The New York Times probably didn’t foresee Walmart’s epic response to hit piece

Last week, New York Times columnist Timothy Egan penned a scathing critique of Walmart’s corporate culture. In an article entitled “The Corporate Daddy,” Egan claims Walmart is a “net drain on taxpayers” that forces “employees into public assistance with its poverty-wage structure” among other things.

Instead of sitting by idly, Walmart decided to hit back against the claims. In a blog post, Walmart’s vice president of corporate communications David Tovar fact checked the Times article – tearing through Egan’s piece with a red pen just like a high school English teacher.

“Did you see what the New York Times did to Walmart,” Glenn asked on radio this morning. “I mean, oh my God, Walmart was genius in this… It’s really brilliant.”

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Tovar published the blog post on Friday and explained Walmart “couldn’t overlook how wildly inaccurate” the Times article was, so they decided to have “some fun with it.”

Below is the article with Tovar’s “corrections”:


“It’s really so sloppy by the New York Times,” Stu said of the article. “I mean they don’t even understand their facts at all. PolitiFact is no friend of Walmart in the right, but they even said this is a giant lie.”

In the blog, Tovar pointed out that Walmart is the “largest tax payer in America” and has hired more than 42,000 veterans this year alone. Furthermore, Walmart pays the average full-time associate $12.91 an hour.

Ultimately, Tovar believes the Times should have picked a different angle for the piece.

“Better idea for the piece,” Tovar wrote. “Could focus on bringing back U.S. manufacturing (Walmart is buying $250 billion in US products over 10 years) and expanding education, training and workforce development programs. i.e. things that will make a bigger difference, not just focusing on starting wages.”

“Since when did we become the this country where you can’t run your business the way you want to. You know,” Glenn asked. “Since when did we have to lie about businesses because we hate business so much? We’re trying to create jobs, and yet we hate business? How is that? How does that work for anybody?”

At the end of the day, Pat believes the deep-seated hatred of Walmart boils down the company’s refusal to play by the left’s rules.

“The hatred of Walmart is just irrational. But I think it has to do with the fact that… they’ve resisted unionizing and that just drives the left out of their mind. They can’t stand the fact that the largest employer in the world is not a union shop. And if it were, it wouldn’t be Walmart anymore.”

  • Disco Obama

    I’m against corporate welfare. Taxpayers should know the real cost to society when they determine minimum wage.

    I’m also against corporations offshoring jobs. If a company wants to do business with Americans they need to keep those jobs in the USA.

    I am also against corporations using illegal labor from Mexico to undermine and suppress US workers. Any wonder that our country remains deflated when you have millions of illegal workers wiring 22 BILLION dollars to Mexico yearly. You don’t think that is a massive drain on our economy? Just think how better our economy would be if that money was injected back into our economy.

    I’d like to see proof that Walmart has an average wage of over $12 an hour. I know that many workers are not full time. What about the part time workers? Most companies refuse to give workers full-time status because they don’t want to provide any benefits. Sorry but I’m not joining your Walmart lovefest just yet.

  • MAA Oregon

    How does your kool-aid taste?

  • Kir (Politicoid)

    Walmart does receive a large amount of government support in the form of food stamps, farm subsidies, minimum wage hikes, and eminent domain.

    Walmart is one of the largest recipients of food stamps, which not only act as a revenue stream but also allow them to pay their employees the lowest wages possible.

    Because of farm subsidies, cheap, and quite frankly, unhealthy, food is available for Walmart to sell to the masses.

    Minimum wage hikes put small businesses under because those businesses cannot absorb the added cost during minimum wage hikes. Walmart can, in part because of the financial support it receives from government,

    And of course there’s eminent domain. Walmart would not have been able to move into all the of the places as it has without the use of eminent domain forcing people to give up land for Walmart to build.

  • Mike in VA

    expound on “corporate welfare”

  • Donald Fugette

    This article by the flunkies at the Times is just mirroring the current administrations policies of lies, innuendos and just blatantly false information being released but of course to liberals it is not a lie because anything they say is the truth.

  • Harrison Bounel

    I’m not a complete fan of Walmart, but I do buy my Ammo there – Great deals….

    The EMPLOYER provides opportunity – The Government provides EBT Cards.
    The EMPLOYER provides the ability to earn- The Government requires you to lie, lower your morals, kick your husband out, and only expects your vote in November…

    …and, I don’t need to get schooled by The New York Times… They endorsed this President, in 2008 & 2012, and they see NOTHING questionable these 6-Years of Smoke-and-Mirrors…

  • Anonymous

    There is no discussion here, because no one in their right mind reads the New York Times!

  • Dan Courser

    Like freedom

  • Mark A. DeHoog

    So…I see four paragraphs that begin with some form of “I’m or I’d” which brings me to “I’m not going to read this.”

  • CommonCents

    It’s about time people quit the politically correct BS and just sit there and take BS. America is finally catching up with the Alinsky ridicule tactics thet left wing has been using for decades.

