This hilarious video captures how every dad in America feels about the Disney hit “Frozen”

We live in an amazing time. Anyone can make a video and a darn good one. This video by dads Ryan O’Quinn and Todd Wilkerson shows exactly how every father in America feels. Really, really funny…until the Disney lawyers see it!

  • Michelle Marie

    I’m sorry, but where are these dads that run errands? My husband works 8 to 5 so the dance classes and other errands are run by me the MOM while he is at work. ?? And trust me, I am tired of these songs, too.

  • Bryan W

    I used to. I had a pretty flexible schedule. Not all the time, but enough. (and yes, I had to get instructions each time because the details kept changing.) Ask me about the Jungle Book – I can recite it – words and music – word for word beginning to end.

  • Nic Brooks

    You realize that is the SEXIST comment I have EVER read!!! I am sorry but there are stay at home dads and Dads who take off to do these things.

  • Hopeful_still

    Ha ha ha… took weeks to stop singing EVERY THING IS AWESOME… from the Lego movie.

  • William S. Kelly

    I’ve been a single father for the last 12yrs. We are out there, in that time I have been a Soccer coach, Baseball coach, Wrestling coach, Sunday school teacher & Boy Scout leader. I still make sure he has a 3-4 course meal every evening made by me. So please don’t make general assumptions about dads…

  • Anonymous

    Some of us work , and work at home and get to do many of these things with our kids and love doing it ! We enjoy spending time with children and while the song is parodying this, its actually wonderful being a hands on engaged dad ! Sexist statement.

  • Suzanne Rice

    A 3-4 course meal?

  • Michelle Marie

    Oh brother. I’m only referring to what the video description said that “EVERY father in America feels” when in reality EVERY father in America does not in fact run errands. I did not mean to exclude those dads that in fact do run errands. Let’s try not to get so excited about every supposed assumption. We’ve become too easily offended in some areas and not offended enough where it really matters.

  • Lorietta Purpura

    I know of Dads who work and they feel the same exact way- not just about running errands.

  • Michelle Marie

    And I really didn’t intend to offend any single dads, work at home dads, take off work dads or any other dads. I am definitely a supporter of Dads and think dads of all kinds are great and love their kids. And I think dads AND moms and many more are tired of the
    Frozen songs which is what I was saying in my previous post, Moms are
    tired of these songs, too.
    But I do love Disney so please don’t attack me for being tired of Frozen songs that my daughter still sings.

  • Michelle Marie

    Me, too. And now we are singing it again because the DVD just came out last week.

  • Michelle Marie

    Yes of course that is true. And my 6 year old son feels that way as he covers his ears every time his older sister starts singing a Frozen song.

  • Freedomrings

    Omg.. ME TOO!!!!! That’s what I said when I watched this Dad video yesterday. You are NOT ALONE in your pain Hopeful. (note: that song is so socialistic too, but the movie is about doing your own thing.. )

  • Freedomrings

    Meat, starch, veg,= 3 and some type of “dessert” =4 course meal! =)

  • resident this version is better and more entertaining

  • William S. Kelly

    Yes, a Three to Four Course meal.. That means I feed him either 3 courses or 4 courses every night…

  • Jim

    I see allot of you dads that replied to a Michelle Maria on her comment about dads. Sensitive much? Seriously tho the over sensitivity in this “country of pansies” isn’t just on the left but very much on the right. Stop reading that crap out of every statement made. We complain on the right about how the other side gets offended to fast and you all do it yourself to one of your own. She only made a statement as to herself. I haven’t seen the movie yet myself. My niece how ever has and her and her 2 younger sisters sing those songs so much. lol

  • Melvin Hagerman

    Now we start on “Happy”….

  • Brooke Lorren

    LOL… I was singing that today…

  • Brooke Lorren

    My husband was the one that was playing that movie (and the soundtrack) over and over and over again after it came out. We all love it, but I think he plays it the most…

  • John William Thompson

    drop over and fall under a bus

  • GH420

    So he gets an appetizer, a salad, a dinner and then a dessert? He eats better than I do.

  • Anonymous

    Y’all gotta see Philosopher Stefan Molyneux’s review of Frozen on YouTube.

  • FiMurca

    I guess you think the world revolves around you. And because that is your situation … It must be the same for everyone.

  • theothertoolbox

    Thank you, Nic.