You won’t believe how Glenn was relieving stress during radio breaks on Wednesday

Today’s radio show has been an emotional roller coaster. How is Glenn handling it? See for yourself:


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And some photo’s from the weekend with Tania:

photo 1

photo 2

  • Sunset Rider

    Good for you Glenn! You’re no doubt making a lot of us jealous.

    • zendiK

      Like me. Damn I wish I was there!

  • Anonymous

    Good Stuff Glenn! One of my favorite ways to reduce stress is to punch paper holes or shoot at reactive metal targets.

  • CyrusRamsey

    What’s funny is after the video plays, the videos that YouTube recommends are all about yoga, acupuncture, chiropractic, and other stress relieving techniques. I’m with Glenn on this one. :-)

  • thr33guns

    Suppressors, Glenn.

  • Anonymous

    now tell me why are you stressed — you are at the ranch and not the office. I don’t think you know how to relax Glenn. Shooting is a stress relief, but real peace is achieved by giving your stress, worries, issues to God. Hand them over to the Lord, he can handle them.

    • Sunset Rider

      I’m pretty sure he already does that. I find it interesting how others somehow think singling out another person and dictating what it is they need to do is somehow Christ like. The Savior taught correct principles and lead by example. Not by prodding from behind. I recall him saying something about taking the beam from your own eye first.

      • Rich

        Apparently, you never read what He did to the money changers in the Temple or how he called the priests “vipers” and “whitewashed tombs.”

        • Sunset Rider

          They had desecrated the temple!

          • Rich

            They did a lot more than that, but that’s not important. What’s important is that the beam-in-the-eye saying was not a prohibition against correcting error. It was a prohibition against doing so hypocritically. What you said presumes what you do not know — that the person you criticize has a beam in their eye. (Oh, yes, you criticized. You may have used neutral-sounding words, but the implication was quite clear.)

    • Rich

      Biblically illiterate Americans nay jump all over me for saying this, but I’ll say it anyway: There’s psychological value in giving your stress to any god; but to be accurate, Glenn’s LDS god was an invention of a 19th century con man. Getting your “Christianity” from the Mormons is like letting Obama teach you about Conservatism.

      • Type 53

        Spot on. For some reason, many Christians seem bamboozled by Beck’s ecumenical ‘god talk’.Frankly, Beck sounds like he’s cracking up. With these *wild* vacillations of mood, from the outraged Beck (today), to the transforming/searching/seeking-a-higher-consciousness Beck (last Friday), his show has become little more than a self-absorbed showcase for… Beck.

        • Anonymous

          GEEBEE is just a plain vanilla con artist.
          Just like the cons working the Circus midway.
          A self-confessed rodeo clown con artist is what GEEBEE has always been about. Plus a full-blown messiah/savior complex.
          A ego that has grown to startingly monstrous proportions.

      • Alex Clawson

        So you’re saying the LDS’s God isn’t the same judeo-cristian God, Jehovah?

        • Rich

          Your question contains a major error. The LDS gods take the plural verb, “are,” not the singular verb, “is.” The Father is one. The Son became another. They hope to become gods themselves. This is polytheism, regardless of how many they claim to worship.

          The Judaic God is the great I AM who, in contrast to all other gods, is. “Before me there was no god formed; neither shall there be any after me. I, even I, am the Lord; and beside me, there is no other.” This is monotheism.

          The Christian God is the supratemporal I AM who reveals Himself to infratemporal man as three “Persons.” All three “persons” receive worship as a triune Being. The clues are all there in the Hebrew Old Testament. One God in eternity, yet three persons in time. This, like Judaism, is monotheism:

          One is polytheistic. The other is monotheistic. You tell me: Are they the same gods?

          • Anonymous

            How do you know this to be true?

          • Rich

            Do you really want to know, or are you just worried that somebody has leaked the truth?

          • Alex Clawson

            Would you novel the idea that the God of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and possibly other monotheistic religions(that i may be ignorant to) are the same God? Also isn’t Christianity a monotheistic religion, and Mormons just a denomination very high on the echelon?

          • Rich

            Alex, you need to do your homework. Monotheistic means “one god.” Hinduism is pantheistic, meaning all is impersonal god. Mormonism is polytheistic, meaning many gods. Mormons say, “but we only worship one of them,” but they still are polytheistic because they believe in many gods and hope to become gods themselves.

            The Christians worship a supratemporal God who reveals Himself to infratemporal humans as three coeternal, consubstantial persons. There are huge differences between the Mormon Father god and the Christian God the Father, between the Mormon Jesus (who was born on another world and became a god) and the Christian Christ (who is an eternal person of the Triune God), and between the Mormon Holy Spirit (definition depends on whom you talk to) and the Christian Holy Spirit (who is also an eternal person of the Triune God).

            LDS doctrine teaches, if you dig deeply enough (many Mormons don’t even know this), that there are many other gods with their own worlds, and the Mormons hope to become gods of their own words some day.