    If it wasn’t walmart it would have been some other big retailer. Nobody forces anyone to work at walmart, nobody forces anyone to shop there.

    I wish we had a fraction of this much market accountability in the propaganda and the government.

  • Paul G

    I see the left dem commies are out today….There must not be a Palin article anywhere.

  • keltose

    Glen said “Oh my gosh” , “not oh my God”

  • Missy Fitch

    My brother is not even full time and he makes 10 dollars an hour at walmart. I agree they could treat employees better. If you want those changes you ask for, perhaps you should look to politicians who make it cheaper to import goods than to make them here, also you should ask our government to actually enforce our immigration laws that make it possible for illegals to send money they make working here illegally here.

    As much as I don’t like how corporations are greedy and money hungry, the fact is, its up to Americans to make sure our government is doing its job to make the things I hate about corporations impossible to do.

    Also, if you had a business I would run it to make as much profit as possible as I am sure most people would do. So the hate because Walmart is very profitable seems like jealousy. They don’t owe anyone anything. except to follow our laws.

    So before you rage at Walmart, remember this, if you voted for the ones that passed the free trade agreements, if you voted for the politicans that refuse to actually enforce our immigration laws, the very things you complain about, are partially your fault.

  • Abir Mandal

    No you tard. Walmart does not receive food stamps. It is losers like you who get food stamps and buy food from there. Walmarts tax revenues in fact help to fund those stamps. I am pretty sure they would be happy to not accept food stamps if they were not taxed to pay for them.

  • Scott Hellstrom

    He blames Republicans for not forgiving student loans? Sorry, you take money as a loan, you pay it back. That, by definition, is a loan. Also, the government involvement in free-money-student loans is what is driving up the cost of tuition. The (un)Affordable Health Care Act has raised my middle class family’s insurance cost by over $200/month for the same coverage. And the new EPA rules will make our power cost more. Please, tell me more about how democrats and government are helping the middle class… The last thing we need is more government. Also, Starbucks isn’t giving any money for school. They have negotiated lower tuition and are counting on grants (based on low income of their employees) to fund the difference.

  • Pat Thomas

    Why pick on only Walmart? Aren’t most retail stores doing the same thing?

  • Eric Smitheman

    Maybe I’m old fashioned in this sense but if it’s so bad there then why do they have so many employees? If these people are this unhappy shouldn’t they be looking for employment in another industry or not working at Walmart if the conditions are so terrible? Why don;t they work somewhere that will pay them at a better rate?

  • Joe G

    Instead of focusing on facts they provide isolated incidents and they do nothing to disprove this article. They also do nothing to prove their case, this falls short of an “epic response.” How about they send their corporate fact checkers to provide concrete actual data because this looks like something a high school kid rebutted.

  • AsSeenOnTv

    Because in small town America they are ‘The Employer’ in town. Next you’re going to say that Walmart wasn’t responsible for destroying businesses in small towns.

  • inmyopinion

    If they focus on walmart then they dont hve to question the presidents actions or apologize for their endorsement

  • Juana

    The fact that jobs left the US for cheaper pastures is owed to your favorite party: The Demonrats. they worked for the passing of NAFTA legislation and if I am not wrong passed same in the 1990′s. Clinton, passed it as well as give mortgages to everyone without down payments. The destruction of America one Demonrat at a time.

  • Stuffed Llama

    And just remember, every dollar you spend at Walmart is another bullet for the Peoples Liberation Army — that’s the Red Army to you. Walmart is a drain on every local community they infest with substandard goods Made in China.

  • Missy Fitch

    Thank you! I have been wondering why on earth we should be forgiving loans at all! If you can’t afford to pay it back, then you should not borrow it. If the government wants ppl to go to college, perhaps they should make a law that makes it CHEAPER to actually attend college rather than easier to get loans that can’t be paid back.

  • livewire

    What the Wal-Mart PR person doesn’t tell you is that they hire new associates as “temporary” for six months at a little over the minimum wage so they don’t have to pay for benefits. The associates are worked close to 40 hours a week. When the six months is up their hours are cut down significantly and they are hired on as “part time”. Also, if you have worked for Wal-Mart in the past and decided to come back to Wal-Mart, they do not count your previous time there. You have to start from scratch again. Just about any other business will count your previous work history with them towards vacation, etc. They hire new associates as “temporary” to get around the ACA. Also, many of the associates hired in as part time ARE on public assistance! Only those in management positions are considered full time, maybe 10% of those working at one store.

  • Scott Hellstrom

    Exactly, my mortgage is a lot… When is the government going to take more of my neighbor’s money to pay it off for me? Or a car, or a credit card….

  • Duke Williams

    A corporation is in business to ……..are you ready…………..ready……………here it comes…………………to make a profit!!!!!!!!!!!…………not to provide jobs, not to give high wages, not to give benefits………….it is to MAKE A PROFIT!!!!! what about that do you “occupiers” not understand??????

