Glenn: I got news for you, gang. We have been played

This morning’s radio program was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for Glenn as he reacted to Senator Thad Cochran’s (R-MS) slim victory over Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel (R) in Tuesday’s runoff. As the election analysis come out, it is clear Cochran won because the GOP poured money into a get out to vote campaign among black Democrats in the state. Glenn reacted to the desperate tactics employed by the GOP in this race and warned listeners that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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The data aggregation website FiveThirtyEight has already begun to break down the Mississippi election results, and based on some of the regressions that have been run, it looks like McDaniel was directly impacted by the increased turnout in black communities.

According to the Washington Post, in the 24 counties with a majority black population, turnout increased by 39.4%, giving Cochran a big edge. The FiveThirtyEight analysis seems to corroborate this idea. In fact, the site’s data has Cochran losing by as many as eight points, if black turnout had not increased so substantially.

We can do more with these regressions, though. We can hold the African-American percentage of the population variables constant in both the Cochran and McDaniel regressions, while adjusting the non-African American variables. This process mirrors on a county level what would happen if white or traditionally Republican turnout went up but black or traditionally Democratic turnout didn’t change from the first to the second round. In my scenario, I kept the African-American turnout constant from the first round of voting, but let the white vote increase as it actually did.

The result: Cochran loses a lot of votes. Instead of Cochran winning the runoff by 2 points, or about 6,000 votes, he loses by a little less than 8 points, or about 25,000 votes. He drops about 40,000 votes from his 190,000 vote total, while McDaniel loses only about 15,000 from his 185,000 vote total.

See the full FiveThirtyEight report HERE.

While the site says the 10 point swing that moves from Cochran winning by two points to losing by eight may not tell the whole story, pre-election polls had McDaniel winning the election by about eight points.

“We now know for sure it is all about power. It is not about principles. It is not about people,” Glenn said. “Thad Cochran wants power. The Chamber of Commerce, all they want is power… The GOP – it’s not a Grand Old Party – it’s Guardian of Power. That’s all it is.”

After more than 40 years in Congress, Cochran is as entrenched as they come. In New York, another four decade-long incumbent, Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-NY), is expected to win a close election against a much younger opponent. Washington D.C. has come to resemble an aristocracy.

“It is a place of aristocracy. That’s all it is. George Washington warned us. This is not a Tea Party. This is George Washington,” Glenn said. “George Washington warned us the two party system [would] be the death of us… George Washington was right. But we allowed ourselves to be seduced. We bought it hook, line, and sinker.”

Ultimately, Glenn believes we have been played a group of power hungry elitists. But, hopefully, this election represents the end of the era.

“America, the gig is up. It is really obvious now. They are doing nothing but playing a game… We are pawns. Period… You have every right to be angry,” Glenn concluded. “[But] you understand this: We still run the country. They might run the system of power, but this is still our country. We still have certain rights that, no matter what they do, only God can take them from us.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • landofaahs

    Who’s been played? Not me. I have seen this situation for what it is, unfixable and the only remedy is divorce. Welcome to the mountain top some of you, The rest of you can’t wait below and take your time getting here if ever.

  • landofaahs

    Save Nineveh, no country has gotten to the point ours has without God’s judgment. Collapse is coming. Sadly, we will see the divorce that history shows will happen. Just pray you are part of the saved part.

  • Anonymous

    Well hell Glenn… who didn’t see that coming?

  • Anonymous

    “House of Cards” or “Boss” anyone?

    What is scary is that both of these politically themed shows scare the hell out of me because they ring so true.

  • Anonymous

    After the Mississip run-off primary, I will not give the Republican Party one red cent. I am thinking about becoming a Libertarian or some other party. The Democrats and Republicans are just the same- There are fewer and fewer honest men in the Republican party anymore. This is another example of what is wrong with America!

  • suegee

    Why won’t people learn??? for crying out loud, STOP OPEN PRIMARIES fools

  • suegee

    oh yeah that’s why Cantor lost – reverse operation chaos

  • ross mcglockness

    F U thad cochran and F U gop “establishment”

  • Dave Posh

    McDaniel will reportedly challenge illegal Democrat votes that may have won the runoff for RINO Cochran…

  • Anonymous

    Was Glen equally upset when Rush Limbaugh suggested similar tactics in Democrat primaries in the past? To the point Rush wanted his bots to change parties for primary elections in states with closed primaries.

  • Jon Galt

    I actually send them a reply every time they ask me for $$.


  • Linda Murray

    And that’s JUST what ob/sama wants us to do, dear! Then he can declare marshall law & take over as dictator with the Muslim Brotherhood running things! Z’at what’cha want…???

  • Clinton Pando

    I will keep posting this people wake up and join the rising tide. It is time we took our nation back and elect accountable candidates that represent the people and not their parties. Please at least see what we are abot and join the discussion.

  • Linda Murray

    Let me be the local nit-picker in this one. :D The correct term is… ‘the JIG is up’. Not the ‘GIG’. :D

  • Jason Blankenship

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. State legislatures need to get involved and have party registration and closed primaries.

  • Vicky Smith

    This is how Lindsey Graham won in SC.

  • Patricia Killough

    Who are you planning on shooting there, Steveo??

  • Mark Lawson

    Many of us have been shouting this for decades, to limited avail. Even the Tea Party was quickly usurped and perverted from our focused origin–which is why I disavow even the organizations that purport to speak for it. They are no longer us. We must make them come back to us. To paraphrase Anonymous, “We are Legion, but they are few…”

  • Bob Bryant

    This is why in general….Neither of the2 major prties should burden the general electorate with their selection of a candidate….DO you see primaries in the Libertarian party or any other party besides the DemPublicans?
    Know who foots the bill for these elections that are nothing more than a corporate beauty pageant..You and I do and I ask WHY?
    We must do one of two things….
    Either have a primary that let’s everyone who wants to run get on the ballot and the top 3 vote getters go at each other in the general election or we only have general elections an force he major parties to choose who they will put u internally

  • Bill

    It’s like a baseball game and only one team uses bats. We need to start bringing our own bats to the game.