            Mormons won’t tell you the differences. In fact, they cover it up by using Christian terminology. But borrowing words and names from the Bible does not make their many gods “Christian.” Mormonism is completely outside of Christianity.

            P.S., I think you meant, “Would you consider the idea….”

          • Alex Clawson

            So you’ve read into interpreting their beliefs further than Mormons themselves? What I’m reading in your message is, they believe it but they won’t tell you what it is they really believe. I bet you think Freemasons worship demons too huh?

          • Rich

            Not interpreting. Merely describing. Mormon practice is not up front with what they believe. For example, they have adopted a lot of Christian terms, but redefined them, to make it easier to attract nominal Christians.

            Interesting that you brought up Masons in your little false accusation. Some high-level ex-Mormons have said that Mormons lifted a lot of stuff in the Temple ceremonies from the Masons. Both religions reveal their doctrines a little at a time as you become more involved.

            Entry-level members have very shallow understanding, so what I’ve said comes as a surprise to a lot of them. But the information is out there, if you’re mind is open enough to do your homework.

          • Alex Clawson

            Homework? The amount of misinformation on the stuff is unbelievable. I haven’t found one piece of credible information that didn’t have a mason giving the information. The only things secret are the passwords and handshakes. Freemasonry isn’t a religion, and if it is it is certainly very relaxed as to what faiths and holy books it references it’s wisdom from. Also the founder of the LDS church was a Mason. That’s why you see faith, hope, and charity at the center of both their values.

          • Anonymous

            God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit

        • Anonymous

          Since god doesn’t exist except in the minds of some humans you’re asking a question that you can make up the answer to.

          • Rich

            A person so presumptuous that he “knows” God is imaginary is not rational enough to engage in conversation.

      • Lola

        You are truly misinformed Rich.. There are many brilliant men and women that have studied it and still come away believing. Jesus Christ is in the name of the church so absolutely they are Christians. Why can’t people like you just be tolerant of Christians? There are so many bad things going on in this world that are wrong that would be deserving of ridicule.

        • Rich

          If I put Martian in the name of my church, does that make me a martian? That’s the kind of “informed” and “tolerant” logic you follow.

          • Lola

            Sorry, you are clueless. The Holy Ghost is a greater teacher than any man.

          • Rich

            “The words of the Lord are pure words, like silver refined seven times in a furnace of earth.” If you think you have the teaching of the Spirit, acknowledge “the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.”

          • Rich

            So, you cling to the idea that any church that puts “Jesus Christ” in its name is Christian, no matter what book they teach from?

          • Anonymous

            Last time I went to church we learned from the Bible and the Book of Mormon, which confirms the truth of the Bible and that God cares about his children all over the world.

            And don’t tell me about adding or taking away. John was talking about Revelation, which was written before much of the New Testament anyway. Deuteronomy 5:4 says the same thing, long before the majority of the Bible even happened.

          • Rich

            Deut. 5:4 says, 4 The Lord talked with you [Israel] face to face in the mount out of the midst of the fire,

            How do you equate that with Revelation 22:19?

   — What deceived person told you Revelation was “written before much of the New Testament….”?

            Like I said above, “Biblically illiterate.”

          • Anonymous

            Sorry I didn’t have time to look it up earlier. It’s actually Deuteronomy 4:2 (I knew there was a 4 in there).

          • Grace

            To strengthen your argument 1 Tim 1:3-5 The Bible clearly states to teach no other doctrine, AND not to heed genealogy something the LDS church is big on!

          • Anonymous

            So what has the Holy Ghost taught you lately?
            Do you actually see the Holy Ghost?
            Or do you just hear is voice in your head?

          • Rich

            Do you deny that “the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God,” came from inspiration of by the Holy Spirit?

      • Robert Kempton

        same god , you seem very confused Rich .

        • Rich

          One is polytheistic. The other is monotheistic. You seem very uninformed or misinformed, Robert.

      • Anonymous

        Whereas the Christian god as an invention of around 4000 years ago.

        But heck anyone can create a god anytime they want and then to declare their god is the only god.

        And claim that their new god has commanded them to enforce his laws and and to declare their new god hates liberals, gays, people of color.

        You can declare that you are the voice of your god.
        It’s done all the time.

        You can even become a millionaire as tv preacher.

        • Rich

          You need to get out an English book and learn how to use “whereas” correctly.

          Yes, you can invent “facts” about man inventing God, invent false “facts” about conservatives hating people, invent yourself as a prophet of secularism, and even grant godhood to the State like a good little neo-Comm.

          You can also become a millionaire socialist like Algore, the Clintongs, and the lamestream media news editors and anchors.

          Yeah, Leftists are just so clean and “in touch.” Must be, since they have to wash the blood off their hands so often.

    • Anonymous

      Liz, I thought you died back in 2011.

      I am guessing that you don’t watch much GEEBEE.
      He is actually a reverend and minister.
      He plays both roles interchangeably on tv and radio.
      But he is Mormon and that might be difficult for you.
      Mormonism was created by con artist Joseph Smith in the 1820’s.

      • Rich

        Hey, you said something I can agree with!