  • Joe G

    While I agree with you on everything else, the student loan deal is not forgiveness. It’s a lower rate refinancing. Imagine being $150,000 in debt with 9 percent interest. Even if you have a good job you’ll be making payments for the next 50 years.

  • Missy Fitch

    I disagree that the problem is the fault of one party or the other. The fact is, BOTH parties caused this and we as a country LET them by not immediately voting them out and replacing them with people who would repeal them. These people in congress do what they want because they do not fear losing their jobs because of their actions. They know the majority of americans can’t be bothered to care enough to do anything. If you look, I am sure you will find that the majority of the house and senate that voted for those free trade acts are still there. And that is OUR fault.We need to stop blaming everyone else and actually take action. We need to vote out the old and in with the new, and then if they do not speak for us, we get rid of them too. If they actually fear their actions will lead to them not being re-elected, then they will be more inclined to listen to the people.

  • Amanda Joy Tran

    Nailed it!!
    ….side note to the latter part of the article. how about instead of demanding that govermant and corporations should give free handouts for all of their hardwork we should do some hard work of our own….live at or below your means, dont buy something that you can’t pay for (even education…why invest in a degree that you wont be able to get a job for?). Success and wealth come from time, patience, diligence, bridaled passion, common sense and especially HARD WORK. ( The last is redundant but everyone seems to forget that one)

  • Cory McElheny

    I worked at Wal-Mart for four years I was hired on at minimum wage and received a40 cent raise every year keep in mind that that kept me a mere ten to twenty cents over minimum wage for the length of my employment there. Working there was a joke McDonald’s in my area starts employees of at better wages with more opportunity for growth.

  • Jerry Bursztyn

    And they really don’t have eminent domain. Fact in parcel, the city Glendale, Arizona has refused a regular Walmart to be built in a certain area that I use to live in. They now have a Market Place there, you know, the small grocery store version that doesn’t have the big box departments. Eminent domain is only a government institution and people do have the right to tell them no, as with all Zoning meetings. Thanks again.

  • Anonymous

    NYT writes ,”It’s a sad day when we have to look to corporations for education, healthcare, and basic ways to boost the middle class. Most advanced nations do those things for their people.”
    This statement sums up the left completely! To them, the government should provide everything! You know, my grandparents relied on their employer (read CORPORATION) to provide health insurance (HEALTHCARE), a paycheck (used to pay for EDUCATION and their BASIC NEEDS), and, OMG – a PENSION! Imagine that! All those things were provided b the PRIVATE sector – NOT the government! What was wrong with that?

  • Missy Fitch

    So what you are saying is, if walmart stopped accepting food stamps, goods from farms who get subsidies and stopped selling junk food it would better the economy in some way? Could you please explain to me how these changes would benefit the economy?

  • TheThingThatShouldNotBe

    I worked for Walmart for over 2 years, struggling to get ahead. In a state where minimum wage is $9.32 an hour, I was only making $10.45 after 2 yearly $.40 review raises and one promotion to Customer Service Supervisor. All this time I was there I rarely saw a work week with more than 28 hours in it. On average I actually worked closer to 20-24 hours a week AS AN HOURLY SUPERVISOR!! The math works out to about $500 a check before taxes. Which granted, isn’t so bad, but the scheduling was a nightmare too. I would work days, evenings, and nights randomly. I couldn’t plan for anything because I never knew what I’d be working next. I tried over the whole time I was there to find a second part time job and when I did on 3 different occasions, Walmart would NOT work with the scheduling conflicts so I couldn’t keep those jobs (I chose Walmart instead of the other jobs because they didn’t offer more hours and the pay was marginally better at Walmart). All this worked out to making me depend on the job just to barely squeak by. Being prideful I never sought assistance, but looking back, it sure would have been easier if I had. The end result of the job is that I ended up in a smaller, older apartment, couldn’t keep up car payments ending up in a repo. Scraping for months and riding the bus to afford something that barely runs enough to get me to work and back. Having only 1 set of work clothes and buying replacements ONLY when absolutely needed. Having no social life because all $$ was going towards rent/utilities etc.. nothing to go have fun on. And where am I now? Unemployed. Why? Because my boss allowed me to make certain decisions as a Customer Service Supervisor, and when she got transferred out and the new guy came in, I made the same decisions I always had, and was fired for overstepping my authority. Anyway, I could go all day on this. Bottom line is Walmart, though they put on a pretty face with the charities and everything, is actually the spawn of Satan himself.

  • Admiral America

    I don’t agree with mega corporations like Walmart driving small stores out of business. I think a lot of these corporations should be classified as monopolies, and broken up. However that being said nobody is forcing anyone to shop or work there. If employees don’t like it then they need to work elsewhere. If they need food stamps while holding down a full time job at Walmart then they need to stop spending so much money on luxury items they don’t really need to begin with. If they want those things then they need to aim higher in life.

  • Tony Viscardi

    I am no big fan of Walmart but they give their employees many chances for advancement for those that make the extra effort. Most of the workers complaining about their pay are the lazy and unreliable ones. The NYT is a waste of paper and its sad as they used to actually have journalist and not Obama cheerleading puppets.

