MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell returned to the airwaves for the first time in 75 days on Monday, and he offered his praise and gratitude to an unlikely hero – David Koch. O’Donnell had been off the air due to injuries suffered in car accident during a vacation earlier this year. On radio this morning, Glenn played O’Donnell’s surprising admission and explained why the clip gives him hope on an otherwise frustrating day.

“Can I tell you where I’m getting some hope today,” Glenn asked. “Did you see what Laurence O’Donnell said? I can’t believe [he’s] saying this.”

On his show Last Call, O’Donnell explained the treatment he received in the aftermath of the accident. He was taken to New York City’s Hospital for Special Surgery. As Politico reported, Koch serves on the board of trustees at the hospital, and he donated $25 million in 2009.

O’Donnell saw Koch’s name on a sign as he was being wheeled around the hospital, and while he was quick to reiterate he does not support the Koch brother’s “contribution to American politics,” he does respect their philanthropy.

“Now brace yourselves please for the first positive words said about David Koch on this program,” O’Donnell said. “You can be outraged by what the Koch brothers do with their money in politics and you can appreciate what they contribute to hospitals and medical research, and you can do that at the same time and still retain an ability to function… And so, yes, I feel some gratitude to David Koch,”

Watch the segment courtesy of Politico:

“Can I tell you something? This is giving me hope because there are people that are waking up,” Glenn concluded. “People on the left and the right are recognizing what he just did: I can disagree with you personally, but I don’t have to call you evil. I can recognize that you’re rich, yes, but just because you’re rich doesn’t make you evil… Finally, we can say, ‘Hey, you know, there are some good things that happen in America. There are some good things that happen with people that I disagree with.’”

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