparable expiration dates for $1..

  • Brittany Gann Aleshire

    Since you apparently hire so many people….. How about you hire more people to run the cash registers that you purposely built for people to work. I can go to any given Wal-Mart in my area Monday- Sunday, and of the 20 or 30 registers there, only 6-10 (If I’m lucky, because it’s usually less) will be open with irritating long, long, long lines.

    • Chad

      Because math….that’s why.

  • newsnose

    My grand daughter has worked at Walmart for 9 yrs. She has a GD. She makes a good wage and is happy with benefits most places don’t offer.

  • teepsk8

    I would rather have a buffalo take a diarhrea dump in my ear than have to step foot in a nasty wal mart.

  • Andrew Hibbert

    I worked at walmart for a year. In that year I was promoted once and received 3 raises. 1 for the promotion (pushing carts to deli), 1 to adjust for the increased minimum wage in my state and 1 for my yearly review. So by the end I was at $9.30/hr (part-time) in the highest hourly position in my store. In my experience, the only way to get full time was to either be there 5+ years or somehow make it into a salaried position.

  • tracysaconservative

    I do not like Walmart, personally. It is a zoo and the customers are rude. I do not shop there. That is my choice and people need to leave Walmart alone!

  • Lora Leathco

    I hate Walmart, but that’s because it is too crowded. That tells me that public sentiment is probably a lot less negative than the journalist believes. Due to the number of articles and blogs focusing on Walmart pay, I have begun asking Walmart employees their views. The last cashier I spoke to best summed up what I’ve heard overall. She said that you can’t complain about getting a paycheck when you don’t even have a high school diploma and no one else will hire you. She also told me that
    Walmart is helping her get her GED so that she can move up in the company.

    In regards to employer assistance for college tuition: I’ve worked for some pretty large corporations (Marriott, Hilton, and Wells Fargo). All offered tuition assistance and every single one of them required you to pay out of pocket first, and then prove that you made at least a C in the class, before reimbursing you a portion of the tuition. The best reimbursement was 2/3 of the tuition. Some required that your degree be obtained in a field relevant to the business and/or you continue to work for the company for a specified period of time upon receiving the reimbursement.

    You can’t just pick the largest tax paying corporation and claim them a tyrant employer without considering what employers as a whole offer. You also can’t arbitrarily pick a company that offers one exceptional benefit and use them as the example in a way that implies it to be the standard for all corporations.

    Also if you took a history or economics class, you would know that every time the minimum wage has been raised, those with less education get pushed out of jobs. Middle income positions suffer the most, as companies must rely on executives to run the business and are forced to pay entry level positions more. Corporations, unlike our government, cannot continually run on a deficit. Budgets are budgets. There is only so much money to go around and raising minimum wage has to force some people out of work altogether. Passing laws requiring salary caps would be more effective at achieving the desired end result of protecting the lower and middle class employee, but we all know that those in power got there by having the money to do so.

  • Georgi Boorman

    It’s amusing, and just like a liberal, to actually claim both sides of an argument at once. Walmart “forces” employees onto welfare like food stamps and Medicaid, which “keeps them in poverty”. So, Mr. Liberal, answer the question: does welfare keep people in poverty? Because your party almost unanimously insists that it doesn’t. And anyway, as Walmart points out, the fact that welfare makes Walmart a net drain on taxpayers is a total myth (yes, Kshama Sawant, I’m talking to YOU).

    • GeoInSD

      In my book, if one is getting handouts from someone else, by my definition that person is in poverty. The person might have a comfortable poverty but it is still a sort of poverty. To me $100 of earned money feels very different from $100 of handouts even though the purchasing power is the same.

  • Daniel Hunt

    When I worked for Walmart, my desperatly ill son needed a kidney transplant,but we just could not afford the medical bills. Walmart picked up the ENTIRE bill and saved my son from a life of diaysis! The new Yorn times refused to donate 5$ towards his bills.

  • GeoInSD

    No one is forced to shop at Wal-Mart. No one is forced to work at Wal-Mart. We still have capitalism here (but I know Wal-Mart is international, I have shopped at Wal-Mart in Nanning Guangxi China). If Wal-Mart is so terrible to work for, why do literally millions of people work for Wal-Mart or unionize? If Wal-Mart’s profits are excessive, as the NYT author assert and quotes another author saying so, then a competitor would come in and undercut them. But there are none because their profits aren’t excessive.