  • Missy Fitch

    Personally, as a CNA most nursing homes are worse than walmart in areas
    like wages, duties, and customer service. I recently worked for a
    assisted living facility that was bought out by a large corporation.
    They stopped using actual cleaning supplies and started using vinegar! They treat employes like slaves and pay minimum wage, refuse to hire full time and demand that we are on call even on lunch breaks.

  • Jackie Chiles

    This is obviously fake. Look at the last entry. The “comment” is left aligned like you would do on a computer. Fake.

  • Larry Johnson

    Kir…go home…you are obviously drunk!
    Your selected facts make zero sense.
    1) Walmart does not receive food stamps …they accept food stamps as payment. Their taxes paid subsidize the food stamps.
    2) Every large farm …and most small farms are subsidized to some extent. How does a farm subsidy (payment to supplement crop prices and/or restrict over-production) result in unhealthy food? That’s a leap of logic beyond comprehension…have you been snacking on Hot Pockets?
    3) Minimum wage hikes? EVERY business (and every consumer eventually) is impacted by a minimum wage hike…it certainly is not a benefit to the corporation or mom & pop. Mom & pop…while surely nice folks…cannot buy in volume so cannot compete with any larger market…Kroger or Walmart.
    4) Eminent Domain…A decision by local government to purchase/acquire land for a project that they deem to be of benefit to the grater community. It benefits WalMart and 100s (maybe 1000s) of other manufacturing and distribution operations throughout the country and generally results in overall economic growth for the area in question.

  • Missy Fitch

    Its the same thing they did with the health care. They didn’t make health care cheaper. They simply created more business for ins companies and more cost for everyone else.

  • Debbie Roberts

    Yes they are responsible for that. But many of those small towns were “on their way out” anyway. FActories had closed and they had no employer for the MASES – Walmart took on that roll in small towns so the whole town didn’t close. So, yes and they have done much to make up for it.

  • Richard Grant

    Very interesting that the comments of the WORKERS have been ignored here-maybe because they are agreeing with the premise of the article: that Walmart is not a good place to work, that the wages provided are below the poverty line, and that the revevnue attained is more than enough to make this unethical and a national disgrace. 1 Tim 5:18 says that “The workmen is worthy of his wages”. In other words, pay people what their work merits. No honest full-time labor should yield below the poverty line wages.

    Unsuprisingly, when people, democrat or republican, read only to substantiate already embraced views, they miss new truth.

  • Missy Fitch

    the issue is, Yes college is nice, but if you can’t afford the loan, then you should wait until you can. Its not a RIGHT to go to college. Its a privilege. The overwhelming need to go to college creates a lot of college graduates with huge debts and no jobs in their field. My Brother has a associate degree in Electronics yet he is forced to work at walmart because there isn’t enough jobs to cover the amount of people looking for them.

  • Teresa Garrity

    business is the people we see face to face. Where you know who is messing with you.
    Corporations like LLCs carry no true punisment nor honest responcibilties.
    Don’t follow Demons

  • Debbie Roberts

    What are you talking about? You need to take a xanex and lay down

  • Michael LeBlanc

    28% disapproval? 28% of Americans are Liberals who hate most corporations…Coincidence? I think not.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny to hear Mr Egan, who sounds very much like a socialist, discuss the American Dream. It seems like his understanding of that dream is “come to america and let the government take care of you.” Last I checked, that is the exact opposite of the American Dream.

  • Debbie Roberts

    Do you work at Walmart? Well, we have several in my family that have and are. You are WRONG – you are talking about something that you know nothing about. Full time workers 80% in the walmart stores around here and in Texas. They also have benefits and they also are full time permanent. You’re lucky if you left and get hired back – why would you expect extra perks? They gave you another job didn’t they? You think like the “entitled” WOW – just WOW… bet you’re democrat

  • Debbie Roberts

    How about the NYT check their facts? That would be EPIC

  • Teresa Garrity

    Store in question

  • Missy Fitch

    Its the sense of entitlement that has been fostered in the country. it seems like people believe that everyone is here to make their lives better. I am unemployed at the moment and I am sick to death of people that actually have jobs screaming about how bad they are treated, like their employers owe so much to them. When you get hired, you agree to a certain wage. unless they change it (lower it) with out a reason or your consent, why are they complaining. They agreed to the amount. If they wanted something different, they should either not agree to it or negotiate a different wage.

  • jeff evans

    Great post but edit, edit, edit, people. And it’s “deep-seeded”. As in seeds planted deep.

  • William Rusty Amann

    Maybe they should have thought of that BEFORE borrowing that amount of money!!

  • Fred Bernquist

    What store do you shop at that doesn’t sell substandard goods made in China? The WalMart by us sells allot of farm goods grown in the U.S. and found many items made in USA. Granted their are things made in other than China but this Is all part of world trade, they sell our stuff we buy their goods and the world goes round and round. Nobody is forcing anyone to work for them or telling you where to buy from. Actually I don’t see Walmart as a drain on every local community but just the opposite as by us when Walmart moved in quite a few other stores starting building around them and around here seem to be making out quite well.