  • Philip Beck

    Glenn, tell the class how something other than a two-party political system would work. Would there be three parties offering candidates and the candidate with the most votes wins? Would a 50% or better vote be required to win? Would the two candidates receiving the most votes, but neither getting 50%, be in a run-off after the general election? Here’s my main point Glenn, where ever there is a majority of voters that vote for a living participate in an election, the Santa candidate will always win in that district. Mississippi democrats did what they thought they needed to do in order to protect their Santa. McDaniel would have been better for the nation in my opinion, but he was viewed as a threat to enough dependency-class voters so he lost. Your anti-two-party argument is flawed Glenn.

  • BigSkyDan

    Look there are always going to be dishonest people. Forget party labels. It’s only the STUPID the IGNORANT and the FOOLS that make up the dishonest candidates constituency that keep allowing these idiots to pull these shenanigans.

  • stevo5000x

    He’s going to get Marshall law anyway. Just wait for the next terrorist attack, either it will be a real one or a false flag. One way or another he’s going to get your guns. Especially now with the Borders wide open.

  • BigSkyDan

    Right because that has solved so many things in history… lmao. Don’t be a dumbass Stevo…

  • Anonymous

    Thad Cochran should be made the poster boy for term limits!

  • Brad T.

    Folks, the game is rigged against us. 30% of voters are pretty evenly divided between Dems and Reps. The remaining 70% don’t have representation. It’s about time for a Third Party.

  • stevo5000x

    Yeah, it did. It’s called this freaken country.

  • Michael David Davis

    When I want Nate Silver to be wrong, he’s right. When I want him to be right, he’s wrong. I can’t get a damn break.

  • Mississippi Guy

    Mississippi needs to change their election laws going from “semi-open” primaries to closed primaries. IMHO, only voters belonging to a party should decide their own candidates. (is that radical?)

  • Shawn Cameron

    Stop listening to Chicken Little, take your tin foil hat off and come out of the basement. We’ve survived Carter and two Bushes we will survive Obama too.

  • Shawn Cameron

    That’s the biggest reason I can’t bring myself to watch them. Not because it scares me but because I can’t stomach glorifying these prix.

  • landofaahs

    I do not believe in violent revolution. Only when the collapse comes, will there be a chance to peacefully withdraw and find common self determination. A house divided cannot stand and there is no chance of reconciling good and evil to live together for long.

  • landofaahs

    The Constitution Party suits me right down to the ground.

  • landofaahs

    Our country was better served when the candidate was picked in a cigar filled rooms. But 2 parties suck especially when half of one is really part of the other.

  • landofaahs

    Go to the polls and only vote for Tea Party types and let the rest get trounced.

  • kfell

    I’m confused as to how the “increased turnout in black communities” is synonymous with corruption. If it was “increased turnout of Democrats who had previously voted in the Democratic primary [which is illegal],” then I might be concerned. The fact is, Mississippi has open primaries, Democrats can vote in a open primary. That they did should not surprise anyone. Also, politics is about power. It also has been and it always will be (what “is” is also not synonymous with what “should be”). Anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves.

  • landofaahs

    You take advantage of it even if you don’t like it. Change the primary system as a closed vote and stop the tricks.

  • Anonymous

    Just took a look at the Constitution Party. I think it more closely aligns to my belief system, and I will be watching it to see how it does. Thanks, landofaahs!

  • Anonymous

    Open primaries are stupid and make no sense.Each party is supposed to elect their candidate.Otherwise just have one election.

  • Anonymous

    This struck me as exactly opposite of Missouri’s 2012 election. There Claire McCaskill (D) ran ads during the primary that Todd Akin(R) was too conservative which helped him win the republican primary. I’m really surprised that more conservatives in MS didn’t see the light when Cochran was being backed by Liberals

  • Shawn Cameron

    You’re right the problem is neither of the two parties we have stand for what they claim they do. Democrats are in bed with just as many billionaires as Republicans, and Republicans are just as wasteful with tax dollars as Democrats. Neither one is the party of the people they claim to be. But they still have the majority of people fooled into believing they are. So much so that we’re not so much voting for a candidate as against the other, the lesser of two evils. That’s what they’ve become…Two Evils.

  • PetersonAH

    He should be joined at the podium with Orrin Hatch of Utah…

  • Chris Lewis

    liberty was dismantled by the GOP and Democrats

  • Debra Oneil

    because phone messages were sent to democrats, to ask them to come out and vote for cockran (purpose mis-spell) and AGAINST TEA! specifically!

  • Sean Hoffman-Murphy

    Please do me a favor and don’t “become a Libertarian” as an alternative to the Republicans and Democrats. If you believe in and adhere to the principle of non-aggression, understand that your neighbors must be free in order for you to be free, and recognize that all government action is an exercise of power by people who would be exposed as bandits if they acted without a flag, then you also need to understand that there is no victory in politics. If you just want to join a new team because you’re tired of the one you have now, you won’t achieve anything.

    Please, if you have an interest in libertarianism, the best thing you can do is fully understand it. Read Murray Rothbury and Frédéric Bastiat; watch Stefan Molyneux ‘ videos on YouTube; listen to Free Talk Live and the Freedom Feens. The political system is a trap, and working within it does nothing but grant legitimacy to established power.

  • JJimney

    Who gives a crap about the GOP… the democratic process that we still pride ourselves on, played out yet again. MS got what they wanted. Now maybe the Tea Party will stop relying on the “surprise attack” and actually come up with a platform of solutions and not complaints. If American voters are dumber than ever, educate them!

  • Sean Hoffman-Murphy

    And look where it got us. Peace and freedom will never be achieved through violence. Only by winning the minds of the people will we live in liberty.

  • Anonymous

    Have you even bothered to go to any Tea Party websites and read what they’re for? Try google.
    MS did not get “what they wanted”. The people who crossed over (in a supposedly closed primary) to vote for Cochran are the same people that will most definitely vote for the Dem in the general election.