  • Jeff Allen

    Check out Camp Perry Glenn. The National Rifle Matches start here in a few weeks. It’s the Olympics of the shooting world.

  • Mark A. DeHoog

    There’s nothing like recoil therapy!

  • Tom Musso

    Oh wow! What a great place to shoot! When can I come visit? :)

  • Debbie Chester Summers

    I use to blast fish and turtles with my trusty 22 from the patio of my parents house on the farm we went to on weekends… right outside of McKinney, TX. Good times…

  • Connor Kenway

    And now watch the liberals lose their minds.

    • Anonymous

      You obviously don’t know any liberals. Liberals mostly just shake their heads in despair at the stupid on display. And mutter under their breath “poor dimbulbs”.

      • Anonymous

        Dimbulbs? How many steps does it take to add 12 and 16?

  • Tanner

    Hey Glenn! I see you have a side-by-side UTV! My grandpa and uncle own a small business in Southern Idaho and are big fans. Their business is manufacturing and selling an attachment to keep the dust out! Check it out if you have the time (and if one of your staff sees this comment and passes it up to you). I won’t post the link so as not to take advantage of the comments section, but you can just look up “Aegis Air Spoiler” Keep up the good work!

  • Anonymous

    From what you were upset about today, Glenn, you seem to find things to worry about. How exactly does the vote in Mississippi affect you personally?

  • John

    Why would “I not believe”? You make it sound like it’s out of the norm to go shooting to relieve stress. It’s pretty common.

  • fire lion

    live by the sword die by the sword.

    • ConcernedVoter

      People always use that quote in a negative connotation. But there are some who would rather go down fighting than remain idle, sitting on their hands. The delusional assumption that peace solves everything will lead to social decline and collapse. Every single thing worth having in this world was fought for on some level or another, be it through hard work or diligence, or by picking up your “sword” and taking it yourself. Do not forget that the nation by whom’s freedoms you are able to speak your mind without fear of being killed on the spot, or worse, was only possible because someone “lived by the sword” and “died by the sword”.

      • fire lion

        So Jesus is called the prince of peace for nothing? Anyway…
        I love guns and I am former military. My quote is for people who love guns but refuse to fight in the wars they support. Refuse to fight. period. If you were a true warrior you would go buy a plane ticket and go fight in iraq.

        No? Also this nation was gained by lies and genocide. As all nations. There is very little honor in murdering other people because some politician or king said so. Jesus could have easily
        destroyed everyone but he chose to die on a cross.

        • sqjchurch

          How MANY chickenhawks on the Right? I’ve lost count.

          Cheney, John Bolton, Rush, Ted Nugent, Bill Kristol….and that was during a war. Dubya guarding the skies of Texas from the North Vietnamese Air Force.

          Throw in the younger ones like Glenn or Sean Hannity who could have served and likely wouldn’t even have gone to Grenada or Lebanon.

    • Sunset Rider

      Defend and protect your family with what? You gonna pee on em?

  • Robert Kempton

    you need to stay on your ranch more , its a beautiful time to be there . Try doing some re loading , its very relaxing and good to know how .

  • Elle’s Island

    A free country’s rewards serve to communicate how much certain achievements are worth, regardless of the amount of effort expended in their pursuit.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is just verifying his macho chops to the his minions.
    Glenn’s got to have his bonafides on display to show his followers that he’s a real man.

  • sqjchurch

    See? Glenn is shooting a gun….proves he’s tough.

  • Jason Gick

    I love ya like a brother, Glenn (an older, slightly chubby, brother). However, even ringing some steel with a AR15 can’t make you look tough. & the tough guy persona…. Well, do I need to say anything else? Really? Maybe a body double?

  • Jenn

    Hey Glenn….for some reason you look just like my dad…AWESOME!!! YOU ROCK!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Glenn should fire his rifle more often because the momentary red-neck testosterone surge it gives him may help offset his Gandhi-poser “listen to me while I find myself” psycho ramblings that disgust so many of his previous fans.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Utah… oh how I miss my mountains! At least Texas has good people!

  • August West

    Love the pic with Glenn and Tania kickin’ it with an AR…true love :-)

  • stevo5000x

    Glenn Beck is a fraud.

    ► 4:54► 4:54
    Jan 25, 2014 – Uploaded by MichaelSavage4Prez
    Aired on January 24, 2014 — The Savage Nation — Michael Savage Attacks Glenn Beck …

  • Vogtland

    Glenn, try an 8mm Mouser. If you want to fire a real gun that will put a hole through a Rail Road tie, the 8 mm will do it but it sounds like a 16″ gun going off.

  • Anonymous

    Why did Joel cancel Andrew Wilkow’s show?

  • Montesquieu

    Although intellectuals and journalists tend to most influence people today, their indirect influence is not well recognized or understood.

  • The Beech Bums

    Deceit and deception are two of the key tactics employed by the quacks and charlatans preaching man-made global-warming:

  • Matt T

    When I read the article heading “Glenn was relieving stress” I figured it would be a picture of him eating a pie…

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