  • Rob Svenson

    My wife worked for Walmart as a very high paid member of store management. They treat their salaried members like garbage, demand them to work 70-80 hours a week doing grunt work because they don’t want to mess up payroll for their stock. If you complain or resists they threaten employees with their job and well being. The salaried members of management have to work Christmas, Xmas eve, Thanksgiving, 4th, Easter etc Basically every holiday, even when the store is closed. The insurance they offer their employees is garbage as well.

    If you are a single male looking to make money, then a Walmart manager is the job for you, it pays very well. If you care about family and work life balance, stay as far away as possible. The money they throw at you isn’t worth it.

    There is a ton of good old boys club mentality and minorities and women have a hard time promoting. When store managers etc are caught red handed drinking on the job or having sexual relations with staff, it is all swept under the rug and the people who accuse usually are the ones that get retaliated against.

  • Christopher Jay Campbell

    I wonder how much the average delivery person for the New York Times makes? How much do those news stand vendors make? How many photographers has the New York Times laid off? How many reporters? How much does upper management make? How much does the New York Times pay in taxes? How much corporate welfare does the New York Times get?

  • Sraaken

    The Irony here to me is, criticizing corporations while lauding our corporate owned government..? I guess the left still think the government is run by the people. A sucker born every minute.

  • Missy Fitch

    All this was caused by the government. Obama wanted the ACA, we as a people re-elected him. Its our fault. Did you vote against the ones who voted for the ACA when they came up for re-election? If not, then apparently this was ok with you then. So complaining about it now seems moot.

    Personally I voted against every single person I could that voted for the ACA because I was smart enough to know EXACTLY what would happen if it passed. I KNEW it would stop employers from hiring people full time and cause them to cut employees hours as well as wages. Health ins is expensive. Thats why many of us couldn’t afford it in the first place. Just where and who did you think would pay for it if it was mandatory?

  • gr8scott72

    Wait, the pay and hours were better at Walmart than your other jobs and yet Walmart is somehow evil?

  • Randy Ashford

    I foresee a retelling of Black Tuesday. What happened in the build-up? The banking industry allowed people to take out loans to buy stocks for pennies on the dollar. At some point, there came a tipping point where no one could afford their stocks anymore and the market bottomed out, leaving people worse than broke with unpaid loans. In conclusion, the Depression hit. I see it happening now.
    I’m already $38,000 in debt going into my senior year at UNT (a ridiculously liberal socialist school; meanwhile, I’m as Tea Party conservative as they come!) because tuition is so god-awful high. The sad truth is that I have to take out these loans because my parents make just enough to be considered “Upper Middle Class” by Obama’s new tax brackets. My mom’s an Inventory Manager for McKesson Corporation and my dad’s a truck driver! Together, they barely make $110,000! They are having to sacrifice a lot to send me to school because our government has allowed tuition to become a nearly insurmountable burden for people who can only make a life with a college degree. It’s a vicious cycle and something needs to be done.

  • Leona

    Wow! Maybe you should get your facts straight. I currently work for Wal-Mart and I was never hired as a “temporary” associate. I also left the company for 6 months due to health reasons and when I went back, I didn’t start from scratch. The only “temporary” positions that Wal-Mart has is in the Seasonal department as it is just as the name implies, seasonal. Also not only is there a lot of full time staff at the store I work at but also at many other stores and they’re not in the management position. If you have full time availability or if you’re a coward and don’t speak up to your manager who does the scheduling, you will be given 40 hours a week. Most people don’t complain about how many hours they work. They want the 40hr week.

  • Anthony

    Am I the only one that noticed the line “tearing through Egan’s piece with a red pen just like a high school English teacher.”??? Look at the red “pen”’s just a red font shopped in. Every letter is completely identical… who really “edited” this letter??? If it even existed in the first place…

  • Lee Wilson

    Wullmof online in all in one placThey have guns, solar and inverters that go up to 24 000 Watts. They have it all, When it comes to there online store, the only thing missing is a car sales area,

    Now, What do you all think About Seattle’s 15. 00 an hour raise on Minimum Wage ?

  • Anonymous

    ‘mases’? It is cute when America gets its’ information from a charlotte like Glenn Beck…

    America is in decline and you guys are arguing about this? Keep it up. It is very, very entertaining. :)

    Once America smartens up and realizes that it’s the false concept of ”choice” that keeps you arguing about stuff like this, you can ramble on excessively about your love of ”Freedom”. But from my perspective, Americans look like they are lovers of ”Freedumb” instead.

    The left-wing is just as wrong as the right-wing, if not more. If there was ever a definition of ”circular firing squad”, the Left vs. Right political arguments made in Amurrrica would be just that.

    For the sake of myself and other like-minded individuals, please PLEASE keep up the Never Ending Debate. This whole scenario is comparable to the MAD magazine infamous pair, ”Spy Vs Spy”.