  • Anonymous

    Those “Evil, Rich People” – are Democrats Not only are there more Democrats in the Top 20 list, but those Democrats are a lot more stingy with their money when it comes to campaign contributions. Republicans coughed up $5.2 million while Democrats squirted out only $2.1 Million. Democrats outweigh Republicans. Not only in terms of the number of uber-millionaires, but also with their net worth. In this Top 20 group, Democrats have a combined net worth of $263.1 billion dollars while the Republicans have a combined net worth of only $143.9 billion dollars – almost half that of Democrats.So the next time you hear some Liberal try the “Evil Rich People” rhetoric, remind them that it is the Democrats who are those “Evil Rich People”, not the Republicans.

  • John Calabro

    Carter didn’t get government takeover of healthcare.

  • Debra Oneil

    so, we have the power huh? lol… okay. I propose a bill: congress seats, both on the state and federal levels, will be filled by lottery, based off random drawing by social security number. just like jury duty. no elections, no money, no nothing. just real people in service to their nation. no re-elections, just one term, thats it.


  • Anonymous

    I remember that little thing called “The American Revolution”. Guns were fired, and (GASP), people were actually killed. What happened after that? We formed a new country.

    None of that would have happened had the founding fathers just joined hands and sing “Kumbaya”. That’s where it got us.

  • Jenny Rodriguez

    There will be evil in every party. The point being that we just can’t keep ANY democrat in office. If we divide, we LOOSE!

  • ckozzy

    When the Republican party chooses dirty politics like they did for Thad we need to run a conservative third party candidate.
    Yes I know it will let the Democrats win the main election, but the RHINOS are eating Constitutional conservatives alive.

    We should support Chris McDanial’s as a independent candidate.
    Defund the GOP

  • Jenny Rodriguez

    We have NOT seen the end of McDaniels! McDaniels and all those out there like him are on the rise!

  • Carl David Ford Sr.

    The 2nd Amendment guarantees our right to keep and bear arms, but our 2nd Amendment responsibilities are to use these guns to remove or correct the government when needed……well, I think the time has come to shoulder our responsibilities, as well as our guns……

  • Anonymous

    Got news for you and Patricia, without some pretty fierce shooting this country would have never been formed in the first place. If that is what it takes to restore the Republic so be it.

  • Debra Oneil


  • Lance

    Glenn, your “God given” rights are only as good as ‘the government’ lets them be. You realize God isn’t running things right? If he was we wouldn’t need to vote.

  • Lance

    Yeah, that’ll work out just fine, wake up and smell the gunpowder, they’ve got a LOT more.

  • Lance

    There is something VERY different about allowing the election of a communist/socialist, that has this much influence on his lemmings, some ‘fundamental change’ will be hard to reverse.

  • Lance

    You ‘seen’ that?

  • Lance

    If the rules allow it, it ain’t cheating, it’s gamesmanship.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, don’t you remember Orin Hatch talking down the tea party people?

  • Anonymous

    You are right. You find yourself rooting between evil and evil, and actually hoping your evil guy wins over the other evil guy.

    What the heck have we come to?

  • Anonymous
  • Marilyn Cotton

    Why doesnt the Tea Party separate itself from the GOP then? We complain about the two-party system, then refuse to step away from it’s largesse. You cannot be the solution if you are part of the problem.

  • Anonymous


  • Marilyn Cotton

    Being saved does not eliminate the possibility of suffering along with the rest of the nation. It does give us a responsibility to give the hope and the light that we were created to be.

  • Anonymous

    Really. The Founders say otherwise. Of course, you are much more wise than they.

  • Anonymous

    Spoken like a true RINO. Thanks for nothing. We are losing anyway. One way is just faster than the other. Vote Constitution Party.

  • Marc O’Neal

    I am done with the Republican party! This was an underhanded tactic used to win this election. Thad Cochron does not give one bit of care to anyone in his district and his state. This is all about power. I am definitely putting all my money on the tea party, liberatarians and any other party other than Democrat or Republican. We have got to get our country back from these crooks and liars.

  • Anonymous

    Tell that to the Founding Fathers. King George III would have loved you. Idiot.

  • StandardDeviation

    They would just pick the same RINOS they get elected now. It’s an illusion of choice.

  • Anonymous

    In November, tea party voters in Mississippi should stay home. Cochran cannot win without tea party voters. It makes not sense to win the Senate only to end up with the status quo…, with the establishment in charge Too, the GOP can win the Senate without Mississippi. We need to send a message. Too, McDaniel could run as a write-in…., and win?

  • Anonymous

    voter ID in place and Daniel write in on ballot will take care of the election . We don’t have to put up with this crap. We the people have to turn out for the vote and write in our candidate.

  • Cayden Sparks

    The Tea Party is ridiculous. They run canidates in primaries that will get smashed in the general election. If I was a democrat, I would give money to the Tea Party just to make the general election easier for myself.

  • John Thomas Wilson

    To all those thinking of leaving the GOP: IT WILL NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM!!!!
    We need you to get more involved than you ever have with the GOP. We have to take our party back. A third party means Progressives and or RINO’s win and we still lose. We must take our party back to its Republican roots. Please, I beg you now, don’t give up. The night is always darkest before the dawn. We can take our party back if we develop the tools and language of liberty and Republicanism.

  • Peter Duke

    This is easy to trump (not him)… Put up this ticket Ben Carson and Mia Love

  • Douglas

    We already have low information voters, don’t need them selected to serve in Congress as well.

  • Anonymous

    He only gets Martial Law if the people lose. If you’re sure the people will lose, then you don’t do the armed revolt thing in the first place.

    They are trying to make it impossible for a conservative government to be put in place by the voters, because a conservative government dislocates the politicians and their willing sycophants in the 1,000 agencies of robotic democrat voters, 1,000 agencies WE don’t need, but THEY do.

    They are trying to disenfranchise conservatives, so that they either don’t vote, or only vote for Republicans, who aren’t conservative. Voting under the public class freaks that now inhabit DC has become a useless, desultory gesture for those of us who love citizen liberty. They, on the other hand, love government liberty, and they’re going to cram it down your throats in ever-increasing doses.