    There can be unfair practices when a company controls an essential resource or the labor force is captive, but these don’t apply to Wal-Mart at all. Wal-Mart is in a very competitive sector. In a very competitive sector, a company succeeds by persuading customers to hand over money which is done by providing customers the better value, which Wal-Mart is apparently doing. If employees aren’t treated right, the natural result of that is poor productivity and that isn’t happening either given Wal-Mart’s success.

    The NYT author is either an economic illiterate or a liar.

    • Kent Walters

      “The NYT author is either an economic illiterate or a liar.”
      Or a Statist who accepts Marxist rationalizations; “The end justifies the means.”

  • masseur1950

    I have decided not to buy ” made in china” ever. MY CHOICE. I buy American made or European. PERIOD. Quality is better, lasts longer. Walmart has bought Turkish, chinese ammunitions. The BAD powder used in those ammos have pitted my barrels. American, black market, German, French: they can all be found if you want to find. YES all that is more expensive, but to me QUALITY and sure fire is most important. And duds can really put you at a disadvantage, when you need the defense. There are things I wish Walmart should bring back: the shirts made in West Virginia with bolts of fabric made in Oregon. The dog food with which Sam Walton was feeding his Springer Spaniel was made in the US. The horse meat from New Mexico was great for that food. There was so much more manufactured in the US when Sam was alive. But the kids decided to take all that equipment and take it to china. BAD MOVE in my mind. But it is their business, they do what they chose. And I do WHAT I CHOOSE is best for me.

    • GeoInSD

      Everyone should choose what provides them what they see as the best value. Capitalism won’t flush out those not earning one’s dollars otherwise.
      I don’t think goods made in China are inherently inferior. If Apple, Dell, HP, etc. don’t control the quality of their goods regardless of where they are made including China, then that brand doesn’t truly stand for quality.
      I will say that I am reluctant to buy goods from a Chinese company. I have personally dealt with several Chinese companies in business. It is my impression that quality is not a priority yet in Chinese business culture. However, I think Lenovo has reasonably good quality. I believe Chinese companies are capable of producing quality products, but I don’t believe that is a priority for most Chinese companies. They are like Japan was before Japan made quality part of the culture in the 1970s (or was it 1960s?).

  • Blakely1

    The big problem begins with the Democratic Obamacare. In fact most new jobs
    in 2013 were part time jobs. ( 29 hours or less).
    People have lost a 4th of their income & it is hurting middle America so what
    does any good Democrat do?
    Walmart is their biggest target & will continue to be . Democrats want employers
    to make up for the loss that they have forced on workers.

  • Krugg_the_Patriot

    In other countries walmart IS unionized…. it’s only here that they are not.

  • Dave Don

    obama and hisquranpsig

  • hillplus

    EDITOR: Glenn Beck said “Oh my gosh”, not ‘oh my G–” Please fix it.

  • mitch

    I find it funny that current employees of Walmart are wanting wage increases, and some want it doubled. My biggest issue with Walmart is that their employees are incredibly unhelpful, I cant expect them to help me find something because they simply have no clue. I can’t expect them to have any product knowledge of items because they never do. If Walmart raises their wages or even doubles it 80-90 percent of their workforce would be replaced by more quality employees.

  • jimnbubba

    Maybe it’s time Wal-Mart moved out of NYC

  • Tim Curtin

    No fan of what Walmart has become. Not because of their employment policies. They are free to pay what the market will allow. In fact, I have many friends that work for them. No, it’s the layout of their stores (no two are the same, and there are four in my area I’m in regularly), poor management of their stock, absymal marking of shelves with accurate prices and the dearth of people on the floor to help with anything anymore that makes shopping there such a chore. I don’t understand how a chain founded by a man who stressed the customer like Sam Walton did could have morphed into what it has become.

  • Brenda

    I reallly dislike Walmart. The one in our area is nasty. It is dirty and smells. We stopped going there a few years ago…and gladly spend a little more for better quality elsewhere. We try to do our research and shop for american brands in locally owned store and shops around town…

  • alvin691

    This shows the NYT anti-corporate agenda in all it’s glory.

  • student loan consolidation

    It’s been recently announced that JP Morgan Chase will no longer fund post-secondary education as of October of this year. While student loan consolidation is on the rise for borrowers who are having trouble making their current loan payments, those who are just starting college still need to find ways to pay for tuition and the many other costs associated with seeking a college degree.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the fact that you “paid out the butt to go to college for baking and pastries” was the root cause of your stupidity and lack of career success, vice Wal-Mart.

  • Aurella

    You are insulting that person because he went to college to be a chef? I can’t believe this, it is a noble trade and I wish that person the best.

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