    Thank you!

    -The Rest of the World

  • Missy Fitch

    My question is, you took out the loan, you agreed to pay it back, so do you think that the American should pick up your debt? My point is, if people take out a loan, that has nothing to do with me. If I take out a car loan so I can get to work, should you or anyone else pay it back or greatly reduce my interest? Both are for the same purpose. You go to school to get a good job, I buy a car to get to my job. Both are for the purpose of a job.

    You are completely right about the tuition being so ridiculous. But wrong about the cycle. Its the rabid need for students to go to college that has caused the issue. The entitlement, like everyone HAS to go, and at the expense of everyone else. Too many people go to college when they can not afford it and then spend the next 30 years in debt. What good is a higher paying job if you are in debt for the next 30 years?

  • MsLee

    Illegal labor from Mexico? You mean all the illegal immigrants – err sorry – undocumented immigrants – that O’Bama is letting stay in the country? I thought the liberals wanted them here. So we are to allow the illegal immigrants in our country but not allow them to have jobs? Oh I forgot! No we just put them on welfare so we can save all the paying jobs for the Americans who actually want to work for their wages, so we can keep paying for all the others on welfare. BTW average wage means you take an average of all the stores in all the states. Didn’t you see how much WM employees get paid in North Dakota because there is a shortage of employees due to the less than 2% unemployment rate?

  • Anonymous

    I find it more than amusing that an organization losing market share hand over fist and teetering on the verge of bankruptcy (if not irrelevance) is giving business advice to the world’s largest public corporation. Perhaps the NYT should solicit some advice from Walmart before it goes belly up.

  • Doug Balish

    Since when does the NY times need facts. Total lib propaganda rag

  • Missy Fitch

    I guess what I really mean is people look at college as something that they need and not as a business decision. Yes college grads have the potential to make more money than someone who didn’t, does that increase in potential income compensate for the cost of the degree. especially when there is NO guarantee that a job will be there when you graduate, that your job if you get one will pay you the expected income or even if you will keep the job long enough to pay back the loan.

  • Kir (Politicoid)

    A very large component of their sales is food stamps. Low income individuals are the primary group that shop at Walmart. Without food stamps they would lose most of their customer base.

  • gr8scott72

    And so would many other grocery stores. Your argument is invalid.

  • Diane Badget

    What I find amusing is that they always hit Walmart! No doubt there are employees of the New York Times who need some additional assistance as well. Even hard working Americans can’t do it all any more thanks to our own interfering government. And what’s really ironic here is that any one of us – you, me, the writer of this piece – any of us, could have been Sam Walton. We have the same opportunities and really good ideas. The difference is that Mr. Walton took his idea, worked with it, busted his backside and got an empire built – all on a thought. So is it really Walmart and corporate America so many resent, or the realization that it he did it and we didn’t. Just wondering……

  • Amanda Snyder

    Missy Fitch so me a low income student then shouldn’t go to college to better myself because all I can get are loans, because I have a few Learning handicaps and couldn’t get anything more than oh well if you want to go to school you have to have a student loan. Just so I could become a teacher. Maybe try to make the world a better place. I don’t like welfare as much as the next person but heavens forbid should a child seek to not be low income and go to school. We all aren’t pretty enough to do porn. We all ain’t lucky enough to get multiple jobs. We all aren’t lucky enough to get scholarships. Many of us (mooches as you probably call many of us who were raised on welfare) just want out of being low income. We don’t want that for our kids. I got lucky and joined the US Navy so most of my school is paid for but not everyone can do that either. I hope your kids or grand kids never have to be young and worry about their education like I did mine.

  • Kir (Politicoid)

    1. A major component of their sales is in food stamps. Yes; they convert those into cash, thanks to the government. I didn’t think I had to be that specific. Let me make it clear to you then: a large component of Walmart’s revenue is in sales mediated by food stamps. Without food stamps, Walmart would lose a large component of its sales.

    2. Larger farms receive a disproportionate amount of subsidization, especially the corn industry, which is then used to produce cheap feed. Smaller farms do not get these benefits and we end up with cheap, low quality food, generally sold through institutions like Walmart.

    3. Every business is impacted by minimum wage hikes, but small businesses do not have a capacity to buffer minimum wage hikes.

    4. And you deny that the bulk of its use is for larger businesses?

  • Kir (Politicoid)

    What part of “the bulk of food stamp revenue” goes to Walmart, do you not understand?

  • Kir (Politicoid)

    No; I am saying that if the government stopped meddling the market, let communities help the needy rather than using food stamps, stopped screwing around with minimum wage which kills small businesses, and stopped violating private property rights through eminent domain, the economy would benefit.

  • Kir (Politicoid)

    I am talking about the negative impacts of government intervention in the market and how they support mega corporations like Walmart.

  • gr8scott72

    I would imagine it does. The bulk of ALL food purchases go to Walmart just because of the number of stores they have and the volume of business they do. Still doesn’t make your argument valid.