  • Anonymous

    Then quit.

  • Anonymous

    what was illegal about them?

  • Anonymous

    We used to go to the polls and elect people to represent us in the government. Now we vote and worry about what the winners are going to do to us. This is liberty?

  • David Long

    I am a kentucky tea partier. I will be voting for democrat allison grimes over mitch mcconell. I am more interested in changing the GOP than winning against democrats.

  • Anonymous

    That’s different. That was a tactic AGAINST liberals, and nothing done to defeat a liberal and keep him or her from the levers of power is too extreme. We have a nation to save, sir.

  • Anonymous

    Look for the same tactics in Georgia in the 10th and 11th Congressional district runoffs! The establishment GOP will do anything to stop true Constitutionalists and Jody Hice, Barry Loudermilk, and all those like them scare the living daylights out of the old school RINO’s! They want their power and these guys who threaten that power will be crushed by the boot of the establishment on both sides of the aisle!

  • Eric S.

    It was my understanding that there are a lot of suspect votes that were cast by democrats who had already voted in their primary and should not have been legally allowed to vote in the republican primary.

  • Tim Soyck

    No good can come from armed revolt. To be American is not to adopt the practices of those who are not. The country is us, not some misguided lawmakers. Who would you revolt against and what is your replacement? Change the attitude of your family first, your friends, your community, and then watch it spread. Washington only does what we allow them to do whether through ignorance or apathy. Educate ourselves and those around us. Knowledge an truth will save this Republic before any gun will.

  • Dave Ivie

    I am disgusted with the GOP as much as anyone, and realize my conservative views align well with Libertarians, but as conservatism goes, united we stand and divided we fall. There is a reason why Michael Medved refers to Libertarians as “Losertarians.” It splits the conservative vote, and guarantees victory for the Democrats. If enough conservatives write in McDaniel, republicans will lose a senate seat to the Democrats. How much more of Harry Reid do you want? Do you want to have a chance to overturn Obamacare? I don’t really like the Thad Cochran’s representing the GOP, but sometimes voting comes down to selecting the lesser of two evils. Radical leftists have taken the approach of shifting the United States in their direction little by little, over time. That strategy has been going on for years. And now we have what is arguably the most liberal presidential administration in history. I’d like to win it all back in one election as well, but I’ll take little victories or even a push rather than give more ground the radical left wing element that is currently driving this country into the ground. Think big picture friends.

  • James Mills

    God has withdrawn HIS favor from the USA. This is reflected in our political systems – state, national, and local- in our weather, In our disasters, in our relationships with foreign powers, in our internal security and our religions.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone from Kansas, Jerry Moran had a lot to do with this. Remember that next election.

  • Bernie Kerns

    Sorry jc…They are not the same. How ridiculous… I know that is popular in Libertarian circles to say that…but it is mendaciously ignorant. For example…Let’s say Romney had won the election. Would we have 2 new…totally incompetent radical Supreme court Justices…Kagan and Sotomayer ? No…That by itself is a HUGE difference. Also, we would not have the 3oth incarnation of Barrycare… And we would have the Keystone pipeline. We also would not have a war on coal. Since the president advertised for all the recent boarder crossers, I’m pretty sure Romney would not have done that so we would not have that catastrophe going on. Several other things would be different…so again…it is ludicrous to say “they are the same”…

  • Something Is Wrong

    Divorce isn’t the only option, it’s just that the will and sense to actually pursue other options isn’t currently there; aka nobody really cares. I keep saying that if people want to dismantle the Progressive power structure they need to start at the beginning but nobody listens. You want to end the Military Industrial Complex, totally restore the 2nd Amendment, return power to states and significantly reduce the amount of power the President holds? You can do it all in one single move with repealing the National Guard Act of 1903. That one act was Teddy Roosevelt’s baby and was basically his “Obamacare”. He had it ready to promote and try to get passed as soon as he was sworn in and the only reason it didn’t pass until 1903 is because Congress rejected it until it was seriously whittled down (which condition was only temporary as all the things Congress opposed were later added back in via amendments). It was the first major Progressive bill and laid the way for everything that has followed. Repeal the National Guard Act of 1903 and we can start to actually get somewhere. I mean, it’s only the beginning but it’s where things need to start. Then again, like I said, nobody has the will or sense to really pursue it. Instead we’d rather just argue about parties and what new bill is going to supposedly fix whatever symptom they don’t currently like. I’m not a band-aid kind of guy, I’m a cut-out-the-tumor kind of guy. Sick of people focusing on the symptoms instead of working for a cure. Divorce is simply letting it die and I’m not willing to do that. My grandfather 9 generations before me gave his life at Bemis Heights; no matter how long ago that was, I can’t allow his sacrifice to be in vain.

  • Crassus

    It’s martial law not marshall. Marshall was a general. You could at least spell it correctly.

  • Christian201339

    We don’t need the Congress or the White House to fix what’s happening.
    All we need to do is convince our State Legislatures to call for a
    Constitutional Convention. Those who refuse – we vote out. Then WE fix
    it. Don’t believe the lies about a Convention – it’s not to rewrite anything – it’s for PROPOSING AMENDMENTS which then go back to the States for ratification. Still takes 3/4 of the States to ratify Each Amendment. Inform yourself:

  • Silent Political Yeoman

    “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”
    - The Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776

  • William Fisher

    Republicans really know how to shoot themselves in the the foot…no…wait…both feet. They are clueless and have lost me forever.

  • Randy Normington

    rino-rats are the same party of demo-communists! Get ready! The debt will cloward piven the country leaving banker, rich, political elite in power! Destroy a country for money and power! Wow! A few good ones, but not enough, I am afraid!

  • William K. Schneider

    The key is to protect the seat and win others not conservative orthodoxy.If we can take control of the senate we can affect the agenda and stop the progressive machine.Get behind the winner.

  • Robert Starkand

    Mongo only pawn in the game of life.

  • Anonymous

    When Republican candidates (Sen. Thad Cochran) have to court Democrats and Unions to win something is terribly wrong. This is why people are leaving the Republican party in droves … myself being one.

  • Marti Settle

    I cancelled my membershp in the Republican National Party. I am so mad I could scream. I will NEVER EVER send another nickel to this corrupt, fat cat bunch of pigs. I will contribute directly to candidates of my choice. I hope that the RNC does NOT come to Dallas. They are clearly not wanted here. They have become as slimey as the democrats.

  • Marti Settle

    Get your advertising OFF this blog.

  • Marti Settle

    Thad Cochran should be forced to resign and give the election back to Chris McDaniel. He is an old pig-faced crony who does not deserve to be re-elected again. We need good younger people instead of entrenched old farts like Thad Cochrane.

  • Shonnin Kuroji

    When will you people learn?!? The only way out of this mess is to DESTROY THE POLITICAL CLASS!!! And the only way to do this is NOT to vote for your favorite candidate but to vote exclusively against the incumbent regardless of party affiliation. As long as we have long serving career politicians we cannot be properly represented in our government and we cannot find solutions to our problems.

  • Anonymous

    Term Limits, plain and simple….

  • Anonymous

    I tell them I donate directly to those I feel are deserving of my conservative dollars…

  • BlueMN

    Still not the biggest fan of his, but you’ve made me very grateful President Obama was re-elected. Thanks for the perspective.

  • Mudpie

    We are trying to leave the country for good. Will be sacrificing a lot to do so but it is likely worth it for our kids (and us). There is something terribly depressing about watching a people voluntarily give up their liberties and birthrights.

  • Mudpie

    SO I am going to support a GOP whose leadership supported Cochran by having the population who voted in Obama cross over party lines to vote for Cochran in this election?

    Are you daffy?

  • Mudpie

    What if the old one – and I am not saying it is – but what if it were like the old southern Democrats who supported Jim Crow or the Nazis for that matter? Sure it is apples and oranges – though I believe that affirmative action is a bit like Jim Crow – but there is nothing virtuous in supporting the lesser of two evils when that lesser is, itself, seriously evil.

    My preference is to see libertarian Republicans. But that is looking like it will not happen.

  • Richard Barbuto

    we have already loss

  • noisyparker

    For me, the lessons of this election cycle are that we are not going to make a change from the top. imo, for the nearterm, we are better off focusing on local organizations and offices, and limiting “federal” efforts to congressional seats.

    Local party organizations and offices are not sexy, I admit, but that is part of the advantage of the approach… the establishment will be focused on the sexy and we can get established under the radar. The other advantage of the approach is that the local stuff feeds the state party organizations and using the local base to get established in the state organizations will end up having a big impact on the senate candidates.

    The reason I think House seats are still worth working on is because you can still work the advantages of the not-sexy by focusing on a local district. As we saw in the Dave Brat case, big results can come from local work. The establishment will focus on protecting some handful of individual House members, but there is no way they will be agile enough to organize a more widespread effort from the national level.

    Once we get the local stuff in order, we’ll have the organizational base we’d need to make real progress on Senate seats.

  • Calohan


    Tea party leader: Chris McDaniel should run as write-in
    candidate in November election

    By Seth McLaughlin
    The Washington Times
    Wednesday, June 25, 2014

    The head of tea party group said Wednesday that state Sen.
    Chris McDaniel should wage a write-in campaign in the November election after
    losing to Sen. Thad Cochran in a nasty Mississippi primary race.

    Judson Phillips, the vocal leader of Tea Party Nation, an
    online group that backed Mr. McDaniel in the race, said that Mr. Cochran and
    his allies made it abundantly clear in the contest that the “RINO wing” of the
    Republican party will do whatever it can to stay in power — in this case by
    reaching out to Democrats.

    “When the Republican Establishment acts like Democrats, what
    is the point of supporting them?” Mr. Phillips said in an early morning email
    blast. “The answer is, we don’t have to.

    “Every McDaniel supporter in Mississippi from DeSoto County
    in the North to Biloxi in the South should stand up today and tell Chris
    McDaniel that if he runs as a write-in candidate in November, they will support
    him,” he said.

    As it stands, Mr. McDaniel refused to concede the race,
    saying he wants to make sure the “sanctity” of the vote is upheld and that the
    race was decided by Republican voters.

    But Mr. Phillips said those sorts of legal challenges rarely
    pan out and said Mr. McDaniel would have a better shot of taking out Mr.
    Cochran in the general election.

    “The Republican Establishment thinks they have fought back
    an insurrection from conservatives and now we will meekly fall in line in
    November and support a RINO who needs Democrats to win? Never,” said Mr.
    Phillips, who also writes a column in The Washington Times. “If Chris McDaniel
    loses his challenges to this election, then he needs to be a write-in candidate
    this fall.”

    Read more:

  • Calohan

    Title: Round 2: Fight Fire with Fire.

    Teach the RINOS the thin margin between primary victory cheers and general election tears.

  • Robert Kempton

    I stop being a Republican over a year ago , they are almost as bad as the democrats . I joined the Constitution party and will no longer vote for the least of the two evil.

  • Robert Kempton

    same here , had enough of the republicans , i like the tea party though

  • Robert Kempton

    yep !

  • Robert Kempton

    I am done with the GOP , I like the tea Party like Lee/Cruz but i am a registered Constitution party member as my wife .

  • Robert Kempton

    I am in Utah BUT never voted for Oran Hatch , i don’t trust the man .

  • Anonymous

    Wouldn’t you know it… The low information voters (Dumb N1663rs) strike again. Congrats to Mississippians… You returned a moron to Washington DC. Wonder how Cockring is going to return all those favors???

  • Sandra

    It’s a bot

  • landofaahs

    It will be out of our hands. God makes nations rise and fall.

  • landofaahs

    True. In fact we are promised that we will suffer for the sake of the gospel. The servant is not above the master and Christ suffered and so will we.