  • Missy Fitch

    So you are saying, your job paid you above minimum wage, gave you yearly raises and are mad that walmart didn’t care about your personal life. You worked for them. And I know they don’t schedule you for times that you didn’t say you could work. Its called availability. My brother works at walmart and his availability is 8am-11pm and in the 8 years that he has worked there they have only scheduled him to work anything other than those hours with his consent. So you must have agreed to those hours.

    personally I think you are bitter cause you got fired as you seem mad that you no longer work there. Since you didn’t leave by your own choice clearly you didn’t find it as terrible as you say now.

  • Missy Fitch

    thats right, they do. Have you done anything to change this. Ie… voting against those government officials that support what you dislike about corporations.

  • Hy Alldredge

    He did it on a computer obviously. Probably with a photoshop like program. That’s because it’s hard to post a physical piece of paper on a blog.

  • RealityBites

    News flash! If you don’t like Walmart, don’t shop there. If you don’t like working at Walmart, don’t work there. Walmart, Starbucks, McD’s, etc owe you nothing. Cashier, coffee artist, and burger flipper are not smart career choices. They are stepping stones in life, not a final destination. Get motivated and improve your worth.

  • Hy Alldredge

    I think a major reason libs hate Walmart is a class thing. NY times reading libs view walmart shoppers as redneck trailer trash. Liberals simply can’t stand poor white people or anything associated with them.

  • Amanda Thompson Jones

    I think you meant “charlatan”. Not charlotte. Ironic that you called out a person for a typo and you used the whole wrong word. It sums up your whole point for you!

  • Shawn Cameron

    I’m all for making a fool of a leftist journalist. But some of these “corrections” are pure bullschit. Especially the one about average salaries and them buying American.

  • Grim Citizen

    Wake up! These jobs are the jobs to have. The economy is terrible and these are the only jobs that are always hiring.

  • Kir (Politicoid)

    Are you saying that most grocery stores rely on food stamps for a large component of their revenue?

  • Paula Pechura Lieber

    In the discussion of student loans — why do people seldom talk about the universities? They are the ones setting tuition prices. They get all of their money up front — while students and their families are left with ways to figure out how to pay. And — if you take out a loan — it is your responsibility to pay it back. But if there is loan forgiveness — who pays the debt? There is still debt floating around out there. Oh, wait, those of us who pay taxes may just be getting the pleasure of paying that debt! Why does no one start demanding that colleges lower their tuitions? Particularly those colleges that have huge endowment funds? BTW — are those endowment funds taxed? Hmmmm . . .

  • Kir (Politicoid)

    I don’t dislike corporations. I run a corporation. I dislike when government picks winners and losers in the market. I do not vote for big government politicians. That is all I will say on my voting history, since the discussion is not on my voting history, it is on the impact government support has on institutions like Walmart.

  • Tim

    education SHOULD be a right!

  • Missy Fitch

    This is a very good post. Our country is one filled with lies and distractions. Glen Beck talks about more than this. But in between the really important facts about our ‘dictator-president’ which the majority of America prefers to remain blind to he likes to comment on something that people will actually look at. Unfortunately our government uses distractions like this to divert attention away from the other horrible things they do to snatch away our freedoms and out public (and the news) let them because of fear and indifference.

  • Amanda Thompson Jones

    You capped it off there: “MOST companies refuse to give workers full- time status because they don’t want to provide any benefits.” And it really isn’t because they don’t necessarily WANT to provide benefits, it’s that they can’t afford to provide benefits. I work for a MUCH smaller retailer than Wal- Mart and they can no longer provide benefits for the part timers. I opted outtf the benefits this year because I couldn’t afford to give away 5% of my paycheck for insurance that I wouldn’t use. Why would n’t I use it, you ask? Because the cheapest policy had a $3000 deductible. I wouldn’t spend that much on healthcare for me and my whole family in one year, not to mention just myself. Wal- Mart isn’t the problem. The federal government taking away my (read: all tax- payers)hard- earned money to use it the way they see fit is.

  • Kir (Politicoid)

    And you think that small businesses receive as much as a percentage of sales as Walmart?

  • Anonymous

    I love Wal-Mart. As a senior, their low prices are a large draw, but also the employees are good and decent people and most helpful.

  • Anti Fabian

    I would question the claim that Walmart is buying American made goods? I’ve never seen any on the store shelves in Walmart. Everything I have ever seen there is made in China.

  • tin lizzie

    I definitely do NOT think the loans should be forgiven, but I think we might get more people trying to pay them back, instead of defaulting, if we could offer them a lower interest rate. My grandson has two loans that are 8%. (In addition to other, lower rate loans). He makes his payments regularly, and basically the principal stays the same… he’s just paying off interest! He has great credit and a decent job, but since it’s an unsecured loan, he can’t get a lower rate. If the government looked at people who were making their payments over a period of a year or two, and restructured those loans with a 5% interest rate, they’d still be making money, and they would be doing it for people who want to pay their loans back.