  • Bolton

    Do not leave the republican party, you need to stay just to stick them in the eye. At least make sure you can vote in republican primaries in your state without being a republican before you leave. Also, its soo nice to get mail from the NRSC, that way I get to scrawl my opinion of them on the part I’m suppose to return with a donation. I can’t wait to get the next one — I will give them my opinion of what they just did in Mississippi. Basically, “They took a loaded gun, stuck it to their heads, and pulled the trigger. They are dead to me.”

  • Michael mcCall

    The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed with the blood of Patriots from time to time … So far it has been refreshed 3 times in this country. The American Revolution, the war of 1812 and the civil war. The socialist government will push us to the point where armed revolt cannot be avoided and the tree will be refreshed again with the blood of patriots. There is no hope of winning the minds of the liberal left. We conservatives have been trying for years to no end in order to prevent another civil war. Their minds are closed.

  • Mike Nelson

    Excellent post Sean.

    My only input to your recommendations is that Stefan Molyneux is good, but you’ve got to read between the lines with him, too. If nothing else, while I don’t always agree with his opinion, he appears to fully believe what he says, and know why he believes what he does, which is a far cry better than the political and media systems as they function now. In other words, take him at his own word (he’s a philosopher), and THINK about what he says, and you’ll be in pretty good shape.

    I have particularly high regard for his perspective on why fatherless kids are both intellectually and emotionally broken, and how young boys are damaged by lack of contact with male role models from infancy through primary education, and are then expected to know how to act like Men.

    Again, good post.

  • Anonymous

    Any fool that hasn’t figured out that the Dems and Pubs are in bed together doesn’t do a lot of readiing. They don’t care about us and after they do their little dance on the congressional floor they slap each other on the back and go eat together. It’s the WWF with words and we’re too stupid to do anything about it.

  • Anonymous

    The fact that you sent them a single dime in the first place should make you look in the mirror. All you are is their weekendbitch. They don’t care about you anymore than the NRA cares about gunowners or the NAACP cares about blacks in the hood. Just give em your cash.

  • Anonymous

    I never mix the two but today I will agree.

  • Something Is Wrong

    No disrespect to you at all, but again I have to disagree to a large extent. I am a very religious person and I rely heavily on God in my own life but I wholly reject the notion that God is controlling nations. The very notion smacks of pre-destination and both ideas completely contradict any notion of free-will. God may influence people in one direction or another but what action is ever taken is up to us to choose. If this is not so, then God is a tyrannical controlling being using us as His playthings. Good thing that isn’t true. To be honest, I hate when people use the phrase “everything happens for a reason” or “it’s in God’s hands” or whatever other iteration of that because what they’re really saying is “well, I’m sure as crap not going to do anything to help out, I’ll just let God take care of everything”. God guides us and helps us do what needs to be done but only very rarely and in the absolute direst of circumstances does he actually take action of His own. Don’t those who claim to believe and follow God call themselves His servants? What kind of servant leaves everything up to the Master?!

  • FrankHerbert

    i will never vote for another republican again. nor democrat.i will instead, gladly “waste” my vote on whatever independent candidates there are.

    perhaps if enough people do this, the Gray Old Codgers and Democommies will get it

  • ken.

    being forced to vote for the lessor of two evils is exactly what they want and is what caused the mess our country is in now. there comes a time when you have to take a beating to once again become strong. albert einstien said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. voting for the lessor of two evils is insanity.

  • landofaahs

    I think you misunderstand me. I believe in free will but that has nothing to do with God’s raising up nations and bringing them down which he says he does. Now as far as putting your trust in God and letting God take care of everything that does not mean that we have no work to do. The great commission comes to mind. The problem with an attitude thinking God’s rule is tyrannical is that if God’s will is not done, then who’s is? We walk in faith hoping and praying that God will lead us with the Holy Spirit but knowing that we are imperfect vessels. God put’s limits on Satan in his rule of this world. it’s why satan is called a prince and not a king. But when God’s judgments are announced in the Bible, they are true even though they may not be finalized at that moment. Job understood very well that “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him”. Job did not necessarily deserve the pain in his life but it was done for a purpose and that purpose was to reveal that God’s will shall be done. What man may mean for evil God turns to his accomplish his will. I am glad I am in God’s book of life and that I have been so since the beginning because he knew me even before I was. Sorry for being so windy.

  • ken.

    george washington and other founding fathers were against having political parties because they were open to infiltration and corruption and eventually the parties would become about party instead of the country. also the parties would split us and bring about divided we fall instead of united we stand. our country is we the people not which party is in control. our elected officials are supposed to be servants to we the people, political parties destroyed that and now we are servants to the political class.

  • ken.

    never vote for a democrat, ever! vote independent, third party or write in. then call, write a letter and email the republican party and tell them how and why you voted against them. a vote for the democrat gives power to the democrats whether they win or lose.

  • ken.

    never stay home, vote write in, independent or third party. they don’t want you to vote so when you stay home they win, thats the scam they are playing. after you vote somewhere else send a letter, email and call the republican party and let them know how and why you voted against them. just don’t vote for the democrat.

  • Anonymous

    You really can’t fix stupid!

  • bucketnutz

    Remember who called n these Democrats, John McCain, Orin Hatch, John Cornyn an the rest of the geriatric caucus of the Republikrat Party, calling on Democrats to say in office is like selling dope to kids to make money. Don’t you guys stand for anything but re-election?

  • Guest

    libertarian republicans–my preference also.

  • Guest

    I AGREE!!!

  • Bill OBrien

    Republican Party = Bulwark Party

  • Mudpie


  • Paul Blythe

    When it comes to character they are the same. They will both lie and cheat to hold onto power. They don’t care about the will of the people or their constituents. Had that been a true GOP primary McDaniels wins. But instead the establishment went in and pulled democrat voters over. Did you hear the telephone ads they ran? Disgusting!! Why would I want anyone like that representing me?

  • Graham Chapman

    Folks, I am with you in your contempt for the republican establishment. I will stay involved with the republicans because we have some very good people in office in my home state. Although I support the formation of a new solidly conservative party. Meanwhile, we should have total contempt for the democrats who are simply socialists or communists under another name, as they undermine the constitution, pander away the moral foundation, and spend the country into oblivion. This is government of the people, for the people, and by the people and we need to take a hold of turning this around. This my country. This is my God given liberty, and I will no longer whine about current events, and the lawlessness of the participants, but I will do everything I can possibly do to see our country return to God, to founding principles, and everything that has made us great!

  • Pat Bastek

    I have two words…”TERM LIMITS”. It’s time we wake up, America!

  • Anonymous

    “They might run the system of power, but this is still our Country. We have certain rights no matter what they do, only God can take them from us.”

    Great statement. But, what exactly does it mean?

    They are allowing our Country to be invaded, without a shot being fired, and liberal bleeding-hearts go along with it. They are completely destroying any trust we as a people, have in our institutions. They are not educating our children, but teaching them to be non-thinking, helpless people.

    So I don’t get your point here!

    In my humble opinion, anytime the government has this much owner over the populace, I.e., the power to say who lives and who dies, (which is the case with Obamacare) we are finished as a Country.

    The corruption is so bad now, it is LITERALLY “in-your-face”. They “pad” the vote, we can actually see and know it and no one does anything about it. We are finished.

    If anyone here doesn’t agree, I would suggest you think about it, and get some reality.

  • Anonymous

    Glad you finally have realized what the heck is going on, too bad your a day late, and a dollar short.

  • mimilundgren

    Only donate to a specific candidate. DO NOT make a blanket donation to the Republican Party.

  • mimilundgren

    And BlueMN…keep that hand out as long as you can because one day the workers will get mad and your freebies will end. THEN ….. sad to say….you will have to get a job and get off the couch.

  • mimilundgren

    They finally got the message and I no longer get begging emails or hard mail.

  • thedogwalker

    Did they actually give money to these Democrats to vote?

  • Monet

    GTFO traitor

  • BlueMN

    “Billionaire workers of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but your capital gains tax!”

  • BlueMN

    I take it you haven’t seen Stefan Molyneux’s debate with Sam Seder yet.

  • Anonymous

    The truth of the matter is that we are all people played all the time by the two party system.

    The way the current two party system is operated is best understood by rethinking how things work.

    So. Try to imagine each party as a business. Its primary interest is to make money for the people involved in the party. They do this by getting people elected that will then do favors for those with money. This in turn lines up more funding for the next election cycle. In order to get people to vote for the candidates that the wealthy people wish to elect, the parties run marketing campaigns designed to line up blocks of voters for their party’s candidate. Each party does market research and polling to determine which issues will motivate their “base” to show up and vote for their selected candidate. If they can get their candidates elected they can then pass bills to help their wealthy donors gain more money and power for the next election cycle.

    In actuality, the two parties work for two factions of the ruling elites in this country. These elites are mostly composed of investors. Most of the actual lawmaking tends to center around investor interests as well.

    The ideological split between the democrats the republicans is a result of the two party system and the first past the post political process.

    Neither party cares all that much about enacting legislation that they promise during their election speeches. in fact, its better to keep these issues open as future marketing campaigns. The only time that these things move forward is if a truw believer gets into office (slips through the cracks so to speak) or if the base starts to get restless and loses faith in the party. Only then will “progress” be made on issues that most people care about. Otherwise, most of the political movement is centered around investor interests. The fake divide between the democrats and republicans hides the fact that they both are working for the investor class anyways.

  • Anonymous

    oh, and truth be told, there is a broad middle consensus on most issues that refuses to be discussed, mostly because this consensus would benefit large numbers of people at the expense of the investor class. Neither party wishes this to happen.

  • Oscar Y. Harward

    Shame on the Republican Party’s corruption within it’s’ ‘lack-of-leadership’. Let the RNC join forces with the US Chamber of Commerce and spend their money, while ignoring the precious social issues as our Founding Fathers presented us with. RINO Republicans desire is to defeat Conservative TEA Party Republicans, who support Christian and Godly issues as found in our Holy Bible.

    As for me, I will not support or vote for RINO Republicans. I will also propose the same for others across the USA.

    The Republican Party ‘lack-of-leadership’ has turned sour on Conservative Republicans by switching over to play with Democrat Party’s ideas and policies.
    With this leadership, Conservatives must ignore these RINO Republicans in the November General Electionor just stay home.

    I see no reason to vote and/or support RINO Republicans when there is little to no difference between RINO Republicans and Democrats.

  • BigSkyDan

    How about we just hold everyone accountable to the law or better yet enforce it? Why do we need to overthrow the system? Any system is only good as the people that make it up… or in our republic’s case, the people that vote them into office. Sick and tired of people pointing the finger at the top when the problem is in the hearts and minds of we the people.

  • stevo5000x

    Freedom Of Speech my ass. Why did this website just delete my comment? Like I said, if you want to restore the REPUBLIC… you are going to have to fight for it.

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    - Thomas Jefferson

    So.. get off your ass America and fight for Constitution or just shut up and thank your Masters.

  • Monet

    So you are actually proposing killing other Republicans over this?

  • Mudpie

    : )

  • kfell

    There’s nothing corrupt/illegal about that. It’s an open primary, so anyone of either party can vote. Asking for someone’s vote is called a campaign (whether it be through phone calls or other means).


    Don’t give up on the Republican Party. The New Bloods are coming to usher the Old Guard out. They will form an alliance with the True Democrats, and together they will usher the progressive liberals out.