  • Ann Parmenter

    i have not found there to be many products made in the usa at the local walmart. and after they put the small stores out then the prices go up. Sam Walton belived in helping the small people, his heirs or the people who run the company dont.

  • madman

    This is nothing more than a NY Times hatchet attack. I’m glad Walmart smacked back at this hack writer.

  • Conservative4Ever

    In your World define “large component?” Do you have percentages of what Walmart sales are in relation to food only?

    That said, that is a great service if in fact it is true. I’ve shopped for food occasionally at Walmart and their prices are usually lower than the grocery store we usually shop at. We usually stay away from Walmart because of the largesse of the store and longer lines.

    Therefore, people who are on food stamps probably go to Walmart because their food stamps go a longer way at the smaller stores do. How is this a problem? How is this Walmart accepting “government support” via “food stamps?” The people who shop there receive food stamps, not Walmart. They only accept them as do most stores do.

    Your logic and fact

  • Missy Fitch

    Why? What is the purpose of college except to get a better job? If you spend your life in debt, then what was the purpose of getting the higher paying job? Everyone has the right to go to school and they do. we have public schools. but college isn’t a right. more accurately, its a service. Its a choice. One that YOU make and that YOU should be expected to pay for. Not everyone else. If you can afford it, yay. But if not, then either save up, don’t go. But don’t expect everyone else to pay so YOU can go to college.

  • Conservative4Ever

    My iPad didn’t allow me to finish. What I meant to say is your Logic & facts are faulty.

  • Paul in San Antonio

    Actually, it IS “deep-seated,” as any of a number of references will tell you. So, great post, but research, research, research, Jeff.

  • tin lizzie


  • Anonymous

    Can’t food stamp recipients shop at whatever grocery store they want? If they want to go to Walmart and spend them, that is the consumer’s choice, not Walmart’s. The reason the bulk of the stamps are spent there is also a result of the bulk of the food sold in the US being bought there. What is your end game here? Should we disallow people from shopping there with stamps? Should we force Walmart to hike their prices so low income people can’t shop there? I can’t get on board with your criticism of low income folks using their stamps economically and against Walmart for taking them. The food stamp program has way bigger issues than the fact that Walmart accepts them and gets reimbursed. It sounds like you also want a private retailer to eat the cost of the food stamps redeemed there. Why should they have to do that?

  • RealityBites

    Totally uneducated post. Farm bill nixed 100% of farm direct payments. Farmers used to receive subsidies, not retail stores. But not any more

  • Conservative4Ever

    Nothing Kir has said is valid.

  • Amanda Thompson Jones

    It WAS done on a computer. It was posted on Wal-Mart’s blog. Or did you miss that? But it isn’t fake. Notice, the red “pen” is actually a font, not real hand writing.

  • Paul in San Antonio

    Did you really think this was his actual handwriting?! Of course he typed it with a computer, using a font that mimics cursive writing! smh

  • gr8scott72

    Well, best I can find on the internet is that Walmart accounts for about 25% of all grocery sales and yet only takes in about 18% of the food stamps. So yes, it seems other (smaller) businesses receive a similar percentage of food stamps.

  • Gale Morse

    The white house is not even paying some there MINIMUM wage, and women get paid less than men ! Will NY times write a piece on that ? NOT ! At least Walmart is making money, they give, the liberals want it all, until you go after theirs , DC isnt making money, what is there is ours, and they give it to ISLAM, and the illegals pouring in ..

  • Kir (Politicoid)

    Can’t food stamp recipients shop at whatever grocery store they want? If they want to go to Walmart and spend them, that is the consumer’s choice, not Walmart’s. The reason the bulk of the stamps are spent there is also a result of the bulk of the food sold in the US being bought there.

    Sure, but for multiple, reasons, including government support, Walmart is obviously going to be the place of choice because of the price of goods.

    What is your end game here? Should we disallow people from shopping there with stamps? Should we force Walmart to hike their prices so low income people can’t shop there? I can’t get on board with your criticism of low income folks using their stamps economically and against Walmart for taking them.

    The end game is eliminating the food stamp program and rely on community support of those in need instead.

  • RealityBites

    I refer you to my last sentence.

  • Malinda Harton


  • tin lizzie

    What part of “shoppers can use their food stamps anywhere they want, but they go to Walmart because their “money” goes farther” do YOU not understand?

  • Lolita Huisman

    i am glad to see the nations largest employer is makng a profit rather than closing store after store and going bankrupt….the must be doing something right….take a note
    US Government

  • Missy Fitch

    But he agreed to those terms. If i get a bad loan on my car, should I expect the government to step in because I can’t afford the repayment?

    My main point though, was that if the COST of going to college was lower, there would not be a need to go into such debt paying it back. So instead of making terms for loans and such, there should be something done about the actual cost of the service.

    And beyond that, people shouldn’t take out loans that are not able to pay back with out government assistance. I think college is a wonderful thing. But if it doesn’t serve the purpose it is supposed to (to ease the economic strain of daily life by providing more disposable income) then its a bad investment.