  • Something Is Wrong

    Thank you for a thoughtful reply, I truly do appreciate honest and thoughtful discourse. Still though, I can’t bring myself to agree with the idea that God makes nations rise and fall. Our nation, I believe, was guided in its founding by the hand of God but it was men who trusted in God and sought His guidance who did it, not God Himself. Our nation is now falling apart because the men and women who lead it no longer look to God for guidance. God is not bringing it down, people are bringing it down by not relying on the most sure source of wisdom and understanding; God is just letting it happen. Job did have a lot of direct interaction with God and God directly gave and took away things from Job but the fact is that he was a prophet and he was really a very special case. Job would fall into my parameters of “very rarely and only in the direst of circumstances”. My point is that if people are going to wait for God to show up and save the nation, then we’re destined to fail. If people are going to put it all in His hands and say “whatever His will is, will be done” then we’re destined to fail. God is not going to intervene in our nation; he’ll influence many people and help people to see what needs to be done but it is up to us to choose to follow His guidance and actually do it… just like it was with the founding fathers. It is up to us to be the tools through which His will is done. God is the perfect father and will help and guide us as such, but He is not a babysitter and won’t micromanage us. Thank you again for honest and open discourse.

  • landofaahs

    Job 12:23.

  • Jonathan Leibowitz

    Each of us must slice through the fog of nonsense conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Something Is Wrong

    That’s a great verse and all but the verse fails to mention the means which God uses to build up and bring down nations or the tools He uses. In every instance you could possibly cite me (aside from a few outstanding examples such as Soddom and Gomorrah, the Tower of Babel, and the great flood in Noah’s time; and even in those cases, everything possible was done by people trying to do God’s work before God stepped in and took care of things Himself) you will find that the destruction or building up of whatever nation required people who had to choose to either follow or ignore God. Christ even taught this directly in the parable of the Good Samaritan. People passed this beaten and hurt traveler by who were seen as good upstanding religious people in their culture at that time. If you understand those people and how they saw their religion and their relationship with God then it’s not a far jump to surmise that people such as these would have thought, “if it is God’s will, this man will be taken care of” or possibly even the notorious “everything happens for a reason”. When it came right down to it though, God did not descend and help this man, but God touched the heart of a passing Samaritan who allowed himself to be the instrument in God’s hands. God didn’t take over his body or mind, he chose to listen and then chose to act. It is no different in our nation. We can choose to divorce ourselves from the madness in our nation and leave it in the hands of God or we can choose to be the instruments through which God can save this nation by placing ourselves in His hands. Again I say, what kind of servant leaves all the work up to the master?

  • landofaahs

    But God still brings them up and takes them down. Sometimes pagan nations were used by God to punish fallen nations and it was done even though some could think that God was truly never with them.. Now I never said that we were not to do the master’s work, quite the opposite. But how do we know his will? Perhaps his will is to bring this nation down for it’s continued unrepentant sin. If that is so, then trying to save it would be fighting against his will. But God is loving and forgiving so I tend to discount this possibility because of his grace. But at some point we are casting pearls before swine. Frankly, I put my energies into individuals around me and reach out through mission work in foreign lands where the ground is fertile and the sweet message of the gospel is more accepted because they are the “poor in spirit” meaning they are hungry for the gospel. Here in this country, most spurn it and are comforted only by wealth and power. I would rather focus my resources on the most fertile ground and not the unproductive desert ground. But there are always others who wish to toil in it and you can do so if God leads you there. God’s will be done.

  • Mark from MN

    I have been to their caucus here in MN and fell in love with their party platform…..have voted their party in Presidential elections ever since.

  • Peggy Hall

    Do you really KNOW all of this regarding Romney? I would not place a bet on it. Romney is another RINO. So just how much difference is there? Personally, I am not certain, however, my dog could do a better job at potus than the current.

  • Peggy Hall


  • Peggy Hall

    Yep, Soros, the Steyers, Zuckerberg, eta, unite. Oh, BlueMN, since you are so uninformed (nice term eh) all of those listed billionaires and more (who donate to DEMOCRATS, NOT GOP) are themselves democrats. Please BlueMN, before opening mouth, inform yourself so you do not continually insert foot.

  • Peggy Hall

    The only perfect politician, you know, the one you agree with all the time, would be YOU. So why don’t you try running? I AM NOT BEING FLIPPANT, I MEAN THIS.

  • Peggy Hall

    There are no democrats anymore. They went by the wayside after JFK. The communists have taken over that party and are not taking over the republicans.

  • Peggy Hall

    Just remember one thing, I firmly believe the GOP showed what filth they are. WHO PUT THEM THERE? And who has to do something about it? If you do not like them, RUN FOR OFFICE. DISPLACE THEM. In other words, throw the bums out.

  • Peggy Hall

    You can change registrations if you want to. Or if you have to in order to vote in an election. Just follow the voting laws in your state. And that is another point. Are voting laws an infringement?

  • Peggy Hall

    I TOTALLY DISAGREE. By the rinos thugs showing they will stoop to ANYTHING we are winning. More and more people will wake up. Who is going to vote or Cochran the senile old fool? If I lived in Mississippi, I would set out the general election when it comes to that position. I would NEVER not go to the polls and vote, that is an insult to all who have been maimed and died to give us the right to vote HOWEVER, I do not have to vote for every position. Or do a write in.

  • Peggy Hall

    They just sent me a survey. OH BOY, bet they are sorry they did that.

  • Peggy Hall

    Oh and did you know they approached Glenn Beck and asked him to tell his viewers to donate to them? YEP. Glenn told them in so many words after they used the tea party and now treat them like crap, he would do no such thing.

  • Peggy Hall


  • Peggy Hall

    Name one true democrat.

  • Peggy Hall


  • Peggy Hall

    Military Industrial Complex? What is that REALLY and how do you dismantle it?

  • Peggy Hall

    We are God’s foot soldiers. With His help and guidance, we can do anything.

  • Dave Ivie

    “being forced to vote for the lesser of two evils is exactly what they want” Exactly what WHO wants…the republicans or the democrats? I’ve used the Einstein quote as well…but with all due respect to you sir, there are two sides to this.
    Voting republican helps to keep the GOP in power. Splitting the vote helps the democrats. So what you are really saying it is MORE SANE to split the vote and give power to the democrats. Sorry, but I don’t buy your argument that somehow this country has to hit rock bottom in order to become strong again. The strategy you suggest is exactly what the democrats want.